Lawn Fawn Intro: Garden Before ‘n Afters and Giant Happy Spring

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s March Inspiration Week! Our Spring 2022 Release with 14 new stamp sets, 24 new die sets, 4 new stencil sets, new paper collections, new cardstock and more new products are now available at your favorite store and! Woohoo! This week we will continue to showcase these new products with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways!

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Today is our showcase of Garden Before ‘n Afters and its coordinating dies! Nurture the little seeds, and they will flourish! This set of stamps features little plant sprouts and fully grown plants, seeds, a watering can, and lots of loving sentiments.

We are also highlighting our new Giant Happy Spring die today! This die is perfect for sending happy spring wishes in a big way! This greeting fits both portrait and landscape A2 size cards.

Design Team Inspiration

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have two videos at the end showcasing some fun ways of using these fresh new sets! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Marine‘s amazing Magic Picture Changer is so beautiful! I love how she incorporated the interactive changing picture into the Garden Before ‘n Afters scene! She also added a twist by turning the Magic Picture Changer upside-down, so clever!

Latisha‘s beautiful blue and yellow color story is so fresh and fun! I love how she used the Garden Before ‘n Afters images to form a frame around Giant Happy Spring! Such a beautiful way to welcome Spring!

Elena‘s birthday card is so creative! I love how she used the Garden Before ‘n Afters images to go with her Henry’s ABCs greeting! The pretty pink sky is so amazing too!

Audrey created the most adorable card! This happy scene combines Garden Before ‘n Afters and Berry Special with a beautifully stenciled sky! The bold red of the Giant Happy Spring coordinates nicely with the red seed packet and striped paper border!

Elise‘s card “blooms with happiness” just like her sentiment! The flower images framing the sentiment look so pretty on this cheerful design!

Megan‘s Flippin’ Awesome card shows off how Garden Before ‘n Afters tells a sweet story! For her design, she used Berry Special to create growing strawberry plants! The picnic basket from Crazy Antics adds so much fun to the scene!

Mindy‘s gorgeous card is filled with Spring beauty! Giant Happy Spring stands out on the stenciled sky with a pretty bit of inking. The white and black Layered Butterflies add a delicate touch that is so beautiful!

Garden Before ‘n Afters looks so perfect as a flower box with Wonderful Window! Lynnette included some mice to add charm to her adorable scene. She also used Flower Market paper for the curtains on the window, so pretty!

I love Caly‘s Spring-fresh Magic Picture Changer! The mix of Gotta Have Gingham Rainbow and Flower Market papers is so lovely! And the bold Giant Happy Spring greeting looks so pretty combined with changing Garden Before ‘n Afters scene!

Tammy created a delightful design with the featured set and a trio of cute mice! The square shape is enhanced with a Stitched Scalloped Square Frame and the custom Henry’s ABCs greeting is so sweet!

The new Giant Happy Spring looks so amazing as the feature of Grace‘s slimline card! I love the rainbow colors she used on the greeting, the Beary Rainy Day bears and in the Rainy Sky stenciled background! So much Spring happiness in one beautiful card!

Mindy‘s sweet Garden Before ‘n Afters vignette works so well with Magic Picture Changer! I love how she added the second part of her sentiment on the Fancy Wavy banner, it’s just the perfect detail!

Lynnette‘s farm fresh card design is so perfect! I love the combination of Gotta Have Gingham Rainbow paper in yellow with the bright red Giant Happy Spring greeting! It looks so pretty with the strawberries from Berry Special!

Intro Videos

Now, I have a video to introduce Garden Before ‘n Afters! Chari and I will create three cards to share ideas for this new set including Flippin’ Awesome and Magic Picture Changer. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thanks so much for watching!

And now we have a video to introduce all of our Giant word dies for Spring! Chari will create 4 beautiful cards featuring Giant Happy Spring, Giant Happy Mother’s Day, Giant Happy Easter and Giant Get Well Soon! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

Giveaway Time

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Garden Before ‘n Afters and Giant Happy Spring! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us about your favorite garden; is it in your own backyard or a famous garden you have visited, by March 30th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Friday, March 25th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week, we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


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448 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Garden Before ‘n Afters and Giant Happy Spring

  1. My favourite garden is picking fresh herbs for dinner, as they really elevate the flavour. Alos love to lick fresh fruit such as strawberries, when ripe. ❤️

  2. I started a garden with my boyfriend at his place because my place doesn’t get enough sun. So far we have freesia and lilies blooming but we’ll get an herb/vegetarian garden started soon. I get so excited to see what has changed each time I visit. This new set is right up my alley.

  3. Love today’s showcase! I love exploring Japanese gardens! So beautiful! When I visited the one in Fresno, CA, there were peacocks in the garden. 🦚🦚🦚

  4. Love these designs and stamp sets!

    My favorite garden is the rooftop garden that I used to have. I planted sunflowers, rocket salad leaves, tomatoes, basil and other climbing vines. Though I never actually got any tomatoes haha!

  5. My aunt has the most beautiful garden…full of a variety of flowers plus quite a bit of fruit and vegetables too.

  6. I used to love my grandparents gardens. They lived in a country town and used to enter garden competitions. Their gardens were always beautiful… a lot of love and hard work went into them. They used to take me to garden shows as well, and I always liked choosing new flowers to plant. My favourites were Carnations, Pansies and Petunias. I really miss those times.

  7. I love our own garden. It’s pretty big and kind of wild with a few flower beds ins areas we like to sit close to. Can’t wait to use all the great stamps in this set and let the mice have fun gardening!

  8. my husband created a “garden room” outside it’s beauitful with a relaxing water feature, hanging baskets, seating and a wood fired pizza oven, it’s the perfect relaxing haven. I absolutely love it.

