Lawn Fawn Intro: Plane and Simple, Stitched Trails

Hello and Welcome to our June Inspiration Week! We are showcasing Plane and Simple, Push Here, Aloha, Tiny Tag Sayings: Birthday and Plan on It: Vacation along with 5 of our new stand alone dies! All of these products are available now at and at your favorite crafty stores.

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Today is our showcase of Plane and Simple and its coordinating dies! This 4″ x 6″ set is perfect for celebrating graduations (the sky’s the limit!), saying goodbye (miss you already), or for telling someone you think they are plane awesome. Stitched Trails die set is perfect for creating trails for airplanes, butterflies and birds. You can use them for treasure maps and decorative borders, too!
 The design team has made the most amazing samples!
We also have videos at the end showcasing some fun ways of using these new sets!

Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

I love how Chari made a fun and unique shaker card using tulle instead of acetate! Plane and Simple images are so cute on a birthday card!

Yainea‘s Scalloped Box Card Pop-up is so cute! She used clear plastic to mount the airplane, banner and clouds above the Puffy Cloud Borders so they look as though they are floating on air! So clever!

Lynnette‘s smiling clouds are so cute! Plane and Simple is perfect for using with our Magic Color Slider die set!

Audrey‘s Plane and Simple Father’s Day card is fabulous! I love the fun inky panel and the cute detail from Stitched Trails!

For her Father’s Day card, Latisha made banners with coordinating patterned papers! I love how she layered a Cross-Stitched Circle with a Zig Zag Circle to highlight the Plane and Simple airplane!
I love how Lizzy added the Stitched Trails to the paper airplanes and color coordinated the hearts with her awesome inked background!
Nicole‘s is simply adorable! I love the pretty pink sky with the smiles added to the Stitched Cloud Backdrop!
Flying above the Puffy Cloud Borders, Lynnette‘s airplane is a cheerful focal image!

I just love the pretty rainbow colored paper airplanes on Elise‘s super adorable card! Adding the Stitched Trails is such a fun detail!

Elena included adorable critters from Elphie Selfie and Upon a Star on her charming card design!
Yainea‘s card is awesome! I love how the inked circle highlights the Plane and Simple airplane!
Lynnette‘s colorful card features the cute critters from Upon a Star with a backdrop of Perfectly Plaid Rainbow paper!
There’s just something about cute images on a circle-shaped card that make me smile! I love this adorable card by Elise!
I love how Elena added subtle shading to the Stitched Cloud Backdrop to make the clouds pop! The kraft Fancy Folded Banner looks great with the colorful elements on this cute card!
Lizzy added a fun light up element to her Plane and Simple card using a Chibitronics kit. Our new Push Here set provides cute instructions for this interactive card!
I love Kristin‘s colorful layered background that coordinates with the fun paper airplanes from Plane and Simple!
And now I have a video introducing Plane and Simple and showing some fun ways to use this set! You can watch it here or at our YouTube channel.
Thank you for watching!

 Inspired by Yainea
Inspired by Nicole
Here’s a video to introduce Stitched Trails with a fun card project! You can watch it here or at our YouTube channel.
Thank so much for watching!

 I hope you have enjoyed this look at Plane and Simple, its coordinating dies and Stitched Trails. Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us if you like to fly by June 21st at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this stamp set! (If you already own this stamp set and win, you can choose another set!)

Make sure to come back tomorrow, Sunday June 18th for our next inspiration week post!
Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration and release week! Your comments, tweets, facebook, instagram and YouTube messages mean so much to us! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys! 🙂 

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254 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Plane and Simple, Stitched Trails

  1. I have never enjoyed flying. More so when I’m flying with my young son. I love getting to the destination, but flying is always a bit of an experience riddled with anxiety. But oh how beautiful you’ve made these stamps and dies!

