Lawn Fawn Intro: Platform Pop-Up Hillside Wrap Around & Platform Pop-Up Hillside Inserts

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Fall & Winter 2022 Inspiration and Release Week! On August 25th our 12 new stamp sets, 20 new die sets, 3 new stencil sets, 2 new paper collections, and more exciting new products will be available at your favorite store and! Woohoo! Until then we will have fun posts with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways! Then in September and October we will introduce the rest of the Fall & Winter 2022 Release!

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Simply Celebrate Fall & Simply Fall Sentiments post!
AND today’s post too!


Today is our showcase of Platform Pop-Up Hillside Wrap Around and Platform Pop-Up Hillside Inserts! Use this add-on to create a rolling hill scene that wraps around your Platform Pop-Up. And these stitched hillsides fit perfectly on your Platform Pop-Up inserts to create a hillside scene. These sets add even more scene-building versatility to this already amazing interactive set!

Design Team Inspiration

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using these new products! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details! And leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Mindy used the new Platform Pop-Up Hillside Wrap Around for the added height. It’s perfect for adding the tall stalks of corn! Then she filled her incredible Nighttime Sky with adorable Fangtastic Friends using Platform Pop-Up Hillside Inserts!

Marine used the new Platform Pop-Up Hillside Wrap Around to make the cutest Halloween card! Her Platform Pop-Up features a fun Spooky Village scene and also some awesome stenciling!

Elena‘s Platform Pop-Up card is so full of fall goodness! She used the new Platform Pop-Up Hillsides Wrap Around and Giant Happy Fall! Those adorable critters are from the new Ugly and Bright set. Elena gave the sweaters a cute fall vibe using Spooky Village and an acorn from Forest Feast!

Tammy used the hillside add-ons to create a fun Snowball Fight Platform Pop-Up! I love how she brought the scene down onto the Hillside Wrap Around, it’s just so cute!

Latisha‘s Foxy Family Platform Pop-Up has so much sparkle and shine with metallic gold and glittery gold cardstock! She used Let it Shine Starry Skies paper for the Platform Pop-Up Hillside Wrap Around stitched panels! So many starry details!

Audrey created a beautiful winter wonderland using Pixie Dust Sparkle cardstock and acetate! It’s so perfect for the Snow One Like You sledding critters!

Caly added so much fun detail to her Platform Pop-Up Hillside Wrap Around by stenciling the prairie grass on it! Her awesome fall scene features all the Happy Harvest and so much cuteness!

Lynnette‘s red and white Platform Pop-Up is so striking as a backdrop for her adorable Snowball Fight action! She used the new Knit Picky Winter paper on the Platform Pop-Up Hillside Wrap Around!

And here’s another look at two amazing Platform Pop-Up cards! They feature the new add-ons; Platform Pop-Up Hillside Wrap Around and Platform Pop-Up Hillside Inserts! And both Megan and Kara created brilliant Apple-solutely Awesome card designs!

Intro Video

Now, I have a video to introduce Platform Pop-Up Hillside Wrap Around and Platform Pop-Up Hillside Inserts! We will share some great ways to use these new sets to customize your Platform Pop-Up designs. You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thanks so much for watching!

Giveaway Time

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Platform Pop-Up Hillside Wrap Around and Platform Pop-Up Hillside Inserts! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us what made you smile today by August 24th at 5:00pm ET. We will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Tuesday, August 23 for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week; we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one of them puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


Fall & Winter 2022 Release Products will be available on August 25th!
Platform Pop-Up Hillside Wrap Around
Platform Pop-Up Hillside Inserts

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549 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Platform Pop-Up Hillside Wrap Around & Platform Pop-Up Hillside Inserts

  1. Looking at all the new releases & sneak peeks on today’s Blog!
    I see another mice stamp set that I’ve already fell in love with! 💕🐭

  2. There are sooo many things that made me smile today. But one of my favorite moments is: today is our cats birthday. They turned 4. They are our rescue cats. We adopted them because of Hurricane Florence. Many pets were abandoned and thrown away during the evacuation. When we went to the Cat Rescue, they literally picked us out. They walked up to us, put their paws on us and instantly started purring and squeak meowing. We knew they were the PURRfect addition to our family. My daughter has a party for them every year. We even have little hats we ALL wear, including the cats. They get their favorite treats while we sing Happy PURRthday. They loved their presents. We took tons of pictures and got LOTS of snuggles, meows and purrs. We smiled and laughed all day.

