We Wish You a Very Fawny Holiday Week 2020 {Day 4}

Hello everyone! Welcome to our special Fawny Holiday Week! This week is all about getting ideas for the upcoming Holidays! We have fun ideas and inspiration along with videos and daily giveaways! (Make sure to comment for a chance to win a stamp set and coordinating dies of your choice and a Let It Shine 6×6 pad!)

We will be featuring Lawn Fawn Holiday products this week, both old and new! Woohoo! We will share holiday projects by our Design Teams and some special guest designers! Our team members (Fawnies) from Lawn Fawn Headquarters will also be joining us for extra inspiration! I can’t wait to show you all of their gorgeous projects!

For Day 4, Marine created a beautiful fairy tale winter wonderland featuring Build-A-Castle! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch it at our YouTube channel.

Thanks so much for watching!

Marine created a fun fairy tale inspired card using the Shutter Card as the base! She designed a sweet Christmas Dreams scene with the little bear family all cozy inside their den.

But if they venture outside, there is a winter wonderland, complete with a frosty castle! The Tiny Fairy Tale characters are joined by Winter Dragon, Little Dragon and fairies from A Little Sparkle! I love that Marine found a clever way to use the Shutter Card as the base of her design!

Along with Build-A-Castle, Marine used Tree Before ‘n Afters, All the Clouds and Snowflake Border!

Guest Designer Mayra takes us inside the workshop where all the Holiday Helpers are busy making toys for all the kids on Santa’s nice list! The centerpiece of the workshop is the crackling fire in the Shadow Box Card Fireplace Add-On and of course there are decorated Christmas trees too! In addition to the toys in Holiday Helpers, Mayra borrowed “toys” from Village Heroes (fire truck) and Tiny Fairy Tale for the princess and knight!

The second card in Mayra‘s set gives us a peek inside the “refueling station” for the elves and reindeer! The Sweet Smiles gumball machines dispense marshmallows, peppermint candy and carrots! I love how Mayra decorated the gumball machines and added a Hats Off to You hat to each one!

In addition to the cards, Mayra also created totally adorable shaker gift tags using the gumball machines!

Franci‘s charming Shadow Box Card features cute Den Sweet Den polar bears! To add interest to this 3D scene, she added a Snowfall Backdrop to the back of the box. Franci added holiday fun with gifts and a Santa hat from Yeti or Not!

Renata, one of our LFHQ Fawnies, crafted the cutest, most colorful gingerbread shaker card! To create the frame, she masked off strips and blended on Distress ink in happy colors! Next, she used Reverse Stitched Scalloped Rectangle Window to cut the shaker frame.

To finish the shaker, Renata attached cute a Gingerbread Friends cutie to a panel of cream Let It Shine paper. She filled the shaker window with Studio Katia rainbow wheels and pastel confetti, candy canes from Build-A-House Gingerbread Add-On and Chunky Glitter! (Tip: to keep the glitter from sticking to an acetate shaker window, use lots of anti-static powder inside the shaker!)

Old and new look adorable together on Samantha‘s sweet Scalloped Treat Box! She used the Winter House Add-On to add the holiday fun! The roof, trees and wreath are cut from the pretty green dotted Let It Shine paper! The new Den Sweet Den bears look right at home!

Our mermaids and their friends from Ocean Shell-fie and You are Sublime are celebrating Christmas in glittery underwater style! Jenn found lots of cute holiday accessories in Baaah Humbug, Holiday Party Animal and Holiday Helpers! To create the greeting she combined Winter Big Scripty Words with a sentiment from Holiday Helpers. The fun Rainforest frame is a Foursquare Backdrop: Portrait that Jenn cut the inner grid out of; so clever!

Those adorable bears are making another appearance today on Elise‘s beautiful set of cards! I love how she layered Scripty Merry, cut from Metallic Gold cardstock, over “greenery” from Large Wreath! To finish the greeting she white embossed sentiments from Offset Sayings: Christmas.

