Lawn Fawn Intro: How You Bean? Strawberries Add-On, Giant Happy Mother’s Day & Giant Get Well Soon

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s March Inspiration Week! Our Spring 2022 Release with 14 new stamp sets, 24 new die sets, 4 new stencil sets, new paper collections, new cardstock and more new products are now available at your favorite store and! Woohoo! This week we will continue to showcase these new products with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways!

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Today is our showcase of How You Bean? Strawberries Add-On and its coordinating dies! Send berry awesome greetings with this cute add-on stamp set. This stamp set coordinates with How You Bean and can also be used on its own to make cute cards and crafts!

We are also highlighting Giant Happy Mother’s Day and Giant Get Well Soon dies today! Use these dies to create quick and easy greeting cards or you can also make them the star of more elaborate designs.

Design Team Inspiration

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using this fresh new stamp set! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Yainea‘s design is so berry awesome! The mice from Berry Special are the cutest companions for How You Bean Strawberries Add-On! The Henry’s ABCs greeting, and pretty Flower Market paper also add to the cuteness!

Elise‘s Mother’s Day card is something to cherished for many years to come! She made a Platform Pop-Up using Giant Happy Mother’s Day and cute images from Gleeful Gardens. It just so beautiful!

Megan‘s delightful card is farm-stand fresh with a pretty gingham background and lacy scallops! I love the custom greeting, it’s totally my jam!

Latisha‘s design is so gorgeous! Her get-well card is sure to bring a smile and a brighter day! She used Plant-A-Succulent to create a colorful background for Giant Get Well Soon!

The adorable mice are busy whipping up strawberry treats to celebrate a birthday! Grace started the fantastic card stenciling Skinny Stripes in the background. Then she created a How You Bean shaker filled with strawberries! For the greeting she cleverly combined Scripty Happy with Henry’s ABCs!

Giant Happy Mother’s Day takes center stage on Mindy‘s gorgeous card! She made a full card shaker with Spring Flowers Backdrop in all the beautiful colors of Spring! This design is so special!

Tammy‘s sweet design uses a fun technique for the scalloped edge. Be sure to watch the Intro to How You Bean? Strawberries Add-On below to see how to recreate it!

Kara‘s light-hearted Giant Get Well Soon card just makes me smile! How cute is the “nurse” goat? I love how she used images from Get Well Before ‘n Afters to add a nurse hat, prescription bottle and bandages to add to the cute theme!

Caly used the new How You Bean Strawberries Add-On together with Berry Special to make a “berry sweet” card!

Giant Get Well Soon and Get Well Before ‘n Afters team up on Audrey‘s fantastic card! With some stenciled waves and stamped underwater foliage, this is a cute way to send get well soon wishes!

Gotta Have Gingham Rainbow paper gives Lynnette‘s strawberry themed card a sweet homespun look!

Elena‘s Giant Happy Mother’s Day card is a showstopper! All those bold colors on the black background are so gorgeous! And the clever way she split the die cut to fit around the strawberry basket is so brilliant!

Rebecca’s adorable interactive card features How You Bean Strawberries Add-On and the new Reveal Wheel Strawberry Add-On!

Tammy‘s design is so charming! I love the cute mouse enjoying a strawberry on the How You Bean Strawberries Add-On pile of berries! This card is so “berry awesome”!

Lynnette created a quick and pretty Giant Get Well Soon card with layers of bright cardstock! She placed the greeting on a neutral background of Flower Market paper to let the greeting stand out!

Be sure to check out the Intro to Giant Happy Spring, Happy Easter, Happy Mother’s Day and Get Well Soon at our YouTube channel. Chari shares how she made these beautiful cards! Click HERE!

Now, I have a video to introduce How You Bean? Strawberries Add-On and share some fun ways to use this berry fresh new set! I hope you enjoy it! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thanks so much for watching!

Giveaway Time

I hope you have enjoyed this look at How You Bean Strawberries Add-On, Giant Happy Mother’s Day and Giant Get Well Soon! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment with your suggestion for another How You Bean Add-On set by March 30th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Monday, March 28th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week, we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


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363 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: How You Bean? Strawberries Add-On, Giant Happy Mother’s Day & Giant Get Well Soon

    1. Oh I would love so see seashells and sand but I love the strawberries 🍓 they are my favorite fruit hehe

  1. I’d love an Add-On with money – both coins and bills and maybe a mix of those two to fill the jar with. Would be great for those cards that we use to give some money. I always struggle with a nice packaging for it.

