Lawn Fawn Intro: Watercolor Wishes Rainbow, Tropical Leaves and Happy Hibiscus

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Summer 2021 Inspiration and Release week! On June 24th our 7 new stamp sets and coordinating dies, 16 new standalone die sets, 4 new stencil sets and a colorful new paper collection will be for sale at your favorite store and at! Woohoo! Until then we will have fun posts with design team projects, videos, and giveaways!

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Today is our showcase of Watercolor Wishes Rainbow paper collectionTropical Leaves and Happy Hibiscus! Watercolor Wishes Rainbow is a collection of water-colored patterned papers in jewel tones. This collection is a great backdrop for your cards and scrapbook layouts.

Make beautiful Happy Hibiscus flowers with this new Lawn Cuts set. Change the look by cutting the petals and leaves out of different colors of cardstock or Watercolor Wishes Rainbow paper! Make your own jungle with this set of tropical leaf dies! Create a tropical jungle for the cute jaguars from Toucan Do It. Use these pretty Tropical Leaves to add more layers to Tropical Leaves Backdrop or tuck them behind Happy Hibiscus to make an even more lush scene.

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using these new sets! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Elena‘s stunning card features Happy Hibiscus and Tropical Leaves in the beautiful Watercolor Wishes Rainbow colors! She placed her flowers and leaves on a beautiful Simple Stripes: Diagonal background with Mermaid and white stripes! Such a gorgeous way to send smiles!

Wow! I love how Melissa created a rainbow colored grid for her amazing layout! The Watercolor Wishes Rainbow papers look just like they are water-colored and add wonderful texture to this colorful page! Oliver’s Stitched ABCs letters are perfect for adding the sweet title and Tropical Leaves help to frame the photo!

Tammy‘s card is so beautiful! She placed her Happy Hibiscus flowers around a Stitched Scalloped Circle Frame layered on a Simple Stripes: Diagonal background! The ink blended circle is a perfect place for the pair of toucans to hang out!

How gorgeous is Megan‘s tall slimline card? I love how she arranged Happy Hibiscus and Tropical Leaves at the top and bottom. The white embossed Magic Messages greeting looks amazing on the vellum with a couple little leaves framing it!

Yainea used the Watercolor Wishes Rainbow paper to create a beautiful background sky for her Toucan Do It scene! I love that she chose to use pink for the sky and coordinated the color with the Slimline Tropical Leaves Border!

Kara added a dramatic backdrop to her brilliant Happy Hibiscus using Simple Stripes: Diagonal! She alternated Black Licorice and Textured Dot cardstock in black. The dot pattern creates subtle stripes that look so beautiful!

On Mindy‘s bright and sunny Happy Hibiscus birthday card, the flamingo adds to the tropical vibes! The Tropical Leaves fill in the floral design perfectly!

A gorgeous design like Latisha‘s needs just a sweet and simple greeting! She cut the Happy Hibiscus flowers and leaves from Watercolor Wishes Rainbow paper and arranged them on another pretty patterned paper! Long Distance Hugs provides the final touch!

Caly’s stunning design is amazing! Her hibiscus flowers almost look real! I love how she kept the background simple to let Happy Hibiscus be the star!

Audrey‘s gorgeous card shows us that Watercolor Wishes Rainbow paper and Happy Hibiscus are a perfect pair for making tropical designs! The Scripty Aloha adds a happy Hawaiian greeting!

Renata added a stamped birthday greeting to her beautiful, mostly die cut, design! I love how she paired Happy Hibiscus with the Tropical Leaves Backdrop! It provides the perfect place for the delicate flower!

I love how Elise filled the width of her slimline card with a rainbow of Happy Hibiscus flowers! It’s so gorgeous and a perfect way to use Watercolor Wishes Rainbow paper!

Lynnette’s bright Happy Hibiscus flowers look amazing on the pretty Fancy Lattice Backdrop! I love how the pop of color looks on the textured white background!

Melissa shares another brilliant scrapbook layout featuring Watercolor Wishes Rainbow papers! This time she paired the cute “little camper” photos with a Louie’s ABCs title!

Grace combined Happy Hibiscus and Tropical Leaves to create this super clever birthday shaker card! I love that she used the negative die of Giant Happy Birthday to make the shaker window! The adorable Toucan Do It images drive home the tropical theme!