  3. This morning (I’m on CET) I brought my 10 yo to school for the first schoolday after summer vacation. Her enthousiasm made me smile 🙂

  4. I showed off a card I made over the weekend that was inspired by Jessica Spencer. It was a Really High Five design and I am SO happy with how it turned out and everyone I showed it to said how amazing it was. I can’t wait to give it to my cousin for her little girl who turns 1 this week! Thank you Jessica for your gorgeous design. I’m going to make more for my little sisters-in-law for their birthdays.

  5. Seeing the stamps for “Snow One Like You” and “Snowball Fight” made me smile <3

    Also thinking about my nephew who finally started to talk after starting nursery made me smile! :.) The family has been very concerned as he is a baby born during covid times and heavy social restrictions! <3

  6. One of my crafty friends came over today to craft and make some cute pencil cookies for her open house. She’s a teacher. The candy melts and chocolate weren’t cooperating, but we were having fun.

  7. These videos make me smile they always have such cute, cheeky (sometimes both!!) critters in them…today I especially loved the mouse that’s covering his head trying not to get hit by a flying snowball and the sledging pair in Audrey’s Let it Snow pop up card…I can’t wait to get these sets (well all of them to be honest!!) and start creating some projects to make others smile to 😊

  8. I don’t have the platform pop up, but I love these add ons. Today’s smile was from remembering I have pizza left overs for lunch

  9. Both of my brothers calling me and telling me about their days, they live in different cities than me so I miss them a lot and getting to talk to them made me smile 🥰

  10. Scrolling through this post and seeing all the cuteness definitely put a smile on my face!! And spending time with my Mom making Sunday dinner yesterday made me smile too!!

  11. A photo sent to me by my daughter on her 8-months-old corgi made me smile! He is such a handsome boy!
    Oh, that’s a tip for Simpy Celebrate – different breeds of dogs! Of course corgi being one of them hahaha…

  12. The penny finally dropped for one of my students today and everything finally made sense to her. It was such a satisfying feeling and that made me smile.

  13. Lawn fawn always makes me smile. Love to watch the video and see all the fabulous design team cards. Chari card with the purple and black stenciling on it with the bats is totally amazing

  14. Oh goodie goodie! These interactive platform dies are SO fun! It’s very early this morning, and I’m getting ready for work, so the first thing that made me smile was my usual first visitors of a summer morning – my hungry hummingbirds coming for their morning sips of sugar water I make for them and hanging out on my deck!

  15. this new release is making me smile…. only Lawn Fawn (and LF FANS) believe in the GRAND importance of cute little bats, apple-picking critters with tiny little ladders, snowball-fighting mice and understands that interactive cards and dies make people SMILE!

  16. What made me smile today is I am spending the day working with my mum and one of my sons! I love spending time with them and we have a big order to go out to a client so they are helping us to pack and get the order out on time! A good old family business!!!

  17. Looking at that snowball pop-up sure made me smile (it’s early… that was my very first smile!) I love all of these!

  18. Sitting on the porch with my family and my dog in the cool mornings during the summer heat has made me really smile this year!

  19. Love to see the mi e building a garden…..vegetable garden, flowers, fruit trees, flowers and more flower with butterflies and hummingbirds!

  20. My cat, who is very independent, decided to join me in my craft room and slept on a chair I made up for her with a blanket. Put a big smile on my face since she doesn’t do that very often.

  21. These card’s are just too cute, I got a call telling me that my daddy doing better and is coming home made me smile today

  22. We rearranged my office space and now my cat will use the cat tree because it’s in a new place. he doesn’t exactly fit but that doesn’t stop him!

