Lawn Fawn Intro: Sew Very Mice

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Spring 2023 Inspiration and Release week! On February 23 our 14 new stamp sets and coordinating dies along with 17 new standalone die sets, 2 new paper collections, and all of our exciting new products will be for sale at your favorite store and at! Woohoo! Until then we will have fun posts with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways!

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Today is our showcase of Sew Very Mice and its coordinating dies! The mice are stitching up fun greetings that are sew cute! Use the images from this set to seamlessly decorate the embroidery hoop with “stitched” images or a sweet message!

Design Team Inspiration

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways to use these sweet new mice! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

I love how Yainea used the Just Stitching Double Circles to define each of the Sew Very Mice activities! Her water-colored background adds beautiful color and lots of interest!

The Sew Very Mice set is perfect for creating sweet little vignettes! Elise popped the little mice into Selfie Frames and Say Cheese, Again photo frames. She continued the sewing theme with What’s Sewing On? papers in the background.

Marine combined Sew Very Mice with Sewn with Love and the new How You Bean Button Add-On to create another epic mouse adventure scene! I love the pretty pink stenciled brick and all the fun mouse activity!

The Peekaboo Backdrop is so perfect for creating cute little Sew Very Mice scenes. Here Caly backed each section with pretty Flower Market paper before popping up the sweet little mice!

Who wouldn’t love a birthday card this sweet? Even if you aren’t into sewing could you resist these adorable mice? Audrey added more sewing fun with Sewn with Love, then she used our new What’s Sewing On paper in the background. Giant Happy Birthday sends a happy greeting, and the Cross-stitched Rectangle goes so perfectly with the theme!

Tammy got really creative and used tiny embroidery hoops to make sweet Sew Very Mice shadow boxes. She backed each little vignette with What’s Sewing On paper for even more stitching cuteness!

These cute keepsakes would make a thoughtful gift for someone who loves to sew!

Oh my goodness, Grace‘s slimline card is so sweet! The mice are gathered together to embroider a gift for mom in the prettiest pink space! She used the new Embroidery Hoop Lawn Cuts set to create the custom stitched part of the greeting!

The curtains are so pretty and such a clever detail! Grace found them in Window Frame and cut them using Flower Market paper!

I love this combination of blue and red on Elena‘s beautiful card! Foursquare Backdrop: Portrait is so perfect for grouping these adorable little mice in fun scenes. And the custom message is so adorable combining sentiments from Sew Very Mice with Henry’s ABCs.

Kara‘s charming little tags are just the sweetest! She used Say What Gift Tags to make them shaker tags. And the monochromatic colors are so wonderful too!

I love Latisha‘s bright and colorful design! The Giant XOXO is so fun with the Sew Very Mice sentiment! And the Quilted Heart Backdrop works so well with the whole sewing theme!

Megan used the Shutter Card to reveal a Sew Very Mice scene that is so cute! I love how she stamped the tiny message in the embroidery hoop!

The little mice are “sew” very busy stitching up lots of cuteness! To add even more detail to her scene, Megan combined the new What’s Sewing On paper with woodgrain papers! This card makes me smile so big!

Chari‘s delightful card features Embroidery Hoop and the Rainbow Add-On! I just love this happy design so much!

Intro Video

Now, I have a video to introduce Sew Very Mice! I hope you will enjoy the video as we share some fun ideas for this set! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

Giveaway Time

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Sew Very Mice! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us what activity or adventure our mice should do next, by February 22nd at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Sunday, February 19th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week, we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


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Sew Very Mice and coordinating Lawn Cuts dies

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558 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Sew Very Mice

  1. More mice baking with more of their darling mini baking supplies, such as a handheld mixer. The mice could spend a day go karting or playing mini golf. Oh my gosh there are just so many cute ideas 😍

  2. A little band of mice with instruments would be adorable- especially a tiny drum kit and ukulele.

    This set is sew amazing and I adore Tammy’s embroidery hoops!

  3. Builder/construction mice with hammers, saws, screwdrivers, etc…
    BBQing mice
    Camping/canoeing/outdoor adventures

    1. I think it would be great for the mice to skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, pumpkin carving, all the things! I love the mice so much.

    2. Even though this is a serious issue, getting a cute card would brighten someone’s day. I would like to see some “get well” mice. There are a couple of teenagers I know that are going through cancer treatments. Maybe doctor/nurse mice with a stethoscope, bandages, clipboard, bed, etc.

