Lawn Fawn Intro: Pumpkin Wagon & Tiny Gift Box Jack-O’-Lantern Add-On

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Fall & Winter 2022 Inspiration and Release Week! On August 25th our 12 new stamp sets, 20 new die sets, 3 new stencil sets, 2 new paper collections, and more exciting new products will be available at your favorite store and! Woohoo! Until then we will have fun posts with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways! Then in September and October we will introduce the rest of the Fall & Winter 2022 Release!

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Today is our showcase of Pumpkin Wagon and Tiny Gift Box Jack-O’-Lantern Add-On! Roll into fall with this fun paper-pieced wagon full of pumpkins! Create different looks by using cardstock and patterned papers in various colors.

 The Jack-O’-Lantern Add-On set has everything you need to turn Tiny Gift Box into an adorable pumpkin with a dimensional stem and vines!

Design Team Inspiration

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have 2 videos at the end showcasing some fun ways of using these new products! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details! And leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Caly‘s Halloween card is so amazing! I love how she combined Pumpkin Wagon, Tiny Gift Box Jack-O’-Lantern Add-On and Giant Trick or Treat with Cute Cobweb! And her inky background is just so awesome!

Melissa M. used the Pumpkin Wagon as an accent with her fun pumpkin carving photos! And then she added fall colors with the Sweater Weather Remix paper! She also included an Oliver’s Stitched ABCs title and the stamped Happy Halloween from Fangtastic Friends as a border!

Kara added some amazing Copic marker shading to her fun Tiny Gift Box Jack-O’-Lantern Add-On! Then she got really creative and added an LED tealight for a spooky glow. We show you how to make one of these oh so cute pumpkins in the intro video below!

Grace gathered some forest critters to celebrate the fall pumpkin harvest with Pumpkin Wagon! She used the new Birch Tree Stencils to create the forest background. Then she added the pennant banners and spider from Fangtastic Friends and Fangtastic Friends Add-On. As a final touch she added white gel pen details and highlights!

Audrey used pretty fall leaves and Giant Happy Fall for her amazing Pumpkin Wagon card! I love how she colored the pumpkins and shaded the background!

When spooky is this cute, it’s just too much fun! Megan stacked up the Jack-O’-Lantern face and sides to make a pile of pumpkins! They look so perfect below the night sky scene. She finished her design with Giant Trick or Treat and the little spider from Cute Cobweb!

The playful Furry and Bright pups are back to send happy fall wishes! Mindy paired the pups with Pumpkin Wagon, Giant Happy Fall and Happy Harvest! Her beautifully inked background blends all the warmth of fall!

Elena‘s adorable Tiny Gift Box Jack-O’-Lanterns are cute enough to be Halloween party favors! She used pretty shades of orange patterned paper to make the boxes then she added the cute dimensional pumpkin stems and green leaves! So adorable!

Latisha chose bright happy colors to wish a friend a happy fall! She layered Pumpkin Wagon and the Happy Harvest scarecrow on a lovely, stenciled sky backdrop!

Kara‘s little Garden Gnome is busy gathering pumpkins for the Pumpkin Wagon! She colored all the pieces beautifully before paper-piecing them. For the background she used the new Simple Stitched Tree Border in the same lovely fall colors! And then the final touch is the Giant Happy Fall greeting!

Yainea created a bunch of happy light-up jack-o’-lanterns! Then she strung them on cord with some Full Moon bats to create a cool garland! It’s so perfect for a Halloween party or just as seasonal decoration!

I just love Melissa’s scrapbook page so much! She cleverly tied in the Pumpkin Wagon with the sweet page title!

Lynnette‘s delightful Pumpkin Wagon scene features a triple-layered Giant Happy Fall greeting! Her coloring on the pumpkins is so pretty and the white highlights add so much detail!

Marine‘s Halloween card is so amazing! She took the jack-o’-lantern off the tiny box and used a trio of them for this fantastic design! She inked, then stenciled the background before adding the Giant Happy Halloween greeting!

Elise used the new Let it Shine Starry Skies paper as a dramatic nighttime backdrop! The Pumpkin Wagon seems to glow under the star-filled sky. And Scripty Thanks adds another layer of shiny goodness to this beautiful design!

Intro Videos

Now, I have a video to introduce Pumpkin Wagon. We will share some great inspiration for this new paper-piecing style die. You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

And now I have another video to introduce Tiny Gift Box Jack-O’-Lantern Add-On and share lots of fun ways to use it! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thanks for watching!

