Lawn Fawn Intro: Scootin’ By, Slimline Road Border, Slimline Simple Road Border, Slimline Grassy Hillside Stencils, Slimline Simple Grassy Hillside Stencils

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s May 2021 Inspiration and Release week! On May 13th our 7 new stamp sets and coordinating dies, 9 new standalone die sets, and all of our exciting new products will be for sale at your favorite store and at! Woohoo! Until then we will have fun posts with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways!

We already have two places you can leave comments to win:
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Today is our showcase of Scootin’ By and its coordinating dies! These adorable scooter-riding animals are ready to help you create “missing you” projects. Add party hats, gift boxes, and balloons for celebration cards! This set comes complete with safety helmet, a horn, and little puffs of smoke (the critters are scooting by fast!)

We are also highlighting our new Slimline Road Border and Slimline Simple Road Border die sets today! With Sunflower and Storm Cloud cardstock, you can layer these die cuts to create a road! Or just use the solid piece (with stitching on the edges) to create a dirt path or sidewalk.

We also are showcasing 2 new stencil sets! Slimline Grassy Hillside Stencils and Slimline Simple Grassy Stencils! These new stencil sets have two stencils each and are great for creating your own slimline grassy hillside scenes! They work well with a variety of crafty techniques. 

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a little video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using this new set! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Mindy‘s cheerful scene features the Scootin’ By critters celebrating a happy day! She used Slimline Simple Road Border to create the path for their scooters! To fill in the scene, she added the grass using our new Slimline Simple Grassy Hillside Stencils!

Megan created a charming design by pairing Scootin’ By with Happy Village and our new Happy Hugs! I love how she combined the Scootin’ By sentiments with Finley’s ABCs!

Audrey‘s awesome card shows how the Scootin’ By critters, without the scooters, can look like they are running to give each other big hugs! Our new Giant Sending Big Hugs die creates the perfect backdrop along with Audrey’s beautiful water-coloring!

The cute critters are Scootin’ By all over the place on Caly‘s design! She used the new Slimline Road Border sets and stenciled the grass to create a fun card with a sweet message!

Rebecca paired the Slimline Road Border with our Large Slimline with Sliders to create a “wheelie” happy Scootin’ By card!

Lynnette added some party images, included in the Scootin’ By set, to create this super fun birthday card! She combined Offset Sayings: Birthday with the cute scootin’ by sentiment!

This bunny and fox are having a really happy day! They are Scootin’ By in Marine‘s fantastic park scene! She used Tree Before ‘n Afters and lamp posts from Here We Go A-Waddling along with some ink blending and stenciling. I love how she colored the All the Clouds green to stand in for shrubs, too clever!

Tammy created a fun party in a card! The balloons and party hats are included in the Scootin’ By set and are perfect for making super cute birthday cards! She used Oliver’s Stitched ABCs to create a bold greeting!

Mindy used the Swish ‘n Pop Pull-Tab to create an interactive Scootin’ By card! When you pull the tab, the cute little bunny pops a wheelie!

Grace used the Flippin’ Awesome die set to make a fun interactive multiple panel scene! The critter friends are Scootin’ By to say hi with a big hug! I just love the Stitched Rainbow on the last panel!

Elise used the same design to create a pair of the cutest cards! She cut the inner grid from the Foursquare Backdrop: Portrait to look like a polaroid photo to frame the two Scootin’ By scenes! I love how she added happy colors with the banners from the new Virtual Friends Add-On set!

Yainea‘s adorable design features the cute mouse and bunny scootin’ by on a grass bordered path! I love how she water-colored the Stitched Cloud Backdrop and added her sentiment on a Hearts and Stars Skinny Tag!

How fun is that one word greeting on Latisha‘s charming card! She added some grassy stenciling around the Slimline Road Border, and then she used the blue plaid Perfectly Plaid Remix paper for a fun patterned sky!

Looks like Elena‘s little critters are enjoying some party fun! She stenciled grass and added Slimline Road Borders for all the scooters to zoom by! I love the bright primary colors she used for the balloons!

Now, I have a video to introduce Scootin’ BySlimline Road Border, Slimline Simple Road Border, Slimline Grassy Hillside Stencils and Slimline Simple Grassy Hillside Stencils! Chari and I have created 3 card designs to show some fun ways to use these great new sets. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch it below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Scootin’ BySlimline Road Border, Slimline Simple Road Border, Slimline Grassy Hillside Stencils and Slimline Simple Grassy Hillside Stencils! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us your favorite way to zoom around your neighborhood by May 12th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Saturday, May 8th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week, we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!