  4. I love all the cards everyone made!
    For the next adventure I think going on a holiday trip would be nice, moving or a birthday party.

  5. Oh! There are so many activities these little cute mices should do. Hiking or claiming mice, they Definitely need muscular tools for dad’s day, boat or cruising mice, mist have is schooling mice as teacher or students, ballerina mice woild be cute, and so on. Love little mices are hard working.

  6. I think the mice should be gardening!, a little lawn mower would be adorable with a shed & some gardening tools. These would combine great with existing stamps/dies of grass and trees, flowers, rake, piles of leaves. There would be some great mowing puns : mow-chas grass-ias, It’s mow or never,

  7. Mice reading in a library would be adorable! But truthfully….no matter what scenes or themes these mice are doing, they are always the cutest sets!!

  8. camping? rv/airstream/roadtrip? or perhaps continue in a cinderella/give a mouse a cookie theme and do some cleaning?

    1. I am in love with all of the mice Nice that you can mix and match them For fishing you might be able to use the fishing pole from the polar bears
      Doing any outdoor activity would be great

    1. Mice playing dress up
      Mice travelling to different countries with flags, suitcases
      Mice at school

      This release is sew lovely!

  9. This sewing moves are the best of.the best!
    I love vardmaking and cross stitching so definitely I will get the paper,.the hoops and the cute mice.collection!

    I hope lawn Fawn for summer has new.dolphins and a quoakka

    1. I would love to see reading mice, or going to the movies or hiking. Anything they do will be adorable I’m sure. lol.

  10. I am sew in love with this new set already. Besides cardmaking I enjoy cross-stitching, so having my two hobbies meet up AWESOME!!

  11. This set is so cute and will make the prefect birthday card of my big sister. For the next mice set how about…
    playing volleyball, bowling, hiking, playing cards or board games, playing softball or baseball or building something with tools.

  12. This set is absolutely adorable! I think it would be fun to see the mice at a swim meet! There are a lot of fun suggestions and I love them, but this is the idea that popped into my head when I saw the question. Thanks for all you do!

  13. These cards are fantastic. I love them all. I was waiting to see this set revealed. I love it. I think I should set aside more $ for the release than I have. I want so many sets and stand alone s that have been revealed. Each release just keeps getting better and better.

  14. I have several of the mice sets but nothing tropical to go with Toucan do It set. Would love for them to run through the leaves.

  15. I’d love to see hiking mice with a mountain/stream/waterfall background; travel/vacation mice with luggage, passport, airplane window; and mice friends having coffee/brunch or wine and charcuterie. Love these little guys!

  16. I just love the stitching mice! I would like to see dance mice doing hip hop or acro (thinking cartwheels). My granddaughter has those two classes and I would love to make her cards for her recital.

  17. I would love to see some mice family and friends having a board game or movie night, complete with snacks like popcorn, soda pop, brownies, and movie candy.

  18. I would love little mice in the swimming pool, or mice that have a kitty cat friend in the set, too. Everything you guys come up with is SO good! ❤️

  19. This is so cute! I love to use the mice with the little house dies, like the acorn, pumpkin etc. How about a set to complement that. Maybe mice working in the garden, fixing the roof, driving by, hugging their neighbors etc.

  20. I just love this set! The sets with mice are always a favorite! I like the other comments about mice doing outdoor things like hiking or play sports!

  21. So many great suggestions already! The mice sets are always so cute. I would like to see the mice gardening or having fun bowling or mini-golfing!

  22. These sewing 🧵 mice are so cute!!! I love them!!! I can’t wait for the embroidery hoop set! Next mice stamps set, I’d love to see mice doing jogging, yoga, weight training.

  23. Mice at the circus with elephants, tents, and wagons/train. Also professional mice as nurses doctors dentist lawyers policemen hairdresser’s and especially farmer’s etc

  24. How about going to the circus? we’ll you have a Ferris wheel, how about a carousel? I think it could be fun to do a zip line, kayaking, outdoor adventure type of set!

  25. Since I love travelling, Travelling Mice would be cute 🙂 maybe one equipped with a camera, another with hiking accessories, another ready to swim or dive, one with a suitcase and so on.
    Another idea would be all about sports. A mouse in a fitness outfit would be too cute. Or one doing yoga 😀

    I love the sewing mice so much. A wonderful set and a great addition to the mice collection ^^

  26. Two ideas for the mice: playing hockey and reading books. This way, I could make cards for both my nephew and niece, doing activities they love.
    Sewing dies are sew much fun!

