Lawn Fawn Intro: Let’s Go Nuts, Big Acorn, Lift the Flap Tree Backdrop

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Fall & Winter 2020 Inspiration and Release week! On September 10 our 14 new stamp sets and coordinating dies, 25 new standalone die sets, two new paper collections and all of our exciting new products will be for sale at your favorite store and at! Woohoo!

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Today is our showcase of Let’s Go Nuts and its coordinating dies, and Big Acorn and its coordinating dies and Lift the Flap Tree Backdrop! Go nutty in the craft room with these cute squirrels! This set is perfect for fall, friendship cards, thank you cards, birthdays, or for anyone who is feeling a little nutty! This stamp set may be mini, but it features one BIG acorn! This set works great on it’s own, or pair it with the squirrels from Let’s Go Nuts for a cute card. This tree backdrop makes a fun and interactive background for a standard-sized card! Open the flaps to reveal the surprises inside.

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have 3 videos at the end showcasing some fun ways of using these fun new sets!

Megan‘s colorful card combines Let’s Go Nuts with our other featured sets today! I love the squirrels frolicking in the trees and the Thanks a Bushel basket of Big Acorns!

Inside the Lift the Flap Tree Backdrop a sweet little squirrel sleeps and stores his acorns!

The soft colors of the Lift the Flap Tree Backdrop contrast with the bright colors of the Autumn leaves on Elena‘s gorgeous card! The Let’s Go Nuts squirrels are busy gathering acorns!

Elise used our new Into the Woods Remix 6×6 paper as the perfect backdrop for this cute Big Acorn scene! She borrowed the tree branches from A Bug Deal to hang the acorns and leaves from Big Acorn!

Tammy created a fun Let’s Go Nuts scene inside our one of the new Stitched Dens! The cute Big Acorns look adorable with their smiling faces! I love how Tammy used Oliver’s Stitched ABCs to spell out nuts!

I love that Audrey put the Big Acorn in the wagon! She added inky tree tops on the background behind the Lift the Flap Tree Backdrop for a totally fun look! The speech bubbles look so cute for the little squirrel sentiments!

Grace‘s Let’s Go Nuts scene is warmed with pretty Autumn colors and an inky background! She brought in mushrooms from Gleeful Gardens to fill in this magical scene!

We have dubbed this cute little guy, the “yay! squirrel” and he looks so cute decorating the band of Elena‘s Shutter Card!

We will introduce the Shutter Card and Acorn House later this week along with another cute stamp set that Elena combined with Let’s Go Nuts!

One of the sweet sentiments in Let’s Go Nuts is “I forgot your birthday”! Elise paired it with Finley’s ABCs to spell out “nuts” and finished this simple design with a cute squirrel and the wagon full of acorns! So cute, no one will care that the card was late!

Lynnette created a charming scene with all three of the featured sets! She added some Fall charm with die cut leaves and a few pumpkins from Pick of the Patch!

I just love Latisha‘s beautiful Big Acorn design! Her wonderful no-line watercolor gives this scene an amazing painterly look!

Marine‘s slimline design is so much fun! The Let’s Go Nuts crew is busy raking leaves and collecting big acorns! I love how she cut apart the Lift the Flap Tree Backdrop and only used two trees. She filled in this delightful scene with elements from many older sets including the sunflowers from Happy Harvest!

Mindy used Distress Oxide inks to create a colorful background for her fun Let’s Go Nuts scene! I love how she added ink to the Lift the Flap Tree Backdrop, deepening the color and adding lots of cool dimension!

Kara created a slimline design using the new Slimline Forest Border and Into the Woods Remix 12×12 paper! Her squirrely scene is so adorable! I love the one Big Acorn sitting in the middle wagon, too cute!

I love the bright blue and green colors that Elise used to build this happy scene! They contrast so well with the warm colors of the Fall leaves!

Lynnette filled in her slimline Let’s Go Nuts scene with our new Acorn House and the tree stump from Meadow Backdrop: Landscape! She framed her scene with Into the Woods Remix paper and brought in Scripty Smile to go with the birthday sentiment!

Now, we have a video to introduce Let’s Go Nuts and to share some fun ways to use this new stamp set. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch it at our You Tube channel.

Thanks for watching!

And here is a video to introduce Big Acorn and to share some fun ways to use this new mini set. You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch it at our You Tube channel.

Thank you for watching!

And now, I have a video for you introducing Lift the Flap Tree Backdrop and to share some fun things you can do with this set. You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch it at our You Tube channel.

Thanks for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Let’s Go Nuts and its coordinating dies, Big Acorn and its coordinating dies and Lift the Flap Tree Backdrop! Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us about the cute critters that visit your backyard or nearby park by September 9th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this stamp set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Friday September 4th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration and release week! Your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages mean so much to us! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


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692 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Let’s Go Nuts, Big Acorn, Lift the Flap Tree Backdrop

  1. These are delightful! My sister-in-law has a sweet spot for squirrels. She would love this set, and the acorns are a fun little bonus!

  2. We have a red squirrel family living with us. We often see them scavenging for nuts. Someone’s they like to run on our house walls.,🐿️

    1. Such cute cards! We have squirrels that visit frequently and play on the fence line & cute bunnies we see in the backyard too. We also have annoying raccoons that get into the trash and make big messes!

    2. Our nearby park has a ton of marmots. They love to watch everyone walking and cycling down the paths hoping for food I assume. The babies are adorable if you are lucky enough to spot them. My favourite ones are the care free fellas you lay on there backs on the rocks sunning themselves and living their best life. 😆

      1. Love the squirrel and the really cool flip tree. So very excited to add these to my growing collection of Lawn Fawn stamps

  3. I live in a big city so there’s not a lot of critters in our backyard but we do have bats and parakeets and close by we have an enclosure with deers which you can feed. They’re super cute

    1. These sets are so cute and perfect to make cards for my friend who is nuts for squirrels. We get rabbits, jackrabbits, squirrels, foxes, deer, coyotes, and lots of birds.

  4. We have some really pretty birds but my favorite critter to spot in my backyard is the geckos. I love their vibrant colors.

  5. Such cute cards! We have squirrels that visit frequently and play on the fence line & cute bunnies we see in the backyard too. We also have annoying raccoons that get into the trash and make big messes!

  6. Another brilliant idea from the Lawn Fawn team… I absolutely love the squirrels. The sets work great together, and all of the makes have very pretty fall colors. I can’t wait to color those cute, little squirrels.

    1. The squirrels are so adorable and I love the tree backdrop with the window openings. I am excited to see the shutter card. Another great release.

  7. Loving the tree backdrop, so many possibilities. Can’t wait to see the whole release, I’m working nights right now and get to see the new post right away 🙂

  8. This summer, a whole lot of cute cats are coming through our yard. ❤ Love all the new critters and peek-a-boo trees! Lawn Fawn for the win, again!

  9. In our area there are lots of squirrels and little birdies visiting! So I will definitely be going for that cute squirrel stamp set! Thanks for the inspiration and a chance to win!

  10. Squirrels hang out where I live. Love all of today’s goodies and looking forward to seeing the new card dies and the acorn house that we got to peek at! 🐿️🌰🌳

  11. We have so many squirrels in our back garden, it drives Max (the Siberian Husky) mad, they taunt him! I’m so excited to get these stamps and to make cards based on our cheeky squirrels! We also have deer and a huge variety of birds in the garden – perfect inspiration for Fawn Fawn cards, so cute!

  12. We occasionally see birds in our garden because neighbors’ cats/ kittens are always visiting. Love watching them pounce! Sometimes we will see fox near our house late at night. They are a beauty too! ❤️
    Love all the card inspirations. Will need these! 😁

  13. Although I live in a big city, we have squirrels, bunnies, foxes and other wildlife frequently visiting our streets and parks 😊

  14. I live next to a lake which has beautiful ducks and geese and occasionally a stork. Love the adorable cards, so much cuteness.

  15. I live in NE Scotland, and we are lucky to have red squirrels in the woods round our house. I used to put out sunflower seeds for the birds, but the squirrels would bury them all over the garden, and I’d have random sunflowers all over the place!!
    I can’t wait to get my hands on this set!!

