Lawn Fawn Intro: Ugly and Bright

Hello and welcome to October Inspiration Week! Our Fall & Winter 2022 Release with 12 new stamp sets, 20 new Lawn Cuts sets, 3 new stencil sets, 2 new paper collections, and more exciting new products is available now at your favorite store and! Woohoo! This week we will wrap up the introductions with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways!

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Today is our showcase of Ugly and Bright! The critters are dressing in their ugliest sweaters to celebrate the holiday season! Mix and match the six included ugly sweaters to send cozy greetings to all your friends and family! The speech bubble and included sentiments will help you celebrate all season long.

Design Team Inspiration

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways to use this charming new set! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details! And leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

The sentiment says “tacky” but aren’t Tammy‘s sweaters awesome? She kept the sweater colors traditional while creating a neutral background for them to stand out. She layered Snow Flurries Backdrop over a snowflake covered kraft panel.

Lynnette cleverly layered her sweater-wearing critters on pretty Knit Picky Winter papers! It’s so cute and cozy and perfect for the holidays!

Marine created a brilliant interactive card! The reindeer can’t decide which sweater to wear to the party! But you can help him by spinning the acetate Reveal Wheel circle with two more sweaters from which to choose! In addition, she has freshly washed ugly sweaters hanging on the Little Bundle clothesline. She also included Santa and the missus from Ho-Ho-Holidays!

The greeting from Winter Scripty Sentiments looks so beautiful stamped in a silvery color! Be sure to check out the video below to see how to recreate this clever design!

Grace was also thinking about laundry, so funny! Her bear family is making sure all the Christmas sweaters are ready for holiday fun. Not to mention some unmentionables as well. She used the washing machine from Loads of Fun to make a shaker window. And then she added all the cute bears from Ugly and Bright, Snow Much Fun and Den Sweet Den!

Elena created a frosty scene for her festive bears in sweaters! She used Over the Mountain Borders for the landscape and the sign from Berry Special for the tiny greeting! I love how she illustrated the happy thoughts of these adorable critters!

Melissa created a fun Platform Pop-Up with a snowy landscape for the Ugly and Bright critters! She used the Platform Pop-Up Hillside Wrap Around and the Hillside Inserts cut from Pixie Dust Sparkle cardstock. Then she added trees from Forest Backdrop and Deck the Car.

Santa and his reindeer look so adorable while checking over the nice list! Megan created the shaker using How You Bean and Snow Globe Scenes before filling it with shiny stars! The sentiment is so much fun in Henry’s ABCs!

Kara‘s stylish critters are sporting some fabulous ugly sweaters! They are sending happy messages while looking absolutely adorable!

Elise‘s gathering of cozy, sweater-wearing critters is so much fun! The Knit Picky Winter paper adds subtle pattern while the hot-foiled scripty greeting brings the sparkle and shine!

Latisha‘s sweaters are so charming in those bright colors! Her adorable reindeer has plenty of options to get him through ugly sweater season!

Caly‘s clean and simple design takes advantage of the fun knit pattern in the Knit Picky Winter paper. Her coloring gives these cuties so much personality!

Elena‘s gorgeous Giant Happy Fall card reminds us that these tacky sweaters are great for other seasons too!

I love how Mindy framed the Ugly and Bright critters in a Forest Backdrop! The Christmas Garland over the top looks so festive!

And we round out our inspiration with another critter who is washing festive, ugly sweaters! It looks like he’s having “loads of fun” while he finishes this basket full of holiday laundry! Audrey‘s clever card is truly so much fun!

Intro Video

Now, I have a video to introduce Ugly and Bright! We will share ideas for using this new set while creating three cards inspired the Design Team. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

Giveaway Time

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Ugly and Bright! Tomorrow we will have more to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us about your favorite ugly sweater by October 19th at 5:00pm ET. We will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Sunday, October 16th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week! We love to read your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one of them puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys so much!