We have a quick video to introduce our new Watercolor Wishes Rainbow paper collection! You can watch it below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thanks for watching!

And now we we have a video to introduce and share some fun ways to use Happy Hibiscus and Tropical Leaves! You can watch it below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thanks so much for watching! I hope you enjoyed the video!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Watercolor Wishes Rainbow paper collectionTropical Leaves and Happy Hibiscus! Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us your favorite tropical flower by June 23rd at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this paper collection! (If you already own this collection and win, you can choose another collection!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Tuesday, June 22nd for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week, we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!

Summer 2021 Release products will be available on June 24th!
Watercolor Wishes Rainbow Collection pack
Watercolor Wishes Rainbow Petite Paper pack
Tropical Leaves
Happy Hibiscus

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424 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Watercolor Wishes Rainbow, Tropical Leaves and Happy Hibiscus

  1. My favourite tropical flower is a hibiscus as they are so stunning looking. I am so excited to get the gorgeous new die for it and to start crafting. 🌺

  2. I am loving this release sooo much. Flowers are what introduced me to Lawn Fawn, and I’m so happy to have more leaves and a hibiscus flower in this release.
    My favourite tropical flower is a Bird of Paradise. They are so pretty, and I’d love to have them in stamp form one day. (hint hint!! 😉)

  3. My favourite is the hibiscus. Although we do not live anywhere tropical, I ma lucky enough to have one in my garden

  4. I love bird of paradise mostly because of the hilarious meme. Always smile when I see them for that reason 😅

  5. My favourite tropical flower is hands down the plumeria flower. It smells devine and the yellow and white combination make my heart automatically happy! I am loving these examples using the hibiscus flower! So pretty!!

  6. I’ve received a very colorful bouquet that included birds of paradise flowers in there, which I thought was very unique. I don’t know much about flowers, but those are really easy to recgnize.

  7. My favorite tropical flower is the purple orchid. Especially when it’s around my neck in the form of a lei in Hawaii.

  8. The hibiscus is one of my favorite flowers, my yard is full of them, I cant wait to add this set to my lawn fawn collection!!!

  9. The hibiscus 🌺 is my favorite tropical flower!
    Love the Happy Hibiscus die set, and the gorgeous Watercolor Wishes Rainbow papers! 🌈

  10. These card’s are really beautiful, Orchid is my favorite tropical flower but I also like Hibiscus

  11. Hibiscus is one of my favorite tropical flowers!, they can bloom in so many bright and vibrant colors!! Beautiful examples made by the DT!!

    1. The plumeria or white ginger are my favorite tropical flowers. So very fragrant. They can transport me to an island paradise.

  12. I love hibiscus flowers as I have several bushes around my house, but my favorite is my bougainvillea, especially the ones that are fuscia.

  13. The bat flower and hibiscus are my favourite tropical flowers. Hibiscus just remind me of summer and have a happy feeling to them.

    There’s so many beautiful examples using these dies and I love the hair clips made with the hibiscus!

  14. These dies are pure magic and joy wrapped up in sunshine! I love all of these creations! My favorite tropical flower is the plumeria, followed closely by hibiscus. I can’t wait to create stunning cards with the Happy Hibiscus and Tropical Leaves dies!!!!

  15. I am not familiar with the various tropical plant names. My favorite is this die which will become a part of my collection

  16. Favorite tropical flower would have to be plumeria! We had a gorgeous dark burgundy hues one next to our house in Hawii. Oh it smelled delicious when brought inside in a bowl of H2O! Jasmine, orchids, cyclamen, hibiscus, and bougainvillea are also wonderful flowers I remember from Hawaii and Okinawa! There was this gorgeous red flower that I don’t know the name of, oh so beautiful but we would see it on our way to the bus stop.
    These are some really fun tropical dies y’all have added to the Lawn Fawn family. Such great hues and depth in these cards!💜

  17. I have always had a thing for Tropical leaves! and these are SO perfect for this release! Also love that Hibiscus, such an iconic tropical flower! It’s a seriously Awesome release!! I also love this more vibrant watercolor wishes paper, it’s so pretty!
    As for my favorite tropical flower…Oooo Love them all, seriously…that is like what is your favorite color?
    But I have a soft spot for the Plumeria or Frangipani Flower 🙂

  18. What beautiful creations. I think my favorite tropical flower is plumeria (I think that is considered tropical).

  19. I definitely have a fondness for hibiscus!

    My grandmother managed to grow one as a houseplant and my mother inherited it- every time it blooms we smile as we think of my grandmother 🙂

  20. My favorite tropical flower is the plumeria. They come in spectacular colors and they smell heavenly. I love lei made from plumeria.