    Love today’s samples, again each and every one is so pretty!

  2. I was thinking something non-edible to change things up – how about buttons? With sentiments like “you’re cute as a button” and similar 🙂

  3. Maybe something you can’t eat. Coins, flowers, fire fles, frogs, worms. All the samples today were so cute

  4. Super cute card’s, I would love to see some kind of fruit like peaches, lemon’s or bananas for another How You Bean Add-On set

  5. The strawberries are hard to beat! Very cute!
    Perhaps some typically canned produce –
    Tomatoes, string beans, pickles, peaches?

  6. Edible: cookies, bonbons, popcorn, doughnuts, gingerbread cookies, Easter eggs, other fruit
    Non-edible: buttons, diamonds (jewelry), coins

  7. Super cute inspiration, who doesn’t love some sweet strawberries? There are lots of things we could still add to the jars: buttons (with a pin cushion for the top part?), coins (a little “slit” stamp in the top part could turn the jar into a piggy bank), cookies, maybe even pickles or fireflies?

  8. Lots of cute suggestions above. A pile of tiny bears like You’re Claw-some would make cute gummy bears to go with Scripty Sweet.

  9. Love all the suggestions above…maybe a jar full of buttons to go along with a sewing theme…or did anybody suggest marbles??

  10. I love the strawberries and mice in Berry Special. I’ll make some cards to put on my homemade jam and jelly.

  11. So cute! I think either money or apples for the fall would be so cute! I’d love to see something summer related too! Maybe cute fireflies?

  12. Beautiful cards as always!!! My first thought is coins for How You Bean Add On. Great for those cards with money or gift cards included. Such cute suggestions above too! Love the pickle idea!!

  13. I have been DYING to see coffee beans and some cute little coffee drinking critters!!! especially some unlikely ones would be hysterical!

  14. Another add-on for the how you bean set is a tough question. Maybe some blueberries, or some marshmallows, or maybe some moons to go with the stars. The possibilities are endless. You guys do a great job thinking up all this stuff.

  15. OMG such great ideas already. The first thing that came to my mind was fireflies!! I really would love to see a bouquet of flowers as an add on and oh the cookie idea is good too and the marshmallows. But I love the coffee bean idea! I am sure we will love whatever you decide to add to this cute collection. 💚💚💚 coffee drinking mice. Hee hee. In sweaters for sweater weather! Hee hee. Hot chocolate drinking mice in sweaters for fall!

    1. When I think of beans I instantly think of Jack and the beanstalk 😂

      I think a coffee collection would be good. Some gorgeous bean background papers, a coffee cup die cut and all things coffee for stamps (marshmallows, hot chocolates, whipped cream) how fun!

  16. I think having twigs and leaves as for a How You Bean add on. This would allow a scene with the adorable insects (A Bug Deal) to be at home in the jar. I can see a jar with a cute set up for lady bugs or a variety of insects.

  17. I think that coins would be great. U.S. coins and international. Also postage stamps. I am really loving seeing all of your new stamps being used. The snails are adorable, the bears (I have them, and can’t wait to use them!), the strawberries and adorable mice. I LOVE THEM ALL.

  18. Glass jar luminaries would be amazing. The scenes could be die cut from vellum and dark cardstock and a light placed behind it. Could have all sorts of light up jars, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, parties and celebrations the list is endless. Omg please do this 🤞

  19. Oh wow, reading the comments so far and so many great ideas! I really love the idea of coins and bills…maybe to go with a household chores critter set. I also really love the idea of pickles! Gherkins and slices, could turn it to relish!

  20. Seashells, for summer, every beach trip I grab 2 or 3 shells to put in a jar to celebrate and remember our vacation. Lots of good suggestions! Always look forward to your releases.

  21. Lightening bugs was my first thought!!!
    In the 70’s we would take old glass jars and poke holes in the metal top with an ice pick and then fill it with grass & twigs. Then that evening when it was dusk we would run around the yard catching the lighting bugs!
    My second thought was to make it a cuss jar! Hee hee hee. But I think making it a wish jar or a prayer jar or a jar that you could put little inspiring messages on/in would be better. My daughter got a jar like that once for a birthday present from a friend. It was fun for her and the little messages one might put on the strips could brighten a day!😍

  22. I saw that someone suggested seashells, and I think that’s a great idea. There’s lots of fun greetings that can go with a beach theme.