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346 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Ugly and Bright

  1. My favourite ugly sweater is fluffy an white, has the sentiment ‘dachshund through the snow’ with a cute dachshund running, wrapped in lights. Such a cute and cozy sweater ❤️

  2. My ugly sweater is green and red with a dog on the front with sparkly glasses and holding a purse. It’s so fun and truly terrible!

  3. Dating myself here, but back when Piece Goods Fabrics was in business, they had a class for appliqueing sweatshirts and then outlining them with fabric paint. I made several and I loved them. Mine had Santa flying over the rooftops in his sleigh, and I made a poinsettia one for my mom. I thought they were cute!

  4. These ugly sweaters are too cute! I don’t have any ugly Christmas sweaters living in a warm weather climate but if I did, it would have to have a santa on the beach theme!

  5. I don’t have an ugly sweater, but seeing these adorable critters in them makes me want to get one! If I got an ugly sweater it would definitely need to light up.

  6. My favourite ugly sweater is one I wear when I’m creating, it is a very bright (and now quite bobbly!) wool rainbow stripe and my kids call it the art teacher jumper and cringe when I wear it!!!

  7. I don’t have an ugly sweater, but I have a t-shirt that says “why is the ground all wet Todd” in sweater font.

  8. I love the washing machine cards. I don’t have an ugly sweater as I usually run hot and use sweatshirts instead.

  9. Fabulous Inspiration! Oooh my favorite Ugly and Bright Sweater had a Christmas scene on it with a Tree and all of the trimmings, a pretty doll with flowing locks and presents. A Lot was going on! lol But, Christmas is my birthday so I had to wear it! Merry Merry!

  10. I don’t have an ugly sweater – but I still need this set! Too cute! Love the idea of pairing with the Loads of Fun.

  11. I also do not have a favorite ugly sweater but I do recall a neighbor who had one with pom poms all over her sweater.

    1. I’ve never had an ugly sweater until last Christmas. I wore it to the food pantry where I volunteer at. It was fun to wear with the other ladies.

  12. Ugly sweaters are so fun! We have a work ugly sweater party every year and I always make one, I have never won but wow are they ugly. Lol

  13. I LOVE them, they make me laugh so hard BUTTTTT, I just can’t don one myself! Maybe this year! Adore this set soooooo very much!

  14. I don’t have an ugly sweater. But all of these cards are so cute that they make it look like having an ugly sweater would be fun.

  15. My favorite ugly Xmas sweater is a sweater vest that my mother-in-law gave all the girls in my husband’s family decades ago. The sweater itself is typical cozy-Christmas…but it’s my favorite because my husband wore it to our family ugly-Christmas sweater contest several years ago, without a shirt underneath – it was a hoot on him! 😝 🎅

  16. I have never owned an ugly sweater! We’re in So. Florida so it’s hot 51 weeks out of the year. lol
    But I sure love these adorable, ugly sweaters. lol

  17. I do not own an ugly sweater. I have owned a Christmas sweater but it was not ugly. I like today’s cards! Love the washing machine with the sweaters and fun greetings.

  18. I like ugly sweaters and this stamp/die set is a great addition to anyone’s collection. Would make a great invitation for an ugly sweater party.

  19. I don’t have an ugly sweater. I think about getting one every year but haven’t so far. Maybe this will be the year.

  20. My ugly sweater has polar bears and a lot of jingle bells on it. The DT did an amazing job with all of their cards!

  21. Haven’t got any “ugly” sweater, but quite inspired to get one now! This stamp-set is so cute; it will be well used for this coming Christmas!!

  22. Stop the cuteness! My fav Ugly Xmas Sweater is one that my sister and I wore to a fancy dinner on top of the Sears (Willis) Tower on Christmas Eve for dinner… we hid them under our coats so my parents didn’t know until we sat down 🙂

  23. No ugly sweater here but did have one with a huge Christmas tree and snowflakes and presents. I think the ugly sweaters in this set are adorable!