  2. I love this set, i bought bon voyage and flying by when they were each new and this just adds to those sets. I don't mind flying at all but I hate airports and airport security, and all of the waiting

  3. Oh this set is so cute. I have to get it for sure. I can tolerate flying because it's necessary. Actually getting on a flight in a couple hours. 🙂

  4. I didn't start flying until I was about 16, we only traveled from Oregon to California so we always took the Amtrak (that was always a blast) but then I started flying to Texas and Florida and now I love it. My daughter on the other hand has been flying since she was 3 and is a pro. She even used to fly from Texas to Oregon by herself from the time she was 8 till about 13!

  5. I love to fly! The perspective you get being up in the air is pretty amazing! Everything looking so tiny! And the views when you are up above the clouds!!! I'm definitely a window seat kind of person!!!

  6. I love to fly, because it means I'm going somewhere special. (I do get a little nervous at first, but once we are under way, I'm fine). This is an adorable set, and it could be used for so many different occasions. Excited to see more.

  7. What awesome creations! These are so cute and make me smile! My first flight was awful! After flying a few more times, I ended up loving it!

  8. What pretty cards! I really like all of the different skies that everyone made! I used to love to fly, but the airlines have made it so unpleasant that I don't really like it any more.

  9. My husband has his private pilots license and is an instructor. We use to fly a lot but like everything else work usually gets in the way. I love to fly commercial too. With pilots in the family I have made many flying themed cards. This set is a cute addition.

  10. I'm not the biggest fan of flying but I'll do it to get to see loved ones or go on an adventure to a new place.

  11. So glad I picked up this set and the Stitched trails. The design team has out done themselves! I don't mind flying as loud my as the weather isn't bad.

  12. I love all of these cards!! Flying is a mixed-bag for me; I love it for the places it takes me — but hate the take-off, turbulence, and landing! 😉

  13. Awesome cards! Love the cute clouds. I am not a flyer person. I have flown two times in my life, almost 30 years ago. Once I was up it was fine, but getting up seemed kind of scary. Love watching planes in shows, though.

  14. I LOVE Elena's sweet paper plane miss you card… so creative and cute! I'm originally from Hawai'i, so to get to anywhere ELSE, y'gotta fly. I HATE flying… I hate the whole experience… it really is too stressful and time consuming. When I fly, I just want it to be OVER! So glad I now live in Cali, since I can get to any of my continental US desitinations via DRIVING!

  15. I absolutely love all these cards! Your design team is so talented. I thought I had most of what I wanted from this release, but looking at this post and videos I want these stamps and dies as well. Thanks for giving such great ideas!

  16. All the projects are so sweet. The palm is so much fun. I can't wait to see more. I am so hoping that those pineapples with faces are going to have friends lol…

  17. Fabulous creations! I'm not much of a fan of flying, if I'm honest. I once had a panic attack when I was meant to be getting on a plane! Normally it's not so bad though, especially if my husband is with me to help keep me calm 🙂

  18. What awesome inspiration…love every single one of these cards! Great job! We fly about twice a year from Hawaii to the mainland to visit family. I don't mind the actual flying once you're in the plane, but I'm not a big fan of dealing with the airport madness!

  19. I don't like to fly because the last time I was on a flight I got motion sick. That is a miserable feeling! I've flown many places (London, Paris, Las Vegas) so I will fly. I just don't love it.

  20. How cute and how colorful so many of these projects are!!!! Love this set too!! I don't mind flying in itself… that doesn't bother me… but because I am afraid of heights and fear the worst with planes crashing or being hijacked… I would rather not fly if I didn't need to. 🙂

  21. Oh such BEAUTIFUL creations from everyone! <3 No, not a fan of flying – I had ear surgery several years ago and the changes in air pressure hurt my ear SO badly! I also don't like how cramped the seats are. Besides, if we drive we can take my dog with me! 🙂

  22. Cute sets! As my son, his friends, and my nephews have graduated high school and college this year, I've used your older Flying By to say Hi and Bon Voyage sets quite a bit. Nice to see that you've added sentiments, cute cloud faces, and trails for these cool new sets!
    As to your question – flying is OK…if I have to fly to make things faster (hello vacation!), then I'll deal with the hassle and the airports. Give me a good book and rolling carry-on, and I'm ready to go!

