Lawn Fawn Intro: Dandy Day Flip-Flop, I Love You(calyptus) Flip-Flop, Just Stitching Scalloped Circles

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s May 2021 Inspiration and Release week! On May 13th our 7 new stamp sets and coordinating dies, 9 new standalone die sets, and all of our exciting new products will be for sale at your favorite store and at! Woohoo! Until then we will have fun posts with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways!

We already have six places you can leave comments to win:
Our big giveaway post!!
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Giant Sending Big Hugs post!!
AND today’s post too!

Today is our showcase of Dandy Day Flip-Flop and I Love You(calyptus) Flip-Flop! The cute mouse from Dandy Day has been flip-flopped, and is now looking the other way (complete with a dandelion)! The cute koala from I Love You(calyptyus) has also been flip-flopped and is now facing the other way! Now you have more creative options with these cute critters!

We are also highlighting our new Just Stitching Scalloped Circles! These scalloped stitched circles add only stitching to the paper, making them great for adding a decorative touch to your cards and crafts!

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a little video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using this new set! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Elena used the Just Stitching Scalloped Circle as a frame for her delightful Dandy Day Flip-Flop design! The cuties from the original Dandy Day welcome their new pal to send sweet thoughts!

The two cute koalas are facing each other while hanging out in eucalyptus trees! Elise used Birch Trees dies along with the eucalyptus leaves from I Love You(calyptus) and I Love You(calyptus) Flip-Flop. I love how she spelled her punny greeting with Finley’s ABCs!

Rebecca’s simple Virtual Friends Add-On design gets a design boost from Just Stitching Scalloped Circles! She filled the circle with some ink blending to highlight and frame the focal point.

The new little Dandy Day Flip-Flop relates to the mouse from the original Dandy Day in Mindy‘s sweet clean and simple card! She added the wavy greeting from the Dandy Day Flip-Flop set to finish her design.

Audrey‘s card is so stunning with the fantastic watercolor background! She placed the pair of koalas in eucalyptus trees created with Birch Trees and leaves from Leafy Tree Backdrop: Landscape. That punny sentiment is included in the new I Love You(calyptus) Flip-Flop set.

I love Lynnette‘s sweet Dandy Day Flip-Flop card so much! She created a tiny scene in an Outside In Stitched Thought Bubble Stackable cut out. The little bit of ink-blended blue sky is so charming with the little dandelion seeds floating on the breeze!

Mindy‘s adorable scene features Dandy Day Flip-Flop with a pair of Dandy Day mice! Her design is elevated by the addition of a Just Stitching Scalloped Circle in the background. It moves the eye to the cute “flying mouse” and the sentiment.

How amazing is this card by Tammy! She used Giant Sending Big Hugs as the focal point of her design with the cute pair of koalas sharing a hug! I love how she added the eucalyptus branches from Critters Down Under around the giant sentiment, it’s such a fun detail!

I love how Megan paired the new Dandy Day Flip-Flop with the mouse from Virtual Friends Add-On! It looks like she is blowing a kiss to a friend! Megan used Stitched Dens to frame the little mouse’s office which is such a fun idea!

The Just Stitching Scalloped Circle set is perfect for making one-layer card designs! Since they just add stitching they highlight and call attention to a simple little scene like the one Latisha made with Dandy Day Flip-Flop!

Mindy used the new I Love You(calyptus) Flip-Flop with the original I Love You(calyptus) koala to craft an amazing scene for a Magic Iris card! She added the branches from A Bug Deal to stand in as trees and hid the cute sentiment inside the iris window! Too adorable!

The color combination that Tammy used for this design is so beautiful! The way she blending the color on this scalloped slimline card puts the focus on different areas of her Dandy Day scene, that features Dandy Day Flip-Flop!

This cute koala says you are “koalafied” for hugs! Lynnette created a simple little design with I Love You(calyptus) Flip-Flop inside a Just Stitching Scalloped Circle!