    1. My favorite gardens have been the ones that are planted in my own yard! I have many flower gardens and have had many food gardens as well as herb gardens over the years! It is just so satisfying to watch things grow that you have labored over with your own hands and lots of love. I enjoy sowing my gardens and reaping the benefits in return.

  9. Great cards, our tomato garden is my favorite. We grow other things too but I am a big tomato lover so every year we grow tomato’s sometimes I manage to freezer some for our soups.

    1. I don’t garden myself but love fresh veggies and fruit from anyone whomdoes garden! As usual great inspiration 👏

  10. Unfortunately I don’t have a garden. But I love to visit Berlin’s Gardens of the World where there are beautiful displays of plants from different countries.

  11. My favourite garden is my dads, he grows lots of yummy vegetables. His flower beds are gorgeous too. He really takes pride in them.

  12. I love our garden – my husband fills it with interesting plants and beautiful flowers in my favorite colors. I enjoy it all mostly through our windows because of my allergies, lol.

  13. My favorite garden is in my backyard right off of our patio area. It’s a small little curved area which is easy to manage. I like to put cute little Lawn ornaments in there!

  14. I don’t like to garden myself, but I like getting to enjoy everything my mom grows in her garden, especially the cucumbers!

  15. my favorite garden was my own huge garden that I had one summer – it was awesome, but so much work. I couldn’t do it the next year with work, it was just too much!

  16. My favorite garden was in my backyard growing up where my mom grew beautiful iris and her very favorite, lily of the valley!

  17. My favorite garden is the one my mom had when I was a child, filled with dozens of tomato plants offering their fruit to be eaten warm straight from the plant. Delicious.

  18. My garden paradise is in my own yard. It’s not very impressive yet, but I have big plans for it this year. I’m looking forward to being able to enjoy the final efforts of my hard work and a little patience.

  19. These are all so creative. I will be bookmarking this so I can refer back! I love Sonnenberg Gardens. I love to see all the different varieties of gardens, I haven’t been for awhile. I think it’s time for a trip.

  20. I love a butterfly garden. I like going to butterfly houses and just walking around and seeing all the beautiful plants and butterflies.

  21. I love my backyard garden. Flowers and vegetables and sometimes fruit. So great to eat the things we grow. Lovely card projects from lovely ladies!!!

  22. My favorite garden was the one I had at my old house. Lovely roses and dahlias and snapdragons! Loved it!

  23. I love my garden! I love sitting in it in the summer with a cocktail while my son plays and eats ice cream!

  24. My favorite garden is my herb garden along the side of my house. I love being able to pick and cook with fresh herbs any day of the year!

  25. I always loved my grandmother’s garden. It was full of beautiful flowers and lots of wildlife. Lovely cards.

  26. My favorite garden is the garden in my yard. It is FULL of lilies that are at least 4 years old. Some have even grown up to 5 ft tall!!!!!

  27. I’m no gardener, so my favourite I’ve seen is on TV. It was on TV, I think in the Berossa Valley in Australia, and there was a lake, beautiful flowers, it was so beautiful! In general I love flowers, the brighter the better. I love the look of those wonderful rainforest blooms that are bright and waxy 🙂

  28. Fav garden is in my backyard. We have a greenhouse and outside the greenhouse area that we plant. I should say my hubby does the eonderful prep & planting. I do the picking/harvesting. We plant lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers and more. I luv fresh vegs. Yesterday a friend gave us some tomato plants.
    “Sunshine HoneyBee”

  29. I used to grow strawberries in my back yard. Loved it and it was delicious. That’s why I just love love love this Spring release.

  30. I am not a gardener but I love my oldest sister yard, she has nice flower sections around with rocks labeling what is her garden. She also uses small stump roots in the design and rock walls. Love the design ideas featured today.

  31. My favorite garden is at the University of WA. There are cherry trees everywhere and in the Spring the ground is covered with the beautifully soft pink petals.

  32. Flower gardens are my favorite. I admire how some take the time and devotion to create such beautiful flower beds.

  33. I love my memory garden – has plants and items from my great grandparents, grandparents, parents and in laws and a great aunt and uncle! I added a bird feeder this year! Thank you !

  34. My favorite garden is at my aunts house. Succulents, vegetables, tulips galore! Her and my uncle work so hard on it every year. It’s a work of art!

  35. My FAVORITE Garden is my Flower Garden!! There’s something about the NEW Flowers/Plants Blooming each Season and watching them Grow and Change!! The Bright Colors and Fresh Smells along with the AMAZING Insect that bring the Garden Scene to LIFE!! I’m counting down the days til’ Spring!!

  36. My favorite garden comes from the past—my father’s garden. He grew everything imaginable (flowers, vegetables, fruit).
    He gave a lot of it away and occasionally sold some to grocery stores (100 lbs. of asparagus at a time)!

  37. I don’t have a garden of my own, nor green fingers, but my favourite is the University of Cambridge botanical gardens. A very peaceful place with plants from many parts of the world creating their own little mini biospheres.

  38. My parents used to have a backyard that was completely a garden with winding paths through it. It was so pretty!

  39. I luv our flower garden we creat together my husband and I every year. Although he has started to take over lol. This year we are trying a veggie garden on our deck. Cross your fingers and toes for me that the ants don’t ruin it like last time🤞🏻💚💚💚

  40. My favorite garden of all time was my grandpa’s vegetable garden. He grew the biggest and best tasting vegetables. His neighbors all would get so excited when he’d share his tomatoes which I was told were so good however I still don’t like tomatoes LOL, but his zucchini definitely was my favorite.

  41. I absolutely love my neighbor’s garden. Each season she plants the most amazing flowers and she even has a small vegetable patch.

  42. My favorite garden is our backyard garden as we get to eat what we produce and it is fun planning and looking forward to meals when the produce is ripe.

