Lawn Fawn Intro: Charge Me Up

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s April 2020 Inspiration Week! Our Spring 2020 Release is available at your favorite store and! Woohoo!

We already have four places you can leave comments to win:
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AND today’s post too!

Today is our showcase of Charge Me Up! Charge up your batteries… it’s time to create cute crafts! This cute robot is great on its own and is also perfect for creating interactive light-up cards!

We hope to have intro videos to show some fun ways of using the new sets soon. Thanks for understanding, we appreciate your patience.

The design team has made the most amazing samples! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

The Charge Me Up mini set has a cute robot with accessories to add fun details! Audrey stamped a sweet couple of robots to place in a pretty stenciled scene!

Yainea‘s cheerful design combines Charge Me Up with a custom sentiment made with text bubbles from Screen Time, and letter’s from Smitty’s ABCs and Oliver’s ABCs!

Elise created a super cute Magic Iris design for a couple of cute Charge Me Up robots! This would be a fun design for an anniversary card!

Tammy added party hats and balloons from Party Animal along with a fun Oliver’s ABCs and 123s greeting! I love how she stamped the robots on the background!

Elena‘s cute inky purple card design features multiple robots and a greeting using Cole’s ABCs! She added lots of fun details and highlights with a white gel pen!

Wouldn’t we all love to have a cute robot to help with Spring cleaning? Megan combined Happy Village and Plan on It: Spring Cleaning with the Charge Me Up robot to create this adorable card!

Lynnette arranged three colorful robots in the windows of the Foursquare Backdrop: Portrait to create a cheery birthday card! She added a greeting from Offset Sayings: Birthday on an Everyday Sentiment Banner!

Melissa‘s happy card is created with layers of circle dies including Zig Zag and Fancy Scalloped! I love the Cilantro and Peacock color combo with the Really Rainbow Scallops paper! How cute is the sentiment stamped repeatedly in the background, such a fun design idea!

Audrey gave the cute couple lots of personality with her coloring then she layered Stitched Windy Backdrop and Polka Heart Backdrop with a Zig Zag Circle. The neutral colors in the background make the cute robots pop!

We had to share to Megan‘s clever Magic Picture Changer card again for this intro to Charge Me Up! She created a super fun party scene and framed up the picture changer using the smart phone die from Selfie Frames!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Charge Me Up! Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us how you recharge your creativity by April 15th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Wednesday April 15th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week, we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


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260 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Charge Me Up

  1. I always love seeing cards and projects that would work for boys and men as well, and these robots fit the bill. I’m finding that my creativity is really lacking during this worrisome time with the virus, and am organizing my supplies in the hope that it sparks some inspiration and gets me back on track.

  2. I like to watch other people’s projects to get inspired. Love all the pretty projects from the DT team!

    1. Love this robot and all the cute ideas. Got it with your chibitronics collaboration.
      sometimes driving home from work I get ideas, seeing blogs gives me ideas that take me in a different direction.
      Coloring and cutting out my stamped images and having them available helps also

    2. These cards are all adorable! I just tried my first intrractive card with the magic iris die, meybe this will be my next step into the interactive card world? 🤩

  3. Typically if I have to spend a few days away from my supplies, then I am chomping to get back to them and create again. AND of course, design teams – they make me see things in a new way and get ideas that I never would have thought of on my own!

  4. Coffee, Pinterest and I follow a lot of awesome craft blogs all of these get me on my way to crafting. The cards were adorable today

  5. That’s funny you should ask. I’m out of mojo right now! I recharge by looking at wonderful samples like on today inspiration!

  6. When I need a recharge I look at Lawn Fawn on Instagram which is a great source to find cards that inspire.

  7. I usually charge my creativity by watching YouTube videos and by looking at pinterest- I sure miss card making magazines like papercraft magazine, but I have a lot of back issues that I also look to for inspiration.

    1. I find checking out my favorite blogs to recharge my creativity whenever I’m lacking. Thanks for being one of my go to websites for inspiration!

