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Hello and Welcome to Lawn Fawn’s October Inspiration Week! We will be showcasing 2 new stamp sets, 8 new stand alone dies, 2 new ink pads and a new ink cube pack. All of our Fall/Winter 2018 Release is available now at and at your favorite craft stores!

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Today is our showcase of Oh What Fun and its coordinating dies! Oh what fun it is to craft with this cute mini stamp set! This little bear can’t wait to help you create your next Christmas card or winter craft. The Design Team has made the most amazing samples! And we have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways to use this set!

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Megan paired our cute Oh What Fun Santa bear with a Toboggan Together deer to make this amazing slider card! I love how she used the Scalloped Treat Box Winter House Add-On roof to create a rooftop for Santa’s sleigh! The colorful string of lights is from Baaah Humbug!

The Slide on Over dies create a channel for the cute sleigh and reindeer to “fly” off the rooftop! Such a fun idea for an interactive card!

The colorful Really Rainbow Christmas snowflakes and the Reverse Stitched Scalloped Circle Window frame Lynnette‘s sweet Oh What Fun scene perfectly! I love the bold greeting from Winter Scripty Sentiments white embossed on the Chili Pepper cardstock sentiment banner!

Yainea‘s card is so adorable! She used the new Snowfall Backdrop and Stitched Hillside Borders to set the scene for our Oh What Fun bear and Winter Bunny to enjoy some snowy fun!

I love how Audrey framed this adorable card using a Reverse Stitched Scalloped Rectangle Window! Snowfall Backdrop and Mini Snowflakes create the cool frosty look!

Lizzy‘s charming Oh What Fun scene features Snowfall Backdrop and a Pixie Dust Sparkle hill! She added the trees from Winter Skies to add pretty color!

Kay used lots of bright, happy color to create her delightful holiday card! She combined papers from Really Rainbow Christmas with a Knit Picky Fall argyle pattern! I love how she created the Oh What Fun scene on the Stitched Circle! The candy cane from Thanks a Latte adds whimsy to this design!

Elise‘s Oh What Fun card features a custom greeting using Finley’s ABCs and Simply Winter Sentiments! I love how she added Silver Sparkle Lawn Trimmings to the sleigh and the deer!

Elena‘s quiet Winter Village scene gets a shot of whimsy from our Oh What Fun bear flying overhead! Stitched Hillside Backdrop and Forest Border combine to fill in the scenery!

Kristin’s cool blue and silver colors give her fun interactive slider card a trendy look! I love how the Silver Sparkle cardstock looks peeking behind the Snowfall Backdrop!

Now, I have a little video for you showing Oh What Fun in action and some fun things you can do with it. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch it below or click HERE to watch  at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Oh What Fun and its coordinating dies! Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us about your favorite holiday memory by October 17th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this stamp set! (If you already own this stamp set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Saturday October 13th for our next inspiration week post!

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307 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Oh What Fun

  1. I love these cards and the new stamp set! My favorite holiday memory is making christmas decorations together with my mom.

  2. Our annual gingerbread house making party. We have 3 other families join us and each family works together on decorating their house. It is such a fun night every year! This will be our 4th year doing it. I think I must bring this little santa bear home, he’s so sweet!

  3. All those animals are cute but the deer is my favourite. Every Xmas is my favourite memory of Xmas as Boxing Day is my brother’s birthday and we all have a party with him. It’s the only time of year when we all get together. A lot of the younger members of our family have careers and are busy and so it’s the only time I see them. x

  4. Oh I love the interactive cards (especially the one by Megan) but they are all so cute 😀

    My Favorite Holiday Memory is with my grandpa. As we kids got older he just gave my mother money to buy our presents (because she knows the “modern stuff” better than him he said) and she bought me a really big scarf (those where you can have a picknick on them) because at university I was always feeling cold. When I opened the present my grandpa was just so full of joy of the beautiful present he had given me ..I don’t know it was such a beautiful moment and I think sometimes he loved it more than I do :’D It even was the last christmas with him, so this memory of how happy he was is so precious to me. Miss you Grandpa ♥

  5. My fav holiday moment would be the feast my aunt prepared for us when we were kids – she tried new recipies through the year to make the day itself super special. I really miss her :-(…

    Love the cards!