  24. This stamp set and all the cards are so delightful! Don’t own an ugly sweater for the holidays, but would be fun to create one.

  25. I have several holiday shirts –enough for every day between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love them all from the spiritual to the whimsical.

  26. I’ve never done the ugly sweater tradition before. I do knit sweaters… hopefully not mistaken for ugly sweaters when I wear them! 😂

  27. It’s a sweater in gold and black – the
    colors of University of Missouri. It’s been
    a long time since I was a student but I
    like aggravating my son – he’s an
    Illini fan. Cute release.

  28. My favorite ugly sweater isn’t actually a sweater. It’s a t-shirt of Stitch from Lilo and Stitch wearing a Santa hat in front of an ugly sweater pattern.

  29. I don’t have any ugly sweaters but I do have a spirit jersey from disney that kind of takes inspiration from an ugly sweater pattern and I love it!

  30. Such fun cards with these ugly sweaters and critters. I don’t think I’ve ever owned an ugly sweater (at least in my opinion)!

  31. I’ve never had an ugly sweater but I do have a great pair of reindeer antlers on a head-band that light up!

  32. My favorite ugly sweater is actually a project I made for a contest at work. I didn’t have an appropriate ugly sweater to wear on the appointed day, so I made a necklace of die cut sweaters to wear instead! I used brightly colored papers, big sequins and some red cording to make the necklace. I still have it!

  33. Had an ugly sweater Zoom meetup last year and decorated a sweater with all kinds of sparkly ornaments. Was so fun!

  34. Love the release, my favorite ugly sweater is black with a string of lights zig zagging across it and they light up.

  35. This is such an adorable set!! I love all the unique ideas everyone came up with! My favorite ugly sweater… well its not super ugly but its red with a santa belt and we have them to match in my family!

  36. I do not own an ugly sweater for the holidays, but I love all the cards created with the ugly sweater stamps, my fave is the shaker card by Grace Camou sooooo cute

  37. Thank you for making one of the sweaters blank so I can design my own sweaters. Don’t own an ugly sweater. But love these, already coloring for Christmas cards.

  38. I have an ugly Christmas sweater that I only wear while volunteering at the Mission Viejo Santa’s Workshop;

  39. I don’t have a sweater but I do have two quilted vests (one traditional Christmas and one a nativity scene) that I made years ago.

  40. The Lawn Fawn sweaters are so cute not ugly. My husband wears the same sweater each Christmas so it’s now pretty dated and a bit tighter than it should be. He’ll be my favorite ugly sweater…guy 😉

  41. I had some amazing ugly sweaters from the 80’s and 90’s that I ended up giving away before ugly sweaters was a thing. These guys are the cutest!

  42. My favorite ugly sweater was an acrylic turtleneck an auntie gave me. It had vertical ribbing, and horizontal stripes in red, white, and blue. And, I wore it all the time!

  43. My son’s high school choir would have ugly sweaters as the theme for the holiday concert each December and he has a “Fa la la la LLama” sweater that couldn’t be more perfect for that event and for every day, really! He’s 21 now and still loves it (and wants a new ugly sweater for every Christmas.)
    FYI – The link to Kara’s blog isn’t working correctly. It takes you to Megan’s Instagram.

  44. My favourite ugly sweater is one with a cat wearing a Santa hat with a giant real jingle bell and it says ‘Meowy Christmas’ on it!

  45. My favorite ugly sweater has Miller Lite cans knitted into the design with snowflakes. I went to college near Milwaukee (where Miller is located) so it reminds me of carefree college fun. And it always gets a lot of laughs.

  46. I don’t currently own an ugly sweater. However, I did attend an ugly sweater themed party several years ago. I don’t recall what I wore, but it didn’t measure up to most of the other attendees’ sweaters.

  47. I have never owned an ugly Christmas sweater. Although I am sure I have worn some sweaters long ago that would seem to be ugly now. LOL!

