Lawn Fawn Intro: Magic Iris Snowflake Add-On, Magic Holiday Messages

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Today is our showcase of Magic Iris Snowflake Add-On and Magic Holiday Messages! Pair this add-on set with Magic Iris and Magic Iris Add-On to create a project that features a snowflake frame that opens to reveal a surprise! This Lawn Cuts can also be used on its own to create a pretty frame.

This collection of sentiments is perfect for your holiday projects. Designed to fit perfectly inside the Magic Iris, these sentiments also coordinate with the Magic Picture Changer and Flippin’ Awesome. They also work great on their own!

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using these new sets! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Megan‘s card is so beautiful and shows how you can use the Magic Iris Snowflake Add-On on a non-interactive design! She filled the center of the snowflake with a Magic Holiday Message and then she added the sweet Frosty Fairy Friends!

Mindy‘s clever Magic Iris Snowflake Add-On design opens to reveal a cute penguin from the new set, Penguin Party! He has a cute friendship message to share! I love that she stamped “free hugs” on the sign, it’s so adorable!

Tammy created a festive trio of holiday cards that feature Magic Iris Snowflake Add-On and Magic Holiday Messages! I love how she white-embossed the sentiments on Black Licorice cardstock, it’s so bold and pretty! She started each card with a panel of Let it Shine Snowflake silver-foiled paper and then she finished with a cute critter or snowman!

Grace added a full-card shaker element to her colorful design! I love the trimmed snowflakes in each corner, and the Magic Holiday Message white-embossed on vellum! It adds wonderful detail that is so pretty!

Elise repeated “let it snow” from Magic Holiday Messages on this lovely mini-slimline design! The colors give an ombré look and all the added snowflakes look so frosty and fun! The pretty Let it Shine Snowflakes paper in the background adds a subtle snowflake pattern as well!

Latisha die cut a cardstock panel using Stitched Snowflake Backdrop before adding pretty rainbow inked stripes! The Magic Iris Snowflake Add-On looks so special in Pixie Dust glitter! She colored the Magic Holiday Message in rainbow colors and then added her panel to a Let it Shine Snowflakes panel!

Melissa‘s beautiful card is so festive in traditional red and green Simple Stripes: Diagonal! She used the Stitched Snowflake Frame in glittery red to frame her Magic Holiday Messages sentiment!

Kara filled her frosty design with a flurry of snowflakes! She stenciled the Snowflake Background with Fairy Dust Stencil Paste before inking in pretty shades of blue! She inlaid the Magic Iris Snowflake Add-On into the decorated panel before finishing her design with a Merry Christmas greeting!

Grace’s Magic Iris design has so much detail and so many fun features! First, she inked up a panel of Let it Shine Snowflakes Polar paper in pretty pastels, before cutting it using the Magic Iris Add-On. And then, she triple layered the Magic Iris Snowflake Add-On with Outside In Stitched Snowflake and Stitched Snowflake Frame using Holographic cardstock! She stamped Magic Holiday Message on the closed iris in a clever twist!

When the Magic Iris is opened, it reveals one more clever detail! Grace added a shaker element inside along with a another holographic snowflake and the stitched snowflake underneath!

Audrey‘s gorgeous card is clean and simple perfection! She started with the Stitched Snowflake Backdrop, which she inked in pretty shades of teal. Then she framed the Magic Holiday Message with the Magic Iris Snowflake Add-On!

Mindy‘s shaker card is so amazing! The dark blue Stitched Snowflake Backdrop makes all the iridescent sequins and Chunky Glitter shine with a kaleidoscope of color!

Lynnette brought out the holographic cardstock for the Stitched Snowflake Frame and Let it Snow Line Border. Her silver-embossed Magic Holiday Message looks so beautiful with the Let it Shine Snowflakes Arctic paper!

Elena‘s happy winter card is so charming! I love how she used the Magic Iris Snowflake Add-On to frame the cute little Tiny Winter Friends scenes!

