Lawn Fawn Intro: Giant Let It Snow & Tiny Winter Friends

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s November 2021 Inspiration Week! All of our new Fall & Winter 2021 products are available at your favorite store and!

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Today is our showcase of Giant Let It Snow and Tiny Winter Friends! This giant greeting lets your winter-themed cards and crafts make a big statement! These tiny friends are here to help you wish your loved ones a happy winter (and Christmas… and holidays… and New Year’s…)!

The design team has made the most amazing samples! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

I love how Megan incorporated Giant Let It Snow into her adorable winter scene! It has so much sparkle from the Pixie Dust cardstock! And of course, those dear little Furry and Bright pups bring the cuteness!

Mindy‘s brilliant Tiny Winter Friends design is so charming and adorable! She created a sweet and snowy scene with Winter Village and then added a pretty greeting from Snow Day!

Melissa let Giant Let It Snow be the star of her frosty holiday card! She combined Stitched Snowflake Backdrop and Let it Shine Snowflake paper with the die cut to send a greeting that is so bold and fun!

Tammy filled this holiday card with so much joy! She added Santa from Tiny Christmas with the sleigh, reindeer and snowman from Tiny Winter Friends for some ho-ho-ho fun! She used Oliver’s Stitched ABCs to spell out the iconic greeting!

Marine‘s Giant Let It Snow design is so perfectly pretty in shades of pink! Our Making Frosty Friends snowmen look brilliant with their cool treats borrowed from Yeti or Not! I love the snowflakes in the background stenciled with Fairy Dust Stencil Paste, they look so lovely and add subtle texture!

Our new Tiny Winter Friends looks so adorable in Elena‘s little nighttime vignettes! She used Peekaboo Backdrop to frame and highlight each wintry scene!

Latisha‘s edge-to-edge shaker card is so festive! She filled it with fun frosty sequins before adding some cute Tiny Winter Friends and Giant Let It Snow! The frosty blue glitter cardstock is the perfect choice for the die cut greeting!

The Making Frosty Friends snowmen are featured on Lynnette‘s delightful Giant Let It Snow card! This simple design has so much charm thanks to the Stitched Snowflake Backdrop and the fun falling snow Lynnette added to the greeting!

Elise‘s Tiny Winter Friends is absolutely adorable! I love how she placed them in a grid pattern with the Simply Winter Sentiments greeting! The Stitched Snowflake Backdrop adds so much fun to this design!

Kara‘s inlaid die cut design is so fun and unique! She cut the Giant Let It Snow from a Fog panel, then she used both Fancy Scalloped Rectangle and Stitched Snowflake Backdrop. She inlaid a Moonstone Giant Let It Snow, then she offset the Fog one for a fun shadow effect! The adorable snowman from Tiny Winter Friends adds a charming bit of whimsy!

Audrey‘s card packs a frosty punch of sparkle! Her simply beautiful design starts with an inked background covered with Snowflake Background Stencils. Giant Let It Snow looks so special in Pixie Dust Sparkle layered over the stunning background!

Giant Let It Snow is so perfect for a tall slimline design as Grace demonstrates with her gorgeous card! This die cut greeting fits the top of the card leaving lots of room below for a happy Penguin Party scene!

Lynnette shows us how adorable the Tiny Winter Friends look in a charming village scene! She used Winter Village and a Stitched Hillside Backdrop to create a very merry Christmas card!

Mindy‘s brilliant card pairs Giant Let It Snow with Winter Skies, these sets go together so well! To create the scene, she inked the background and then stenciled some snowfall with Fairy Dust Stencil Paste.

Elena‘s delightful design shows us how cute the Tiny Winter Friends are framed in a Magic Iris Snowflake Add-On!

Chari shares a fun video featuring our Giant Let It Snow and Giant Merry Christmas

You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

Chari added some fun to Giant Let It Snow by placing a Making Frosty Friends snowman over the O in snow!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Giant Let It Snow and Tiny Winter Friends! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us if you are team let it snow or team sunny day by November 10th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!)

Make sure to come back tomorrow, Monday November 8th for our next inspiration week post!

