Lawn Fawn Intro: Unicorn Sparkle Embossing Powder and Black Embossing Powder

Hello and welcome to October Inspiration Week! Our Fall & Winter 2022 Release with 12 new stamp sets, 20 new Lawn Cuts sets, 3 new stencil sets, 2 new paper collections, and more exciting new products is available now at your favorite store and! Woohoo! This week we will wrap up the introductions with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways!

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Today is our showcase of Unicorn Sparkle Embossing Powder and Black Embossing Powder! Use this sparkly white embossing powder and Black Embossing Powder to add dimension, depth, and shine to your projects. Unicorn Sparkle Embossing Powder is a beautiful white powder with sparkly glitter! Our new Black Embossing Powder makes sentiments and image outlines glossy and raised.

Design Team Inspiration

The design team has made the most amazing samples! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details! And leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Bold colors and a cute snowman make Elena‘s design so special! She used Stitched Snowflake Backdrop in the background before adding the Unicorn Sparkle embossed Frosties! I love how she stamped and embossed the snowflakes on the same blue cardstock as the background.

I love how Yainea embossed the Frosties snowflakes with Black Embossing Powder to create a totally unique look! The layers of Knit Picky Winter paper are so pretty as a backdrop for the Winter Skies bears!

Audrey‘s Penguin Party card is so frosty and cute! She stamped and embossed Frosties on the inked background, then used an Embossing Pen to add more Unicorn Sparkle along the edge!

Megan‘s Snow Cool scene is so much fun! She used Unicorn Sparkle to emboss the Frosties snowflakes on vellum before adding them to the Knit Picky Winter background! Giant Let it Snow also gets a frosty look with Prisma Glitter!

Elise created a simple card that is so gorgeous! She created a panel with Stitched Snowflake Backdrop before layering a Giant Holiday Message on top! The Black Embossing Powder gives the greeting a shiny finish that looks so amazing!

Lynnette‘s Snowball Fight design is so adorable! I love that she used a limited color palette of red, white and aqua, it looks so fresh! She created a greeting that stands out by embossing the outlined sentiment with Black Embossing Powder, and then coloring in the letters.

Grace‘s artsy snowman is so fabulous! She combined Build-A-Snowman with Art Supplies and lots of amazing color! In the background she inked a beautiful rainbow in frosty colors. Then she stamped and embossed Frosties on a panel of vellum to layer over the top! The Unicorn Sparkle Embossing Powder adds a snowy touch that is so pretty.

She also used an Embossing Pen to add sparkly embossed details to the snowman!

Giveaway Time

I hope you have enjoyed this look at our new embossing powders, Unicorn Sparkle and Black! Tomorrow we will have more to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us your favorite way to use embossing powder by October 19th at 5:00pm ET. We will randomly pick one winner for these embossing powders! (If you already own them and win, you can choose other embossing powders!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Monday, October 17th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week! We love to read your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one of them puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys so much!


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290 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Unicorn Sparkle Embossing Powder and Black Embossing Powder

  1. I love to use embossing powder to add detail to the backgrounds of cards, the extra shine and height is so pretty 😊

  2. I recently got the glow in the dark embossing powder and I’m obsessed with making all my halloween critters glowy! Usually I love embossing sentiments to make them pop on sometimes I heat emboss my characters in clear and colour with watercolour brush pens so create a resisting water outline.

  3. For sentiments mostly, but also for backgrounds and I love to use a black embossing powder to do the edges of a stamped image and then color with bright colors. Butterflies look fabulous in this.

  4. Super cute designs! I feel I always use clear embossing powder over my black stamped images and sentiments. Helps when coloring with Copic markers and gives everything that nice little sheen!

  5. For making the sentiments look really good I always think it looks so professional and it really gives your card something extra ✨

  6. I love it for Sentiments most of all, then for flower outlines and I color the inside with either Copic’s or watercolors. I adore the snowman card so cute

  7. As a new stamper many years ago, I fell in love with embossing using gold and silver embossing powder on holiday cards, but now I use it for so much more. I think my favorite technique is emboss resist. It always makes for a wow! card.