  27. The mice playing in make up with a vanity would be cute. Or also making coffee or chocolates with a storage hutch/cupboard that opens so the playing mice can pop out or be behind the closed doors and you open and find the surprise mice!

  28. This set is SO adorable! I just love the mice in everything they do.
    I would love to see the mice playing D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) – so have them dressed as their characters’ class (wizard, bard, ranger, fighter, druid, paladin, etc… plus of course one of them would need to be the DM – Dungeon Master).

  29. This new release is really cool! I love embroidery on cards 🥰 The next activities of the mice? Easter egg hunt or swimming maybe?

  30. I’d love to see the mice play sports, doing carpentry, or fishing. Something that could be used for all the men in our lives.

  31. I think the mice at the farmer’s market would be nice, with stands of wares and goods, would coordinate with so many existing sets too. Perhaps the mice in a cake/bakery shop would be awesome, possibilities for birthdays weddings, new baby, gender reveals, graduations, retirements etc so many ways the cakes could be decorated!
    These sewing mice are quite adorable though

  32. These are some busy mice! Have they already traveled with suitcases and sunglasses and maps? Or, they could be in an orchestra with drums and french horns, or in a play with les miserables costumes.

  33. In the spirit of elephant parade- mice with instruments. If the instruments were bigger than the mice I think that would be cute.

  34. Beach day mice… How cute would a tiny bikini be on the little mouse! I also think mining/prospecting mice finding gold and gems. I think there could be some cute sentiments that go along with that.

  35. I like the idea of the mice and books. Reading, holding, and sitting on piles of books. Relaxing anywhere with lots and lots of books!

  36. I think it would be great for the mice to skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, pumpkin carving, all the things! I love the mice so much.

  37. these mice are so cute and have done it all! i’d like to see them doing some easter activities with bunnies, eggs and chicks!

  38. I love how the mice are sewing! I think that they should next read and write. Reading under a tree, in a hammock, at the beach, etc.

  39. I love the mice. I’d love to see them doing things such as building, golfing, bowling, fishing basically things the guys in our lives like to do. Maybe mice in a book store with lots of books would be fun too.

  40. I absolutely love today’s new set! It is a definite must-have! I was thinking the mice playing musical instruments would be cute!

  41. Eeeeek! These are the cutest!!! I definitely want to make a card like Grace’s for my mom for Mother’s Day!!!
    I think it’d be adorable to have the mice carving pumpkins! I can just imagine there cute little heads popping out of the top and their tails sticking out of the mouth and I think they might like making a pumpkin towers as well (with teamwork, of course!)

  42. I think this is my favorite mice set to date! Adorable and Tammy’s projects are incredible! I think the mice should do something in water at some point.

  43. I would love for the mice to go on vacation – passports, luggage, cameras, maps, plane tickets, airplanes, cars, trains, cruise ships, cute little hats, landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, the Coliseum, the Pyramids, going on a safari, etc.

  44. Love the embroidery hoop with the heart or rainbow. I love your little adventurous mice. I think they should go on an international trip complete with familiar sites such as Eiffel Tower, Buckingham Palace, Mount Fuji, etc.

  45. How adorable are these little mice!! I don’t sew, but I’ll be making sewing cards! Those embroidery hoops and add-ons are wonderful and I can’t wait to play with it. I love reading everyone’s suggestions for the mice and I like the musical instrument, Halloween dress up and school suggestions.

  46. Mice, or other critters, playing summer lawn games would be cute – cornhole, crocket, any other backyard summertime game or activity 🙂

  47. They could go on safari. Ride in a hot air balloon
    and watch the giraffe and elephant and wildebeest
    run below them. I did that and it was a
    fantastic experience.

  48. I think the mice should go to the beach, go hiking, or go to the mountains next. Anything they do next will be adorable!

  49. Everything that the mice do is so cute! They are certainly busy little critters! Maybe gardening mice would be fun or mice reading and relaxing! Teaching is my passion so maybe the mice would like to go to school? Or maybe they would be more apt to go on a vacation somewhere! 🙂

  50. Sew cute! and I love the paper sew much! The design team is sew very good at coming up with ideas, I cannot think what should come next.

