Lawn Fawn Intro: Honeycomb Backdrop

Hello and welcome to Mini May 2023 Inspiration and Release week! On May 18 our 4 new stamp sets and coordinating dies along with 6 new standalone die sets, 2 new hot foil sets, and a new stencil will be for sale at your favorite store and at! Woohoo! Until then we will have fun posts with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways!

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Today is our showcase of Honeycomb Backdrop! This stitched backdrop die will add lots of detail to all of your sweet-as-honey projects! Use different colors of cardstock to add fun patterns to the stitched honeycomb cells for a cool effect. 

Design Team Inspiration

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end to show some fun ideas for using this new backdrop die! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Tammy‘s card is so sweet, you might even say “sweet as honey”! I love how she combined Hive Five with the cute Den Sweet Den bear to create this happy scene. Tammy inked the Honeycomb Backdrop with honey colors, then she popped out the stitched cells leaving some in place to create a fun pattern.

To create this sweet pair of cards, Marine die cut and inked the Honeycomb Backdrop once. Then she used the frame for one card and the hexagons for the other card!

This design features all the stitched hexagon shapes, inked to honey colored perfection! Marine combined Hive Five with a branch from A Bug Deal and then included a glittery hexagon frame from Honeycomb Shaker Gift Tag!

And then for this design, Marine backed the Honeycomb Backdrop frame with acetate and used it to create a fun heart-filled shaker card!

Elena popped out selected hexagons from Honeycomb Backdrop before layering on an adorable grouping of images! The bear from Den Sweet Den is a natural for honey-themed designs! It’s so cute hugging the Hive Five bee!

Latisha cut the Honeycomb Backdrop from white cardstock and popped out all the hexagon pieces. Then she layered it over an ombré inked panel to create the perfect background for a Magic Iris Sunflower! Latisha also added a sentiment from More Magic Messages and sweet heart banners from Heart Garland Backdrop to finish her sunny card!

Mindy also created a shaker card with Honeycomb Backdrop! I love how she cut away the honeycomb except for the two corners to feature the Pop-Up Bee. And of course, I absolutely love her punny greeting!

Oh my goodness, Grace‘s card is so beautiful! I love honey colored beehive and Finley’s ABCs message with all the pretty little flowers! The white Honeycomb Backdrop looks so awesome with some of the hexagons removed and others replaced with Pixie Dust Sparkle ones!

Elise left her Honeycomb Backdrop intact, inking it with warm colors. It’s so beautiful as a background for the Hive Five bees and the glittery Scripty Sweet greeting.

Yainea also used just a portion of the Honeycomb Backdrop for her lovely get well card! It frames the Magic Iris Beehive Add-On so well. And the gold embossed “get well soon” sentiment from More Magic Messages is so sweet!

Caly‘s design is so clever! She removed all the stitched hexagons before replacing only a few which she popped up on foam squares randomly. I love how she combined the Hive Five bees and beehive with the flowers and a branch from Magic Iris Beehive Add-On, they are so perfect together!

I absolutely love Audrey‘s creativity, her card is so much fun! She used the paint splatters from Art Supplies as honey in the honeycomb! So clever. Then she added the cute bee from Magic Iris Beehive Add-On and hot foiled Stitched Trail! I love the punny sentiment spelled out in Henry’s ABCs.

Intro Video

And now, I have a video to introduce Honeycomb Backdrop! We will show three creative ways to use this new backdrop die! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thanks so much for watching!

Giveaway Time

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Honeycomb Backdrop! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us how you would use Honeycomb Backdrop in your crafting, by May 17th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Tuesday, May 16th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week, we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


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Honeycomb Backdrop

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356 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Honeycomb Backdrop

  1. Besides a backdrop for bees or beehive add on .
    I would created a card with the backdrop as it was Chicken wire .

  2. i had no idea honeycomb could look so elegant on a card ! wow that’s quite spectacular!
    i love the diagonal use of it, i think that’s what i would do

  3. Bee-sides the obvious of using it with the bees, the honeycomb pieces could be used like tile in a kitchen or bathroom scene, or as tiles around a pool.

  4. I can think of so many ways to use this! Obviously with the bees, but as a stencil, as a geometric background (with a rainbow background of course!), as a shaker…. So many!

