Lawn Fawn Intro: Cactus Border & Cactus Hillside Border

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s June 2024 Inspiration week! Our Summer 2024 Release is available at your favorite store and at! Woohoo! Join us this week for Design Team inspiration, Intro Videos and daily giveaways as we continue to highlight our Summer 2024 Release!

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Today is our showcase of Cactus Border and Cactus Hillside Border! These straight and hillside cactus border sets are perfect for adding a desert backdrop to your cards and crafts! Use your favorite cardstock or patterned paper for a unique look each time!

Design Team Inspiration

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using these fresh new sets! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and then leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

The Cactus Hillside Border is so perfect for creating desert themed scenes for our Critters in the Desert! Elise paired two layers of green cacti with a bright yellow Mr. Sun to set the stage for the adorable critters!

Audrey‘s design is so clever and absolutely gorgeous! She began by adding bright color to the background with Draped Ribbons Stencil. Then she kept Cactus Border, Giant Outlined Gracias and the Simple Puffy Cloud Frames white for beautifully unique contrast!

The Ta-Da! Diorama! Sunburst Window Add-On makes a perfect frame for Yainea’s cute desert scene! She used both the Cactus Hillside Border and just the smaller cacti from the Cactus Border to add so much fun to her design!

Elena‘s window design is so clever as it puts the focus on the cute desert vignette! I love how she layered two Cactus Hillside Borders in a circle frame, letting the cacti overlap on the sides! Then she added the cute little snake with a birthday cake in the foreground, so adorable! The Radiant Heart Backdrop is so perfect in the background. Be sure to watch the intro video below to see how to recreate this clever card!

I love how Mindy paired the Cactus Hillside Border with Desert Canyon Backdrop! It creates a scene that is so perfect for the cute Critters in Desert!

Megan added the Cactus Border to her fun file folder card design! The Critters in the Desert scene in the circle is so cute with the additional road runner border scene at the bottom. Such a clever and creative design!

Latisha combined both Cactus Border and Cactus Hillside Border to create a fun backdrop for the Sometimes Life is Prickly porcupine! So sweet!

Grace‘s window card is amazing! Secret Garden Window frames a gorgeous desert scene featuring Cactus Hillside Border! She also used Mr. Sun and Sunray Background Stencil to fill the background. Then she added the cute Fly High mouse in a hot air balloon colored to complement the Rainbow Ever After paper!

Marine‘s Critters in the Desert scene is so much fun! She used all the delightful critters and scene builder images to create a fantastic birthday card! I love how she used Cactus Border to define the background, adding great dimension to her design!

Rebecca’s happy Cactus Border design is full of sunshine with Mr. Sun and a fun greeting from Henry’s Build-A-Sentiment: Spring! I love the layers of Scalloped Fringe Border! It creates a sandy desert look that is so clever!

Intro Video

Now, I have a video to introduce Cactus Border and Cactus Hillside Border! We will show you some great ideas while creating two cards to inspire you. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

Giveaway Time

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Cactus Border and Cactus Hillside Border! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us your favorite vacation destination by June 19th at 5:00pm ET. We will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Monday, June 17th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week! We love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!

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249 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Cactus Border & Cactus Hillside Border

  1. Anywhere on the coast is a favourite vacation destination. Hearing the waves crash and smelling the salty sea air is just so delightful. 🌊

  2. Oh, tricky one! Can’t point out one place, but what I can say it one of the best vacations ever was taking my then 18-year old daughter and 70-year old mum on a 4-week-vacation trip to USA. California, Florida and New York city… oh, I wish we could do the same trip again, but now my mums too old for it. Thankful we could do that trip 10 years ago…
    The cactus border, Critters in the Desert reminds me so much when driving out to Las Vegas.

  3. anyplace warm and sunny, with water is nice but I also love the desert southwest too! You can usually know all your vaca days will be dependably hot & SUNNY!!!