  51. Hiking, gardening, surfing, traveling, playing cards or other games…. so many cute ideas, love that they can be mixed with other sets too!

  52. These sewing mice are so adorable and the design team just hit it out of the ball park! I know anything you come up with for the mice will be just precious! Space mice perhaps?

  53. The mice are sew cute!! I would like to see little mice going on holiday with their suitcases, trolleys and some air hostesses, and maybe a pilot!

  54. I think the mouse should be doing a water activity like rafting or scuba diving. I’m not sure why I think scuba gear on the mouses would be so cute.

  55. What a variety of designs this set can be used for. I agree that mice swimming wold be fun. I love them when they have clothing on. Maybe a set with a variety of clothes to match with multiple sets.

  56. I would love to see some caroling mice. Or just singing mice in general. Think you could use that for a lot of different card styles (Christmas, birthdays, etc)

  57. I would love to see the mice do some cleaning (in my craft room!) with buckets and mops and brooms and dust pans and feather dusters…

  58. The mice should play different sports next. I would personally love a soccer game between the mice and the squirrels.

  59. I feel like the mouse collection is pretty complete, I’d be happy to see some of their cute accessories supersized

  60. Those cute little mice should be making a charcuterie/cheese board! I love the apple picking and the strawberries so maybe a grape one next? That would go really well with a cheese and cracker board and with the strawberry jam set too!

  61. Not mice but I thought you should have a font where the letters look like letter balloons.
    Someone commented we should have raccoon critters doing something, they could be fun for fall.
    The mice could be having a sleep over? Reading books/story time. Hiking trip.

  62. I would love to see mice enjoying some outdoor activities, like camping, watching an outdoor movie with a movie screen and projector, eating popcorn and roasting s’mores.

  63. That design team is Sew Sew talented! Mice completions of baseball, football, hockey, bowling, tennis, golf. A whoooooole series of games complete with food, cheerleaders, bystanders and those silly mascots and fun fans.

  64. These are SO ADORABLE!! I think the mice should have doctor and nurse outfits and medical equipment and be in a get well/feel better/speedy recovery set.

  65. I love the mice sets. I have quite a few of them. A circus theme would be nice to go with all the elephant sets, or outdoors ones would be cute.

  66. I love them whatever y’all have them do! This set is near & dear to me as I am a seamstress, Love, LOVE that little dress on the dress form!!

  67. This set is so good I love it <3!!! As for what the mice can do next, I have too many ideas of what would be fun. Movie night, mice wearing tiny 3D glasses and eating a single piece of popcorn. Playing in the snow, having snowball fights and building tiny snow-mice. Going to the beach, making sand castles, swimming and floating. Exploration/vacation, mice going sightseeing. So many ideas so little time

  68. As an avid cross-stitcher, these will be making their way to me.
    As for the mice, they need to celebrate Halloween, trick-or-treating and pumpkin carving, some summertime 4th of July fun, some Easter egg decorating, and big birthday celebrations.

  69. These mice are sew cute! As for what the mice could do next, maybe a wedding theme. Or, traveling maybe hitting different key places like Paris.

  70. I think the mice need to do some summer sports, such as surfing, waterskiing, paddleboarding, playing volleyball, etc. Love the mice!!!

  71. Oh my stitchy heart! I love this set sew much! With a husband and 2 sons, I am always looking for ‘masculine’ ideas for cards. Masculine and cute don’t always pair! I’d like to see the mice building with tiny tools or maybe BBQ’ing!

  72. Tropical Holiday Mice- Surfer mouse, paddle boarder mouse, poolside mouse, snorkeling mouse, mouse with a coconut drink, mouse taking a selfie, innertube mouse, mouse with sunglasses, mouse with flower shirt, flip flops, hibiscus flowers, leis, hula skirt, “Hang loose”, “Have a hot, hot, hot birthday”, topical bird, butterfly, ukulele, shaved ice, turtle, fish, dolphin, manta ray

  73. i think the mice could go fishing, have a lemonade stand, beach scene, trick or treat mice, mice wait for Santa, mice yoga or gymnastics, mice cooking soup.

  74. I’m a stitcher, so I’m head over hill for these mice and the new patterned paper. I’d love to see the mice hiking, reading and traveling the world!

