Fawny Summer Week {Day 5}

Hello everyone! Welcome to our special Fawny Summer Week! This week is all about sharing fun, sunny, Summer projects! The Design Team and Inspiration Team will share lots of ideas using our new Summer products along with daily giveaways and videos! (Make sure to comment for a chance to win; a stamp set and coordinating dies of your choice, and a 6×6 paper pad of your choice!)

Tammy is wishing everyone a “wild” summer in fantastic style with her slimline card! She combined Toucan Do It, Wild for You, Critters in the Jungle and Flamingo Together in a happy jungle scene! To create the awesome landscape, Tammy used Slimline Tropical Leaves Border, and Hammock and Trees, with some leaves and flowers from Toucan Do It!

Summer birthday parties are so much fun and Joyce captured all the joy with our Tiny Birthday Friends! The scene features Village Shops and Happy Village with the greeting from Giant Birthday Messages!

Yainea‘s beautiful Smooth Sailing design is framed perfectly with the Tropical Leaves Backdrop! I love the look of the sunset on the water!

Anything delivered in a Goodie Bag this fabulous has got to be awesome! Kara created the perfect tropical gift bag with Watercolor Wishes Rainbow paper and a bunch of the new tropical sets including Toucan Do It! I love the stenciled tissue paper and the Tropical Vine Borders filling the bag!

Mayra layered lots of tropical fun on her amazing card! She started with Sunrise Backdrop behind Tropical Leaves Backdrop and Slimline Tropical Leaves Border! And then she added more tropical goodness with Happy Hibiscus, Scripty Aloha and some cute Tiny Gift Box Peacock and Turkey Add-On critters!

Giveaway Time!

I hope you have enjoyed this fun look at some of our Summer sets. We will have another fun Fawny Summer celebration tomorrow!

Leave us a comment telling us what you would like to see in future Lawn Fawn releases by TODAY July 16th at 5:00PM ET. One lucky winner will receive their choice of stamp set with coordinating dies and a 6×6 Petite Paper pad!

If you post about our Fawny Summer Week on social media, you can leave another comment for two chances to win!

Make sure to come back tomorrow, Saturday July 17th for our Fawny Summer Week giveaway winners announcement! It could be you!


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177 thoughts on “Fawny Summer Week {Day 5}

  1. I would love to see more ocean releases in the future, such as orcas and belugas. It would be fun to have more add ons for the centre window picture card. If there would be more blue inks for creating a ocean background. 💙

    1. Every LF release surprises me with something new and I love that! Always something I didn’t know I needed!

  2. I would enjoy seeing more furniture to complete scenes. I would also enjoy a sport themed add on. Animals can play basketball or volleyball, right? LOL! More people, not necessarily tiny friends, but bigger. I could envision like a best friends set. Or maybe a County Fair theme, pies, horses, ribbons, etc.

  3. I would love to see more regular size kids (screen time or bicycle) in simple outfits (maybe a bathing suit?) and poses. It would be fun if they could be paper doll-like with the option of adding sweaters, shorts, pants, coats, hats, wigs, etc. It would also be fun to see more furniture for creating scenes.

  4. Beautiful cards. I would love to see more older people, like a parents or grandparents. Also more ocean and winter critters.

  5. I’d like a human beach set, teachers/classroom scene (human or otherwise) but more scene sized classroom items. I’d like more humans of various ages and genders, sitting, standing, swimming. I like the idea of more furniture for scene building.

  6. More AWESOME projects today!! I absolutely love the gift bag package — so creative of Kara!! I also love how Tammy went wild — that off center L and D just makes the card!! TFS all the great stuff this week. The release is really beautiful. Thanks for the giveaway chances too:)

  7. Wow, I think you saved the best day of cards, bags (awesome) for last!!! I adore that bag and all the cards were great too. I would like to see more masculine items for cards that can be used for older males not just for kids

  8. Hahaha .. I got so excited by the projects, I forgot to answer your question!! I love the little critters and would like to see more. Maybe some cats, dogs, bears, owls – any whimsical critter will do — farm animals are always great!! And maybe make an all encompassing set with the critters and a couple different season themes. Maybe a happy birthday and a party hat, a snowman scarf and nose and a merry Christmas, bunny ears and a happy Easter. Something that keeps you using the set in imaginative ways all year long! Thanks for a great creative and inspiring week Lawn Fawn!!

  9. Masculine cards are a challenge for me. I have a lot of golfers in my family. A golf theme set would be great. Maybe a pickup truck with some add-on’s and interaction! That would be fun!

  10. I would love to see some sport themed sets, swimming, baseball, basketball, cheerleaders,skaters, etc. Also, some more winter sets, some different critters, and people. This new release was amazing with new fresh critters, flowers,dies. Thank you for all of the inspiration and for the opportunity to participate in giveaways.

