Lawn Fawn Intro: Tiny Gift Box Ladybug Add-On + Stitched Bouncy Trails

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s April 2020 Inspiration Week! Our Spring 2020 Release is available at your favorite store and! Woohoo!

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Today is our showcase of Tiny Gift Box Ladybug Add-On and Stitched Bouncy Trails! Pair this set with Tiny Gift Box to create cute boxes that are perfect for treats! This add-on set has everything you need to turn Tiny Gift Box into an adorable ladybug. Create stitched trails for bunnies, frogs and other hopping critters with these fun dies. With five options, it’s easy to create the perfect bouncy trail!

We hope to have intro videos to show some fun ways of using these new sets soon. Thanks for understanding, we appreciate your patience.

The design team has made the most amazing samples! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Elena‘s Tiny Gift Box ladybugs would be adorable for a summer party! Let’s make it the summer of the ladybug party with these super cute party favors!

Megan took the little ladybug off the tiny box and created a super fun card! She added a large ladybug that was made with the Woodland Critter Huggers set!

Tammy‘s sweet slim line card features a cute ladybug in a flower garden created with the Stitched Flower Frame and a couple Reveal Wheel Add-On sets; Tulip Add-On and Circle Add-On Frames: Flower and Sun!

Melissa‘s ladybugs are a rainbow of fun! She used a combination of Dandy Day paper and pretty Shimmer cardstock in coordinating colors! How fun are these happy little ladybugs!

Chari‘s fresh and fun card combines Magic Iris with the Stitched Flower Frame! The Tiny Gift Box Ladybug Add-On is so cute perched on the flower and those googly eyes give her lots of personality!

The Magic Iris opens to reveal the flower’s happy face! So cute!

Audrey thought outside of the Tiny Gift Box and used the Ladybug Add-On to create a fun block of cheese! It’s perfect for the cute Dandy Day mommy and baby mice! She used a sentiment from Elphie Selfie on an Everyday Sentiment Banner tied on with a bit of Lemon cord!

I just love this sweet little ladybug face! Rebecca combined cardstock in Chili Pepper, Apricot and Black Licorice to make her cute Tiny Gift Box!

Yainea added a Grassy Border to her Candy Box to create a sweet background for the little ladybug! She tied the ends with Sweetheart cord and included a Hello Border greeting!

Our new Stitched Bouncy Trails are great for adding cute detail to cards featuring hoppy friends like the Toadally Awesome frogs on Lynnette‘s fantastic card! She created a fun scene using Cattails Border and Stitched Pond Frame!

Grace‘s Magic Iris card features a sunny sky blended with warm colors! She added “clouds” from Meadow Backdrop: Portrait and a sweet little sun from Reveal Wheel Circle Add-On Frames: Flower and Sun! The Stitched Bouncy Trails add so much fun detail!

The opened Magic Iris reveals a shimmery rainbow, a great reason to smile! The perfect sentiment is from the Rain or Shine Before ‘n Afters set!

Latisha‘s charming design starts with a Cloudy and Grassy Hillside stenciled background! Stitched Bouncy Trails show us where the cute Don’t Worry Be Hoppy bunny has hopped! She combined Simple Puffy Clouds with a contrasting color of Simple Puffy Cloud Frames to add lots of fun!

The Stitched Bouncy Trail shows the movement of the cute frog who is about to land on the lily pad! Elise created an adorable Toadally Awesome scene with Stitched Pond for her card!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Tiny Gift Box Ladybug Add-On and Stitched Bouncy Trails! Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us if you have used the Tiny Gift Box Add-On sets on a card by April 15th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Tuesday April 14th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week, we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


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282 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Tiny Gift Box Ladybug Add-On + Stitched Bouncy Trails

    1. Super cute cards! I don’t own any of the tiny gift box add on dies, so haven’t used them on a card.

  1. The ladybug boxes are wonderful and sweet.
    But I also love Grace’s Magic Iris card, that sun that snatches a smile even on the grayest days.
    Beautiful wonderful tickets, the thing I like about Lawn Fawn are the possibilities of product matching.
    Thanks to all the projects presented are sweetness and joy on paper.

  2. I don’t own these box dies unfortunately. Lawn Fawn always makes so much beautiful things, I have to make choices what to buy and what not. But I would love to win a set! Love the awesome creations of the designteam!

  3. Loving all the inspiration! I used the tiny gift box with the deer add-on for christmas. The ladybird add-on and bunny add-on were very recent purchases – so haven’t used them yet, but certainly looking forward to playing with them.

