Lawn Fawn Intro: Beachy Christmas & Christmas Palm Tree

Hello and welcome to September Inspiration Week! Our Fall & Winter 2022 Release with 12 new stamp sets, 20 new Lawn Cuts sets, 3 new stencil sets, 2 new paper collections, and more exciting new products is available now at your favorite store and! Woohoo! This week we will continue to introduce and highlight the new sets with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways! Then in October we will introduce the rest of the Fall & Winter 2022 Release!

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Today is our showcase of Beachy Christmas and Christmas Palm Tree! Santa is celebrating Christmas in the sun this year! Help him send warm wishes by decorating the festive palm tree with ornaments and adding tropical presents under the tree. We have included everything for making a cute and beachy Christmas card!

Send warm wishes with this Christmas Palm Tree. This set includes all the trimmings to make your holiday cards shine! Use the included dies to change the colors of the lights and ornaments! The coconut and grass accents complete your beachy scene.

Design Team Inspiration

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways to use these new sets! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details! And leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Elena‘s tropical sand dunes, made with Stitched Hillside Borders, are perfect for tucking in all the Beachy Christmas fun! I love those tiny snowmen from Simply Celebrate Winter, they are so cute colored as sand!

Audrey’s design is so clever and fun! I love her Making Frosty Friends “sandman” and colorful Christmas Palm Tree!

Marine‘s Peekaboo Pop-Up is so much fun! From the sunny sunray stenciled background to the adorable surfing deer, this Beachy Christmas card is a winner!

This relaxed Beachy Christmas Santa has some tropical gifts to give in Elise‘s awesome scene! I love the hot foil Winter Big Scripty Words greeting! It’s so shiny and adds great detail!

Megan is adding to her amazing collection of snow globe designs with a clever Beachy Christmas design! She also included a stenciled sunray background along with fun accessories from Holiday Helpers and Crazy Antics! I love that Santa brought along one of the reindeer to enjoy the beach vacation!

Tammy created another delightful version of the Beachy Christmas snow globe! I love that she included the flamingo wearing a Santa hat, it totally captures a Florida holiday so well!

Grace used the Peekaboo Pop-Up to make this beautiful 3D shadow box scene! I love that the Knit Picky Winter paper adds fun sandy texture to this beachy design!

Latisha‘s amazing color palette is so bright!! With a stenciled backdrop and pretty gold accents, her Christmas Palm Tree card is so special!

Kara added Sandy Beach Accents to her amazing Beachy Christmas scene! They are the perfect place tuck the cute beach images, including Santa wearing cool shades! The sentiment stamped on the Open Me sign is so clever as well!

The Platform Pop-Up works great for creating a happy and Beachy Christmas! Melissa used the new Platform Pop-Up Hillside Inserts for the sandy beach. Then she cut the Platform Pop-Up Add-On from Watercolor Wishes Rainbow paper to create an awesome sky!

Lynnette‘s Christmas Palm Tree design is so lovely! With a limited color palette and just a simple stamped sentiment, this would be a quick and easy design for making multiples!

Yainea added sunny color to her Beachy Christmas scene by framing it with a Simple Stripes: Portrait panel. She cut a circle from the yellow and white stripes to layer over the scene. She stamped the sentiment in a curve to add even more style!

Caly combined the Christmas Palm Tree with an amazing Beachy Christmas scene! The bright and happy colors are so beautiful!

Intro Video

Now, I have a video to introduce Beachy Christmas and Christmas Palm Tree! We are creating 4 fun cards, including a Peekaboo Pop-Up! I hope you enjoy it! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thanks so much for watching!

Giveaway Time

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Beachy Christmas and Christmas Palm Tree! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us where you dream of celebrating a “Beachy Christmas” by September 21st at 5:00pm ET. We will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Sunday, September 18th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week! We love to read your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one of them puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys so much!