May 2021 Release Products will be available on May 13th!
Scootin’ By
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Slimline Simple Road Border
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Slimline Simple Grassy Hillside Stencils

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  1. I love to take out my roller blades and skate around the empty roads. It feels so nice and freeing.

      1. We take two walks everyday around our neighborhood. My sons favorite way is to be in the stroller with his dog walking next to him and mom pushing.

  2. I just finished watching the video on YouTube. Another fantastic set, well thought-out. I love the adorable samples. The waterfall card with the image of the scooter being thrown to the side is SOO cute!!!!

  3. I love how the design team mixes up all the sets Law Fawn has to make their scenes – I appreciate that Lawn Fawn has retired VERY few of your designs, and that way we can always make an old set new & fresh again!! It really helps me be free with my creativity and not have to worry I am going to create something that others can’t make due to the items being unavailable.

  4. Everyone is going to want this 🛴scootin by stamp set, it goes with so many other sets and is just so stinking cute 😁 fingers crossed they won’t take too long to get to Australia.

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  6. Walking is my things… too old for scooter, haha.
    Hm. Trying to figure out the hint of what is coming in June, hmmmmm…..

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    1. I walk everywhere- but my sons LOVE to use their scooters and bikes. Walking is too boring for them, lol

  8. I enjoy zooming around the neighbourhood in walking form, we live on a mountain near a lake. I love to zoom on the water on a paddle board!!! So excited about this set the video was so fun to watch and I can see how it co-ordinates really well with the Happy Hugs set.

  9. This winter we had so much snow that we were able to ski through the forest to the village. That was definitely my favourite way to zoom around!!
    I love this set. My kids love their scooters, so I can’t wait to make them cards with the scootin’ critters.

  10. My bike is my zoom of choice! It’s black with some cute pops of aqua (pedals and water holder) and my bright blue bike helmet!

  11. I use my walker now to “scoot” around town. But once upon a time I use to like my roller skates or my bike.

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  14. Such a lovely addition to the Lawn Fawn collection! The scooter takes me back to my childhood.

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  17. I absolutely love this set! My way favorite way to zoom through the neighborhood is walking with my two rescue dogs!

  18. In my neighborhood, I like to walk. We are fortunate to live within walking distance of a grocery store and our community pool. If I need to get somewhere quickly I take my car.

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  20. As a kid I loved to roller skate everywhere. That was fun. But we had a scooter as well but unthinkable I was even younger when we had those.

    1. I am a bit clumsy when it comes to things like skates and scooters and don’t have a bike since years. I have twins – they are 20 now – and didn’t dare to ride a bike with both kids and never got around to buying a new one. Living on top of a quite steep hill doesn’t help either, but I love my Vespa! Live all those critters wirh their scooters, they really seem to enjoy them.

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  28. For now I prefer walking in our neighborhood. I enjoyed riding my bicycle when I was a kid, so I might give it a try again.

  29. Amazing new stamps and dies, can’t wait to create with them
    Design team makes you want a scooter

  30. I enjoy walking around the neighborhood. There is a nice walking path near our house that leads to one of the parks in town. Love the scooter, etc.

  31. I zoom around my neighbourhood on my two feet. I take my sweet Australian Shepherd, Luna with me. We go a different route everyday. Thank you for the amazing projects!!

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  37. During this pandemic – my husband and I have been riding our bikes around the neighborhood after lunch. It is something I love to do!
    Love this scooter set! All of the cards – and the video were great! Loved Mindy’s idea of using the pop and swish so the bunny could pop a wheelie- fabulous!

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  44. I wheelie like these stencils and dies! I love to scoot around my neighborhood on my new cruiser e-bike! So much fun! So much easier to rise up hills to have that little boost and help. I love the helmet and the moveable strap. Well done!

  45. I LOVE THESE!!!!! Especially the scooters with the horns. These are so joyful. So freeeeeee!!! My favorite way to zip around my neighborhood, and other places, is on my VESPA SCOOTER. It is mint green, goes 65 mph (I don’t go beyond 60), and is FUN!

  46. Love the scooters, and how cute they are. Its great how you can combine the different sets. So many options!
    Always so cute

    1. My favorite way to zoom around my neighborhood is taking it slow by going on a walk with my kiddos.

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  52. Such cute and creative projects today! I enjoy zooting around my neighborhood with a nice walk.