  6. This stamp set is adorable I love the Inspiration…my favourite holiday memory would be as a child going with all my brothers and sisters to see the Christmas lights being switched on in town 🙂

  7. My favorite holiday memory is piling the kids into the car and driving around town to see all of the light displays.

  8. These cards are so cute! And my favorite holiday memory was having Christmas for the first time with my Grandkids.

  9. I love this whole release!! My favorite holiday memory is cooking baking with my daughter. We pick one day each holiday season and bake cookies all day long – I look forward to that every year!

  10. My favourite Christmas memory was from 4 years ago, we spent Christmas in the USA in Winter (normally we are used to a hot Christmas in Australia). There was no snow on Christmas day but there was snow on the day we arrived, which was about a week before Christmas.

  11. I love this bear! Awesome set! My favourite Christmas memory is baking shortbread with my sisters and decorating them all!

  12. Love all of today’s creations. My favorite holiday memory is unpacking each ornament and remembering where we bought it.

  13. …convincing my family that it’s all I ever ask…just a half hour once a year for the annual Christmas photo. You’d think I’m asking them to volunteer for a root canal! As usual, when it’s all over, one of the ‘outtakes’ ends up being THE photo.

  14. Love these cards, they are so adorable. Great Release Lawn Fawn. My favorite holiday memory is baking cookies with my Mom and my Aunts!

  15. Adorable cards! Love the sliders – so perfect with the sleigh.
    My favorite holiday memory will always be baking Christmas cookies
    with my Mom and sister.

  16. Favorite holiday memory is on Christmas Eve we used to go to my Great Aunts house. She got into 2 habits-making Chicken Spaghetti and making the chicken Spaghetti so far in advance we never knew how old it was (she would freeze them). It got to be a running joke every year…”how many years old is this stuff?”

  17. So much amazing creativity!! My favorite memory, not sure it seems there are so many. I just love when the whole family can be together and share a meal and listening to the memories that we share from years past.

  18. I don’t remember how old I was, but I remember coming out of my room for the first Christmas I can remember and finding gifts wrapped for me and my sister and a stocking filled with all kinds of treats – it was so magical. Thanks for the chance to win!

  19. I come from a large family with four sisters and 2 brothers. It was always fun to lay under the tree making funny faces in the ornaments..making our noses look big. Funny times!

  20. Oh it is a very cute set thanks for sharing it. Well i think my favorite holiday memory would be when we were in North Carolina and my grandparents gave us a map the United States with a quarter for every state, I still love looking at all the quarters.

  21. These ideas are so cute!!! Glad I have this little guy already!!! When I was too young I caught my parents playing Santa. So some of my favorite memories and of playing Santa with my parents for my little brother and sister!

  22. My favorite memories are watching my kids decorate the Christmas tree. They are both college age now but love those moments. Thanks for sharing card ideas.

  23. What adorable cards the LF design team came up with. A favorite holiday memory is going for a car ride with my family and looking at all the holiday lights people put up on their houses.

  24. Oh what fun!! Such beautiful and achingly cute cards by the Lawn Fawn team! My favorite holiday memory is going on tractor rides with my cousins on my grandparents farm in Iowa. The trees sparkled with snow, our cheeks and noses were red with cold and laughter! Truly, oh what fun!

  25. My favorite memory is the year our first grandbabies were born, two identical girl twins and my other child also had a girl, so everything that year was PINK, tree lights, cookies, etc! Love inspiration weeks!

  26. My favorite holiday memories are decorating the house for Christmas with my kids and listening to Christmas music.

  27. Totally planning to welcome this little guy into my collection; too adorable to resist! Favourite memory: driving around with my family to look at Christmas lights…something my dad always initiated. He found the most fabulous neighbourhoods; because of him, we discovered Candy Cane Lane, where residents of homes spanning several blocks go all out with their Christmas decorations. Magical – now we take my niece and nephew and oh, how I love seeing their eyes light up with joy at the enchanting sites. Miss my dad…incredibly…

  28. So Beary cute is this Santa Bear! My favourite Christmas memory is going to the country to find the “perfect” Christmas tree and making a day of it with our friends, some hot cocoa and a wiener roast!

  29. These are so adorable! Love the sliders. My favorite memory is the first Christmas with my daughter and her wide eyes at all the lights and colored papers and presents.

  30. My favorite holiday memory is a surprise visit from my son who was overseas in the military,
    Loving all the wonderful cards!

  31. Love the slider cards. My favorite Christmas memory is my husband and I putting our tree up for the first time as a married couple. We were married the first week in December.

