Lawn Fawn Intro: Christmas Before ‘n Afters and Sparkle Garland Borders

Hello and welcome to September Inspiration Week! Our Fall & Winter 2023 Release is available now at your favorite store and! Woohoo! This week we will continue to introduce and highlight the new sets with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways! Then in October we will introduce the rest of the Fall & Winter 2023 Release!

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Today is our showcase of Christmas Before ‘n Afters and Sparkle Garland Borders! Meet your sweetheart under the mistletoe this holiday season! This set features scene changing images that are perfect for your interactive Magic Picture Changer projects. These images also work well on their own for bright and cheery holiday greetings.

The Sparkle Garland Borders set helps you add sparkle and shine to all your cards and projects! Use your favorite Sparkle Cardstock for a different look each time. The set includes two border shapes and lots of detailed elements to layer on the garland.

Design Team Inspiration

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end to share lots of fun ways to use these new sets! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details! And leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Caly’s Magic Picture Changer card features the cute mice smooching under the mistletoe! So cute! She used Knit Picky Winter paper and Stitched Snowflake Backdrop to create her beautiful design!

Elise‘s Outside In Stitched Christmas Tree card design is so perfect to show off the new Sparkle Garland Borders! These borders have a vintage look that is so fun to use with metallic and glittery cardstock! I love that Elise used the pretty green Favorite Flannel to add color to the Christmas tree shape!

Grace got so creative, making a special Magic Picture Changer with Wonderful Window! She added so much detail with Brick Stencil, Holly Leaves Border and Merry Mistletoe.

Audrey‘s Halloween card is so clever and so much fun! She shows us that Sparkle Garland Borders can also work for occasions other than Christmas! In addition to Fortune Teller Tabby, Audrey used pumpkins from Hay There Hayrides, bats from Shadow Box Card Halloween Add-On and a sentiment from Simply Fall Sentiments. And also the Simply Stripes: Portrait bring in the trendy new pink color for Halloween!

Marine‘s card is so festive with all the fun Christmas decorations! The Christmas Before ‘n Afters images look great framed in the squares. And then Marine framed them with Christmas Garland and Red Sprinkle ‘n Shine striped paper! And then the shiny gold foiled Winter Big Scripty Words “be jolly” is the perfect finish!

Elena‘s Build-A-Snow Globe looks so cute featuring the Christmas Before ‘n Afters stocking inside! And then she framed it with Winter Wonderland Window layered over pretty blue What’s Sewing On paper.

Lynnette‘s card is so sparkly with gold metallic and red sparkle cardstock layered on Spiffier Speckles paper! This simple design has so much impact with Giant Merry Christmas and Sparkle Garland Borders!

Yainea’s little mice are so sweet, meeting under the mistletoe! She arranged the images in the photo frame from Selfie Frames and then added some greenery from Holly Leaves Border! She also combined papers from Favorite Flannel and Let it Shine Starry Skies!

Latisha used the pretty Spiffier Speckles papers to add gold foil details to the Sparkle Garland Borders and Scripty Congrats! They look so cool lined up on the diagonal in her beautiful clean and simple design! She also used the extra sparkle pieces sprinkled over the design!

Tammy‘s card is so adorable with the little mice kissing under the Merry Mistletoe! I love the Scripty Merry and Smitty’s ABCs punny greeting so much!

Megan‘s adorable card makes it clear that Christmas Before ‘n Afters is perfect with Build-A-Snow Globe! Be sure to check out the intro video below to see Kelly remake this charming design!

All of the cute Christmas Before ‘n Afters images look so cute in the Foursquare Backdrop: Landscape windows! Lynnette backed the little vignettes with Spiffier Speckles gold foiled paper and then she added a sentiment from Happy Happy Happy Add-On.

Rebecca combined the Sparkle Garland Borders with Christmas Before ‘n Afters in a super cute Ta-Da! Diorama!

Intro Video

Now, I have a video to introduce Christmas Before ‘n Afters and Sparkle Garland Borders! We will show you lots of fun and sparkly ideas for these sets! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching, I hope you are inspired!