  48. I have a gorgeous sequined svest (sweater vest) it fully covered in black sequins and then has a Christmas tree, present, a bell, a bow, and more all in sequins.

  49. OhMyGosh…What a HOOT with the Sweaters!!! I’ve been chuckling all morning!!!
    I had a very old, falling apart, ugly sweater and wore it for a Christmas party to get some laughs. When coming out of the Ladies Room, I must have hooked my sweater on the lock or something on the door. Well, the farther I walked, the more the sweater was unraveling and everyone was laughing. As soon as I got home, I thru the sweater out. The following Monday at work, there were pictures of me all over the office and in e-mails!!! I guess the BIG laugh was on me!!!
    Have a great weekend!!!

  50. Knitted a sweater all summer when I was 16 and learning how to knit. Finished it proud as could be and made a snowman sewed it on the back cuz it was too bulky for the front. Wore it to school for a Christmas party day and NO ONE told me I had sown the snowman upside down. My mom use to tell me I may have invented the first ugly sweater. Mom fixed my boo boo and I never wore it again. Hmmmm wonder whatever happened to it. 🧥☃️🙃

  51. My favorite sweater is actually a fuchsia sweater vest with a lady bug on it with Christmas lights that say bah hum bug.

  52. My favorite ugly Christmas sweater is my Colorado Avalanche sweater! I love wearing it to work on tacky Christmas sweater Fridays!

  53. Yrs. ago as a teenager I had an ugly sweater with a Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer & his nose would glow light up!
    My husband purchased me a Rudolf Red Nose Reindeer PJs for Christmas & I ended up wearing top on
    Christmas day!
    I love all the cards that the design team created with the Ugly & Bright Stamp set! 🥰

  54. I don’t think holiday sweaters are ugly! I think they are fun and festive and full of joy! I think they are fun!

  55. My ugly sweater was more of fleece sweatshirt with snowmen that I wore every Christmas season! Thank you for sharing!

  56. A lady I worked with had a sweater with cotton balls hanging off her sweater. She was saying a snow man sneezed on it!! It was so funny.
    And your ugly sweaters are so cute!

  57. I have one sweater that is red and green and has a bear dressed up in a sweater on it. I don’t think it’s all that ugly, but not beautiful either.

  58. My favorite ugly sweater is one I have owned since freshman year of high school. It is so comfy and cozy and I doubt I will ever willingly let it go. Like many of my favorite Lawn Fawn Stamps that come out every year. It is good to have steady faithful favorites!

  59. I really like the ones with the lights in them to really make them look bright 😉
    Love the design team inspiration 😍

  60. My ugly sweater has wild Christmas color Plaid patterns with Christmas trees all over it!
    I’ve never been to an ugly sweater party but I think this one would win first prize hands down!

  61. Haha. Well I don’t have an ugly sweater but a few years ago I had a blast putting one together for my son who was going to an ugly sweater party.

  62. I have two ugly sweaters – actually, one is a sweater vest. I bought the vest when I weight a *lot* more than I do now, and it is way, way too big – just adding to its charm (not). It features snowcapped Alps with skiing Santas. Truly ugly.

    The sweater was a find in a give-away-barrel (don’t judge me), I nabbed as I was making a donation, I couldn’t believe that someone would donate such an ugly sweater – a black cardigan, Christmas lights embroidered with bugle beads. SO UGLY!!

  63. Ugly sweaters are so much fun. I’ve always wanted to have an ugly sweater Christmas party and these critters would be perfect for invitations.

  64. My favorite ugly sweater is actually an ugly sweater dress! It’s elf styled, with bells and green taffeta. I love it!

  65. I love holiday sweaters so I’m disappointed that some stores go out of their way to make sweaters extra ugly. 🙁

  66. Unfortunately my favourite ugly sweater doesn’t fit me anymore and I can’t find a good replacement. I used to have one with all different dinosaurs on wearing Christmas hats. I loved it so much!