  16. I love the squirrels….😍😍😍
    We dont have many critters in the back yard…
    Some tomse a hedgehog comes by to vissit…
    And eat the catfood thats outsite..
    I do have 4 cats and a dog maybe thats te reason i dont see critters around 😉

  17. These squirrels are so cute! I love the Big Acorn and how well it pairs with Let’s Go Nuts. Loving the release so far! We have squirrels who love to run along the top of our fence!

    1. Congratulations on a super cute and fun releas! If I could I would buy all the stampsets! Thank you for the inspiration and happy card-ideas!❤❤❤

  18. Squirrels are just starting to move into our neighborhood. They are cute but not as cute as the ones in these sets! Can’t wait for the release!

  19. These couldn’t be cuter! We have squirrels, bunnies, raccoons, chipmunks and a variety of birds that visit our yard regularly.

  20. We have a cute hedgehog that comes through out side gate and goes along our garden to our pond then on to next doors garden…. every night!!!

  21. Great products and really gorgeous projects!
    In Australia we see a lot of birds in parks but not any critters … though we do see kangaroos sometimes in fields . In Hong Kong it’s mainly birds and the occasional rat – not cute!

  22. Bunnies are the cute critters that visit our yard. Very cute release. Can’t wait for the new products to arrive at my LSS. Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  23. So fun, such a wonderful array of creativity! Well our critters seem to be getting bigger and bigger. We used to have some crazy squirrels and super fun and cute chipmunks. This Spring we had a family of red foxes living under our deck, it happened a few years ago too. Let’s just say this Fall we will be redoing the whole thing and fox-proofing it lol The kits are really fun to watch as they play and wrestle with each other just like puppies all under the watchful eye of Mom of course. Have a happy day!

  24. I love the little squirrels! 🙂
    the critters in our yard are 2 bird families, lots of neighborhood kitties, squirrels and a very occasional skunk and racoon! love them all!

  25. Let’s face it, we all feel NUTS this year! 🤣 We have a couple chipmunks in our backyard. Our little girl is quite the animal lover so we leave food out for them in the wintertime.

  26. We usually see birds and bunnies in our yard. This past spring we had the sweetest baby bunny hiding in a little hollow in our yard.

  27. Yep, we have squirrels galore! And birds and bunnies! And in the backfield we have 3 cranes that visit! Love watching them all!

  28. The squirrels have been busy in our yard and I usually see deer when I take my afternoon walk. Lately, at dusk, an owl has been visiting.

  29. I love all of today’s cards! The squirrels are so cute! I especially like the flap tree backdrop – so many possibilities!

  30. We have a local racoon, skunk and many squirrels in our area. There are 2 squirrels, in particular, one brown and one black, who like to chase each other on top of our fence, down the other side, around the tree in the boulevard. It can get quite noisy between the two of them, but they are very cute! Can’t wait to make some cards with the new release!

  31. We have squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, raccoons and birds that regularly visit us and occasionally a hawk will stop by and hang out on our fence.

  32. We have lots of squirrels and the occasional rabbit or skunk. This year my husband planted milkweed so we have had monarchs!

  33. Adorable fall cards! We have iguanas, squirrels and parakeets in our trees. The iguanas love to sun themselves on the roof.

  34. I loved I’m Nuts for You by Elise Constable and the watercolor by Latisha Yoast was sooo creative. Our trees are usually home to squirrels and they LOVE to torment my Jack Russell terrier, Sophie. She refuses to come in when they’re up in the trees and they love riling her up. LOL Even cuter than that, we have wild bunnies in our community and we get to see them especially in the early morning. They’re adorable!

  35. Growing up we always had bunny’s in our backyard as we were the only backyard that didn’t have a dog in it. My Grandparents also have a huge tree so there were always squirrels running around in their backyard when I came to visit. Thank you for the awesome inspiration!!

  36. So many amazing cards on display today! Beautiful cards by the DT!!!

    We get squirrels, yelllow finches, hummingbirds, butterflies, big fuzzy bumblebees, and unfortunately wasps visit our yard. I love seeing the finches in the morning.

    1. Love to see squirrels, bunnies, all kinds of birds and occasionally turtles in my yard! Can’t wait for squirrel stamps!!

  37. We get squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, cardinals, blue jays, and other types of birds. Once years ago, I saw a opossum that made my dog’s ruff stand up!

    1. For some reason my comment was left as a reply to someone else’s comment! I hate technology – but I love squirrels!!!

  38. We have the rabbits, birds that hang out all over the yard, but I really love being able to see the deer that come out at the tree lines to eat. I have fallen in love with all of the squirrel stamp sets and these are no different.

  39. We have mice, ground squirrels, raccoons, skunks. We have seen wild turkeys and ducks also! We have a very critter filled area! We also have a lot of birds and owls.

  40. Just yesterday, we had a ‘Sharp Shinned Hawk’ visit our birdbath for a few drinks of water! And right now, one of the pesky (but cute!) squirrels is visiting. We also get the doves, pigeons, blue jays, black birds and Cardinals all the time. And then there’s the bullfrogs who love to eat the cat food. And several types of lizards. I love it!! And I love all the critters today as well as the colors of Fall.

  41. We have so many squirrels here in Saskatchewan, Canada! Especially at the lake I go to called Pike lake. My dog is always wondering what the little creatures are and they tease him by coming close and then running away while he’s still on leash. Haha I love them. Can’t wait for this release!!

  42. Living in the desert we get cute lizards and desert geckos. We also have hummingbirds, our neighbors cat -Miss Suzy, our two desert tortoises and our adorable dog skittles that enjoys these visits daily:)

  43. I need those squirrels, they’re absolutely adorable. And the yay squirrel is such a cutie!
    The only critters visiting our backyard are birds, with an occasional squirrel when strolling through the woods.

  44. Oh my gosh! These squirrels are having so much fun! Pretty sure they will enjoy my crafty space too 🤣🤣. I have lot of snails, especially in the evening. And there is also a cute cat, which isn’t mine, but come to eat and sleep in my bedroom

  45. We get to see a lot of critters visiting our yard. There’s deers, gopher, bunnies, frogs and a turtle. My kids love animals so they’re always excited to see them stop by!!

  46. Love all the little squirrels!
    Here we get squirrels, skunks Peeeyewww! coyotes but our most unusual character is a big crane that sits up in the trees!

  47. I love these new sets (especially Big Acorns) and the Lift the Flap Tree die!! We frequently have squirrel and bunny visitors to our yard.

  48. I don’t really see any critters in my garden, but a deer visits my friends garden all the time and also quite often eats their beautiful flower buds 😅

  49. We have lots of squirrels that run back and forth across the fence snagging bits from people’s gardens so these squirrel items will be a cute addition to my craftroom!

  50. Oh my gosh! i love these guys! My girlfriends and i have a thing about squirrels! Would love to get my hands on these.

  51. So many cute cards. In our backyard we have squirrels, chipmunks, groundhogs, raccoons and the occasional skunk visiting us. We also have tons of different bird species.

  52. I am an absolute squirrelnut, it’s even in my email address. These stamps are darling!! At our old house, we had lots of squirrels. We even named a few. At this house, we are near the ocean with few trees so squirrels are few also. I remember one day at the old house, my son and I were sitting outside and a squirrel fell dead out of the tree. My son, who was about 16 at the time, said “He must have committed suicide!!”.

  53. Oh my these are to cute!!!!! We have lots of cute critters that visit us birds,ducks,squirrels we see the heron every morning.

  54. On my wish list! Nothing cute about the critters in my backyard. they’re vicious but maybe the moles since they keep to themselves.

  55. A few summers ago we had a peacock that thought it should take over our backyard he was very pretty. We didn’t enjoy his 5am wake up calls lol.

  56. Love the nuts! I have squirrels that come near the window and antagonize my cat. There are also some sweet lizards that sun on the window sill near my desk while I am working.

  57. Super fun first day! I always love your critters! Super excited about the lift the flap trees. We have a lot of squirrels and also some bunnies in our area. Loved all the cute inspiration today! Can’t wait to see more tomorrow ❤️

  58. So much cuteness!!
    We see lots of bunnies, squirrels, chipmunks and birds- our elm tree is a particularly happening spot right now. The one chipmunk is going to town snacking on the seeds.