I hope you have enjoyed this fun look at some of our Holiday and Winter sets. Tomorrow we have another fun Fawny Holiday celebration but for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us what made you smile today by November 21st at 2:00PM ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for a stamp set with coordinating dies of their choice and a Let It Shine 6×6 Petite Paper pad! Post about our Fawny Holiday Week on social media and leave another comment for another chance to win!

Make sure to come back tomorrow, Friday November 20th for our next Fawny Holiday post! We hope you guys love this week!


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242 thoughts on “We Wish You a Very Fawny Holiday Week 2020 {Day 4}

  1. I woke up to some fresh homemade sourdough bread. It was so tasty, escepially with melted butter. I couldn’t help but smile the whole time I ate as its so tasty. 😋

  2. What made me smile today was seeing a picture of the puppy we are bringing home in less than two weeks💚💚💚 now I need puppy lawn fawn stamps!!

  3. These adorable cards made me smile today! These ladies out did themselves today, there are so many great cards. I loved all of them

  4. Our family cat… she is always up with me first thing, while everyone else sleeps on, she starts the day with me. And right behind that, the Lawn Fawn blog, after coffee it is my next “go too” and you always make me smile!!!!

  5. As soon as I wake up my babies (dog’s) all come up to me and gives me kisses all at once that is what made me smile today and everyday, these cards are absolutely stunning and adorable everyone did amazing on the scenes and their cards I’m in love with all of them Lawn Fawn has some very talented design team members

  6. These are all so fun!
    My day started off with a smile as my one kitty who’s not terribly cuddly anymore decided to snuggle at 5AM, other highlights- it’s payday, grocery pick up day and almost Friday 😀

  7. I tell you what made me smile today! THAT REFUELING STATION! Dear Santa, can I get one of those stations here in my home? In the hall would be just perfect! Please, please, please!?

  8. These projects made me smile today, inside. The little machines with carrots and things, the sea creatures getting gifts, the castle. Your designers are SO INVENTIVE!!! I just love these….

    1. Talking to my little granddaughter on the telephone today made me smile. We can’t see them at the moment as we are in lockdown in the UK, so phone calls and video calls are even more precious.

  9. Such magical wonderland, winter scenes! Love it all! What made me smile today is seeing my puppy frolic in the new overnight snowfall! She loves it!

  10. I received a picture of my 10 month old niece from my brother – she has a heart melting smile on her face which spread one across mine!

  11. Knowing that my Christmas shopping is almost done makes me smile plus looking at all of these adorable cards does a lot to perk up my holiday spirit!

  12. Thank you again for this inspiration week — and what made me smile today? It’s bright and early in the morning so I could say waking up made me smile, but I’m going to say seeing a gum ball machine full of carrots made me smile this morning because that’s the most recent thing — LOVE IT!!

  13. What made me smile today is when I woke up this morning the temperature outside was already higher than it has been all week. A whopping 42 degrees, First time it’s been above freezing. Liking all the new ideas

  14. My cat makes me smile every single day! I was up in the middle of the night because I had to go to the bathroom. She folowed me and when I asked her whether we wanted to go to bed again I got a loud and determined meow. How stupid of me to ask! Of course we went back to sleep!

  15. That my children are healthy and it is a beautiful day in the neighborhood!
    Loved the gumball refueling station! Such creative people you have design and it is so much fun to see! Makes my shopping list bigger!

  16. I am a caretaker for a 35 year old mentally and physically challenged man several days each week. He commented to his mother yesterday, “Mama – stay home on Friday. Gretchen and Michael go to McDonalds.” She had gone with us yesterday through the drive-through and had trouble ordering due to the speaker system not taking her order. When we went to the window to pay, Michael and my orders were fine, but hers was “messed up.”
    I am blessed to have him in my life and I smile when I type this!