  75. I love the mice so much! I do think it would be nice to have a set revolving around water – pools, lake, paddle boards, life jackets, etc.

  76. I loved last night’s video. Hum, what should they do next? They have done so much already. Have they gone to a coffee shop yet?

  77. Is it to early to think of the mice in halloween outfits and i would love to see them building a gingerbread house.

  78. I can’t wait to get my hands on this! Such great ideas already given. My favorites are the travelling mice, the reading mice, and the mice playing games.

  79. Mice gardening and picking flowers would be nice for spring. Maybe just smelling the flowers and trees! Thank you for sharing!

  80. These mice crack me up, especially Thimble-head! They’re so fun! I think they already have such wonderful callings, as bakers and seamstresses, could they maybe go to college? Maybe play in an orchestra or be opera singers. I’m sure they’d be open to all sorts of career changes.

  81. I think the mice need to throw a birthday party with presents, balloons, cupcakes, birthday banners/streamers, etc. 🐭🎈🎁🎉

  82. These little mischevious little mice are always up to something! This is the cutest set EVER!!! I can’t wait to get my hands on it. The dresses remind me of Cinderella! And that one mouse with the fishing pole cracked me up! How bout something along the lines of building things like legos or puzzles?

  83. Love Lawn Fawn mice (those are the only ones I can stand). I think they should be doing some water sports next (surfing, skiing, swimming etc).

  84. Just take my money now!!!! I think it would be super cute to see the mice hanging out with other critters, dogs, cats, llamas? Any kind of critter! They could be going on adventure (mice riding llama, etc.) or maybe they are attempting to groom their silly critter friends.

  85. So fun! 😍 can imagine the busy mice! ❤️ Can the mice do cardmaking haha! Also, would be nice if the busy mice are doing school stuff? Classroom? Or a festive celebration and preparation? Cooking? Or hanging lanterns and cleaning?

  86. Oh wow I love this set! And I watched the video premiere which was so fun – and something I didn’t know you did!
    I am an avid reader so I would love to see the mice with stacks of books … and maybe some quill pens

  87. These are adorable! Love the inclusion of cross-stitching – one of my passions many years ago! The little mice could be builders in the future – constructing big bold words, maybe?

  88. This is my favorite stamp set of all time. I just got back into cross stitch and I can really appreciate the work that the mice are doing.

  89. I think they should have more outdoor activities. However, I would rather have other animals doing activities (I’m not a fan of mice). I especially want some Red Pandas. Maybe, some chipmunks, they could be the mice’ friends.

  90. Since I love travel themes, can the mice do some traveling – or at least be taking pictures?
    Love your unique sets!

  91. I would like to see dancing mice (stretching, leaping, twirling, putting on shoes). I also like the idea of mice reading stories or in a library. Love the sewing mice!

  92. I would love a full mice family (like your Tiny Friends) – then we could have a mouse house, and add ons for every holiday. . .
    I AM GOING CRAZY for this entire release!!

  93. This stamp set is so cute! I would like to see the mice cooking and baking for everyday. A creature is stirring set is Christmas and I would like them for everyday as well. They could be baking for a birthday party or just cooking dinner.

  94. Mice doing anything! I LOVE mice they are so very cute! I mice planting or picking flowers would be cute.
    I really took a liking to Tammy’s mice in the embroidery hoops.

  95. These mice are so adorable! Love them sewing!b Maybe you could make a scene with a mouse hole in the wall and their little homes (kinda like the bears and their den)? I think that would be really cute.

  96. These active little mice might need a vacation on an airplane or boat! I would also love to see them have accessories: a laptop, purse, camera/phone, luggage. Maybe some career mice: cosmetology, teachers, nurses/doctors..

  97. This release is amazing! I’d love to see the mice going antiquing/flea marketing…cute little signs, tents, and with little treasures they find along the way.

  98. Love the mice! I would like to see some kind of woodsey, outdoor themes : hiking, camping, swimming in a lake, fishing in a stream (can you imagine a mouse in a plaid flannel shirt!!)

  99. I think the mice would be excellent at white water rafting or playing on a swingset. These are the cutest cards!! The artists have it all “sewn up” with these delightful examples!
    Lori S in PA

  100. Oh my gosh, those mice are so adorable! I can’t think of what else I would like to see them doing, I love them all!

  101. I would love to see the mice going on holiday, packed up with little suitcases and with different modes of transport- train, bus, plane!

