Lawn Fawn Intro: Heart Garland Backdrop: Portrait & Heart Garland Backdrop: Landscape

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Valentine Inspiration & Release Week! On December 15th our 4 new stamp sets and 5 new Lawn Cuts sets will be available at your favorite store and! This release also includes a new stencil set a new hot foil plate and some fun new products too! Woohoo! Until then we will have fun posts with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways!

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Today is our showcase of Heart Garland Backdrop: Portrait and Heart Garland Backdrop: Landscape! These fun backdrops make decorating your scene for Valentine’s Day so much fun! The portrait set includes a banner for your sweet sentiments and heart shaped balloons. There are more banners and extra hearts for the garland in the landscape set!

Design Team Inspiration

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a little video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using these new sets! Remember to click on the person’s name to leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

The heart balloons from Heart Garland Backdrop: Portrait look so cute with the little Snow Much Fun bear! Mindy created a sweet design with the pretty garland and a simple scene! She found the sentiment in the new Simply Celebrate Hearts set.

Tammy used the Heart Garland Backdrop: Landscape to make a cute Valentine in traditional colors! This new Lawn Cuts set includes the stitched sentiment banner that is so perfect for grounding the happy beavers.

The new Heart Garland Backdrop: Portrait adds so much flare and fun to Elena‘s Woodland Critter Huggers design! It’s so sweet for Valentine’s Day with a trio of stitched hearts and the die cut hugs greeting!

Elise‘s Birthday Before ‘n Afters card is extra fun with the Heart Garland Backdrop: Portrait! I love how she colored the hearts on the garland to match the cute birthday images!

Audrey cleverly used the Heart Garland Backdrop: Landscape in her jungle themed card! The Slimline Tropical Leaves Border and Toucan Do It complete her design that is so fantastic!

Chocolate covered strawberries are a delicious treat and they look so yummy on Marine‘s sweet Stitched Cupcake! She included lots of hearts with Heart Garland Backdrop: Portrait and the shaker filled with heart confetti!

Latisha‘s Thanks a Latte card is so charming! She used Falling Hearts Stencils and the heart garland to create a sweet and simple card!

Grace‘s glittery shaker card is so amazing! She created the living room scene with elements from Window Scene: Winter, and Den Sweet Den! Then she combined the bunnies from Tea-rrific Day Add-On and Butterfly Kisses with Valentine treats Scent with Love.

Caly‘s card is so beautiful and all about the colorful ink blending in the background! It’s the perfect place to layer those adorable beavers! As a special detail, she colored the hearts on the garland to match the beautiful colors!

I combined Happy Hugs with the Heart Garden Border and Heart Garland Backdrop: Portrait. These new Lawn Cuts sets make it so easy to create a simple and quick card!

Intro Video

Now, I have a video to introduce Heart Garland Backdrop: Portrait and Heart Garland Backdrop: Landscape! We will share some fun ideas for these new sets. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch it below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

Giveaway Time!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Heart Garland Backdrop: Portrait and Heart Garland Backdrop: Landscape! Tomorrow, we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us how you celebrate “heart” day by December 14th at 5:00pm ET. We will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Sunday December 11th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week! We love your comments, and Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!

Valentine 2023 Release Products will be available on December 15th!
Heart Garland Backdrop: Portrait
Heart Garland Backdrop: Landscape


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402 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Heart Garland Backdrop: Portrait & Heart Garland Backdrop: Landscape

  1. Confession time. I worked in retail for many years and saw far to many people panic buying after work on the 14th (plus the massive hike in price and the equally massive drop on the 15th) so I am pretty anti heart day. I think it is far more meaningful to get a card (flowers or chocolate etc) on a random day because my loved one thought of me. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer. Still love the love sets though 😊

  2. I don’t celebrate heart day, but my husband & I make a big deal about our anniversary every year (he’s even started making me cards). We exchange cards, reminisce over the years, & get take out.

  3. I am not a huge fan of “heart day.” I find it is more meaningful to do something thoughtful because you are thinking about your significant rather than on the day you are “supposed to.” I usually do something small and we pick another day to go out when there are less crowds and restaurants offer their full menus with our favorites instead of just a prix fixe menu.

  4. Heart Day is not a big deal for us. We celebrate loving each other every day. But I do like to make punny little cards for friends and family.