  4. I’ve got A LOT of LF-products, but nothing of the tiny boxes…. I don’t know if I dare starting haha!! I adore the little “Cheeeese”-box with the mum/child-mice – so cute!!

    1. Such cute projects! I have not used the add-ons on a card yet, but now intend to after seeing all the great ideas!

  5. It’s all so beautiful! 😍
    I never used it on a card because I’m not have a die like that. But I think I really need to own one because it looks amazing on a card

  6. OMG!! What darling projects!! Sadly I have never had a chance to make one yet but they are on my wish list to get next!!

  7. The DT knocked it out of the park with so many cute options for the ladybug die. I especially love the rainbow set.
    The smile card by Grace is just beautiful. The colors are stunning!

  8. I love ‘Tiny Boxes’. I have most of your tiny treat box dies and use them alot. I like to say it’s the thought not the size!

  9. yes i used the add ons on a card, i followed a tutorial by Chari to make a bunny holding balloons in a long rectangular card. it looked fabulous. and was easy to make. it definitely had a wow factor when i showed it around ^^

  10. I have not used these dies yet- since I don’t own any of them. The cute cheese-box is so adorable! Makes me want to recreate it at once!

    1. I have not used this die set, bc I don’t own that (yet!), but if I had one, I want to try that cheese box, it’s too cute 🙂

  11. I have used the tiny boxes! I use them for little gifts for birthdays and Christmas. They are perfect for a small treat. I also used them to make Christmas gifts for our Elf on the Shelf! Perfect size!

  12. Though I don’t own any of these tiny gift box add ons, I would love to use them to make cute gift boxes. Thanks for inspiring.

  13. I love my tiny gift box die & add-ons, and I really love the genius way Audrey made the little block of cheese.

  14. I don’t have the tiny gift box and the add-ons, so I haven’t used it to make a box or just on a card. But it is all so darn cute, so I might have to put everything on my never-ending wishlist! I love all the projects! I like the ladybug the most of all the add-ons because it reminds me of my grandparents. They gave me jewelry with a ladybug on it when I was a little girl. I had earrings, a necklace and a ring. I lost my ring in the car park and it got run over 🙁

  15. Adorable ladybug cards and boxes. I have never used a box die before but they look very interesting.
    Thanks so much for sharing…

  16. No, I have not because I need the box! lol The ladybug boxes are
    all so adorable and fun. Such cute projects by the team.

  17. I NEED to make these for our little grand son. He is OBSESSED with ladybugs and Sow Bugs!!! He would be soooo happy!!!!!

  18. I just love ladybugs! This one is definitely on my wish list. The design team did an amazing job on these samples, I adore them all.

  19. The cheese box with the little mice is so creative! I don’t own this set yet but love all the great ideas.

  20. Oh my goodness, those little boxes are SO ADORABLE! Love the cheese one especially. I have not used the set but would love to! Thank you for the chance to win!!

  21. Love Grace’s Magic Iris rainbow card. I’ve only made tiny boxes in crafting classes featuring Lawn Fawn.

  22. I haven’t used any of the tiny box add one. They are so cute though. I may have to start collecting them

  23. I love the lady bug add-on! I have many of the add-ons but have never used them on a card, but I sure will now! I can see making a card and box to match. Thanks for the great ideas and designs!

  24. I absolutely adore the tiny gift box, but I haven’t purchased it yet. You make so many great products and unfortunately I can’t afford them all. Maybe someday!

  25. No I haven’t gotten around to using them yet. Always big ideas but then I tend to get side tracked. Next time – lol !

  26. I love the frogs! It will work great with cattails die cut and bayou stencils!! Very cute and creative projects!!

  27. I just love the Ladybug add-on! It was such a great idea to use it and make a box that looks like cheese! I love the Tiny Gift Box add-ons and I have been slowly collecting them! I haven’t use them on cards yet, but totally want to!

  28. I haven’t used the tiny box add on sets yet. They are all so cute though. I wish I could afford to buy them all!

  29. Love the ladybugs. My granddaughter had ladybug theme for her baby shower. So, of course, I love ladybugs.
    I have the Toadly stamp and die set which I love and use often for my great-grandkids. Love the cards.

  30. I don’t have any of the gift box addons (or the gift box itself) but I like the idea that tehy can be used on cards too, I love versatility 🙂

  31. I don’t have any of the tiny box add ons. I do have the mini pop up box perhaps the add on would work on it, I’ll have to go back to your videos and see! They are all adorable in any case, just a matter of budget! 😍

  32. LOVE these…just too darn cute. I have the tiny box die with the reindeer add on’s and used them for Christmas treats last year.