  23. I have this set and I absolutely LOVE it. I can already tell it's going to be one of those "go to" sets that gets used a lot, and yes, I love to fly.

  24. I love flying when the service is good but I'm mainly interested because one Navy son is working on planes(jets) and Lawn Fawn is plane-ly the best! I'd love to send him some of the fantastic cards shown here. Going to make my wish list now.

  25. I do like to fly but loved it more when I was younger! I think in the past two years, I have experienced some bad turbulence and so I am not as enthusiastic as I once was! Ha!!

  26. Do I like to fly? My sister used to work for the airlines before Sept. 11th. No metal detectors, no long lines, no checking your shoes and patting you down and an actual full meal on a plane. I haven't flown since then and even if I could afford to fly anywhere, I'm not sure I would want all the hassle. I don't think I'd pass up a free ticket though! LOL
    All of these cards are so adorable! They are so adorable I can't stand it! LOL I love all the colors and those smily clouds get to me every time. They make me smile so much! I see lots of yellow in some cards too and it's my favorite color so thank you for that. The only card I didn't like was the Father's Day card. My dad died on March 20th of this year and this will be the first Father's Day without him. I really miss him and can't believe he's gone.
    Thank you everyone for allowing us to see your adorable cards and for giving us the chance to win something.

  27. I don't mind flying 🛩but cruising is more me 🛳
    One thing is for sure though I'm so in love this release!
    Thanks Lawn Fawn and your wonderful design team ❤️

  28. I don't mind flying because it means I'm on vacation and I'm able to experience more of our world. This set is not only perfect for masculine cards but for many occasions! I love the puffy heart exhaust! Your sets make it easy to build on and the designers gave done a fabulous job!

  29. I love flying in a BIG airplane. Not so much on a small plane… I like this set cuz I can make more masculine cards, for adult and kids, both 🙂

  30. I must admit, flying is not my favorite thing to do – the only part that I like about it is that if I am on an airplane it probably means that I am either going on vacation or to visit my family! 🙂 Btw I love these sets!!!

    I "like" to fly … used to love it but I don't travel as easily as I used to, so now I get to enjoy crafty substitutes to take me on creative adventures 🙂

  32. First of all, the creativity in this post is out of this world! The stitched trails will work with my Flying By stamp set beautifully, which makes me happy. I can honestly say this summer release is probably the first time I have said to myself, "I want it all". I love to fly and get somewhere fast. I am flying to England soon and that flight is a bit too long, to be fun, but the reward at the end is worth it.

  33. Thanks for all the great ideas using the Plane and Simple set (which I have, and love). I think I will need to get the Stitched Trails too, for some added fun. I love to fly!

  34. I love planes and flying. It is such an engineering wonder. Love all these cards. So creative!!! Love the plane set and also how it is used in combination with other sets.

  35. I don't mind flying. It means I'm on an adventure. These sets are adorable and helpful for building more masculine cards. Not every occasion is a flowery one. Thanks for all the options.

  36. I don't mind flying. It means I'm on an adventure. These sets are adorable and helpful for building more masculine cards. Not every occasion is a flowery one. Thanks for all the options.

  37. This stamp set is beyond cute. Didn't think I needed planes in my stamp arsenal but apparently I do 😉 And the stiched trails… need to add to shopping list!!

  38. I love to fly almost as much as I love these cards! I'm one of those annoying passengers who sits up the whole flight staring out the window and delighting in the different viewpoint on the world. This set would have been perfect for father's day, perhaps next year?! Lou x

  39. I absolutely love flying. My boss is a pilot and he has a small plane and helicopter and I always enjoy it when I get a chance to fly. After seeing all of these awesome cards, I've got to get the Plane and Simple set!

  40. I love all of your products, Lawn Fawn, where have you been all my life? Your designers all have so much creativity and talent. I love all of the ideas I've seen. I can't wait to create one of my own! Thanks

  41. I'm not a big fan of flying but it's not bad enough that it would stop me from going away somewhere, that's just money stopping me lol.