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348 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Giant Let It Snow & Tiny Winter Friends

  1. Both really, I love the snow but I want it to last only a few days not all winter. But I am a big fan of Sunny weather but not so hot that I can’t do anything outside. I adore both Marine’s and Lynnette’s cards today they were my fave’s

  2. I’m Team snowy day followed by a sunny day! There’s nothing like going for a walk on a crisp sunny day surrounded by snow!

  3. I’d be team let it snow if I didn’t have to drive in it. Unfortunately, I have to go to work whether it’s snowing or not! Adorable cards!

  4. I enjoy watching the snow come down and looking at the landscape that hasn’t been disturbed. Once it is stepped in or driven through, I am team sunshine.

  5. I am team sunny day. I really think snow is beautiful but I don’t like having to travel in it. Trying to get into work in the snow can be a bit stressful.

  6. Team Let it snow! Since we don’t get much snow in Texas, it’s always exciting when we get a little bit!

  7. I live in the redwoods in California so we do not get snow, but I am still team let it snow. I grew up in Minnesota and I miss the white Christmas’

  8. I love a snowy day but unfortunately by April everyone around here is sick of it. I prefer a snowy day as long as I don’t have to go out in – which is not the case. Snow glistening in the sun is so beautiful.

  9. I’m on team let it snow because we don’t see it very often where I live. I love making winter cards and really need to get the snowflake stencils!

  10. Give me a snowy day any day! I like the sunshine, but I live in the desert, (and get a lot of sunshiny days year-round) so snow is a needed and really fun commodity…as long as I can schedule my time so I leave early enough to get everywhere that day. 😉

  11. I guess I’m Team Snow. I do love to watch the
    snow fall but then I’m home-bound until it
    melts (no fun). Love the big sentiment
    die. thanks for sharing

  12. The snow is beautiful, but I’m a longtime fan of Team Let it Shine! The extra layers of clothes hinder my stamping. The desire to be warm constantly colors my thoughts. Brrrrr.

  13. I’m team let it snow then team sunny day so we can enjoy the snow. You can have the best of both worlds in the winter time.

  14. These new goodies are perfect for the holidays! I love sunny days, but I miss the snow, so I’m Team Snow day! 😀

    1. Team sunny day. I hate being cold and snow is rare where I live. Maybe 1 or 2 days a season and melts pretty quick. Real love the Tiny Winter Friends!

  15. What great projects from the designers! For me it depends – if I can stay inside and watch it snow, I’m team let it snow. If I have to be out and about, I’m team sunny day. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  16. Team Let it Snow in the mountains. I would like the snow to stay where it is supposed to and let us go to the snow.

  17. Based on where I live it may surprise you that I am not a huge fan of winter. For that same reason though I am team let it snow, because looking out my winter at it makes me so very happy!!

  18. I love a pretty, snowy day when I don’t have to drive right away. But I love it even more when it’s sunny out and the snow sparkles!

  19. Snow is pretty on the mountain not under my feet. I like the sunny weather but I am a rainy day girl. I love the rain.

  20. I’m winter girl so I love let it snow let it snow let it snow!
    Quick add I am leaving messages for the design team on instagram post some of the team I can’t find spots to sent thanks to so would like to just say thank you here the cards are beautiful and full of great ideas love inspiration week!

  21. Darling cards! I am team let it snow! It only happens once or twice a year where I live, so a bit of snow is a real treat!

  22. I am definitely a team Sunny Day! I love and crave sunshine. Today it is sunny and beautiful. Love the tiny people. Such cute card ideas.

  23. I try to love every season we are in however the extremes are not my friend so I am team “stay inside and craft”!

  24. No choice but to be team sunny day here in southwest Florida! But some cool temperatures are always appreciated! And I 💕 the pink snow people!

  25. I’m team “Let it Snow” AND “Sunny.”
    I love the way the sun looks on freshly fallen snow. It looks like tiny diamonds!

  26. I’m definitely team let it snow for sure!! Winter is my favorite season – and hopefully we will get lots of snow in the Rockies this year!

  27. Def. team SUNNY! I chose to live on tropical islands, Hawaii and Guam! I can’t stand the cold weather and snow, esp. if I have to go to work in the snow, either in the car (shoveling & slippery roads) or walking. Winter clothes make my body feel “tired” more too, cuz they are heavy. lol Loving t-shirts, shorts and flip flop weather all year around!