  102. Oh my goodness, I can’t even stand how cute these mice are! I love them sewing! And the hoops are so incredibly adorable! I’d like to see mice playing on the playground in a park. Maybe a stack of mice (3 mice standing on each other’s shoulders and some making a mouse pyramid!).

  103. This stamp set is so cute, I love how busy these little mice are! I would happily see them on Holiday. It would be awesome!

  104. Oh this one is absolutely adorable as well! I know a lot of friends who know how to sew, so how fun would it be to start making cards for them with these adorable mice!

  105. I would love to see the mice celebrating Halloween, trick or treating in different costumes, assortment of candy for their trick or treat bags, picking pumpkins from the patch, pumpkin carving & the ability to light up the pumpkins, trick or treat bags, flashlight or costumes! Thanksgiving have the mice decorating table, cooking a turkey & all the trimmings, plus all the deserts like pumpkin pies!
    I also would love to see them down the shore or on Island where mice could choice of his or her summer attire: bathing suits, sundress, shorts tropical shirts, flipflops, sunglasses, hats, beach towel, suntan, sunglasses, beach hats.
    watercooler with food, drinks. Other beach necessities: umbrellas, beach chair/recliners, radio, floaties, surfboards, scuba gear, beachball, jet skis, boating, fishing, building sandcastle, collecting seashells, watching for fish, shrimp, crabs, lobsters, dolphins, sharks & whales.
    It would also be great if you could add Cinderella characters to the new mice stamp set!

  106. I agree with ALL above comments! Let’s have them ALL! 😀
    And I just ordered that stitched HELLO. And the THANKS-one. AND the crosstiched stackables… Better be prepared, huh?

  107. I love the idea of a rainy day window and the mice reading books and drinking tea/coffee. Or a mice family movie night with popcorn and a little tv set. Maybe gardening or a farmers market theme. Snowboarding mice to go with the snowball fight would be fun as well! There are so many options but you guys almost pick the best ones. Can’t wait to see their next adventure.

  108. Nordic skiing (everyone always forgets the cross country skiers) and other winter sports, also snowshoeing mice would be adorable!

  109. I would love to see the mice camping or hiking – or skiing or snowshoeing (saw that suggestion above and it is a good one!).

  110. Oh my gosh this is such an adorable set!! I love the ones in the embroidery hoop! How about a school themed mice set?

  111. I think the Mice need to do some more winter activities like going sledding or snow shoeing. Thank you for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  112. The mice are adorable and I am sure I will love whatever you have them do next (many great examples here like hiking, vacation, gym, etc), but personally I would love more sets with multiple animals doing things (bunnies, foxes, bears, etc).

  113. I would love to use the pumpkin house and make a carriage – the mice could be creating a gown for Cinderella!! Maybe add in some unicorns for the horses!!

  114. OMG! I would love to see them in a Salon or Spa doing hair and nails or just relaxing. Cute for kids first haircut too with a stylist chair and a little mouse with foils sticking off his/her head getting highlights…A nail station with a stamp that has all the nail polish bottles on a rack that we could color all pretty colors… I would go! LOL! I would also love to see them
    exercising. These mice need to stay healthy!

  115. I love your mice 🙂 They are all so cute!
    I would like to see them on Ballroom – dancing. Or some “Mice family” relax at home with books tea/ coffee and cookies.

    PS: I love your Embroidery Hoop Lawn Cuts

  116. Cute!!! I love the sewing mice even though I’m not a person who sews myself. Next, I think the mice should go camping!!! 🙂

  117. How about mice in cars, convertibles, on a bus, or on bicycles? Maybe some little extra seasonal accessories so they can be used for different seasons.

  118. Cards are so cute today!!! I second the mice playing instruments in a little orchestra ( they can be made into a big orchestra scene). Also think they dancing mice (like the ice skating ones) would be so cute – Bakker or maybe even waltzing/rumba-ing mice!

  119. I would like to see those mice traveling to new adventures. On the homefront, how about some DIY mice doing some household renovations?

  120. So many wonderful suggestions for future mice sets. I especially like more baking mice to go with existing sets, gardening/yard work, construction, and sports. I also would like to see mice paired with other Lawn Fawn critters. I love everything about today’s release. Sew excited for this set.

  121. I love the sewing mice. My mother in law would love to receive a card with them. I would love to see the mice travel with little suitcases and cameras.