  67. I have an ugly sweater that has a cute red truck on it with a Christmas tree in the back. It’s a cozy sweater for Christmas.

  68. Hahaha i don’t really have an “ugly” sweater! But my most memorable sweater is one from my holiday trips to new zealand! ☺️😘 super in love with this stamp set!

  69. Love, Love, LOVE this stamp set — it is sooooo cute!

    My favorite ugly sweater? I inherited a sweater from my husband’s aunt that is kind of cool, but also basically hideous. It was manufactured in the 1980s and was made in one of the era’s popular color palettes: white, navy blue, hunter green, burgundy. It is really thick and warm (and did I mention ugly?) I wear it to bed sometimes in the dead of winter when it is really cold in the house. I try not to let anyone see me wearing it because I don’t want people to know I secretly sort of like it. What can I say, I loved the 1980s…

  70. The only ugly sweater I ever owned was finally put in the trash it was so ugly. It was so annoying and I have no clue what was going through my mind when I bought it!

  71. I just love this set and I love that you included a blank sweater so we can use this set all year long. My favorite sweater is the Santa suit.

  72. My mom used to wear the best ugly sweaters every year and a Xmas pin she loved. Miss hee so much at this time of the year💚💚💚

  73. These are so adorable!!! I don’t currently own any ugly sweaters (at least I don’t think so), but I’m sure I’ve had them in the past (I did grow up in the 80s after all!)

  74. I have a blue cardigan with black and white penguins knit into it. It is actually somewhat tasteful, but still has big animals on it! LOL I LOVE the sentiments in this set! Especially Eat, Drink and Be Tacky!

  75. I have a sweater that I absolutely love. It looks like I’m wearing a sheep. It’s so cozy and fluffy. I love this set so much. I need some more inspiration for the plain looking like one though.

  76. My favorite ugly sweater is one I knit- because let’s be honest, I’m terrible at knitting but I tried! I better stick to paper crafts.

  77. I have a pullover sweatshirt with a hood that is a white fleecy material with round coal-like shapes for a snowman’s face and a carrot nose. It’s silly but I actually like it because it is super warm. ⛄️

  78. These are so cute. My favorite was a sweater vest I used to have with a patchwork type design with different characters appliquéd on it.

  79. I don’t have an ugly sweater but think it would be fun to create one for the cute little critters in the set!

  80. I dont have an ugly sweater but i get away with a sweatshirt that has a melting snowman on the front saying ‘You melt my heart’ 😁 Works every year.

  81. I don’t have an ugly sweater but one time when I needed one, I made it– I sewed old school silver tinsel (the kind that looks like a feather boa) along the edges of a red jacket and raided my parents’ ornament collection… I picked the ugliest ones and sewed them onto the jacket! It was definitely an ugly sweater! So ugly that my husband refused to sit next to me at the social gathering we were at hahaha! (I still love him…)

  82. I don’t personally have my own favorite ugly sweater, but I’m absolutely loving seeing all of these critters wear their’s! Every card is so great, I can’t pick a favorite. The design team is so talented!!! Thank you for sharing!

  83. Mine is bright red with a black dachshund wearing a santa hat. That dog is actually a well known character from a childrens book here in the Netherlands. Can’t wait to wear it again in december 😅

  84. My favorite was the Green Sweater with tinsel fringe collar around the neck and sleeves. Pointsets accents and bels for a lette extra cheer.

  85. In my country we don’t have a tradition wearing ugly sweater for christmas. But I love a red sweater for christmas 🙂

  86. I don’t wear sweaters, but I do love this stamp set it is so precious. I loved all the cards today as well so many cute ones.

  87. My ugly sweater has knitted braches with cardinals sitting on them with snowflakes falling around them! It is very Christmas looking but I use it all the time for ugly sweater days at work!