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357 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Beachy Christmas & Christmas Palm Tree

  1. I would set up my dream beach Christmas in a beautiful little cove on a beach that’s really close to us, so we could have a little shelter if the weather became wet and windy😄

  2. I’m lucky enough to live just a half block from the water, but it’s not really a beach. We have had a lovely Christmas lunch along the Esplanade with my parents, but there’s always so many people doing the same thing! It would be nice if we had our own remote area along the water.
    I also remember lots of fun Christmas/summer holidays with my grandparents in Caloundra (Sunshine Coast) where they had a holiday unit. It was only a 5 minute walk to Kings Beach (which was the cool beach with all the waves) or Bullcock Beach (which was calmer and good if you didn’t want to get dunked by the waves). It would be nice to go there again.

  3. I am an all beach loving girl – but for christmas I need the cold, the getting dark early – and wish for a white one each year. When the sounds get muffled by the snow, the christmas lights are shining everywhere – I just can not imagine to be away for christmas. A few days after – count me in for a trip to any tropical beach!

  4. I grew up with beachy Christmases, so this set fits perfectly for where I’m from. I love the little sandcastle & sand-snowmen in the projects today. I dream of a snow covered Christmas, not a sand covered one.

  5. I have never dreamed of having a beachy Christmas. A beachy Christmas in Hawaii or maybe St. John’s would be nice. A week long vacation with my children and grandchildren. Without my family it would not be Christmas.

  6. FINALLY a warm weather Christmas set for those of us that live in warmer climates! There’s no place I’d rather spend the holidays than with my grandsons in sunny Florida!

  7. I dream of celebrating a “Beachy Christmas” at any tropical destination like the ones people win on Wheel of Fortune….lol

  8. I am hoping for a Beachy Christmas in sunny Florida this year! Minnesota winters are long, cold and snowy. And I’m not a fan of any of that any longer!

  9. I wouldn’t give up my white Christmas for anything. After Christmas though – all bets are off! haha Hawaii…here I come!

  10. I’ve had too many warm Christmases in my life to wish for a beachy holiday. I’m hoping to have a white Christmas in my future! Maybe this year?
    We have some beautiful lakes where I live now; maybe I can find a lovely beach for a December picnic.

  11. I like the snow for Christmas, so I never dreamed of a beachy Christmas. I also like being with my family. But if I ever would go Hawaii would be the place

  12. I’m a snow on the ground, fire in the fireplace kind of Christmas girl, so thoughts of a Beachy Christmas anywhere is difficult for me. If I were to celebrate one I would pick Hawaii as I’ve never been there. The design team’s card do make it look very appealing.

  13. I always dream of celebrating a “beachy” Christmas in Maui. I’ll be celebrating here at home with the usual walk on our central coast (CA) beaches instead.

  14. Love the Beachy Christmas set! Love the palm tree decorated! But I’ll stay home for Christmas. I’m in Maryland and enjoy our holiday season here . You could have 70 degree weather or -10° , depends… and if you don’t like it, wait a few minutes and the weather could change.
    Thanks for giving us inspiration and cute holiday stamps and a chance to win.

  15. I would love to go to Flamingo Island in Aruba, not necessarily for Christmas but the flamingos have inspired me to do a flamingo themed Christmas card. I am going to use the die cut palm tree for that card. So excited!

  16. Living in So. Florida my whole life, it’s always a beachy Christmas for me.
    But I would love to be in Australia … that’s their summer time!
    Loving all the adorable and fun inspiration!!

  17. My dreamy beachy Christmas would be with Disney Cruise on Castaway Cay. We were there last December. It was warm and beautiful. Beachy Christmas music playing. Just amazing! Anxious to go back for the holiday!

  18. I will finally move into my new house before Christmas this year in St. Croix, USVI so this will be my first dream beachy Christmas.

  19. While the thought of a beachy Christmas sounds fun, I still need to have a wintery Christmas like we usually have here in the Rocky Mountains!!

  20. I have always had a cold/snowy Christmas but thought Hawaii would be nice to spend some time in and love the “beachy” theme.