  32. So many adorable creations today! One of my favorite holiday memories was celebrating Christmas at Disneyworld!

  33. My favourite holiday memory is having my late grandparents over for dinner on Christmas Eve. I looked forward to that every year as a kid!

  34. My favorite holiday memory is going to the festival of trees where local companies have a Christmas tree decorating competition and you can walk around and see all the complete trees! So cool! They also have a holiday market, Santa, bands, hot coca, and cookies! I love going with my family! These cards are so adorable! This is such a cute set!

  35. My favorite memory is of one Christmas Eve driving around town with my mom looking at the luminaries when it started to snow. It was magical!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  36. Cute cards! I like the bear, but I love the bunny, with it streaming scarf.
    My favorite Holiday memories are of when my kids were little and taking in everything. It was so fun to see the Holidays through their eyes.

  37. There are so many holiday memories that I love but I think my favorite was going back home to visit family when my son was little and spending “12 days of Christmas” with everyone.

  38. As kids we would all wake up early… You weren’t allowed to wake mum and dad until 6am…. But once that time hot one of us would go in and all the kids would wait at the tops of the stairs for my dad to go down to check if someone came… It was always so exciting to hear… “Kids – sometimes been here… Come and look.”

  39. Love these samples. My favorite holiday memory is making Christmas cookies and going to my mom’s friend’s house for her cookie exchange party. So many different kinds of home meade Christmas cookies and wonderful comfort food.

  40. My favorite holiday memory is putting up the tree as a child with my family. It was the first time of the year that we would play Christmas music. The decorating didn’t take that long, but my favorite part was always that evening, when we would turn off all the other lights and just have the Christmas lights on. I would lay under the tree and look up, and as a kid it just felt magical.

  41. Great cards today! My favorite memory is my first Christmas after getting married. We were poor students and didn’t have extra money – so took twine and scotch tape and did the outline of a Christmas tree. And then I decorated it with paper balls. it worked!

  42. Such cute ideas!! My favorite holiday memory is probably opening presents with my family as a little girl on Christmas Eve. The feeling of pure love and joy, all the christmas lights and the tree, and the shiny paper and ribbon!!

  43. My favorite Holiday memory was sledding with my Dad and Sister when I was a little kid. We would get lots of snow in the NV winters. The Oh What Fun Santa Bear is the cutest!

  44. My favorite was last Christmas, which was also my Daddy’s last, he and my boyfriend took each bow off each present and basically had a contest of how many they could put on themselves. They both had them on their foreheads, neck, and all over their heads. It is a memory to remember for all my days

  45. Love the release! My favorite holiday memory is making and decorating cooking with my Mom, sisters, and now my daughters.

  46. Oh what fun this set is. The cards are adorable.
    My favorite holiday memory is going with the kids to pick out the Christmas tree.

  47. My favorite holiday memory is my daughter’s first Christmas parade. She was 2 at the time, and the expression on her face the entire time was one of sheer magic.Brings a tear to my eye even thinking about it now, and she just turned 13. : )

  48. My favorite holiday memory was always making Christmas cookies with my Mom and Aunt. Remember, Charles Chips? We would save all those cans and fill them with cookies.

  49. What a cute set! My favorite funny memory was watching a children’s nativity play where the little shepherds had an argument mid-performance – not yet full of Christmas spirit.

  50. My favorite holiday memory…so many over the decades. But, as a child, I loved hanging the Rudolph the Reindeer ornament on the tree. It was my favorite. These cards are so much fun. The bear in the sleigh is one of my favorites from this release.

  51. So adorable, I love the interactive cards with this image! My favourite memory is sitting in the kitchen with my dad (not mum, haha!) and watching him cook and prepare all the yummy Christmas food.

  52. when I was little my mother would close the doors to the living
    room on Dec 1. I was not allowed to peek or go into the room.
    On Christmas morning the doors were opened and there
    would be a beautiful tree with loads of presents. Parents
    had spent the month decorating and making (doll clothes,
    etc) my presents. I was a spoiled only – loved every
    minute of it. Love Santa pulling up off the roof.
    thanks for the peek. txmlhl(at)yahoo(dot)com

  53. My favorite holiday memory is sitting in the dark with only the Christmas tree lights on. Still my favorite thing to do.