  21. Plumeria is a favorite of mine. It’s scent is heavenly! Beautiful cards today. Love the new flower die and rainbow paper.

  22. The hibiscus is my absolute favorite tropical flower! I have it growing in pots on my deck. I even have a hibiscus tattooed on my shoulder from my honeymoon in Hawaii. What a gorgeous die! I love all the inspiration from the DT.

  23. Hibiscuses are my favourite and the reminds me about my grandma. I miss her so much! Every time I see a hibiscus it make me think of her and leaves me with a smile on my face

  24. I love orchids so much! These hibiscus dies are wonderful though and they’re what I immediately think of when I think tropical flower! This release is just the best!

  25. I absolutely love all flowers so to choose a favorite is really hard but am enjoying seeing the beautiful hibiscus bloom in my garden!

  26. Ok, so I’m not great with the names of tropical flowers! Lol. Is Hydrangea tropical? Because I love those! Hibiscus are pretty too.

  27. Easy peasy! My favorite tropical flower is the bird of paradise! I had never even seen one until my daughter went to school at the University of San Diego and I think they are amazing!!!

  28. I love the hibiscus, but probably my favorite tropical flower is the plumeria. Happy Memories of Hawaii with anything tropical!

  29. The hibiscus is my favorite tropical flower. I have a plant and love to see the blooms. Love these ideas!

  30. I don’t know too many tropical flowers, but Snow Queen Hibiscus are my favorites that I know. We had them in front of our house when I lived in Florida. The had green leaves with white streaks in them and pretty shade of pink/red.

  31. I’m not sure if they’re considered tropical but orchids are my favorite. These hibiscus dies cut with the watercolor paper are gorgeous!

  32. Living in Florida I have lots of hibiscus and they are all just beautiful! The Royal Poinciana tree is also stunning when it blooms! Can’t wait for these new dies to be available!

  33. My favorite tropical flower is the hibiscus so I was immediately attracted to these dies! I’ve actually looked for hibiscus stamps and dies but never found what I liked, and these are perfect. I’m so excited to get both the flowers and leaves. The examples are stunning!

  34. I live in Colorado so I am not very familiar with tropical flowers but on a vacation to Florida I saw bougainvillea everywhere, very beautiful.

  35. I have 2 favorite tropical flowers. The plumeria and hibiscus. I can never get enough pictures of either.

  36. The hibiscus or birds of paradise are my favourites. Thanks for all the inspiration these cards are amazing.

  37. I like the hibiscus the best. I have a perennial one, it’s been coming back for about 4 years now and it keeps getting bigger every year, the blooms are gorgeous. I think it’s amazing since I live in north central WI

  38. Hibiscus would have to be my favorite tropical flower. Although I have not had much luck growing them in Oregon. Go figure!

  39. As with most things I never seem to be able to have just one favorite so……….my favorite tropical flowers are the Bird of Paradise and African Violets! Since African Violets are great houseplants it’s difficult to think that they are only found outdoors in Eastern Africa!

  40. My favorite tropical flower is the orchid! Love the different kinds and colors. My favorite are phalaenopsis which do well in my kitchen window

  41. I love birds of paradise and of course hibiscus flowers! My cousin just bought me a new hibiscus plant to start growing! I hope I can keep it alive!

  42. My favorite tropical flower is the Hibiscus for it’s beauty!
    The Plumeria is also on top of my list for the it’s smell!

  43. I absolutely love this new hibiscus die, especially with the tropical leaves. What gorgeous summer cards! I love hibiscus flowers, they give my backyard such a tropical feel.

  44. Bird of paradise is my favorite tropical flower! So bright and fun!!

    I do love this die set though- it’s stunning and so versatile!!!

  45. I love the hibiscus flower…see them in Maui when on vacation all the time…gorgeous! This die is awesome!

  46. My favorite tropical flower is angel’s trumpet. Shoutout to Kara on the black and black patterned diagonal stripes – it looks awesome!