  4. My fav destination is Naples, FL – a great winter get-away. Love the new items and the wonderful team designs.

  5. That’s a tough one! I love Maui, but I want to go to Japan next. And I love visiting friends and family and/or going camping. Mostly I go and visit friends and family on vacation, though.

  6. My favorite vacations are ones we take in our camper, I don’t have just one particular favorite destination.

  7. My favourite vacation destination is definitely Japan! Amazing food, shopping (and super cute and cheap crafting suppliers), and there is both universal studios and Disneyland/Disneysea!

  8. Fav vacation was an Alaska cruise (saw glaciers up close from deck of ship, heard the ice breaking off into the water) followed by an Alaskan Land Tour that included Denali (Saw a Mother Bear & cub walk around the bus we were on, you remain sitting so as to not disturb them since it is their territory you are in).

  9. My favorite vacation destination is anywhere by cruise boat! I love the Caribbean, Alaska, Mexico, Newfoundland, and so many more. My favorite place was Roatan, Honduras.

  10. All of my vacations are my favorite. Sometimes you just need a break. Some of the best include a beach.

  11. My favorite vacation destination is somewhere I haven’t been yet. I love road tripping and traveling to new places.

  12. Well since we just got back from a fabulous Hawaiian vacation (and seeing my nephew, who’s stationed there), I’ll say Hawaii! It’s so beautiful there. 🏝️

  13. One of our favorite vacations was an Alaskan cruise. It was such beautiful country and so much wildlife! We even saw bears near the roads! And lots & lots of eagles.

  14. My favorite is an historical location I haven’t been to yet. I love history and exploring the places where our amazing American history occurred.

  15. My favorite vacation destination is the Scotland. I love getting back to see family and then exploring a new corner… Last time we were there we did a 10 road trip through the West Highlands and Islands… Can’t wait to explore again next time

    1. I live by the beach, so for vacation, I usually choose cold, mountain type places. Love all the cute examples!

  16. My favorite destination is Michigan because I love all the lakes and it is where I grew up. I go back as often as I can.

  17. I have so many favorites. Venice is one of my all-time favorites. But I also love Sedona and this set reminds me so much of vacationing there.

  18. My favorite destination is where I am right now. Crafty week with the ladies in Muskoka and currently working on some Lawn Fawn cards 💕

  19. I love the cactus and the desert critters, but when I think of vacay, it’s always tropical. I guess that’s why I love these cacti—they’re so very unexpected!

  20. So hard to pick one favourite – for relaxation it would be Hawaii. For exploring/things to see and do it would be London.

  21. West coast and Middle East we have been. Our next might be east coast and south then. Will see.

  22. I live by the beach, so for vacation, I usually choose cold, mountain type places. Love all the cute examples!

  23. Outside of the U.S, my favorite was going on an African Safari In Kruger Park. I also loved Japan and cruising the fjords in Norway. My husband and I also travel by motorhome in the U.S. Of course, we love to visit our sons, we just enjoyed the most beautiful drive from Chicago to Seattle. Moab, Utah was one of my faves, too!

  24. We live in the beautiful Rocky Mountains and can enjoy a mountain vacation anytime so I think I would have to say that my favorite get-away vacation destination would have to be anyplace with ocean beaches!

  25. We like camping g so most of our vacations have always been camping. Ontario Privincial Parks are tops on our list

  26. The Mayan riviera is my favourite vacation. Thanks for the chance to win. Love all your creations.

  27. Love these desert scenes!
    I love heading to Disneyland! Lots of great memories from many trips there since the time I was very young. I love the fun rides, people watching, and all the sights and sounds.

  28. Used to love going on a cruise. Haven’t been since before the pandemic that shall not be named. Fingers crossed! 😀 I have this set because…the roadrunner <3

  29. We love camping and our favorite destination is on the Oregon coast. We spend lots of time relaxing on the beach, listening to the waves , flying our kite and taking long walks while beach combing. Happy times!!