Here’s a sweet card that Rebecca and I made with a holographic Magic Iris Snowflake Add-On, Magic Holiday Messages, Stitched Snowflake Backdrop and the adorable Tiny Winter Friends!

And now I have a video to introduce Magic Iris Snowflake Add-On and Magic Holiday Messages! Chari and I made 5 cards to share fun and inspiring ways to use these new sets! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Magic Iris Snowflake Add-On and Magic Holiday Messages! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us if you get real snowflakes at Christmas or if you just dream of a white Christmas by October 13th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Sunday, October 10th for our next inspiration week post!

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267 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Magic Iris Snowflake Add-On, Magic Holiday Messages

  1. We don’t get a white Christmas but if we are lucky we might get snow a week before or after Christmas which is really fun. 😁

  2. No White Christmas for us in Brisbane, but then I love that we can play outdoor games and go swimming in the pool!

  3. I wish for a white christmas every year, but it only happens every few years. We usually get snow in december and january, but for some reason it most times melts away just before christmas. Well, even if I love white christmas, it’s safer for my family to travel to our home for the holidays without it. But when we get a white christmas I totally enjoy it!

  4. Yeah, we definitely get a snowy Christmas up here in Quebec, Canada. One year about five years, there was not a spot of snow on the lawns on Christmas eve, but that was totally out of the ordinary. We got hit with a huge snowfall just two days later and everything got covered with a really thick layer of white that stayed throughout the rest of winter. It’s very hard for me to envision Christmas in a hot climate…

  5. We live in KS, so snow is a possibility at Christmas, but we don’t usually have a white Christmas. I love all the design team examples, but I think the frosty fairy card is my fave! That was one of my first LF sets.

  6. Love Elena’s card with the tiny friends inside the snowflakes! Last year we did get a white Christmas but it doesn’t happen every year

  7. Our white Christmases are hit or miss. We always have snowflakes before then, but some years they don’t stick as soon as I want them to.

  8. We get plenty snow here in Ohio but it’s anybody’s guess whether or not we’ll have a white Christmas!

  9. No snow for most Christmas seasons Occasionally we might get a dusting. But for the most part snow waits until January or February.

  10. Not every year but we usually have a white Christmas here in Idaho. The mountains are getting snow today! These cards are sweet. I like the snowflakes and round sentiments!

  11. I live in Iowa now and have always lived in the Midwest so we almost always have snow for Christmas. A Christmas without snow is unusual for me.

  12. Living in Sweden we sometimes do, and sometimes don’t get any snow on Christmas, but if not then at least we get some during the winter ☃

    1. We have a white Christmas every year! It is so beautiful, but cold! It’s the best time to stay inside and stamp!😀

  13. Where I am in Canada, we rarely get snow on Christmas. We do, however, do usually get a couple of snow events that usually happen between December and February. We love the snow, especially the dogs!

  14. We used to have a white Christmas, haven’t had in in several years. I love the way the Christmas lights reflect from the snow. Now I just dream of one. Can’t wait to start to decorate my home for Christmas. Autumn, Fall and Christmas are my favorite holiday seasons.

  15. No white Christmas here, except one year we got 14 inches of snow over Christmas and were stranded at home for over a week! Would love more white Christmases!

  16. We always have lots of snowflakes for Christmas here in Manitoba! It wouldn’t feel like Christmas without it! ❄️❄️❄️

  17. Every once in a while we get snow at Christmas, but the last few years it has been warm enough for the kids to play outside…in shorts. We do like to say in Kentucky, If you don’t like the weather, just wait 15 minutes 🙂

  18. Always dreaming of a white Christmas. It’s happened maybe twice that I remember but it’s never likely.

  19. I have been eyeing the magic iris since it’s debut, but with this add-on, I might have to break down and get it! We have mostly white Christmases in New England, but not always. I love it when it snows–so peaceful and pretty.

  20. We definitely get snow here in PA! Not usually for Christmas though. I definitely do dream of a white Christmas–but want it to go away just as fast!