  28. Well, I said I didn’t need or want any more “tinies”, but after today, the Tiny Winter Friends got put on my list. Go Team Snow!

  29. Team let it snow all they way!! We have already had maybe 5 inches of snow! Its all gone now, but it will be back soon!!!
    I love these sets so much! Super Cute!!!!

  30. Definitely team let it snow! I love summer, but for winter if it’s going to be cold I want the snow.

  31. Gosh, I really love both! I live in Minnesota so snowy days are coming soon, but I’m always happy when spring arrives again!

  32. Goooooo team…… Snow on a sunny day. Love them both together, the snow glistens sooo pretty and the sun looks much more cheerful in the winter.

  33. These are some adorable card’s, Im team sunny day most of the time and then when I go on vacation I’m team let it snow

  34. I’m team sunny day, but I like to visit the snow. Growing up in southern California meant we could drive to the snow when we wanted to but didn’t have to deal with freezing pipes, snow everywhere, or closed schools. Even though I’ve moved, that’s still the way I like it.

  35. Love Megan’s puppy card! I’m team sunny day. Had enough snow living in western PA. We still get some in Delaware but not near as much and we pay the HOA to clear it away!

  36. Here in Colorado we get BOTH in one day and sometimes it’ll be sunny while snowing!! Prettiest when the sun shines on all those snowflakes and makes the air so sparkly!!!

  37. Oh my, How I love the Tiny Winter Friends! I have them, and I have been trying to put together a card. I LOVE all of this inspiration! I am team Let It Snow…as long as I don’t have to go out in it. I love to watch the snow fall from my cozy house. I also love to wear my cozy clothes and stamp in front of a snowy window. It makes me smile 🙂

  38. Oh, no, girl, I live in San Antonio, Texas, and we don’t do Winter. Back in February, when we had that freak snow storm and 9*F temperatures, we thought we were going to die. 😂😂😂 No thanks. We like to stay tan year round. 🌞🌞🌞

  39. These are adorable cards! I like the big Let It Snow die cut. I do enjoy snow, but I prefer sunshine. Team sunshine for me, but my daughter is team Snow.

  40. Wow wish to travel to experience snow again! Its sunny all year round here! ☀️☀️🌦🌤 i like the Tiny Winter Friends set! It will match the Village Heroes sets too! ❤️💖🎄

  41. Marine’s pink card is so unique and pretty, and I love Kara’s cute little snowmen card! I’m Team Let It Snow as long as I don’t have anywhere I need to be, and then Team Sunny Day right after so that the snow melts before I actually have to go out and shovel it!

  42. I like both! Thankfully I get both being here in Southern California and having a cabin in our beautiful mountains.

  43. I am definitely team let it snow ❄, if I can stay inside with a roaring fire to keep me warm.

    But, am also team sunny day, as summer or winter, sunny days are always better!! ☀️

  44. Which team I’m on depends on if I’m inside or outside lol! I’m totally team summer if it’s warm and sunny outside but I’m team winter if I can stay inside and stay all cozy and warm.
    Each of these creations are just so fabulous! Definitely makes me want to be team winter all the time (especially those teeny snowmen)!

  45. I’m in love with the Tiny friends Christmas set!
    I’m team snow but I very rarely get any properly snowy days nowadays, sadly.

  46. I’m team summer for being outside and team winter for being inside. Winter is the best season to stay inside without a bad conscious and do lots of handcrafting.

  47. Team Let it Snow all the way but of course if lived in an area that gets snow all winter long, I might change my mind.

  48. I like winter snow and summer sunshine. It’s the in-between weather that isn’t my favorite. Good thing crafting is year-round!

  49. I am a BIG fan of both, the giant sentiment dies and all the tiny stamps you have been releasing so far! Love them!

  50. I’m certainly Team Sunny living in Australia! However, I have always thought I’d like to see one white winter!!! Love this giant sentiment and the tiny friends!! Wonderful!

  51. I am team snow (especially for during the holidays) as long as I don’t have to shovel it off the driveway or drive in it!