  54. My favorite holiday memories are of my siblings and I helping my parents decorate the Christmas tree each year. We had a giant box of ornaments, and we would pick which ones we wanted to have on the tree. 🙂 It looked different every year!

  55. I just really like spending time with my family, those are my favorite memories. I love all these ideas too, they make me giddy with excitement!

  56. Baking cookies with my Grandma every year. We would package them up and give them to neighbors, friends, and family.

  57. These are too cute. I didn’t think I needed this set but……fav Christmas memory is making cookies with my mom and grandma.

  58. What an adorable little bear!! Love all the fabulous creations!!

    Favorite Christmas memory is making goodies to share with others.

  59. My favorite memories are the ones I made with my kids – free tree hunting, and dated ornaments, to cookie making to photos with Santa. Lots of fun traditions and memories!

  60. Definitely lots of fun going on in these cards! The design team has done a great job! My favourite holiday memory is all the tradition involved in Christmas. Doing the same things over and over never gets tired!

  61. Wonderfully sweet products and adorable inspiration projects. My favorite holiday memory was the first year I had to work on Christmas Eve. I would be late to my family gathering and was holding a pity party just for me. I was a waitress in a bar/restaurant and there were only a few lonely bar customers. A woman ran in to purchase a last minute gift card and as she was leaving she recognized a man at the bar. Turns out he was an old family friend, she went to the car and got her mother. It was quite a reunion. They brought the man home with them to celebrate Christmas. I was there to witness that and have that reminder that I had many blessings to be thankful for.

  62. Love all the inspiration! My favorite memory is my daughter’s first Christmas. Seeing her face and the excitement is just too precious.

  63. Adorable creations with this set! 🙂 My favorite Holiday memory is when we got pet guenie pigs for our kids and we were trying to keep them quiet the night before Christmas morning so that we could go down and put them under the tree so that they saw it on Christmas morning. They were so surprised and it was fun to see the look on their faces! 🙂

  64. My favorite holiday memories have been watching my kids open their Christmas presents. Especially the year when my oldest said “This is exactly what I wanted!” about every gift!

  65. All of these cards are so cute!!! Favorite holiday memory… well Halloween is my favorite and one year a neighborhood kid loved my costume so much she came back to get a photo with me!

  66. This is such a cute stamp set! These cards are great. My favourite holiday memory is all the Christmas baking with my girls helping me. Hoping to carry on the tradition with my grandsons. 🙂

  67. My favorite holiday memory is when I was little we spent Christmas at my grandparents house. It was an unexpected trip and I was wondering how Santa was going to bring our stockings. He didn’t know where we were. And I woke up the next morning with my stocking hanging on the bed post. I thought it was magical!

  68. Gosh, that’s a hard one! I can’t top being inside when it’s really cold out, enjoying our decorations and a holiday movie!

  69. Love this new stamp set – too cute! My favorite Christmas memory is getting together with family for Christmas dinner and the the big mystery present swap. So much fun getting something unexpected (and thoughtful).

  70. Love how many old stamp sets work with this one. My fav holiday memories are of my kiddos as babies sitting on their gifts

  71. I think the card with the Santa sleigh taking off is brilliant! Love how various sets and dies come together so nicely and cleverly! That’s one of my favorite things from your company, how the old and new releases just go together so seamlessly, giving us more use out of our purchases 🙂

    Hard to pick just one favorite Holiday memories as the Holidays are my favorite time of the year, but I always loved trimming the tree. When I was young, we always used to have a natural Christmas tree, that my dad went to get in the forest himself. I remember going with him one year (and finding out that finding one that looks nice is way harder than you would think – it’s not like going to a Christmas tree lot, where they are all perfect and even). The smell of pine tree is very much linked with my childhood memories.

  72. The holiday memory that sticks out would be all the different types of Christmas cookies that my step-mom and I would make together when I was growing up.

  73. My favorite holiday memory is going to my great-grandmother’s house on christmas eve to celebrate with my extended family. P.S. I love today’s inspiration!!

  74. Favourite holiday memory is spending time with family around the Christmas Tree and fireplace watching the snowstorm outside.

  75. Very cute set!!
    Favorite holiday memories would be the annual outdoor ice skating trips my parents would take us to growing up.

  76. My favorite memories are of my grandmother meeting us at her door on Christmas eve to tell us Santa stopped there early and dropped off some of our presents. I think she was just as excited as we were as kids.