Grace filled a beautifully ink-blended Shadow Box Card with cute mice from Dandy Day Flip-Flop and the original Dandy Day set! She used the Shadow Box Card Ocean Add-On for the scalloped window opening, and then she added the wavy “thinking of you” on a Simple Wavy Banner

Now, I have a video to introduce Dandy Day Flip-Flop and Just Stitching Scalloped Circles! We will share some creative ways to use these new sets! I hope you enjoy it! You can watch it below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thanks for watching!

And now, I have a video to introduce I Love You(calyptus) Flip-Flop! We will share some creative ways to use this new set that I hope will inspire you! You can watch it below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Dandy Day Flip-Flop, I Love You(calyptus) Flip-Flop and Just Stitching Scalloped Circles! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us what made your day dandy by May 12th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Wednesday, May 12th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week, we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!

May 2021 Release will be available on May 13th!
Dandy Day Flip-Flop
I Love You(calyptus) Flip-Flop
Just Stitching Scalloped Circles

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432 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Dandy Day Flip-Flop, I Love You(calyptus) Flip-Flop, Just Stitching Scalloped Circles

    1. My week has been dandy because it is our anniversary week! We will have been married for 15 years! (And on the release date!!!)

  1. Watching Lawn Fawn design teams video’s showing inspiration on
    new designed and how they assembled the card! 😊

  2. What made my day dandy was that I was off work! (The downside is that it was so that I could take care of a building inspection, but still, I got to spend the rest of the day stamping!)

  3. Super fun to have the sets available in the other direction. What made my day dandy was getting everything on my to do list done. I love crossing things off the list. I always start my to do list with “wake up” and end it with “go to bed”. This way I know for sure I will be able to say I got more than one thing off my list for the day. What made your day dandy?

  4. The flip-flop stamps are honestly just genius! Having a teams call with my favourite colleague absolutely made my day!

  5. What made my day “dandy” today was my migraine disappearing!!! Now I can go back to my regular self!

  6. Those koalas are adorable! And I love how each card is absolutely different. Talking to my grandparents definitely made my day! Especially now when we have hard times in Israel♥️

  7. I had a chance to do some crafting, which always makes my day dandy! Love the critters and the new circle die!

    1. I have really enjoyed watching all the new inspiration videos. It’s been a lot of fun to anticipate what might be coming next.

  8. I have really enjoyed watching all the new inspiration videos. It’s been a lot of fun to anticipate what might be coming next.

  9. I had a dandy day! Put together a new bird feeder and birdbath for my backyard! 🐦 Hoping for some new visitors today!!

  10. One of the things that made my day just dandy, is that I received a gift of coffee from around the world. So far, I have coffee from Costa Rica and Peru. So fun!

  11. What made my day dandy was discovering a new ‘little one’ in the planter holding my Pilea plant!

  12. Love the flip flops. Very useful. What has made my day dandy was having a very productive work meeting with a positive outcome.

  13. My new cat makes my day dandy! She snuggles with me all night long and it’s the sweetest thing ever!

  14. Oh I love these! Looking through my kids new yearbooks made my day. I’m eager to have them home for summer vacation! I love both of Tammy’s cards so much! All of the design team do an awesome job 😍

  15. Finishing a cross stitch project and finding what I needed for some graduation embroidery projects made for a dandy day.

  16. What made my day dandy was my sweet, creative little one decorating her state project. She is being so creative and just dives right in with no reservations! Makes my creative mommy heart happy 😃

  17. Heading back to weight lifting after a whole year without it! Very happy. It will be a dandy day.

  18. The sun is finally shining after two very cloudy and rainy days-a dandy day! Love that there is a flip flop of that mouse!