  30. Probably the McKenzie River in Oregon. I haven’t been back since the BIG FIRE, didn’t think I would want the shock to my system, but I plan to return as I’ve been going there since I was a kid.

  31. We love to travel in this household so it’s hard to pick a favourite! As a family we loved our trip to London & Paris but also love anywhere Disney! Before kids my husband and I loved Italy. When I was single I loved travelling around Southeast Asia. So many great places to explore in this World!

  32. I prefer a warm and sunny vacation, however, my best vacation was Germany. We took my son for his College graduation in 2019 and loved it. This year, again, not sunny but we are vacationing in Ireland with our family. Can’t wait!

  33. Our vacations tend to include ocean destinations as we are land locked. Just returned from a fabulous trip to Scotland and Ireland, Hawaii is a frequent choice.

  34. Toss up between Hawaii and San Francisco – 2 totally different trips!

    What great ideas for using the Desert Canyon Backdrop and the Cactus Borders, etc!

  35. Northern Minnesota at our family cabin. A stamp with a lake scene, towering pines and moose would be awesome.

  36. We have traveled the world, but I think my favorite spot is several camping areas in Oregon. It’s GORGEOUS, green, magical….mushrooms, ferns, trees, creeks, cool rocks…
    I LOVE the snake in this stamp set!

  37. Walt Disney World in Orlando. It’s my happy place! We recently had the best family holiday there and can’t wait to go again. Sadly it probably won’t be for a while as we like in the UK.

  38. We love taking road trips! Our last one we called the Great Eclipse Road Trip. We traveled thru places like Monument Valley and Grand Canyon on our way to and from Texas, covering a ton of desert territory. These new desert themed stamps and dies are perfect for our trip memory book!!

  39. My favourite vacation destinations would be anywhere by the ocean where I can surf the waves!!! As I don’t venture far from home, the closest surfing locale to me is Tofino, BC – I have made many trips there in my lifetime and it still remains one of my most fave spots!!!

  40. My favorite vacation destination is always to the beach. Any beach makes me happy, but the white sand and turquoise water in Cancún, Mexico is my very favorite.

  41. We love going on cruises! I love the ocean and beaches, anywhere we can swim or snorkel is our favorite 🙂

  42. There are some fun places on my bucket list I would like to see, but I have loved my trip(s) to Disneyland/Disney World.

  43. I really enjoy vacations to cities. I love walking around where there are shops and people and museums things going on. Every city is different and fun to explore.

  44. I enjoy going to our family cabin and taking my card making supplies with me. Sitting on the deck coloring and enjoying the beautiful scenery is the best!

  45. I have lived in the Midwest my entire life so love experiencing the diverse landscapes in our beautiful country. Favorite spots visited include Zion National Park, the coastline in Washington state and the Rocky Mountains. Love these desert scenes.and beautiful projects by the design team.

  46. I went on a River Cruise a couple of months ago which now I feel spoiled and I want to go to Europe again. It was AMAZING! (I am a travel agent as a side job).
    But, I do love New England as a vacation spot.

  47. I love any destination that allows me to relax. I haven’t been to many places in my lifetime, but I have enjoyed every one of them.

  48. Hard to pick a favorite! We try to go someplace new each year. Fiji and Italy are definitely at the top of the list! This year we are going to Ireland and Scotland.

  49. My favorite vacation destination would have to me my mom’s place! She lives in the woods by a river. It is extremely relaxing!!

  50. We love right on the beach so we now prefer other destinations. We love Europe for its history and charm

  51. 😆 I know this is a post about the desert and the beauty of cactus….but my favorite vacation spot is a beach! I love the sound of the waves, the pull of water is too strong!

  52. I mean my favorite is Disney World but I’m not made of money so I very much enjoy going to the beach each year with my family.