  77. My favorite memories are spending time with family on Christmas! Sitting around the tree, listening to christmas music ans munching on cookies.

  78. So cute cards. My favorite Christmas memory is getting together with family for Christmas dinner in my grandmother’s house.

  79. so many favorites, I guess i will go with a more recent memory,where are whole family there are about 20 of us, did an ugly christmas sweater exchange. It was so fun!

  80. One of my favorite memories is that we would visit my grandparents every year. This usually involved a pretty lengthy car trip 7-12 hrs.-depending on where we were living at the time. My parents, brother and I used to make up crazy lyrics to the twelve days of Christmas. Every year, we would have a different theme (12 things my grandma said to me, etc.) When we finally arrived and were all settled in, we would sing our new song for my grandparents and uncle and watch them laugh. Such fun memories! 🙂

  81. my cousins coming over for christmas when i was little. (i’m an only child and my dad isn’t much of a family person so i didn’t get to see them much)

  82. My favorite holiday memory was taken my newborn son to see Santa Claus. He was 8 days old. In the picture he looked like Curious George (hence his nickname)

  83. Oh my goodness these are seriously such cute cards!!! Great job design team!!!
    My favorite holiday memory would be spending Christmas at my grandparents house when I was younger. It was a tradition to clean all the dishes before any gifts were allowed to be opened. I swear all the adults went as slow as possible because it felt like HOURS!!!!! My cousins and I were so excited and antsy!! We still laugh about those memories!!

  84. Such cute cards! My favorite holiday memory is waking up on Christmas morning and being so excited! I wasn’t allowed to get up unless someone else was up, and my Grandma’s room was right across the hall so we would whisper to each other “are you awake?” and then get our robes and slippers on and go out to the kitchen and make hot chocolate and open our stockings before Mom and Dad got up!

  85. My favorite memory is waking up on Christmas morning with my twin sister and my dad blasting the NYLONS Christmas Album, we would grab our stockings and go wake up my mom and brother who like to sleep in 😉 and open them on my parents bed altogether while my brother and mom moaned for us to go back to bed 🙂

  86. Favorite holiday memories are from childhood when we all tried to sneak out to the tree to see what Santa has brought us…. but there was no fooling my dad…. He never got any sleep Christmas Eve.

  87. My favorite Christmas memory is my daughter’s first Christmas. We spent that Christmas at my mom and dad’s home and it was so special to see all the love they had for her. I had her dressed in a Santa outfit including a Santa hat. She had just been walking for a few months and she walked around the Christmas tree pulling at the ornaments and all of her gifts and totally entertained all of us! I shall never forget those special moments…

  88. My favourite holiday memory is staying up late and baking with my Mummy. We are not great bakers normally; but we pull it together for Christmas!

  89. Oh my goodness…I definitely can’t narrow it down to just one memory…it’s probably back when I still believed that the jolly old elf was the one responsible for bringing me presents.

  90. This set is one of my favorites from this release! My favorite holiday memory is when we were teenagers and my parents got tired of us waking them up progressively earlier every year so we got to open presents at midnight! Such a funny memory.

  91. This set is so adorable! When I was a kid, we used to celebrate my aunt’s Christmas Eve birthday and Christmas together on Christmas Eve at my grandparents’ house. I could never sleep after for all the excitement and I used to creep downstairs and “sleep” on the couch in the glow of the Christmas lights.

  92. I love interactive cards. I love the look on faces when they see the card. My favorite memories are putting together the nativity with my mom and now my family

  93. What adorable products and great inspiration from the designers! My favorite holiday memory was when I was pretty young and my parents had a co-worker dress up as Santa and come over to our house. I still believed in him so it was pretty magical! Thank you for the chance to win!!

  94. Awesome cards!!!
    My favourite memory is baking gingerbread decorations with my kids on Christmas Eve that we hang in the tree for Santa. But one year our chocolate lab decided to help himself too🐶

  95. I’m going to channel Cathy Zielske here and say, “Oh for cute!”

    We have so many family traditions, how can I pick a favorite? We always sing in the choir at church (and often end up playing piano for at least one or two songs); we have Swedish breads that we make for Santa Lucia Day (Dec 13th), then for Christmas morning breakfast; we have our special ornaments to put on the tree. Just lots of fun family activities that I will always be fond of.