  21. I know Hawaii is the easy pick, but it’s too crowded at Christmastime, so I would love to spend a ‘beachy’ Christmas up on the Oregon coast. Hopefully in a house right on the beach, with big windows and a big storm one of the days.

  22. Since I live in Florida, it WILL be a beachy Christmas. I would love some cooler weather, instead of the usual 90 degrees. I guess we always want what we don’t have, right?

  23. Well, we lived for40 years in Florida. So we enjoyed warm winters. But sour recent move to northern Georgia mountains has been such a treat. Living and enjoying the beautiful four seasons.

  24. Such fun cards!
    I dream of spending Christmas at Santa Barbara, CA! That is still ‘home’ for me, having moved up to the foothills of northern CA many years ago.

  25. I would love to spend a beachy Christmas in Puerto Rico with my mom and the rest of my family! It would be the best Christmas ever!

  26. I just hop into the car and drive 25 min. to Laguna Beach, San Clemente or anywhere inbetween, it I want a beachy Christmas. This stamp set is so cute! I have it and can’t wait to use it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  27. i really don’t like beaches and had to llive on a tiny island for too long so my ‘beachy” dream would be a cabin with a fire going and watching falling snow.

  28. Living in north of Europe a beachy Christmas isn’t for me. I want the darkness, the white snow… For Christmas that is. New Years Eve it would be lovely to be att a sunny beach though… 😀

  29. I am dreaming of a Beachy Christmas in El Nido, Palawan, Philippines. For those who have not yet been to the Philippines, now is the time to experience it.

  30. Last Christmas, we spent our holiday in Kauai. Though it rained every day, it was sunny almost every day, too. So there we’re a lot of rainbows. And our bungalow had the Disney channel. We dined on poke every evening. And I got to enjoy different varieties of musubi! It was a fantastic Christmas. If we could afford it, I’d love another beachy Christmas in Hawaii.

  31. Idk if I would like Christmas on the beach, I am a “White Christmas” kinda gal. Now if it was beach party on any other day I would be all for it!

  32. The sand men are so ooo cute!! What an imagination you have. I dream of having a beach Christmas at the tide pools in Dana Point. We love critters.

  33. Hawaii has been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. I would love the spend a Christmas on the beach with my family.

  34. I’m not picky! I’d be happy to spend a Beachy Christmas anywhere with a pretty beach where I could lay in the sand and listen to the water roll in!

  35. How about a more snowy Christmas? I can’t even imagine being someplace warm for Christmas but what I do wish for is a Swiss ski chalet vacation where the snow is 100 % guaranteed.

  36. Oh my! Beachy Christmas might be my favorite stamp set ever!! I spend every Christmas in Hawaii, visiting my parents. And, my husband grew up in Hawaii. So, we are lucky enough to leave rainy, cold Pacific Northwest during the dark winter months and go to Hawaii to visit my parents and get some much needed sunshine and warm weather. This stamp set is PERFECT for me since Christmas really means beach, palm trees, sand, and sunshine. I haven’t done holiday cards in the past because no stamp sets quite fit for “my” sunny and warm holiday. Now, that problem is solved! Thank you so much Lawn Fawn for this gorgeous stamp set. Needless to say, my dream spot to celebrate is at my parents in Hawaii!

  37. I love the beach, My husband and I went to Hawaii for Christmas in 2019. We have a goal of returning, I hope it is at Christmas time.

  38. I’m not much of a traveler and love having Christmas at my home with family all around, always wishing for a white Christmas. If I had to pick a beach Christmas it would be with family in Bettystown Ireland.

  39. Hawaii for Christmas- that would be my pick! We travelled there for Thanksgiving years ago & they already had Santa’s around!

  40. Oh boy, a beachy Christmas would be wonderful anywhere warm. Our beaches are frozen solid at Christmas time. This set will fly off the shelves with the snowbirds flocking south, either for the ones there or ones left here to send to them. Wonderful design Team!

  41. Nice cards. We all celebrated Christmas without snow near beaches during our military years. It’s nice to be in an area that has snow because Christmas lights are so beautiful glistening and reflecting off the snow.