  47. My goodness, these are absolutely gorgeous. One of my favorites..ever! We have African Violets, Morning Glories and Amaryllis, so I definitely love those. But, Birds of Paradise, Hanging Lobster Claws, Protea, and Bat Flowers are pretty cool, too!

  48. Hibiscus are actually my favourite tropical flower! I love all the different varieties, especially blues and purple! I cannot wait for this paper pad and the hibiscus dies, rainbow hibiscus!

  49. My absolute favourite is the plumeria flower! I love the texture of the petals, the scent, and the amazing colours it comes in!

  50. Your designers have done a fabulous job showcasing today’s products. Plumerias are my fave of the tropical flowers.

  51. My favorite is probably gardenia or something fragrant, but I actually have 2 hibiscus plants in my yard and one is a rare white one, which is funny that someone on the design team made a white flower!

  52. Hibiscus flowers remind me of when we lived in the middle east for a few years as a child and had huge hibiscus bushed that bloomed all-year round. My other favourites are fuchsia!

  53. I don’t know enough about flowers to know what’s tropical and what’s not. But my favorite flower that I think is tropical is the monkey orchid.

  54. Hibiscus is my favorite tropical flower. My mom always has several hibiscus growing on her deck in beautiful colors.

  55. I don’t know many tropical flowers, so I’ll say hibiscus. Your papers are always so colorful.

  56. WOW! The watercolor paper is awesome and this hibiscus flower looks AMAZING! Can’t wait to get these! I’ll probably get the Tropical Leaves, too, for their scene-building value (which is significant!).
    Come on, come on, release day!
    Lori S in PA

  57. I would say hibiscus is the prettiest but plumeria smell sooooo good!!
    Thank you all for the eye candy today! The cards and layouts are stunning!

  58. The plumeria or white ginger are my favorite tropical flowers. So very fragrant. They can transport me to an island paradise.

  59. gorgeous projects from the design team! Orchids are my favourite tropical flowers, my grandma loves them so they always remind me of her 🙂 xx

  60. I don’t know much about tropical flowers. I am familiar with hibiscus and birds of paradise and they both are very pretty.

  61. I would say bird of paradise and the hibiscus are the only tropical flowers I am familiar with. Love the card examples! Especially the flowers cut out of felt. Beautiful!

  62. Hibiscus and Bird of Paradise are my favorite tropical flowers- fun to take photos of them!
    Your DT is amazing – love all of the inspiration!!

  63. I think I love them all because I couldn’t choose. The stand outs are Plumeria, Orchids, and Hibiscus of course! All these cards are amazing.

  64. Love the new paper collection! And, of course, the new stamps and dies are great. My favorite tropical flower is probably the lady slipper orchid. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  65. Hibiscus are my favorite tropical flower!!! They remind me of her and our time down in the USVI 🌺 I’m SO excited for these and the tropical leaves!

  66. I absolutely love the hibiscus. Totally reminds me of Hawaii and I want to go there! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the watercolor wishes paper. I’ll have to buy it so I can hoard it and never use it, it’s so pretty! I do that with all Lawn Fawn paper…I’m obsessed!

  67. Those flowers are amazing! 🙂 I would have to say that they are my favorite tropical flower. So beautiful!

  68. Hibiscus is my favorite. So many beautiful varieties in Hawaii. I have 2 in my bay window and they are sort like bonsai plants now since I’ve had them for years. They bloom all year.

  69. OMG.. this paper collection is sooooooo gorgeous!!! Love, love, love!!!
    My favorite tropical flower is the Orchid.

  70. This is one of the best releases, where I feel I actually have to have it all at one time! Not sure that is possible. I especially love the little birthday people, and the little toucans, as well as the other animals in that set. I love all the cards made using the new sets, and it gave me wonderful ideas for new cards to make. Thank you for the chance to win! Sure hope I do!

  71. I have to say the Hibiscus is my FAVE!!!
    Oh My Goodness…the Hibiscus flower cards and projects are so vibrant and beautiful. I LOVE that Flower and the Leaves!!! Well done to all!!!

  72. I love plummerias, passion flowers and calla lillies. And of course the hibiscus. They do not only groß in tropical areas and I have a blue one growing in my garden, allthough it looks a bit different than the tropical ones. But I can use this amazing die LF is coming up with to make up for that and cut it any color I like.