  8. What an adorable little set, love all the cute inspiration! I usually try entering challenges or watch card making videos / posts on Instagram to look for inspiration, and to recharge my creativity.

  9. That little robot is so cute!
    YouTube and the Lawn Fawn blog are my go to when I need to recharge my creativity!

  10. Recharging is a good thing! Sometimes just reviewing what I have and reading along during ‘Inspiration Week’ always stirs the juices! Lawn Fawn has such a deep reservoir of talent to turn to!

  11. ❤️Good morning! Those bots are sooo cute!! I Go to and blog to find awesome examples from the DT and Pinterest and YouTube to give me a little boost of creativity 😊❤️

  12. Right now I’m having difficulty doing just that! Creating block I guess! Hopefully I can find my way out of the fog soon! Thanks for all the cute inspiration!

  13. I recharge my creativity by just pulling out random craft items and forcing myself to make something with the items. Many times I will ask my daughter to pull a few items for me to work with. I love this set. I picked it up when it came in the chibitronics set!!!

  14. Adorable robot cards! YouTube rarely fails to recharge my creativity. There’s so much great content out there! But just starting to play also helps. Whether it’s stamping a bunch of images to color or inking some backgrounds, just playing usually gets the creative wheels turning again.

  15. I find tidying up my workspace is a great way to recharge creativity. It helps because if you’re not feeling it, you’re still surrounded by all those fun crafty goodies, and sure enough, you’ll probably find something that makes you want to craft while cleaining!

  16. I like to mix up my crafting projects—card making, sewing, embroidery, cross stitch. Lawn Fawn keeps my creative juices flowing for my card making projects.

  17. Haha I’ve been recharging my creativity by looking at others work, it just makes me want to create something as well, and when that doesn’t work then I just relax and try something different until I get an idea !

  18. I recharge my creativity by looking at my Instagram feed and looking at sketches. I find sketches really help me to break out of my usual design rut.

  19. I like to look at what other people create. It starts the gears turning. I’m also open to unexpected inspiration from daily life or my other interests like cookie decorating, pop culture, and trends in any area.

  20. Normally I haven’t got a set plan how my card will turn out when I sit down to start my crafting… it comes to me step by step and all of a sudden there is a finished card on the table… Many are the times when I watched YT I thought; Ah, I will do something similar, but it never turns out that way anyway.
    I do love this little robot! What a cutie!

  21. I recharge by reading blogs, like this one, and watching technique classes from designers, and other card makers. Thanks for the inspiration!

  22. When I’m in a crafty slump, I like to go to youtube and check out a group of channels I follow, and of course Lawn Fawn is at the top of my list!

  23. These are all great! I love this little set. And look at all you can do with it!! I love that Lawn Fawn makes small affordable sets and dies that can be so versatile. Thank you!

  24. I recharge by watching YouTube videos and visiting blogs and Lawn Fawn’s are always ones I visit for inspiration.

  25. Love the little robots. To recharge my creativity, I watch videos or look at Pinterest. Sometimes I look at design team ideas with specific stamps.

  26. I always recharge my creativity by buying something new! Also by watching intro videos, seeing pictures on your blog, etc. I really get a lot of creative ideas.
    I am super glad that you released the robot stamp! Absolutely love it.

  27. I really love this stamp! I have it from the beginning. Love the cards from the design team!

    I just love watching card making videos en just stamp and die cut some stamps

  28. I recharge creatively buy watching youtube videos (“Intro to” – are my favs!!!) and seeing what others’ post on instagram.

  29. Watching Lawn Fawn videos and seeing the wonderful card designs in the blog always charge me up! Thank you for your inspiration.

  30. I can recharge my creativity in so many ways, but now I share that Lawn Fawn designers give me so much each time they post something on the blog. How can a simple “thank you” express my true feelings?

  31. I absolutely LOVE this cute robot set! It’s one of my all-time favorites of yours!
    I recharge my creativity by taking a break and doing something different. I have two major hobbies: papercrafting and sewing– and I find that if I’m running out of inspiration for one, I can switch over to the other for a while!