  42. My son is an airline pilot and I am obsessed with airplane themed cards! Flying is a necessary part of life.
    I put up with it just to get from point A to point B really fast!

  43. I am not in love with flying. I do like the fact that you can get places quicker. I am just a chicken once the plane leaves solid ground. I do love this set!

  44. All the cards are so fabulous and fun. Love these sets. I don't mind flying, but I'm not fond of the long haul flights – which is almost every flight out of Australia. Might be different if I could afford 1st class!

  45. Cute, cute projects! I love the stitched heart trail and the little puffy cloud heart trail!!
    I only love the time and wear and tear on the bum flying saves for long trips up North. : )

  46. I love all of these new cool dies!! The clouds have me wishing for them so hard!!

    I don't mind flying, although I haven't been in years! Hoping to take my kids on a trip to NY soon – so hopefully that'll work out!

  47. This is one of my favorite stamp sets! Love! I have never flown before, but I don't like heights, sooooo, I don't think I would like to fly. But my Mom likes flying. This is a cute stamp set!!! Thanks for sharing everyone!!!

  48. I love to go places but I really do not like being on airplanes very much. Ooh love the stitched trails and outside inside stitched stackable. Going to save up to get them!

  49. I love to fly. Well I fly a lot for my business, lots of business trips. So need to enjoy flying, lol Thank you for the amazing set. My son loves loves planes!

  50. I love to fly! It usually means I'm going somewhere for vacation! I love the feeling of leaving home and landing somewhere unfamiliar and exciting!! I love this set. I've already made my Dad a Father's Day card but all this DT inspiration is making me want to make more!!

  51. I used to love to fly but now as I get older, I find myself dreading it if it's longer than 5 hours. However, it's worth it if it means going to another country to visit.

  52. What sweet card designs! I remember when flying was oh, so fun! Everyone was treated like first class (in the 60s). Now, I dread dread dread it lolololol!!!!!

  53. Like to fly as long as I'm heading somewhere for vacation! Hehe! Had to buy something at the grocery store that I could cut into the clear strips! Going to try the plastic clear idea soon! Looks like the plane is really flying!

  54. Oh, I just love these stamps. I especially like the little mouse in the folded paper airplane! As for actual flying, I don't enjoy it and only fly when I need to.

  55. What a cute set and the DT really hit it out of the park with their inspiration samples! I love the flying part but am not fond of all the hassle that you have to go through before you actually get on the plane. Thank you for the chance to win!

  56. I don't like to fly though I will if I have to. Have only flown twice in the 2000's. My nephew, however, wants to be a pilot so this stamp set & the trails will be coming home with me. Thank you for all the awesome ideas!

  57. I am not big on flying – for me it is less about the journey and more about the destination when it comes to flying. While I understand the security precautions – I really hate dealing with all of that.

  58. I had a flying-phobia but decided to fly before my 25th birthday. So I did, three days before my birthday. Proud moment. 🙂 Now I fly rather often, mostly for holidays, but also for work. It's more boring now, for example going to China… so many hours, not easy to sleep either. I should stop flying though… not good for the environment.

  59. I don't mind Flying, especially if it means I get to go somewhere FUN!!?? 😁 I LOVE ALL the BEAUTIFUL Inspiration!! THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS Week!! ❤️❤️❤️

  60. I used to like to fly, but not so much now. Great cards by the design team. I love the fun Stitched Trails.

  61. This is just fantastic – what a cool set. Your DT really made it shine! I'm ambivalent about flying – it gets me to where I need to go, but it beats driving! 🙂

  62. I do love to fly! I grew up overseas, so our flights back to the States were usually 9-10 hours. I sleep easily on long flights, and it's nice to wake up and be in a completely different country! I don't have the products you're showcasing in this post…yet…but I'm thinking I might need them now! Thanks for all the great inspiration!

  63. I hadn't flown in years and recently took a few trips by plane and did find it enjoyable. This new stamp set would be a perfect way to document the trips.

  64. absolutely adorable…these cards are too sweet! I already used this die to make Father's Day cards. I am itching to make a shaker card, just have to find the courage to try one!

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