  23. I’d love to see a how you bean add-on set for chocolate chip cookies or pickles. I have so much fun creating with these sets.

  24. How about a gratitude jar where you have a stamp to make little blank notes and the person writes their own messages. You could also pair this with the shaker add on and the notes are actually die cut and placed in the shaker.

  25. Buttons – mice sewing would pair nicely with the sewing set (which was my first ever purchased lawn fawn).

  26. I would love to see a pet add-on for the How You Bean bones, balls, toys, maybe cat toys & treats x Thank you for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  27. I just read a comment above suggesting seashells! Yes! Great idea! It would pair so nicely with the beach sets.

  28. Ooh. Marshmallows, blueberries, coffee beans, ice cubes, seashells, glass marbles and a candle, crystals/gems, snowflakes, acorns, pumpkins, sunflowers and leaves. I am loving the strawberries and am making my first card with it now!! Great projects DT!!

  29. First thought was pickles, then something like Hershey’s kisses or wrapped candies/chocolates or tea bags.

  30. I think macaroni noodles would be fun for a jar. Button and jewels too. Nails, nuts, screws for making cards for boys.

  31. I still need the original How You Bean products! They’ve been on my wish list for quite a while! Chocolates/bonbons would be cute, mini baked goods, buttons,…

    1. Maybe for the fall an acorn set would be great.

      I must say who ever said pickles above me is spot on and brilliant!!

  32. I have jars of buttons, coins, pasta in my house. So many fun things for jars! Love the ideas everyone has given!!

  33. Love the jar!!! I would suggest curly pasta, marshmallows, M and M like candy, pretzels, popcorn, and/or buttons.

  34. I see that several people mentioned it already, but buttons or other sewing notions. It would be cute to have some bobbins and a measuring tape…something like that!

    You guys always come up with the cutest things!!!

  35. I saw so amazing suggestions for the “How you Bean”. There are so many creative people who love Lawn Fawn products as much as me. What about a jar filled with toys like a ball and jaxs or small hot wheels cars?

  36. I love the idea of gummi bears—a whole colorful jar full of them! Yum. And the pirate in me says, “Arg: Tha’s where we’s keeps our booty!” So, jewels&dubloons. (Dollars and cents are too literal.) My treasure trove might also include a tiny troll doll and other lucky charms, lucky cat, and a rabbit’s foot.

  37. So many creative ideas! Maybe a collection of items that would be found in a child’s pocket…like a worm, lucky coin, some baseball cards, half eaten candy, etc.

  38. Sprinkles would be a great choice! But I also love the ideas of seashells, cookies, money, fireflies, and Christmas ornaments!

  39. I would love to see lemons in the how you bean set. I love lemons and strawberries. The two together would be fabulous with a lemonade theme? Another thing I would like to see is fireflies. Would love to do a light up card with fireflies in the jar.

  40. A tropical themed add-on. 🍹 With a little die cut straw, cute umbrella bubbles for a carbonated drink version, maybe with a fruit slice to hang on the edge and of course some adorable lawn fawn puns, such as you are tropi-cool. 😎☺️

  41. I think a money set would be cute – with a variety of bills and coins. With sentiments like you’re one in a million

  42. A jar of pickles, (lots of puns to go with that one.) I also think we need a new critter set with deer, especially a little fawn, I mean come on, this is Lawn Fawn, right? lol.

  43. I love several of the ideas that others have said like buttons, marbles, and coins. I am going to stick to the berry theme though and say blueberries or raspberries

  44. How You Bean add-ons? Mmmm…cherries would be cute. Pumpkins. Cookies. Ornaments. Witches Hats or Shoes. Candy Canes. Easter Eggs. Peeps. Little 4th of July Rockets.

  45. The first thing that popped up in my head was buttons, but I saw that that one had already been written down, so how about peanuts or pickles. I also thought of a little spooky things for Halloween like eyeballs, wiggly worms and crawling beetles.

  46. I’m loving those cute mice! Great projects from the designers again. Maybe an add-on could be coins and bills. It would work for cards we intend to put money in or special gift card holders. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  47. Like the cards. Buttons, seashells, spices, spools of thread, coins, bingo round wooden numbers, red hots (skittles), Hershey kisses just to name a few.

  48. I bought this set and l love it so much! I think a new set could be some pickles, now they would be fun.

  49. Love all the strawberries and mice! Can’t wait to try them. I would like to see coin inserts for the jar (along with a slit for the lid. Could even put read coins as a shaker in it.