  32. This set is ABSOLUTELY adorable! I LOVE these robots! I recharge my creativity by looking at Pinterest for ideas or getting inspired by something other than a typical holiday… like National Pet Day or National Siblings Day etc.

  33. I look through my stamp sets and paper to recharge. I also look on my Pinterest pages for cards that I want to create.

  34. Normally, walking, hiking and crafting charges me up. But it’s hard to feel up, creative in these times. So in my down time I have been cleaning and organizing my craft supplies. Next I am going to start with my house!!

  35. I recharge my creativity by watching YouTube videos or by buying something new after I’ve seen it demonstrated. 🙂

  36. Love these little robots and the designers did a great job showcasing them! I like to either go online and look at what others are doing or switch to a different craft (I also cross stitch) for a while to recharge my creativity. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  37. This set is electrifying, super cute! I charge by cleaning up my space and then making a list of projects I want to try.

  38. I recharge by choosing a different stamp set or die to work with each time. I challenge myself to use items I have bought but have never used…I am making and sending lots more cards. I LOVE all the robot ideas! Thanks Lawn Fawn for always being a wonderful source of inspiration.

  39. These robots are the cutest, so many ways to add them to scenes! I recharge with a cup of tea and a good night’s rest.

  40. I clean up my space. Usually as I go through everything I will find SOMETHING that makes me want to dive in.

  41. Those robots are so cute. My youngest great-grandchild is into robots.
    Those cards would be perfect to send to him.

  42. When I get stuck and feel like I can’t create, I pick out a couple of stamp sets and put them in Google images. I make diagrams of cards that I like once I start it seems to open up my creativity. I also like to watch videos which helps spark my imagination also.

  43. To recharge my creativity, I look at magazines on scrapbooking and look at pinterest. Sometimes I’ll go out into nature and just sit and watch. It helps me get refreshed and the colors are always pretty.

  44. If I’m lacking mojo, I make backgrounds. Different styles, different techniques, different mediums. If I’m lacking ideas, I go onto Pinterest or IG and look for ideas/designs that speak to my style. And off I go….

  45. I like to do some cleaning or reorganizing in my craft room. Handling all my fun supplies usually gets me charged up and ready to create again.

  46. Love the robots. Recharging my creativity has been tough for me these days. Other important tasks have taken some of my creative time away. I find visiting blogs and watching videos helpful getting back into the groove

  47. I always have multiple projects going. That way I never get burned out on anything and I find renewed energy when I pick up one of the others.

  48. I actually recharge my creative juices by searching on Pinterest. I love seeing everyone’s great designs (either self or CASE’d) and I go from there. I usually go there to research a potential new stamp set buy (and I almost always fall down the rabbit hole) and buy that set.

  49. Inspiration week is a big help in the recharging of creative ideas. I love to see what other people are doing.

  50. Such fun and cute cards! I recharge by following blogs like yours and I love to surf Youtube also. Thanks for the great ideas!

  51. Since I have a lot of time these days, I decided to play with reveal wheel cards. I think about the person I’ll be sending it to and then experiment with how I want it to turn out. Some of the pieces need to be remade, but I learn a lot from trying. I even created an upside down one to be a candy machine. So much fun playing with Lawn Fawn pieces!

  52. I like to get out of the house and go somewhere with my kids, especially outdoors. I feel this is the best way to clear my head and recharge.

  53. Love the cute robot especially the one with the neutral hearts background. I find inspiration everywhere but when I am stuck I usually just colour and see what I come up with.

  54. Adorable little robots! I browse Pinterest and watch YouTube videos to get ideas, and the Lawn Fawn blog is a great resource, of course!

  55. Such cute projects.
    I recharge my creativity by reading blogs, visiting Pinterest and watching craft shows.

    Carol B

  56. creativity comes from many ways, but for me, it’s often from seeing what other people have done that sparks an idea. Thanks to the DT for sharing their creativity.