  33. I don’t have any of the tiny box dies. I’ve used the fancy box dies and the shadow box with most of the add-on dies many times, and I love ’em.

  34. Sadly, I have not. This sweet gal is not in my stash .YET…,,BUT if .I am lucky enough to win I shall send you a thank you card inspired by this little lady! Really enjoying these inspirations. Thanks and please stay well! (((Ladybug hugs)))

  35. I haven’t used it on card yet! But I love how Chari used it on card. I definitely going to try it out. Also love how Audrey made it into ♡Cheese♡. Thank you for all the awesome inspiration cards as always! ♡♡

  36. I have not used the dies for boxes yet. They always look so adorable and it would be fun to try one. I especially loved the mouse and cheese!

  37. I used the Tiny Gift Box to gift Valentines treats to my preschool class. I need to get some of the add-ons though – so cute!

  38. I don’t actually own any of the gift box it’s but j love how versatile they are and would certainly use them on cards!

  39. So adorable, my fave is Grace’s hidden rainbow! I haven’t used the Tiny Gift Box Add-on sets on any cards yet!

  40. I have a few of the Tiny Box Add-Ons, but I have only used them on the box. I haven’t had a chance to use them on cards as yet, but have wanted to use the Reindeer on Christmas cards. Maybe this Christmas…

  41. Very cute! Ladybugs have been out in our yard lately. I have not used tiny boxes or the add-ons, but I keep thinking about getting one for party favors.

  42. I’ve not used any of the Tiny Gift Box add-ons.
    The little lady bug makes me sorry that I haven’t.
    We have lots of lady bugs in the summer so
    the box would have lots of company here.
    I’d use the box for favors for my 80th
    birthday celebration coming up in August.
    thanks for sharing so many cute ideas.

  43. I must confess, I don’t have any of the dies that aren’t card specific. I really love the little cheese slice that Audrey made and the Magic Iris rainbow that Grace made. Those are adorable!

  44. This little ladybug is the cutest! I love how she peeks out from behind flowers – amazing as always, bravo designers!

  45. I thought I didn’t need the tiny box, but when you started coming out with the add-ons I had to have it. I now own all the add ons and use it for every occasion to give my grandchildren, and family a special treat. My grand daughter has a tower of them now.

  46. WOW! So many ways to use these stamps and dies! Grace your rainbow magic iris card really stood out to me! I love that and can’t wait to make one of those! Thank you so much to all of you! I know I say it time and time again but you all are so inspiring! I don’t own the tiny gift box die or any of the add-ons but would LOVE to! 🙂

  47. Cute ladybugs. I don’t own the box dies yet but a lot of great inspiration if I do end up getting the add ons. It would be great for a Spring card.

  48. I unfortunately don’t have any of your box dies but love seeing the inspiration. I love love love the cheese box!

  49. No, I don’t have the tiny gift box die, but how cute! And those lady bug candy box…ADORABLE! I am excited to have a delivery expected on Thursday, dare I say before??? It has the Iris dies and a Reveal Wheel. Can. Not. Wait.

  50. Hello! The lady bug is so cute!! I have not used the tiny box add-ons for a card, but that is a great idea!

  51. Unfortunately I do not have the tiny gift box dies. They are definitely cute tho. And I live the bouncy trails die. I could use that a lot!!

  52. I have just bought two of the Tiny Box add-ons, because they ALL are so darn cute, but haven’t actually broken them out of the packaging yet. The ladybug wasn’t on my list, but after today’s projects I’ve added it!

  53. I don’t have any of the tiny gift boxes, but these are so cute! The bouncy trails are a great idea! Thanks for the bit of normalcy!

  54. I had good intentions to use my cat add on to make cards, and have ideas for it. I don’t think that I actually used it on a card yet, even though I made a few different cats. I will, though!

  55. I have not used the tiny box die set yet, however, I was thinking this would make a great treat box for my grandsons upcoming school year. Love all the inspiration!

  56. Yes, I have used the rabbit add on and shared it this Easter with many people on tiny bags of candy! It was fun to do. I even sent one to a lady at a all levels care facility without the candy enclosed. She thought that it was so cute. Thank you, Lawn Fawn.

  57. I have NOT used the Tiny Gift Box Add-On sets on a card, but now I am wondering why not, I may give it a go. Love the ladybugs.

  58. I haven’t, as for 3D series, I limited myself to collecting the add ons for the treat box die. But all the samples are of course super cute!