  21. Sometimes we get snow on Christmas and sometimes we don’t. Love the magic iris snowflake add on. I bought it last month. Your DT knocked it out of the park with all of their cards! I loved the video!

  22. No white Christmas in Las Vegas. We sometimes get snow on Christmas when I visit my parents in Southern Arizona.

  23. I’m in love. That snowflake is a MUST!!
    If we’re lucky we at least get some frost outside for Christmas, but winter-cold Christmases with lots of snow… that is many years ago unfortunately. I love snow and cold weather, that special sound when ones walks on snow at a certain temperature outside…- but I hate when it gets slushy and then gets colder again – so easy to fall… it’s like being Bambi!

  24. In Southern California we are likely to have a warm and sunny Christmas. At school we make snowflakes and I was amazed one winter in Chicago to see that the snowflakes actually looked like that.

  25. If we’re lucky we get a white Christmas, and it’s not the same if we don’t at least have snow on the ground! I think that’s why I love this snowflake die so much.

  26. No real snowflakes–I live in Orange County,CA. The little fairies are soooo cute. I love all of the critters, too.

  27. I live where we get snow, though more and more often we have a white Easter and not a white Christmas…😝

  28. Gorgeous samples!
    I don’t get snow very often where I live, so mostly I just dream of a white Christmas!

  29. Sometimes we have a little snow at Christmas, but it seems like most years we don’t really get serious snow until January. I’d like white Christmases but it is nice when the kids can go outside to play, especially if they get outdoor toys for gifts.

  30. We usually get snowflakes for Christmas up here in Michigan! As long as it’s only a little dusting so Santa can land safely, I’m okay with it!

  31. Definitely no snowflakes here. Funny enough, I think snow is beautiful but I do not dream of white Christmases either. I hate to be cold!

  32. Well, some years we have a white Christmas and some years we don’t. Ontario Canada can be weird like that, but I vastly prefer a white Christmas!

  33. These are really pretty! It’s 50/50 where we live on having snowflakes or not. But it’s looking pretty good for this year! Fingers crossed!

  34. Super cute card’s, very rarely I get real snowflakes at Christmas so sometimes I do have to dream of a white Christmas

  35. Here in ARIZONA we get over 100 inches of snow in Flagstaff each year, but in the Phoenix area it is an extremely (but not unheard of) event to get even a snowflake or two! We lived in Flagstaff for 25 years and while we don’t miss the shoveling part, we do miss the beautiful falling snowflakes. . . So I always try to include snowflakes as a theme for my Christmas cards.

  36. We usually have flurries before Christmas, but no real snow until January or February. Those holographic snowflakes are sending me straight to my wish list. 😍

  37. Gorgeous inspiration! Where I am now, it’s mostly just dreaming about white Christmas, although there is always a small chance for one. Where I was born, it’s white Christmas all the way! 🙂

  38. I live in the mountains, so more often then not we have a a white Christmas. Whether it’s actually snowing, or just snow on the ground depends on the weather, though!

  39. We can definitely have white christmases here but that’s entirely dependent on the weather. 😂 More often than not we do have at least some snow on or before Christmas. 😊

  40. Wonderful inspiration! We get lots of real snowflakes here in Montreal, Canada! I love watching the snow fall on a winter day!

  41. I live just outside of Nashville, so we get some flakes during winter, but rarely do we have a white Christmas.

  42. Oregon! We get real snowflakes! Nothing better than my fireplace and watching the snow fall on a winter day!

  43. We get a light dusting of snowflakes – doesn’t last long but it is enough to enjoy. Great card inspiration.

  44. We definitely don’t get snowflakes where I live so I just add them to any holiday card I make! Such cute cards!

  45. We tend to get more rain than snow at Christmas sadly. Although that does leave less of a risk of me sliding on ice as that always happens lol!
    Theres so many nice designs but I especially love Grace’s shaker card, the colours are so pretty.

  46. I remember having a few white Christmases when I was little, but unfortunately that hasn’t happened in a very long time. But that doesn’t stop me from wishing for a white Christmas each year!