    1. I really enjoy the videos you put together, they really being the sets to life and give lots of inspiration too 🙂 Super excited!! ❤️

  19. All of this release week anticipation is making my dY dandy! Dreaming up cute projects in my head!!

  20. I finally found the last box of crafting supplies after moving, I didn’t label everything so well, so that made my day quite dandy haha 😀

  21. This is exciting because I love my Dandy Day set. Adorable mice! Most recently, I made cards to say “Hello” to friends that I haven’t seen in a while.

  22. My awesome hubby makes my day dandy! I had knee replacement surgery recently and my husband has been so helpful and has helped me through the rough spots!
    Love these flip flop sets! You always know just the right ones to offer! Again – high fives to your DT – they are awesome!

  23. Having a brand new coffee machine makes my whole day dandy! lol And all these adorable cards.

  24. I stayed up way to late last night just hanging out with my husband playing a video game about farming. It’s very Dandy, doing something fun with someone you love.

  25. What made my day dandy was finishing a book that was really good! I love to read, and this book was great! Now that the book is done, I have some free time to craft! Can’t wait to play with these flip flops. I especially love the koala bear flip flops.

  26. Fun products today- I have actually been enjoying have the flip flop options added to my collection.

    Today I have a game night with friends online, which always makes for a dandy time.

  27. The crisp CA air blowing in my windows, letting me know I’m helping the environment makes my day dandy.

  28. I’ll be going to my grandchildren’s choir concert this evening. This will certainly make a Dandy Day!

  29. I had a dandy day today because we went to a playdate after school. Watching my sons play with their little friend and hearing their conversations was so sweet.

  30. Just finished making a Cherry Bakewell sponge cake, am eating a slice whilst reading this post. A day without eating cake is a day wasted 🍰. Cake is making me feel pretty dandy atm.

  31. These cards are too sweet! My day was made dandy by my ex-husband who is an excellent cook and made one of my fave dishes and brought a large bowl of it for me.

  32. Waking up to Sunshine💚💚💚 knowing there are only a few more days till I can get my hands on the new products💚 well done Lawn Fawn. Another awesome release💚💚💚

  33. SO. MUCH. CUTENESS!!! I love everyone’s creations!

    What’s made my dad dandy so far is the fact that I’m only working 1/2 day YAY!

  34. I just love these cuties. Dandy Day Flip-Flop is my fav today. Morning coffee made my day dandy. 🙂

  35. I got up to the sun shining. Yesterday was
    dark and dreary so I have lots more energy
    to get my work done. Love the release.
    thanks txmlhl(at)yahoo(dot)com

  36. I get to spend the day with my nephew! I can’t think of anything that could be more dandy than that today : )

  37. Today, I woke up to a handwritten card from my 6 year old making my day so dandy! It was the sweetest start to the morning!

    1. My day was dandy when I finished my 8th day in a row during a very hard/long week at work – now I am off for 2 – so dandy!!!

  38. Lawn Fawn makes my day dandy!! I love inspiration week and seeing all the fun cards you create!! Thank you!

  39. What made my day dandy? Waking up and knowing that all my family and friends are all finally vaccinated. Oh and coffee!

  40. Looking at this post is helping my day be dandy! I love the koalas, and dandy day is one of my most used sets!

  41. My workplace notified us today that they’ll be providing lunch for everyone on Thursday….that was a dandy surprise 😁

  42. The animals are all so adorable. My day hasn’t started yet, but what will make it dandy is standing up to the Board of Supervisors in Santa Ana–We need to stand up for our freedoms!!!! We must speak up now, or we won’t be able to later.

    1. My day is made dandy by talking with any family member. Love hearing from them. The flip flop stamps are so cute. They add so much versatility.

  43. Since I awoke to snow on the ground and gray skies, my day was made dandy by reading your blog post with all the inspiring ideas. I can’t work outside so I can make cards instead!

  44. The thing that made my day dandy was my son finally figured out long division, it was a real struggle. Awesome inspiration, thank you.