  73. Bird of paradise.
    Something we don’t see in Illinois.
    Intriguing and beautiful.
    thanks for sharing

  74. My favorite tropical flower is the plumeria! They are so pretty and make me think of tropical islands.

  75. PLUMERIA! I’ve been living on Tropical islands for 1/3 of my life, and love this Hibiscus dies! DT’s FELT Hibiscus caught my eyes! On the 1st day, I saw this new paper pack, and it’s already in my wish list! Love the previous watercolor paper pack and bought 2! This is another great paper pack I have to have! Can’t wait for the release! <3

  76. My favorite tropical flower is the plumeria. I love all the colors that it comes in. I can’t wait to add the hibiscus to my die collection.

  77. The tropical leaves and the hibiscus are absolutely wonderful! The cards using these are gorgeous💕

  78. I love hibiscus, but my favourite tropical flower for the garden is Birds of Paradise. Such amazing plant, which once climatized, planted in protective spot, can even survived frost. I have them in my garden. My little patch of tropical delight.

  79. Beautiful collection of tropical colours & adorable inspiration, thanks folks x I’m not very good at making tropical flowers, I love orchids, hope that counts as tropical enough x

  80. I love hibiscus but I think my favorite is anthurium because of its heart shape. These samples are beautiful.

  81. I love the “bird of paradise” because it’s so unique. Not sure it’s termed a tropical flower but it’s funky for sure!

  82. Frangipani is my favourite tropical flower, i just adore the smell. The hibiscus flower cards are simply gorgeous!!

  83. Growing up we had Hibiscus in Michigan.. when Mom moved to Florida she took her Bush there and it flourished beautifully. After getting married my new home backdoor neighbor has a flourishing hibiscus back here in Michigan. The circle of love and life for me. Wonderful memories… especially because I have tried and failed to grow them myself 3 times. So Hibiscus❤

  84. Love the hibiscus! We have a couple of hibiscus bushes in our landscaping, and they’re beautiful when they bloom!

  85. I would have to say hibiscus is one of my favorite tropical flowers. On vacations to Bermuda I’m always so inspired by the hibiscus growing everywhere. I even purchased a sterling silver charm of a hibiscus flower on one of my trips.

  86. oh the things I can see making with this new set! the Tropical Leaves and Happy Hibiscus sets will go wonderful with all the animals and scenery building.

  87. I love Bird of Paradise and orchids. I have lots of plants. My Bird of Paradise has only bloomed once in eight years but my orchids have all flowered many times.

  88. I have never been so excited for paper in all my life! This watercolor paper is stunning! Wowzers! I can hardly wait!

  89. The exotic orchid is my favorite tropical flower by far. They are hard to capture in crafting though, but they are beautiful and mysterious.

  90. The new paper is beautiful, I can’t wait to use it. My favorite tropical flower is the Birds of Paradise! 🙂

  91. I don’t know too many tropical flowers because I live in the Canadian prairies however I do love the looks of the birds of paradise. These dies are so cute!

  92. An orange hibiscus is my very favorite tropical flower. 🌺 I have seen this paper collection in all of the release week videos and it grabbed my attention every single time! Can’t wait for this release!

  93. Tropical flowers… huh…. again, it seems the tropics aren’t in my normal ‘top faves’ – possibly the bird of paradise because of the interesting shape…. but I like the ‘bird of paradise’ that is much different that grows in my desert area more.

  94. I love the wonderful Tropical feel of these samples. I love bromeliads and air plants. I find the fastenating.

  95. My favourite tropical flower is the Hibiscus I used to grow them to feed to the sloths I worked with. Best ever!

  96. I’ve always loved LF papers and cardstock but this Wstercolour Wishes Rainbow selection is just gorgeous! A definite ‘must have’.

  97. Actually my favourite has always been the hibiscus flower. It is gorgeous. It always reminds me of trips south to warm beaches. I can’t wait to make cards with these!

  98. My favorite tropical flower is the bird of paradise, because it was my grandma’s favorite and every time I see one I think of her.

  99. My favorite tropical flower is the hibiscus. It is so beautiful and I love making cards with it’s images.

  100. I love everything! The hibiscus flowers and the watercolor paper are the best! Need them ASAP

  101. I don’t really know any tropical flowers…. But I love these hibiscus flower dies. Does that count?

  102. This is such a lovely bunch of cards! Blossoming! Love them. I love hibiscus. I am from Florida. Azaleas are lovely too!