  23. What made me smile today? FB pics of my grand-nephews! Some of the usual recipients of my Lawn Fawn cards.

  24. I’m currently on a river cruise along the Danube, so waking up this morning and watching the scenery drift past made me smile

  25. Love the PPU Hillside add-on! So happy that we’re finally getting some much needed rain here in Connecticut!

  26. While getting food ready for the kitties, the one decided to stand up and boop/head butt me while I was prepping things, he doesn’t usually do that, and it reminded me of the other kitty that we said bye to recently, so it gave me a little smile.

  27. Walking out of my room this morning and seeing a clean floor made me smile. Those sledding critters did too! So adorable!

  28. We are just wrapping up our first visit to Cape Cod and are headed to Acadia National Park in Maine. That has me smiling today.. I’m also still smiling over the amazing whale watching boat ride we went on yesterday.

  29. My day is just starting and I am smiling for multiple reasons. Seeing that my wonderful champion, my dog, is feeling better and has energy once again. The other reason being my youngest two grandchildren are here to spend the day with us.

    I love the Platform wrap around. It is definitely on my wish list. So far it is at the top of my list. So versatile. The sample cards made with it are outstanding cards. I love them.

  30. Small, kind gestures make me smile, I left my phone in my friends car yesterday and he brought it to my house on his way to work this morning! Saved me from a 20 minute detour on my way to work on a Monday, I’ll have to make him a cute Thank you card 😊

  31. I am cat sitting for a friend, when I got home my own cat came running and was so happy to see me. it was a nice feeling to see they missed me.

  32. What made me smile today was all the cute cards the design team came up with. Loved the cute little winter mice I was seeing!

  33. My bf finished work before me today and cleaned the whole apartment before I came home. Made me so grateful and happy after a horrible day ♥

  34. I am smiling inside right now because I get to babysit my two little grandkids after school today. I get to ask them all about school. Our granddaughter is now going to PreK. As for the adorable cards, I love the trick or treating box card. All of those tiny ghosts are adorable. And the trick of treaters are really cute, too!

  35. I smiled when I realized it’s my best friends
    birthday today. Off to wish her happy
    birthday. Wish I had one of these cards
    to give her. thanks for sharing

  36. My grandson makes me smile everyday when we do our morning Facetimes… I love all the new stuff from this release.

  37. Once again, love, love, love all of the daily cuteness you all are coming up with. Thank you for brightening my day!!

  38. What an adorable add-on. I love all the inspiration. Thinking of the possibilities to use on my platform set made me smile.

  39. I read a memory post on Facebook about my brother’s late dog and the cute hop he did when happy. Definitely added a smile to my face.

  40. Such fun samples with these new dies!
    My kitty, Coco, made me smile this morning! I love the way she greets me when I first get up!

  41. My pup pup always makes me smile with all her antics (which she has many of!!). There is never a dull moment with her.

  42. This email made me smile first thing seeing all these cute designs. I love my platform pop up and the endless possibilities with the hillside dies!

  43. ‘Working on a Christmas project today—smiled because I’m almost done! On to the next project! Love today’s cards; so cute!

  44. My daughter sent a pic of our newest grandson (12 weeks old) dressed up with a tie and suspenders. That cute little face made me smile!

  45. My dogs were playing puppy death match, which always makes me smile. And the snowball fighting mice make me smile every time I see them.

  46. Love that inspiration!! What made me smile today was the sunshine… love waking up and see our stray kitty sunshine waiting for pets.

  47. These cute examples made me smile! (I actually stalk YouTube at 7pm est and saw them last night lol!) How about trying to figure out a die add on that makes the smaller top layer for a cake style?

  48. Wow, this is such a wonderful addition to the pop-up platform set! I love the seamless look for a scene! Today my husband made me smile while we had our coffee time this morning!

  49. As it is still early morning, I haven’t had much going on. But seeing the mice throwing snowballs in the post made me smile.