    1. Love love love the new stunningrelease! It is so fun and gorgeous to play with! In the future I hope for more add ons for the interactive areas. Very cool to play with that. And I’d love to see more creatures such as chameleons, pelicans, lemurs, kingfishers and hummingbirds depicted as the newest toucans. So much fun to make cards that little bit more special!

  11. I would love to see a human beach set, an ice cream truck and shop, and a rerelease of admit or a new version of it that could go with coaster critters. And… always more fall, Halloween, and Christmas!

  12. I would love some more stamps that would go with my Tiny People to help make a scene besides putting them in front of houses.

  13. I have been wanting more furniture such as a sofa and arm chair, ever since you came out with the adorable window die. We also need more accessories for Meow You Doin? such as a cat tree! Agree with everyone about some larger size kids like in Screen Time, at the beach and/or pool, and bedtime,, think reading in bed.. Also agree with more masculine sets (less cutesy). All that being said, I love all the critter stamps and this release and what the DT has done with it is nothing short of amazing!

  14. I would love to see a set of the bigger sized people like tiny friends as well as a set of accessories and items for setting a scene with the people (table, chairs, bed, couch…)

  15. Beautiful projects today! Yainea card is great- love that scene! I would love a mouse nativity and I always love all things ocean! A scuba diver flip flop would be nice.

  16. I would like to see a simply celebrate autumn set with pumpkins, apples, chrysanthemums, fall leaves, etc. I think the toucans are so cute. I’d love to see a tropical bird or even a song bird collection.

  17. I would love to see more dog sets and a surfing one as well. Maybe dogs surfing???!!!! That would be my ultimate dream set!!!

  18. I love these cards and the gift bag is super cute! Something masculine would be great! Little critters on motorcycles or dune buggies!

  19. You and your design team always have such great ideas. I look forward to every release just to see the creativity. Some sports sets would be nice that focus on one sport at a time–a baseball/softball set, a football set, a basketball set. And maybe a Build a Camper set.

  20. Love all the inspiration!
    Maybe some flowers, I love the fab flowers set but a set with flowers to color would be nice 😊

  21. Wowza on the beautiful cards and awesome gift bag. I’d love to see some coffee themed sets with your cute critters and small people.

  22. This week has been amazing!!!!!!!!! I would love to see some fitness sets…. runners, weight lifters, bikers, swim etc.

  23. I am looking forward to your holiday release! However, would like to see online classes with special kits!

    1. I don’t know if you are able to see a reply but check out Shurkus.com. she has great online classes and there are places to order the die cut kits.

  24. Wow, that gift bag is amazing! I would like to see a stamp set of vertical sentiments for all your standard greetings/holidays.

  25. I would like to see some kind of birthday background stamps and some tag stamps and dies in future Lawn Fawn releases

  26. I would love to see new critters like more underwater sets and I think that it would look cute is it was a birthday set underwater and you could bring in some new critters. That would be really cute in a Lawn Fawn release.

  27. So many cute projects! I love seeing ideas using the Tiny Gift Box dies on cards and those flamingos are super cute. That said, I would love more add-ons for the Tiny Gift Box. Maybe some jungle or safari animals. My personal request would be an elephant. Also, please keep releasing more flip-flop sets! I love having those to expand what I already have. I’d especially love one for Little Dragon or Llama Tell You.

  28. I love Yainea’s card! I would love to see some more smaller sets, or some word dies with the shadow die. Or assorted critter shaped snowmen.

  29. Wow! Great cards and the gift bag is amazing! I would love more large word dies like the birthday ones from the June release – Christmas, Hello, Congratulations, etc. I would also like stamp/dies sets I could use to make masculine cards – sports, cars, etc.

  30. I love your ideas for sets already, but would love to see a kayak, paddleboard, and maybe a windsurfer or kite surfer.

  31. I would like sets with cats and matching accessories. Also, some furniture items to be able to create scenes with the tiny friends or a sofa for the screen time kids.

  32. I agree with Annette! It would be great to have furniture & cabinets to build scenes with fro our critters. I’d also enjoy some songbirds/backyard birds. And critters as super heroes! That would be fun! Thanks for the gr3at inspiration!

  33. I would love to see more household scenes like bedrooms, living rooms, and furniture. Also I would love to see some sports themed stamps. Thanks!!

  34. I’d like to see sports equipment for the tiny people, like football, hockey stick, golf stick, etc.

  35. I enjoy making the scenes in a room so furniture like a couch or bed etc to have in the background would be good.

  36. I would like to see more animals. Ones most stamp companies don’t have already. I LOVE animals 🙂

  37. Maybe Lawn Fawn could come up with furniture,(sofa, bring back a stool, etc.) Would love to see sports theme for soccer, football, hockey, basketball, dance etc. Grandkids and the words aunts, uncles, grandma, grandpa with old lady and man. Whatever you come up with will be wonderful!!!