  122. Not only are these mice crafty – but I think that they are also musical- just like my daughter. A drum set? Piano? Guitar? Tuba? You name it they could play it!

  123. I’m so excited for this release! (I think I’ve said the same thing in the past about every release!😆👍🏼💚) It’s almost here! 💚💚💚

  124. They should go on a sunny holiday I would love to see them on a lilo in the sea with an interactive slider element 🐭🏖️🏝️

  125. Super adorable set! Love the embroidery theme. Do we have one with them doing paper crafts yet? Traveling mice sounds like fun also!

  126. Love to see the mice playing basketball!

    (Not sure why earlier comment did not appear please delete if duplicate, thanks!)

  127. Maybe fishing, or floating in a canoe, or horseback riding. Playing a sport, tennis, softball, volleyball, basketball.

  128. These little mice are so adorable!! They make me think of the mice from Cinderella! What should the mice do next? Maybe ride some ATV’s–my daughter would love that!

  129. These new stamps are just the cutest!!! They totally remind me of Cinderella!! I think their next adventure should be baking!

  130. These mice are adorable! It would be fun to see them crafting! Or creating desserts – ice cream sundaes, pies, stirring lemonades.

  131. Some things I can think of right now and would looove to see in mice sets:
    -Photography/holding camera
    -Bird watching/ safari trip (holding binoculars, big outback hats, fancy hats)
    -Bee keeping
    -Hospital/clinic work / visiting the clinic
    -Rock climbing
    -More baby mice for family scenes (pram, baby with bottle)
    -Going to school/ playground, science class

  132. I would love to see the mice at the gym with little weights, kettlebells, treadmill, a step , bench, barbell ! Would be great for encouragement cards and all kind of other cards

  133. These are so cute and makes me want to get out my Crosstitch again. Next, I think the mice will look really cute as a little gymnast or cheerleaders.

  134. The mice should play some percussion instruments next! It would be so cute to see them on a keyboard or marimba or drum set.

  135. These mice are just SEW sweet 😀
    What have they not done though lol. Everyone has such great ideas for new adventures/activities for them! 🙂

  136. The mice are absolutely adorable. I think they should join the “Unicorn Picnic” set and a fairyland setting.

  137. The DT samples are absolutely gorgeous! Sew many ideas!

    I’d like to see the little mice in the supermarket doing their shopping. You could have so much fun with it, and there are already lots of sets that would mix and match, such as the So Smooth, Baked With Love, and Cerealsy Awesome, plus lots of fruit and veg.

  138. Love the mice! Sewing is also a hobby of mine but don’t get to it as much as I would like. But for ideas for these super cute mice, would be fishing, hunting, carpentry, trucks and mice for boys, go on a vacation, farm tractor with trailer andmice driving it to go with the cute barn, garden tools and tiny veggies! Anything with mice I am purchasing because they are so darn cute!

  139. I am so up for travel mice. A mouse walking around with a suitcase, too cute? or mice swimming in a pool for the summer. Maybe mice doing something simple like eating dinner. Or a before and after mice set, for graduation, getting out of the hospital, wedding before and after, so many before and after’s for mice.

  140. Mice in the garden or a flower shop would be nice. They could plant whatever is in season (veggies, pumpkins, flowers)
    and work in a flower shop for Christmas with holly, poinsettias, etc.

  141. How about having a mice set with them teaching school? Would be good for fall or teacher gifts in the late spring?

  142. I really love these mice and I love how you can get the stitching look without doing any stitching. I would love to see the little mice on the beach building sandcastles or maybe with a vanity putting on make up!!

  143. Love love all the mice! I want to do a calendar of all mice. So mice doing things related to the different months of the year!

  144. I’m a librarian and it occurs to me that the LF mice would be adorable loose in the library! Among the books and/or other formats, trying to stamp a check out date with a big stamper, even though we don’t do it that way anymore, haha. In the kid’s reading room, among the puppets and other toys, etc. Fun!

  145. Oh my! These mice are adorable. Since Cinderella is my FAVORITE Disney movie, I gotta go with the mice cleaning! That would be so cute and it could blend in with so many existing sets. I love how Lawn Fawn products work so well together. Thank you for these amazing creations!