  59. We have two different kinds of squirrels (red and black/grey), foxes, martens hedgehogs, mice and also Owls in our backyard. When Twilight comes it’s quite lively out there :). Love it, and my cats love it too.

  60. The squirrels and acorns are soooo adorable!! We have the fattest squirrels ever in our back yard bc they keep raiding the bird feeders! We also have wild turkeys and deer. My fave is this young bunny with a little white splotch on his forehead!! Thanks to the DT for the awesome inspiration!!

  61. We have rabbits, squirrels and a lot of birds in our back yard, even some birds that like to just nestle in on the ground under our pine trees. And then the deer in our side and front yard are our nighttime visitors to snack on my flowers! 🤦🏻‍♀️ This release is giving me all the fall feels!

  62. When our son was in middle school we had squirrels in our attic. Decades later he and I have a running joke about squirrels . . . I cannot wait to make one of these cards for him!

  63. Squirrels…they harass my dogs constantly yet you have made them into the cutest little beings. way to go Lawn Fawn!

  64. We have lots of squirrels in our yard but one squirrel in particular caught my heart this past winter. I was putting out food because it was cold and I felt a bit sorry for them and I noticed one squirrel had a bum back leg and was very timid. I noticed it would show up in the front yard so I started putting food out just for him or her. I am happy to say it still comes around to get water and some occasional peanuts. We have also had racoon families which have been fun to watch as they parade the babies through the yard and try to wrangle them back up into the trees. I just love this stamp set!

  65. These are ADORABLE! Much cuter than the rabbits that eat my garden or the squirrels that drop acorn bombs on us, haha… I am excited for release day!

  66. I think the cards are cute. We have families of squirrels, rabbits, deer, raccoons, humming birds, red headed woodpeckers and the cutest family of quails just to name a few of the creatures that visit our yard on a daily basis.

  67. Not a lot of critters in my backyard, but a few squirrels and a lot of birds show up. Love the cards today! I love the squirrels, leaves, and big acorns! Fun ideas.

  68. Super Cute! My backyard has a few visitors. We’re a pathway for a cat that passes through on his way somewhere else. We have had a bunny visit and lots of birds. Most recently, we had a pair of doves nest on the back patio.

  69. Oh my goodness, that lift the flap tree backdrop is amazing! We have a family of bunnies that visits us frequently in the backyard…so often in fact that the dog looks for them every time she goes out. 🐇

  70. Just this year squirrels have started appearing in my backyard. I really enjoy the different birds – mourning doves, quail, pinion Jay’s. All enjoy the large pine trees in my backyard.

    Looking forward to making squirrel cards 🙂

  71. My backyard has many critters! Squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, birds (especially cardinals! Beautiful) and fish from our koi pond! Lots to watch and enjoy! Also neighbor cats!

  72. Oh my goodness! I’m already in love, and it’s day ONE! Thank you for the chance to win. It’s very kind and generous of you.

  73. I have a small backyard, so I don’t see much there, but I do see bunnies and deer in the open area across the street. Although I’ve only seen evidence of him, we also have a bear that lives in our subdivision. New homeowners quickly learn not to leave their trash out overnight. 🙂

  74. We just moved from a small, rural community in the North East Georgia mountains. We spent 5 glorious years there after 37 years leaving in a costal city in Fl. We miss our night herd of deer 7-27 that would feed in our pasture, Bear, coyote,plus wood chucks, bunnies, turkey, wild chicken that I can’t remember their name, Hawk, Two types of eagles and so many birds that I love!! We moved now to be closer to family! I miss my critters & quiet! Love the new dies and stamps!!

  75. I live in beautiful Vancouver, BC and I have noticed that ever since COVID-19 hit, there have been more squirrels and other wild animals roaming around the neighborhood! I just love it and so does my dog! Nature is so beautiful and so are all the fun nature-themed Lawn Fawn products that you guys have been coming out with. Love love love!!! ❤️

  76. Great start to Release Week! We have a large white crane that visits the park across the street from my house. She always looks so majestic standing out in the big grassy field.

  77. My backyard gets a lot of birds lately, there was on Squirrel coming buy earlier in the summer but I haven’t seen him lately. There was an Orange cat who came buy as well but I haven’t seen him in a bit too!
    My Cat loves to see all the birds outside thought.

  78. I live in an apartment complex, so the only critters we seem to get (other than our own dog, cats, and parakeets) are neighborhood cats and lots of birds in the trees. Also ants this time of year!

  79. OMG, these are adorable!! I love squirrels! And acorns! (well, not when my oak trees drop a ton in the yard!) We have squirrels and chipmunks. There’s chipmunks that live right next to my retaining wall. Last year we saw a whole family popping out of one of the entrances to their burrow.

  80. Well this year I have had so many critters it’s as if I lived in a forest. I get lots of deer, one owl, morning doves, grackles, cardinals, a big fat possum, hummingbirds, dragonfly, bees, annoying cicadas, butterflies, and many squirrels. One was recently pregnant and comes to my patio on a regular basis and sits quietly in the corner for me to give her some nuts and then goes away. I’ve also had a squirrel back in June/July that has a thick stark white tail. Very unusual. Loving these new stamps!

  81. Our backyard opens up to a forest preserve so, we get to see a bunch of animals but, the squirrels and the bunnies we see most!

    I love all of these products. You can make so much and combine with older sets. So excited!!

  82. Such a lovely autumn thingies! Awww. In our little garden we have birds mostly, no critters just maybe mice. I wish for hedgehogs, maybe one day they will arrive to us…

  83. These cards are adorable – I can’t even choose a fav!! I enjoy feeding the birds in our yard. Especially our Iowa state bird.

  84. Living in the city we don’t get a ton of critters, but we do have squirrels (we even have a nest) and the occasional raccoon 🦝. We have worked to build a sanctuary garden so we do have lots an lots of amazing birds.

  85. Wow! So many amazing card examples.
    We have many squirrels coming through our yard. They are very cute but they can be mischievous.

  86. I like the hidden tree pockets. I have a woodpecker I’ve been watching for a while. He made quite the mess drilling his hole.

  87. I love this collection for fall. Can’t wait for the release. We get lots of quail here in AZ and all their families. So cute to see all the babies.

  88. Oh my! Those lift the flap trees are fantastic!!! And the squirrels and acorns are so super cute and totally fun!!! We have lots of wildlife here in the mountains. Most recently we’ve been admiring the moose who are hanging out in our mountainhood—two mamas, three babies, and two huge bull moose. They’re such incredible creatures!

    1. We often see squirrels in parks, but the bigger critters are raccoons! My city has kind of adopted them as an informal mascot!

  89. I have lots of birds, of course I am a bird nerd so I feed them all the time. The bird seed brings in lots of squirrels during he day and a pesty but beautiful raccoon at night. I think his coat is so beautiful from all that nutritious bird seed.🙄

  90. I mostly get cute little squirrels that like to chase each other in the tree outside my window. These new dies and stamps are so adorable and remind me of that.

  91. I’m just nuts about Lawn Fawn and you never disappoint! We have a couple hares in the neighbourhood, they like to hide under our evergreen trees.

  92. Really cute release! I don’t see many “critters” in my yard, but I do track & observe bald eagles during the nesting season in Florida. LOVE seeing those critters doing their thing!

  93. We have a squirrel that comes to say hello every morning. I love the squirrel stamp set with the acorn and tree sets as accents – so cute!

  94. We have tons of birds, a really curios Hummingbird who always comes close to use and looks us in the face. We also have a lizard that comes on our patio. Super cute stamps, I love that big acorn die!

  95. How cute are the acorns! I can’t get over how cute the squirrels are, I can see how I could go nuts with this set!

  96. We have a fenced in backyard, but that being said, we still get bunnies,geese, possum and occasional skunk that comes through. Love these new stamps and dies!!

  97. What adorable little critters!! I love the acorn house and can’t wait to the shutter card in action!
    We have a fenced in yard and dogs, so we don’t get too many little critter visitors, but do see the occasional mouse, bunny, snake, and frog.