    1. The design team has given so many ideas! I would like to try the rainbow background technique, then a shaker card. By

  5. Beside going for the obvious and combine it with the bee-related sets, I would use it for graphic backgrounds and furthermore, as a chemist, I would also combine it with „scientific“ images, like the science of love stamp set or purrfectly wicked…

  6. I would definitely use it with the Hive Five set…might need to get those cute bears too!! They go great with it 🙂

  7. I would place the small 6 corners from left to right in 1 line in diffrent colors with happy birthday on it☺️

  8. I love this backdrop! Hexagons are my fave. I’d use it as a stencil and I love the look of the hex frames partially cut away. It’ll be great for masculine cards.

  9. Such a fun background die cut!, I would definitely use it as a background with the adorable Hive Five set!!

  10. I would use the honeycomb backdrop with the Hive Five set that I have. It can also be used as just a general background – very versatile.

  11. I would use the honeycomb backdrop with my High Five set for sure, but I also love what Chari Moss did on her card! WOW!

  12. The honeycomb back drop could be used as a frame for a journal box with the hexagon shapes used as a border on a scrapbook page.

  13. Definitely have to use it in the way Audrey did in her awesome card with the ink splatters that look like honey! How clever and cute!🐝🍯

  14. It could bee the background for so many cards! “Just bee-cause” is the first one that comes to mind.

  15. I would use it for backgrounds on cards and, of course, use the designers ideas to spark something in my mind.

  16. I love the look of white cover die cuts against white Cardstock! I’d pair that background with pretty sunflowers.

  17. I love the card examples where some of the hexagons are left in place in the backdrop and the rest are pushed out!

  18. I think it could be fun to treat the honeycomb as a larger stitching area & inlay individual pieces to create a star, heart, person’s initials, etc.

  19. Since I’m not abundantly imaginative (seriously not…LOL), I’d try to recreate some of the design team’s amazing cards, with touches of my own. The honeycomb and bees combinations are my favourites, so those would be first.

  20. Hexagons are one of my favorite shapes to work with. Not only will this make a great background for bee, honey and sunflower themed cards, but it will be great to create awesome patterns with colored hexagons placed into the grid.

  21. I’d totally use it with my hive five card kit!!! Can’t wait to grab this one, it’s awesome!

  22. I love all of these cards so much! They’re beautiful and creative and just make me smile! I think this is such a versatile backdrop! It can be used in so many ways. Love it!!

  23. I love all the “bee” designs! I would use the backdrop probably mostly on thinking of you or get well cards. The bees just make you smile. I make mostly 5×7 cards and like that it can be cut up for something other than A2.

  24. I love just the plain outline of the die for easy backgrounds. I love honeycomb shapes! Such a fun die!

  25. I love this backdrop so much. I would love to cut pieces out and use alongside texture paste for a mixed media project.

  26. The design team has provided so much inspiration for this versatile die. I would like to try making a shaker card out of it.

  27. The honeycomb backdrop is pretty cool! Obviously, I can use it with my bee stamps, but I think it would be cool mixed with floral stamps, too.

  28. It would make a cute shaker card with bees. I love the different ways it can be used, as shown by the Design Team.

  29. I like the way Chari used the inside hexagons without the frame. Super cute idea! I also really like the black outline with rainbow colors!

  30. I just love this backdrop die! I would use it by inserting different colors in the hexagon openings! This release has been so fun!!

  31. The Honey Comb Backdrop will go perfectly with my Hive Five kit. Such a fun addition to all the un-bee-lievably cute products this month!

  32. I could us that backdrop for tons of cards! Love the thought of using it with bears, bees, and honey! Thanks for sharing!

  33. Love this backdrop die! Wonderful samples! I’d make a shaker card and use it with bee designs! It would also be great for quilt designs!

  34. A shaker card with little clay bees would be so cute!! I also just want to use the hexagons as confetti haha


    I love how Chari used the insides of the honeycomb background to create a rainbow background! I’d love to give someting like that a try too!

  36. Love the honeycomb background! the DT used it in so many creative ways! Would use it with my bees and bears.

  37. The honeycomb backdrop will work great with my Lawn Fawn bees and some other bee stamps I’ve acquired over the last couple of years. Gives a refresh to old stamps. Thank you! Thank you!!

  38. I love the honeycomb look in the background of pretty much anything. It looks especially good in lettering pieces!

  39. There are so many ways to use this cute backdrop! First, I would probably create a shaker card and then use it as a mask for stenciling.

  40. The honeycomb backdrop will be so much fun to play with. I love the idea of dropping different colour hexagons back into the backdrop to make fun designs for cards.