Giveaway Time

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Pumpkin Wagon and Tiny Gift Box Jack-O’-Lantern Add-On! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us what you would like to see added to our paper-piecing die sets by TODAY August 24th at 5:00pm ET. We will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Wednesday, August 25 for our release reveal and giveaway winner announcement.

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week; we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one of them puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys so much!


Fall & Winter 2022 Release Products will be available on August 25th!
Pumpkin Wagon
Tiny Gift Box Jack O’ Lantern Add-On

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421 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Pumpkin Wagon & Tiny Gift Box Jack-O’-Lantern Add-On

  1. I’d love a snowman die with different accessories (I have a feeling I may have spotted one among this weeks intro videos!) And cats are always a win for me. Some baubles would be amazing, too.

    I adore Cristina’s Jack o lantern garland. When I was watching the intro the idea of adding them to string lights popped into my mind but she has outdone the image I had!!

  2. I really like the pumpkin garland. This would be cute to have little boxes for every event in each month. Apple day, St Paddy’s, Valentines etc. This would also go good with the paper piecing dies to celebrate that occasion. The pumpkin tiny box and the wagon is a great one for fall plus the peacock/turkey tiny gift box.

  3. I think a dinosaur would be cute paper pieced or some birthday cake 😊

    The jack o lantern garland I amazing especially with those super cute bat’s 😊

  4. Love the Let it Shine Starry Skies paper 😍😍 – and paper pieced die.. a cute frog with crown would be great 🐸

  5. I would love to see some Christmas ornaments that could be paper pieced. They could be used on cards, gift tags or as a beautiful ornament for the tree.

  6. I’d love to see a cake that you can make multiple tiers for a wedding cake or add accessories to turn it into a birthday cake!

  7. I love Grace’s card and would love to have some of the owls/ woodland critters in the paper piecing family

  8. I love the tiny gift box ideas. I need to see if a cookie fits in them, to turn them into an advent calendar. I would love to see a stack of gifts (can be used for any occasion), a fairy, and the cute mice turned into paper piercings.

  9. Just about anything for me on paper piecing, I loved all the cards and that little pumpkin box is so adorable!!

  10. I would like to see cute critters such as a mouse or cat/dog added to the paper piecing set, absolutely adorable projects from the DT!!

  11. Wow! I am loving these sweet pumpkin boxes. I am a teacher and one of my favorite books to read my class is Spookly the Square pumpkin. I can’t wait to make these to go with the story. It is perfect!!!
    I would love to see some die cut presents to stack!

  12. A pineapple!! And this new pumpkin-add-on for the tiny gift box will be my ever first add-on since I got the Tiny Box just a week ago! I’m sure all the previous ones will follow ha ha ha…


  13. So many amazing projects from the design team throughout this release. After looking at the variety of paper-piecing dies, I’d suggest something else fruit-themed, like the Zesty Lemons.There have been a lot of wonderful suggestions already in the comments too.

  14. Christmas ornaments an holly. Mama and baby bear, Mama and baby cat. Love the idea of Mr. and Mrs. Santa to go with the reindeer.

  15. I feel like you have all the paper piercing dies covered! Let’s see. . . a sailboat (I need more coffee to have more ideas-lol)

  16. I don’t know what else, you guys have a bunch of cute ones already! Like the comments above, a unicorn perhaps!

  17. I would LOVE to see a girl and boy scarecrow paper piecing. It would be such a cute add on to Happy Harvest stamp set!

  18. I would like to have the Octopus from ocean shell-fie. I think he’d be fun to have playing with the mermaid from the summer.

  19. Love these!!! Haha I don’t know why but I am thinking of a paper piecing Pizza with varios shapes for toppings… but you can also make it look like a cut up dessert too (like pie)

  20. Something birthday related. I always have trouble deciding colors for presents so that would be a nice set.

  21. Santa’s sleigh would be so cute paper pieced (along with the Garden Gnome dressed as Santa). A birthday cake would be fun too, since I make birthday cards the most.

  22. So many cute projects! Love the pumpkin w/bats garland – so creative!
    I would love to see cute insects like a butterfly, dragonfly, ladybug, maybe
    even a praying mantis (some of them can be sooooo colorful!).

  23. I would love to see either a snow globe or a snowman as a paper piecing die – they would be really fun, and would work great with the amazing paper to be released tomorrow!

  24. I love the Kara did! So fun! I think you need a penguin, but I love others’ ideas of a birthday cake and a unicorn too. We can never get enough unicorns.

  25. My daughter (and her dragon loving friends) would love a paper pieced dragon! So many possibilities for color with the scales!

  26. I love that we get a new tiny gift box add-on! The jack-o lanterns and so cute! I have seen some great ideas in the comments. I love the idea of a birthday cake or Christmas sweaters!