  43. I a not someone who enjoys gardening at all… But I do very much like going to gardens. There is a nice one semi near me we have been to a few times and it is very nice.
    Even potted plants seem to be too much for me. I always like the idea of them but not my thing at all

  44. I love Sherman Library and Gardens in Corona del Mar, CA. They make beautiful landscapes and scenes with their plants.

  45. I enjoy gardening at home. But I love to see professional landscaped gardens. Can’t wait to get my hands on the new Before and Ffters set.

  46. My favorite garden is my summer garden. I love when things get ripe and you get to use the fresh ingredients when cooking or just eating fresh tomatoes off the vine. YUM!

  47. OOOOoo I LOVE the before and afters! How cute! My favorite garden is one that I don’t have to tend to… I don’t have a green thumb! But I admire those that do!

  48. Love the giant words! My favorite garden is one I had at my last house. Lots of gorgeous variegated colors of tea roses.

  49. I’m not sure which garden is my favorite. I have been to SO many, and the best are in England. We are going back in September, and will see more amazing gardens. Snowshill Manor might be my favorite because it has a tiny ceramic village along a “river”. It reminds me of the Storybook Land ride at Disneyland.

  50. My favourite gardens have always been my moms. She has such a way with plants (which sadly I did not inherit as I cant keep anything alive) and always creates gorgeous garden beds!

  51. I love the Chicago Botanic Garden. I would love to have a vegetable garden some day when i had more time to care and nurture it. I have a huge admiration for anyone that has/keeps any type of garden. Its a huge commitment! These cards are all adorable and unique in their own way.

  52. Such adorable inspiration! All other gardens are so much nicer than mine, but I do love sitting beside my rose garden in my backyard reading!

  53. Oh my goodness. So many beautiful samples. Thank you to each and everyone that has shared their artwork. I love me some Lawn Fawn!

    1. Love love the bright fun colours!

      My favourite garden is the botanic gardens. I love all the bright beautiful flowers and peacefulness of it all

  54. I don’t garden myself but love fresh veggies and fruit from anyone whomdoes garden! As usual great inspiration.

  55. While my garden is lovely… My favorite garden is Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island in Canada. No matter how many times you visit and no matter the season, it is still breathtaking.

  56. My second favorite garden is my backyard garden. But my first favorite garden is where my daughter works, she works for San Francisco’s botanical garden. She started a children’s camp there and is director. Its beautiful.

  57. I’ve been all over the world and have been to many a European garden which are manicured, but I think it was my father’s garden. There is nothing like digging up potatoes from the dirt almost like nature is giving you a gift.

  58. I at one time when my daughter was little loved to help me in the garden and she loved to help can tomatoes. I love all the Inspiration

  59. I love exploring botanical gardens -they are beautiful! I don’t have a green thumb so my gardens in the backyard are kind of sad.

  60. I had a peony garden years ago. Had many
    different colors of flowers and some of the
    were not in the traditional shape that we
    assume for peonies. Was sorry when we
    moved and I had to leave my garden.
    thanks for sharing some great cards.

  61. My mom is the one with the green thumb, her garden is always amazing and overflowing with flowers. As a kid, we used to have a small veggie garden as well. Nothing better than your own grown vegetables, fresh from the plant!

  62. Unfortunately growing up I have been dealt with environmental allergies. So I never got a chance to experience being in gardens let alone having one. But living in southern Californa the only gardens I have ever been able to see is the Aboretum In Arcadia which is beautiful

  63. I plant a small vegetable and herb garden every spring and I love spending time in it with my daughters.

  64. Love our gardens every year. Besides the fresh vegetables and flowers, they attract birds and butterflies! And working in our garden is a fun way for me and my boo to spend time outdoors and with each other.
    Great release!

  65. My favorite garden is at our state park. They grow tons of flowers that attract butterflies and birds. I love taking photographs of them. 😀

  66. Leaving next week for Brussels and Holland. Can’t wait to see all the tulips in bloom. Praying for good weather.

  67. My favorite garden is my own. I love having fresh herbs and tomatoes. This year may be tricky though, because my Bassett enjoys laying in my pots. 🙁

  68. I do NOT have a “green thumb”, but I absolutely LOVE going to a U-Pick Farm where I’m from and picking what’s in season. There is nothing better than picking fresh tomatoes. Ahhh, the smell!

  69. My favorite garden was 3 huge raised planter beds at my old house. We just moved so now I have to start fresh this year and figure out mountain planting in Southern California (wish me luck).

  70. My favorite garden is our local botanical gardens. It’s very hard to get things to grow well here, so I appreciate the loving care they put into it.

  71. Loving all the new goodies!!!! My favorite garden was at my parents house and was a beautiful flower garden:)

  72. My favorite garden was my grandmother’s. As a child I remember all the beautiful prize winning flowers and yummy vegetables she grew in that special section of the yard, behind the white picket fence. That garden is long gone, but I still have the photos that were taken of me and my sisters and my memories.

  73. Before we relocated to a condo we had the most amazing vegetable garden! My wonderful husband planted lovely fruits and veggies every year – strawberries – cucumbers – tomatoes – etc So it was my favorite ever!. YUM

  74. So many fun and cheerful spring cards shared today, my fave is the large sentiment paired with the bear in the raincoat. I’ve tried having my own garden but failed miserably, mostly because I don’t like touching dirt. My next-door neighbour, Mr. Clyde, has a fantastic all-year vegetable garden and he’s very generous with his produce. My neighbour across the street, Ms. Geisha, has a wonderful array of flowers and her garden is a joy to behold.

  75. I Love beautiful gardens and whenever we would go on vacation, we’d always check for a Botanical Garden.

  76. My mother in law always had a beautiful thriving garden. She could grow the most delicious tomatoes ever. I would look forward to making some amazing salsa with her tomatoes every season.