Giveaway Time

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Christmas Before ‘n Afters and Sparkle Garland Borders! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us about your favorite holiday decorations by September 27th at 5:00pm ET. We will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Tuesday, September 26th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week! We love to read your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one of them puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys so much!


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304 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Christmas Before ‘n Afters and Sparkle Garland Borders

  1. I have a few handmade decorations from craft friends that are so special to me & some tiny knitted stockings I made in 1987.
    I love this stamp set so much & especially love how the design team have incorporated old & new together. Those borders are just like paper chains we had as children with the honeycomb bells & stars 🤩

  2. The Christmas tree with lights, handmade glass decorations and also the Christmas village from paper which my brother build up as a kid. It is memory on him (he passed away at 18 y.o. in car accident :-(. But every time when I look on the village I feel that he is with me during Christmas 🙂

  3. I enjoy decorating my tree each year. So many of my ornaments have memories attached. It’s like a walk down memory lane.

  4. I love this new stamp set and how it can be used! It’s hard to pick a favorite Christmas decoration! It’s probably my tree! Every year since I have been married, my husband pick out a new ornament and write the big things that happened during the year!

  5. I have a lot of nature-themed ornaments: seashells, various wildlife, and national park ornaments. I also have several mice themed ornaments!

  6. I love the Christmas tree with all the hand made ornaments. And love lights on houses. We drive around and look at the lights just like when we were kids.

  7. Some of my favorite Christmas ornaments are the stars made out of ribbon given to me by a sweet elderly lady about 20 years ago. She made me a dozen as a Christmas gift.

  8. I have a set of Santa’s by Jim Shore that depict different Christmas carols. I love putting these out each year.

    The mistletoe mice are the cutest thing ever.

  9. My favourite decoration are the cross stitched stockings my mom made for the entire family. So many fine details and personal touches!

  10. Mine was a plastic angel 👼 that had my name on it. It had gold garland for the halo. it was from my Grandfather and I have it still today… something to cherish forever ✌🏽

  11. My favorite holiday decorations are the Nativity scenes that I have collected over the years and the crochet snow flake ornaments that hang on my Christmas tree each year.

  12. Both of my Grandma’s were avid crafters and as kids they made us an ornament each year. I love decorating the tree and the memory each ornament holds.

  13. Gosh where do I start.. xmas tree, nick knacks around the whole house, front door, outside the house and garage.basically everything 🙂

  14. My favorite decorations are the handmade trees and ornaments made by myself or my family. I enjoy seeing these each year. I love my nativity sets that I place throughout my house.

  15. My favorite decoration is the Christmas tree. We try to change up the colors every year for something fresh, but also use a lot of the old ornaments we’ve had since children.

  16. I’m guessing when you ask about favorite holiday decorations, you are leaning towards Christmas. But my favorite decorations come a little earlier in the season…My favorite decorations are my witch’s cauldron and my tombstones.

  17. My favorite Christmas decorations would be the ceramic bear ornaments that my mom in law made for my husband for his first Christmas in his own home. There are no two alike and they are awesome!

  18. My husband started buying Orrefors ornaments even before we got married, so each year it’s fun to hang them along the mantle and from our French doors. We’re running out of space, though, so have to find a new area to display them!

  19. I love the old ones – the ones that have the most memories and meanings attached to them – even if they are tattered and worn.

  20. My favorite Christmas piece is a ceramic angel my mother had when I was a kid. It came in a Christmas bouquet, from my dad. She has kept that angel and just made new arrangements every year. Now I have it and make the arrangements every year, but I add soft lights so the angel glows. A touch of my mother yet today.

  21. I love hanging lights, it brings brightness during the dark days., but my favorites are our ornaments. My husband and I connect ornaments on our adventures so our tree is like a trip down memory lane.

  22. My favorite decoration is a set of globes with dancing characters in them. When they are hooked together, all the figures dance to the same song.

  23. I love nativities, candy canes and gingerbreads! My tree, living room and kitchen gets decked out in gingerbreads and candy cane type decor. So fun and whimsical! And, I always need a nativity or two … the reason for the season!

  24. Lights!! The kids always enjoy our quilted advent calendar and making gingerbread houses. I’m also drawn to snow on trees/snowman/snowflakes winter scenes.