  98. I love watching the cute bunnies in our yard… even if they eat my flowers. I even got to see a hummingbird this summer!. These stamps/diecuts are soooo cute! The design team is so talented I love to see the adorable scenes they create!

  99. We have porcupines, possums, foxes, deer (including 4 lawn fawns this year), cotton rats, mice, armadillos, squirrels, a plethora of song birds (hummingbirds, cardinals, woodpeckers, purple martins, to name a few), white wing doves, turkeys, vultures, hawks, and one bald eagle (that we’ve seen). Love your stamp and die sets.

  100. Mostly just birds in my yard, I love visiting my parents in the country though because they get ALL kinds of critters. Hummingbirds, rabbits, skunks and more!

  101. Wow what amazing cards and cute sets!! Love them!! We often have grey squirrels visiting in the garden and I did bump into a hedgehog at 5am the other day! He was huge!! Hugs! 💗

  102. I love those peek-a-boo trees! The designers are so creative – I love seeing their creations. I live on the edge of town so we have quite a bit of wildlife out here: woodpeckers, raccoons, opossoms, squirrels, etc. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  103. These cute little squirrels are just like the ones that run around my backyard. So many fun new choices for us to play with in this release!

  104. I love them! The squirrels are so cute. The bear with the big acorn is adorable. This is the best part about fall.

  105. First off I must tell you that as a Naval Supply Corp officer the insignia for supply is an acorn so you had me sold! We have tiny little bunny’s with white tails. When they sit it looks like someone put out a chocolate Easter bunny. Pretty soon we should see the massive squirrels these buys don’t miss a meal! My cat loves watching her bird feeder and we have the prettiest yellow finches!

  106. The “critters” who visit my backyard aren’t too cute – chipmunks! The dogs chase them as well as any squirrel who “dares” to enter the fenced in yard! Thank you for the cute products that you present to us, Lawn Fawn staff and designers!

  107. I only get birds in my backyard but I love visiting my parents in the country because they get all kinds of critters in their backyard like bunnies and hummingbirds!

  108. I have squirrels and rabbits in my back yard. And a lot of birds. Every evening i have two humming birds visit my feeder and flowers.
    There’s nothing more relaxing to me than watching wildlife!

  109. Those squirrels are so stinkin cute. I love all the creations. We see squirrels, lizards and occasionally some deer in our parks and once in a while our backyard.

  110. These are so adorable! We have a family of squirrels that live in one of the trees in our backyard and lots of birds. We love to sit and watch them play and listen to the birds singing (when our dogs are scaring them into hiding, that is).

  111. We have sooooo many squirrels driving the dogs crazy! Squirrels are actually pretty amazing with the acrobatics they can do!

  112. So cute! We used to get a lot of bunnies, and a chipmunk here or there, but now it’s just birds. Funny, I used to live in a neighborhood that had squirrels all the time, but now we don’t have many well established trees, so squirrels are a rarity! Whenever I see one now it’s a really big deal! lol

  113. My doggies love chasing the birds and squirrels that show up in our backyard. Once in a while we smell a neighbor of the stinky variety but do not usually “see” them. Skunks may be cute but not when you have four dogs. Love all of the squirrel related stuff!

  114. My mom used to have a squirrel eat out of her hands and would always meet her everyday at the picnic bench. I live in a condo now and every once in awhile, I see a squirrel but I do see a lot of birds out of my office window. Looks like a
    super release.

  115. We are lucky enough to see lots of critters around here. Lots of squirrels and birds, occasionally a deer. There is a pond across the street where ducks and geese abound. There is one white duck that looks like she came from a farm, although there’s no farm near here. My granddaughter has name her Audrey. She has returned here every year for the past four or five years. We also have turtles and frogs at the pond. And we occasionally get a visit from the blue heron.

  116. We have tons of squirrels in our yard. They dig up my bulbs and eat them and dig everywhere to hide their winter food which is annoying BUT they are so cute so I forgive them. Love the Tree back drop.

  117. OH these are so cute! I can’t wait until we can get these! All of the cards are beautiful, but I think Latisha’s watercolor card is especially gorgeous! Really great job!!

    1. We have itty bitty frogs that come to our yard that are adorable. We also have lots of entertaining squirrels and birds that visit.

  118. i have lots of birds, and a few squirrels in my back yard. our squirrels are black here in alberta.
    love to win, thanks for all the great designs.

  119. Amazing inspiration by all!! I live in the country so we have deer, wild turkeys, rabbits, squirrels, possums & skunks to name a few!!

  120. We have a lot of different critters in our backyard and all though some of them can be scary, it’s still nice to see them. We have squirrels, Chipmunks, skunks foxes and turkeys but also larger critters like moose, bears and cougars!

  121. I can’t wait to get my hands on that Big Acorn! Our visitors include squirrels (red-brown and grey), wild turkeys, coyote, deer and California quail.

  122. These Squirrel Stamps are sooo cute and perfect as we always have got squirrels in our garden. The sample Cards are amazing.

  123. Here in the Pacific Northwest we have lots of squirrels, birds, geese, wild bunnies, deer, and bears. I can’t wait to see the bear stamps!

  124. I love the wagon!!! We get all sorts of critters, chipmunks, toads, ducks, we had a raccoon once, and even though we live in a suburb on a semi busy road we get deer in our backyard a lot.

  125. The neighbour cat – that´s all we have here… Yes, and the birds of course. I assume that’s why the cat is here haha…
    Love all the acorns!!!

  126. Great card designs today. The squirrels are so cute. The flip tree background and the sentiments are so neat. I love to watch the squirrels chase each other up and down the trees jumping from branch to branch.

  127. I wouldn’t exactly call him cute…the black bear that visits in the spring and summer. The pesky fellow tears down my bird feeder and raids the compost pile. But it is comical to see him lying on the ground pouring birdseed into his mouth.

  128. My husband is convinced that the squirrels wait for him to walk under the trees and then throw acorns at him. This stamp set would be perfect for a “reenactment card” ha ha! We have a couple of families of deer: 2 does, 3 fawns–one with those cute little white spots! We also get wild turkeys, all sorts of other birds, foxes, coyotes, bunnies and other little rodents. Thanks for the chance to win!

  129. Very cute critter cards today! We have a neighborhood squirrel that scampers along our fence every morning. So fun to watch! We have lots of trees in our yard so we have many birds visiting all day long! The goldfinches and chickadees love to hang out on the sunflowers and eat the seeds! We also have deer that visit once in a while to eat crabapples off our trees.

  130. These squirrels are so cute! They like to climb the bird feeder in our yard to eat, and they provide great entertainment for our cats!

  131. I have squirrels and bunnies that my dog loves to terrorize. I also have various birds but love it when the hummingbirds come around.

  132. We have a gray squirrel that comes down one of our trees in the back yard and teases my German shorthair pointer all the time. Lmao

  133. We have quite a few critters that frequent our backyard. Beautiful birds, squirrels, bunnies, geese, hawks, racoons and turtles.

  134. Love all the fun fall theme cards! Those little squirrels and sentiments are so adorable. The only cute critter I have seen in my backyard is a deer. We don’t see them often, but we have had a few walk through our yard.

  135. Squirrels, bunnies, deer, raccoons, bobcat, bear, red tail hawks, coyote, ducks, hummers, owls, oh my! And we live in suburbia!!

  136. love the squirrels and sentiments. we get deer, turkeys, squirrels, chipmunks, groundhogs, foxes and the occasional bear in our backyard.

  137. I live out in the country, so I have tons of cute critters visiting. The squirrels are my favorite though because they’re just so darn cute. I also love skunks! Not the smell though. 🦨

  138. Oh my gosh! Such cuteness! We have little sparrows and squirrels that visit our backyard. The sparrows are always taking dirt baths in the park behind us!

  139. Love the cards!!! So cute. I have been watching some twin fawns grow up in my backyard the last couple of months. They are so adorable!

  140. Love this set… cute! Where do I start, I have so many critters in my yard. Red Squirrels, squirrels, chipmunks, racoons, ground hogs, deer, coyote, and yes, even a bear has been seen. Thank goodness, he has moved on.