  57. I recharge my creativity by looking at Pinterest or at YouTube videos, and sometimes I just look through my patterned paper to get a jump start.

  58. I’m a procrastinator so I get charged up when
    a deadline is approaching. I work best under
    pressure. Love the “bots”.
    thanks for sharing so many wonderful projects.

  59. I’ve been charging up! by doing some watercolour with my stamps. Flowers look extra special when they are coloured in with paints. because they aren’t perfect! which I love.

  60. My craft room is my happy place and sometimes I recharge my creativity by just going in there and re-organizing things as a way to “shop my stash”. Oftentimes I’ll pick something up and it will spark an idea. Other times I just sit at my craft table and stare out the window! Watching YouTube videos is a great creativity recharger, too!

  61. Love watching You Tube to see some new ideas. Also, inspiration week with all the different ideas gets me excited. 🙂

  62. I recharge my creativity several ways. One way is seeing adorable blog posts like this. I learn from others.

  63. I’ve gotten recharged lately by doing Kathy’s “color challenge.” But usually I get my Mojo back by watching YT videos, doing challenges, looking at sketches, reorganizing my craft room and most important cleaning off my desk.

  64. I look online for inspiration–the Lawn Fawn blog of course, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google image searches.

  65. such gorgeous cards!!!
    I recharge my creativity through blog hops and reading inspiration posts – there are so many wonderful crafters online

  66. What a cute set. I scroll through blogs (like this one!!) or Instagram/YouTube to help kick start my creative juices.

  67. Usually a sunny day is enough to recharge my creativity,. If that’s not enough, I’ll watch You Tube videos and visit Instagram and blogs.

  68. I try to read the LF blog everyday! I always love seeing other people’s creations which sparks my own. Sometimes I just go through my stamps and pick some to create images to color and die-cut, and then I’m ready to assemble some cards. It also helps to picture who the recipient might be, even if I’m just creating cards for charity. Love the robots. I bought the set last year.

  69. Enjoy perusing Pinterest… but my favorite way to get in a creative spirit is to go to Lawn Fawn and view cards from your spectacular Design Team and to view LF videos!

  70. That little Charge Me Up robot is so adorable! When I need to get charged up, I usually go to Pinterest or watch YouTube videos to get inspiration.

  71. These robots are so adorable. I love that we now have a really cute stitched alphabet to add some accent words as well!

  72. What a cute little set – I didn’t know that Lawn Fawn had so many little stamp sets (quite affordable) & that they coordinate so well with other sets!

  73. When I need to recharge my crafty batteries, I start organizing my craft room and my things, and I start finding my unfinished projects and start to get inspired. Also, I start watching crafty videos and I find techniques that I want to try.

  74. I like to look at inspiration on Instagram and watch crafty videos on YouTube. Sometimes it helps to get out supplies and play with them, then I will start to get ideas on how to use what I’ve made.

  75. I like to watch crafty videos and read blogs to get some inspiration. Sometimes I pull out older stamp sets and dies and play with them and get new ideas on how to use them.

  76. I normally rewatch designers videos or go through a folder I keep on my iPad of some designers posts that I especially loved. Or sometimes I just go through my new stamps and remember why I bought them!!!!!!

  77. I switch from card making to knitting, crocheting, or baking! With enough hobbies, it’s hard to run out of ideas entirely. 🙂

  78. I a man constantly inspired by YouTube tutorials and videos, individual blogs and Instagram posts! I also think a good walk or quick exercise recharges my brain and helps me get inspired!

  79. Love the cute bots, and so fun with the lights on the cards too!
    I recharge by checking out the blogs of some of my favorite companies! I love to see the creations they are sharing!

  80. I recharge by watching videos on different crafts but then always find a craft I haven’t tried before and immediately want to do it!

