Lawn Fawn Video {4.28.22} Kara’s Cozy Platform Pop-Up Scene!

Kara is back to share another amazing Platform Pop-Up card! This time she created a cozy scene for 2 kids to watch TV and stay out of the rain! You can watch the video tutorial below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

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Kara’s Platform Pop-Up has a fun indoor/outdoor design! She used Window Frame with some lovely Flower Market curtains as the divider. By combining Winter Scene: Winter, Screen Time and Virtual Friends she created a cozy living room scene!

The Screen Time kids are settled in for some serious binge-watching inside while it’s storming outside. Kara included fun details like the sodas and popcorn along with the sleeping dog and rug from Christmas Dreams.

Kara created the outside by stenciling Rainy Sky Stencil on the Platform Pop-Up Add-On. She used both ink and Clear Stencil Paste. Then she placed trees from Tree Before ‘n Afters to finish the outdoor scene!

Thank you for sharing another amazing and creative Platform Pop-Up card, Kara!


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