  45. I love these flip flops… I will have to buy the originals to go with the flip flops… so exciting!

  46. Really cute cards from the DT today! So cheerful! Treating myself to my favorite white mocha has made my day start off in a dandy way!

  47. I love the Flip Flops. What made my day dandy is getting up early and smelling the fresh morning air. I love Leaving the back door opened and letting it all in before the temp gets too high 🙂

  48. The cute cards! And the fact that it is going to be a warm and sunny day! We are finally getting out of our colder temperatures!

  49. So happy that my Dandy Day mouse is now flippity…can’t wait to play! My DH made my day and it is only 9am. Hubby brought up towels from bathroom and washed them and cleaned the bathroom including the toilet.

  50. The sun is shining the birds are singing and the yard is filled with spring blooms, all makes me feel dandy.

  51. Waking up to see such cute new Lawn Fawn sets has made me day!
    Can’t wait for them to make my day when the arrive on my door step!

  52. SWOON!! LOVE the AMAZING Inspiration!!
    My Boys made my Day Dandy!! It’s my 8th Graders LAST DAY of School!! He’s onto High School next Year!!
    THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS Release Week!!

  53. Thank you for the chance to win!! I worked on some cross-stitch this morning and that made my day dandy!

  54. What made my day dandy was that a co-worker apologized to me for being short-tempered w/ me last Friday. I did not think she understood my point and wasn’t “hearing” me… I was right. She was kind of just stuck on her point. We hear better when we actually listen… imagine that!
    Hope your day was dandy! These sample cards CERTAINLY ARE!!!!!!!! They’re amazing!! I like them all but feel that Tammy S and Mindy E really knocked it outta the park!
    I would so love to win a spree from LF. I can’t even tell you how much…….. Sigh. So much!
    Virtual hugs –
    Lori S in PA

  55. The greeting I got from my kitty this morning made my day dandy!
    Love the flip flop stamp sets, and the Just Stitching Scalloped Circles set of dies are awesome!

  56. Being able to bring a smile to people’s faces when they get a card from me makes my day dandy!! Can’t wait for the animals on scooters, that will bring a lot of smiles to my granddaughters face!!

  57. I met for dinner with two dear friends I haven’t been able to see for over a year and a half. Dandy day!

  58. I took my 8 yr old son to the dentist this morning for an extraction. The dentist and tech were so sweet and patient with him. They took the extra time to make sure he was comfortable and really put him at ease. Their kindness made for a dandy start to the day.

  59. What made my dandy day was hearing that there are only 7 more Mondays of school left in this crazy and chaotic school year! Bring on the beach!!

  60. I am so excited to see some of my favorite stamps get flip flopped! Nothing specifically dandy has happened today but my morning coffee has been delightful!

  61. My daughter saying “Good Morniing” to me this morning. Usually I get “NO! I don’t wanna!!” lol
    Love the flip flop stamps!!!

  62. It’s a dandy day when you wake up and count your blessings!! Annnnnnnd today might turn into some crafty time too, whoa extra dandy there!! Loving the inspiration every day.Thanks for the chance at new goodies! Oooooh new goodies would be a super dandy day!

  63. It’s a dandy day for me b/c I was able to finish a graduation card (Lawn Fawn products) BEFORE the graduation and will mail it off in time even. More like a dandy MIRACLE day.

  64. I found out today that my niece is going to be a mommy today. It seems to be a baby boom in our family, this is the 8 babies in 2 years!! Three of them are my granddaughters!!

  65. It’s a dandy day because I got to sleep in for the first time in a long time! I’m starting my day fresh and planning to do some stamping!

  66. Hi Kelly Marie,

    It’s a dandy day because I got an appointment for a surgery consult right away. I had heard with Covid still around they were pushing those way back. Thank you for these Intro Videos. They are fun and inspiring to watch. My wish list gets longer and longer!

  67. Seeing all this inspiration made my day dandy! I especially love samples of how to stretch tiny stamp sets into amazing cards.