  146. Oh boy what should the mice do? They should take up archery or maybe they should have a water balloon fight!

  147. Oh goodness these little mice are so cute!!!! I think the mice’s next adventure should be furnishing their own little “House” with all the trimmings, decor, furniture and more! 🙂
    Jo from the Jersey Shore

  148. Yes I do love to stitch my mom taught me how to sew. She got me started doing hand embroidery because for me it was coloring on fabric. I do like to quilt as well I just recently made two table toppers.

  149. These are so cute! I have not used Lawn Fawn products but this got me started on a shopping cart from scratch!
    The mice could be:
    – Going to the beach/tropical vacation
    – Having a picnic/bbq
    – Going to school/in class
    – Attending a wedding/graduation

  150. I am so happy your mice are sewing. My mother loved sewing, so these really are my jam. What about mice knitting and crocheting.

  151. I’d love to see the mice playing basketball, or any sport really. That’d be super cute, to add to the current line of sporting themed sets.

  152. The mice NEED a spa day!
    But they also need a trip to the market for groceries! I would love a shopping cart die that coordinates!!

  153. I’m sew excited for these! Stitched cards are some of my favorite. Next I think the mice should be builders. maybe with some Father’s Day sentiments.

  154. I think the mice should take up water sports – surfing, windsurfing, parasailing, water skiing, and rafting. Or maybe a game of tennis?

  155. I would love to see the mice go on a tropical vacation to Hawaii. Palm trees, grass skirts, tiki torches, leis, a luau, surf boards, Hawaiian shirts and bikinis, snorkeling, sun tanning – I think they would have a blast and I know I would love to create with stamp sets like that. I see plenty of add-ons to go with it, too!

  156. Love these mice!! It would be super cute to have the mice teaching and doing scholar type of things (reading books, lab experiments, home ec)

  157. SQUEAK!! Such a FUN Set!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE ALL of the AMAZING Inspiration!! I think the Mice should go on a Hot Air Balloon Adventure!! I think it would be FUN to see them on a Fishing Adventure as well!! Have a FABULOUS Release Week!!

  158. Oh! These little mice would be darling in a dance recital or performing in the Nutcracker! Or, trick or treating, in costumes, perched on pumpkins! Whatever they do, they’re so cute!

  159. I love this sewing/mice set sooooooo much. How sweet is that!! There are so many sets to keep the mice busy but I would love to see them doing some exercise, either on machines, weights, running, etc. 🙂

  160. I LOVE these Mice! I am a sewer and I am so excited for this set! I would also love to see them working out, getting strong with little sweat bands!

  161. There are so many mice ideas!!!
    *Tropical Hawaiian hula mice dancing and include one in a hula shirt, with one playing the ukulele and one cooking on the BBQ! And you can also make a build-a-hut to go along with them 🙂
    **Doctor and nurse mice would also be cute to make get well cards with 🙂
    ***And please give us a farm girl mouse to match the farmer boy!!!

    1. One more idea!!! A Christmas train full of mice – mouse engineer, mouse conductor and mice passengers – and maybe a Santa & Mrs. Clause mouse pair 🙂

  162. I think your mice should go trick or treating with Halloween costumes! I would love to see birthday mice and more Christmas mice.

  163. Would honestly prefer more new critters doing things than more mice. But as for activities: more musical instruments would be cool, holiday activities, dancing

  164. The little ones could enjoy a summer day at the beach, they could do detective work (like the rescuers Bernard and Bianca), they could repair electrical appliances, etc. 😊

  165. The mice stamps sets are always my favorite. You gotta love those little critters. I would love to see them having a space adventure. ❤️❤️❤️

  166. I can picture those cute mice in any scene, so where to start? I guess mechanic mice and mice on safari would be on top of my list. But I also like the idea of a get well set with them – including sick mice and doctors and nurses.

  167. So many great ideas in the comments! I would love a hospital themed mouse set with doctors, nurses and patients. Little mice on motorcycles would be cute too, and mice playing boardgames and cards, reading or going on vacation.

  168. I have a couple of ideas, but have to see if I have the Sewn With Love set. If not, I’ll be buying along with this one! 🙂

  169. How about beach mice on a vacay? Or mice filming a movie? With movie reels, a director’s chair, clapboard, cheesey popcorn, etc.

  170. I’d love to see a book themed mouse set! I’m always looking for cute ways to share my love of reading using my favorite medium of paper crafting. A camping set would be so cute, too!

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