  42. I live in the Florida Panhandle and the beaches are gorgeous here even in the winter. I only have to travel a couple of miles to enjoy it.

  43. I’m very lucky to have Christmas at home be only 10 houses from the beach. I have been anxiously awaiting this video and it was worth the wait!

  44. Would love to go to Marbella…haven’t been on a holiday since 1998! And Marbella was our favorit place to be.. But have seen the series Hotel Portofino..and that would be great to!!

  45. I spent a beach Christmas once with my parents when I was a freshman in high school and now I dream of spending another one with my family in either Hawaii or the Bahamas.

  46. First off I gotta say I adore those sand snowmen – fabulous idea. My Australian husband and our daughter will be in Melbourne this Christmas and I kinda wish the rest of us could be there too. Yeah it’s hot, sometimes plus 40, but it’s where I want to spend a beach Christmas.

  47. I’d love to celebrate Christmas in Australia (that was our plan in 2020). It’s summertime there in December, after all!

  48. My idea of a beachy Christmas is the white sparkly kind : ) I just don’t know if I could feel like it was Christmas without snow.

  49. I would never think to do a beach themed card as it is typically well below zero with snow at Christmas in my corner of the world. However when I saw Santa on the beach in sunglasses all I could hear was Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville. Nice card!

  50. Really cute, fun set.
    It would be strange to me being in warm weather at Christmas and it’s the only day of the year I hope for snow but I would love any exotic location beachy Christmas sometime.

  51. I guess Hawaii would be a fun beach Christmas, but I love being home with all my family for Christmas! And fires in the wood stove. 🙂

  52. I’ve been having beachy Christmas for over 20 years, living on tropical islands! Today’s blog has so many inspirations! I love it! In fact, I love the palm tree dies with decorative dies, and made me to look at my artificial, decorated palm tree in the living room, just now, which stays all year around! lol I really love that you guys included those decorative, ornament dies! <3

  53. Living in Southern California I always have snowless Christmas. I’ve always dreamed of having a snowy Christmas. But if I had the choice of another beachy location, I would have it in New Zealand

  54. I live too far from the beach to celebrate Christmas there, but we have hot Christmas days. We cook outside on the BBQ and have lots of cold salads and desserts. The sky is often tinted red and there is the faint (sometimes strong) smell of bushfire smoke in the air.

  55. Being from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia these are perfect for us here and the die cut Christmas palm is my favourite. Love how tou showed colouring the bottom of each frond to give more dimension. The lights that weave up the tree are so cute too, I want to try on other objects too

  56. Christmas wouldn’t be the same with sand… but this set would make a fab card, like ‘santa on holiday’!!! 🎅 ⛱️

  57. Since I live at the beach I have a “beachy” Christmas each year but the water is cold to go to the beach. Love this set.

  58. Australia. that is the one spot on my
    bucket list that I don’t think I’ll even make.
    Fun release. thanks for sharing

  59. Thank you thank you thank you for making a beachy Christmas set for all of your Southern Hemisphere fans!!!
    I am lucky enough to live in a coastal town in Australia – so that’s where my beachy Christmas will be!!

  60. Since I live where we get snow and I only have seen a green Christmas twice my dream beachy Christmas would have to be on the beaches in Jamaica.

  61. Any small tropical island! Some place secluded, warm and many opportunities to hike, snorkel, swim, or just lay around soak up the sun and read a book!

  62. I go to Tofino every year in the Spring, but have never been at Christmas. I would love to one day make it there at that time and enjoy some West Coast winter surfing!

  63. A “beachy” Christmas just doesn’t sound right. We don’t get much snow in Texas but it does get cold. Cold equals Christmas to me.

  64. I will take a beach almost anywhere as long as I could travel there. Luskentyre Beach in Scotland (yes Scotland!) is one of the prettiest beaches I have ever seen, but not sure December would be when I would want to be there so I would be happy to see Maui again.