  141. We have squirrels, bunnies and deer, an occasional raccoon, coyote, fox, and owl. I love seeing the fawns and we had so many rabbits this year! So amazing how these critters have adapted to be living with us humans even in the suburbs!

  142. Just adorable! I really love that tree!
    Lots of critter visitors to my yard…. I have seen lots of deer and fawns, foxes, loads of raccoon and squirrels, possums, a skunk (I named her Petunia) and one bear!

  143. SQUIRREL SQUIRREL SQUIRREL SQUIRREL Oh my goodness. Sweet precious nutty little SQUIRRELS. Look at the little expressions! Oh shhhhh he’s sleeping… my favorite is the little sweetie discovering his tail I think!! Wond er eful stamp set. Love the peekaboo tree backdrop!!

    1. SQUIRRELs, SQUIRRELS and more squirrels, an occasional opossum and or groundhog, frogs, toads, mostly birds, Orioles, cardinals, Robin’s, hummingbirds, finches gold and purple, chickadees, red headed woodpeckers, blue Jay’s, but mostly SQUIRRELS… and my doggie!

  144. Deer, (lawn fawns included), squirrels, blue jays, doves, crows, other assorted birds, moles, raccoons, cougars and bobcats and even bears once in a blue moon might come to our neighborhood.

  145. Love the tree hideout die cut!!! Could have so much fun with that! Our backyard visitors are mostly birds, everything from sparrows to bluejays! But we also get a lot of squirrels who like to run along the powerlines and yell at our dog, hahaha!

  146. I love watching the squirrels in our trees! I am so excited about the Lawn Fawn squirrels and over the moon about the little Bears! The trees are everything! You give us so much to be creative and I already know what other die sets I can use with these! Yah! I cant wait!🐿🍃

  147. We have a regular hummingbird visitor and sometimes a really plump squirrel that likes to eat loudly in our tree. Such cute squirrel cards!

  148. All the projects are adorable! All the critters that come by are just as adorable, especially when they’re babies but beware, lol! We get lots of squirrels, running along our fence, over our roof and hiding their peanuts for our Ruby to eat. Ruby is our 2 year spaniel and those squirrels drive her nuts. Racoons and skunks also wonder through our yard and Ruby thinks they’re all her friends and want to play. Thank you for the chance to win!!!

  149. These cute little critters look like they are having a lot of fun. We have many different animals that come to our backyard – wild turkeys, many different types of birds, cute raccoons, possums, and turtles are just a few. We have squirrels but not to many because we have a large cat colony in the neighborhood.

  150. Life is going to get nutty – The birds are the critters that visit our bird feeder and bird bath. This is going to be a fun release. Mahalo.

  151. Oh, this is the cutest!! We joke that my cat is part squirrel since she’s got the fluffy tail just like they do, so this is too perfect!! ❤️

  152. Love these sets! So cute! My cat loved to stare Out the window and chatter at the birds and squirrels. I put up a feeder for them so he could have plenty to watch.

  153. We get tons of squirrels in my backyard along with a variety of birds (scrub jays, mourning doves, hummingbirds), insects (praying mantis, ladybug, dragonfly, millions of ants), and lots of spiders! I also occasionally see hawks, egrets, herons and sometimes (not very often) owls fly overhead. Our area has tons of critters to observe!

  154. Our home is up in a forest area so we get a lot of visitors in our backyard. Bears, Deers, Racoons, Squirrels, coyotes, marmots, and even a cougar once. I love all the forest animals they are so sweet to watch from behind a window haha. These sets are super adorable!

  155. Common critters here are lizards, squirrels, gophers, snakes, coyotes, and mice. I’m not a fan of any of these in person, but I love them on the LF DT cards!

  156. Lots of rabbits visit my yard. Pretty cute. 😉
    The squirrels are really cute. I love all the inspiration from the artists. Thank you!

  157. The Lift-The-Flap die is so cute and so very versatile! This is a must have for me! I have so many ideas for this die! Let’s Go Nuts is also a super cute and must have stamp and die set as well! You did it again Lawn Fawn…. well done!!!🥰🥰

  158. Love these! We have squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, deer, turkeys an occasional neighbors cat and some others visiting our yard! We have tons of acorns from our oak trees in our yard for them to stalk up on for the winter!

  159. With all of this inspiration it is even harder to wait until next week!
    I live above a store, so I don’t have a garden but a rooftop terrace. The critters I see here are mostly pigeons, crows, magpies and cute little bats. And because of my flowerpots I also get visits from insects like butterflies and bees 🙂

  160. I really like the cards that were made with these sets. I can’t wait for the release. These squirrels and the tree trunks are so nice thank you for the examples

  161. OH my GOODNESS! My heart just lept outta my chest. So cute!! I love squirrels and would love to win this set! If I don’t win it I am definately adding it to my collection ASAP!!!
    The design team outdid themselves with the card samples too!

  162. We get lots of squirrels and wild bunnies in our backyard all the time. My cats get super excited when they show up and they will watch the bunnies all day long.

  163. hmmm, will agree they are cute when they are Lawn Fawn, but when they are destroying our garden and lawn ….. we have skunks, raccoons, chipmunks, squirrels, ground hogs, cats, fox, deer (how do they know the day you are going to pick your peppers?) and tons of beautiful birds!

    lots of good inspiration here!

  164. Love the adorable cards!! These new sets are so cute! I have lots of squirrels and deer that come to visit several times a day. I also have raccoons, opossum and we have seen a bobcat several times too. Which is funny because I live in fairly large town and in the city, lots of houses all around so it just cracks me up that it looks like I live way out in the country. The deer will actually come right up to me and bring their babies too. I have seen 2 sets of twins and about 5 new singles so far. They are so cute. except when they eat all my flowers! LOL

  165. We have lots of birds and squirrels by day and tons of bats by night. We’re actually rehabbing a baby squirrel who fell out of the nest in our tree right now. We’ve had him 3 weeks on Saturday and he’s big enough to move back to the tree this weekend. It’s been an adventure!

  166. Oh my! Loooove the little squirrels, acorns, and new tree dies.I love fall and am so ready for cool weather and crafting with my windows open!

  167. We have robins that like to keep an eye from the top of the LED garden lights. They have such bright red feathers! Loving the new critters in this release!

  168. omg those squirrels are the CUUUTEST!
    we are getting a lot of rabbits in our backyard! there is always one in the morning – not sure if it lives in our yard or just likes to visit. 🙂

  169. We live in an older suburban neighborhood (post-WWII, quite a few houses, decently-sized yards), and we’re very close to 3 highways… we still get all kinds of birds, squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, hawks, skunks, possum, and one year, a couple of baby fawns! I’m one wicked stepmother and a couple of dwarves away from being Snow White. …none of those critters ever helps when I’m hanging laundry out though… 😉

  170. My kids love squirrels, so this stamp is at the top of my wish list! Our backyard gets visits from squirrels, deer, frogs, all kinds of birds, and we have cougars that visit the neighborhood occasionally.

  171. These squirrels are too cute!!! The ones in my backyard, are not as nice as they steal all my bulbs and fruits! lol

    I love the nuts and the ‘fall’ theme.

  172. I love this collection!
    I saw a hedgehog in the garden once. I can see little bats flying in the evening. And I’m pretty sure I saw a marten a few months ago!

  173. Living on the farm our cute critters could be moose or wolves or deer or skunks. Too many to name. Every morning there are lots of new animal prints around.

  174. I often wonder what my little hedgehog would think if she knew about all the wildlife we have in our yard. We have lived here for 33 years and every spring we have had a deer have a fawn on our back patio – sometimes twins and once triplets. They are so cute to watch until they start to eat my flowers! The squirrels, racoon, and opossums love to make a mess in my bird feeders but I just keeping putting out the food.

  175. What a cute set!! I love the little squirrels. We live out in the country so we get lots of critters. We’ve seen raccoons, possums, squirrels, flying squirrels (that one was a surprise) and the biggest shock of all, I saw a groundhog in one of my trees. Who knew they could climb.

