Lawn Fawn Intro: Giant Holiday Messages

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s October 2021 Inspiration Week! All of our new Fall & Winter 2021 products are available at your favorite store and!

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Today is our showcase of Giant Holiday Messages and its coordinating die set! This fun stamp set is perfect for creating quick cards. All you need is a little color to fill in the words (or not!) Add more details with the included snowflakes and pinecone stamps. The pretty scalloped oval die has a delicate dot detail.

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using this new set! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Yainea’s Giant Holiday Messages card is so bright and cheerful! She white embossed the sentiment on Rainforest cardstock before filling in the design with color!

Tammy‘s tall slimline design has the chalkboard look that is so fun! She stacked up a couple Outside In Stitched Mugs and a cute Gingerbread Friend to complete her delightful card!

Latisha‘s Christmas card is so elegant! She stamped the sentiment on Blue Jay cardstock in clear embossing ink before adding Rose Gold embossing powder and heat setting. A few pretty snowflakes were stamped and embossed also and then she added a little white gel pen detail to the sentiment!

The cheerful Giant Holiday Messages greeting is the perfect match for Elena‘s charming little scene! She combined Joy to All, Furry and Bright and Window Scene: Winter to assemble a vignette that is so adorable!

Kara used the Peppermint Stripes Backdrop and a bright color combo to create this happy design! The coordinating stitched oval die for Giant Birthday Messages works with the new holiday set also, creating pretty layers for the sentiment!

Grace used her gorgeous pastels on another inspiring design! This time she used Forest Backdrop to create a frosty shaker card featuring Penguin Party! The giant sentiment looks so pretty white embossed on the colorful background!

Megan‘s chalkboard-style design is so beautiful! It needed just a couple extra elements, Christmas Garland and Stitched Woodgrain Backdrop to give it lovely rustic beauty!

To create her merry and bright Christmas card, Melissa inked up the coordinating scalloped oval! Then she used Peppermint Stripes Backdrop in matching colors to layer behind her Giant Holiday Sentiment!

Lynnette‘s card is so adorable! She arranged the cute Say What? Christmas Critters on a snow bank and added the festive holiday message above! She also added some pretty snow effects with Snowy Sky Stencil and white Stencil Paste. It looks so pretty on the kraft card base!

I love how Elise layered the glittery red cardstock behind the Peppermint Stripes Backdrop! It adds so much festive sparkle to her gorgeous card!

Audrey‘s amazing card features the Peppermint Stripes Backdrop layered, crisscrossed to create a lattice look! The black and kraft color combination is so gorgeous!

This frosty Penguin Party design features stenciled snowflakes in the background!

With a silver embossed sentiment and a Stitched Snowflake Backdrop, this card is so ready to warm someone’s heart!

And now I have a video to introduce Giant Holiday Messages and to share some beautiful and inspiring ways to use this new sentiment stamp set! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thanks so much for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Giant Holiday Messages! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us if you make multiples of one holiday design or if you create one-of-a-kind cards to send by October 13th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Wednesday, October 13th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week, we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


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220 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Giant Holiday Messages

  1. I always make different card design. This way I can use all the Christmas (and not so Christmas) products past & present.

  2. I make different card designs. To save time I will color and cut out, ink or die cut (or whatever technique) multiples at a time, then make 2-3 cards that share common elements but are otherwise unique.

  3. I don’t like mass production, it takes all the fun out of cardmaking for me. Since I make a lot of cards just for the fun of making, I always have quite a few to pick from when it comes to mailing them out and everyone gets a uniquely designed card. Only the gift tags I make are the same but with a different design for each family member. I like to make them pretty personal so often I don’t write names on them and let everyone guess which tag design is made for whom.

  4. I actually do both. For close friends and family, I try to do one of a kind, or personalized cards (thank goodness I don’t have a big family!). Then I mass produced some for neighbours, other friends, teachers etc.

  5. I make several cards of each different design and mail them out. This is another one of my favorites from the release. Enjoyed all the different cards today so many great ones

    1. I usually have several cards I make and I make several of each of them. Sometimes I might make one of a kind ones, depends who they are for.

  6. Last year, I mass produced a family Christmas card design to send to friends and family. Birthday and Thank you cards, I almost always custom tailor to the recipient.

  7. It really depends on how many cards I am sending out and how much time I have left on whether I remake the same design. As it gets nearer to Christmas and I get more desperate, I will duplicate my designs.

  8. I do some of both. I will often make 2 or 3 of one design, but I like to try lots of designs, so I don’t mass produce them.

  9. Normally I do one-of-a-kind cards specific for my recipient but all these awesome sentiments would make it so easy to make several at once!

  10. I make multiples of Christmas cards since I already have everything ready to go. And that helps to get my stock pile of cards going. Lol.