  65. Anywhere warm! Hawaii would be lovely, as would an all inclusive in Mexico! I would also do Cuba or somewhere else hot. Australia is such a long flight for just Christmas lol

  66. I have always lived in the Midwest so it’s hard for me to imagine a beachy Christmas. Hawaii would be fun to visit over the holidays!

  67. I’m fortunate that I live in New Jersey & spend my time down the Jersey shore!
    I’ve have spent several Christmas in Florida & loved it! My husband & I want to
    spend Christmas in Bermuda next yr. until then hopefully New Jersey will have
    a White Christmas!

  68. Somewhere on the Gold Coast of Australia would be kool. I’m from Oregon so not our beaches too cold. Lol. Great holiday beach sets.

  69. I have spent multiple almost Christmas trips on cruise ships just before Christmas. Its fun and would love to be on a cruise again!!

  70. I’m dreaming of a Beachy christmas anywhere that’s warm, but not too hot and where I can hear the sound of crashing waves. I love the feeling of sand between my toes and a soft breeze.

  71. It would have to be Hawaii, I actually lived in Clearwater, Florida for about 1 1/2 years as a teen and Christmas just wasn’t the same after having snow all around me in the north. So I want a more exotic place if I ever have to be in hot weather.

  72. I’d celebrate at the beach every holiday!! My favorite place to spend the holidays is in the Caribbean – Sapphire beach in St Thomas would be just fine for me!!

  73. I’d want to spend Christmas on the Beach in Maui if I HAD to be on a Beach somewhere!! I do hope to travel back some day, so we can take our Boys there just not sure it would ever be for Christmas as I think I’d MISS the Snow!!??

  74. Since I live by the Beach I usually dream of a white Christmas somewhere! Would love to do Germany at Christmas time.

  75. I’d love to celebrate the Holidays in the Seychelles. But I’m pretty sure that’ll never happen unless I win the lottery, lol.

  76. I it’s hard for me to think of beach and Christmas having grown up in Minnesota, but I appreciate Lawn Fawn having something for everyone. You guys rock it!!

  77. I live in Pa, and have never been anywhere warm for Xmas. I’m sure it would be a different experience, and I’d love to try it sometime!

  78. I spent a few Christmases on the beach in various Mediterranean ports and would love to do something like that again. Next time around I’m hoping to make it to some of the places I missed the first time — Sicily, the Island of Capri, the north side of Crete…And I’m not sure whether you’d exactly count Lake Como as a beach, but seeing that is at the top of my bucket list! I’d go at Christmas or any time!

  79. Haha its tropical all year round here! So it’s always a warm christmas! Haha but i would love to go to Hawaii or Florida! 😍❤️

  80. I dream of Christmas in a southern state! Still get the decorations and Christmas lights, but i want the warm weather! I’m from Oregon. So its either cold or wet 🙂

  81. These are all so cute and so fun!! My grandparents lived in Puerto Rico during the winter for many years. We celebrate Christmas down there one year, complete with a palm tree branch for a Christmas tree. I’d love to celebrate Christmas there again, though my grandparents no longer live there.

  82. I would like to visit my home state of
    Florida again for the winter. It’s too humid in the summer, but winter is perfect.

  83. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas if it was warm and sunny to me. We’re used to it being the middle of winter and it just wouldn’t feel ‘right’ of it wasn’t 😉

  84. I’d love to go on a beach holiday anywhere warm where you can see colorful fish and sea creatures. If I bump into Santa in his tropical shirt that would be a bonus.

  85. I’m in Australia so this summer Santa is the perfect addition for our warm Christmas cards.
    I would love to go away somewhere like Hawaii for a beachy Christmas

  86. Love the Beachy Christmas set. I know of several folks who live in FL and who have already ordered it to make their Xmas cards. The palm trees are cute as well. I’d love to celebrate on Turks and Caicos! Or maybe Mauritius!!
    Lori S in PA

  87. As mich as these cards make Christmas look quite fun, I can’t imagine not having or celebrating Christmas in my cold snowy climate

  88. To celebrate a proper christmas I need snow, but if I can dream of celebrating a “Beachy Christmas” it would be on the Maldives.