  50. It is finally raining here! It has been a long, dry summer, so this is making me smile! Such cute designs this week!

  51. I grew tomato plants for the first time this year – I’ve just picked some lovely fresh tomatoes and it made me smile!

  52. Oh how creative you all are! Those mice just a-maize me with every post. I think they are my favorite cute little critters.

  53. I smiled today because my cat came to snuggle with me while I was at work (I work from home), and I got to pet her during some intense work stuff. That was wonderful!

  54. All these cute ideas made me smile! Each one is cuter than the last, I really, really love these wraparound dies!

  55. The sunrise this morning, with the beautiful oranges, yellows and reds Also, the mice snowman made me smile 🙂

  56. I had a great workout this morning and that made me smile! I had a knee replacement last year and I realized that my knee is stronger than ever now.

  57. Seeing the snowball fight stamp/die set and a video my daughter sent me of my grandsons, who are 3 1/2, saying I’m not her parent I’m their parent.

  58. The beautiful sunflowers in my flower garden made me smile this morning! The colors are gorgeous – pale lemon yellow ones, deep red ones, and some called Sunset Colors in shades of orange, yellow, and red. And when they all go to seed we will have lots of gold finches and other birds coming for breakfast!

  59. These incredibly cute cards definitely make me smile!! Creative scenes created are amazing and so fun! I know anyone receiving these cards will smile for a month!!

  60. The thing that made me smile this morning was when I looked at the 4 Summer Beachy cards I made yesterday!

  61. I am starting my day with a coffee and reading the Lawn Fawn blog. That alone makes me smile, but when I saw Tammy’s Snowball fight card, I may have giggled. Love all the inspiration! Thank you

  62. I woke up and did my meditation and set an intention for the day and that definitely made me smile! And my dog just being himself. He always makes me smile!

  63. Hubby has had 3 surgeries in the past 3 months and his progress and lack of pain makes me smile and thank the Lord for every painless minute he has and the sleep he is finally able to get. And thinking I can start to craft again a bit.

  64. Other than coming here my biggest smile so far has been from my first sip of Starbucks iced coffee. There is just something about waking up on a hot, muggy day and drinking something so refreshing that makes me smile every time.

  65. So, I know I should say my cat, or my flowers, etc…. But honestly the first thing that made me smile this morning was a shipping notice of something I have been waiting for for a long time. Love the card examples!

  66. Couple things made me smile including the village stamps/dies here: finally got some rain here in N TX and went to Kroger grocery store found/bought pumpkin spice cupcakes in the bakery clearance.
    “Sunshine HoneyBee”

  67. These cards actually made me smile today! They are just so cute! Can’t wait to get my hands on some of this release!

  68. This morning is a glumy rainy day….but honestly it made me smile…its the little things right? Making it into the garage before the down pour, getting my kiddo off to school early, watching lawn fawn crafty videos….all reasons to smile!

  69. These are adorable!! Something that made me smile today was seeing my kids having a good ol’ time in the rain trying to get our chickens back into their coop. 🙂

  70. Addressing an envelope to Australia for a card I’m sending to a very special soon to be 30 year old who loves to receive mail.

  71. Love the new platform add ons. My daughter had the biggest smile when she woke up this morning which of course made me smile.

  72. Getting to exercise today and jam to some great music made me smile!! My dog also makes me smile every day 😀

  73. Had such a great walk this morning & I was able to just enjoy the sun, the breeze and something about it just makes me happy and I was walking down the St with a smile plastered on my face 😅 lol

  74. My boys coming to wake us up this morning really put a smile on my face especially since they let us sleep in to 8:30! 🙂

  75. I get to spend the day with my nephew! I’ve already smiled more then I would have imagined and it’s only 9am : )

  76. Seeing the new line of Lawn Fawn stuff made me smile today. I hadn’t seen the earlier posts until today, so getting to see all the glimpses of new stuff coming was a happy surprise for me and a great way to start my morning.