  68. Seeing a mom duck and her ducklings taking a stroll down the road. Question: Will we be getting the other flower and the mouse with flower flip flopped too?

  69. Seeing the flip flop addition to the Dandy Days set made my day dandy. I absolutely adore the mice and was thrilled to see this new addition!

  70. A cherry harvest from our backyard cherry tree has made a dandy day for me!! I’ve been busy looking up cherry recipes!!

  71. Getting some to-do’s crossed off the list has made my day dandy! I LOVE the new flip flops! Super cute!

  72. Listening to music by The Dandy Warhols, getting my craft on, especially on a rainy day like today, and thinking of all the ways I’d like to use the Dandy Day and it’s new Flip-Flop is my idea of the perfect Dandy Day!

  73. My day is dandy because I work with amazing people that allow me to leave work early to go home & rest (because I need back surgery & am in a great deal of pain).

  74. Love these little flip flops! Such a great alternative to buying to bigger sets! My day was made by taking my sweet girl to pre-school. Our morning conversations are the best.

  75. I just got a Sizzex big shot and earned $50 in Michaels rewards that I didn’t know about until yesterday. I finally got the paper trimmer that I’ve been wanting to get. It was a great surprise.

  76. Spending time with my family has helped make my day Dandy. I would love to use some of these cute new products to help make a card to maybe make them have a dandy day in the future.

  77. My children always make my days dandy, but all this excitement over this release is making me want to play with my craft supplies. (It’s been a while)

  78. My day is so dandy at work! I work on a maternal services unit and taking care of the newborns is so great- they always make me smile so much!

  79. Dandy Day is one of my favorite sets!! My day was dandy when I was able to find a gas station that still had gas 🤣😱

  80. My Hubby brought home supper for tonight…it’s so DANDY not to have to cook tonight and be able to play with my crafts!!!

  81. The mice are soooo cute! Love it! My day is dandy because the sun is shining & I am upright & breathing!!

  82. the design teams projects are so inspiring. I’m in love with the flip flops, they are so perfect for having them hug. I miss hugs! hahhaa!

  83. I took my son for a check up at the doctor this morning and got a great report. That made our day really dandy. 🙂

  84. The flip flopped koala and a good cup of tea made my day. I seriously cannot wait for the koala. Hooray for finding happiness in the simple things!

  85. Great flip flop sets and dies today! My sister and brother-in-law from out of state were here for a visit. That made my day very dandy!

  86. My day started off dandy b/c we had our 6th grade awards this morning and we got to celebrate some awesome students and meet some parents fact to face!

  87. Love all the flip flop stamps! And the cute stitched circle dies! The sun shining made my day today!

  88. I have always loved the critters & dandelions in the ‘Dandy Day’ stamp set & now there is a flip flop version. Hurray!

  89. I’m afraid that this wasn’t a dandy day for me at all today, but to be honest, seeing my 3 year old smile when she saw me in the afternoon, whilst collecting her from kindergarten, and say “I love you, mama”, made it all better! <3

  90. I had lunch with my husband today – just at home eating leftovers, but it’s nice that he could work from home this morning…we actually had a conversation during the day instead of a hurried rush hour phone call. 😀Dandy, I tell ‘ya!

  91. The warmer spring weather made my day dandy! Also seeing all the adorable projects, they are all incredible!

  92. It’ll be a dandy day when I’m done work and can craft. Love all the countdown posts, so much creativity!

  93. It is a beautiful day which makes it a very dandy day. All the flip-flop sets are so cute! I can’t wait to create with them. All the cards are very inspiring.

  94. I had a dandy day by chatting with my daughter and am looking forward to seeing her tomorrow when she comes to visit!

  95. Haven’t had a great day unfortunately, but looking forward to this new release definitely made it a little dandier 🙂

  96. Being able to sit outside eating dinner, watching today´s inspiration videos! I´m in love with the Koala flip flop!! It truly made my day dandy!