  47. Um, neither? Lol, we don’t get real snowflakes, but considering how much I hate the cold, I’m more than ok with not having a white christmas.Such pretty cards though! Paper snowflakes are more than ok in my book!

  48. The magic iris add-ons are so lovely with or without the magic iris mechanic!
    We’ll hopefully celebrate with my family in Stockholm, Sweden this year but with global warming you never know if it’ll be a white Christmas anymore.

  49. Gorgeous cards, love the snowflakes in holographic! I’ll be dreaming of a snowy holiday where I am at the moment.

  50. I live in WA State so most years we get to see real flakes but depending on the year. It is beautiful when it snows but I don’t like driving in it if I don’t have to.

  51. We usually get LOTS of snow in SE Minnesota but this has been a really strange year. My lilacs are blooming for the second time and hardly any color in the trees yet on October 9! Maybe that means we won;t have 6 months of snow 🙂

  52. Sometimes… I live in the Pacific Northwest so depending on the year we may get snow but I usually feel like snow is more around Valentine’s Day

  53. We get a real white Christmas most years. There has been afew times without snow but not many. really liking the snowflake stuff

  54. We rarely ever get to see snow, but I love it so when we do!
    I can’t wait till everybody gets this die back in stock I waited too long to place my order & it was sold out

  55. I live in Saskatoon, Canada and we get so much snow here. One time I had to be picked up by the fire department to be brought to work (I’m a nurse)! I love snow. & especially fresh snow! It is so gorgeous.

  56. I love all these cards! I especially like the use of the holographic paper for the snowflake. Yes we do get some snow here in Delaware. Not as much as when we lived in western PA but enough for us retired people.

  57. Growing up in Canada we always had snow but now on the East Coast its hit or miss. Beautiful projects today.

  58. White Christmases are the best! I got to experience one just one time when I was little! Since then, I always dream of a white Christmas!

  59. I love snowflake themed cards, so it was a lot of fun to see these samples. We get snow where I live so we will hopefully have a white Christmas this year 🙂

  60. No white Christmas here in SoCal, but a Montana winter is beautiful! Experienced it quite a few times while my daughter was at MSU – go Cats!

    1. If we’re lucky we get a White Christmas, and we’ve had a couple. Mostly it’s just cold and brown. Snow doesn’t really start falling here along the Frint Range, in Colorado, until January.

  61. If we’re lucky we get a White Christmas, and we’ve had a couple. Mostly it’s just cold and brown. Snow doesn’t really start falling here along the Frint Range, in Colorado, until January.

  62. Growing up here in New Jersey I have wakened up to a beautiful white Christmas! ❄❄❄❄❄
    Here’s to wishing for another white Christmas! ❄❄❄❄❄

  63. Yes we usually get real snowflakes for Christmas here in the Rockies! It might snow lightly or it might snow a lot at Christmas but we can usually count on a very beautiful, snowy winter!

  64. I can only wish for snow. Our Christmas is usually very hot and flavoured with bushfire smoke. We love it because we can have a cold Christmas meal outside, go for a swim and relax in the garden.

  65. When I was a kid, we’d always get snow most of the time at Christmas. Now, we never do. We’re in New Jersey and I guess that’s climate change.

  66. We just dream of a White Christmas here in Alabama, except 1 year we did get real snow on Christmas Eve and it was gorgeous!! Loved the cards today

  67. I’ve lived in the places I could get snowflakes but I love living on tropical islands, summer all year long! And now I live on the 50th state, and I’m loving it! I hated to go to work in the snow but enjoyed watching snow flakes from inside of the house, sipping hot cocoa! 🙂

  68. Im in Germany and for the last years it was too warm for snow. But it could totally happen. But it’s more common in January and February.

  69. Here in Northern Colorado 50/50 chance of a white Christmas. Some years the kids might be out playing in shorts and other years bundled up in snowsuits and boots. Love all of the beautiful snowflake cards in this post.