  77. What made me smile today was receiving messages from friends and family checking in to see how I’m feeling. ☺️

  78. I love that you also come out with add-ons to help stretch the dies we already have. I am looking forward to getting these dies for my Platform pop-up.

  79. Knowing my son starts his college classes today and my daughter is enjoying the Disney College Program brought me peace and made me smile today!

  80. What made me smile is seeing all these adorable pop-up cards and thinking about the release coming on Thursday!

  81. Getting a text from my sister-in-law this morning telling me she misses me, brought a smile to my face! Love her!

  82. Besides these gorgeous projects (really loving the pop up cards), the antics of the birds at my feeder this morning gave me a chuckle. They’re not shy to just land on each other to get to the seeds in the feeder. Too cute!

  83. It’s a small thing, but I am smiling because I am working from home today. That means comfy clothes and I don’t have to freeze (because the office a/c is always set too low).

  84. My husband brought some string of lights and a ornamental lantern to put up on our porch – the look of it made me smile and I can’t wait till darkness comes so I can see them all lit up. And of course the amazing cards you’ve shared today, the posts and videos put a smile in my face each morning!

  85. It was my first day back at school, so teaching my first graders for the first time made me smile. We had a fun day. Glad there are some more options for the platform pop-up die!

  86. LOVE the AMZInspiration!! My FIL made me SMILE today!! We’ve been in the Hospital since Aug. 1st recovering from a Radical Cancer Surgery and he finally has his sense of Humor back!! It MADE my day to see!!

  87. There are so many reasons to smile, I smiled thinking about what a good time I had last night with my book club ladies, I smiled when I added even more LF items to my “have to have these” list, smiled when I saw the mice having a snowball fight (snowball fights are so much fun), smiled when my kids got home from school…..

  88. My son heading off to 9th grade. He’s almost as tall as my husband. I remembered when he was little getting on the bus for the first time…

  89. Love the fact that the wrap literally wraps around the creation like a warm blanket in cold weather. So cute. The different styles of hilly/snowy dies are a wonderful and welcome addition too.

  90. I LOVE the platform pop-up! I’m so excited for more accessories for it. Yay! I got to pick my pups up from boarding today. They always make me smile. 🤗

  91. It is my day off and I made a birthday card for my niece’s son who turns eight. I used the platform pop-up die and a bicycle die to create a bike ramp scene. It turned out so cute and I know he will love it! It made me smile.

  92. After a long weekend of Backpacking and sleeping in a tent, I smiled when I woke up (clean) in my own bed. LOL! Absoulutley loved our adventure – but nothing beats a bed and a shower!! This new add-on is so dreamy! So innovative, how do you all do it! Mind-blowing!

  93. Loving the Platform Pop-Up Hillside Wrap Around and the Design Team samples made with it… very fun!

    What made me smile today was how strangers were kind enough to assist me when I pulled my car over to the side of the road after smoke started pouring out of it – and – when I took the car to the dealership and was told there probably wasn’t an actual problem that required repair… phew!!! I was worried how much any repairs would put a dent in my stamping supplies budget : )

  94. Today is the first day of school for my 2 high schoolers. One is homeschooled and one is in a hybrid school, so just seeing them excited about school made me smile 😊

  95. I started back to school today. So it is teacher workshop week, and to see everyone and hear how their summer was, was great. I have been with this group for 20 years and it is always nice to see their smiles again! Kids next week! Can’t wait for those smiles!

  96. Pictures of my grandkids eating fresh picked peaches in the rain (yay!) today made me smile! I am loving all the new Lawn Fawn goodies!! I love the new pop-up add-ons. Can’t wait to get that snowball fight set!

  97. Today was my first day of in-service and getting to see so many colleagues that I haven’t seen for over 2 mos put a smile on my face!

    Great video!! Sensational cards above and in video. Looking forward to tomorrow’s reveals!
    Lori S in PA

  98. There are so many ways to use the pop up dies, can’t decide which one I’ll do first! Great creativity; love it!

  99. Knowing I have an evening to myself is a real treat that I’ve been looking forward to for weeks. I plan on getting messy with some ink-blending without apologies to my Virgo (neat-nik) husband. Yay!