  81. Another great stamp and die set! Such cute cards; love them all.
    To recharge my creativity, I usually watch craft videos. They get me excited
    to start creating again,

  82. These bots are so adorable and I like that they work well with the older set of bots. I like reviewing Lawn Fawn’s older posts for inspiration on the stamp and die sets I plan on using

  83. I recharge my creativity by looking at inspirational posts like these as well as YouTube videos. Keep them coming!

  84. Inspiration comes from seeing what others are doing so I turn to blogs, FB, Pinterest, etc, so thanks everyone!

  85. I recharge by looking through my social media at crafty blogs, instagram, or Facebook feeds. There are lots of talented, inspiring folks out there, and sometimes they host online challenges too, which can always inspire me to get crafty myself!

  86. I am certainly charged up to return to my paper crafting area and get busy making those cards to share. The mail person just picked up four of my “creations” and I would love to see the faces of the recipients! Thanks for making the hearts of others enjoy your products, Lawn Fawn!

  87. It amazes me how talented your design team is!! Out of this world amazing! Thanks for charging me each and everyday with their inspirations! Thankful for you please stay safe!

  88. I recharge by seeing what other people create! People see things so differently, and some ideas are so simple, yet I would never have thought of them!

  89. Pinterest helps me, I like to take lots of little elements from different creations I see to make a new idea. I also like to look through my stamps, dies and cardstock and find something to start with be it a particular die or stamp and then I can build my idea from one item 🙂

  90. This is one of my favourite stamps from the new collection! To “charge me up” for crafting I like to look for inspiration from Instagram and YouTube.

  91. I think taking a break and then letting an upcoming event or birthday celebration guide me back to crafting usually recharges my creativity since I’ll eagerly watch videos and visit blogs like the Lawn Fawn one for inspiration.

  92. I recharge my creativity by BIG cup of hot tea and watching LF yotube cahnnel and pinterest. My LF package is stuck somewhere in California, over a month now, and I almost no longer have any patience wait for it to arrive. That, too, must have been quarantined.

  93. I love all of these ideas! Those little robots are so sweet! My favorite way to recharge is family movie night with my hubby and kiddos.

  94. I recharge my creativity by researching on you tube to find a new technique. I love this little set, I have it but haven’t used it yet.

  95. When I’m tired or majorly stressed out, I tend to lose my creative mojo. The biggest way to recharge is following blogs or watching tutorials of my favorite papercrafting or quilting companies/people and when I find a project I love, jumping in and doing it. It’s the starting that’s the hardest part. 🙂

  96. I video conference with friends around the world to see what they are working on…everything from music to art to sewing to papercrafts to gardening…we share ideas and motivate each other.

  97. Such gorgeous creations! I recharge my creativity by checking out youtube or pinterest – then deciding on either a technique or stamp set to use.

  98. Sometimes by watching a technique video, sometimes by an inspiring card idea on Pinterest or Instagram, sometimes by thinking about the person whose card it is going to be, and sometimes by buying new stuff. Ok, lots of the time it’s new stuff.

  99. I recharge by checking out Lawn Fawn and the design team’s instagram feeds and YouTube videos! I bought this set when it was part of the Chibitronics special kit. Amazing examples here!!

  100. I love these cute robots! I recharge my creativity by watching Lawn Fawn videos or looking through cardmaking magazines!

  101. I recharge by going back to blog posts that caught my eye the first time I saw them, and having a closer look at the techniques used.

  102. Hhahaha I recharge by my creativity by taking a break and checking out the blogs! There’s always some good inspiration on there or instagram!

  103. These little bots are adorable!!! I recharge my creativity by checking out cards on Pinterest. And of course, fabulous posts like this!

  104. I charge my creativity by pulling out one of my favorite stamp sets or dies. I get so caught up in getting into how much I love it that trying to think of ideas is no longer a chore!

  105. Love those robots!!! ❤️ I’m at my most creative when I just pull one thing out (die, paper, stamp) and then work out my card from there!

  106. I recharge my creativity when I spend time with my children, they spark many ideas…. thanks for all the inspiration and for the wonderful giveaway! Stay safe!

  107. My creative energy is kind of low at the time, so I’ve been looking at different blogs online and browsing Pinterest in the hope that it can get me going! Seeing these super adorable robot projects already got me charged up!