  11. Sweet designs shared, Grace’s pastel card with the igloo blew me away, thank you for all the inspiration. I enjoy making one-of-a-kind cards.

  12. I usually make multiples of a few card designs it’s so fun having everything ready to go and working in steps, I usually start out with one sample card and then do the rest assembly style. Love the giant messages definitely a must have!

  13. I have done it both ways. It’s hard to commit to one design! This year I’m going with 2 different designs and making multiples.

  14. At Christmas time, I usually do both. I make four or more of one design to create the volume of cards I need. I also make special individual cards.

  15. I like to play around with different designs to personalize cards, though this year I’m so in love with the cheery deer that I’m going to try to make a lot with it!

  16. I usually have several cards I make and I make several of each of them. Sometimes I might make one of a kind ones, depends who they are for.

  17. For Christmas cards in general, I usually make 4-6 of each kind. For the special people in my life, I usually make one-of-a-kind cards. These giant messages are great for making lots in a short time!

  18. I do both. We have about 45 family members that we send to – I mass produce those. Others – I will make a one of a kind card for them. I love the giant messages. As usual – all of the cards today are beautiful! I especially love that chalkboard look.

  19. Both, depending on the time it takes to make the card(s); how many I need; and how much I really like the finished product.

  20. I make multiples of several different cards for family and some friends as we send out so many. Other special people get an more individualized card.

  21. I usually make 4-6 each of several designs now thst I have so many sets to choose from. I used to make one when I only had one or two holiday sets. Grace, that penguin card is so fantastic!

  22. I use to only do one of a kind cards, but now I do both since I make more then 60 Christmas cards. For family and close friends I personalize. Since I have so many cute stamps for scenes, so many choices, I make a few different sets that are similar because I want to use them all.

  23. For my Christmas cards I mass produce one design, but for other occasions throughout the year my cards are personalized for the recipient.

  24. I make different cards using different stamp sets. The designs may be similar but I don’t mass create the same design. Lawn Fawn stamps are too cute and inspire me so much to make a bunch of cards with the same design.

  25. These stamps are so cool! Seeing them in action they are lovely. Christmas cards are usually unique, Christmas thank you’s are mass produced.

  26. I make multiples of some simple designs and make only one of cards that are more involved or take longer to make.

  27. I usually make 4 to 6 cards of each design for friends!
    I also make individual cards for family! 😊

  28. I tend to do both- for my fellow crafters and close family/friends I’ll make one of a kind designs, but I generally will make a stack of 20-50 that are all the same design.

  29. I make one of a kind since I get bored easily! But I often use a similar design just with different images so I don’t have to think to much!

  30. I usually make one of a kind cards. Even if I start thinking I am going to make multiples, I end up changing it in some way.

  31. I usealy make 3-4 of a kind, I find that’s a good number to do in one go and I don’t get bord before finishing all of them.
    I did make 10 build a house Halloween cards a week ago, and it worked out better than expected even though it took a few evenings.

  32. I do a bit of both. I mostly mass color multiples and then make cards with all my images. If I am pinched for time, I hear emboss a large image on a large speech bubble, add an image from my stash, and call it good. I can whip up several very quickly this way.

  33. when i make a card i like, i make it over and over again, adding new details each time and it gets better in the end

  34. I make several if the same card. But this year I will be maki f several different cards thanks to all of the wonderful, clever new stamps and dies I have!

  35. I make individual Christmas cards. But sometimes I like a design so much that I make 2 or 3 of that design. I use both old and new designs in my Christmas card making.

  36. I make multiples of the same card but I usually do a couple of designs for people on my card list, But I make special individual cards for the people who are closest to me (grandkids, daughters, son-in-law and sisters)

  37. I mostly make one of a kind cards, but also do two or three of one design sometimes, just to make Christmas card making easier.

  38. I usually make a bunch of one card. Sometimes I will make a special card for a special person. I am enjoying all the samples of cards. Lawn Fawn always makes me smile:)

  39. I make my cards in batches. Especially Holiday cards. That way I know I’m not using the same stamp set two years in a row for the same person.

  40. I need 75-100 cards each year. I make them all year round and sometimes I will make a batch of similar ones as I need lots of mailable cards. I used to make the same card for everyone each year but now I love trying to make unique cards for each and everyone💚💚💚

  41. I used to send out 150-200 cards, so I mass produced one design. Now that I’ve scaled back a bunch (kids! job! life!) I make 4-5 designs and make a couple copies of each. I love this stamp and this blog post as now I have loads of quick card ideas!

  42. I do all the same card, but for my family, I make each a special card that centers around their Christmas likes, ex: baking, tree decorating, reading by fireplace etc.