  53. I don’t “zoom” much anymore, walking is my mode of transportation. I do love to bike or roller skate if there is no traffic.

  54. Oh my gosh. This is the cutest stamp set. I know I’m making a lot of boys n girls happy by getting this stamp set. They gonna have such such looking at those 🛴 in their cards.
    Oh and love all the other accessories that’s gonna help make these cards scenes complete.

  55. My neighborhood is built on a very steep hill, so riding a bike or a scooter can be unsafe. I usually go for a walk or drive a car.

  56. Just got a bike last year (first time in very many years) so we go on lots of bike rides around the neighborhood. Wonderful stamp set!!

  57. I love these new products! They’re so much fun! And the way you guys design your products to work together is fabulous. Lawn Fawn really is the best. My favorite way to zoom around my neighborhood is to walk while my kids ride their bikes or scooters. 😉

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    This is such a cute stamp set!

  63. Scooting’ on new roads!!! I love how the critters could also be running into (yesterday’s) big hugs!!! These two sets are so cute, singly and together! Might just have to get both….

  64. The Slimline Road Border and the Scootin’ By is just perfect!!!

    The design team really showcased how one set can be utilized in more than one way. Once again, they bring the products to life and make them oh so adorable!!

    Great job design team!

  65. If I could zoom around my neighborhood (live on farm roads) I would rollerskate. As it is, I just drive my car.

  66. I like to drive around my neighborhood and also sit outside at my picnic table, watch the world go by and wave like my Dad used too. Love these new sets!!

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  68. I can only zoom around my neighborhood in my car.
    Knee replacement, frozen ankle from an auto
    accident – both make it hard to do a lot of
    distance walking. The cards are darling.
    Jealous of the animals. thanks for sharing

  69. Wheelie love these critters! I am so impressed with the talent of the design team… their coloring is so sweet! A.dor.a.ble! This ol gal walks a few houses with my doggo to deliver RAK, cards and treats to neighbors, or get the mail. Love the slider over the road…. just the inspiration I was looking for. (((Hugs)))

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  72. Hi, LF –
    First, let me say how phenomenally good all these example cards were today. I saw a scooter image a few days ago and just KNEW I would have to have it. I am eager to see this release….. no, I am busting at the seams to see this release is more truthful.

    I like to walk and need to do more of it. I like to zoom around in my car but my neighborhood has mostly 25 MPH and there is a school across the street, so I really don’t zoom during school hours! But I love to drive and that is my favorite way to get around.

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s post already!
    Lori S in PA

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  79. I skateboarded and biked when I was younger but now I’m happy to walk:). These are fun sets!

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  81. Those scooters are too cute! Love how the designers used them on their projects. My favorite way to “zoom” around the neighborhood is walking with my dog. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  82. This set is so adorable, love all these amazing inspiration.♥
    I love to walk around the neighborhood, because I’m to old for a scooter.

  83. My favorite way to scoot around my neighborhood is to walk! I put in my EarPods and just go!

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  88. Love all things slimline! With my hips, the only way I zoom around my neighborhood in is my car! Lol!

  89. i really wanted to see this stamp set and it definitely did not disappoint! How adorable! I love it so much. I love the versatility, where they could be on the scooter or running to hug each other. I love it.

  90. So cute! My favorite way to zoom around my neighborhood is in my car hahaha! Can’t beat an air conditioned car! hahaha!

  91. Sweet, sweet, sweet designs shared today. I zoom around my neighbourhood by foot – a leisurely pace when I’m taking a casual stroll in the evenings, and a more speedy pace when I’m exercising at 5am.

  92. We like to “zoom” around the neighborhood by foot. It gives us a chance to take our pup, too. 😁

  93. I absolutely adore these critters on scooters! But my neighborhood is very hilly so. have to confess I don’t go zooming around much! We walk and if we’re driving we’re pretty careful because we have kids playing!! Now some of them have scooters and zoom around our cul de sac — I will love making some of these cards and sneaking them into a few mail boxes in the neighborhood! 🙂

  94. My kids and I have really enjoyed riding our bikes around the neighborhood this past year. A happy side effect of Covid lockdown.

  95. The cards are so adorable! Such an awesome release…
    I walk around my neighborhood 🤗
    Thanks for sharing.

  96. These cards are so cheerful! I’d love to scoot around my neighborhood on one, but I’d break a leg, so I’ll stick to walking.