  108. Hi there!
    Okay, okay—I have officially been “charged up” with smiles after taking in all of the inspiration 😊😊

  109. This robot set is so cute, just lovely. The inspirational cards are amazing! I recharge my creativity with reading or taking a shower. Somehow in the shower I get the most ideas, haha.

  110. I recharge my creativity seeing videos of other people crafting! I watch them and then I want to make something too! I usually sketch my card, I usually think about them when I’m in bed and then when I have some time I start creating!

  111. I recharge my creativity by going to saved posts from the Lawn Fawn designers or viewing the videos on the site that I have saved. I also look for specific ideas on Pinterest.

  112. I love all the ideas with the use of just one mini stamp set as a focal point. It shows how incredibly versatile stamp sets really are. (and that I should try harder to make multiple cards with my mini stamp sets too 😉)

    I recharge my creativity by going on a walk or bike ride. But also by looking at other people craft on YouTube or just visiting blogs like these 😊

  113. Adorable! I love seeing how the DT pairs a variety of products with each day’s featured set(s). Each card and project they share is as awesome as the next! I recharge my creativity by looking to Pinterest and IG for inspiration. It will often spark ideas and lead me in a fun creative direction.

  114. These robot cards are just adorable – makes me want this set even more. I’ve never tried the Chibtronics-type cards – I might give that a whirl sometime. Thanks!

  115. I am binge watching youtube tutorials and rotating through cardmaker and stamp blogs for inspiration!

  116. How cute are these little robots!!! I’ve been recharging by watching Youtube and catching up on posts by some of the wonderfully creative people out there in blog land!

  117. I find creativity on many blogs , for cards mostly LF!! All the designers do such a marvelous job! I love these robots!

  118. SQUEAL!! Such AMAZING Inspiration for today!! I recharge by watching a Good Movie after a nice Hot Bath to soak the day away!! I also enjoy nice long walks in the country!! THANKS for sharing and for the chances to WIN!! Have a FABULOUS Week!!

  119. I recharge my creativity by looking at other cards that people have made for inspiration. I also sometimes like to just sit and read!

  120. This robot is super cute! I recharge my creativity by giving myself creative time each day – something I picked up while working at Paper Source, where the motto is ‘Do Something Creative Every Day’! Lately, that’s looked like taking out Lawn Fawn sets I haven’t used in awhile and making randomly stamped patterns on a card front. I’m making these into ‘coloring book cards’ and sending a stack to our nieces and nephews and a few friends, giving them a prestamped envelope so they can color them in and send them on to someone they miss at this weird time. 🙂

  121. I just recharged myself by sending 13 greetings to others this morning and will now make some more to send tomorrow. I can use so many Lawn Fawn products and give to others! This is so much fun! Thank you, Lawn Fawn!

  122. I guess I’m lucky as my creativity stays with me. I think the only time that I lost it is when my Mom passed away!
    I am having so much fun with the Iris Cards!!!

  123. This set is so sweet! I usually charge up my creativity by using color combos I see in nature when I’m out and about. And when I need help with layouts I look to my favorite crafty bloggers.

  124. Charging forward with cards making has been so much fun in the last month as I share with others! The Lawn Fawn designers have given me so many ideas that my head is “swimming”! Yes, I think I can bring smiles to friends and family using those beach designs! Thanks, Lawn Fawn!

  125. I just recharged by making some post cards that I will share with some other friends tomorrow so they can spread happiness with the recipients. Thank you, Lawn Fawn, as you are the BEST and I want to give others the BEST!

  126. This is such a cute set … I’m not sure how I recharge my creativity – if I’m not feeling it I don’t force it!

  127. My little grandson is easy to please – I can stamp a couple images, cut them out and he will play with them for hours! And he would ADORE the robots! BTW these are AWESOME cards!

  128. After seeing all the samples of Charge Me Up, it changed my mind about the stamp set and I gotta have it. How to recharge your creativity…look at Instagram, blogs and YouTube. So many creative people out there to be inspired or copy.

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