  96. What adorable cards! One of my favorite holiday memories is baking and decorating cookies with the whole family.

  97. My favorite memory was from 4 years ago my granddaughters 1st Christmas opened her present & the look on her face & how excited she was to see her present! Fabulous creations by all!

  98. Love this little stamp set! The samples were amazing! My favorite Christmas memory is decorating the tree with my family! We put on Christmas music and make hot cocoa!

  99. Growing up, my family always had Christmas brunch. We’d wake up early to open presents and then spend the morning cooking—orange rolls and egg bake always make me think of the holidays!

  100. Eek, this is SO CUTE! Absolutely adorable. Gosh, it’s hard to pick one favorite memory! I remember a few years back my hubby asked for this super obscure cd, so I saved it for last and sort of hid it. He thought we had opened all of the gifts and in a sort of childish manner said “well, I didn’t get the one thing I really wanted”! Oh boy! So when he opened that last gift, the look on his face was hysterical!

  101. My favorite Christmas memory is opening our Christmas pjs on Christmas Eve!! Love the little bear in the sleigh!!

  102. These are all so cute!!! I can’t wait to get out my sliders and play with the oh what fun set! Amazing inspiration as always!

  103. What lovely cards! I am already in the xmas mood! I think my favorite holiday memories are those watching or helping decorate our house. There were so many “fancy” items that we weren’t supposed to play with like the nutcrackers and that fragile little mobile that would turn with the heat of the candles. All the glitz and glitter really felt like magic to me. Still does. 😀

  104. SQUEAL!! My FAVORITE Holiday Memory is when my Husband Proposed!! He wait until 12:00 to tell me that he had a surprise!! We took a Drive and he proposed then we were serenaded by howling Coyotes!! I’ll NEVER forget it!! I LOVE the Inspiration and can’t wait to see MORE!! THANKS for sharing!!

  105. I was born in Nebraska but moved to AZ. When I was 17 we went back to visit for Christmas. It was fun to be back in the snow and go caroling with my cousins.

  106. love all of these amazing projects! I’ll check out the video after commenting. 🙂
    my favorite holiday memory has always been waking up and seeing Abigail’s face when she comes down to open presents.

  107. Santa Bear is so cute! My favorite memory is sleeping under the Christmas tree waiting for Santa to come. Could never catch him!

  108. This is really hard because I have so many amazing holiday memories, but I would have to choose our family trips to visit my grandparents. They lived where there was snow and we didn’t. We would drive up through the mountains and some of the most beautiful terrain and stop to sled and play in the snow when we needed breaks.

  109. My favorite Christmas memory is singing and dancing at my grandma’s house where all the family used to get together. We would roast a pig and everyone would bring food to share. It was amazing! (Btw, LOVE the beautiful cards!)

  110. Oh how cute these projects are! I am in LOVE with all the new stamps!!!!
    Well, one of my favorite holiday memories (I have several), is when I was just a little girl, possibly 4 years old. I remember walking downstairs and seeing that Santa came! My mother and grandmother were already sitting on the couch chatting waiting for me to get up and so they greeted me with hugs and Christmas kisses. I had kept telling them that all I wanted from Santa was a baby doll with a bottle and boy oh boy was I surely surprised when I saw a package from Santa under that tree and to my amazing little eyes, it was a GORGEOUS doll baby with beautiful satin hair and bows and she came with dresses and diapers, bottles, and a diaper bag! I was in heaven! To this day, that memory makes me tear up! Oh to be a child again!!!!
    Have an amazing weekend!
    Jo in Jersey

  111. Oh What Fun is a great name for this set! My favourite memory is decorating our little potted tree for Christmas and seeing it grow each year.

  112. Love this Oh What Fun set. I really like the way it was used with sliders! Favorite Holiday Memories… I think my favorite is long long ago when I was a kid. My sister and I snuck downstairs to peek under the tree early Christmas Morning. The tree was glowing, and there were so. many presents! There was some beautiful bedroom furniture for my sister and I to share. And Giant Stuffed Animals. It was the best Christmas ever.

  113. These cards are amazing. I love how the designers combine different LF stamp sets to creat their scenes. Thanks or sharing.

  114. Loving all cards so exciting. My favorite memory is having our precious daughter on Christmas Eve and celebrating her 15th birthday this year. .

  115. Cute set! Love all these cards. ❤️
    One of my favorite holiday memories is leaving the door open so I could hear my kids come check out the Christmas tree (early!) to see what Santa brought. LOVE the magic of kids during the holidays.