  103. Orchids are my favorite tropical flower.
    the Hibiscus in this new set is gorgeous, I can already imagine the pretty cards I could create with it.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  104. Ok, I think this is the best Lawn Fawn release EVER! Everything in this release coordinates beautifully with Lawn Fawn products I already have! So I can easily expand the possibilities of my current stash with this release, which I love to do, it’s like visiting an old friend to get out my older stamps and use them in a new way : )

  105. I know this is going to sound strange, but more than tropical flowers, I am in awe of tropical leaves! Their color variations and sometimes giant sizes “leaf” me breathless 🙂

  106. Floral cards are my favourite and the hibiscus is definitely one of my faves. These projects are gorgeous and so inspiring!

  107. My favourite tropical flower is an Orchid. I love the new paper. I can’t wait to play with it. I just love how delicate they look. Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  108. I love calla lilies but I’m not sure if they are tropical flowers.. I also love hibiscus because they are the official flower of Hawaii, my happy place! 🙂

  109. This range of flowers is SO pretty! It’s nearly my birthday so I can’t wait to see what else is coming !

  110. I love this paper so much-I can’t decide if I want 12×12 in case I want to scrapbook with it, or the 6×6 so the stripes are smaller and more noticeable.

  111. My favorite tropical flower is the Frangipani Plumeria. Smells so good and it is such a simple and beautiful flower. Love the hibiscus flower and watercolor paper packs! Loving LF!

  112. Plumeria.. I love that they grow on trees so they can be admired yet not trampled and I love their fragrance. They are a simple flower and simply gorgeous…. to me anyways.

  113. So many fantastic projects!!! I love these flower dies! Personally, I love gardenia flowers! They always remind me of my mom!

  114. I love hibiscus! It always reminds me of Hawaii and I was so pleased when I found out we had one in our yard when we bought our house <3

  115. My favorite tropical flowers are yellow Hibiscus and shrimp plants. There everywhere in my yard. Love seeing all the hummingbird and butterflies they bring.

  116. Wow, wow, wow!!! This release gets better every day! Hibiscus are a close second, but my favourite tropical flower is the bird of paradise

  117. My favorite tropical flower is the Hibiscus so I am beyond ecstatic that you created this Happy Hibiscus set!!!

  118. My favorite tropical flowers or Plumeria and Hibiscus. So tough to choose between the 2. I also like Birds of Paradise.

  119. I’m not familiar with many tropical flowers, but hibiscus are beautiful. Can’t wait to use this new die to make cards with.

  120. Megan’s card looks amazing! I don’t know if passionflowers are considered tropical or not, but that’s my pick for favorite if they are.

  121. My favorite tropical flower is plumeria – it smells so good! I also love orchids. We visited the Kahala hotel in Honolulu to see their dolphins and they had a wall in the hotel that was covered with orchids – it was beautiful!

  122. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I think the plumeria followed by the freesia. They both smell wonderful.

  123. I don’t know so many flowers because I’m not a huge fan, but those HIBISCUS are just AMAZING!! Even if I’m not passionate, those are on my wish list for sure!!!

  124. I love hibiscus flowers, and so I am going to need the new die. I love how they grow in such a wide variety of beautiful colours.

  125. I just love this stencil and those leaves dies! Surely on my wishlist =)
    I would use the stencil to create some beautiful patterned backgrounds

  126. Hibiscus flowers and orchids are my favorites. I love the new paper collection and the tropical blooms and leaves. This would look great with a flamingo.

  127. So many beautiful flowers in the tropics. But my mom always had Orchids. I love them so much and can grow them carefully in your home.

  128. All the tropical flowers are my favorite! Living in Minnesota, we are limited for flowers, so any big beautiful flowers are fun!

  129. I’m gonna need that flower die set, just sayin! Goooooorgeous!!!! 😍😍😍😍 Next level, y’all! 👌🏽
    My favorite flower is a plumeria…. My husband gave me a tiny plumeria in a seashell the first morning I woke up next to him, I will love those forever!

  130. The hibiscus flower is so delicate and fabulous. It is something simple to make yet adds so much to a card.

  131. My favorite tropical flower is definitely a hibiscus! Some of them can be huge and showy. Fun to wear in the hair!

  132. My favorite flowers are Orchids! We have a Tropical Garden nearby, so these new watercolor papers are great for Scrapbooking those photo’s! Well this entire release is great!!

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