  53. My husband and I are very keen to stay at Tangalooma Island Resort on Moreton Island again – we went for the first time (at least for me) at the beginning of the year with his family, and we just loved it!

  54. I’d pick Hawaii for my fave, specifically Kauai with an ocean view and no agenda! Beauty and relaxation for the win!

  55. My in-laws live on Oahu so that’s usually our go to vacation. Sadly everyone got sick this last visit.

  56. My favorite vacation is a cruise because it takes you to many destinations. My favorite vacation was to the UK.

  57. My youngest is graduating from Elementary school on Friday – picturing him in his little tie and jacket made me smile today.

  58. Gosh … I love these cacti images. I love to vacation and love to travel. I love going to Hawaii and relaxing, especially on a beach. I also loved a Caribbean cruise and can’t wait to do that again and other cruises.

  59. My vacations for the last decade have mostly been going to visit family. Next on my list is Italy 🇮🇹 and I would also love to go the the Caribbean ☀️

  60. I have been blessed to be able to visit China twice. My most cherished memory in life was there in 1996 when we adopted out daughter.

  61. SQUEAL!! I’m LOVING ALL of the AMAZING Inspiration!!
    My FAVORITE Vacation Destination would be Maui!! It’s such a BEAUTIFUL and PEACEFUL Place!! I CAN’T wait to go back some day!!

  62. We love taking our 5th wheel trailer to the Florida Keys and staying right on the Gulf of Mexico. Nothing like it.

  63. Our best vacation ever was a Disney Cruise, but I haven’t been on a vacation in over five years, so at this point, anywhere would be a great vacation.

  64. My favorite vacation was when we lived in Japan and we traveled to Seoul, South Korea. It was absolutely amazing!

  65. So far my favorite vacation destination has been Cancun Mexico. But I have a lot more vacationing to do.

  66. My favorite vacation destination is Monterey, CA. I love the aquarium, tide pools, golf courses, deer, ground squirrels, ice plants, fisherman’s wharf, sea lions, seals, sea otters, sand pipers and so much more. Lake Tahoe is a close second.

  67. We love the Oregon Coast and various woodsy camping spots throughout Oregon! Our favorite destination outside of US is MEXICO!

  68. Favorite Vacations are when all my family – children, grandchildren and my husband – are all together. Our home, their home, North Carolina (or the beach next year). The “vacation” is having time with Ohio “babies” with our Florida “babies” being in one place.

  69. My favorite destination is somewhere with water…take me to the beach or a lake. As long as there is water, I’m happy.

  70. All vacations are my favorite! Not been to Japan yet…but it might turn out to be my all time favorite.

  71. My favorite vacation place is the Florida Keys (it’s close and easy to get to, it has beautiful waters, we love the fish and lobstering, and so many more reasons), but I truly love just about any place I travel too!

  72. I absolutely love going to Maine. Nit just because I have family there, but it’s just so peaceful and beautiful.

  73. I do love traveling to new places where I can explore and learn history, but my forever all-time favorite place to vacation is Disney world.

  74. I’d love to go to Switzerland so I can visit the place my ancestors are from, but I’ve never been there before. A few weeks ago we travelled up the coast for the King’s Birthday long weekend and went to Bermagui, which was lovely. I wouldn’t mind moving there one day! 🇦🇺

  75. I would love to visit Japan and Bora Bora, otherwise I´m rather happy to just go visit places close by. Love those small, hidden pearls…

  76. It’s awesome that you thought of this cactus border! It’s perfect for the desert scenes. My favorite vacation spot is the beach! It’s my happy place!

  77. The most unique/once in a lifetime vacay was to New Zealand & the Cook Islands! It was so amazing! Normally we are lucky enough to boat in the San Juan & Gulf Islands (Washington and BC) 🙂

  78. We went to Paris a couple of years back and I absolutely loved it. The architecture and people were incredible. I would say either there or any of the Disney parks!! Super cute cactus set!!!

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