Lawn Fawn Intro: Stitched Wavy Backdrop: Portrait & Stitched Wavy Backdrop: Landscape

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s June 2022 Inspiration Week! Our Summer 2022 Release with 11 new stamp sets, 17 new die sets, 3 new stencil sets, new paper collection, and more new products is available at your favorite store and! Woohoo!

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Today is our showcase of Stitched Wavy Backdrop: Portrait and Stitched Wavy Backdrop: Landscape. This backdrop is a great background for water-themed cards. It adds stitched detail and cuts waves for tucking in cute swimming critters. It also makes a sandy beach or soil for flowers and veggies.

The design team has made the most amazing samples! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Design Team Inspiration

Grace gathered some sun-loving bears to hang out on the beach and in the ocean! I love the pretty shades of blue and green she used on the Stitched Wavy Backdrop: Landscape! The fantastic card is so filled with summery fun!

Audrey‘s Mermazing Mermaid design is so beautiful! She used Stitched Wavy Backdrop: Portrait to create the underwater currents and then she added cute fishy images from Build-An-Aquarium!

Marine is sending encouragement and love with this adorable Smooth Sailing design! The Stitched Wavy Backdrop: Portrait provides the waves while Beary Rainy Day adds the splashes and sea spray! So clever! And I love how she used the Tiny Winter Friends as her little sailors!

Mindy filled her adorable ocean scene with You Are Sublime and Ocean Shell-fie! The Stitched Wavy Backdrop makes it so easy to create layers to tuck in the images!

Megan snipped off the top layer of the Stitched Wavy Backdrop: Portrait so she could add a sunny stenciled sky above the waves! The Pool Party cat invited friends from Purrfectly Wicked along to enjoy a day at the beach!

Tammy‘s birthday card is so gorgeous! The ombré inking provides a beautiful backdrop for the Mermaid for You birthday party! And of course, Giant Happy Birthday sends a perfect greeting!

Using All the Dots paper jump-started Elise‘s adorable aquatic themed design! She added some inking to the Stitched Wavy Backdrop: Landscape before adding the cute Ocean Shell-fie critters! Her greeting is a combination of Henry’s ABCs and Yay, Kites!

Latisha got really creative and cut out separate waves from the Stitched Wavy Backdrop! She layered them on a cloudy stenciled panel, then she added the cute Float My Boat sailboat and sentiment!

Caly created her adorable beach scene with both the portrait and landscape Stitched Wavy Backdrop dies! I love the combination of Pool Party and On the Beach sets!

Lynnette also chose to use only a part of the Stitched Wavy Backdrop: Landscape. She added just two waves to accommodate the sunny Sunray Background Stenciled sky! I love how the stenciled sunrays look on the canvas cardstock!

Elena‘s happy design invites you to smile with a Scripty Bubbles Sentiment! The lovely mermaids look so much at home on the Pool Party floats!

The Stitched Wavy Backdrop: Landscape creates the perfect background for Kara‘s whimsical Flamingo Floatie scene! Such a fun way to send a summery birthday greeting!

Intro Video

Here’s the Intro to Stitched Wavy Backdrop! We will introduce these dies and give three clever examples! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

Giveaway Time

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Stitched Wavy Backdrop: Portrait and Stitched Wavy Backdrop: Landscape! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us what made you smile today by June 22nd at 5:00pm ET. We will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Tuesday, June 21st for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week; we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one of them puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


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306 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Stitched Wavy Backdrop: Portrait & Stitched Wavy Backdrop: Landscape

  1. Having time to be able to play with my new Lawn Fawn stamps I just received in the mail, made me smile today.😄

  2. My sweet new puppy, Boomer, he is 10 weeks old and full of energy. Loved the cards and these back drops are a wonderful addition I need for my collection

  3. We have had some very hot and sunny days here. Not that I complain about that, but I really had to smile about those few droplets of rain we had this morning because I know nature needs these so much. And it was a bonus that a bit of thunder was thrown in, I love thunderstorms!

  4. Sweet summer cards, love the mix of new with previously released! Seeing these adorable cards made me smile this morning!

  5. Love all of these cards, but Marine’s card with the lighthouse and tiny friends was my fave! I just kept going back to look at the details.

    Our older boys have launched and are living their lives (as they should be 🙂 ). Yesterday they both called my husband to wish him Happy Father’s Day. They each chatted about 30 min. before they got off. It made his day! So this morning I am smiling at the seasons of parenting and the sweetness of each one.

  6. Today I smiled as the birds were all singing in my garden and got to enjoy a cup of coffee outside on the patio with them!

  7. Sitting inside with the air conditioning looking at all of the great inspirational ideas with this new release!
    Heat index of 105 today, so perfect day for it.