  17. I woke up to sunshine and that made me smile! Also I love all the cute ideas on the post. They’re always so inspiring and make my day.

  18. Mayra’s gumball machine card made me smile today! It’s adorable!♡♡ Loving Marine’s gorgeous cards too!O(≧▽≦)O♡♡

  19. All these cute Christmas scenes made me smile today! The designer’s creativity and imaginations are limitless! Thanks everyone,

  20. Seeing the beautiful sunrise this morning made me smile! And then watching our 17 year old Bearded Collie walking the perimeter of our 1 acre yard, as she does every morning, always makes me smile! She seemed extra happy today as she trotted along! She is the sweetest fur baby – so playful and full of life even at 17 years old!

  21. Loving the under the sea Christmas and the darling gumball machine tags. It’s extremely windy here today which I greatly appreciate and that brought a smile to my face.

  22. Today I received a letter from my kiddo going thru Special Forces training at Ft. Benning. He isn’t able to call or use technology so this was really special. He’s doing amazing and sounds so upbeat and positive. Love my military family so much but times like these can be hard. SMILED huge over my letter coming in the mail!

  23. Waking up to sun shine and knowing that I get to go to my local stamp store to pick up my pre order of some of the new Lawn Fawn stamps. Excited to get them.

  24. What made me smile this morning?? Blueberry pancakes, a sweet text from my husband, and the Lawn Fawn Christmas cards I made yesterday! Great inspiration today!!

  25. The snowman candy dispenser made me smile!!! How have I never seen
    that before?? I just love how adorable it is. And fun, fun, fun.

  26. I was watching the morning news and
    they showed the little owl who traveled
    to New York inside the Rockefeller
    tree. He is so cute and so small.
    Had to smile. thanks for asking

  27. My son made me smile today when I was helping him with his online class. When anyone asks him “how are you” his answer is always “Amazing!” And it always makes me smile.

  28. My dog made me smile today. She is a tiny dog and is so adorable. She makes me laugh when she talk to me and tried to “tell” me what she wants.

  29. Just when you think the designers can’t do any better, they do! Wonderful inspiration projects. My doggy made me smile today – as she does every day! Thank you for the chance to win!!

  30. My daughter made me smile today when I caught her singing in the bathroom!!
    Marine, your card is AMAZING!!! I love the colors!!!! Beautiful projects from the whole team today!!!

  31. Charming creations! All of these ideas are fabulous!
    My kitty, Coco, made me smile today when she came up on my bed early this morning to snuggle with me!

  32. I love these cards. They are amazing . What a talented designers. I t totally put me in the mood of becoming one. I love the way they use the gum ball machine for a Christmas card! Keep the good work.

  33. I started my day with a smile since my daughter shared another picture of my 6 days old grandson this morning. He’s my first grandchild, I’ve held him for the first time yesterday. He’s so tiny and soft an oh I love that baby smell!

    Thanks for even more amazing inspiration. Well, my bank account may not agree since I see more sets I need…. 😉

  34. My hubby showed me a video of my youngest kid when he was a baby making silly faces! That made me smile! And of course these amazing cards!

  35. The fairytale scene is out of this world! A picture of my (almost 2 mo. old) grandson smiling this morning made me smile. (Actually it melted my heart.)

  36. Even though I locked my keys in a work locker this morning and had to have security come and cut the lock off, I was able to make light of it. The gum ball card made by Mayra is so dang adorable. That alone is enough to make any one smile

  37. Those gumball machines are so clever! Receiving the cutest little video of my 2 yr old nephew jabbering away and blowing kisses made me smile so BIG!

  38. each morning I have a smile when I see my husband wakes up – he has been on a cancer journey and it is a blessing to know he is still here with me every day – life is short – treasure each moment with those you love – thanks for all the inspiration here and for having the give-aways – have a blessed week!