  77. I am horrible at keeping plants alive but I remember having the coolest vegetable garden with my grandma when I was little. I loved it!

  78. My own little backyard; my lavender, my gooseberries, my tomato plants, my grapes in the greenhouse, my herbal plants, my chair in the sunny, warm corner…Cup of coffee, my book or crossword… Thank God we’re getting closer to summer!

  79. My favorite garden is the Heritage Gardens on Cape Cod, MA. I love going there with my grandchildren and seeing the beautiful flowers and my grandchildren run and play.

  80. I don’t actually have a favourite garden, but there is one in England that houses the largest amount of poisonous plants ever. That sounds neat to visit.

  81. My favorite garden was the one my husband planted. It has Cala lilies my mom and dad planted many years ago, and a tiny lemon tree I insisted upon when we moved in. The roses that were begun from clippings are, as yet, unpredictable, but I’m sure they will be beautiful when they finally bloom.

  82. I love planting my own vegetables and herbs! I look forward to spring for this very reason. I love the design team’s samples!

  83. Such fun cards! Love the spring designs!
    I got a chance to visit a large tulip garden in my area called Crystal Hermitage Gardens. They are open mostly in April and have over 100 tulip varieties. Beautiful place to see!

  84. My favorite garden… hmmm. Kensington gardand in the UK is really neat, bit i think my favorite garden is the one in my backyard because i get to enjoy the lovely flowers, fruits, and veggies that grow there 😊

  85. There is a beautiful garden in our town, by an insurance company, that is just beautiful. I enjoy walking through it when the flowers are in bloom.

  86. I love to garden. I haven’t planted tulips yet but that is my goal for this fall. I just recently planted hostas all the way around my back part of the house and I added columbine and asters. I cant wait to add more this year. I add a perennial or two every year!

  87. The stages of plants growing is SO CUTE! I am not a gardener, things die in my presence. But my favorite garden I have been to so far is Butchart Gardens.

  88. I love Butchart Gardens in Victoria BC. Really I love all flowers wherever they are. My dad taught me to stop and smell the roses.

  89. 🌻Happy Spring! 🌻 As a little child, for every Mother’s Day, I would sneak off on my bike to buy my mom a bunch of Gladiolus from an elderly neighbors garden. I never knew her name and she always took my little bag of coins I had saved up as “the perfect” payment for them. Her garden was my favorite of all time!

  90. I love all the gardens with nice spring flowers like tulips, crocus, narcissus in it. I can really enjoy that. What I also like are the tulip fields in the Netherlands (not really a garden, but really pretty)

  91. These are so adorable. I really enjoyed the pull tab with the growing flowers. AND those tiny frogs….they are so stinkin’ cute!!

  92. I love the rose garden at Manito Park in Spokane, Washington. It is such a lovely place to visit in the summer.

  93. There is a gorgeous botanical garden in Haren, they also have art installations and lots of different themed gardens. It’s my absolute favourite

  94. My favorite garden is the Huntington Library and Garden near Pasadena. I have so many great memories of going there with my parents, friends and kids. I wish it were a little closer to where I live.

  95. Thank you for bringing such sunshine into my otherwise gloomy, snowy day! I love to garden in my own yard. We plant pots of annuals and have herbs and we just recently rebuilt a raised bed for our tomatoes 🍅.

  96. My favorite garden was my grandfather’s garden. He used to spend tons of time in his garden producing peas, lima beans, green beans, melons, tomatoes, and more. As children, se would sit on the porch with a peach bucket full of lima beans or peas, shelling peas and beans for my grandmother to freeze. Great memories for sure!

  97. I love my own garden! Lilacs, peonies, wisteria, honeysuckle…and so much more. We also plant annuals in pots every year and arrange them in the yard. I love just sitting and looking.Also we have a koi pond !

  98. My favourite garden is my mum and dad’s. It isn’t anything posh or wonderful but it’s full of happy memories 😊

  99. When I think of a favorite garden, it would be my hubby’s grandmother’s. It was full of fresh veggies and flowers. My daughters spent time playing outside with her in the garden, Happy memories.BTW- the card examples are beautiful ;D

  100. I love my perennial garden with Black Eyed Susans, Shasta Daisies, Butterfly Bush, and Purple Coneflower (my favorite). It’s so nice to see everything come to life in the Spring. Lawn Fawn spring sets make me so happy!

  101. I like to visit Munsinger Gardens in St. Cloud, MN. It is located on the Mississippi River and has beautiful trees and flowers, there are swings along the path where you can sit and watch the river.

  102. What lovely ideas from the design team! I love the waterfall cards. I don’t garden, but I do enjoy walking around my neighborhood, admiring everyone else’s green thumbs.

  103. One of my husband’s aunts has a beautiful garden with all kinds of wonderful plants. Now that we’ve recently purchased a home, I’m hoping to start a small garden of our own.

  104. Yay for new before and afters, love those! 🙂 My favorite garden is one that sadly doesn’t exist anymore – it was my Granny’s garden, full of beautiful flowers, plants, fruit trees and a swing for me! That’s where I spent my childhood, and that’s where I learned A LOT about nature from my Granny… I just wish I could go back there! <3

  105. I really love gardens! I love flowers in gardens but not after they have been cut for bouquets. Keep them in the garden where they can thrive! I’m probably in the minority on this one but that’s ok. My favorite garden is my mom’s garden but I like my garden too.

  106. cute cards as always. I miss my moms garden she always was growing some new variety of vegetable and had tons of beautiful Dahlias.

  107. I do not have a green thumb but I do like my backyard right now when the flowering jasmine are in bloom and some other magenta flowers are overflowing.