  8. Having today off from work made me smile today!! YAY!! Love this release!
    Have a wonderful day,
    Migdalia Rodriguez

  9. What made me smile this morning ….well since I am still in bed. This post of corse. lol💚💚💚

  10. I smiled when watering my houseplants today… one of them bloomed overnight and it smells so sweet 🙂

  11. I have a short work week this week and plan to do some card making, that makes me smile. It is going to be very hot here so staying inside in the air will not make me smile.

    1. What made me smile today was being able to relax this morning on my deck, with a nice breeze, listening to the birds chirping.

  12. My kitties made me smile. They protest when you pick them up but then you put them on your lap they are all like oh… Ya this is where I wanted to sit.


  13. It’s early…but there’s coffee. And I got to sit and check out the new DT cards. Definitely made me smile. 🙂

  14. My grandkids and great granddaughter due 8/2 made me smile today creating art I am sending her. Plus these adorable images make me smile!!

  15. These cards and the sunshine made me smile today! Living in Minnesota today, air conditioning made me smile today! My new granddaughter made me smile yesterday! Seeing my son be a dad and take care of her made me a very happy mom! I am blessed!

  16. All the cute burrowing owls we saw on our bike ride this morning!
    As well as all the adorable inspiration this week using the new
    release products. 🙂

  17. Great new release! Hearing my current favorite song on the radio made me smile and got me dancing this morning.

    1. My dog made me smile this morning when I told him it was time to get up. He looked at me, made a moaning sound and laid his head back down on the pillow. He wasn’t having any of it!

  18. Bunny posts on facebook – I’m still devastated by the loss of my bunny almost a year ago and so whenever I see bunnies my heart melts.

  19. It’s a beautiful sunny day, and that always brings a smile! Great job by the design team, as always 💕

  20. Getting to talk to my son. He is away serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I love Mondays when we can talk.

  21. My smiles are all about the 4yo grandson these days… waking up with him snuggled up next to me for warmth… REALLY made me smile. <3

    Great wavy projects today!

  22. Such cute inspiration! It’s still early here, but definitely the crafty inspiration and my fabulous, encouraging co-worker!

  23. such cute cards! i went for an early run on the boardwalk this morning. seeing the sun rise over the water just made me smile with happiness!

  24. I love when I get up in the morning and one of my kitties is in bed with me. She starts purring, meowing and rubbing against me when she sees I’m awake. Sometime during the night, she has brought me her favorite green fuzzy ball. (She has had that since she was a kitten.) In an hour or two, I will see my kids before we all start our day. This routine always makes me smile.

  25. I smiled when I saw that the water in the pool
    is getting warm enough to get in without
    cringing. Don’t like cold water.
    Great release. thanks for sharing

  26. I live in Texas and it has been very hot lately. Today I woke up to only 70 degrees and enjoyed an awesome bike ride outside.

  27. The first text I woke up to was my future daughter-in-law asking me to teach her to crochet an octopus.

  28. It’s my kids last week of school this week and it makes me smile thinking of all the fun things we’ve got planned for the summer!

  29. It’s cloudy, breezy, and rainy here this morning but I smiled when I looked out the window to see that our beautiful dark pinkish-red peony is now in full bloom! So bright on this rainy day!

  30. I love these wavy backdrops! They’re so charming. And waking up to new inspiring posts from Lawn Fawn never fail to make my day begin with a smile! I especially love all the clever puns they usually include, but even when it’s a die set (or two) like the Mermazing Mermaid and today’s vert&horiz waves they are so keen, I cannot help but imagine using them all!

  31. I smiled when my little great niece gave me a second hug before leaving to go home from camp today. She is so sweet!

  32. Today I smiled because my hour and a half commute over the mountain was a breeze. Not a single car in front of me going too slow! That’s a huge deal for me!

  33. These cards are so adorable! What made me smile today is my kid coming in the bedroom to check on me since I’m not feeling good today.

  34. The happiness on my co-workers faces when I brought in mini cheesecakes that I made for them over the weekend made me smile today!

  35. I cut the first zinnia flowers from plants I’d started from seeds. Planting and growing flowers always makes me smile.

  36. Watching the various backyard birds eat from my birdfeeders & splash around in my birdbaths makes me so happy!
    Please Lawn Fawn, I need birdfeeder & birdbath stamps and dies!

  37. I love Chari’s swimmer card and really loving the All the Dots designs! I got something to work, while at work today, and that definitely made me smile 😊

  38. Seeing the beautiful sunrise this morning & hearing there will be warmer weather 🙂 Love the cards, sooo cute!

  39. Memories of yesterday playing with my whole family made me smile! I super love the flamingo with mice card! So cute!

  40. I smiled today when my commute was surprisingly quick and I got to work early enough to grab a tea first 😀.

  41. What made me smile today was my youngest daughter getting her high school diploma and having fun at her graduation party. I love the wavy backdrop. I like making beach scenes and this will work great for that.