  41. Fabulous cards from the designers. I’d add acetate or vellum behind this honeycomb backdrop to make a see through card!

  42. I think the 1st time I’ll use the honeycomb background as a shaker card & add shiny shaker bits.
    I then would decorate the card front with a bee & tiny little flower like Grace’s card front.
    Thanks, Lawn Fawn design team for sharing your beautiful card creations! 💛🐝🌼🐝💛

  43. As a background with a bear and a pot of honey. Text would be “Home is where my honey is” and I would have a lot of tiny hearts in some of the hexagons. Wouldn’t this make a perfect card for a soldier to send home??

  44. I am excited about the Honey Comb back drop. I have been looking for one. I would use it with the High Five bees and then add flowers. I would also use it with the pop up bee. I would send these cards to friends that love nature and realize the importance of bees and butterflies to our climate.
    I will make a set of cards as a door prize for a program comping up in June that is talking about the importance of 🐝 to our climate. This set couldn’t have come out at a better time.

  45. I love how some of the designers cut out pieces/sections of the background. I would like to try that and have some critters coming out, like a window.

  46. I don’t know why I love the bear hugging the bee so much on the honeycomb background, but now it’s hard for me to imagine the bear doing anything but that! And the honeycomb is so perfect!!!

  47. I would use the hexagon backdrop with the High Five. The backdrop would be neat for creating indoor scenes as well.

  48. I think using it as a stencil would be neat since you can get a two or three for one piece! It would also be nice just as a textured or embossed background.

  49. The Honeycomb Backdrop will coordinate perfectly with the Hive Five stamp set.
    Wouldn’t it look pretty framed on top of Jenn’s ink smooshing technique in blue, yellow, pink or a light red. Another idea is rainbow colors ink blending. So many colors to use. 🙂

  50. I’d use it as intended, but think it’s also subtle enough to use as any backdrop – maybe with a big sunflowers in front.

  51. it will take me forever to imitate all the designers cards before i come up with any new designs! love them all!

  52. I think your design team hit the nail on the head, but I think it could be used for a xmas, birthday card just about anything especailly if it’s done monochromatic.

  53. Great for use as stencil and would see myself also using in sections on a corner or partial part of card

  54. I love this backdrop! Off course I would use it as a background for cards with a lot of bees. But also as a stencil 🐝

  55. I would use it on actual jars of honey, with a bee or two flitting about. I think it’d be cute as a gift to someone!

  56. So many ways to use this awesome die! I think I would make a quilt using those stitched hexagon pieces as well as the obvious honeycomb to use with the wonderful bee themed stamps and dies!

  57. I love that the inner pieces are all there! With Stitches! I love the idea of using them separately or together as a background.

  58. I would use it with bees and possibly as a stencil. Maybe other ideas would come to mind when I began using it.

  59. So bee-utiful! Of course it goes with the cute bees but also great as a stencil for a backdrop with all kinds of things.

  60. I make greeting cards so this collection
    would be used for more cards. Honey
    of a release this month. thanks for

  61. I’d use it as an endless shaker, use the entire card as a shaker with bees inside and out. I think it could also be used as chicken wire for a farm themed card. Cute! Chickens!! Or fencing, like chain link!

  62. I was only thinking about bee related cards, but now I think I NEED this for tiles around pools or on floors! I learn so much from other people’s comments!

  63. I can think of lots of way to use the Honeycomb Backdrop die. With water color or perhaps a alcohol inked background behind it. Also I think using silver or gray you could use just the frame and perhaps make it look like chicken wire and put some chickens with it. I would have to experiment. So much fun,

  64. I like this die. I have a similar one that I use with multi color hexagons placed around the main die. I also use the punched out pieces as accents.

  65. This is such a versatile die. I would use it with the hive five set but also standalone as a geometric background.

  66. I love the honeycomb backdrop. I love the geometric design so I would use it for any occasion and for of course the new bee dies.

  67. I love the flexibility of the honeycomb backdrop. It adds perfect texture – I can see it with flowers interlaced through it.
    Can’t wait!

  68. I love taking parts of the honeycomb and piecing them on the front of the card with flowers. I would also use it with the bears and bees! So many uses!

  69. I would love to create a chicken card with the backdrop! My mom has chickens and she would appreciate a card with that!

  70. Well besides the obvious, I like the sample of the rainbow card and I think it would be good also as a stencil.

  71. I love the backdrop to give my bees little places to pop out of. Such an excellent scene setter!

  72. The honeycomb background will be a great addition to all the bee stuff, which you just have to have! I am still loving the pop up bee. Can’t wait to get my hands on that. Great release this time, but then you always have a great release! Thank you Lawn Fawn!