  97. My daughter cleaned out the extra bedroom closet for my Mother’s Day gift. So glad I didn’t have to take the time to do it! Love that girl! She also painted me two beautiful rocks that are now outside by the swimming pool.

  98. A day at home crafting with the birds chirping, sun shining, a cup of my favorite coffee would be the dandiest day of all!☺️

  99. I’m going out for birthday pedis with friends tonight….can.not.wait! 🙂
    Love the flip-flop sets. They are such a great idea!

  100. Ran into a stranger who was wearing the hat and t-shirt from my alma mater. School is located 5,000 miles away so I don’t see that often. Luv DT’s designs. I used to live in Australia, and I have your downunder stamp set as well. This flipflop is a must have, and I love that little mouse’s flip flop also. And those stitch dies are amazing! Love all the release! <3

  101. What made my day dandy is that I got to work from home today and spend some extra time with my family 🙂

  102. Watching Lawn Fawn design teams videos showing inspiration in so many ways made my day dandy!

  103. Grace’s shadow box is is adorable. I love the pink Ombre and definitely need to try it out myself.

  104. I got to spend the morning on the beach since I’m on vacation, which I’d say is pretty darn dandy 🙂

  105. Today my former neighbors stopped by their for sale house and got to meet my new baby boy! That made my day.

  106. I’m about to watch the inspiration video and have a piece of my favorite pie that my friends sweet daughter made for me. That’s a dandy day.

  107. Had a fun evening with friends making cards, stayed the night and got up and made some more this morning!

  108. Having a day to craft and play makes for a dandy day! Can’t wait to play with these new sets so much to love!

  109. My day was made dandier (if that’s a word, lol) by a sweet coworker that sent me an encouraging email because my day was quickly going down the drain.

  110. The weather is making my day dandy! It looks pretty nice outside and I can’t wait to get out there and enjoy it <3

  111. My adult children visiting me for Mother’s Day gave me a dandy weekend but these fun new lawn fawn products are giving me a dandy day today!

  112. I love these flip flops! The dandiest part of my day was seeing a female monarch lay the first eggs of the season in our pollinator garden.

  113. The best and most exciting part of my day is checking this blog for the sneak peak😂🧡 Nothin can make me in a bad mood.

  114. My daughter and I prepped the craft room for new paint this weekend, to be followed by new furniture and organization! So excited!

  115. We packed my son out of college apartment and it went easy and well. We leave for the trip home tomorrow.

  116. Watching hummingbirds at the feeder makes my day dandy as well as making a list of all the items I want from this new release! It may or may not contain everything LOL!

  117. Despite springtime allergies, thanks to a recent surgery for the first time in 30 years I can breathe through the left side of my nose! I’m congested but able to breathe! It’s incredible!!

  118. Not so dandy when my comment gets entered in as a reply to someone else’s comment!!!!! Lol!!!

  119. I got a lot of things checked off my long to do list! Being productive always makes my day “dandy”:)

  120. We have escaped the every day and went away for the weekend and that has made me smile, a few moments of sanity from Covid. I love this little Koala bear and wish I could go to Australia right now!

  121. The sunshine, my kiddos and new lawn fawn inspiration! Can’t ask for any more of a dandy day, in my opinion!

  122. My co-worker said I’m awesome and it was something I needed to hear at that moment. Unexpected simple little things make me smile!

  123. What made my day dandy is seeing the new dandelion flip flop. Loving the flip flop concept. Very clever! T
    Great cards!

  124. What made my day dandy was that I got everything on my to do list done and even got to help out a neighbor with her baby today! I’m so excited to the flip flop dandy day! I use that set a ton!

  125. Dandy day….leftovers for dinner = no cooking. Visiting with family that is in town. Closing the day with black licorice.

  126. I came in from mowing the 2 acres of lawn we have and my daughter told me she made me a card- love when my kids get crafty- that always makes my day dandy!

