A Beautiful Stitched Easter Card with Grace

Grace is back to share another gorgeous card design with us! She created a special Easter card with custom embroidery!

Grace’s lovely design includes a beautifully stitched cross on an inked background. She arranged pastel vellum flowers from Darling Daffodils, Little Flowers and Magic Iris Floral Wreath around the gold metallic Embroidery Hoop.

Grace used 4 strands of white embroidery floss to stitch the cross. She used the gold dots left over from die cutting the hoop to add to her stitching. They were attached using Glue Tube and an embellishment wand. She also filled the flower centers with Sparkle Glaze and Prisma glitter as another special detail.

Grace stamped the Easter message in No 2 Pencil ink with Henry Jr.’s ABCs on a Fancy Wavy Banner.

Here is the template that Grace created for her custom stitching.

Grace, this card is amazing! So beautiful! Thank you for sharing your creativity today!


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13 thoughts on “A Beautiful Stitched Easter Card with Grace

  1. So beautiful. I love this card! Happy to know that the Henry Jr. ABCs fit into that wavy banner.

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