  70. Some years we get a white Christmas, some years it starts snowing after Christmas. But I dream of a bright and sandy Christmas by the beach 😀

  71. It’s happened before but we typically get misty, gray, drippy bits (hello, from Seattle!). 😁 It’s just a short drive up to the snow though.

  72. Born and raised in Miami! The one time that it “snowed” ( a handful of snowflakes that melted before hitting the ground) I was in class and missed it!

  73. Every year I dream of a white Christmas. I would love to just stay home, put the music on, turn on the tree lights, and watch the snow come down!

  74. Living in Calgary Alberta Canada we normally would have lots of snow for Christmas. Not sure what it would be like without it

  75. Let it snow. Let it snow, Let it snow!!! Yikes it will be here before you know it!! Here in Michigan the snow is plentiful. Thinking to case that Penquin card for a friend who loves penguins!!

  76. We only get real snow if we head up to flagstaff here in Arizona! We always make sure to go up for at least a few hours though!

  77. I love all the creative ideas with the snowflake windows! Last year we had a white Christmas hopefully we have it again this year!

  78. Sometimes if we are lucky, we get snow during the Christmas holiday here in The Netherlands. But a crisp winter day with a blue sky and the faint sun shining will still be a beautiful day in my book!

  79. Theoretically, we get the real stuff in CO but sometimes it’s bright and sunny with blue skies on Christmas Day. We have a saying in Colorado, if you don’t like the weather, wait 10 minutes!!

  80. Here in the Midwest, it depends on the year. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to experience a White Christmas and other years, it’s just a dream!

  81. We don’t usually have a white Christmas where we live snow is more of a January and February thing here. But last year we were so lucky and had a super white Christmas and it was so nice since we were at home sheltered in place! My little loved playing in it! Maybe we will get lucky again this year!

    1. We live in Illinois so get to enjoy real snowflakes. We may not have a white Christmas but usually have some snow before the holidays to get us even more in the Christmas mood.

  82. I wish we got snow but in NC we rarely get any! Which makes me very sad! So I make lots of snow on all my holiday cards instead. I’m dreaming of a white Christmas!

  83. I live in PA — occasionally we have a white Christmas but it’s not a sure thing. One year when I was a jr or sr in HS, we were leaving church on Xmas Eve around 11:30 or so and it had started to snow. My luck: the only time we had a white Xmas and it turned out I had caught some sort of bug. I woke up Xmas morning and had a fever of 102 and was super sick. My favorite holiday and I was sick for it.

    Lately the pattern in PA seems to be an ice or snow storm that takes out power for a lot of people in very late Oct or early Nov and then no snow again until Jan. or maybe even Feb.
    I’d love a white Xmas.
    Am delighted to see all the great things from LF in this latest release. Y’all never disappoint (BTW my hubby is from the south, hence the “y’all”).
    Lori S in PA

  84. I can only look at snowflakes in pictures or create my own with stamps & dies. I live where it does not snow. We do occasionally get hail.

  85. I live in the Santa Cruz mountains in CA where we have redwood trees so we do not get snow. I did grow up in Minnesota so I had lots of white Christmas’

  86. Really liked the festive trio of holiday cards idea. We usually have snow for winter some winters are worst than others. Don’t mind when snow comes a few inches at a time, just don’t like it when it comes two feet at a time.

  87. I always want a white Christmas but over the past 10 years or so it’s slowly moving to January for snow. Illinois should always have a white Christmas (just my opinion lol). I love seeing the magic iris add-ons used in different ways. I don’t make a lot of moving cards so it’s great to get inspiration!

  88. I love, love, love Lawn Fawn’s interactive cards! I also have a grand-nephew who loves penguins, so I NEED to make him a magic-iris penguin card! Thanks, Lawn Fawn!

  89. YES, we’re usually BLESSED with LOTS of Snow for Christmas!! There have only been a handful of times that I can remember NO Snow on actual Christmas Day, but we usually have it leading up too or afterwards!!