  97. I am in love with “Scootin’ By”. I can’t wait to have fun and play with this new set. This will be the extent of my ‘scootin’, those days are over for me but I love to watch my grandson on his scooter, that kid is fearless.

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  99. At my age the only zooming I do is in my car!! But I do like to take a walk!! lol
    I love these 2 sets together!!!

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  103. I love to zoom around my neighborhood with my bike! Especially when my whole family is out exploring together.

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    Such cute critters on scooters! Fun to see the DT wonderful inspiration!

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  115. Hi,
    At my age I don’t dare try any scootin device other than my own two feet. It sure does look fun though.

  116. Oh wow those critters on scooters are the best. These days I like to get around walking or on my bike.
    Hugs from Canada!

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    I just LOVE that Scooter…great job by the DT. I LOVE all your designs!!!

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  125. I can’t remember if I have ever used a scooter and although I own a bicycle, I’m still mastering it…. so I’d say I just walk around the neighborhood…. It’s a really cute set though… I know a lot of the kids in the neighborhood have scooters. It would be a great set for cards for kids.

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  128. We take two walks everyday around our neighborhood. My sons favorite way is to be in the stroller with his dog walking next to him and mom pushing.

  129. No zooming in our neighborhood…too many stop signs. LOL
    Love today’s inspiration cards! They’re so cute!

  130. We are very lucky to live in a community with 2 ponds and a beautiful wooded area for with walking paths. We like to spend lots of time there. My son does a lot of fishing there, we feed the ducks, and just enjoy mother nature. 🍁🐠🌲🦌🌺☀️

  131. It’s usually pushing a stroller with both kids around the neighborhood. We have been talking more lately about getting our bikes out (we haven’t ridden them in years) and hooked up to the infant carrier though, so I’m looking forward to riding a bicycle again.

  132. I just walk around the neighborhood…not exactly the zoom-y type. lol Such happy, fun cards today!

  133. I zoom around on an ELLIPTIGO… check it out! It’s the hardest and coolest thing ever!

  134. I love walking around my neighbor at own pace. Sometimes I race walk and sometimes I leisurely walk, depends on what I’m listening to.

  135. Since I don’t have to commute for work anymore, I really enjoy the chance to get in my car and turn up the radio on a beautiful sunny day!

  136. I usually zoom around my neighbourhood on my feet, but my son loves to scoot! Can’t wait to play with this new scooter set ❤️

  137. This is so cute. Now I need more of the small scene builder stamps. If I Zoom at all it’s in a truck.

  138. I typically walk but this adorable set reminds me of my children on their scoters when they were younger.

  139. I’m loving these little guys! I don’t much zoom anywhere at my age anymore….I stay at home and craft!!!

  140. I live by the beach and I love to cruise around on my bike because the neighborhood is pretty flat 🙂

  141. I have a bike, but it’s been a while since I’ve rode it. Our neighborhood has lots of hills so it is a challenge. Love the little scooters with the critters.

  142. Love that little scooter! I’m usually going around on a bike, but I loooved my roller blades when I was younger. I’ve been thinking about buying a new set of blades recently too!

  143. I don’t zoom around on anything because I am terrified of further injuring myself. I do walk.

  144. My way to zoom around is walking but my grandkids love scooters. This set is so cute and video was so entertaining. I cannot wait to see more

  145. My favorite way to explore my neighborhood is to walk…our 8yo dog Lucy likes to stop every few feet anyway 😆

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    I use to walk around in my neighborhood everyday and would
    love a pair of scooter that my husband & I could take a little spin
    in our neighborhood!

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    Meanwhile, love all the cute cards and inspiration!

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    As soon as I saw this set, I said they could run in for that hug, and sure enough that is exactly another purpose for them…I just love how much thought Lawn Fawn puts into its sets so we can tell our stories in a card!

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  197. I do ZOOM virtually with my therapy dog several times during the week as we listen to children read and sing. Frequently, I “decorate” the dog’s hair that is very long with items that I have made with Lawn Fawn products! The children love it and I enjoy doing it!

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  224. Hi Everyone,

    My favorite way to ZOOM around my neighborhood is to walk with my kitten, Sarai (Sa-rye). She’s 9 months old and does pretty good walking on her harness. She likes to see birds, squirrels and people.
    This set is the cutest!

  225. Can’t wait to get my hands on this to make a card for my daughter. She’s always scooting around

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