    1. I am absolutely loving this adorable snowman!! I like making words and phrases embossed which makes them pop off the card.

  8. I use embossing powder mostly for sentiments. But it’s also good for a background stamp with ink-blending or ink-smooshing.

  9. A little trick I use when I want to colour or watercolour a very detailed image is to black emboss the lines and then the little wells give me a bit more control over where the colours go.

  10. I recently tried embossing using White powder and white ink and it works so nice. I had heard it suggested for a while but finally ordered some of your Yeti pigment ink and its great.

  11. WOW Unicorn Embossing powder? How COOL! I love to use white embossing powder for sentiments on black cardstock!

  12. I love to use it for sentiments to make them shine! And for anything else that needs a sparkle! Unicorn color – awesome!!

  13. I use embossing powder to help with shine and sparkle. But It also helps me with staying in the lines while water coloring! Plus it’s always so magical watching the process of it melting, right ✌🏽

  14. My favorite way is the old standby….making the outline stand out. I sometimes ink over it, sometimes just color within the lines.

  15. I like to use embossing power some of the time when I am going to paint or color the stamped image. And for sentiments. I love how Lawn Fawn’s designers stamped the snowflakes out of vellum. My favorite card was Grace’s Build a Snowman. I love the use of the non traditional colors she used. Once I purchase that die I maybe copying her idea.

  16. I love using black embossing powder on the stamps that have a solid black section, I feel it gives it more excitement!!

  17. Of course embossing powder makes sentiments and notes pop, but I often like to highlight large areas as if they are glassy embellies using embossing powder. I’m impressed how nicely the vellum embossed with these powders.

  18. I like to heat emboss images before I watercolor them. I also like to emboss white sentiments on black card stock.

  19. I just started using embossing powder. I like using the black or white and turning it into skies. Almost like glitter paper, but embossed instead!

  20. I like to use it to make things pop out on busy backgrounds or to create some lift and dimension for the sentiments.

  21. I do a lot of heat embossed sentiments but I also really like emboss resist and to use it to help keep watercolor inside the lines.

  22. Using embossing powder on sentiments is the no.1 way I use it but love seeing it as a way to make backgrounds pop too! Unicorn sparkle is perfect for that shimmery snow effect, will be a nice addition to my stash

  23. I like to use embossing powder to make sentiments pop. I really like the look of white embossed sentiments on black cardstock.

  24. Nice cards. I like the look of embossed letters but I haven’t gotten the hang of using embossing powder. Still trying to master this technique.

  25. I like using embossing colours to stamp before ink blending over it then wiping away the ink over the embossed areas.

  26. I have to admit I don’t get on with embossing powders. I love the effects but, no matter what method I use, I usually end up scorching the card and buckling it beyond the point of ever being flat again!

  27. My favorite way to use embossing powders is for sentiments but occasionally I like to use it with background stamps or stencils.

  28. I typically use embossing powder for sentiments, flower outlines, snowflakes, and much more! Thank you for sharing!

  29. My favorite way to use embossing powered is for image outlines that I watercolor. The slight raised edges of the embossing powder helps keep the watercolor from bleeding into other areas and makes sure the stamped lines are bold and crisp.

  30. I like to use it most for emboss resist techniques or I like to use gold powder for floral stamps and then I watercolor the flowers 🥰

  31. Embossing the sentiment on a card is my favorite- looks like it dresses up a card, no matter what’s in the rest of the card.

  32. The black embossing powder is definitely an a new essential in my crafting stash, it adds such a neat look to sentiments😊

  33. Love Elise’s green snowflake card! My fave way to use embossing powder is for white sentiments on black paper.

  34. I like the way embossing powder looks on dark cardstock! I rarely use
    embossing powder I’m afraid I may cause a fire! Looking forward to
    tomorrow’s showcase! 💙

  35. Have not tried other embossing powders including Lawn Fawn! Have been using only gold and white from Ranger! Would love to try this unicorn sparkle and black sparkle from Lawn Fawn! Especially love it on the snowflakes and snowman!