  100. My cat made me smile and laugh today. He was playing in the backyard and when he came in he had small bits of grass sticking to his head and nose. It was so cute.

  101. Reminiscing with my husband about the year we worked together before we started dating 27 years ago made me smile.

  102. The warm greeting my son got from a bunch of kids when I dropped him off at day camp today absolutely made me smile 😀

  103. Getting relief from antihistamine eye drops after being itchy from ragweed/pollen for a week – so happy my brother told me about this!!

  104. My mom made me smile when we were waiting for the doctor and she started tapping her fingers! ( and said I want to get out of here)

  105. Love the way the new wrap around gives a new look to the platform popup die. Another inspirational add- on to an existing set by your design team.

  106. I had to get up much earlier than usual….When I came downstairs to leave I smiled to see my husband got up early too so he could give me a Home brewed cup of coffee!!!

  107. Seeing my first dahlia bloom today made me smile! Nothing like spending time in the garden and finding unexpected surprises 💓
    Love these new additions! We use this pop-up quite often, so I’m excited to get them!

  108. Today I smiled when I received my mail. An order from a new release (from another company) 🙂 came. Stamping is my escape from real life!

  109. My cat came running down the hall when I got home… he kinda threw his head back like he had hair in his eyes!

  110. I made a “strawberry in a basket” card today for a birthday coming up. It always makes me smile with anticipation to get the recipient’s reaction when they open my cards!

  111. My grandchildren got off the bus at my house today, so I got multiple hugs. Then they ask if they can go craft. That always makes me smile!

  112. I don’t make Halloween cards and I guess that’s why I’ve totally missed the Spooky Village set. Those adorable little trick or treaters made me smile…big.

  113. I am a preschool teacher and watching the kids laughing and playing through an obstacle course I made for them really made me smile a bunch today 😀

  114. Today I smiled and was super happy as it was my sons first day of college. He received a full scholarship for EMT.

  115. I went on Pre-K home visit for my students and my very youngest student is just 3. He is so cute that I had to smile!

  116. These pop up cards are just adorable!! And the new wraps dress them up so well! My daughter’s big, fat cat sleeping in a little basket made me smile today.

  117. Spending a quick lunch break with my daughter made me smile today! I also got to see a new video of my grandson and that made me grin from ear to ear as well!
    I love the platform additions!

  118. Excited for the new add-ons for the Platform Pop-Up. Thinking of my kind and generous friend and how much joy sharing brought her made me smile today.

  119. What made me smile today was having an old friend stop by to chat while they happened to be in town. The cute little bats here made me smile too.

  120. What made me smile today was possibly finding our new home. We’re getting our house ready to sell, so we’re working hard to get everything ready, so it was pretty awesome to see what might be our next home. 🙂

  121. What made me smile today… we had to rehome out loved pet rooster hand raised that she hatched in her classroom. She did well saying good by and that was a relief. It made me happy to see her ok.

  122. I complimented Chari’s card on Instagram and instead of typing “birch tree stencil” it auto-corrected to “bitch tree stencil”. So embarrassing but so funny!

  123. My two kitties sitting on the counter staring me down. “Our reservation was for a half hour ago. We’d like dinner now.”

  124. Today I heard from my mom that my dad is going to come home from the hospital. Hearing how excited my mom is that she can bring him home brought a big smile to me face! Great DT samples again today!

  125. Awe-mazing inspiration! Today, my mini schnauzer made me smile, as she does every day! Eleven pounds in weight but 110 pounds in personality, that one! I love her sooooo much!

  126. I was watching one of your intro videos with my daughter today. She loved the new products and her enthusiastic comments made me smile 🙂

  127. This makes me really want to try these pop up cards! I want to be the one providing smiles and these pop ups make me smile!