  73. I love the Honeycomb backdrop. There are so many ways it can be used , it is such a good value for your money!

  74. I enjoy using backdrops on cards. I think they add a little elegance to the finished product.

  75. Besides using it with the adorable card kit from last summer, it will give great texture to backgrounds for all sorts of non-bee related cards too.

  76. Wow. You gotta love a a twofer inni-outti die, especially with the stitching on each little hex. I will definately be using every piece, all the DT fabulous ideas plus sidewalks and bricks and tile… just for quick thoughts…. many many possibilities.

  77. I’d love to try creating backdrops in different colours to use as walls or even floors in scenes.
    The pattern always reminds me of the carpet from the shining, that could be some fun inspiration!

  78. I love bee themed things so have lots of stamp sets that feature them including the set from last years kit. The new die would work great with any of my bee stamps!

  79. Cute cards, love the honeycomb backdrop. I’m sure there are a lot of possibilities but can’t really think of anything right off the top of my head.

  80. I love bees and the honeycomb as a background it could be super!! Love backgrounds that are so versatile!

  81. Adorable projects and inspiring ideas! So many possibilities – shaker cards, or mainly use as a geometric background with gradient of colours.

  82. All those little pieces would be great for a shaker…or just little embellishments for on the inside of the card. Love the bees and honeycomb die.

  83. So many great ideas already! I think it would be adorable in a farm scene as well as with the bees. But it also provides a very striking overlay to an inked background!

  84. I think I would mainly use the honeycomb backdrop for thank you and birthday cards. I would probably try to use some glitter paper underneath.

  85. My first honeycomb card is going to be filling in flower shapes in different colors. All the DT samples are so awesome.

  86. I think it could double as chicken wire, but also as a basis for creating an interesting geometric pattern by filling in certain blocks.

  87. I loved the card using the honey comb background in black! Id use it with the giant hello sunshine sentiment!!

  88. There are as many ways to use it as there are occasions to send cards. It’s such a great design element. For starters, any pun I can make with “bee” (Hope you’ll bee feeling better / Happy bee-day / etc.) is a given. Love this honeycomb background!!
    Lori S in PA

  89. I think a shaker would be my first choice for how to use this die. I also think it would be a really good die to do a tone-on-tone background for some added interest.

  90. I would use the honeycomb backdrop with the bees, but I think It would make a cute background with the treehouse or other cards not even using bees.

  91. Think I would use the honeycomb backdrop die with lots of different patterned papers or pastel solids and use the little hexagons to piece together a quilt to make a background for a card – maybe a baby card or a “crazy quilt” inspired card.

  92. These cards are Amazing and show so many different ideas. I would probably use the pop out hexagons in a water scene . I could overlap them for a mermaids tail, or fish scales, or a shell on a turtle.

  93. The design team had so many creative ways to use the Honeycomb Backdrop. And the comments have even more ideas. In addition to using it in the traditional way, I like the ideas of using it for chicken wire, a geometric pattern or as a quilt. So many possibilities.

  94. This die will be so great with the Hive Five kit but also will look so pretty as a backdrop for some florals.

  95. I would use it for all of the ideas listed above! I love that the honeycomb is small, some I have seen are big and I didn’t like them as well.

  96. In addition to the obvious bee themed card I think it would make a cute quilt for those sewing mice!

  97. I can’t wait to use this sweet backdrop with my Hi Five set to create some super cute Happy Bee Day cards!! I also think I need the Den Sweet Den set 🙂

  98. I’m actually not sure. I think I would use it as just a cool background as I don’t have any of the bee stamps.

  99. I’m working on bee themed card sets for christmas gifts using the high five kit—this opens up even more ideas for unique cards!

  100. Wow! I love every card – so creative and beautiful! In addition to all the creative ways the design team has used the honeycomb background, I would use it to create quilt cards. A great way to use up my scraps.

  101. I will use the ideas from inspiration week first and then see where I venture from there. Love this!!

  102. I would do some light ink blending with yellows and oranges on the background paper and die cut the Honeycomb Backdrop die in a honey colored orange and use it as a glittery shaker card. And lots of bees flying around on top.

  103. I usually make Bee Happy cards for the foster kids at Royal Family kids Camp. This die would be a great addition to all my bee themed accessories.