  176. I am 100% here for the “yay! squirrel”!! All of these adorable squirrels remind me of the rather large squirrel living in our backyard that we have named Roger. Since I always mention out loud when I see Roger, my two tiny toy dogs have started running to the back door when they hear the name. We have also had several different bird species build nests in our backyard, including blue birds, cardinals, mocking birds, and even a woodpecker! In addition to Roger and the birds, there have been some pretty cute (albeit stinky) baby skunks in the neighborhood, too.

  177. These squirrels are cute! I live in Arizona so we don’t really see squirrels where I am. We get visited by lots of geckos, road runners, quail, and a couple coyotes.

  178. My neighborhood has multiple greenbelts which are home to many species of wildlife. We have jackrabbits, foxes, coyotes, bobcats, and several species of snakes (which have been prevalent this year). One year the zoo’s butterfly habitat was damaged in a storm, and I multiple species of striking butterflies in my yard.

  179. Oh wow. Spectacular squirrels. Absolutely precious. Critters and nature. I am just nuts over this fantastic stamp set. 😁

  180. Hello from Malta, NY. My husband had an old Corolla Toyota car that was park out on our drive way. Well we would see the squirrels go under the car with a load of acorns with them and hide them under the car. I always wonder if the acorns would fall out when he left in the morning for work, or if the noice we would hear as he drove away was from the acorns. So all your little friends remind me of our little friends. But I really love your friends.

  181. Oh my!!, cuteness overload! We enjoy feeding the birds and of course the chipmunks and squirrels are always a fun to watch.

  182. Great job ladies, the projects are all so cute. We have an overabundance of squirrels & deer where I live. They’re cute, but so destructive.

  183. I live in the “boonies” of New York State (yes, it’s not all city!). We have deer, bears, squirrels (they gray ones are HUGE), chipmunks, rabbits, cuties, skunks, raccoons although I haven’t seen any in my back yard. I’ve seen foxes (that was exciting for me). I’m a huge animal lover so I get excited with all critters that I see. Lol.

  184. I have two bird feeders and a bird bath. In addition to the birds, I get lots of squirrels, too. They are not nearly as cute as the stamped squirrels in the samples!

  185. Love the Big Acorn and that little squirrel pulling the wagon is just too cute! I’m not a fan of critters in real life, but we did have a cute little bunny in our backyard a few nights ago.

  186. The cards are so cute! We don’t have many cute little critters visiting our yard because we have a cute little Miniature Schnauzer puppy that goes in the yard. Also, we have had a family of Hawks hunting in our neighborhood for a couple of months. I think they must’ve caught a lot because they seemed to have moved on and I don’t see so many critters right now. I’m convinced the chipmunks are hiding out somewhere because that cute little puppy I mentioned seems to be on their scent trail when she goes outside. (Not to worry though. I think they are to quick for her to catch.) I do get to see a cute Red Panda several times a week at work.

  187. I love this set and cannot wait to purchase, I haven’t seen squirrels around here for several years, but we do have deer,
    racoons, possums and an occasional fox.

  188. Ok I’m sort of mad at the squirrels in my backyard that keep robbing my last few precious strawberries and getting into my chicken food. But I would still make cute things with these stamps!

  189. How fun! I actually have 2 squirrels that visit my bird feeders…although I wish they wouldn’t. We have a lot of fun birds that we’ve attracted including the humming birds – which are year round in Washington! We also love the Flicker pair that come to visit and we recently attracted a wood pecker which is delightful!

  190. Oh my – that Lift the Flap Tree backdrop is adorable as are the cute acorns. Love everything fall. We have a lot of squirrels (they’re enjoying our squash in the garden this year.) More so than in previous years we also have a lot of ground squirrels this year, who startle me every time they scurry across my deck.

  191. I live in the middle of the woods so we have every critter you can think of. I am loving these sets so much!!!❤️❤️❤️

  192. Loving all this NUTTY goodness !!
    We usually always see Squirrels 🐿, skunks 🦨, and sometimes we’ll see possums and raccoons 🦝!!

  193. Looking forward to September 10 for the new releases. I hope to get my hands on the acorns and the die cut of the trees. I hope to see a blog with dressed up animals soon.

  194. so cute. Love the flaps on the trees. We live in the country and have all kinds of critters visit us including 2 peacocks that surprised us one day.

  195. Cute cards! We have birds and squirrel visitors in our yard all the time. It’ll still be summer here for a while, so looking forward to fall weather and projects!

  196. We always have squirrels running through the backyard! Our little yorkie lets us know when we should be aware of a squirrel or bunny! They aren’t as cute as the lawn fawn cuties! Love it!! Thanks!

  197. We love watching the squirrels, my daughter dreams of having a pet squirrel. 🙂 Thanks for all the fun videos!

  198. We have so many chipmunks, squirrels, deer, raccoons, coyotes, foxes and recently neighbors have been warning us of a bear that’s been wandering around!

  199. Where I live now we don’t have much critters but when I was young my way to the bus stop was through a small wood and there were always squirrels. They are different in Germany, smaller and red. And they didn’t have a wagon, but its been a while, maybe today 😉. Cute cards, I like the squirrels as well as the trees and the patterned paper too.

  200. We have deer that visit in the early morning. I love the little squirrels, not such a fan with them in real life! And the tree die with the interactive flap is just so much fun!!!!! I need all these products – Swooning seriously!

  201. We have lots of squirrels. They run back and forth on our privacy fence and drive my dog nuts. They also chase each other around the tree in the back yard.

  202. We regularly have deer visiting and eating our garden. Occasionally a bear, but less often than when we moved in. Rarely, an owl, but lots of other birds.

    1. So cute!
      In our back yard we see bunnies and ver cute baby bunnies. Sometimes a road runner
      Have seen bobcat out the front. When our girls were little I would see Quail. And of course birds!

  203. My previous home had far more critters – a feral cat I befriended, a skunk, a repeat raccoon, a family of Javelina, a coyote with mange (by the way, I was surrounded by homes….. the nearest large patch of desert was quite a bit away…. ). My parents home slightly higher elevation (but still surrounded by homes) had a 3 legged deer that visited more than once and a rattlesnake lived in the wheel well of our recycle bin. My current home (only 10 min away from my last place) has only had lizards and stray cats….

  204. We have a family of hedgehogs and a little frog in our garden, and sometimes a cute little squirrel, who lives in a tree nextdoor, comes for a visit.

  205. I love watching squirrels play!! Where ilive now, in Arizona, i dont het to enjoy them as much, butbwe do get to see gsmbles qusil and they sre fun to watvh in the backyard

  206. squirrs love visiting my backyard (they live in a redwood tree next to it), but my vegetable garden and fruit trees don’t love the squirrels!

  207. Oh my these darling
    critters are adorable!
    I love seeing the Quail,
    rabbits and road runners
    on our property in Arizona.
    Carla from Utah

  208. So excited to see this release and this first day certainly doesn’t disappoint. Just love all of the cards created by the DT and those squirrels are adorable!!

  209. Lovely new products and wonderful inspiration! We have lots of birds in our backyard and sometimes we see a hedgehog or two 🙂

  210. We haven’t got a big yard but we have a hedgehog who visits us now an then. And a lot of cats (also cute). Love the new fall release already. Can’t wait to order.

  211. It is simply amazing the new products that Lawn Fawn presents that provide us with hours/days/months/years of paper crafting! Thank you, Lawn Fawn, for these critters and others!

  212. oh i’m suuuper in love with these squirrels! I’m lucky enough to live by an abandonned field so we put a camera to see if there were any visitors at night and we saw…a dozen wild boars with their babies, a fox, 2 big bunnies and a little owl. i’m so happy i love animals so much

  213. We live in the middle of the woods, so it is a constant wildlife show! We see fox, turkey, deer hawks, owls, birds of every kind, squirrels, chipmunks, You name it, we’ve probably seen it!

  214. Here in South Texas, we get deer, squirrels, lots of birds and foxes once in awhile. I love the new acorns so much. Putting them at the top of my list to buy! Thanks for the inspiration.