  108. I’ve never had much of a garden but I love seeing spring and summer bulbs come up to remind me what I planted!

  109. My favorite garden is in Cornwall, in England. It’s cashed Trelissick, and has beautiful views over the river, and so much green grass, trees, colorful flowers. Any season is good there! Love this garden set. I meant to buy it but put the wrong set in my cart! It’s definitely going in my next order!!

  110. We’ve got our own garden in our back yard! So satisfying to not have to buy vegetables! Awesome inspiration, Lawn Fawn!

  111. My Mom had the most beautiful flower gardens in her yard! She had a huge “ green thumb” and planted things so that her gardens would bloom from Spring to Fall! I miss her terribly but when I plant flowers in my garden and in my many containers I see her smiling at me in everything that I plant!

  112. Adorable card’s, I’m not great at growing a garden but I have planted some flowers, fruits and vegetable’s before some of them grew and some didn’t grow that great

  113. My favorite gardens would be my Grandma and Grandpa’s. One was always full of fruits and vegetables and the others were full of beautiful flowers.

  114. Love all gardens, be it backyard gardens, community gardens or famous gardens. All are maintained with lots of love and care!

  115. My favorite garden was Minter Gardens in Bridal Falls BC. It’s now closed but was a wonderful place to take photos and car shows were also held there. I sure miss it.

  116. My favorite flower garden used to be in my backyard until the deer population got so bad. (Tried to beat them, but I lost and finally gave up.)

  117. Amazing and fun creations!!! I have to say my favorite garden is my own since we work so hard every year to make it perfect!

  118. Oh my goodness! Every single DT project is gorgeous. They’ve knocked it out of the park! I’m a HORRIBLE Gardner, but my favorite garden memory would be picking berries in my grandfather’s backyard when I was a kid. Loved (& miss) that man!

  119. Looking to try some of these ideas! My favorite garden is right outside my back door. Nothing like fresh tomatoes and lettuce and herbs ready for picking and using.

  120. My favorite garden is the Bronx Botanical Garden. Aside from the normal gardening areas there are special flower shows throughout the year. And it’s huge!

  121. I love the gardens I have around my house. I have 6 total over 20 years. I also love sharing seedlings from my gardens. My favorite is the butterfly bush.

  122. My favorite gardens are the ones grown for food: tomatoes, green peppers, jalapenos, onions, garlic — it’s like salsa in the yard!

  123. Great inspiration from the designers! Love the garden before and afters. My grandmother used to have almost her whole yard planted in flower gardens and it was beautiful. Still my favorite garden. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  124. HI, LF –
    I love these cards, esp Elena’s and Tammy’s. I also love Mindy’s and Caly’s cards. They’re all superb, in fact.
    My favorite garden has to be my own because I have so many types of plants packed into a few flowerbeds. I love to garden. I love seeing hummingbirds, butterflies and bees because I feel like I am providing what they desperately need. I spend a contemplative couple of hrs / day in the beds from the minute I can at the start of June (when school lets out) until the end of summer. Before that, I spend my whole weekend in the garden most weekends in May unless it’s raining hard.
    I also live not far from Longwood Gardens and if you have never visited there, put it on your bucket list. It’s spectacular.
    Lori S in PA

  125. My favorite garden is our community garden that we have in our apartments that the kids maintain along with a few adults! When it’s time to harvest most of ours goods we have a cookout and make a salad using everything in the garden! It’s awesome way for the kids to appreciate their hard work! I love it!!❤

  126. I enjoy visiting others gardens. I studied Landscape Architecture and visited many wonder gardens. My own is usually sad haha. Wonderful cards today! Happy Spring!

  127. My favourite garden is on our rooftop terrace where my husband grows vegetables and makes delicious things with the yield of that!

  128. Such beautiful cards 🌸🌷🍀 my favourite garden is the Westonbirt Arboretum, its so pretty 🌳

  129. One of my favourite spring gardens is Keukenhof Botanical Garden in Lisse, Netherlands. It was amazing riding our bikes and seeing so many different varieties of tulips!

  130. My favorite garden is the one at our local library. It’s close enough for me to walk to and has lots of pretty flowers in the spring, benches to sit on and a small kids area!

  131. A favorite garden to visit is at a friend’s home. He’s created a tropical oasis in his back yard. His garden was a much needed get away the last couple of years and is truly a labor of love as a lot of the plants need to be over-wintered inside here in north east Ohio.

  132. I don’t know how the design team manages to outdo themselves with each new release… but they sure do! Always so impressed with their creativity and love the new products every time! The stamps, dies and sample projects always make me smile : )

  133. Oops! I forgot to answer the garden question! I can’t say there is any one garden that is my favorite – I love them all whether they’re vegetable or flower gardens!

  134. My favorite garden is my own. I have planted a butterfly garden with host plants and nectar plants. I have many butterflies that visit.

  135. These are all so sweet! My favorite garden was my grandma’s…we’d spend so much time picking fresh fruits and vegetables and even flowers. It truly was amazing and something I’ll always cherish in my heart. (sure miss her and that garden.) <3

  136. As a child I thought my grandmother’s garden was a magical place. There were winding paths with lush plantings of sweet strawberries and raspberries, a beautiful cutting garden with flowers, some the size of dinner plates!

  137. My favorite garden is the gardens at the Palace of Versailles. This was a really beautiful place to visit.

  138. I have had a garden every year since I moved out on my own, but my best memories are of my Granny’s garden. She planted enough for all 6 kids and grand kids! Makes my garden look puny by comparison!

  139. I have no where for a garden …yet. Tomorrow we look at a house with a green house. That will be my favorite.

  140. My favorite garden is part of a nursery where heirloom roses are grown and sold. They are so fragrant and sweet – nothing like roses sold in stores!

  141. My favorite garden is about an hour away–Longwood Gardens in PA. We love it so much that we bought a yearly membership!