  5. I love making cards so another day to make a special card for my husband. We go out to one of the small local restaurants for the Valentine’s Day dinner special for two.

  6. I love these new backdrops and know I will have to get both orientations! Valentine’s Day isn’t as big of a deal here in Germany as it is in the US, but I make little gifts for my husband and kids – like a cute handmade box, filled with chocolates.

  7. Valentine’s Day isn’t such a big thing here in Germany as it is in the US, but I always make little surprises for my husband and kids – like small boxes filled with chocolate.

    Love the new backdrops and already know that I will have to get both orientations!

  8. Basically we exchange cards. I might make a nice dinner, but that is about all. I do like the heart garland! I see many uses for it.

  9. The banner is oh so cute! I celebrate heart day by going out to eat the day before and the day off I have a basket filled with assorted goodies.

  10. I put out cardboard mailboxes (from Dollar Tree) for each of my family members on Feb. 1st. From then until Valentine’s Day, we each have fun sneaking treats and cards into each others’ mailboxes and putting up the flag so they know they have mail. The fun part is trying to do it without getting caught!

  11. I have cards ready and lots of chocolate to handout to my friends – who says you have to be school age for a Valentines exchange?😉

  12. I make cards and treats for my hubby, family and friends. We usually stay home and eat out on another day. Love the comments and ideas from other people. The heart garland is a great idea!

    1. I always made a big deal of Valentines Day with my family since it was easier than trying to get a sitter and reservations. They loved eating by candlelight with a pretty tablecloth and kid friendly heart shaped meatloaf with catchup, red jello, and personalized heart cookies and cards that I made for them. It was worth the effort!

  13. I celebrate by making a variety of mini cards or tags for one neighbour’s Grade 6 class and another neighbour’s daughter’s Grade 3 class. LOTS of happy while those are being created, for sure!

  14. I celebrate heart day by making a special dinner for my daughter and husband. I also make a special card for both of them!

  15. I’ve been with my partner for 8 years. We always stay in for a movie night on Valentine’s Day because everything else is too crowded! (:

  16. Flowers are always nice, to give and to receive; I especially love giving pop-up cards with lots of flowers because it will never wilt!

  17. We get the kids some treats and I make them cards. I also make a card for hubby. We steer clear of flowers and heart shaped candy that is marked up and if we do date night, it’s at home.

  18. Mostly just give the kids a card and gift card to a favorite shop so the can treat themselves. Hubby and I just exchange cards.

  19. My husband’s and my tradition is to go to Chik Fil A, followed by a trip to Dairy Queen for a blizzard. No reservations required!! ; )

    1. We enjoy a romantic dinner at home. I cook the main my lovely husband makes a MasterChef style dessert it perfect for us 💕

  20. We prefer to celebrate “heart day” every day! Little surprises and kind deeds are more fun when when no one is expecting them – and they are part of what makes family love so special!

  21. Heart day is an odd one and I am still trying to figure out how to embrace it and make it mine. I do have a lot of heart day stamps so I like sending cards

  22. We usually go out to dinner for Valentine’s Day. Or rather, what we call a linner … lunch & dinner combined! Anytime I don’t have to cook, I’m happy. 🙂 The heart garlands are adorable.

  23. Cool cards. We are usually spontaneous. We never have plans, we just let the day happen. Just being together is enough.

  24. We don’t really do anything for Valentines regularly. Some years we will make a nice dinner, other years we say Happy Valentines Day and leave it at that.

  25. I celebrate heart day by making my kids and hubby valentine’s and then leave some favourite chocolates for the kids. Love these new dies. Great frame ideas.

  26. Looks like I sent a reply instead of a comments-woops!
    I love making a kid friendly meal for my family with personalized cookies and cards. It’s one of my favorite days to celebrate.

  27. I feel we celebrate heart day every day. On the official holiday, I hand out cards I have made and include pictures of memories we have created recently. I also bake cookies and brownies. For the kids, I make a goody bag full of candy and sweets and put it in their lunch boxes with an adorable mini card. I started making extra goody bags for the kids to hand out to their friends.

  28. The design team outdid themselves! Beautifully made cards with lots of inspiration. I love all the new things I’m seeing for this release. I need to put my wish list on the fridge for my family.

  29. To celebrate heart day, I make cards for my family and we usually make a special meal with a special chocolate dessert.