  42. Seeing my 5 year old granddaughter get excited about going with her aunt to her summer daycare program 😊

  43. My husband made me a half of a everything egg bagel & said I’ve loved you for 40yrs! 💞

  44. So so fun!
    What made me smile today was my 19 year old son heading off to Europe on his own – so proud of him!

  45. Spending time with my out of state daughter made me smile today. She’s coloring some of my stamped images to make some cards!

  46. My daughter-in-law’s excitement about getting to spend a few hours at the beach today with her hubby and kiddoes is what made me smile today. It’s their wedding anniversary and she loves the beach!

  47. I was definitely smiling at all the different stamp sets and different ways this stitched wavy background can be used! I thought my meadows background was versatile but this one is exceptional! Can’t wait!!!!

  48. My sweet little grandson makes me smile! He is 9 months old and so adorable! Love the wavy backgrounds!

  49. Seeing an older video of my grandsons with the pawpaw playing made me smile. My grandsons are 3 1/2 now and their parents just moved 12 hours away, so seeing any picture or video makes me smile.

  50. My coworker made me smile today. He had me cracking up over a meme his brother had sent him. His reaction to it was hilarious!

  51. Happy smiles when I opened up your new die reveal, that I can really use with your gardening stamps! Yay!

  52. This is what made me smile today: I went to Art and Happiness! That’s the name of my local stamp store and I haven’t been inside the store in a couple months. I love chatting with the shop owner and seeing all of the inspiring projects she has around the store. She even has a special Lawn Fawn group for release days. 💗

  53. I took my nephew to his first swim lesson class today. I couldn’t help but smile seeing him splash around.

  54. My crafty friend made me smile today when she invited me to a craft day at her house in July. After 2 years of shut downs, it will be so great to get together with my friends and spend the day stamping and scrapbooking! You can bet that I’ll be bringing some of my Lawn Fawn supplies with me to play with.

  55. Lots of smiles today seeing my daughter catch a plane for the first time by herself to go visit her Aunty.

  56. Watching my husband interact with our boys. They keep peppering him with questions and he has the patience of a saint to answer each one (sometimes more than once!) 😊

  57. Viewing this blog post! I work with my bestie and we had an online meeting to look at it together…always the best meeting of the day!

  58. My pets made me smile today. Three of them were all curled up together on a freshly-laundered blanket. They love when I wash their throws!
    Thanks for sharing all the inspiration!! It’s been splendid!
    Lori S in PA

  59. I’m continually amazed at all the ways the stamps and dies can be intermingled and used. Love the ideas. Now I just need more time to put them into play!!

  60. I see some truly amazing birds in my backyard each day, but the best and the bird that makes me smile is the hummingbird. They are magical, tiny creatures almost like fairies. Seeing them always makes me smile.

  61. Arriving home after spending 10 hours in the car. And the fact that we didn’t have to fight traffic to get home.

  62. The thought of celebrating Swedish Midsummer on friday with friends and family made me smile today. 🌼🌞🍓

  63. I smiled today when the work day was over, when my kids messaged me pictures of my grandkids, when my husband returned home safely from work and I’m still smiling now that I get to have some crafting time before the day ends.

  64. Playing a new board game. And, Chari Moss’ card I liked her non-wave idea and enjoyed the rooting for you throw back.

  65. My cat meowing bloody murder so I would get out of bed (again), so she could show me the gecko she caught for me. I would be annoyed, but at 17 with health problems, I’m happy she is still able to catch geckos and she still wants to give them to me (also happy she doesn’t kill the gecko, just torments it… I take them back outside and they scurry away). So yes, that is what made me smile this morning.

  66. My husband…I woke up with no voice today but still went to work. When I went home for lunch (I’m lucky enough to work just a few minutes up the road from home), it just took a big hug from my husband to make me feel better and smile.

  67. My sister surviving her heart attack made me smile today. Thank you for the chance to win. Good luck everyone m.

  68. My son made me tea to take to work this morning, that made me smile.
    Love the great ideas for the waves.

  69. Love pool party!
    wish I have pool to have party!
    my daughter made me smile,she asked me if Im drunk because I cleane the house LOL

  70. I’m smiling because our air conditioning is working! We don’t have central air and bought a rolling unit thanks to climate change.

  71. My wonderful family makes me smile. Knowing that school is done for the summer, Disneyland is coming, and I now have time to play with all my Lawn Fawn goodies from this release. All these things make me smile!

  72. My seven year old’s exclamations over a beach treasure he found. I think he aspires to be the next Steve Irwin. Lol

  73. My grandson wakes me up every morning with a “get up grandma, its a sunny day” ( even if its not sunny out)

  74. I went inside my daughters school for the first time today (Her last day, thanks COVID) and getting to see her with her little classroom and have lunch with her made me smile! Such a special time to share with her.

  75. Awesome die and beautiful inspiration. Today my two 3 month old grandsons made me smile! They are two days apart!

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