  25. My favorite holiday decorations are the stockings I made for my girls as well as a teddy bear Advent calendar that hangs on the wall. The bear gets moved to a different spot on rhe calendar every day of Advent.

  26. The small scale Christmas houses and church that we set up on the piano – lights on the inside make them glow from the inside out.

  27. Lights!! Sparkle! Tree hunting. The kids always enjoy our quilted advent calendar and making gingerbread houses. I’m also drawn to snow on trees/snowman/snowflakes winter scenes.

  28. My mother is a fabulous quilter. She has made me gorgeous Christmas table runners, advent calendars, a star for my tree, and ornaments, nothing in the store can compare to these handmade, just for me items!

  29. I have a collection of Christmas trees of all shapes and sizes, and I am always looking for more! Christmas trees are
    my favotite!

  30. My favorite holiday decorations are small shaped candles from the 50s and an antique village made in Germany that my Mom put out every year. And I love all the ornaments that my kids made in school! And 1 more favorite – last year our family put together the Home Alone Lego house! It was so much fun to build it together and it’s way too cute!

  31. Christmas lights are my very favorite! I love to sit in the dark and watch the lights twinkle on my tree. I also collect a few new ornaments each year so I have mostly one-of-a-kind ornaments to remember each year by. This year’s tree will have a new home ornament! ☺️🎄

  32. My favorite decorations are a bunch of hand-cross stitched ornaments made by my grandma when I was a teenager. They’re precious to me and get emotional every time we put them on our tree. 🙂

  33. Having a Christmas tree and putting ornaments on it, Finishing it by putting the manger under the tree. That fills my heart with many happy memories.

  34. I love my Christmas tree with all the special ornaments (kids milestones and our travel ornaments) and putting up garlands around doorways and up the bannister. Wonderful projects.

  35. My favorite decorations are still the ones my boys (who are now grown men) made in school. We have a small wreath ornament one of them made with rice and glue that must weigh 2pounds, but I love it.

  36. I have a collection of Santa’s. they come in all
    sizes and materials. Every year when I get
    them out of storage, it’s like Christmas Day.
    I get to see my pretties again.

  37. Wonderful cards to feature these designs!
    My favorite holiday decorations are the antique crystals I hang on my tree each year. They were my Mom’s and I just love the way they reflect the lights from the tree!

  38. My favorite holiday decorations are all the ornaments I’ve collected throughout the years. Each one has (should ;-)) have a memory attached!

  39. My favorite decorations are the ornaments I’ve handmade for my family over the years. I love putting up the tree and thinking about Christmas’s past.

  40. My favorite holiday decoration is the Styrofoam ornaments that we pinned sequins into back in the 70s. So cute, and they carry so many memories

  41. One of my favorite decorations is a ornament for our Christmas Tree. It is a bird that used to hang on my Grandparents tree. When they had both passed away we had a family Christmas party and we (me, my siblings and cousins) each got to pick an ornament that used to be theirs.

  42. This new set is so cute and fun! I love all the cards the DT members made, especially the ones with the adorable mice!
    I have bunches of handmade decorations from swaps I used to participate in — love and treasure them all! Those are my favorites.

  43. My favorite Christmas decorations are Chris lights and Christmas trees. I love spending time with my family decorating the tree and driving around looking at lights, it really enforces that feeling of wonder.

  44. It is so hard to choose just one. I love decorating the Christmas Tree, a good wreath is fun, and putting up holiday lights.

  45. My Christmas tree ornaments are my favorite decorations. Almost every one of them has special meaning to my family.

  46. Definitely love decorating the Christmas tree with my daughter every year! It’s always fun to take a stroll down memory lane as we unwrap each of the ornaments and remember when/where we got them.

  47. All of my ornaments are my favorite. I have some from my grandma, my mom and dad, some I made when I was a teenager, ornaments made by my daughters as they were growing up. A true memory tree. There is nothing on my tree that doesn’t have a story.

  48. My Christmas tree has a collection of ornaments from over the years and it’s fun to reminisce where we got them or when we made them.

  49. My favorite holiday decorations are my Nativities and my Christmas tree with all the lights and ornaments and our colorful house lights.