  30. I love making valentine cards for my family and galentine cards for my girlfriends, and I would definitely use this heart garland, so cute!

  31. What a cute background die! I celebrate ❤️ day with my husband and my kids. I make a special dinner and a really special dessert.

  32. So cute!!!! I like to celebrate heart day by making my spritz cookies and wrapping them up in cute packages for family and friends:)

  33. Since I’m a widow, I usually take myself out
    for lunch at a nice restaurant. Buy myself
    some flowers to enjoy in the following
    days.Then it’s time to sit in my lounge chair
    and read a book after all of that. Love the
    string of hearts. thanks for sharing.

  34. I teach preschool so I usually make some cards for my students. I also make cards for my sons and husband. I also love to eat the various Valentine’s Day candies.

  35. I celebrate heart day by gifting sweet treats and handmade cards to my friends, family, customers and son’s teachers.

  36. I make cute cards for my family for Valentine’s Day every year! It is so fun and I can’t wait to use this new die to make some.

  37. I celebrate heart day with a birthday for my grandson. This year he will be 17 years old. My how time flies. Beautiful cards.

  38. I use to spoil myself with some flowers and I always try to make some cards for those people I appreciate the most.

  39. I love the heart garlands. They’re so festive! I usually spend Valentines Day anticipating a lovely dinner with my young man, in some fancy restaurant. It’s preceded by roses, and followed by some unexpected token gift, a tee shirt or a tiny box of chocolates. (One would think he knows me better—I’d like the BIG box of chocolate!) But then I get a peck on the cheek, and know he does love me, but not my love of chocolate.

  40. It depends. Often my husband and I are apart. So we celebrate with a nice dinner at one of our favourite places when we can. And Valentine’s Day usually involves chocolate!

  41. We always stay home and make a heart pizza and different heart desserts! I always make cards for my two sons, husband and mom, too!

  42. We usually exchange cards and have something special for dinner. It doesn’t have to be fancy; it could be a homemade pizza or a few favorite foods.

  43. My husband and i try to either cook a meal together or go out for a nice dinner and then settle in on the couch for a show.

  44. the most important thing is it’s one more day to tell the people you love just how much you adore them! And make cards of course!!!

  45. I think I’ll be placing that heart garland on EVERYTHING! We celebrate hearts day like every other day…nothing super special, but full of love, some chocolate, a sweet card swap and sometimes a fancy dinner.

  46. I make Valentines with my kids to celebrate friendship. As for the actual love part of it we do not celebrate it. It’s a holiday I have felt is not necessary for me!

  47. The last few years we’ve celebrated heart day with a dessert snack board to top off our dinner. My husband and two boys love their sweet treats! 🙂

  48. I celebrate heart day by sending treats and Grandma made cards to my grandkids….they are scattered around the nation, so I have to start early. I love the mousey valentine card in this post!

  49. “Heart” day is also my wedding anniversary. We usually celebrate with a nice dinner at home – it’s too crazy to try and go out! Really cool background – and I love all the various ways the DT used it. It’s not just for Valentine’s!

  50. My fiance and I don’t really celebrate it. We tend to just play video games and hang out. lol. And I make him and my best friend a card. 😀

  51. My husband and I usually go out to dinner a few days before to celelbrate and then stay home on Valentine’s Day, because we like to avoid the crowds.

  52. My fiancé and I try to just stay in and spend time with each other. Cuddle up on the couch with our pup and watch a movie/snack. By far way more meaningful then rushing out to dinner, buying expensive gifts etc. at least to us.

  53. Ya know, after we hit the 25 year mark being married, we decided that we don’t really need to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We show each other on a daily basis that we love each other by doing all of those little things that mean SO much more than doing something nice ONCE a year because someone says you should. I’d rather have my husband make me a delicious meal just because he wanted to or him putting in a load of towels into the washer just because he wanted to help me out. He shows me he loves me every month when we go away camping for a week at a time and he does all the work getting everything into the RV and squared away. Those are the things that mean way more to me than him remembering to buy me flowers and a card on some store designated date. I landed a good one and he’s a keeper. We’re going on 35 years in just four months, so I think we’re doing fine in the “love” department. The stamps and dies I’ve seen so far are spectacular and will create tons of wonderful cards that I’ll make and give to my hubby throughout the years; JUST BECAUSE.