  39. Today what made me smile is that I finished to paint my kitchen wall ! It took 4 days but I am very happy I Didi it ! It’s the first time for me to do that. It’s not perfect but I am proud of myself.

  40. Packing a Christmas package for a great nephew with German things that I purchased while living there made me smile today. I love sharing these things now and pray that it will remind them of me when I am with my Heavenly Father. Thank you, Lawn Fawn, for all that you do to make the world a better place and make many people smile every day!

  41. My 21-year-old son called me today to check up on me and say hi. 🙂
    Definitely put a smile on my face. It’ll be great to see my family of four again this weekend.
    Gorgeous projects, Lawn Fawn!

  42. Candlelight during the heavy rain and storm. Here in Finlad were storm this morning. Second time I smiled at evening when I was stamping and colouring christmas pictures while listening christmas music.

  43. I love LOVE all of these! They’re so beautiful, fun and definitely make me smile. The first thing that popped into my head that made me smile today is a video my mom just showed me of my dad, who is bed bound with Parkinson’s, petting their little Yorkshire terrier that hopped up on his bed. Such sweet simple joy! Thanks for asking!

  44. The only thing that made me smile today, is the Lawn Fawn blog. I work at home and its been a very hectic day!
    Love Mayra’s “refueling” Station. She is always so clever!

  45. Seeing all of these amazing and gorgeous projects here at the Lawn Fawn blog made me smile!! It also makes me happy because there’s a chance that I can be featured here as well!!!

  46. I am enjoying this inspiration week so much! I love seeing all of the amazing cards. My sweet 2 year old granddaughter made me smile. When she calls, she says, “HEY NANA!”

  47. This release is such fun! I have smiled watching the kindness people are showing to others, most of which is not seen. The unsung heros, I smile as I count my blessings and am sp thankful! AND all this lawnfawn cuteness don’t hurt either tee hee. (((Hugs)))

  48. Coming home from my night shift to find that my family had put up the two Christmas trees we do on the porch. They were all a glow. It defiantly brought a smile and uplifted my sprits.

  49. Picking up some goodies today from trader joe’s to mail to my friends back home made me smile because their always sending me goodies from back home. Its nice to return the favor.

  50. What made me smile is my daughter saying she was ready to try coming home from school all by herself this afternoon on the bus and train!

  51. The weather was nice enough for my husband to golf, which left me home to craft for a while with no interruptions.

  52. Today at work we watched the decorators put up a very large giraffe and baby giraffe Christmas decorations. It was so large they needed a crane and forklift. When they were finished, I noted that the baby was too small for the mom because there was no way it could get milk from it’s mommy. (The baby only came up to the mommy’s knees.) That gave us a laugh.

  53. Another great batch of inspiration! Those gumball machines are fantastic! Today, snuggling with my munchkin watching the hail storm made me smile. She’ll never be too big for snuggle time.

  54. Today my new washing machine and dryer came! My washing machine went out over a week ago. Amazing how you rely on it when you don’t have one. It sure made me smile. Loving all the new cards.

  55. Coming on here and seeing all of these wonderful card’s because I look forward to see all of these fun card’s so I can get some inspiration and making someone else smile or happy is what made me smile today, thanks for sharing these wonderful cards so everyone can get some inspiration from it

  56. So many cute and inspiring projects! especially the super cute bubblegum machine tags! Such a cute idea. my wife made me smile today. 18 years and she is still the light in my life!

  57. A co-worker venting turned into a giant laughing fit as we both blew off some steam. Felt good to find that moment of happiness in an otherwise chaotic day.

  58. Oh wow! These cards are just amazing! I just watched Marine’s video of her card – stunning! Mayra’s cards are so cute and fun too. The whole team is just fantastic!!

    What made me smile today was having an hour to read

  59. Something that made me smile was hearing that my order of stamps will be arriving tomorrow. Just in time for the weekend.

  60. My friend sent me a photo of her 8 month old granddaughter getting her one “tooth” brushed for the first time…she is stinkin’ cute!