  50. SWOON!! I LOVE ALL of the AMAZING Inspiration!! My FAVORTE Holiday Decoration would have to be the Handmade Felt Stockings that we Hang for Santa EVERY Year!! My Mom also hangs the Same Handmade Stockings that she made for use as Kids and then as made one for ALL of the Son/Daughter-in-laws and Grandchildren!! They are just a SPECIAL Decoration that are hard to miss and hold a TON of Sentimental Value!!

  51. Trees are my favorite, so I have three of them, large medium and small-small! Love ornaments. And adore these mice before and after set.

  52. I love my white icicle lights outside, especially if we get some ice or snow and they actually have some ice on them for a while. They’re so pretty.

  53. My favorite holiday decorations are the lights. Just loving seeing them on houses and trees. We have a couple of parks near us that decorate the whole park in lights and it is amazing to go and walk through them. There is just something so magical about the lights.

  54. Our old wooden German ornaments are my favorites, they are awesome hanging on our tree. They bring back such memories! Loving the mice kissing under the mistletoe!

  55. My favorite decorations are a set of cross-stitch ornament that my husband made for me on our first Christmas as a married couple.

  56. I love having glittery decorations and bottle brush trees are some of my favorites! I have a lot of sentimental ornaments too

  57. I love decorating for Christmas. I don’t think I have a favorite decoration though. I can probably say my top 3 are a Santa music box given to me by my gramma, my Dept 56 original Disney Christmas village and the reindeer we put up outside.

  58. My favorite as a child was an Advent Calendar that my mom had made for us. It was felt and we hung the Advent ornaments on it. Was such a big part of our childhood. I made one for my children. They still fight over who puts what day on. They are adults…

  59. These little mice with the mistletoe are so adorable!!
    I love decorating my house for Christmas and I love gold mercury glass trees!

  60. I love all these cards! I have 2 favorite decorations….one is the ceramic tree that my parents made a long time ago when
    they were making ceramics, and the second is all my Winnie The Pooh ornaments for the regular tree.

  61. Elise’s card is so elegant! Love the green patterned paper as the tree!
    I love decorating a gingerbread house and making a little diorama for it on cotton wool for snow and with little wooden gingerbread people who live in it. I always did that with my mum as a child and it’s a lovely tradition ❤️

  62. My favorite is some little German houses inherited from my Grandma. You make a little village scene with lights in the houses.

  63. My favourite holiday decor is Christmas lights! I love how they just brighten up the outside. Inside, I’m all about ornaments!

  64. My favorite Christmas decorations are the greenery, candles and woodland critters I put on my fireplace mantle. I’ve only had a fireplace to decorate for a couple of years now, so getting to put all the pretties on it and hang the stockings from it makes me so, so very happy!

  65. I have a ton of Peanuts holiday items, and many of those are among my faves. I also have several rather old items from grandparents or great-grandparents that I love to put out. I also have a bunch of mercury glass light-up spheres that sit around the house. They’re such good mood-builders b/c they come on automatically and make a cozy glow. I love candles, too. I hope to put up a tree this year. Since I travel every other Xmas, we don’t always put up a tree… it depends how long my break from school is and whether we have to travel or not.
    Lori S in PA

  66. My favorite holiday decoration is our Christmas tree. We decorate it with ornaments we have purchased over the years on vacation or received as gifts. We also have the ornaments my sister and I got each year in Elementary School from the room mothers and I’m in my 50’s now. We even have the Christmas trees that my dad cut out of wood for all the students and the room mom’s painted when I was in Kindergarten. I really love that we have a variety of ornaments that remind of various times in our lives.

  67. This comment prompt is a difficult one because we LOVE Christmas decorations. Our goal for the last three years has been to make the inside of our house rival the ones seen in Hallmark movies. 🙂 I think my favorite decoration last year would have been the new canvas we have in the entry way (across from my office) that reads, “May you never be too old to search the skies on Christmas Eve”

  68. My fav. Christmas decoration is the nativity scene set which is made of Terra Cotta. I bought it in Sydney, Australia when I lived there in late 80s. Every year, I take that out, and despite of the material and getting old, nothing has been chipped nor broken!! Back then, I thought that was expensive but I couldn’t help purchasing it. I’m glad I did!
    Such cute cards! Lawn Fawn definitely does well with critters! <3

  69. These are all so cute. My favorite holiday decoration would be the tree. You gotta start with a tree, then everything else just adds to the magical beauty

  70. Such pretty cards!! I really don’t have a favourite holiday decoration – though I feel that my decor isn’t complete with natural elements (evergreen boughs, cones, berries, etc. in Winter) and (acorns, branches, leaves,etc in Autumn). Flowers and greenery in Spring and Summer).