  215. Oooh! they are sooo adorable! You have done again an amazing job! Creating all those cuties to combine together with the old and new sets! It’s terrific!! And we haven’t seen everything yet! In our backyard we have hedgehogs! They are so stinkin cute! Thanks again for these design inspirations!❤

  216. We have a bunch of cute critters coming into our backyard – but the least cute was a skunk that I saw skulking around my deck.

  217. I live in the country so I have lots of critters visiting the yard. Squirrels, deer , raccoons, turkeys, I had a wolf and I also smelled a skunk a couple of nights. So far loving the new products

  218. Oh, so cute! We have a lot of critters that visit our yard including deer, fawns, raccoons (and baby raccoons!), squirrels, turkey, chipmunks, and lots of different birds. It’s so fun seeing all the animals!

  219. I have an abundance of little visitors in my back yard! Too, Too many squirrels… they get on my back deck and dig up my flowers… this is in addition to digging up bulbs and flowers in my yard… very, very destructive. And I see numerous mama and little baby rabbits. The little babies are so cute. But my favorite visitors are chipmunks! They are so tiny and so darn cute! But they, too, can be very destructive. They have dug holes all over my yard! And after a while the area sinks and one could get hurt if they step into the area so I have to be cautious! Last year they got into my garden bed and dug their little holes! I love nature and I love God’s little creatures!!!

  220. I have a resident squirrel that likes to sit on the phone/cable lines coming into the house and taunt the dog. The squirrel gets so upset when we are out in the back yard and Sam (my dog) spots him and chases him up a tree!

  221. We live in NJ and my brother-in-law has a groundhog that won’t stop burrowing under his shed! We tried to cover up the hole in the fence with wood, we tried to re-soil the area and somewhere/somehow he keeps coming back!

  222. I love these cards with the squirrels. We have so
    many squirrels – they love my acorn tree. Just
    saw my first rabbit a couple days ago – I was
    afraid they had disappeared from our area.
    thanks for sharing

  223. These cards are adorable, picture perfect! We have lots of cute little squirrels that come visit us in the backyard. When i was a kid we used to have a little fox family come to my house and sun themselves on on the rocks they were adorable. We also used to have this raccoon come visit us almost everyday and lounge on our front yard fence. My dad named him Rocky Raccoon like the Beatles song. Such fun little critters!

  224. SWOON!! I LOVE ALL of the AMAZING Products!! We live on a Farm, so we have LOTS of Critters that visit!! Lately you can see LOTS of Bunnies and Squirrels!! We also have LOTS of Birds!! It’s FUN being able to ENJOY the BEAUTY of the Country this time of Year especially!! THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS Weekend!!

  225. love the creations by the design team. Loving the pinky skies and of course ACORNS and more acorns!!!
    can’t wait for what’s next. 🙂

  226. Living in a city, next to a highway, in an apartment, we don’t have any critters to spot sadly. So, in the meantime I’ll have to make do with these cute critter stamps until I can make it to a forest. It does make spotting a squirrel all the more rewarding though!

  227. Finally it works i can leave comments!!! I love sll the little critters that visit our back yard. My favorite so far has to be the bald eagle

  228. Im going nuts for the new sets!!!!! We live on a lake so we have fun critters daily. My favorite thing to do is watch all the pretty birds at our feeders.

  229. I spend a lot of time in my backyard watching the birds, squirrels, fox, deer and other wildlife. This go nuts set is on my shopping list.

  230. Wow, these are so adorable! I have many birds species that visit my patio, but I have to chase away the squirrels from my feeder!

  231. Oh my goodness such cuteness!!! I have had lots of fun critters visit our yard over the years, We have had squirels, a weasle, racoons, skunks, rabbits, a fox many different birds and lots of blue belly lizzards 🙂 We don’t have as many now that they have built up homes all around us but every once is a while one wonders into our yard.

  232. oh my goodness. we’ve seen squirrels, opossum, raccoon, deer, red fox, birds, skunk, wild turkeys, feral cats…. and i live in a suburban subdivision! LOL!

  233. We have so many critters: squirrels, birds, turkey, raccoon, deer, chipmunks, and woodchucks. Love watching them all!

  234. That is definitely an aptly named Yay Squirrel. We get squirrels and birds and rabbits all the time. We often have deer, and one even gave birth to twins in our backyard! It was pretty amazing.

  235. Absolutely gorgeous work from the DT & they provide awesome inspiration for every new product you create! Loving the squirrels. I’m originally from the UK & saw squirrels all the time but since living here in Australia for the last 30 years, unfortunately I haven’t even seen one. I miss seeing them & was only mentioning this to my Daughter the other day.
    However, we always have the Kookaburras that visit our trees in the backyard, heaps of beautiful coloured birds such as lorikeets & not forgetting the possums that love to run along our fence especially at night (That keep us awake lol). Sometimes we even see a kangaroo or two in parks we visit. Love Australia & everything it has offered me as my home.
    Thanks for the opportunity of all the inspiration from the DT. THEY are going to make me broke at this rate with all the new LF additions I need to purchase. Stay safe.

  236. Bunnies visit our backyard. Love all the samples by the whole design team. So much talent that I can’t pick a favorite one.

  237. We used to get bunny visitors…until we got our beagle. Now they get close enough to taunt her but that’s it. Yikes! I see lots of squirrels (and chipmunks–they don’t get the same love!) on my early early morning walks.

  238. These are the cutest squirrels! I love the new die. In our backyard we regularly have bunnies, quail, roadrunners, lots of lizards, coyotes and the occasional deer and squirrel.

  239. We have so many critters who come and visit! We have squirrels, chipmunks, so many birds, and our newest additions are two skunks. One we named seeds because it comes and eats all the seeds on the ground, and one we named scooter be cute it scoots around the backyard. Neither one seem to mid rain at all.

  240. We love watching the critters in our backyard. During the day, there are squirrels and many birds, mainly Calif.scrub jays, mockingbirds, doves, hummingbirds, and sparrows. At night, there are raccoons, opossums, and owls.

  241. I don’t know if I would call her cute, but I have been having a turf war with our backyard squirrel. She seems hell bent on burying her pecans in my flower pots. They sprout and I remove them, but she keeps digging up my flower pots! Grrrr! That means WAR!

  242. My mom would go “NUTS” for these cards! We live in a busy area, but have had baby bunnies, a baby bird that fell out of its nest (uninjured and reunited with its mom), and of course a bunch of lively squirrels in the tree next to our house.

  243. Well, I live near Toronto in Ontario, Canada, so we have soooo many squirrels around! We also get skunks, rabbits and of course, raccoons. We have seen in our neighbourhood fox, wild turkeys and the occasional possum! That’s not counting all the birds and bugs and mice that are also around!

  244. When I was a kid we had so many squirrels at our cabin up in Big Bear. Watching them was the highlight of our trips. Sadly, I don’t see as many as I used too. But still enjoy leaving nuts and seeds for the chipmunks.

  245. These cards are so fun to see with the squirrels and trees and acorns… . But in our backyard we get deer, foxes (and in fact a fox stole one of my daughter’s sneakers off the porch, because she had left it outside to dry due to rain! Sneaky fox, huh.), cardinals, I have seen a hawk, chipmunks, crows, bluejays, a woodpecker, squirrels, spiders, and lots of carpenter bees.
    So many fun cards to peruse from the dt! Cheers to fall y’all!

  246. These squirrels are too much fun!!! We don’t have many critters other than birds and bunnies, but I do have a bird that pretty much thinks he’s my pet and will yell at me if I don’t feed him lol

  247. We have lots of squirrels running around our yard and jumping from tree to tree. They are masters of getting food from the bird feeders no matter how hard we try to thwart them!

  248. We have all sorts of critters big and small visit our back yar,d. Birds and squirrels, chipmunks, skunks, possum, raccoon, deer and even an occasional bear wanders thru!!

  249. I live in NJ & our house is on build what use to be a farm and we have many critters in my backyard
    that include birds, frogs, squirrels, bunnies, possums, occasional deer, & several groundhogs who
    have dug multiple holes/tunnels! I must say Lawn Fawn design team what a great fall release!
    Love all the adorably cute critter cards!!