  127. We have gone from a VERY snowy winter to a VERY, VERY wet spring. Today was a dandy day because the sun shone for the whole day ☀️
    I’m loving this new release. Can’t wait to play 😊

  128. Adorable creations. love the new Just Stitching Scalloped Circle. All your amazing videos makes my day dandy, love them so much.♥

  129. The sunny and warm weather today because I was finally able to bring out all the plants I had started growing inside the house – now it was time for them to move out! That always makes me realize that summer will be here soon.

  130. My candy day was asking up and going to get my second Covid vaccine shot! That makes me feel a bit better as we head into summer and we have to move across the country!
    Wonderful new additions to the Lawn Fawn family and such fun videos to watch !😍

  131. You know these days with being home 24/7 with the Covid outbreak – Starbucks Caramel coffee makes my day (or morning) each day.
    Hugs from Canada!

  132. My dandy day moment was seeing my little girls get home from a day with Granma and be soooo excited to see dad, so excited and giggly!
    Love these sets! These flip flop sets are awesome!

  133. I just love all these flip flop
    Stamps…so creative. The cards amaze me! The design team is fabulous.

  134. I am camping with my 3yo grandson this week. Spending time with him always makes my day dandy! Love today’s sneak peeks!

  135. Getting my hair done for the first time in a VERY LONG time, yesterday was pretty dandy! My Mother’s Day gift 🎁😊❤️

  136. Today was our last day of school, so seeing all of the students’ smiling faces made my day dandy!

  137. Getting out and going for a walk outside and seeing all my daffodils in bloom. Really like todays release, has to be put on my list.

  138. Zoom crafting with my best friend. I was inspired by the dandy day flip flop to see if I could make it look like this mouse was kissing it’s flip flop. Think it worked best with this mouse (or mirror image) and a different mouse then both the same but it was successful.

  139. My day was dandy by taking my dog to get groomed and when he got home, we worked in the yard planting flowers. Beautiful, chilly day.

  140. Seeing my daughter happy, and my son taking accountability for letting kids copy his homework made my day dandy.

  141. The koalas are on my must have list now. Thanks! And what’s making my day dandy is that I get to see my brand new nephew this afternoon. So exciting!

  142. A dandy day is any day that I can sit down and create cards from my MANY Lawn Fawn products. If I’m not interrupted, then it is the dandiest day! Thank you for making many of my dandy days, Lawn Fawn!

  143. Seeing all of that amazing inspiration from the design team definitely made my day dandy – plus I get to spend some time today crafting myself 🙂

  144. I can’t wait to add this dandy day add on to our set-I love being able to face the animals both directions!

  145. Our baby rabbit doing well after her surgery made my day dandy. Now we’re crossing our fingers for her to start eating on her own and healing without any complications. 🐰🤞

  146. I just spent 2 days at Legoland with my 5-yr old granddaughter. Those were my recent dandy days. Thanks for the awesome card ideas.

  147. I love this die set! The just stitching scalloped circles will create such a nice touch to any card or scrapbooking page!

  148. Love all the critters! I just got my hands on the new Distress colour from Tim Holtz so that made my day as well as seeing new Lawn Fawn products!

  149. These Just Stitching dies are awesome! They’ll add so much texture to my cards! And the flip-flop stamp/die concept is amazing! So fun!

  150. My day is dandy because after almost two weeks of horrible migraines since my second COVID shot, I’m back to normal! Yay!

  151. I listened to a podcast about Gilmore Girls and colored some Lawn Fawn images, doesn’t get much more dandy than that!! 🙂

  152. Oh, my goodness! How can we decide which are the favorites?
    I have a long list, and haven’t included so many new things! What’s a girl to do?

  153. My day was made because my friend had a successful surgery and is doing well. These cards are wonderful!

  154. 🥰 love that little mouse that is blowing like little kisses. Can’t wait to have this stamp and die set

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