Lawn Fawn Video {12.23.21} Marine’s Birthday Magic Picture Changer Card

Marine is back with another amazing interactive card! This time she wows us with a clever Magic Picture Changer design! You can watch the video tutorial below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

Party Pig Birthday Gift Set!

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Marine combined Party Pig with the adorable Hay There pig to create another amazing interactive card! She used Magic Picture Changer Add-On for the frame which fits the largest Large Mini Slimline Stackable perfectly! We have listed all of the sets that she used to create her design in the supplies below!

I love how the Party Pig “magically” holds a gift when you pull the tab! Be sure to watch Marine’s video for her detailed instructions for making this amazing interactive scene!

It is so fun to watch Marine color; she adds so much detail to every image, no matter how small!

Thank you so much for your brilliant inspiration, Marine!


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6 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Video {12.23.21} Marine’s Birthday Magic Picture Changer Card

  1. I love Marine’s card! Picture changer cards are so fun. (And I can’t believe that I totally forgot to apply the code to get my birthday pig in November🤦‍♀️)

  2. Happy Birthday, Marine – Sorry it’s a late wish but still heartfelt!
    Your card is a delight. I think you could have been an engineer…. were you an engineer before getting into papercrafting?
    Love your work and thanks for the excellent tutorial!
    Lori S in PA

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