  54. We don’t celebrate heart day. We try to do loving things for each other everyday. Been married over 40 years so it must be working. Lol Love the heart banner!

  55. We don’t celebrate on a particular day because we don’t support the commercialization of this holiday. Instead, we celebrate our love throughout the year by always expressing appreciation for each other and making every day count. 🙂

  56. My lovecandcI love winter fun so we celebrate by spending time at a cabin, snowshoeing, snowmobiling or skating on frozen paths through the forest or at Rideau canal skatepark or enjoying Winterlude. Guess we find a way to be active and together in the cold outdoors

  57. I celebrate Heart Day by making and sending all 7 of my grandkids Valentines cards! I’m going to need the heart garland die this year for sure!

  58. I’m chronically single so for me “heart day” is pretty much just an excuse to make chocolate cupcakes and eat them all! (I do love doing this though!)

  59. Oh my! This is adorable. Hubby and I usually don’t celebrate Valentines day. We used to but we are now at the stage where we just wanna stay home in our cozy PJs.

    1. We enjoy a romantic dinner at home. I cook the main my lovely husband makes a MasterChef style dessert it perfect for us 💕

  60. I don’t really celebrate too much but I always love to buy the discounted chocolate and candy the day after!!

  61. I make my husband a home made card, buy him his favorite See’s candy, and we usually go out to dinner (on a different day since that day is crazy!)

  62. Sometimes my husband and me give each other a card. Many times we get a little something, typically candy, for our daughter. Thank you for sharing!

  63. My husband and I usually go out to dinner for Valentine’s day. We often avoid the actual day because of the crowds. We exchange small gifts and cards. On a good year I will get valentine cards made and mailed for family members.

  64. These make such cute cards
    I don’t do anything to celebrate … my husband grumbles about ‘commercialisation’ of everything!

  65. Growing up, my mum would always get a heart-shaped cookie or little heart pralines for me and my dad on Valentine’s and even as an edgy teenager it was the sweetest thing ☺️

  66. We don’t usually do much. Exchange cards, there’s usually flowers and my favorite cherry heart candies. When the kids were little Cupid dropped off graphic T’s to wear to school and their favorite candies.

  67. I celebrate by making a nice steak dinner at home, and having cake or ice cream and watching a favorite movie together as a family.

  68. I don’t really do much for this since my husband passed away, unless it’s with my grandkids. Then we usually make cards or something.

  69. Everyone receives a heart card and some small goodies! My husband and I make a steak and hashbrowns with garlic bread. I also make a red velvet cake! But really everyday is heart day with my husband!

  70. My daughter had several heart surgeries when she was little and so we always celebrate “heart” day by treating the nurses at the hospital with treats.

  71. I do love making lots of homemade cards for Valentines Day, adding in all the love and encouragement I can fit on the page!

  72. We celebrate with our 3 kids by making our heart shaped waffles and letting the kids top them with their favorite toppings. We have fruit and juice and all the breakfast goodies before school and they each get a box of candy tied with a bow.

  73. We usually go out for lunch as my husband worked second shift. Now we are both retired so we may try something new and different.

  74. We usually celebrate heart day by going for dinner and a movie. I usually make small gifts for each of the classmates in my kids classes. The small heart box has paid for itself ten fold in this house.

  75. I love sending LOVE all year long. There doesn’t have to be a reason so these hearts can be used any time of year for me!

  76. My husband & I celebrate at home with a nice meal; sometimes we get carryout but often we’ll grill, weather permitting.

  77. These heart garland backgrounds are fabulous!! We have three teenage girls, so often for Valentine’s Day, we will set the table fancy and have a fun dinner for the 5 of us.

  78. I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day (unless a lovely walk with my dog counts) but I do love sending pretty cards to friends and family.

  79. Love the heart garland sets and how the DT used them!
    When my kids were young, we’d celebrate by giving them Valentine sweets and little gifts. Now with just my husband and me (and our dog!), we prefer to stay in for actual Valentine’s Day – maybe we’ll get take out, I’ll make one of his favorite meals or desserts, or he’ll grill. It’s the little things everyday that count! <3

  80. After being together for 47 years, we don’t go out to a restaurant, we have a nice dinner at home. Usually a steak or some sort of pasta with a glass of wine or two. Then watch a movie on television.