  36. I consider myself still fairly new to using embossing powders. I don’t have and LF embossing powder, only the Ranger. I get really nervous when going to use them and have often forgotten to use my anti-static powder tool first, so there’s embossing powder bits all around my sentiments. When it does work out though (with minimal mess) it looks amazing, so I know I just have to keep at it and I will get more confident.

  37. My favourite way to use embossing powder is on sentiments, whether stamped or die-cut. It really adds something to the look.

  38. I love clear embossing over colored ink to make it shine. Would love to use the unicorn sparkle over different ink colours and see how beautiful they are.

  39. I use embossing powders for sentiments, sparkly ones for backgrounds and am waiting for my supplier to get the glow in the dark one for Halloween cards.

  40. I like to use clear embossing powder with open stamped images (especially large floral images) as a way to keep water colors from going where they’re not supposed to go! Also like to use embossing powders on background images and sentiments.

  41. I mostly use embossing powders for sentiments, but I do use them when I want an element on the card to pop and shine.

  42. I used to hate embossing but man all you need is the embossing powder tool!! Life changing💚💚💚 lol. So my fav way to use it – sentiments. Big or small!!

  43. My new favorite for embossing is using white powder on dark cardstock for my sentiments!

    Really cute cards today from the team, but Yainea’s card is so SWEET!

  44. For backgrounds (stars, etc) or
    for sentiments on my cards.
    Adds a touch of elegance.
    thanks for sharing

  45. Long ago, I worked in a stamp shop and I loved showing new customers how to give any part of a card sparkle and shine with a little heat emboss. Back in the day, we had to use a toaster or burner to heat, LOL!

  46. I like using embossing powder with sentiments most of all, but it can make some really fun backgrounds and accents.

  47. I haven’t embossed in years but I love it. I now use a mobile cart for my crafting and I’m not near an outlet to use my tool. These projects make me want to find an outlet and emboss all the sentiments!

  48. I love using my embossing powders to add depth to my scrapbook backgrounds, add dimension to my stamped images, and add personal designs to blank scrapbook albums! The metallic powders and glazes are my current fav!

  49. I use it mostly for sentiments, but I’ve also used it for adding accents to my cards like snowflakes stars stuff like that. Ilike the looks of embossing powders but don’t do it often enough. Sometimes I struggle with getting it to melt and dry???

  50. I love to emboss my sentiments. Once in a while I use black to stamp my images and it makes it easier to color and I think it makes them stand out more!

  51. I usually use embossing powder for sentiments and occasionally use it to give dimension. thanks for sharing the cute examples.

  52. I love white embossed sentiments or images on dark cardstock…so stunning! I also like to use embossing powders for watercolor resist techniques.

  53. I like to use embossing powder to make certain words/sentiments standout. I use clear glitter embossing powder over various colors of pigment ink to achieve the desired effect.

  54. I LOVE putting embossing powder on sentiments. Actually that is the only way i know how but I’m always learning when I watch your inspiration videos.

  55. I love to use embossing powders on critters when I use copic markers or watercolor as it makes a little well for my colors.

  56. I mostly use embossing powder for sentiments. However, I do like a good allover background done w/ a monochromatic powder. I also use powder for emboss resist.
    Lori S in PA

  57. To be honest I rarely use embossing powder. I always want to but then it seems like a lot of work and I put it off. Maybe if I win some I’ll start using it regularly again, lol.

  58. I just started (late to the game, I know) ink blending I can’t wait to try using embossing powder as a resist in blending!

  59. I love to use embossing powder with large bold sayings or using flowers that I want to outline and then softly watercolor. Right now I am loving the onyx black embossing powder, it is just so bold!!