  50. Liking all the inspiration this week. Not sure what would make a good “how you been add-on”. There has been a lot of good suggestions in the comments.

  51. I would love seashells, starfish, seahorses with puffy sand, or gold coins, or Hershey Kiss, or Halloween candy worms, spiders, or Valentines Hearts with kiss me, love, hug me, xoxo, etc., Christmas ornaments/balls or peaches sliced in jar & whole peaches outside!

  52. Love the idea of items to turn the jar into some cute cocktails. Like an umbrella toothpick, some lime slices, maybe a cherry, etc

  53. How about buttons, cookies, flowers, other berries like blackberries or raspberries. They would all be cute.

  54. I don’t have a fresh idea for the How you bean? sets but it’s been fun to read all the ideas from other crafters!

  55. Candy hugs and kisses-the Hershey kind with additional faces (one with a mustache, wink, etc.) and some cute sentiments. One with stripes and one plain. You could have some “sweet” type sentiments or some funny “better than chocolate” sentiments or sending hugs and kisses.

  56. Can you do a jar of Hershey kisses? (Is it trademarked?) Because that’s one of my favorite quick treats.
    As I was scrolling, I saw someone else suggest coins/money, which I also think is a good idea because we give cash or giftcards to so many teenage nieces/nephews.

  57. I wondered if this would be your question today. I was trying to think of an item that people collect AND that would match a lot of LF sets. I came up w/ seashells. I also thought of various kinds of hard candy. Finally I thought of DIY supplies like nails, screws, nuts, bolts, etc. We kept this sort of stuff in glass jars when I was a kid. Probably not many younger people do now, but a lot of older people probably used to have many jars. I also saw someone’s suggestion of drinks and I think a taller jar would be great and then you could make all kinds of drink fillers.
    Loving this inspo week,
    Lori S in PA

  58. It’s really fun to read all the different ideas! Love the ideas about buttons, seashells, and marbles! How about miniature gardening items – garden gloves, seed packets, tiny trowels or rakes?

  59. I LOVE all your cards and projects…so much AWESOME fun!!!
    I LOVE the little Cheesy Fish Crackers, Sour Cherry Balls, Christmas Ribbon Candy, Peanuts (to use with the Elephants), Acorns (to use with the Squirrels-or maybe a BIGGER ‘new’ Squirrel =), keys (to use with a new Car, Dice, Nuts & Bolts for the Guys, Sequins, Pom Poms!!! I could go on and on!

  60. I would love to have How you bean Teabags with paper-piecing Teapod. Or How you bean Spices would be nice. With a spice rack.

  61. I would love to have How you Bean for rainbows/sunshine, also like for little bears/penguins! Would be nice to also have one for like a terrarium! 😍

  62. I loved reading all of these amazing suggestions! I don’t have any to add, but I love the seashell and terrarium ideas. For food ideas, the popcorn, coffee and tropical/summer drinks would all be so much fun. I’m so excited to see what you do next!

  63. I love this add on. I would also love to see some easter items, jelly beans, peeps, etc for the jars.

  64. Fireflies with “You light up my life”. Different kinds of nuts so it could be used with your let’s go nuts set. Someone mentioned marshmallows that could go with your S’more sets. Buttons would be good to use with sewn with love set.

  65. When I see jars I always think of my grandmothers old buttons she use to save. I’m sure she never threw out a button in her life! As a little girl I’d visit and head straight for that button jar to look at the awesome variety she had in there!

  66. Strawberries are my favorite so I’m happy with that.. Great ideas already: money, tea, cookies, cupcakes, bonbons…

  67. Wow-so many great ideas already but don’t know if it’s already been stated. How about bugs! All kinds of insects like ants, worms, bugs-all smiling of course!

  68. Lots of good suggestions above…..LF fans are so creative! I like the idea of buttons that someone suggested. The best I could come up is fun pasta shapes (like rotini or stars) or baking ingredients (sugar, salt, chocolate chips) that might pair with Baked with Love.

  69. Love all these cards and projects!
    And I’m loving people’s ideas – I think dog treats would be fun. I also love the other suggestions for cookies, teabags – and maybe little plush toys similar to the ‘You’re claw some’ set

  70. I would love to see an add on with critters you can catch in the backyard: ladybugs, snails, caterpillars…it would work so well with the little gnome and fairy houses too. 🐌🍄🐛

  71. I’d like lightening bugs, a jar of coins, lady bugs, candy canes, but anything you come up with will be great too.

  72. I have a collection of vintage jars that I have filled with buttons so I’d love to see buttons to fill the How you bean jar!