  43. When I sent out cards, it was a production line of the same thing. Since I haven’t done that in years, and if I chose to give cards at Christmas, I’d probably make individual cards. Naturally, not making or sending cards doesn’t stop me from purchasing Christmas stamps, because I tell myself, “this year.”

  44. I prefer to make lots of different designs but sometimes I will make multiples of a single simple design if I get into a time crunch.

  45. I rarely make more than one design for my holiday cards. I have so many to send out, and if I have multiple designs then I have to worry about who gets which card, and that’s just more complicated LOL! Love Grace’s igloo shaker card!

  46. I wish I had a lot of cards to send out….I would love to mass produce and special cards for family…but no….no family to send to…and Christmas cards not popular here..

  47. Love this pretty sentiment set! Beautiful samples!
    I usually make my Christmas cards in sets of either 4 or 6 of a kind! That way I don’t get tired of making them all the same!

  48. I do both! For the special people in my life, I make a special one-of-a-kind card. For acquaintances and distant relatives, I mass produce cards.

  49. I always make one-of-a-kind cards. For me designing and creating the cards is the fun part. I love making Christmas cards!!

  50. In order to get any cards sent, I have to make multiples of the same design! Otherwise I’d only get one or two cards sent!

  51. Amazing card’s, I make both kinds of card’s it just depends on how much time I have or who I’m making the card for

  52. I kind of do both types of cards. Depends on who I’m making them for, and if I have extra time to spend on making special cards for people who are closer to me. It’s definitely easier to make multiples of the same one though! lol

  53. I haven’t done handmade holiday cards yet but if I do send a handmade one, it’s to someone who would appreciate it hahaha! But my daughter did create a set of holiday cards as a gift last year and that was definitely multiples!

  54. Great card samples from the DT today! I often do both when I make holiday cards. A lot depends upon how soon I get started and how complicated the design is! The holiday cards that I donate are mostly the same design but with different patterned papers and images/embellishments.

  55. I love these giant Christmas stamps! I mostly do one-of- a kind cards. I would like to do more multiples of one design!

  56. Both – bulk for the card I make for my mum and my daughter to give away, but one by one for the ones I’m giving…

  57. I typically mass-produce the same design for my cards but with so many wonderful ideas with these new sets, I might have to change and make unique one-of-a-kind cards for each recipient!

  58. I’ll make both ! I sell cards at the Christmas market of my school (I’m a teacher) so I mass produce a few design ; and I create differents design for my family.

  59. I like to make one of a kind card for each person. I try to incorporate their favorite animals or something they love into the design.

  60. I like making one of a kind cards for each person I send to, so I can customize it to the family member getting it!

  61. I tend to make one of a kind cards- but that’s mainly because I have a very bad habit of being overwhelmed with ideas and leaving it too late to make more than just a couple of cards 🙈 I’m trying to be better with Christmas creations this year!

    I love Grace’s card again today, the mix of pastels and some holographic cuts go so well!

  62. The giant messages-stamps are always so joyous ☺️
    I haven’t even had time to make all the Christmas cards I send the last few years, but I make unique ones for the closest family and friends. 🙂

  63. I always make one of a kind cards individualized for each recipient or family! That’s why I love Lawn Fawn’s many stamps and dies that can be used in many different ways.

  64. I I usually make one of each design, because otherwise I get bored. I also like to use different stamps and dies to justify the purchases 🙂

  65. I love these large sentiments. I mass produce one design for my cards to send to friends. Most of my friends save my cards from year to year to decorate, so they have a nice diverse display. But for my family I make unique cards each year.

  66. I make one-of-a-kind cards. I like having so many different types, and individualizing them to the people I send them to!

  67. I know I ‘should’ do multiples, but I almost never do. There always seem to be more things I want to use or try etc (new stamp set, die, or technique) than I have people to give cards to. I also usually run out of time by the time I finish the cards I need, so I don’t usually have time to make multiples for ‘spares’ – but I am hoping to do more multiples and spares this year! We just have to see how things go.

  68. I am making multiples as I am getting a late start on my Christmas cards. I love these large greetings. I may be shopping soon.

  69. I have done both. This year my cards are all different. But next year I think they will all be the same. I might change my mind though! You never know! That the fun of making your own cards you can change your mind 😉

  70. I make the same cards for everyone, however I change things up a little on each one with colors etc.
    My immediate Family will probably get special cards custom made to things I know they enjoy. =)

  71. I do both but my multiples never look the same. Love the big holiday wishes. They are going to speed up the whole process.

  72. These sets are perfect for the holiday! 😍 I usually do different designs for cards, just to experiment and play with different colors and stamp sets 😁

  73. I do a mixed approach for Christmas cards. I’ll make 10 or so unique designs and then make a couple of each design until I have enough. This makes it easy without getting too repetitive for me.

