Lawn Fawn Intro: Let it Shine Snowflakes & Giant Merry Christmas

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s October 2021 Inspiration Week! All of our new Fall & Winter 2021 products are available at your favorite store and!

We already have five places you can leave comments to win:
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AND today’s post too!

Today is our showcase of Let it Shine Snowflakes paper and Giant Merry Christmas!  Let It Shine Snowflakes is a paper collection featuring beautiful falling snowflakes with silver-foil on one side for extra shine. The festive colors are great for holiday cards and crafts!

Send someone big Merry Christmas wishes, and mean it! This giant sentiment fits a standard sized card and works great with all of our Christmas sets!

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using these new sets! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Elise‘s Giant Merry Christmas is so festive and fun! She layered Metallic Gold cardstock over black to help the greeting stand out and then she added the pretty green and red Christmas Garland! I love how Elise used the subtle grey of our Brrr Let it Shine paper as a base for her special design!

Lynnette‘s beautiful design pairs Giant Merry Christmas with our Stitched Poinsettia in pretty Shimmer cardstock! The Woodgrain cardstock in the background adds a rustic, homey look that plays off the Pixie Dust Sparkle greeting so well!

Melissa incorporated Scalloped Rectangles of Let it Shine Snowflakes 6×6 paper into her lovely holiday-themed scrapbook page! She combined her photos with Joy to All images and an Oliver’s Stitched ABCs & 123s page title before she layered the panel on a Polar 12×12 sheet!

Tammy‘s ink-blended background is so gorgeous and looks even more beautiful with with stenciled snowflakes! It is the perfect backdrop for the Penguin Party critters and Giant Merry Christmas!

Elena‘s beautiful Christmas card inspired me to recreate it for the Intro Video below. She created the diagonal striped background, and then layered a vellum panel with Giant Merry Christmas and Christmas Garland on top. I love how she used the curtain rod from Window Frame as a decorative accent, that is so clever!

For her Giant Merry Christmas inspiration, Grace created a colorful slimline card! How cool are all those How You Bean? mason jars filled with colorful candy mints?

Megan‘s Christmas design is so perfectly festive! From the colorful Simple Stripes: Portrait background to the cute stamped images and Christmas Garland, this is one happy card! I love how she layered the Giant Merry Christmas, it looks so whimsical!

Audrey‘s homespun design is so adorable! She created a fun background of Gingham Backdrops and stamped snowflakes before adding the snowmen from Ready Set Snow and Giant Merry Christmas!

Kara‘s card is so clever and conveys Christmas wishes loud and clear! The combination of Chili Pepper red and bright Cilantro green cardstock is so happy and is perfect for the Peppermint Stripe Backdrop! I love how she used the string of lights from Cheery Deer for the Furry and Bright puppies to play with!

Latisha‘s adorable shaker card confirms that rainbow colors are so right for Christmas! And the unique colors she chose for the Penguin Party critters are so whimsical!

Tammy‘s lovely card set features a simply beautiful design enhanced by the silver foil sparkle of the Let it Shine Snowflakes papers!

I love how Lynnette used the Let it Shine Snowflakes papers for the Window Frame curtains! The shiny snowflakes are so perfect with the holographic tie backs!

The snowflake B side of the Shiver paper is the perfect backdrop for Audrey’s oh-so joyful scene!

The Let it Shine Snowflakes paper adds so much sparkle to Elise‘s adorable Furry and Bright design!

Here’s a quick video to introduce our shiny new paper collection, Let it Shine Snowflakes! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thanks so much for watching!

And now I have a video to introduce Giant Merry Christmas and to share some fun and inspiring ways to use this new giant greeting die! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Let it Shine Snowflakes and Giant Merry Christmas! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us what made you smile today by October 13th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this collection! (If you already own this collection and win, you can choose another paper collection!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Tuesday, October 12th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week, we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


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231 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Let it Shine Snowflakes & Giant Merry Christmas

  1. Waking up later to a day off, cuddling my cat and planning some crafts for the day has really made me smile already.
    I love Elena’s and Megan’s designs today!

  2. Today was the first time in nearly four months I was able to have dinner with my parents as we came out of lockdown. We were all so excited sharing stories and the kids showing their grandparents all the things have have done during our lockdown.

  3. I’m happy that I’ve been coloring Halloween images this morning!
    Thanks LF for offering 7 additional chances to win from the 2021
    Holiday release!🎄💖🎅🏼💚🤶🏼🤍⛄


  4. The Beautiful Fall colors are making me smile! The Let It Shine Snowflake paper is gorgeous! And the Giant Die is perfect for making quick Christmas cards. I love all of the cards and the layout today!