    This release week has been so fun and just what I needed! I loved seeing all of the design teams examples. 😁

  27. Oh my gosh those tiny gift boxes would be so cute to send to school full of candy! Absolutely awesome week of fun cards and ideas. The best way to start the fall season!

  28. Everyone is coming up with great ideas. Maybe a flamingo could be a paper piecing project. Or hearts, Easter eggs, ornaments,

  29. Fall is my favorite time of year, and these new items make me very happy! I can foresee many fun cards in the future!

  30. A mandala that could be pieced together like a kaleidoscope. Possibly irregular shapes/pattern or could be a traditional mandala pattern (symmetrical).

  31. I love how you’re working your way around the holidays. Maybe add a turkey for Thanksgiving? Also a US flag for July 4th, but also Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day.

  32. I would love to see the Lawn Fawn deer as a paper piecing set. And more of the critters like mouse, bear, squirrel, maybe wearing clothes even. Next fall I’d love to see the scarecrow as one too! With his little crow companion. He’s one of my favorites of all time!

  33. it’s so hard to say, as there is so much you can do with paper piecing. Maybe some dinosaurs? You could make their little dots or scales on their backs be patterned paper. Anyway, this little wagon is too cute. It reminds me of the little red wagon I had growing up, when my brother and I would argue over who got the most room while my parents dragged us around in it, and my mom would be fussing at us not to hang our legs over the side (she was worried the wheels would catch us).

  34. Such great ideas and inspiration. I’d love to see presents, you could use them for so many different occasions like Birthday, Christmas, wedding and more.

  35. I would love to see a little farm stand as a paper piece die… you could use it for the strawberries, apples, make a fall pumpkin patch festival scene.

  36. I would be excited to see a new paper piecing set featuring jungle animals like lions and tigers, plus a set with a raccoon. Also, I would love to see new strawberry themed Lawn Fawn paper packs.
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  37. I would love to see some Halloween paper piecing dies – maybe a ghost or cute critters dressed up in a Halloween costume! I need the pumpkin tiny box add on in my life!

  38. Such a great release! Love the wagon and pumpkins! I can’t think of anything that someone hasn’t already mentioned but I know whatever you come up with will be super cute!!

  39. I’m love with those pumpkin tiny gift box add ons! and the lights in them!! be still my heart!!! I would love to see farm animals for paper piecing. My friends love cows and it is hard to find cow stuff!! Also been looking high and low for avocado stuff and it is always part of a bigger set and not a main focus. Also have you thought about excepting Afterpay or Shoppay as a payment option. With all this amazing stuff payments plans are gonna be needed!!!

  40. Love the wagon against the birch trees! How about adding a butterfly or dragonfly to the paper piecing family?

  41. Love the tiny gift box pumpkin add on!! I will definitely be adding this to my collection!! Others have mentioned that they would like to see a gingerbread paper-piecing die set. I would like to see the gingerbread house added in the tiny gift box as well as other Holiday ones with a paper- piecing coordinating die. Gingerbread house box with a gingerbread man paper-piecing, Easter Basket Box with a bunny paper-piecing = something for every Holiday.

  42. The very first thing that came to mind was a cute grasshopper. What a cool paper-piecing project that would be! I’d also love to see other bugs — dragonfly, butterfly and more.
    This release is just blowing me away!!
    Thanks for the great video!
    Lori S in PA

  43. re new paper piecing sets — I’d be likeliest to use anything related to hiking or outdoor sports. Groupings of plain, non-Christmas evergreen trees or other trees would be useful. A marine / boating / fishing themed set would be fun.

    Also, I’d be likely to use a calendar-themed set or things like fancy paper-pieced labels, tags, and journaling spots. Another idea would be to make impressive looking paper-pieced trackers for planners or bullet journals.

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’ve been enjoying your collection reveal posts and will be super interested to see all the new papers.

  44. Such fun creations! Love these new dies!
    For paper piecing sets, I would love to see a cat, butterfly and a snowman! A toucan would be really fun too!

  45. I would love a paper pieces rocket or alien spaceship. I would also think a fireplace/hearth could be awesome

  46. Wow!!!! These pumpkin box add ons are incredible for the Tiny Box. I loooove Kara’s tea light box. Yes, her coloring is sublime. I would love a pieced die for a hibiscus and a Honu (Hawaiian green sea turtle). Those would be so fun!

  47. The scarecrow, pumpkins and wagon set, which I think was my first card making set of stamps I bought. Is a set that gets used every year! I think this is 7 or 8 years and it’s still a go to! Love it! I have to watch the tutorial later and see how the outlines are made!