  52. Currently living an hour south of Lawn Fawn HQ, makes me a sunny day kind of gal due to the fact that I have never seen snow while living in Oceanside, CA. I super enjoy the snow and am looking forward to our Christmas vacation in the Mts., and I hope it dumps one day while we are there so we can do a lot of skiing and sledding!

  53. Chari, Mindy, Latisha, Marine, Elena, Grace, Elise, Lynnette, Kara, Audrey, Megan, Melissa and Tammy — and anyone I inadvertently skipped – These are all SO gorgeous and creative!! How DO you all think of these things? They’re marvelous, fantastic… really clever! I am TEAM LET IT SNOW!!!
    TFS –
    Lori S in PA

  54. Wow! So many cute cards!! Can I vote for both teams? Team Let it Snow, if I have groceries on hand and don’t have to go anywhere and there is no pressure to drive! LoL

  55. Great cards and inspiration!! I am team sunny day!! Lol, but I do love the days of snow. The peace and quiet. It feels cozy to me. Looking forward to the snow a bit!

  56. Oh my goodness! I love love love those tiny reindeer! They are beyond cute! And all the tiny wintery people, including Mr. Claus himself, are so festive and cute! I love this whole release!

  57. Team sunny day. We live in a rural area in MN. The roads can be really nasty with snow and even worse if its blowing snow. The snow is pretty, until you have to leave your house.

  58. I am on team sunny days for sure. Not hot just sunny and comfy. Snow is an inside looking out thing for me. I don’t deal well with cold.

  59. If I don’t have to drive in it, then I’m all for Team Let It Snow! There’s something magical about snow falling and snuggling indoors with cocoa and a soft, fuzzy blanket, next to a roaring fireplace.

  60. What kind of Canadian would I be if I didn’t choose team Let It Snow?! : )
    Dean Martin’s version of Let It Snow is also one of my favourite holiday songs.

    Wonderful sample cards – such a talented Designer Team! The Tiny Winter Friends are so cute! I love the Magic Iris Snowflake Add-On, too!

  61. Great cards today. I love Kara’s inlaid let it snow. Being from Canada I am a Team let it snow at Christmas but then I turn into team suuny for bright winter days.

  62. Both. I like snow but not the cold and a sunny day is also nice but no humidity nor too hot. In my city winter is long and can be brutal and summer is long and usually too hot for me. Fall and spring are just too short.
    Lots of inspiration here. Just love it!

  63. Team Let It Snow
    I just traded my beach life in for the mountain life. Moved from Florida to Tennessee. I had my fill of sunny Christmases!

  64. Team snow. I love when it snows the really big flakes and it is so quiet outside in the woods that you can actually hear it snowing. Hmmm, but then it is so pretty when the tress are covered in snow and the sun comes out with a bright blue sky overhead.

  65. I like it once the snow has fallen, and it’s all settled into place. Then the sun comes out but dosn’t really melt the snow yet. That kind of sunny day.

  66. Team Sunny Day all the way! I live in the Pacific Northwest, and we’ve hit “dark when you go to work, dark when you leave” months, so I’m bummed. Off to get cozy and craft!

  67. I live in an area where we only get snow occasionally so I love team snow! Thanks for all of the great new ideas!

  68. I’m Both!! I LOVE the Snow, but want it WITHOUT Ice!! I LOVE the Sun, but would rather it be in the 80’s so I can still ENJOY being out Side without worrying about the Heat!! In a PERFECT World Right!!

  69. Team Let it Snow, only because it never snows here. Sunny days are plentiful. I love the tiny winter friends, but I don’t think I could color them very well, so tiny.

  70. I’m from the Midwest so we have all the seasons and I love them all. When winter gets here I’m team Let It Snow. We have summer for Sunny Days.

  71. I’m team sunny day – I live in Minnesota and I enjoy the snow when it is sunny out. I don’t like when it is actually snowing.

  72. I do love snow (as long as I don’t need to drive anywhere) but we don’t get much here on the south coast of England! Love how the ting friends fit with the village sets!! I didn’t even think of that!

  73. I am definitely team “let it snow”. You can always add layers to get warmer there is only so much you can remove to get cooler!;).

  74. I love all the different ideas using the same stamps and dies. I also love the snow as long as I can watch it from inside my nice warm house.

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