  88. Such inventive cards from the team! They’re all so fabulous! My favourite from the set is the one with Christmas trees but I don’t have an ugly sweater myself (if you mean Christmas ones) as Christmas is in summer here and there’s enough sweating already without an ugly sweater!

  89. My favorite ugly sweater has gingerbread cookies on it. When i bought it years ago, I actually thought it was cute…but now, not so much lol!

  90. Even Lawn Fawn can make “ugly sweaters” look cute! I don’t have an ugly holiday sweater, but I keep looking for the perfect one!

  91. The best “ugly ” sweater i have ever seen had 2 snowpeople and some mistletoe. Then it said “Just say No, to mistletoe”
    I love it

  92. My favorite Christmas sweater is one my hubby gave me. It had traditional Christmas colors and a few little bells that made the lovliest soft tinkling sound.

  93. I don’t actually have any ugly sweaters! But I have some awesome ugly socks and even a few ugly Christmas tshirts! My favourite being my one that is a tree full of kittens!

  94. I don’t own an ugly Christmas sweater, but I did deck out an ugly sweater with bling from old costume jewellery and Christmas trinkets. It was ugly and loud in both looks and sound from all the things clanging together! Had fun doing it.

  95. I used to make ugly sweaters from fabric scraps and paint back in the 90’s. Fun times with my kids when they were young.

  96. I don’t yet have an ugly sweater but many years ago my mum gave me a vest with embroidered snowmen and snowflakes all over it so I consider it the closest thing to one since I only wear it once a year at a Christmas party. These critters look adorable in theirs though and maybe the next ugly sweater I’ll buy is this stamp set lol

  97. I’m not a fan of ugly Christmas sweaters. I have a tan sweater with two reindeer on it. I think it is more cute than ugly but it is my go to for festive Christmas sweaters.

  98. My son-in-law had to fly on Christmas day and wore a suit made of fabric that depicted cats wearing Christmas sweaters!

  99. Mine is a snowman’s body and then my head is supposed to be the snowman’s I guess – if that makes sense lol

  100. My favorite ugly sweater has half a unicorn stuffed animal attached to the front! I think it is so funny 🙂 Lots of great cards from the design team! Thanks for all the inspiration 🙂

  101. These cards are too cute! Love all these new designs and die cuts! Favorite ugly sweater, I inherited when sister in law pasted away. It was red and had huge Christmas patterns all over it. Last year I had to part with it! Got to be too much!😂😳😂😳😂

  102. I got this ugly sweater for a company Christmas party one year and now every Christmas I bring it out at least once during the season to show it off.

  103. I order two ugly sweaters a couple of years ago to wear to work events. I think they are adorable rather than ugly. One had a reindeer with a red pom-pom for the nose. The other is a snowman with a scarf that hangs off the sweater.

  104. My favorite ugly Christmas sweater is a Christmas cat sweater featuring a cat dressed for the holidays with lots of sewn on appliqués, different textures, & bright colors! It would definitely get you noticed across the room at a crowded Christmas gathering! Some would call in gaudy but I thought it was kind of cute. Lol.

  105. This is such a great set
    And the cards from the dT are amazing
    We don’t really have the ugly sweater tradition in Australia because it’s hot here at Xmas time!

  106. Feeling so inspired seeing all these amazing photos!! Such an adorable set. I don’t have a favourite sweater, but my favourite Christmas outfit is this super fun geometric pattern bright colourful summer suit my partner owns 😂

  107. Love these cute critters and their not so ugly sweaters. I don’t have a favorite ugly sweater but I love seeing them.

  108. I don’t have an ugly Christmas sweater – mainly because our Summer is hot and humid in the good ol’ land of Oz.
    I have seen some based on some of my husband’s and my favourite fandoms (Critical Role, Deadpool, Mass Effect) that I would have loved to get.

  109. I do not own an ugly Christmas sweater…but these cards made using the Ugly and Bright stamp/die set are just so absolutely adorable!