  48. Paper piecing is always enjoyable. I would love to see butterflies added to the piecing collection. Love the pumpkin box with the tea light. So cute!

  49. My favorite would be a Snowman or cat or a snow-cat. Christmas Ornaments and Birthday cake would be great too. What about a whole pieced background scene?

  50. One of the many mice! I think it’d be really cute! Perhaps something like the one from “Bubbles of Joy” that’s sitting down and looking up!

  51. So cute I love Fall!! I would like to see a turkey paper piecing die… with all those feathers, it could be so cute! Thanks for chance to win!!

  52. I really wish the pumpkins were a separate die from the wagon so other things could be used with it. Apples, fall leaves, tiny people going for a ride, animals etc.
    can’t wait to put my order in tonight.

  53. Great inspiration from the DT today! Paper piecing is so much fun to do! Think I’d like to see a gingerbread house. How about ice cream cones or popsicles? And maybe insects of all kinds? Lots of things would be cute! ☺️

  54. Another great peek at the new release! So many wonderful suggestions already …. pizza/pie, Christmas ornaments (vintage), critters, cake, presents.

  55. Some type of reptile, like a chameleon, geko or bearded dragon. They would be so fun to change up the colors!!

  56. I think a ship (old wooden type), train, rocket, sea shell cluster, so many ideas for new paper piecing dies.

  57. The paper piece sets are my absolute favorite! So everything! Hahaha id love to see
    A large candy corn!
    A snowflake set!
    A girl gnome to go with the other gnome!
    An apple set!

  58. Can’t get enough of this Tiny Box add-on. It is so so cute 🙂 Would love to make the String of lights with these boxes that was showcased in the intro video. I want all these products now!!!

  59. I’d love to see some underwater creatures done in paper piercing sets, maybe a cute octopus or crab. Maybe even some seaweed.

  60. I think anything birthday related would be great for paper piecing dies! A hot air balloon would be fun too.

  61. For paper piecing, I’d like to see more flowers, like the daisy flower. Something large enough to take up a whole card front. A bird of paradise would be beautiful.

  62. I’d love to see a cat you can customize, mushrooms, a hummingbird or another type of bird, a seashell and a bicycle. These are so fun to use!

  63. This pumpkin wagon is just too cute! I can’t wait to see all the rest of the new release. You ALWAYS come up with the best new stamp and dies!

  64. There are so many possibilities. I would LOVE to see a cat. Some other ideas are a dragonfly, gingerbread person, dragonfly, lighthouse, scarecrow or a magic carpet..

  65. I can never remember everything you have. Had a lot of fun with the reindeer last year. I guess santa or an angel would be nice

  66. I would love to see some flowers paper pieced. Even a bouquet with a flower and leaf variety. Ohhhh with a variety of vases, pots, bowls etc.

  67. I would like to see one of the mice stamps put in the paper piercing die. The mice always make me smile 😀

  68. Another cute day of releases! I would love to have a couple of dachshunds added to your paper piecing collection!

  69. I think a bouquet of flowers would be a sweet paper piecing set. Would make for simple sympathy, greeting, or romance cards.

  70. Anything underwater would be cute! Also anything animal related like a cute owl or cat! The fox one is so cute!

  71. I would love to see a hedge hogs (a large and small one like the Fox ones) as part of the paper piercing sets!

  72. I would love a gingerbread family paper piecing, i know you have a stitched gingy die but one that i can add outfits to would be cute. Also for would love something halloween related.

  73. That’s such a difficult question to answer! A lot of things would be cute as paper piercing cuts. Like a mouse that could fit in the scene with the Christmas tree, pumpkin wagon, etc. And I’d love a critter that could fit in the flamingo floatie!

  74. More flowers, and/or baked goods (cookies, cakes), for paper-piecing. Also, just love that tiny pumpkin box add on!

  75. I LOVE Yainea’s Jack-O Lantern lights idea. That would be adorable for a Halloween party! The gift box add on reminds me of the cartoon “Spookley the Square Pumpkin”. I’m not sure if this counts, but I would love to see some more movable accessories like a moving ferris wheel or layering pieces for a forest scene or ocean floor.

  76. These are super cute! I love all things fruit, like a paper pieces pineapple, strawberry, or cherries would be fun! I saw someone else say a gingerbread house- that would be so much fun to put together!

  77. Such a cute wagon with the pumpkins! Love the jack-o-lantern too! I would love to see a car or a pickup truck for the paper piecing.

  78. How about a cottage that can then use add ons to be a seaside cottage or alpine villa. And also please make stitching dies??!!