  5. My cat never fails to put a smile on my face! And in addition the weather is better than foreseen and the sun shines

  6. My nephew made me smile by indulging my “paparazzi” tendencies of taking photos of him on our fall walk this thanksgiving weekend. LOVE those colours.

  7. Rainy day out my window, but seeing decoration in my house put a smile on my face. I love seeing the beautiful ideas with both cards and scrapbook pages and they always make me smile.

  8. I love everyone’s projects! My dog made me smile today. She’s such a goofball when she’s trying to get you out of bed.

  9. Watching my little granddaughter in her first school assembly, pretending to chop carrots for the ‘chop, chop’ song, put huge smile on my face today ❤

  10. My kids are out of school today and my son is making some items out of paper for his Halloween costume. He is having so much fun it makes me smile.

  11. I’m not a morning person, especially when I have to get up 2 hours earlier for a work meeting (that didn’t actually need me), but I bought a fabulous pumpkin cranberry bread yesterday and having a slice of that for breakfast put a smile on my face.

  12. Such pretty pappers! Love these. I’m smiling right now because I can hear my dog snoozing in bed while I’m creeping on all the craft blogs. I love her little snore, it’s adorable.

  13. What made me smile yesterday, was I was able to use Chari’s slimline card as inspiration, and make a card for a card for a friend for Christmas. Such great ideas!

  14. Fabulous cards today! Love the beautiful papers and the big sentiment die!
    My kitty, Coco, greeting me when I got up this morning made me smile.

  15. Oh my gosh that new paper is so dreamy!!! I cant wait to get my hands on some of it!!!
    I smiled today because of my dog!! She was carrying my lunch bag and was so darn cute!!!

  16. The weather is cooling off enough to let me open up the windows this morning and let in some fresh air. That is a happy thing.

  17. Seeing the beautiful sunrise over the Columbia River! I love the new papers and the penguins make me smile 🙂

  18. Waking up and thanking God for another day. My husband had my hot tea waiting for me and my dog (who is in kidney failure) was more energetic this morning. Life is good.

  19. Talking to my best friend for a few hours! We don’t get to do that too often anymore, so it was nice! Also seeing the leaves changing colors. Fall is my favorite time of year!

  20. My youngest kiddo giving me a big hug before going to school today made me smile! My oldest kiddo tries to get into the car before I can hug her hahaha!

  21. Love seeing the cards with the dachshunds as my Lucy is a doxie. All of these cards are so stinkin cute! Thanks for keeping the creativity coming!

  22. I was running at the park this morning and I saw this adorable little red headed toddler running around! It was super cute! She had the cutest little ringlets on her head! This made me smile even though I was running which says a lot!

  23. I am newly retired and what made me smile today was accompanying my dear hubby on his morning walk at a local forest preserve! I’m loving these giant sentiments – these make me smile too.

  24. My husband sent me a message to work with a picture of a stamp order that had arrived while I was away – the fact that it had arrived but even more that my husband thought of letting me know about it because he knew I was waiting for it put a huge smile on my face.

  25. The vellum panel on top of the red and white background looks so good!
    A colleague came over to my desk (wearing a mask 🙂 ) for a nice chat instead of just sending an email – it’s the little things that make you smile in this post-pandemic world!.

  26. I am painting a wooden pumpkin with a friend in another provence this afternoon! It may not have made me smile yet but I know that it will.

  27. I already was in love with the snowflake papers and I “liked” the giant MC die until I saw all the great projects using it today. Now I’m in love with it too!

  28. It wasn’t today, but I just watched The Muppets Haunted Mansion, and just thinking about it makes me smile. ❤️

  29. Ha, I love reading how so many crafting friends have pets that bring smiles to their faces! Our two dogs do the same for me!

  30. What made me smile today was my dog trying a puppicino for the first time today. Talk about cute! Needless to say, he loved it😊

  31. my son easily sitting down first to get his flu shot today. 🙂 We have come a LONG way! LOL! i thought i was done with patterned paper but that snowflake paper pad is a must have!

  32. These are so cute today. Seeing all the beautiful fall colors on the trees in our neighborhood made me smile today!

  33. I finally got to watch Black Widow tonight. I’ve been looking forward to it for a while now. It was so good! The inspiration today is so good! What a great die for mass card making!!

  34. That giant “Merry Christmas” is fabulous!! You really don’t need to add much to make a beautiful card! Waking up this morning to have my two kitty boys sleeping on my bed made me smile. They’re brothers, they just love each other, and they were sleeping next to each other with their legs all intertwined. They’re so cute!