  71. My favorite decorations are my porcelain Christmas village. I enjoy taking it out and building new village scenes each year.

  72. The nativity scene is my favorite. My mother would have the youngest grandchild put baby Jesus in the manager on Christmas morning and then say “Kids, come and see the miracle that happened overnight.” Wonderful family memories.

  73. I like to decorate with lots of pinecones! They make it easy to look festive spread around the house by picture frames & shelves & dusted with faux snowflakes, can stay out as winter decorations too!

  74. My favorite holiday decorations are actually ornaments my kids made when they were young.
    Ok – maybe their daycare and elementary teachers helped them make them, but those tiny handprint trees, wreaths made out of painted pasta, and google-eyed reindeer with pipe cleaner antlers are stored very carefully so that I can put them up on our family tree every year!

  75. I know that many people have themed trees, with ornaments all in the same color or style, but I love all of the ornaments on my tree because they each are unique and special. So my ornaments are my favorite decor.

  76. My favorite Christmas decoration is my village houses. I love putting them up each year and imaging each of the figurines ice skating, walking to the local store or picking a christmas tree. And I can keep them up longer than the Christmas season to enjoy their glow all winter long.

  77. The more I see, the more I want! I just love the sweet little mice, and the garlands bring any card sparkle! Your designs are top notch!

  78. Decorating the Christmas Tree and looking at all the ornaments collected over the years has to be my favourite part of the Christmas season and focal point of all our decorations.

  79. My favorite holiday decorations is our light up Christmas village, I think we’ll put it up in the beginning of November this year so we can enjoy it longer!

  80. I love the mice stamp set & all the beautiful cards created on this blog post. 💗🐭💗
    My 1st & favorite Santa mouse ornament with an engagement ring💍 in 1982 from my
    boyfriend/husband & has purchase mouse/mice presents. I also rec’d the 1st of many
    Lenox Annual ornaments from my Grandmom/Nonna. My husband & friends added to
    my Lenox collection to complete Jewel Nativity set, Christmas village, Santa, Sleigh &
    reindeers, Disney Christmas Ferris Wheel, Mickey & Friends along with the Princess/Princes
    many more pieces!
    Unfortunately, my 101&9months old Grandmom just passes away & would have turn 102 on Christmas Day! 💔🙏

  81. My fav ornaments are ones my mom made back in the 60s, they are duck eggs, carved out and decorated with little scenes and old jewelry! They are beautiful!!

  82. The Christmas tree is my favorite because it truly is a family activity. I get to decide the color/theme for the year, my husband puts on the lights, and my children put on the ornaments!

  83. Stockings and garland with lights are my favorite decorations. There’s something magical about seeing the lights with the garland.

  84. These cards are soooo sweet! I love those mice. My favorite holiday decorations are lights. I love to drive around or walk through the neighborhood and look at all the lights. I think lights can make anything magical. So pretty!

  85. Wowee. I love the sweet mice, kissing under the mistletoe. It’s a perfect scene. And the picture changer makes it so magical!.

    My fave holiday decorations are Christmas socks. My husband feigned innocence when he bought himself a Christmas stocking. No, he hadn’t bought one for me. Just one for himself. I was tempted to buy one of those seasonal licorice “lumps of coal,” but instead, countered with my own sock! (He’s never thought to fill mine, but we just celebrated our 28th anniversary…) I am a forgiving soul: I just buy myself more LF to compensate.

  86. This Christmas before and after set is one of my most favorites in this release. The mice is just so adorable.i don’t do any decoration for any holidays, but I really like the light decoration people do in my neighborhood. Merry and bright, so pretty 💕

  87. I collect santas so I love to decorate my home with all of them. It takes me about a week to get them all up…lol and even longer to pack them all down again. I also love the paper stars with light inside of them that we use in our windows.