  250. We live in the suburbs but have lots of fun critters visiting our trees – Tawny Frog Mouths who nest every year in our tree so we get to see their adorable babies, Brush Tail Possums, Ring Tail Possums, Parrots, Crows, Wattle Birds, Fruit Bats.

  251. Oh wow. These are such adorable stamps and dies. I’m in awe of the talent of the design team too who make such incredible cards! I love to watch the squirrels and their acrobatics in our backyard, so I love these fun fall cards with the squirrels and acorns.

  252. The critters that visit us & park as well are: rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, possums, Bobcats & Coyotes (yes we have both Bobcats & Coyotes in our neighborhood). A Bobcat was in our backyard this past wk, jumped 6 ft fence, killed a rabbit and left only the parts that a Bobcat does not want. Hubby tossed the rabbit remains over the fence and today buried it. Our younger dog chases the rabbits & has caught & killed some. There are lots more rabbits where that came from.
    “Sunshine HoneyBee”

  253. I think the turkey’s in our neighborhood are just too funny. There’s nothing like seeing g a whe bunch of turkey’s strut down a suburban street.

  254. The yay squirrel! ❤️
    We have a lot of 🐰 , 🦌 , chipmunks, 🐈 , 🐿 , 🦝 , 🦨 and 🐦 and 🦊 But no 🐻 yet in this area though some of the neighboring towns have. And we’re in the northeast!

  255. The last interactive card I made used the magic iris & magic iris add-on. I used stamps from On the Beach as well All the Clouds with several other Lawn Fawn dies to make a beach scene that opened up to reveal the fox in the hammock!

  256. These are SO CUTE! I love how all the squirrels can frolic in the yard and all the trees. This release is going to be huge…can’t wait!!!

  257. Unfortunately we don’t have anything as cute as squirrels visiting our backyard – mainly birds and lizards, but we have had the occasional duck

  258. We’re on the edge of a city so we have deer, and fawns😍, a turkey that we’ve named Turkette, lots of bunnies, some muskrats, and occasionally a coyote which is really cool!! We see some squirrels in the bush out back. Once my tulip bulbs are planted, I’m sure they’ll come by for a visit and snack haha.

  259. LOVE this collection and all of the cute cards!
    The phrases are so appropriate for our uncertain times.
    I have been watching the squirrels scurry around the yard gathering acorns and Black Walnuts for their Winter stash!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  260. I have quite a few birds in the back yard that love to hang out on my pomegranate tree. Aside from them, no critters in my backyard but my kids enjoy watching the squirrels at the park. I’m super excited to shop this new release.

  261. What adorable little squirrels! We mostly have tiny birds visit our feeders, occasionally we will see a woodpecker come by for a snack. One day I saw a hawk perched on my balcony. Sill waiting for an Eagle to land. I see them soaring all the time but I have yet to get a good picture of them.

  262. For the longest time we had a raccoon that would pass by in our back yard every night. Our camera would pick it up. I hope he’s happy wherever he is 🙂

  263. This is another success story for a New Release! I love everything so far 🙂 Unfortunately, I live in AZ so I don’t get much more than Scorpions and snakes visiting my back yard. Luckily, it’s only once in a while when they decide to visit.LOL!

  264. We live near a park so we get squirrels, raccoons, opossums, and coyotes. We even have a flock of feral parrots that squawk every evening. Love the peek a boo trees.

  265. We have all the regulars: Squirrels, birds, possums and raccoons. But recently there’s been a skunk in the neighborhood that has sprayed several dogs! Including my friend’s dog twice! They are cute though.

  266. Squeeee! So cute! I LOVE critters that visit my yard. We have a LOT of hummingbird feeders and get to see multiple varieties of them daily. And, we have a bird and squirrel feeder on a tree and we see bunnies, squirrels, lots of birds, and sometimes deer (and baby fawns!) visit those feeders. So much fun. I can watch all of these critters every day.

  267. The let’s go nuts set captured the activities of squirrels so well!!! These cards just make me smile. Here in the vancouver Canada area, there are plenty of squirrels and raccoons. And the occasional bear passing through as well yikes! Lol

  268. These squirrels are so cute! I especially love them because the squirrel is my women’s fraternity’s mascot! Here in Edmonton though, more than anything, we get so many rabbits in my neighbourhood! In the winter, you can see them hopping through the snow across people’s lawns and in the summer, they make themselves littles nests in our front garden to sunbathe. So cute!!

  269. These squirrels are just the cutest! I love the yay squirrel so much! We have so many squirrels and rabbits visiting our yard all the time!

  270. We had a mama deer hide her newborn fawn in our backyard for a couple of weeks last spring. That was so special couldn’t believe how well it could hide in even a bed of ivy.

  271. Fall cards are my favorite to make. Love the colors. These new sets are just the thing, to cheer the receiver up, that’s for sure. So anxious to get them. They couldn’t be any cuter. These squirrels depict their antics and more. ♥️🐿🍁🍂

  272. Loving all these adorable Fall critters!! My 4 year old daughter and I love to watch the hummingbirds that frequent our backyard 🙂

  273. There goes my checkbook. Love love love those squirrels. And that Acorn house too! With each release you really outdo yourselves.

  274. Adorable set! We have a number of different critters go through our backyard: deer, moose, turkeys, foxes, bears, porcupines, squirrels, chipmunks, etc.

  275. Oh boy, how do I love these little squirrels. They are such adorable critters like the ones in my backyard. I also have lots and lots of birdies, but the red furry creatures I love the most. 😉

  276. Adorable new collection!
    LOVE the squirrels, all of the cards are wonderful!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win and for sharing.

  277. We used to have lots of crazy squirrels visiting our backyard, but since we’ve moved it’s mostly little chipmunks now.

  278. Squirrels!!! Yay! I will definitely need to get these and make cards for my squirrel-loving BFF! I get so many cute critters in my backyard, including tons of squirrels. In addition to the squirrels, I get groundhogs, chipmunks, ducks, bunnies, raccoons, opossums, bats, mice, lots of birds, and the occasional toad and deer. Love them all!

  279. What a cute set <3
    Last year, I watched a squirrel with my little one (1yr) – well, I THOUGHT she was watching, too. Turns out she was distracted by the blinking garbage truck ;D

  280. My cozy place is in the basement creating cards for others to lift their spirits. Lawn Fawn staff and designers, you always warm my heart so that I have the inspiration to create these “wonders”! Thank you!

  281. We mostly have deer visit our yard (and eat my plants- grr). We were surprised by a visiting baby opossum this summer and lately, there’s been a brown bear roaming our area. He’s eaten my apples that have fallen, but so far I haven’t seen him (and that’s ok with me).

  282. I dint know if they’re cute, but my backyard creatures are geckos and iguanas. I’d love to see a squirrel every once in a while.

  283. We have very brave squirrels here that will walk right up to you or not move if you are walking and they are in the way lol!!

  284. I have squirrels that sit by my door if I haven’t gone out and put the corn cobs out for them – it is just a matter of time before they start knocking on the door LOL

  285. The presentation of these new products stimulates my desire to make more cards for the shut-ins and those who need a smile on their face! Thank you, Lawn Fawn staff and designers!

  286. Oh my gosh, everyone of these are the most adorable ever. The design team went all out for this release and the stamps and dies are terrific. What a great way to kick off fall.

  287. Oh my goodness gracious. I need everything! We get lots of critter visitors! Squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, birds, cats, deer, rabbits and a groundhog family!

  288. These Trees and Squirrels are going to be my FAVE.
    I have a Squirrel in my yard that is black with a red tail. We call my Blee-Chee!!! Like he bleached his tail. Too funny!!!

  289. We have several squirrels that are frequent visitors to our bird feeders. There is also a chubby chipmunk who lives under our deck and enjoys the seeds. And of course, birds! We get cardinals, titmice, gold finches, wrens, chickadees, blue jays, and a variety of other song birds

  290. We get lots of cute critters in our yard. Squirrels, chipmunks, birds, foxes, groundhogs, turtles etc. Love the lift the flap and the squirrels stamps. So cute!

  291. Autumn brings use warm apple cider with apple strudel to make the days special. Thank you, Lawn Fawn staff and designers!