  38. I would love to see a popcorn stamp set. Maybe a big box and then kernels with little faces, a salt shaker and some butter.

  39. I would like to see more masculine type stamps, the big Happy birthday works well, but little add ons that would work with it. Like tools, or sports, or car related little add on. To dress it up,maybe bow ties or hats or mustaches..

  40. Think I would like to see music related items – maybe a variety of instruments including a piano. I would also like to see more stencils and more masculine kinds of stamps.

  41. My children love all things pre-historic so a wooly mammoth or a saber toothed tiger would be nice to add to the dinosaurs. I love the underwater critters so an orca or playful pairs (seals, otters, dolphins) would be cute. Of course I wouldn’t say no to more cute mice and squirrel sets!

  42. Tropical, ocean, beach are my favorites and I love your latest release that covers the tropics. So cute! Would love to see even more in this theme.

  43. I would like to see a red panda. I also would like to see more ocean animals especially tropical fish and stingrays. I would like more critters for the scene making, but not anymore mice. I do not like mice. (Maybe chipmunks?)

  44. I would like to see more sport sets especially golf. Little critters golfing would be so cute!’

  45. I always appreciate the wonderful ideas/projects – the gift bag with stenciled tissue paper was awesome! I love Lawn Fawn!

  46. Such great inspiration! I’d like to see a popcorn set, more Halloween/Day of the Dead/Dia de los Muertos, more cats domestic and wild, sugar gliders, chinchillas, and a crafting themed set.

  47. I love the summer releases, their lush jungle scenery makes me long to see jaguars, toucans, and lizards up close. And combining them with previous sets really fill the scenes in my heart and dreams. They’re just the tonic I needed! Thanks’

  48. I would love to see a paddle board/surfer/kayak and a really cozy cover your bum branded sweatshirt💚💚💚

  49. I would love to see more masculine sets and the words great, aunt(ie), uncle, grandpa and grandma in a medium font like the “Happy Birthday or Thank You” ones you can color on the inside. I LOVE all things Lawn Fawn and look forward to the next release. I have to say Kara’s bag is AWESOME, I love to make bags and boxes for the people I work with and think that a dog add-on for Tiny Gift Box would just be the best idea ever. Maybe it could be two different ear styles and noses, etc… Thank you Lawn Fawn for all the wonderful products you put out and to the Design Team for all their wonderful inspiration all the time. You ROCK!!!

  50. I am a fan of all critters, especially when I can easily create designs for the men in my life! Such great inspiration this whole week!

  51. These summer cards are so inspiring! I was just thinking the other day that I would like to see some
    Critters playing sports (especially soccer and baseball) and also flying in airplanes (something like the car critters for critters and tiny friends) Maybe a passenger plane with windows for more characters. Love the suggestions for bigger versions of tiny people, furniture, and masculine sets.

  52. What a fun week of inspiration.

    I definitely want to see more full sized people sets- a lot of the recent tiny sets are really cute, but I just don’t use them, as I want bigger versions- fairy tale would be so perfect as a full sized set, would also love more occupation people and accessories, as well as some sporty sets.

  53. What a fun week that was with wonderful samples from the designers! I would love to see more room elements – chairs, couches, plants. wallhangings, etc. Just things that would enable us to make little inside scenes. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  54. I’d like to see more cats! Also, some options for cards for guys would be nice, its hard to make manly birthday cards.

  55. That bag and the tissue paper are AMAZING! Love Yainea’s card, too! I love all the suggestions people have been posting–Chinese New Year, Japanese garden, fitness and running (critters or people); masculine items, Dia de los muertos, maybe a dock and lake images? Thank you for a great week and amazing projects from the DT!

  56. I would love to see a new get well/thinking of you set, and more of the add-on sets to go with the sets we already have, especially the Woodland Critters Hugger set.

  57. An add on die set for the large birthday greetings set. A slightly larger oval plain and a slightly larger than that one scalloped. For layering options for that set. More word sets like that for other occasions.

  58. I would like to see larger dies of critters to use for gift bags or as tags. Thanks for all the awesome examples!

  59. Loved this summer release. For the future, keep going as you are, but maybe a lemonade stand for the animals to poke their heads through, and sports / leisure items for the Little Friends to carry – e.g. tennis racket, football, purse, bag, stroller, etc. Those things might work with the Little Village sets too.

  60. I do find that I pull out my sentiment stamps more than any other stamps – birthdays and thanks, especially, but I love different fonts and sizes for cardmaking.
    Honestly, your team thinks of things I would never think of, and I love it!
    Thanks for all the continued inspiration.

  61. I would love more people in different poses, and more bears (like Den Sweet Den) in different poses would be awesome!