  74. I hate assembly-line production when I craft, so I make ine-of-a-kind holiday cards. Makes the process more enjoyable for me personally.

  75. For Christmas cards I make small batches of multiple designs (5-10 cards of each design). It’s more fun for me and I can never decide on just one design!

  76. When I get around to it I generally make multiples of each card design. I might make 5 different designs, but maybe 15 of each to hand out and gift.

  77. Today’s cards are all so wonderful. I really like the big stamped sentiments.
    I tend to mostly make one-of-a-kind, but do occasionally make 4-5 of a card IF I especially like the way it turns out.

  78. I usually mass produce a single design each year, but as my stamp collection grows I’m making more and more designs so I may do a combination this year.

  79. I aspire to make multiples but have trouble finding time around the holidays to make any cards. Hoping to change that this year.

  80. I try to make 4 or 5 designs for all other holiday cards, but for Christmas I usually just mass produce 1 design since I’m usually in a time crunch!

  81. I stamp, color, and die cut 16 at a time then put them together with variations mixing many different stamps. I love coming up with different ways to tweak each card.

  82. I make multiples of the same holiday design but a card or two might have an extra stamped and colored image. It depends on who I am giving that card to.

  83. Wow what beautiful cards!! I like making one of a kind and using my stash with what I have. It makes me
    feel like I’m getting my money worth on using old and new sets!

  84. I don’t have to make that many cards so I like to make them all unique. I also pay attention to which card is going to whom, so I can fit the sentiment to the recipient.

  85. I do both one of a kind and sets, I usually give my Daughters teachers a set of cards or tags and I give one of a kind usually for my cards I hand out. 🙂 LOL Usually on Christmas day.
    I LOVE the Giant Holiday Messages!! it’s just the perfect card front! Looks fancy, easy to do BIG impact!! Love it! TFS

  86. I do both multiples and one of a kind!
    Love these stamps … these along with the birthday ones are such a great addition to your range

  87. I make one of a kind cards. I know multiples would be much faster, but making cards in an assembly line style doesn’t bring me any joy.

  88. My cards are usualy one of a kind. However, I have made multiples for some dear friends to send out!! It made their life easier as they are no longer able to make their own cards and was fun for me!!

  89. I like to make one-of-a-kind christmas cards but sometimes I like a design so I recreate it a few times with different stamped images or different paper.

  90. For my kids and my husband I make one of a kind cards, but for my extended family and friends I make duplicates of one design. Unless it is their birthday then I make one of a kind cards.

  91. I don’t usually do more than 3 or 4 of the same design as I get bored abs start thinking of other things to do. These giant messages would make it fun and easy to use a similar platform but mix it up enough to keep it interesting! Love these and the dies. Thanks for the DT inspiration

  92. Last year I made a bunch of the same card. It was very detailed and so cute! I’m switching it up this year though and I’m going to make unique cards so I can enjoy more of my stamp sets!

  93. Multiples for sure but I do try to make variations of designs and have multiple designs so I can switch it up so no family member will get the same card.

  94. I always love the idea of the elaborate one of a kid cards but run out of time and do batches of the same card for everyone.

  95. If I make cards, I will do both! Sometimes they’re individual but some I’ll do the same design but change it up with different colors or papers but leaving the design essentially unchanged. I usually don’t have enough stuff to make more than 2 or 3 of the exact same design.

  96. These are so convenient. I prefer to make individual cards — but time has been an issue the past couple of years. This year I came up with one design using different images (hello Winter Skies) that I’ve been working on in sections throughout the year when that rare pocket of time pops up.

  97. I Create a Combination of both Mass Produced and One-of-a-Kind Cards for the Holidays!! I have a Hard time creating ALL of the Same Cards, so I LOVE being able to Mix it up!! THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS Week!!

  98. Love love love today’s inspiration! I never repeat my designs, so all of my cards, even the holiday ones, are one-of-a-kind. They might share a colour theme, layout idea, etc, but they are never exactly the same, I just can’t have that in my crafty corner, LOL!

  99. I try to make a creative card for each person I make cards for during the holidays so that everyone gets something unique and special.

  100. My wife makes the cards and would love to surprise her with a win. But she makes all unique cards and I am always amazed at what she comes up with.

  101. I make 2 sets of multiples as one of my designs usually takes so much time to make that only the very special people get one then I make a simpler card so I have time to send more.

  102. I do both. One of a kind for those special someone’s I want to send something a little more personal. Mass-produced for acquaintances and neighbors.

  103. For the winter holidays I usually do 2 or 3 designs and make multiples of each. I always try to do at least one design that is not specific to Christmas, but more of a winter theme for those dear friends who do not celebrate Christmas. The “warm winter wishes” would definitely do the trick!

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