  59. Wow, loving the tiny cheese box and loving my iris die but the the stitched trails are a must. Good luck everyone, stay safe love Jane x

  60. Fun ideas! Love all the ladybugs!
    I don’t have the tiny gift box or any of the add-on sets yet! Love them though!

  61. Your Tiny Box sets are my Favorite!!! I use them all the time!!! I need the lady bug in my collection!!! I’m in LOVE with Audrey’s cheese box!!!!!

  62. SQUEAL!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the AMAZING Inspiration!! I’ve used the Tiny Gift Box Die Set and just LOVE creating with it and ALL of the different Add-on Sets!! So many possibilities!! THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEK!!

  63. I love the samples of using the small lady bug on cards and I can apply that to the bunny that I have in this size. Thank you, Lawn Fawn!

  64. The ladybugs on the tiny gift box are adorable. I also love Audrey’s take of turning it into cheese! I wish I could use the gift box and its add-ons, but I don’t own it nor the sets!

  65. I have this because I love ladybugs and have a shelf in my classroom dedicated to ladybug items. I am already assembling boxes to (hopefully) get to my students at the end of the year even though the end of the year will happen remotely.

  66. Those ladybugs are adorable! I don’t have any of the add-on dies but seeing all the inspiration makes me want them.

  67. I haven’t used any tiny gift box add-ons yet… the operative word is yet. 😉
    I plan to use them for my kids 16th birthday.

  68. Cutest projects ever! I love the idea of using the stitched bouncy trails for a sky background.
    I haven’t used these gift box add-on’s for a card. Great ideas, as always!

  69. I have used the bunny on various boxes as well as treat bags that I recently made. Thank you for the ideas on the Lady Bug! These are so cute!

  70. I have not used the tiny gift box add-ons on a card. I don’t think I own any of them, actually. I love this ladybug though.

  71. I have ussed the tiny box add ons for my Christmas table as favours for my guests. I especially like the box made into a block of cheese. How cute.

  72. I’ve never used the tiny boxes or add ons as I didn’t think I’d have a use for them…but now I am completely inspired and can’t wait to play with them!

  73. Lovely projects, thanks for sharing.

    I have never used the tiny boxes or add ons, but I would love to get the chance.

    Carol B

  74. I used the chick, duck and bunny on easter cards last year. The lady bug is such a sweet addition to the gang.

  75. I don’t own any of the tiny treat box dies yet but I’m going to have to remedy that! These lady bugs are adorable!

  76. I used the Tiny Gift Box Bunny add on for Easter Treats this year. I can’t wait to use my Ladybug add on, I love the idea of using a different colour because they look so different. Thanks for the inspiration Lawn Fawn!

  77. No. I have the box, which I have used many time but I don’t have any of the add ons. The box made into cheese is great.

  78. Super cute! I just received the reveal wheel die set as a gift and noticed the sweet sun add-on on Grace’s card. I love it! I also have the tiny box die set but no add-ons for it yet.

  79. I haven’t used the Tiny Gift Box Add-ons on a card but I will now. Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  80. I don’t have the box or any of the add-ons, therefore I haven’t used them on a card. But I adore Audrey idea to use the wings pattern as a piece of cheese 😍. What a great idea is that!

  81. Oh my goodness, those little lady bug treat boxes are just so adorable! I don’t have the tiny treat box, so haven’t used the add-ons, but I do have a similar small gift box die that would also work with these.

  82. I personally haven’t used them on a card (yet) but a good way to get more versatile use from them!

  83. Such great ideas! Sadly for me, these are one of the few dies I don’t have – and they are so cute to use on cards!!

  84. Love all of the examples, unfortunately I do not own the tiny box die so I have not had the pleasure of using it YET!!!

  85. Grace’s card cought my eye! Love the way the rainbow appears in the magic iris! And the colours of this sunny card are great too!

  86. I don’t have any of the tiny gift box add-on sets yet, so no I haven’t used one on a card.
    Crossing my fingers 🤞 and hoping to win my first one!

  87. I have not used the sets on a card yet but recently I made the little critter gift boxes for my daughter to play with! And she loves them!!! She has had so much fun wit her them I have us to reglue a die of them!!!

  88. I have used the bunny add – on for several cards, boxes, and Easter bags. I think that the Lady Bug add-on is next on my list! You gave us such fantastic ideas, Lawn Fawn Designers! Thank you ever so much!

  89. so many beautiful ideas, as always! I have not used the tiny gift box add ons, but would really love to! We’re on a budget with a baby in the house, so expensive dies often get put on the back burner.