  142. These cards are so adorable. Love the before and after! My favorite garden is my mom’s flower garden. It is always beautiful.

  143. The most beautiful garden I’ve ever been to is Butchart Gardens in Victoria, Canada, which I visited on my honeymoon.❤️

  144. My favorite garden is the Botanical Garden in Arizona. When we first moved here I was bummed by all the brown colors but WOW Arizona has SO many beautiful trees,flowers & bushes!

  145. My favourite garden was my neighbours when I was growing up. She had flowers that she let me pick and give to my Mom. Thank you for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  146. Tough question! I love having a vegetable garden… getting to spend the winter planning it, enjoying being out in summer sun, harvesting it. But I love visiting beautiful gardens…I usually try to hit a couple of new ones anytime I’m on vacation.

  147. My favorite garden was the garden I had in the house I lived in for 24 years. I had a rose garden, a massive vegetable garden, six raised beds full of herbs, grape arbors, blueberries, hazelnut and pear trees. Sadly the new owners took most of it out and poured a lot of concrete for parking “toys”. So sad.

  148. My favorite garden has to be my own! I am not a professional gardener by any m and but i learn more every year!

  149. My favorite garden is my father in laws home garden. Each year he grows vegetables which always taste so yummy and fresh but my favorite part of the garden is where he plants pumpkins! He always times it right so the pumpkins will be ready for Halloween and all the grand kids get to come over and pick their own. Lots of great memories are made there.

  150. I love my garden, especially the ferns and native violets that have taken over parts of the garden giving it a magical feel.

  151. A couple of years ago, my husband and I went to Butchart Gardens in Victoria BC, which I loved so much. I thought for a minute that might be my favorite garden, but then I remembered that my time at Butchart made me think about my grandpa’s garden when I was young. It wasn’t really all that big, but to a little girl, it felt as big as Butchart. Grandpa took such good care of it and you could feel the love in it all around. And he even had a cute little lawn gnome in it, so to a little girl, it felt so MAGICAL and beautiful. I didn’t inherit my grandpa’s green thumb, but since we bought our first house, I’ve been trying my hand at growing roses, which makes me feel close to him.

  152. I like my own flower beds the best, I spend a lot of mornings working out in them. I have four perennial flower beds. The hardest part is keeping the critters from eating my plants.

  153. I love my mother-in-laws garden. Not only is it full of beautiful flower that she knows all the names to, it has 3 vegetable patches!
    Its always full of the sound of laughter when the children are running round helping.

  154. My favorite garden is at the public park that is just downstairs of my apartment!
    I wish to recreate the scenes with these lawn fawn stamps!

  155. I love my garden but my favorite is definitely the Kula Botanical Gardens. Just a gorgeous place to visit.

  156. Beautiful projects and great new products. I have a garden of my own for the first time in nearly 10 years after moving from an apartment into a house.

  157. I have wonderful memories of my father’s vegetable garden growing up. I always enjoyed helping to plant and harvest.

  158. My favorite garden is my retaining wall garden that we put in along with a patio almost 2 years ago. I plant flowers and strawberries in the little garden and it’s a happy space to relax in.

  159. Love this post! My favourite garden is (apart from our own) one that belongs to a country mansion near where I live in the UK. It has a walled garden, old fashioned arches and sheep in it! Its so pretty!

  160. My all time favorite garden belonged to my Grandmother’s. I used to be one of my favorite places to go & also watch her work her magic. I miss it a lot!

  161. My favourite garden is one I visited near my uncle’s home in Kobe, Japan – very peaceful and typically Japanese.

  162. My favorite gardens are at the Biltmore in Asheville. They also decorate them for the different seasons. They are so beautiful and I love to walk through them.

  163. My favorite gardens are at the hotel we stay at “up north” every summer. Something about warm days, cool nights and being on the water really makes the flowers there thrive!

  164. My favorite garden is my succulent garden I used to have on my back patio, it was just so fun to see all of them grow. I also love fairy gardens and can’t wait to make one this year hopefully!

  165. I don’t really have a favorite garden. I do remember visiting one in London when we were there years ago but I don’t remember what it was called. It was beautiful and had some large topiary’s.

  166. My favorite garden is the Fairchild Garden in Miami. They hosted Chihuly glass blown pieces intermingled with their florals a few years ago. An absolutely amazing experience.

  167. My favorite garden is ours, where I can lay on a sunbed while my kids are playing besides me and I am drinking a nice lemonade or cocktail 😉

  168. My favorite garden is nature’s garden. I love hiking in the spring and seeing all the wildflowers in bloom.

  169. My favorite garden is California parklands when the poppies are in bloom. They are in bloom right now and they are magnificent!

  170. In 1984 I got to go to the Versailles garden in France. I was so young then, in my mid teens and I don’t remember it well; but the roses! Oh my.😍 I hope to go back one day on my honeymoon -we never got to take a honeymoon when we were married. I do remember the crunching of the gravel and just the awesomeness of the palace and or garden. I mean it is so old (1660s), and just the extravagance of it all. Pure amazement and brilliance that one would expect of Louie the 14th!

  171. My favorite garden is at the park where I might see a fairy or gnome if I look real hard. Hehe, I actually see a lot of rabbits when I’m wandering through the garden.

  172. My favorite garden was the one my dad would plant every year. I remember sneaking out as a very young child and eating all the peas right off the vine & my mom would complain she never had enough to do anything with because I would eat those sweet peas before she could get out and gather them 🙂 I still buy pea pods today and munch on them 🙂 Thanks for a fabulous trip down memory lane 🙂

  173. Besides my own flower garden which I love working on, my favorite garden has been the Buchart Gardens in Summer. I hope someday to see their Spring flowers too.