  116. For all of my younger years while still living with my parents, we would have just the immediate family over for a Christmas breakfast- some of my best memories with my family. Miss those days!

  117. That little bear is just so cute. One of my favorite memories from the holidays is from the Christmas I made all the ornaments for the tree. I enjoyed every moment spent working on my crafts.

  118. This adorable bear dressed as Santa reminds me of two years when my dad dressed as Mr Claus. My niece was just about 3 months old and I have the sweetest pictures of Dad holding his first grandchild. A year or two later he dressed up again but this time she was old enough to be absolutely scared out of her wits to see him! She ran in my bedroom and hid behind my bed!!! 😯 Needless to say that was the last time he dressed up! 😀

  119. My favourite memory is driving around looking at the Christmas lights. For my children, we have had gingerbread parties every year with my daughters and their friends. As they are now older we have a turkey dinner instead of hot dogs! I love your cards. Marie, see you on November 3 at my scrapbooking store!!!🌲🌲🌲

  120. My favourite holiday memory is making a gingerbread house with my sister on Christmas Eve – we were terrible at it but it was fun!

  121. I love this set! My favorite holiday memory is decorating the house for Christmas, together with my parents and sisters.

  122. I have this adorable bear but haven’t used him yet. Thanks for all of the great ideas. I can’t wait to get started!

  123. Love this funs et. Great projects! One of my favorite memories of Christmas was just two years ago. My twin grandchildren had just been born in October so for their first Christmas they were pretty tiny. We have pictures of them under the Christmas tree. They were our Christmas presents that year and for many years to come. They are super precious!

  124. What a cute set. My favorite holiday memory was the year Santa came to our house on the fire truck on Christmas Eve. He came right in the front door and had toys for the kids. It was so fun.

  125. Adorable santa bear! I love my 2007 Christmas since it was the first Christmas with our family of 5…our youngest was one month old!

  126. Favorite holiday memories are making cookies and candy with my mom. The cookies were the best, springalas, peanut blossoms, merengues, caramels, sugar cookies, chocolate crinkles, and fudge (chocolate, peanut butter and butterscotch).

  127. Fabulous projects! I don’t really have a favourite holiday memory – just general memories of Christmas Eve spent with family having our traditional Christmas Eve dinner.

  128. I love this sweet Santa bear ! All the cards are absolutely adorable ! About your question, I can’t tell one in particular because as long as I’ve believed in Santa, my parents put so much care about organising Christmas… it’s a magical time each year ! Thanks for the opportunity to win. Love, Marjorie

  129. We have 3 young kids and every year we put them to bed then decorate the whole house & put up the trees. Seeing their faces the next morning when they wake up and see it all is priceless!

  130. My favourite holiday memory is the Christmas Days with all my grandparents and family, enjoying a long Italian lunch on a hot Australian day.

  131. My favourite holiday memory has to be trying to stay up all night to see if I could get a glimpse of Santa Clause when I was 5.

  132. My favorite holiday memory….is when my kid snuck out and opened all the presents then rewrapped then like nothing happened

  133. My favorite holiday memory is my father walking down our hall singing “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”. He loved doing that every year and to this day I can still hear him singing.

  134. My favorite holiday memory is playing games Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day after all of the presents were opened.

  135. I love the Santa in the sleigh. My favorite is when the children were ready to open their Christmas presents on Christmas day after attending Midnight Mass.

  136. My favorite holiday memory was getting a CD player for Christmas my freshman year of high school. I thought I was such a big deal! LOL

  137. My favourite holiday memory was about 5 years ago when I visited USA. Being Australian, I’ve never had a white Christmas before. I rememeber the snow that felt so magical – the only thing to make it better would be to have all my friends and family with me!

  138. I really miss when my cousin and I danced and sang to my family as if it were a show. They loved and we too. This is my favourite holiday memory. 🎄🎄🎄

  139. Adorable creations!!!
    My favorite holiday memory is baking biscuits and traditional Italian cakes during Xmas holidays…. <3

  140. Those are so fabulous.
    My favorite holiday memory? well, kinda hard to choose. There are so many. One of my funniest ones is when I stepped onto a toy and literally landed into the Xmas tree. IT wasn’t funny, but it was.

  141. My favorite holiday memories are of decorating our Christmas tree as a family each year while listening to our favorite Christmas songs and eating her favorite Christmas treats!