    1. Good afternoon. A log cabin with a bench and fire pit would be so cool for all seasons.Also something for babies ex: can make custom outfits .A man and his best friend set .

  79. Ooh, I think a paper pieced birthday cake would be great!! Btw, LOVE the jack o lantern tiny gift box add on! Thanks Lawn Fawn and design team!

  80. Hi, oh that is hard to think of, I guess I will go simple with the holidays coming up, maybe a turkey for Thanksgiving and Christmas Tree, where you could add ornaments, lights, presents, etc.

  81. I am a summer, beach, tropical girl, so for me paper piercing anything summer, beach or tropical would be awesome. Maybe a hibiscus flower? I know, I know fall and winter are coming…!

  82. Love the pumpkin box. Those kind of
    projects are a lot of fun to make and to give.
    Could we do some quilt blocks.
    thanks for sharing. txmlhl(at)yahoo(dot)com

  83. Wow, the possibilities: watermelon, pineapples, bunnies, cats, dogs, bears, fairies, children, presents/packages, cakes, pies, and on and on.

  84. Everyone listed such great ideas! I don’t have anything new to add. Just want to say how much I’m enjoying the new releases – my pocketbook will definitely take a hit.

  85. I would like to see a paper piece gingerbread house where you could add a lot of fun embellishments. It would be even greater if the base of the gingerbread house could be a box to put some treats in.

  86. Great projects! I would love to see some paper pierced carnival themed, like a Ferris wheel, roller coaster etc

  87. I have to vote for a cat. Even though our tuxedo cat passed away after 20 years, I love to do cat cards in her memory.

  88. I’d love a tree – with leaves and flowers so I could piece together different scenes through multiple seasons.

  89. Dogs, Santa, Mrs Claus, Scarecrow, Witch, Cupid, other items thatbwoukd be an add-on to the wagon…evergreens, packages, apples, etc

  90. I think any of the critters would be fun to paper piece. A garden with flowers or vegetable. A treehouse for the critters to climb. So many fun possibilities.

  91. I’d love to see some tween and teen designs in the paper piecing sets. We love all the cute designs by Lawn Fawn but my daughter is almost a teen and it would be great to have more options.

  92. Love the Jack-O-Lantern Add-On… so cute! As for paper-piecing die sets (lots of hyphens today!), I really like some of the suggestions you have already received: scarecrow, crows, butterfly, gingerbread people.

  93. I can already imagine the ways that this wagon could be used without the pumpkins. A little die cut surgery and the apples could go in there, any of the super cute critters… it is going to be adorable.

  94. Oh my goodness, well done design team! What fab ideas with these products. I would love paper piecing anything food related!

  95. I am so excited about the tiny gift box jack-o-lantern add-on. I make cards and little treats for an assisted living facility. And I’m now inspired to make little jack-o-lantern tea lights for all the residents for this Halloween. Something different than candy for a change of pace. I made tiny gift box bunnies this past Easter and they loved them. Thanks so much for the wonderful idea. Now I don’t have to think up something new. : )

  96. I’d like to see more little boy themed sets. Little Boy construction vehicles, little pick-up truck (little people, overalls, hard hats, tools, lunch boxes)

  97. I Would love to see a watermelon and probably some type of bus or van where I can put lots of critters going for a ride!
    These sets are super cute, I love how you keep coming up with new add-on’s for sets we already own, super fun! Thank you.

  98. I would love to see the scarecrow from Happy Harvest as a paper piecing die! I don’t think it already exists but if it does, a scarecrow wife and/or baby would be adorable or all of them!

  99. Everyone is so creative with the new release! I love the pumpkins and the red wagon!
    I would like to see paper pieced houses! including parts for a gingerbread house!

  100. I’d like other types of flowers other than the daisy. I love the daisies, but would like to create a garden of various types of flowers.

  101. I would love to see more fruit! I already own the strawberries and lemons and would love to be able to create a fruit basket! I know we’re heading into the fall and winter season, but maybe I’m putting the idea in place early enough for the spring production? lol 😀

  102. I would love to see some fall themed paper piecing dies. Maybe pie and turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, or fall trees.

  103. Please, please, please make a paper piercing cat, a paper piercing dog and multiple hats that can be used on the different critters! A Santa hat, a witch hat, etc❣️❣️❣️

  104. I think an owl or a boat of some kind would be fun for the mice to drive. I don’t know…you guys come up with the cutest things. Whatever you do I am sure that I will have to have it!!!!

  105. I would like to see a snowman, Santa and Mrs. Claus, an elf, a turkey…..and more! LOVE todays projects!

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