  174. My grandmother’s beautiful rose garden was my favorite garden. She had created somewhat of a labyrinth of roses. It wasn’t difficult to find your way out though.

  175. My favorite gardens have been the ones that are planted in my own yard! I have many flower gardens and have had many food gardens as well as herb gardens over the years! It is just so satisfying to watch things grow that you have labored over with your own hands and lots of love. I enjoy sowing my gardens and reaping the benefits in return.

  176. It was my mom’s little garden where she harvested tomatoes and green bell peppers! This stamp set and the big die made me feel “spring”! And love the theme of “grow” for this stamp set! <3

  177. My favorite flower garden would be the local indoor Butterfly garden in our area. So peacefully and beautifully. Love Elena BD card.

  178. I love the little spring garden in our front yard. Watching the tulips and daffodils start to peek through the soil reminds me of new beginnings and hope!

  179. We have several gardens all over our yard and living in FL we are able to enjoy them almost all year long. This set is so cute!!!

  180. My own gardens are my favorite. My vegetables are all in pots on my deck to keep the critters out but my flower gardens are throughout the yard.

  181. I love my garden! I spend my days in the summer in my garden! I have a vegetable garden and flower gardens!

  182. I don’t have a garden, but memories of my grandmother’s garden brings me such warmth during this spring season!

  183. My parents have a beautiful backyard garden. I love going to visit and sitting with my mom in the backyard, surrounded by all her gorgeous plants

  184. It’s called Mugnsinger Gardens in my town here…it is huge with tons of pretty flowers all over the place ✌🏽

  185. I love this set since I cannot kill these plants! I do not have a green thumb despite several attempts in my front beds. Right now my husband is growing irises in them and they are a lovely shade of purple (my favorite!). It makes me so happy to see them when I get home after work 😁

  186. I love my backyard gardens one has all types of flowers! I also have a large vegetable garden
    with strawberries, watermelons, tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, zucchini, green beans,
    cucumbers, lettuce, rosemary, & basil! My husband & I enjoy eating just picked fruit & vegs! 😋

  187. My sister has a beautiful landscaped background with all kinds of plants and flowers everywhere you look. It’s very peaceful to sit outside there and enjoy the lovely colors.

  188. Any garden someone else grows is my favorite…I don’t do well with plants. Luckily I have lots of plant stamps.

  189. I love my garden, but there is this house that I walk by that is the perfect mix of wild and structured, that is always brimming with flowers. That garden is my favorite!

  190. Last Year, we purchased a small greenhouse so we could have something to do during the pandemic. Well, we did terrible at it and didn’t get much produce. =(

  191. I remember years ago going to the Japanese Tea garden in San Antonio Texas, it was really beautiful with koi ponds and foot bridges and huge weeping willows. I would love to visit it gain someday.

  192. Unfortunately, I have a black thumb, so it’s not my garden!!! lol I love to take a walk anywhere and look at other peoples flowers!!

  193. I love my vegetable garden every year, produces more than we can eat. So I give away lots of fresh veggies!

  194. Cute inspiration. When we lived past in the Midwest we used to have a garden in our backyard. My husband enjoyed it even though he is not a veggie guy…lol here in the az desert…we don’t have one.

  195. My favorite garden is the rose garden I planted in my front yard. It is still a work in progress but coming along very nicely.

  196. My favorite garden was my grandmother’s. Going out with her to pick veggies and flowers was good ol’ fashion fun when I was a kid!

  197. My favorite garden is my own (rose)garden because I put so much effort into it after it has been abandoned by the pre-owners for a very long time.

  198. My favorite garden is the St Louis Botanical Gardens. Especially during the Japanese festival 🌸🌼🌿🏯

  199. My Grandma always had beautiful flower beds – everything she tended bloomed. I did not inherit that green thumb – lol.

  200. My favorite garden was my Grandma’s I used to love to go out to it with her, she was so proud of it and used everything from it. I sure wish I had her green thumb!

  201. My favourite garden is at my parents house, full of beautiful flowers and the sun always seems to be shining there

  202. I have always loved having a garden! There is something special about growing and eating your own food.

  203. Loved Marine’s idea of turning the magic picture changer upside down!

    My favorite garden is one we visit while traveling – we love finding the local botanical garden and visit!

  204. I loved visiting the fairy garden on the grounds at Blarney Castle. The poison garden was very interesting too!

  205. Our town has a botanical center. It is beautiful to walk around their well-manicured and landscaped park and see all the plants! At the house, well, they have to survive my black thumb! My husband brought me a plant from the store one time to be sweet and I asked him “what did this plant do to get sent here for a death sentence??!!!” Ha! Yet…we still buy plants sometimes. Maybe someday I’ll be good at it!

  206. Favorite garden would be the tulip fields in holland, haven’t made it there personally, but it looks so pretty in pictures!

  207. My favorite garden is the one my kids and I planted when they were little. We grew these HUGE sunflowers. They were taller than the kids. We loved it.

  208. My favorite garden was the one we had when I was very young.
    My time in the garden with my parents was the G.O.A.T.

  209. I have never really found a favourite garden in real life. But I would love to see “The Secret Garden” by the book of the same name.

  210. I love your larger happy Mother’s Day die cuts! I have a few of your earlier ones. Your papers bring a smile to my face!

  211. Mungisnger Gardens is what our garden in town is called. It is amazing with tons of flowers that I didn’t even know existed (sadly)!

  212. My favorite garden is The Olive Garden. lol. I have allergies and a black thumb, but I do enjoy making little flower gardens on my cards.

  213. I have serious nostalgia for my mom’s garden growing up and picking veggies for dinner as the sun slowly set on our farm. 🙂

  214. My favorite garden is our own garden! Especially in spring and summer time when everything is calm outside and I hear all the birds in our backyard.