  73. screws, nuts and bolts, nails, blackberries, hair clips, hair elastics, push pins. I love this set and how you keep adding to it to make it fresh and fun!

  74. How about buttons? one of my favorite older sets is “Sewn with Love” and my grandma kept left over ribbon & buttons in a jar for “just in case”.

  75. I love the Happy Mother’s Day box. The snails are just precious as are the bears splashing in the water. What do I buy, what do I buy. There are so many cute things.

  76. This is a hard question – there are already so many cute add-ons – maybe kisses (candy) or candy canes?

  77. I would love to see buttons as an add on.
    Many many thanks for all the great stamps and dies you create for us, and kudos for all the creative things the designers do with them. They always make me happy and amaze me!

  78. What about something that would stick out of the top? Like pencils, or American Flags? I also thought of sand and seashells. What a fun set!!

  79. I’d love to see a cluster of gummy bears or paper scraps (like fortunes from fortune cookies) so you can make your own hope/wish jar and write each wish on a scrap.

  80. I live on the coast, so my first thought was shells. But I also think dog biscuits/treats would be cute.

  81. I would echo many of the suggestions I saw on the comments. Buttons, pickles, maybe dog treats (little bone shaped ones).
    Another day of fantastic inspiration/ thank you!!

  82. You could start an OUT OF THE JAR series, paint brushes, bouquet of flowers, cooking utensils, pens/markers, spices/plants… No lid and the stamp would have one part for whatever is in the jar and another part for whatever is coming out.

    ALSO to go along with the get well theme you could do chicken soup, little chunks of carrots, chicken, noodles broth.

  83. What about trinkets? Like buttons, sequins, coins, ya know a “jar that holds stuff”??
    Love the strawberries and so the new stamp set is completely worth it JUST for the smiley with the tongue sticking out!!

  84. I love the button idea. It could be used with the sewing set. Or maybe M&M’s? that might be a licensing issue though.

  85. Love the “How You Bean?” jar. My grandmother used to can peaches in jars. (you’re a real peach or it’s peachy) other fruits and berries would work too.

    I use canning jars for bits and baubles of everything – ribbon, spools of thread, a display of small Christmas ornaments, sand and shells from the beach.

  86. I love all the How You Bean sets, but am always surprised at the combinations you guys come up with. I have no idea what the next combo should be – I’ll leave that to the experts!

  87. I love all the berry inspiration! I can’t really think of another example for how to use the set. I do like the seashell idea that others have suggested!

  88. Wow, there are so many possibilities. We use jars for everything in our life. I have a jar full of dice, for game playing. Other ideas that I read and liked:
    -fireflies- with holes in the top of the jar, and some grass and twigs, so you can put the lightning bugs in the jar
    – coins/with or without bills- slit in top of jar, great sentiments, for saving for vacation, to a gift of money. Lots of add on stamps for different types of coins and bills.
    -a jar of little pieces of paper- to stamp sentiments on- encouragement, chores, prayers, names of games, or just tiny letters to add our own sentiments or names. You can see only part of the sentiment on each paper in the jar, so adding a little critter reading a strip of paper, or several strips of paper that can be outside the jar.
    – and my favorite, for fall ideas, acorns for the squirrels to enjoy, or a liquid or gel idea for the jar, and lots of different types of fruit for outside, grapes, tomatoes, peaches, peanuts, almonds, anything that we can in late summer, early fall.

    I love the how you bean jar and add ons. My favorite is the Christmas cookies.

  89. I was thinking like money or coins. Would be good for a tag to accompany a just “MONEY” gift.
    Sayings like: I’ve been saving up for … I broke the bank on this gift…

  90. My idea for the next How You Bean Add-On set is seashells….I told you I love the Beach and everything about it!

  91. The mice baking up little strawberry treats for a birthday is simply darling Grace. The oversized jar is so sweet.😃

  92. There are so many great idea listed here. My favorite are seashells and popcorn. A jar full of sparkles. A jar with round cookies and different stamps to make different types of cookies. Gumballs. Small ornaments. Dog bones.

  93. Fireflies would be great for the summer!
    And a button themed one with mice would be cute too! (Along with other mice/button sets – so many ideas and puns!!!)
    Fall themed could be acorns (the Hurray squirrel would look cute with this) or leaves.
    Christmas could be a bunched-up/entwined string of lights or snowflakes.