  88. We go all out for Christmas but our favorite for sure are the set of special Christmas ornaments that we own. We add a new one to the collection each year.

  89. My favorite is our tree and I love the ornaments on it; my favorites are the super big beautiful glass ornaments collected over the years that are just stunning – each one prettier than the last!

  90. So stinkin’ cute and I’m always up for another before and afters stamp set. Decorations is for me all about the lights!

  91. At Christmas it’s always the tree for me. But I do have a snowman “snow globe” made from an antique mason jar that I’m extra attached to as well.

  92. I finally got my order of new LF, and the Christmas Before & After set is one of the first I am planning on using (along with the diorama die set.)

  93. I used to have a blue and silver tree with snowflakes. It was my favorite. Now I’ve gravitated to plaid and reindeer.

  94. Our huge skeleton frank comes out in October and stays for Christmas. He gets festive with a hat and moves around the house. Much better than elf on the shelf!

  95. My favourite Christmas decoration is our tree. Every time we go on holiday I buy a bauble from that place and write the year we went on it then, when I decorate the tree, its like taking a trip down memory lane.

  96. I love fairy lights and tinsel, especially when the lights make the room feel warm and magical.

    I love Audrey’s fortune teller tabby card!!

  97. My absolute fav Christmas decorations are ones my mum has given me from my childhood and the family tree they are not very shiny and bright anymore, some are quite battered and bruised but they bring me much joy as I recall Christmases past and happy recollections from my childhood

  98. I have a snowglobe with a blower motor & tea light holder in it. We don’t get a lot of snow in Texas, so it’s nice to have a tiny snowstorm that I can control. 😄

  99. I really like fresh greenery (the heavenly smell and look) with a bright pop of red through berries or a bow, so wreaths, garland, etc. are my favorites!

  100. My favourite holiday decorations are the Christmas tree and baubles. Not plastic baubles though, they have to be glass. I have a few different sets and each year I use a different set for a different look. This year I think I’ll go with a cool, coastal blue and white. They cost me a fortune, but I love them!

  101. My favorite decorations are holiday bubble lights. We had them when I was a kid, and even though they were probably a fire hazard (always on a real tree) I loved them.

  102. I like the lights on the houses.
    Ever since I was a kid I always enjoy looking the decorated houses. It makes me smile as they brighten up the long dark nights.

  103. My husband and I don’t really do much for Christmas… the extent of our decorations is to put up the 4 Jolly Christmas Trees I made and turned into fridge magnets on the fridge, and then I hang the Christmas Darth Vadar ornament somewhere (usually on the coat rack in the entry) and see how long it takes my husband to find him!!

  104. My favorite holiday decoration is my Christmas Village, a whole town with three different train sets, a town park, and fishing pond.

  105. Christmas lights…Christmas lights are my fave. I put them inside and outside – even used to put them in my cubicle at work. 🙂

  106. My favourite decorations are those from my mom – she gave each kid a decoration every year. Sometimes they were store bought and sometimes hand made but they each had something to do with what happened that year. So thoughtful.

  107. i love my nativity scene. it just makes me so happy to look at. i’m actually making a nativity scene card this year. must have been inspired!

  108. Super cute set! Have the magic picture changer but have not tried making a card yet! Would be cool to use this! 🙂 my favourite holiday decorations are the mini tree with ornaments, and a little circle board with pooh and friends!

  109. Here in Germany we put up the christmas tree on the 24th, so other decorations are put up before. I love the christmas garlands I hang around our slider doors in the living room and the stair rails, decorated with ornaments in mint/aqua and pink and white. They are so elegant.

  110. I can’t choose, I like to mix candles, garlands, lights and Christmas decorations to decorate my house in a cozy winter place where you won’t want to leave

  111. I think the sparkle of the Christmas lights are my favorites. I also make a hanging display of the Christmas cards we received. I really enjoy looking at that. I feel like I am wrapped in a warm hug with all the memories they bring to mind.

  112. My favorite holiday decorations are my beautiful nativity set and all of the handmade ornaments that my son made when he was in grade school

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