  90. I have not used the tiny box or add ons. Such CUTE creations ladies!!! One of my grandaughter’s is lovingly called Katie Bug and on her second birthday we created a giant felt lady bug and played put the spots on the Lady Bug, it was so much fun!

  91. That lady bug is super cute. Lady bugs have always held a sweet place in my heart. When I was in grammar school we used to save our milk cartons from lunch and use them to hold the lady bugs we caught during recess. I have not used the tiny box or the add ons. Super adorable projects

  92. Such cute projects. Unfortunately I don’t have any of the gift box dies. Love how the ladybug looks on the cards.

  93. the Lady Bug Picnic Song from Sesame Street is going threw my head now. I don’t own any of the gift box dies, my kids are all grow up and no grand-kids yet.

  94. That Ladybug is the cutest. I love all the dt creations. I don’t have the tiny box die or any of the add-ons, but this one is a must have.

  95. The colored ladybugs are so cute! And I also love the great idea to use it to make cheese as well! I also really love the rainbow reveal for the magic Iris… A much simpler version of the card but still very beautiful and elegant!

  96. No, haven’t tried that technique yet. I do have the tiny gift box, and I love all the adorable creature add ons, but I hadn’t thought of layering them on a card. This is a great example of how inspiring Release Week is, and how amazingly creative the Lawn Fawn design team is!

  97. The ladybug add on would give me such a nice compliment to “It’s A Bug Deal” stamp and die set. I have used the bunny add on and that was fun to share with others. Thank you!

  98. I don’t own any of the tiny box add-ons ( or the tiny box die), but if I did, I would defiantly use some on my cards!

  99. I just put away the add on bunny set so that I could make room for this cute lady bug. I love the use of it in cards and can hardly wait to share my creations with others. Thank you!

  100. These lady bugs are so adorable!!!! Oh my goodness; how cute! I don’t have the tiny box or any add ons (might have to remedy that!) so I haven’t used them on any cards, but they definitely look awesome on cards!

    1. Hello,
      The stitched bouncy trails are so awesome & unique! This movement die really makes the images “come alive”!!

  101. I love making party favor bags and boxes, so I think I might need to get this super cute little gift box die. Then I would need all the add-ons so I have something for any occasion. The lady bugs are my favorite!

  102. I really love all of your dies. I mostly create cards and I own a heart treat box and scalloped treat box set. Now I wish for a little gift box die, hehe. The ladybug one is the cutest if You ask me. 🙂

  103. I don’t have the little gift box die but am getting sorely tempted with all the amazing inspiration on them!

  104. The lady bug add on will be fun to use on the cards that I can make to share with friends and family. The bunny add on was used for my Easter cards and bags. Recipients of these bags enjoy them so much! Thank you, Lawn Fawn!

  105. I have never owned any of the fancy add on options like the tiny box dies or creature dies – they look like lots of fun to play with!

  106. I’ve got to have this little ladybug add-on for my grandaughter! I have many of the others for the tiny box and my grandson loves them. They are adorable! Just right for a little surprise treat!

  107. I have tried both the bat and the reindeer add-ons. They worked great and my friends loved them! The ladybug will have to be next on my list for things to try!

  108. As the lady bugs appear to bring smiles to us, we can bring smiles to others by using the add on die from Lawn Fawn. Thank you so very much as we spread joy throughout our nation, Lawn Fawn!

  109. I haven’t done any of the tiny gift boxes yet, but I’ve used the cake slice for bridal shower favors!

  110. Fun creations today. The Bouncy trail looks good as a background design and perfect for Mr. Toad.
    I don’t have the tiny box dies or the add-ons.

  111. All of these ideas are so adorable! I have not used any tiny gift boxes on my cards, but I love how the DT thinks outside the box!

  112. The add on bunnies were so cute to use and I am thinking about using them on cards as Lawn Fawn designers have done with the Lady Bug add ons! What a grand idea! These would especially make some cute baby greetings!

  113. I felt a little “buggy” when I was spreading grass clippings around the fence line to keep the weed population down. I also cut the hair on a dog of mine and spread the hair near the entrance where rabbits come within the fence. Now I can use my bunny add on in a special way to spread the love that Lawn Fawn gives through its products! Thank you so very much!

  114. I haven’t used these, but they are so cute and I love the “cheese” box! I have a couple mouse sets that would go great with that.

  115. I don’t have the gift box add on but I think I need it! These made me smile! And I’m not doing much of thst right now….

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