  90. Love the Magic Iris Snowflake add-on and all the other new releases. Thanks so much for the video! Loving all the cards and inspiration

  91. I love how this works with and without the magic eye! So many beautiful designs here! We do get snow, but usually only about once per winter and it will last 2-3 days, shut down the whole city and then melt away.

  92. I live in Michigan in the U.P and we have snow at Christmas. Sometimes even by Thanksgiving! Can’t wait for that beautiful white stuff!!!

  93. Sometimes we get snow in the Pacific Northwest. Snow flakes on Christmas day is special. Besides, I like snowmen and snowflakes. Love the card examples.

  94. I love snow! I am so excited for Christmas this year and I feel like this add on will help everyone to know how much I want a White Christmas!

  95. Picture me singing “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow”! Your Lawn Fawn videos give me the confidence to make these special cards. You know what’s on my Xmas list!! Lawn Fawn stamps and dies. 🤣. Happy, happy!

  96. I live in Alberta Canada so we get real snowflakes. There was even a light sprinkling of snow on the ground this morning. Thank you for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

    1. Used to get loads of snow but I’m looking forward to not shoveling anymore now that i moved!
      Love this die btw & the beautiful cards!

  97. I love all of the holographic snowflakes. They’re so pretty!! We only see snow once every couple of years and I can only remember one white Christmas. I always hope for it, though.

  98. I am a Florida native, and we don’t have white Christmases, and I definitely don’t dream about a white Christmas because I do not like cold weather at all.

  99. In MI so have more of a chance to have a snow for christmas but not always! I LOVE the magic iris snowflake add on!

  100. I LOVE snowflakes!! That snowflake frame die is fabulous! Even though we live in the Northeast and SHOULD have white flakes at Christmas, we rarely do. It’s very sad. : ( Sometimes we might get a little bit earlier in December, but the last several Christmases have been much too warm.

  101. I live in Canada but in the relatively warm Vancouver so we don’t usually get snow on Christmas. We did get a big snowstorm over Christmas one year that was beautiful but meant we had to postpone our dinner since the roads weren’t safe and our transit was also down!

  102. These cards are so pretty!!! I do not dream of a white Christmas. I grew up in Alaska where we got a LOT of snow! I have had my fill of snow, and now live in a different state that gets very little snow during the winter. Yay! I prefer the sunshine!

  103. I’m in Australia, so Christmas is during summer. No snow down here, just lots of sunshine and a cool breeze if we are lucky.

  104. Living in Australia we don’t usually get any snow at Christmas. However I am in Tasmania, so we have on occasion had snow on Mount Wellington on Christmas day!Tassie can have crazy weather at times!

  105. We get snow where I am. Unfortunately usually it’s not the nice fluffy accumulating snow. My favorite place to be in the snow is Lake Tahoe.

  106. I’m dreaming of a white Christmas every year, and sometimes if I’m lucky the dream do come true.
    We usually don’t get snow before January or February, and then only for a week or so.

  107. I usually get a white Christmas, but sometimes the snow is a little late to arrive. Thanks for all the inspiration with the set, I can’t wait to create with it 🙂

  108. Love those dies!! And the sentiment stamp is so useful!
    It usually doesn’t snow so much here, but I really hope there will be real snowflakes on CHristmas!

  109. These two are PERFECT together!! Love love!
    Oh we mostly dream of a white Christmas but it happens on the odd odd occasion! 🙂

  110. No snow for me in the land down under , but I did once had a magical Christmas in New York and have been dreaming of a white Christmas since!

  111. We get lots of snowflakes at Christmas abs usually for 2 months before and after. No shortage of snow where I live lol.
    This magic iris and snowflake frame are fabulous. Really enjoyed seeing the different ways to use them.

  112. We moved from north of Boston to outside of Savannah in 2014–we still miss the snow!! Although we did have one snowfall in the south that actually let us build a snowman 🙂

  113. I grew up in an area where we had snow all winter long. School and work weren’t likely to be cancelled because it was normal for us. Where we live now, snow is hit or miss depending on the year and everything shuts down once those flurries start appearing. 😄

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