  142. This is such a cute set! It is great for interactive cards — oh what fun! My favorite Christmas memory is our Christmas morning breakfast and the excitement from my boys! It is a tradition at our house.

  143. These are too cute!! Some favourite memories are family dinners, decorating for holidays and opening presents on Christmas.

  144. My fav holiday memory is all the Christmas times with the four kids opening gifts and then we would eat and then later in the day it’s my hubbys bday Christmas Day so we did bday stuff!!!

  145. I LOVE the cute Santa Bear! He is so endearing and SO sweet! I just have far too many holiday memories to select just one – they are ALL so warm and loving. At least, the ones I choose to keep are the very best ones!

  146. Oh What Fun!! My favorite holiday memory was the first Christmas I spent with my husband and in-laws. They were so loving and welcoming, and included me in their (which have become OUR) traditions!

  147. I love the blue tones of these cards! My favorite holiday memory is always the day we put up the tree the first time in the place we currently live in. It was the first time we were together as a family after so many years.

  148. My favorite memories are of when my boys were little and believed in Santa. Empty nesting is cool, but I miss the Christmas mornings with everyone here.

  149. These cards are so amazing! My favorite holiday memory was two Christmas’ ago when my son-in-law got down on one knee and proposed to my daughter on Christmas Eve in front of the whole family. It was so special.

  150. My favorite holiday memory is one of my first christmas days with my husband- we sat in a friend’s apartment eating Chinese food and watching Christmas episodes of our favorite tv shows. It’s not glamorous but it felt perfect. And I love the bear- he is adorable!!!

  151. My favorite holiday memory was one of the last years in my childhood home, when my parents were still married – Just a simple memory of my sister and I waking up Christmas morning to both of our parents drinking coffee by the tree and what seemed like a million Christmas presents 🙂

  152. So blessed to have so many wonderful holiday memories – the best are from when our son was little and Santa had visited.

  153. This is the cutest set …. my favourite holiday memory was from when my son was just 2 and everything was magical to him!

  154. making memories with my family in Wisconsin, having our daughter see snow (hopefully) each Christmas, since we live in Florida.

  155. I love this little stamp set! The endless ways to use it and the cuteness of this bear 🐻 makes this a great Christmas stamp set to have ❤️

  156. The cards are gorgeous!!!

    My favorite holiday memory is hanging “stockings” when we were young. But the stockings were actually my father’s socks! lol.

  157. My Dad and I would go outside for ice and make real ice cream in this antique ice cream maker. That was so cool!
    Awesome designs…LOVE!

  158. I didn’t have the greatest childhood, but I’m creating great memories with my kids. I think they would say their big Christmases at our house. My husband has a large family and there is always so much great food to choose from.

  159. These cards are so precious! I just love all the layering and beautiful colors and the coloring too! My favorite holiday memories would have to be our family going out and picking a tree and then going to this special farm for some special homemade apple pie!

  160. Among my favorite holiday memories is celebrating Xmas with my cousins at my grandmother’s house in another state. It was always fun to have everyone together, and with them living in a different state, we didn’t get to see them all the time, so it was great to get together with them for the holidays.

  161. Great inspiration ladies! One of my favorite holiday memories is decorating the Christmas tree as a kid. My dad would get the tree all set up and then my sisters and I would put the ornaments on while listening to classic Christmas music on the record player.

  162. My favorite holiday memory… spending the holiday with my sister in law and daughter in our cramped little house, three furry dogs, and hubby. We were cozy, ate well, and had a blast! The best holidays are with family…

  163. First, I love that snowflake patterned paper and the non-traditional colors. And the slider cards are adorable! I need to make some of those!

    1. Again, I don’t follow directions! My favorite holiday memory is being at my grandparents’ house on New Years Eve and standing on the front porch banging on pots and pans at midnight!

  164. One xmas when my oldest daughter was around 5years old she decided to lay in the blue rocks in the front yard and make a snow angel! We lived in Hawaii so there was no snow for her to do things like that.

  165. SLiding reindeer!!! fav memory was finding my CHristmas list at my dad’s house (divorced parents) and he had marked off everything he bought. My brother found out and threatened me and said I BETTER act surprised, lol He was protecting dad!

  166. Oh gosh, my favorite holiday memory. There’s a lot of them! Well one that I remember well is when my grandmother came to visit and we all went to downtown Chicago to see the decorations.

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