  104. I would ink blend the background with light yellows and oranges and die cut the Honeycomb Backdrop in a dark honey color paper and use it as a shaker card that glitters and with lots of bees flying around on top.

  105. I would try to make a shaker card using the new honeycomb background or some pretty glitter paper.

  106. Shaker cards with this one would definitely be fun! Not an original idea, but definitely a fun fun project!

  107. As the DT so wonderfully demonstrated, the honeycomb background can be used to create fun bee and spring cards and also just as a fun hexagon background for all types of cards.

  108. I might try putting a little scene behind it with the honeycomb on foam strips so it looks like I’m looking through a screen… or just use some of your great ideas, lol!

  109. I love the honeycomb die cut in black and then filled in with a rainbow of hexagons for a card front. It would make a great bathroom tile with the rub-a-dub-dub tub in the foreground and the ducks or any other animal taking a bath.

  110. I will “bee” using this die with glitter and shimmer cardstock – I think it will be pretty to mix them together!

  111. I love this die, I would use it for backgrounds on my cards and then I would need to get some bee stamps and dies to go with it 🙂

  112. I love the honeycomb, as expected I would use it with bees. I also love using the cut outs as the background!

  113. With so many beautiful cards made by the design team, I am just not sure how I would use the honeycomb backdrop. I love bees, so mostly likely would be a bee theme and perhaps as a template.

  114. Oh wow this is so cool … l’d like to try using it to dry emboss a background .
    Amazing cards from the DT

  115. Definitely going to love this as an easy background for a bee card… great for making multiples!!!

  116. what excellent samples! As demonstrated this die has many possibilities … and it is not limited to bees – love the use as a geometric background! But it would be used with cards for my granddaughter – before she was born she was known as ‘Baby Bee’

  117. It is super cute!! I would use this as a fishing net with fish and then use a sentiment like “you’ve been caught being kind”. I would also use this with the bee set as that’s just classic! I love honeycomb looks!

  118. I would love to make shakers, backgrounds to play with my bees, rainbow backgrounds, mosaic style creative backgrounds… so many fabulous ideas!

  119. The honeycomb backdrop is pretty cool! I can think of lots of possibilities. I think cutting it out of gold foil cardstock would be pretty.

  120. I’ve been wanting a “full page” beehive die rather than the little partial section die I already have to go with my bee stamp sets and papers.

  121. I love this and I absolutely love all the inspirational ideas from the design team. I would want to use this in all the ways… as a honeycomb background for my High Five bees and/or Den Sweet Den bears, or in a more graphic way with a Giant sentiment die over the top.

  122. I think I’d like to try creating a pattern with different colors in each hexagon space. It could be a colorful background or incorporated in a picnic scene.

  123. I’d love to try a technique I saw online where the crafter had used very thick embossing powder over yellow inked cardstock to make it look like honey. The crafter had used a larger honeycomb die but it would be awesome to try with the honeycomb Backdrop with buts cut out if it.

  124. I would use the honeycomb backdrop to create some scrapbooking and journaling scenes as well as lots of cards with the bees and bears sets!

  125. I will use it with inkblending at the background.
    But also love the satisfying idea of stick al those tiny hexagons with in the honeycomb backdrop in a rainbow pattern.

  126. I like the ideas for cutting away parts of the background. It goes from too full to looking just right.

  127. I would use it as fence wire, blend shades of grays and put the build a barn on top with farm animals.

    All these designs were adorable. You have the best
    design team.

  128. The new Honeycomb Backdrop is fantastic and so amazingly versatile! I have the Den Sweet Den bears, so I would LOVE to try making some cards and other projects with both the bears and the bees and the honeycomb backdrop.

    But first, I’d love to try making quilting-themed cards with the Sew Very Mice set (which I also have!) Hexagons are traditional quilting motifs, and some of my favorite quilt designs are the hexagon-based designs from the 1930s like the “Flower Garden” quilts made with feedsack fabrics. There are a zillion different ways you could color the hexagons to make quilt-inspired designs — it would be soooooooooooooo fun to play with this background to make different colorways, and then finish the card off with adorable stitching mice.

    Thanks for the chance to win! Y’all are super generous.

  129. So many great ideas. I love using the negative part of the die for a shaker card. Maybe the positive parts of the die could go inside as the shaker bits.