  81. My husband and I have never celebrated Valentines. We would both much rather do something nice for the other on a random day throughout the year. These garlands dies are very cute though.

  82. My favorite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day was when I made my daughter’s entire classroom some woodland critter huggers for the classroom hugging chocolate bars… I was my daughter’s hero!

  83. Heart Day is relatively low-key around here.. If I’m caught up post-Christmas, I’ll have Valentine’s cards made and ready to send to the grandkids. Otherwise a nice meal and some type of chocolate dessert are usually part of the plan. I love how surprisingly versatile the heart garland backdrops are. The design team projects are adorable!

  84. Of course you always give cards on “heart” day! That’s why you NEED new Valentines stamps and dies every year 😉

  85. I usually pack something heart related in hubby’s lunch, make a nice dinner with special desert. Hubby and I have a great deal arrangement that he buys me nothing chocolate so I can get twice as much the week after. Works for me.!

  86. How sweet! The shaker is my favourite but what a great idea to use them as vines!

    No celebration here, but the wonderful thing about these stamps and dies is they work for any day of the year 🙂

  87. When the kids were young, we picked up a nice meal to all enjoy at home. Now we go out, but to a local restaurant to avoid the crowds.

  88. Restaurants are too crowded and overpriced on Valentine’s Day. I make a nice dinner at home for hubby and me ♥️

  89. We make heart shaped sugar cookies and let the kids decorate them. The kids love doing a “secret Cupid,” activity leading up to valentines where everyone in the family has a person to be “Cupid” to. I set up a Cupid shop on my bed and they come shop for their person. I do little treats, pencils, etc. The week leading to valentines, everybody sneaks in acts of kindness and the little treats to their people. My kids love it!

  90. We usually do fondue for a special dinner at home. I can’t stand crowded restaurants and this is the busiest of them all LoL! Love these examples, so cute!

  91. We celebrate heart day by sharing cards and having a nice day together. I love creating cards ahead of time to send to my grandchildren and other love ones.

  92. For ❤️ Day I make cards for my hubby, and our children. The adorable Heart Garland backdrop will definitely be on one or more cards for next years ❤️Day!

  93. We don’t have a big Valentine’s day celebration, but our day does involve me not cooking nor cleaning! Anything else goes 🙂

  94. I always say, “You can only pick landscape or portrait – you don’t need both.” But in this case, I might. Too cute and so versatile across the seasons.

  95. Love this so much! Valentines Day is special because it’s also our “true” wedding anniversary — it gives us a reason to celebrate twice a year because we typically celebrate our anniversary in September when we had our ceremony and reception with family and friends. At the time, my husband’s fiancé visa from Canada required us to be married within 90 days of US entry so Valentine’s Day happened to be the day that would work. Not intentionally planned that way but we are almost 19 years and counting!

  96. First of all-I love the card the designteam have done❣️Thats some LOVE for them😃
    I celebrate givning homemade cards to my nearest telling them they are the best🥰
    Then I have a cosy time with my boyfriend❤️

  97. Since I love to bake, it’s a great excuse for me to make goodies for friends & coworkers! For the family, we usually have a family dinner, just to hangout together.

  98. We have spaghetti diner and eat it with kitchen utensils such as tongs or spatulas. My husband picks and it is so funny. Are kids really have a good time! They are older and still enjoy it very much!

  99. Every heart day my husband and I take a moment to exchange valentines and usually candy or sometimes flowers and occationally I get some jewlery or he gets a video game, but really the moment is to celebrate our love for eachother. We have a busy life and we are always surrounded by children, so they get their little valentines as a celebration of our love for them too. I MUST have both hear garland backdrops, love them!

  100. My SO and I like to stay in and snuggle in the bed if it’s weekend as we would go for a small vacation somewhere, but if it’s workday, we go out for a dinner and a little walk after. Nothing special, just love spending time together ♥

  101. It is hard to think about Valentines Day when Christmas has not been celebrated yet, but this heart garland die looks like a party waiting to happen.

  102. My husband and I usually go out for a nice dinner somewhere. We don’t always go on the actual night of the 14th but sometime in a 2-wk window.
    These examples look terrific – the heart banners are super!
    Lori S in PA

  103. My husband was a restaurant manager for so many years that we never got to have “Valentine’s Day”, because he worked every Valentine Day. Now we just have a special meal at home.