  62. So many gorgeous summer designs shared during this week, I’d love to see more adult and child characters and scene building elements.

  63. LF always comes up with things i couldn’t even imagine and i love it!! i’d like accessories for scenes, reptiles, little drink set, more nature critters, tiny critters

  64. I love the papers Lawn Fawn produces, so probably more of that. I also love the huge sentiments you have been coming out with!

  65. Stitched pond 👉stackable! I would like to make a geode card with a sentiment like: you are a treasure, I treasure you!, shine like a diamond, you are a gem!

  66. Love the inspirations! Would love to see a water sport or “city” stamp set or a critter take on famous history or movie scenes… perhaps more A7 frame/stackable dies (not a full set – reasonably priced “essentials” to build a collection over time). Also love more add-ons that can act as standalones also.

  67. I would like to see more household items for the critters and or the people. Further I would like to see more wild life for example, a family of giraffes.

  68. I would love to see Christmas theme Twas the night before Christmas with a mouse,
    Nutcracker, Christmas toys for under the tree I would love to see the retired stamp
    set returned or a updated version! Summer/beach theme bathing suits, surf boards,
    floaties etc. Thanks for another great release & a chance to win!

  69. Your design team is awesome. I would love to see more furniture (stool, end table, sofa, chair, tv) to complete scenes. I would also enjoy a theme set or add on for volleyball, swimming, motorcycle riding, soccer. A set of birds that has cardinal, blue jay, black-capped chickadd, finch, etc…

  70. sports please! football, soccer, basketball, baseball. also maybe some accessories for the tiny people: backpack, purse, glasses, hat, etc. simple sayings in spanish. maybe a travel stamp set? passport, globe, suitcase, etc. would be great to combine with the previous stamp sets. actually it would be great if you had some add-ons to old sets so that they could be revisited.

  71. Would love to see some snack and puppies! And anything that can be used in the magic picture changer. Love your interactive dies. I’m using the pivot pop up now and just think it’s my favorite. So versatile!!

  72. I would love to see some background stamps and accessories that could be used with critters or people from other sets.

  73. I’m still hoping to see a couch for the little video players, a farmer and his wife to go with the farm animals. Baby animals in a cabbage patch? Fun-shaped beach floaties for your beach critters?

  74. Great week with all the tropical goodness. Such creativity. I think maybe something more masculine, maybe sports related. Also maybe circus theme? That might be cute.

  75. I would love a Halloween/fall themed set with those sweet little mice- I want to use them all for every season lol. (Also those flamingos from Myras card today are absolutely amazing!!!!)

  76. I’d like to see more stand alone dies. maybe a merry Christmas similar to the new happy birthday to you Thanks for all the fun ideas!!!!

  77. I would love to see more anniversary/special occasion sentiments. Sadly, I have also had need for more sympathy/condolences sentiments in the past year and I struggle to think of how to make an appropriate card.

  78. Honestly I love everything that Lawn Fawn brings out so it really doesn’t matter what you bring out in future releases – I’ll buy it 100%
    Hugs from Canada!

  79. I’d love to see a western set…cowboy, cowgirl, buffalo, horse, armadillo, boots, hat, etc….or a state set Lawn Fawn style…starting with Texas! 😉

  80. These sets are all so adorable 😍 I would love to see a set with all these different birthday critters!

  81. I know I am too late for the drawing, but I’d love to get on the record with one request. I’d love to see standingpeople the size of the people in “screen time” or “bicycle for two.” I love all of the variety with tiny friends, and I’d love a few more options with bigger people for scene building! Thanks!

  82. I would like to see some theme sets for different countries like Italy, France, Japan, England, Spain, Germany, etc. That could be fun.
    Or a large flip flop die. Something that is about the size of the new er Happy Birthday Big A2 dies. Or maybe an A2 mermaid! Think of the classes Jenn S could teach!
    Enjoyed all the summer fun with this fun week. Such great gift bag ideas!

  83. Amazing cards and gift bag/tissue! All so beautiful! I’d like to see a set to builld a scene at a swimming pool, with diving boards, lifesaver station, swimming aids etc.

  84. Thanks for all the inspiration this week. I would like a stamp that says “Thanks for coming”. A set that you can use to thank your guests for a baby or wedding shower, anniversary or birthday parties.

  85. I would love to see a construction or car set- lots of little boys in my life and those would be perfect for birthday cards!

  86. I love EVERYTHIBG I see from Lawn Fawn. I can’t even think about what’s missing. But I would love some limited releases of older sets that have since retired.

  87. Really beautiful projects!
    I love the commenter who mentioned limited releases of older sets that have been retired … or even those SSS Stamptember sets that I might have missed out on!!!
    Oh and also maybe more koalas to hug!

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