  110. Well I didn’t think it was an “ugly sweater” when I bought it but… mine has a big goose on it. I love the fall card sample by Elena with an apple on the sweater, cute!

  111. My fav “ugly sweater” was a black cardigan with all kinds of gingerbread houses and gingerbread men on it! The “frosting” accents were red and white. I really liked that sweater and didn’t think it was ugly at the time!

  112. My brother has an ugly Christmas sweatshirt that is from dragon ball z and it’s my favorite because it reminds me of our childhood.

  113. It’s very hot at Christmas here so no ugly sweaters at that time of year. I do have a sweater I wear in winter and my children tell me it’s a yucky duck poo colour and they think it’s ugly, but I say it’s warm and comfy.

  114. I don’t have an ugly sweater but I guess I need one!! I do love that you included a plain sweater in the adorable set so it can be used year round! Love it!!

  115. I loved Ugly Christmas sweaters before everyone else did! I thought they were so funny and my daughter and I had matching Santa in his sleigh ones!

  116. I am not an Ugly Sweater person, I may have owned one a bazillion years ago! However, I love the Ugly and Bright Set!

  117. The only time I wear an ugly sweater is when the office has “Ugly Sweater” day. It has a camp trailer with curtains, reindeer and snow falling.

  118. Mine is an item from my late MILaw’s closet. She had a small collection of ugly sweaters – aka holiday sweaters. She did not think of them as “ugly” but more as “busy.” When she passed away (Feb. 2020), her daugher, daughters-in-law and granddaughter got one each. The one I got is really busy. I wear it yearly for my school’s ugly sweater day.

    Love the items you have shared!! Thanks!!
    Lori S in PA

  119. I’ve never owned an ugly sweater but I’ve created my own for a work contest once and just bought a sweater and put a ton of ornaments on it It was pretty ugly and not as cute as these ones on the stamp set. I love this stamp set!! Sooo adorable.

  120. I have an ugly holiday dress, silver and teal shiny brocade- large teal flowers – it’s truly a hideous cocktail dress. But it has won the ugly sweater contest quite a few times – and I get a kick out of people’s reactions to it 😊

  121. I had an ugly sweater gifted to me by my Aunt. She loved it but it no longer fit her. It was green with red fringe and ornaments sewn on it.

  122. Don’t have one but I would crochet one with Christmas colored granny squares, embellished with crocheted appliques of Christmas themed icons (i.e. snowman, poinsettia, elf, Christmas lights, tree, reindeer, etc).

  123. I like ugly sweaters that feature cats on them, lol. Also Elena‘s gorgeous Giant Happy Fall card is fantastic, I love it!

  124. I am not an ugly sweater fan and actually don’t intentionally own any sweater that is considered ugly. But, this set is really the cutest!

  125. The ugly sweaters are so much fun! I love the way the design team incorporated the washer in some of the cards. What a great idea!

  126. I purchased an ugly holiday sweater a few years ago but it is a very close ringer to a holiday sweater I owned back in the day before it was a thing to wear ugly sweaters for fun!

  127. My favorite “ugly sweater” was actually an apron I made. It had a tree with lights and reindeer and such. It was actually really cute. 😀

  128. My favorite ugly sweater is a tan and burgundy striped sweater I decorated myself with foam gingerbread men. The arm and corner of the head is bitten off and he has a speech bubble that says “bite me”.

  129. Amazing creations! My ugly sweater is a big Rudolph with red pompom nose. Previously, I had one with Christmas tree and mini pompom decorations. I love pompom.

  130. I actually don’t have a favorite ugly sweater, but if I had to choose one, it’s those sweaters that look like they are gift wrapped – with that huge crinkly bow. Yikes!