  128. Oh my goodness! SO MUCH CUTENESS! I love the projects with the cute critters throwing snowballs at each other. That just could not be any more adorable!

    It’s 7:28 am and I just woke up a little while ago, so the “Have an apple-solutely awesome day” project prompted my first smile of the day! 🙂

  129. Oh my! These Platform Popup AddOns are so fun! The swoops and slopes are fabulous and really help extend what we can do with the platform popup. Thank you! What made me smile today was my dog, Dobbie. He is so fun and funny. He is an absolute joy and makes me laugh and smile every day. He is adorable.

  130. The wrap around pop up looks amazing. Can’t wait to get it. I smiled today because I got a job interview

  131. These cards are adorable! Love the new add-ones! What made me smile today was the beautiful day spent camping.

  132. That’s a tough one, yesterday wasn’t a very good day. I would have to say my cat pouncing on bugs in the yard, watching this never gets old.

  133. Love, love, love! Yesterday was the Mondayest of Mondays and I got a chance to watch the intro video (barely) but not leave a comment. Besides seeing these new products, the thing that made me smile was meeting and having lunch with a brand new coworker.

  134. These bats are just the cutest. I have no idea how I havent picked up this pop up die set yet. Seeing all the happy bats makes me think I should order it to have on hand.

  135. My cute kids! Their lack of enthusiasm for their first day of school was quite apparent, but they are little troupers!

  136. Love to see all these amazing creations from the DT.♥
    The new release made me smile, but the most thing that made me smile is, if I visit my mother, who has dementia and she recognizes me and my name.♥

  137. Amazing release! My dog made em smile–she curled up on the couch to nap. How a 110 lb. dog can curl up into such a small area is amazing to me.

  138. I just love love love everything in this release! My kids made me smile today. Went to the garden center and there were multiple playgrounds and they were just so happy going on slides, running around. It really made my day 🥰

  139. My kids make me smile every day ❤️! This morning it was seeing my 5 month old baby play with her footsies!

  140. Having a neighbourhood cat come to me for some pets and cuddles as I returned from my morning walk out a big smile on my face.

  141. I smiled today because a friend of mine helped me solve a big problem at work and I was very relieved after dealing with the issue.

  142. I love apples baked under a sweet crumble with cinnamon and sugar. I associate this taste very much with autumn.

  143. I had some lovely conversations with patients today which made me smile.

    The intro video definitely did too, I just adore the bats and snowball fight!

  144. Honestly, the snowball fighting mice make me smile whenever I see them. Especially the one who does that little duck and cover move.

  145. Looking out the window and watching my kids busily talking and walking to school today. We just moved to a new house/city/school this summer. Love how resilient kids can be when it comes to change!

  146. My dogs made me smile today and every day – they are a guaranteed smile that I can count on no matter how stressful the day has been.

  147. My companion lorikeet passed away a little over a year ago and next Monday would have been his 16th hatchday. We spent every day together for almost 15 years and his death absolutely shattered my world. It is the reason I started crafting – to fill the void that was left when he passed. So, I was thinking of him and listening to some audio I have of him travelling in the car with me. Eight minutes of pure birdie joy. He was so excited, he loved travelling in the car with me. We travelled thousands of kilometres together over the years. I can picture him like it was yesterday, the way he tilted his head up to me when he asked for a kiss, him looking out the window and saying hello to the people in the car next to us – I often wondered what they thought when they saw a bird sitting there talking to them LOL. He was such a goofball.
    So, today, that is what made me smile. Memories.

    1. Nadine, What a beautiful story! Sorry for your loss, but your story brightened my day today! I love hearing the birds outside but you having a special personal one who shared their loveliness with the world is so awesome!

  148. My children made me smile today when they were all playing so nicely together. My youngest is currently playing a song on the piano for me that she wrote. It’s really pretty…sounds like lightly falling rain. The wrap around hills and inserts are a great addition to this set 😀

  149. I was watching a video of a baby hippo born prematurely but the zoo staff and the community came together to nurture/care for baby hippo until it was well/big enough to survive on its own. Happy ending 🙂

  150. Our rooster was rehomed and now lives on a ranch with 38 ladies! Miss him but he will have the good life and can crow as loud and as much as he wants. Also a humming bird that fell out of the sky, is doing ok and came back to the yard. Hooray nature wins!!!