  60. I mostly use embossing powder for sentiments, sometimes for images to help with coloring. I haven’t tried it to make a background, but will probably try it sometime. My favorite part is watching it melt. So satisfying.

  61. The best way, to use embossing powder for me is for sentiments. But sometimes I love some snowflakes embossed… I need to improve my technique (and I need New lawn fawn embossing powder 🙊)

  62. I’ve only just started trying out embossing, but you can’t beat the professional look of an embossed sentiment!

  63. My favourite way to use embossing powder is when I stamp out black images to colour in with marker pens (I use copic). I ALWAYS stamp in a black ink and v v quickly add clear embossing powder and set it. Once thats done, I colour and voila, no bleed through or colouring over the lines ever, and it looks so shiny and finished too!

  64. I like using embossing powder for flower images, the outline in embossing really gives a professional look. I also like to use it for sentiments, gives my card a finished look.

  65. OH MY…. Unicorn embossing powder!!!!! Must. Get. Now. My favorite way to use embossing powder is to add shine to sentiments!

  66. My favorite way to use embossing powder is to emboss so that it leaves an outline and then watercolor in the lines.

  67. My favorite way to use embossing powder is on sentiments!! Love the sparkle!
    Have a wonderful day,
    Migdalia Rodriguez

  68. I’m still an embossing newbie, but I’m learning to use it to add extra sparkle to my cards. And who doesn’t love extra sparkle!?

  69. I’m not well versed in different ways to use embossing powder, so I use it on sentiments and when I’m water coloring.

  70. …. most of the time I only use it for sentiments…. I know I can use it for other things…… but for the most part don’t really use it other than for sentiments…

  71. My favorite way to use embossing is for resist backgrounds- having that pop of white or metallic when surrounded by a beautifully blended background- there’s nothing better!

  72. Grace’s Artsy Snowman makes me swoon!!! I love embossing powder and need to use it even more. I like using it for sentiments and to outline images. I use a stamp positioner and stamp my images. Then I color them with Copic markers. Then I put the images back in the stamp positioner and stamp again with black Versafine ink and stamp again. I usually add a clear sparkle embossing powder to make the lines pop. That is my favorite way to make the lines really dark black again, and make them shiny and sparkly!

  73. Since I found out the hot foil device I am not using my embossing powder that much. I have used them for sentiments, bit I wasn’t always happy with how it turned out. Maybe I have to give it another chance.

  74. I usually only emboss my sentiments but after seeing how pretty the snowflakes look, I am definitely going to try that!

  75. I love using embossing powders to add texture and interest to my makes! I LOVE the unicorn sparkle and can’t wait to try it!

  76. I typically use it on sentiments or large background stamps. I love how black the black embossing powder is* and the new sparkly one too!

    *Other crafters will totally get this! Lol

  77. I love using embossing powder to edge a card. Swipe VersaMark haphazardly along edges, dip in EP, and heat. So cool.

  78. I like to die cut sentiments, cover them with Versamark and then cover them with embossing powder! These would be perfect for that.

  79. I like to use embossing powder to make my stamping all nice and shiny! 😊 Awesome DT cards; I especially love Grace’s card!

  80. I use embossing powders for lots of things… sentiments, outline something I plan to color, add some gloss or glitter, …

  81. Although I use it primarily for embossing sentiments, I have been using it lately to outline. Afterwards, I love to watercolor the image.

  82. I love the stamp in versamark and emboss in metallics. I am usually using this technique on dark cardstock with sentiment stamps.

  83. I love dragging the ink pad down the sides of the cardstock and embossing it so it looks like a border. Always looks so imperfect and unique.

  84. Mostly for sentiments or a color resist image(s).
    Love that Snowman!!! I should order another before I wear this one out. =)

  85. I love to use embossing powder on flower stamps and then color the flowers. It gives them beautiful definition. I also like it for sentiments.

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