  131. My favorite ugly sweater was a plaid one (red & green) with a reindeer on it…Yeap!! It was a gift from my sister.
    Have a wonderful day,
    Migdalia Rodriguez

  132. So… I don’t have a favorite… because I don’t have any… I don’t even have holiday sweaters (ugly or not)…. Don’t get me wrong, I have a ton of sweater and hoodies because I hate the cold, but since I am not into the winter holidays at all… I’ve never bothered to get themed sweaters. I love this set though!

  133. I don’t really own a lot of ugly sweaters cause they’re not exactly my thing, but I did purchase a red sweater in a standard shop one day that for me is the perfect ugly sweater equivalent. It has a massive sequin bow around the neckline, and two sparkly Pom poms – how anyone thought it was a good “normal” sweater I don’t know, but everyone always compliments how original my “ugly” sweater is 🙂

  134. My favorite ugly sweater is a sweat shirt that has an ugly sweater printed on it. It is an I love Lucy themed shirt. It has a great ugly sweater pattern with Lucy and Ricky stick figures in the middle.

  135. Don’t have a favorite ugly sweater yet, but my DD wants to do an ugly sweater Christmas so I guess it will be the one I get this year!

  136. I’ve never really participated in the ugly sweater trend, but if I were to create one, it would have glittery pom poms on it.

  137. Ugly sweaters!!! These critters are adorable. My favorite ugly sweater was one my cousin, an artist, made. He knitted it using only gold tinsel garland as his medium. It was sparkly, ugly, poofy, and all things perfect. And yes, he won the ugly sweater contest!

  138. Last year I introduced the ugly sweater day at my work. Lovely to see all those sweaters. I had one with a lot of animals wearing santa hats.

  139. As a school teacher back in the day, I did wear holiday vests etc all the time! I’m not really into the ugly sweater craze now but I do like the Ugly and Bright set for card making.

  140. This inspiration is adorable! We have gotten so many ugly Christmas sweaters at the thrift store, I could never pick my favorite.

  141. I had a navy blue sweater with a classic looking Christmas tree on it. It was really pretty but then it was suddenly an “ugly sweater.”

  142. Unfortunately I outgrew my Favorite ugly sweater with parcels and fevorations and Bells. But I sure did love it. This set is sooo cute. I love teddies and dressing Them up would be sooo much fun.

  143. I love this set so much, I had to buy it the day it came out! I remember when we were kids my mom used to buy us the wildest sweaters. We had one with big yellow smiley faces — my sister and I had matching ones and we called them our don’t worry, be happy sweaters.

  144. I don’t own any ugly sweaters because I don’t like the feel of a sweater anymore, but iIwould totally rock an ugly sweatshirt! I LOVE the laundry room cards, and Marine’s reveal wheel card is genious!!genius!!! ❤️

  145. I don’t own any ugly Xmas sweaters but, my mom used to knit me and her matching Xmas sweaters. I used to think they were ugly and hated them but think it’s so sweet now! 🥲🥰

  146. My favorite ugly sweater belongs to my son. It’s Christmas llamas covered in jingle bells. It’s never silent-even if he’s sitting down. It drives us all nuts but makes us laugh too! These cards are wonderful ❤️

  147. I only have one and it’s not too bad – it’s a melted ugly snowman. It’s super warm and has some fun textures on it.

  148. I have never had an ugly sweater, but one of my dad’s gilfriends once bought me musical underwear when I was a little girl.

  149. My favorite ugly sweater from the stamp set is the snowman. My favorite real life “ugly sweater” is actually a sweatshirt that I bought for my son (and it actually won an ugly sweater contest) – it’s bright green with a picture of Elf, it lights up all over the sweatshirt and it says ‘ smiling is my favorite”. My son loves and it and wears it every Christmas, even when it’s too warm in the house for a sweatshirt. 🙂

  150. Oh, how I wish there was more than ONE sweater die in this set. If I make 20 cards, with 3 sweaters, I have to die-cut them through the machine 60 times! Poor foresight, it was cute, but realizing how much extra time and effort this is going to take, I’m going to do something else for this year.

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