  151. I love all your intro videos! Honestly, one of the things I love most about Lawn Fawn. It really showcases the products and gives unique ideas on how they could be used other than the obvious. Beautiful sunshine days and family always make me smile. God bless!

  152. I got to be photographer at a baby shower. Seeing the anticipation on son to be parents’ faces just makes me happy.

  153. My niece called me to tell me all about her day at preschool. She was so happy to be with other kids her age, ride bikes and have lunch with them all by her self. She made me smile and brightened my day.

  154. the intro video for the wrap around Popup Hillside wrap! So, So, CUTE and before I watched that, my 3 year old mini Schnauzer woke me up , I woke up to his little face looking down at me upside down so cute, couldn’t help but laugh.

  155. I’m setting up my classroom right now, and my theme is rainbow. It totally makes me smile seeing all the color in my room for my 5th graders!

  156. The Platform Pop-up just got cuter! Having my colleague in at work today made me smile – she mostly works from home now so I’ve hardly seen her since March 2020.

  157. Thank you for helping us get so much “use” out of our supplies by creating new designs to pair with a current product. These new additions to the “pop up” line give us so many more options with card designs.

  158. Oh my goodness, these cards made me smile today! I love seeing pop up cards and interactive designs, but always shy away from making them myself. Your DT is amazing and always inspires me with their creative projects.

  159. My kids make me smile everyday, but especially today for the first day of school. The youngest one doesn’t start preschool until October but that didn’t stop him from putting on his nice shirt and posing with his sisters for the First Day of School photo!

  160. Tomorrow I take my sweet 7 year old niece to soccer practice. Thinking of her joy of life, of playing outdoor with friends makes me smile.

  161. My dog Piper made me smile as she hasn’t been feeling well a couple weeks, we figured out what was going on (with the help of her vet) and now she is doing a lot better and seems to be back to normal. It’s so nice having her running around again.

  162. I would like to see a piece together espresso coffee cup in a future release. Can hardly wait for tomorrow.

  163. My dog made me smile today which I did not think was possible today..Thank You for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  164. My husband telling me not to go crazy on this release! 😂 I smiled pretty big at that. He knows me very well.

  165. This is the last week of summer before school here, I took a week of vacation to just have fun with my daughter, it has been full of smiles.

  166. KInda having a hard time right now…my mom passed recently, I go back to work tomorrow, my oldest left for college, and I’m kinda sad. But my youngest keeps giving me hugs, so that’s something good.

  167. we bought a baby couch for our daughter and it arrived today and she was over the moon with it <3 she was so happy sitting and standing and sitting and standing! It was adorable to watch her <3

  168. Your release posts have made me smile! I am in a bit of a card making slump, and your posts have brought some fresh inspiration!

  169. You make me smile by giving me a break from work and pausing to look at your beautiful creations and figuring out my game plan of what I can get now and more later. Thanks so much and love you all right back!!

  170. I smiled today while looking back on the photos I took of my son’s courthouse elopement yesterday to my new wonderful daughter in law. I can not wait to make them a sweet album of the photos I took as a little remembrance.

  171. I loved hearing about my girls’ first day of school! They love school and it brings a smile to my face hearing about their excitement with the new school year ahead!

  172. Finally getting to check out all of the new goodies for this release made me smile today. The scenes on these cards are some of the most clever creations using the Pop-Up die. Phenomenal job, DT!!

  173. These cards and the clever add-ons for the platform die made me smile! I’m not saying that to be cheesy either, it’s just true. LOVE these new additions and what the design team made.

  174. What made me smile today… My soon-to-be six year old asking if she could watch the latest Lawn Fawn intro videos with me, and then saying she’d like it all for her birthday!!

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