  104. My family celebrates “heart” day by buying each other small gifts like chocolate and going out to dinner.

  105. Heart day is very low key for us. Kids have moved out and we have been married for so long it kind of isn’t an event.

  106. The heart garland is wonderful, I’m already in love with this one. Thanks for all the bautiful inspiration to use it.

  107. These dies are great! We usually get a box of candies or cookies for the family to share and I make my husband and kids each a card.

  108. These beavers are so adorable!!! I love that they are quite large so they can easily fill a scene.
    The Heart Garland border would be so versatile for any grassy scene! <3 love everything about this release!!

  109. Love everything today! I like to make little packs of cookies and candies and decorate with ribbons and cute heart tags!!

  110. We usually celebrate heart day by going out for a nice dinner. Its the day my husband proposed to me – so it’s extra special. 🙂

  111. I like to make little Valentine treats for my co-workers. My daughters are all grown up and live out of state, but when they were smaller, I always made them treats!

  112. I love all of the hearts!

    I buy little boxes of chocolate for each of my children, I usually make a card for my husband and then we celebrate my Father-in-laws birthday.

  113. Your design team is so creative! I am particularly interested in acquiring the little beavers and the Love Ya die cut. I have teenage grandchildren and “Love Ya” sounds just like what they say to me when we say are good-byes.

  114. Love the dainty heart garland! I usually celebrate “heart” day by gifting my daughter with some goodies 🙂

  115. Love love this adorable heart garland background. We usually celebrate heart day with a family crazy cupid cafe dinner – you order off a fun menu with names like Hugs and Kisses. You never know what order your food will arrive or if you might get dessert first 🙂

  116. Love the Heart Garlands!! I always have gifts for my littles and husband. My littles draw pictures for me and their dad. We have take out food and lots of sweets. It’s also a very important day to remember my mom, it will be her 2nd Birthday in heaven.

  117. I love this new die set, and I especially love the stitched banners included with it! I might have to purchase both orientations, landscape and portrait, partly just for the stitched banners, HAHA!

  118. Since my daughter was little I always make her a special valentines’ lunch for school – I cut sandwiches into hearts and use all red/pink foods. She’s in 7th grade now and I do it every year. It’s our special little tradition.

  119. I don’t celebrate ‘heart’ day at all…. but I do celebrate my birthday and my Sister in Laws birthday – hers is before, and mine is after Valentines day. Otherwise, I haven’t celebrated it since like the 2nd grade. Cute die though!

  120. It’s different every year, but my husband usually has me pick a few stamp sets and takes time to make a card for me. It’s so sweet!

  121. Not a fan of Heart Day as my sis owned 2 florist stores and I was free labor staying up for 36 hours fulfilling orders! Love anything with hearts tho!

  122. I celebrate heart day either with just my hubby – a romantic dinner or getaway or I celebrate it with my husband and son and I make a fun dinner and we watch a movie. I usually have a special treat for each of my guys and a cute card. 🙂

  123. These heart garland borders are just sooooo cute. We spend Valentine’s Day just hanging at home, usually with a nice home cooked meal.

  124. The Heart Garlands are so versatile. They can be used for so many different occasions! It’s going to be to mix and match all the new sets!

  125. For heart day, we usually have a date night for my hubby and I, and we give our two kiddos a card and a small little gift (like candy, chips, or soda).

  126. We avoid the crowds at the restaurants and cook a steak and lobster meal at home! We’ve been doing that for years!!

  127. I don’t tend to celebrate, however I have started to make a habit of making a card for my partner the past couple of years..

  128. i love these! so excited for the release! i love valentines day. we always go out for a romantic dinner and drink champagne.

  129. My son’s birthday is on the 14th but we usually go out for dinner to celebrate on the 15th to avoid the crowds.

  130. I celebrate by going about my day as normal. Valentines day is my least favorite holiday as I feel one should celebrate love everyday!

  131. Oh these garlands! I love how festive they make the cards, and the shaker cards are such a great idea for this style of garland too. Very well designed! I celebrate HEART day by making a card for my sweetie and trying to do something extra nice. We are pretty low key 🙂

  132. My husband is not well. It is a nice surprise if he remembers Valentines Day in February. Sometimes we will share a piece of chocolate. Chocolate makes everything better!

  133. I usually celebrate by making a card for my husband, and then if we’re both home we have heart shaped pizza for dinner

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