  94. There are SO many great suggestions above that I can’t think of anything new… My favourite suggestions would be: Cookies, marbles, gummy bears, seashells and other fruits.

  95. Wow! A lot of great answers to today’s question! I don’t know if anyone has suggested this yet or if it’s strange, but how about an undersea garden in the jar with a mermaid, sea horse and other creatures, rocks, plants, a treasure chest, etc… to go along with the beach theme people have been suggesting??? Or the jar being a bathtub or swimming pool for the cute critters in your collection. I’m on board with the coffee bean, chocolates, cookies and acorn suggestions also! Oh, cake in a jar or homemade hot chocolate mix, too!

    1. More ideas… ladybugs and lovebugs to go with the fireflies stamp set that has been used with the jar. Perhaps even cold/flu bugs to make a “get well” jar card or tag. Or a little world of grass, mushrooms and fairies living in the jar.

    1. Would love to see something like pickles, or gold fish, or even different bugs!! Maybe even jewels. Endless possibilities!!

  96. I can’t get enough of these Berry Special mice in the strawberry patch… had super fun creating my first platform pop-ups with this set. As for another add-on, maybe some lightning bugs caught in a jar for spring or summer time fun!

  97. SO many great suggestions already!
    i was just thinking the other day how i’d love some more berries apart from strawberries… or maybe different kinds of nuts?

  98. I know you have covered Valentines with the candy hearts, but Kisses would be a great addition. With sentiments “Sending Kisses”.

  99. I love everything in this spring release and am a giant fan of the giant sentiments. For How You Bean add-ons my initial thought was a jar of chocolate chip cookies. Scrolling through other comments, I second the ideas for buttons (I quilt too) or fireflies. Truly you always hit it out of the park with your ideas. Thanks for all of these great videos.

  100. I just absolutely love the How You Bean set and add-ons. And, these strawberries are incredible. I think a good idea for the next How You Bean add-on stamp set would be sea glass or seashells. We all keep little knick knacks in jars, and having a jar of sea glass or seashells is so pretty.

  101. These strawberries are the cutest!😍 I absolutely love all the strawberries in this release!
    I think seashells would be fun.

  102. really cute! love the inspiration. hmm, an idea could be ribbon or pencils (have a separate stamp to have tops stick out, too maybe?)… i like the idea of seasheels and popcorn above, too!

  103. How about a little miniature tornado so you could make a glittery snow globe? Little gherkins, marbles and a variety of
    Different pastas would be ok too…or just elbow macaroni.

  104. Wow. This was harder than I thought. Maybe a twig with a cocoon on it? The button idea people were saying was good. Or a ball set that you could adapt and change to fit the sport.

  105. Those strawberries look so yummy!! So many people in the comments above had fabulous ideas!! I think buttons and the dog treats (little bone shaped ones) were my two favorite suggestions.

  106. I thought of things that I think others mentioned- buttons and sewing notions, gummy bears, and betta fish or gold fish.

  107. Elise’s Mother’s Day card with snails is so cute! I didn’t really have any new ideas, but I agree with others that Halloween candies would be neat. Hard candy balls / gumballs could be fun too, although maybe a bit redundant since LF already has a cute gumball machine design.

  108. Strawberries are so cute!
    It would be fun to have a smoothie or milkshake add-on. It could have ice inside, a straw, and a hole die to insert the straw through the lid. Also some matching fruits or other things to decorate the milkshake or some whipped cream and sprinkles to add.
    Also, some tiny fairies would be lovely. Who doesn’t want a jar full of pixie dust?
    Some other ideas I would love to have are marshmallows, buttons and sewing-related things, or coins, which would be great for those who are saving money, or for cards with some gift money inside.
    By the way, I would also love a second version of the “you are claw-some” with no bears inside, so that we can fill it with other animals or small objects to pick up by the claw.

  109. I’d love to see an add on that’s a pile of buttons especially since it seems like a lot of us crafters have buttons lying around.

    1. Or I just thought of art supplies. I use mason jars to hold my gelly roll pens, scissors, paint brushes and blending brushes on my craft desk.

  110. I’d love to see pickles as an add on. I’ve looked for a hard of pickles stamp and can’t find one. There are cute saying too like “In a pickle?”

  111. My first thought was pennies or money. Other possibilities are lemons, thread, buttons or gummy bears.

  112. Since I love Halloween I love the candy corn already but I was thinking about something to make a witches brew not too scary but something fun or I think gummy bears would be really cute!!!

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