  215. My parents garden is amazing! My dad built a beautiful Japanese inspired garden, complete with a pond, little bridge and even a pergola! They also grow lots of fruit trees and vegetables – always an adventure when we visit 🙂

  216. I dont have a garden and its hard to have one here as land space is limited! Haha but i do like the big outdoor gardens! Like Gardens by the Bay here! 🙂

  217. What a great release. My favorite garden is one that contains crocus, daffodils and hyacinth.

  218. I love the Before ‘n’ After sets. So happy to have this new addition. My favorite garden is the one in our backyard. My husband built some raised bed gardens in our yard after he retired. My favorite crop was the year he planted pumpkins. The vines literally took over the whole garden area, including the little playset we had back there for the grandkiddoes.

  219. My favorite garden is my friends garden. She started it a couple of years ago and last year it was lush and GORGEOUS! She makes bouquets from the flowers and gives them to friends.

  220. I remember as a child going to the Peace Gardens in Salt Lake City with my grandpa. He loved flowers and I loved being with him so that memory of us being together in that garden is my favorite.

  221. I have always been in awe of the garden from the movie, “The Secret Garden”. My husband has a very talented green thumb and I love our garden as well! It’s an amazing place to explore and enjoy. I love the before and afters and that you just keep adding more fun to already existing sets! Really makes them stretch further.

  222. The little critters are absolutely adorable. The strawberries bring back so many memories of growing up. We were allowed in the strawberry patch at age six and several decades later I still go picking at a commercial patch each summer.

  223. My mother has the best garden around! She has a huge pattio that is lined with pots and plants of so many different kinds! So beautiful! I’m trying to find my own green thumb, it’s coming slowly, but I’m almost there! Love this spring collection so far! great fun!

  224. My friend’s garden- she films videos of her working in the garden and then cooking videos using item’s she’s grown!

  225. My old boyfriend had this garden he was soooo enthusiastic about and that made me interested in gardening. Ever since, I’ve loved growing things. So thanx to his little garden, I have had many gardens since 🥰

  226. I enjoy spending time in my garden relaxing but my favorite time is definitely getting to harvest all the delicious fresh home-grown food.☺

  227. My aunt has an amazing garden but I think the best one I have ever seen is Butchart garden on Vancouver Island n Canada.

  228. My favourite garden is my flower garden at the front of our property. I have quite a Variety of flowers and also a few raspberry plants. I can see it from my living room window. Flowers always brighten my day! I really love the sunflower stamps in this release!

  229. tough question – I love to visit all kinds of ‘gardens’ … I do find I am partial to Japanese Gardens.

  230. I love this set! I ordered it and started playing with it as soon as it arrived. My hubby surprised me with the Happy Spring die. I just love these!

  231. My favorite garden was my mom’s. We used to garden together. She had the most magnificent bulbs-iris, daffodil and lilies. Every spring was a treat to see the explosion of color. I am going to continue the tradition in my own small patch.

  232. Oh my! These Garden Before N Afters are sooooo stinkin’ cute! I love gardens – I will have to say my favorite garden is the Rose Garden at the White House. I was lucky enough to actually visit it. My second favorite garden is Butchart Gardens outside Victoria, British Columbia. Thanks for creating all these fun flowers for us to enjoy! I love Lawn Fawn!

  233. I love this stamp set so much!😍 it is just darling.
    My favorite garden would be the Rose Gardens in downtown Portland, OR.

  234. adorable cards! my favorite garden was when i went to british columbia in canada with my grandparents when i was young. i can’t remember the name, but i remember it being so beautiful!

  235. I am so in love with the mice and strawberries. They look good enough to eat.

    The garden before and afters is a fabulous reminder that Spring is coming!

  236. oh, how fun!! The little sprouts are too cute! My favorite flower garden is probably my mom’s. She always has lots of beautiful flowers growing. I, on the other hand, do not do well with flower gardens; it’s too much work for me!

  237. My favorite garden is my own. It’s not much of a garden, I don’t do it every year, and usually the critters and bugs seem to get more out of it than I do, but it’s mine. Sadly, I lack a green thumb and I usually say it’s survival of the fittest in my garden. Still, I’ll be trying again this year with some new containers and hoping for better luck this time around. Elena’s birthday card is such a great idea, Grace’s Happy Spring card is so cute and pretty, and I really like Chari’s rooting for you and Happy Spring cards, too!

  238. I’ve been to the botanical gardens in Seattle. That was pretty. I don’t have a garden but like watching gardening videos. Maybe one day I’ll make a garden of my own!

  239. This before and after set is so cool! My favorite garden is my little raised garden bed on the side of my house. To me, nothing is better than home grown veggies. Speaking of veggies, I love Cheri’s adorable smiling veggies!

  240. I just cleaned my garden two weeks again and I can’t wait for my plants, especially the flowers, to grow back. I look forward to planting new ones too. Unfortunately, it has been either cold or rainy these past two weeks so I am unable to work on my garden again.

  241. My favorite garden is my Sister’s .
    She has a way with plants and arranging them so nicely in her flower gardens!

  242. My fav garden is the one I have – or at least trying to lol just a few cute flowers currenty, but one day I hope it will be much more 😍

  243. I love our balcony garden. And community gardens! In terms of favourite gardens to visit, I love sun yat sen in Vancouver!

  244. I’m in love with the entire release….Thank You Lawn Fawn for keeping us crafting during this time in the world❤️

  245. During the pandemic I started my little garden. I do t have to much space but I started with strawberries in pots, tomatoes and some herbs. I love my garden!

  246. I adore the rainy day little stamp set. For some reason I love rainy day stamps, umbrellas are the cutest, but I do not like the rain!

  247. Oh holy mini garden, the cutest. Always adding so much love and colorfulness to your releases LF, amazing how you can keep making it so wonderful!

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