  89. We spend every two years in Florida with our daughter and granddaughter. Christmas Eve is always a day spent at the beach!!

  90. Being I live in Florida, my daughter and I spend as many Christmases at my parents in Pennsylvania and hope for snow!!

  91. OMG! This is by far my favorite set! I would love to spend a beachy Christmas in Maui! Love the Hawaiian Islands around Christmas time!

    1. I guess in Houston, with my family that all just moved. But honestly, I love the thought of snow on Christmas more than heat!

  92. I’ve lived in both San Diego and Hawaii — but never for Christmas! I’d love to have a beachy Christmas in either location. Loving this stamp and die set and can’t wait to make some cards with them.

  93. I would love to spend a beachy Christmas in Australia! I think that would be so lovely. However, I do love my Canadian Christmas’ with all the snow. 😊

  94. I would love once to celebrate the way Bing Crosby and the Andrew Sisters did with A Mele kalikimaka in Hawaii. It might be fun to see how the Islanders do things. May be they decorate their pineapple and coconut trees the way Santa did in these adorable scenes. Thank you design team for all your creative crafty hearts!

  95. I would love to celebrate with all my family at their annual trip to the Gulf Shores in Alabama. Haven’t ever been able to go.

  96. A Christmas on any Beach would be awesome…I guess pig beach in the Bahamas since we have a mini pig of our own. Love this stamp set and all the DT creations.

  97. I love spending a beachy Christmas in Florida or California. I also love going to Disney World or Disneyland for Christmas! One day I would love to see Australia for Christmas. I love this set! I love anything tropical and Christmas related! 🙂

  98. My in-laws live on Oahu and we are hoping to visit November or December for the holidays. Hoping to island hop to the big island.

  99. 40 years ago I was stationed at an Air Station on Crete, Greece. We lived in an apartment near the beach, it was great. I’d love to go back one Christmas to celebrate.

  100. I would love to spend a beach Christmas on any tropical beach someday. It’s always been my dream!
    Such awesome creations and inspiration that has me dreaming of how wonderful that would be!

  101. My close family live in Australia, so definitely have a “beachy Christmas” and totally different to how it is here in the UK where I live 😀

  102. I’m not a huge beach fan, but going somewhere warm for Christmas sounds great! We aren’t even that cold where I am (no snow), but it is still too cold for me. Possibly Hawaii since they have beautiful forest/jungles to hike as well.

  103. I would love to celebrate a beachy Christmas in Hawaii. If I couldn’t go there then I would go to Destin, Florida since they have very white beaches.

  104. I would LOVE to visit Lawn Fawn…that would be a DREAM of a Christmas present!!! Or, you all could just send me your Snowman Cards and Projects!!! Too funny!!! With Love – Lynn. =)

  105. I do not like the idea of having a Beachy Christmas. I need snow for Christmas but then want to head to the beach once Christmas is over!

  106. I would love a beachy Christmas on the gulf coast of Florida! Swimming in the pool and walking the beach, looking for shells.

  107. I’m not much for beaches, and at Xmas, it should be snow, not sand! There are some nice beaches in Michigan that would probably be lovely in the winter – I’ve seen pictures of blue ice, ice volcanoes, and ice balls on different Michigan beaches. It would be fun to see, and then back inside quickly for hot chocolate and cookies! Not being a big beach fan, I wasn’t all that interested in this set, but wow, the designers made such great cards with it! I especially like the way Elena added the little sandmen to go with the sandcastles and Tammy added the santa-hatted flamingo.

  108. Wow, christmas at beach sounds fun. I prefer snowy cozy one but I definitely would try it somewhere with palm trees and sand. Hawaii sounds good. 😀

  109. My dream of a beach Christmas would be time spent on the different beaches around San Diego. The sound of the waves, warmth of the sun (if a sunny day), and a view of the surfers.

  110. A beachy Christmas would be fun, but I think about all the work that goes into setting up the Christmas stuff and then to not be home for it….makes me kind of sad!

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