  35. Exquisite cards from the designers with today’s featured sets. I made several cards today and have a few in progress, fab reason to smile!

  36. After a long, lousy day at work – just had SO MUCH TO DO – I got home, watched the video about the new paper-collection and who isn’t smiling after that? The collection is out of this world-cute!

  37. My dog Olive! She always makes me smile and I gave her a new toy today so it was so adorable to see her happily running around with it squeaking it all around the house!

  38. That big bold sentiment is AMAZING! What made me smile today is giving my elderly neighbor a surprise! It is his 73rd birthday. My husband and I took our neighbor out to celebrate his birthday at a really nice dessert place in town. Our neighbor was touched by this, and loved his amazing cake dessert. Then, we gave him the card I made for his to celebrate his birthday! That is one of the amazing things about the crafting industry and papercrafting – we can make peoples day by creating a card and giving it away. It is such a simple thing, but is so important and meaningful to the receiver. Yay for us crafters and card makers!

  39. Seeing my nephew I hadn’t seen in over a week, when I’m used to seeing him almost every day, put a huge smile on my face.

  40. Looking at pictures from my moms wedding this past weekend made me smile. Shes starting over at 70 and I’m so happy for her!

  41. Had a nice Canadian Thanksgiving with my family yesterday, good company, good food, it was nice! Also was a beautiful sunny day after a 3 day stint of dreary clouds, smoke and rain, so that made me very happy!

  42. Today was canada’s thanksgiving so holiday from work!! Spent the day with my kids so there were lors of laughs and giggles. Kids say the darnest things

  43. Talking to my Mom this morning made me smile. She was thanking me again for the leftovers we left her from Canadian Thanksgiving yesterday. Thank you for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  44. That paper is gorgeous! I can’t wait to use it in my holiday projects. I smiled when I finally finished some specialty cards that I was commissioned to make for a neighbor. They turned out wonderful and I was happy.

  45. Meeting the new neighbors dog put a smile on my face.
    I lost my dog before Covid and it’s so nice to have a dog next door.

  46. The kindness and generosity of others is what made me smile today. It was nice to notice it…random people I didn’t know… made me think about looking for more of that every day.

  47. My 1 year old cat is recovering after abdominal surgery to remove a beading needle that she accidentally swallowed, and hearing her purr like crazy and finally eat a bunch of wet food made me smile and kinda cry a bit too today.

  48. Taking a new mom a basket of laundry supplies and hints with a Lawn Fawn card, “A new bundle is here … and more laundry.” It made me smile when I saw her smile!

  49. I really love those giant sentiments! I will need to do another order soon, cause I thought I wouldn’t have needed them (what a stupid girl I am LOL). Today I smiled because I had to pack my things for a move and I came across to all my beautiful stamps!! New home, I’ll arrive!!

  50. What made me smile today is finishing two cards I’m very proud of, and figuring stuff out for starting my own company!

  51. Can I just say …the Let it Snow papers are SOOOooooo pretty! What made me smile on this day was getting a parcel in the Post! isn’t it the best?!

  52. I smiled today as I watched my dear 100 year old friend look at photos sent to me by a friend from her family farm. It brought back memories for her of growing up on a cane farm and as she watched and smiled, I was so touched I found myself smiling too!! So special!!! 🙂

  53. I love the giant Merry Christmas die so much!
    This morning when I got up one of little dogs was so happy to see me. She kept trying to give me kisses and wouldn’t leave my side for awhile. I couldn’t stop giggling and smiling at her excitement- you’d think I had been away for a week and not just a sleep.

  54. These beautiful cards and the adorable layout are getting me so in the mood for Christmas….. but I’m definitely nowhere close to being ready for it! 😅

  55. So much lovely inspiration! I saw a gorgeous sunrise on the way to work today, it made me smile all day long! And to top that, I saw a rainbow on the way home! Talk about a lucky day! <3

  56. Today what made me not just smile, but do a weird little clap while I jumped up and down was walking into my favourite craft store and her telling me I won a gift card. I quickly went over to the LawnFawn Section and grabbed an item I have had my eye on for a while. I hope I win this one as she was all sold out of the Giant Merry Christmas die.

  57. I was searching the site for stamp sets and ended up watching the creative video for the ice skating mice that video made me smile today!

  58. My cat. She is obsessed with me and won’t leave me alone while working from home. But she is very cute and knows how to exploit that!

  59. I visited with a friend and that made me smile and laugh! I really need to make a wish list for all the wonderful Lawn Fawn products though!

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