Elena’s Cookie Exchange Party!

Elena styled a festive cookie exchange party using our sweet Baaah Humbug Sheep! I know you will be inspired by her creative ideas. Enjoy!

 Elena combined 2 Bannerific banners, behind the sheep, to create a larger banner for the cookie names!

 Elena made the cookie that the sheep is holding by stamping the empty gumball from Sweet Smiles and then adding the chocolate chips from Milk and Cookies. So clever!

 Little glassine bags filled with a set of adorable gift tags are the perfect Christmas Cookie Exchange party favor!

Thank you so much for sharing your fun and innovative party ideas, Elena! You are clearly the “hostess with the mostest”!!

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16 thoughts on “Elena’s Cookie Exchange Party!

  1. WOWSERS! I'm blown away! Not only did she do all thre yummy cooking, then she did all that wonderful decorating of everything! A LOT if work went into all of that; it looks AMAZING!! I'll tell you what, I want those cookie recipes!

  2. Oh my that is just wonderful <3 I'm so in love with the sheeps and the decoration she created with them is just adorable and amazing. The writing on the banners is beautiful. Is it her handwriting or is it an abc stamp set? and if not please turn it into one 😀
    truly inspiring

  3. wishing Santa will bring the cookie recipes also! these are fantastic & very very creative. glad I have the Baa Humbug set already.
    diane M

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