  130. My best friend really likes bees, so I see myself making more bee cards for her where I use this backdrop.

  131. So many possibilities! I will used the stitched hexagons, I loved the idea of colouring them in rainbow colour.

  132. I love the shaker idea. It could also be used as a walkway of pavers or stones to help set the scene.

  133. Honeycomb is hugely versatile, as you can use it as a background for nearly anything – works with flowers, critters, and – of course – bees! But it’s great for shakers, too, and for modern cards with the use of the hexagons.

  134. I love the look of the smaller inner pieces being adhered on top of the background. I guess I’ll ink some cardstock in different shades of warm yellow, put the honeycomb on top and decorate it with some of the inner hexagons and gold sequins. Not sure yet what images I’ll use though.

  135. I´m so impressed by all the lovely design team creations. I wasn´t sure I needed this on, but now I understand that I do!!!!
    I would most likely start copy some of these great designs, but I thing I would also like to use up some of my left over pattern papers (filling in the shapes with these)

  136. Love the honeycomb die. I would definitely use it with the bees and bears, but could also use it as chicken wire for the farm.

  137. It makes a good general geometric pattern. I really like the card that used the colourful cut outs but it looks time consuming!!

  138. I think I would start by CASE’ing every sample in this blogpost! This is SO adorable! I love it!

  139. I would use it to create “You’re the Bees Knees” cards!! I have loved that saying since the first time I heard it many years ago.

  140. Did you say “use” the honeycomb backdrop? This is a collectible & must stay pristine!! 😂
    If i had to use it i’d have LF critters enjoying a picnic with honey cakes & ants bringing the honey for toast.

  141. I would use part of it just to create a geometrical design in the background vs the entire die. Super cute!

  142. I love the look of paper-piecing the honeycomb backdrop and plan to do that, but I really like the projects where bits and pieces of the backdrop are used and am excited about giving that a try too.

  143. I love the idea of using it as purely a geometric pattern and doing an ombré or rainbow backer. It’d be very cool gold foiled or embossed also…or covered in UTEE, make it look like honey all over it.

  144. I would love to try any of the amazing projects showcased here. Otherwise I would likely try a bee and hive card with the saying “it’s Un-Bee-lieveable that you are another year older”.

  145. In thinking about the little hexagons, you could put them together to form a bit of a geometric flower shape!

  146. I don’t know what it is but I just love the shape of hexagon. Love this backdrop, so versatile 💕

  147. I love this honeycomb backdrop and Chari’s card is incredible! I would love to use this honeycomb backdrop in multiple ways: a nice texture as a background for any card, a chicken wire fence, hexagon shapes in different colors. I think this background is really versatile and it would be fun to use it in many ways.

  148. I would probably use it with the bee sets the most. But I love the idea of using part of the honeycomb only, and also maybe using patterned paper to inlay for a geometric background.

  149. Would love to use this with all my bee stamps! Great with Hive Five too! Can see using it to make patterns with various colours and maybe even form words and shape! 🙂 its almost like a screen that you form anything with the colours!

  150. I think it would look cool to try a mandala type design inside the honeycomb die. And shaker cards of course. Chicken wire might be fun too!

  151. Can not wait to use the honeycomb backdrop with the cute bees, so many ideas, and the design team is wicked

  152. I would use the little hexagons from the background die as quilting pieces. The Sew Very Mice would then stitch a quilt.

  153. I love this background. It would make a cute crazy quilt using lots of colors or patterned paper.

  154. So many great ideas for this background in the blog and in the comments. I would want to try them all, but the first thing I would do, I think, is experiment with the background as a geometrical hex pattern.

  155. This would make an adorable backdrop for a birthday card for my best friend-she’s a chemistry teacher!

  156. Other than using it for bee related themes, it could also be used as a background for nature cards. I think it would also be cool to have spiders surrounding a couple of honeycomb clusters.

  157. They have been great lunch/break time viewing pleasures for myself. Thank you for all the hard work you put into these.

  158. I am OBSESSED with this new release and I cannot wait to purchase, and get crafting!!! Lawn Fawn always releases the most cut stamps and great coordinating die cuts!

  159. I will first use the design team posts as inspiration and then branch out in my own creative ways using the die with other images beside the bee theme.

  160. Loving the look of this die. Can’t wait to play with it. I’ll use the positive pieces, the negative pieces, combinations of both. I also can’t wait to use a cut as a stencil, and then use the pos and neg stencil. Endless fun.

  161. What a great product!! I specially love hoe Mindy Eaggen used partial pieces of the die cut in her creation. I don’t know how, exactly, I would use this, but it definitely makes a fabulous background for all sorts of things!

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