  61. Panda 🐼🐼🐼 bears make me smile every day! Also, when I called our favorite Chinese restaurant, the cashier taking orders recognized my voice and happily said, “Hi, Marisela!” 💜 💜💜

  62. I can’t help but smile every.single.time that I see the Lawn Fawn bear family cards! They are so stinking cute! Thank you so much for that!

  63. Love all the cards today! It may seem odd, but the small section of gutters I finished installing made me smile. Not necessarily because gutters in general make me very happy, but more I was happy that I met my goal of finishing assembling and putting up before tomorrow. I’ve been working on it after work in the short amount of time there was still light all week, so really, I was just happy I had accomplished it (all on my own too).

  64. My son’s school just went to remote learning. The principle called with a recorded message this morning. He was singing the school fight song to pump everyone up. It made me laugh! I appreciate our teachers and administrators during this difficult season.

  65. Such creative inspiration! One of my kiddos’ teachers made me smile today … she posted a morning message that was just real and silly and made ME laugh. 🙂

  66. Love all the inspiration today! What made me smile today was that I received most of what I have been waiting for in the mail as I have gotten a lot of holiday shopping done online this year.

  67. My 3 month old kitten just had heart surgery and we finally got her a surgical recovery onesie – seeing her tiny frame in that onesie made me smile and laugh today. I seriously think that all cats should wear clothes now – they might disagree.

  68. Great cards and tags. Getting a Kids Messenger chat or text from my Granddaughter makes me smile. She always sends goofy pictures.

  69. I must admit that I didn’t have a great day. But Mayra’s card with toy workshop made me smile. Love how she uses various tiny stamp set.

  70. It made me smile today when I tried to deliver a box of food to a “needy” family and they told me that their house is stocked full of food right now. I found another family that could use the food.

  71. My Daughters! I was watching a LF YouTube tutorial and they decided to join me. By the end they were begging me to buy the stamps and dies I didn’t have so that we could make a Bunny family card 😂. (They are 5 and 3 🥰)

  72. A call from a special needs lady just made me smile because we all need friends that we can care for as well as caring for them! Thank you, Lawn Fawn for caring for all of us who love paper crafting!

  73. What made me smile today was my students’ hard work and motivation. It started off a challenging day since one our of sub’s had cancelled. I ended up taking the class so I had the traditional students in my class working on one assignment and teaching the remote kids my assignment. Even though I was so stressed out, the students were working hard and getting their stuff done.

  74. What made me smile today was my daughter running over and sitting on my lap and hugging me when I got home from work…. she is 18 totally made me smile.

  75. These projects are so adorable and the colours are stunning! These made me smile, but also the time spend with my students today 😊

  76. This blog made me smile today! Being able to sip a cup of tea and admire the cutest of cards and tags all with a fun winter feel, it’s like singing Christmas songs, so charming and cozy! Thank you Lawn Fawn, Fawnies and Design Team! Thank you for always offering up handmade hope.

  77. I smiled today when a friend was swimming at the same time and we talked about sending Christmas gifts to our family already. I am ready to make some more today with my Lawn Fawn products. Thank you so much for all that you do!

  78. What made me smile today is after 5 weeks of being sick and bedridden I finally am feeling somewhat normal again, and of course all the inspiration shown here from the design team, they are so creative!!

  79. My daughter sent me a video of her one year old daughter watching me sing to her on Marco Polo. That made me smile and wish I could be with her!

  80. There are some birds I feed in the morning. I went out front of my house in The afternoon and saw them in a tree singing. They are so cute

  81. I love the idea Mayra used to make the bubble-gum dispensers filled with other items. Super ingenious and creative idea. I will definitely have to see what cute elements I can add into them.🤗😁

  82. As I make cards, I love to put a smile on the back where I sign my name and date it! Lawn Fawn inspires me with so many products and ideas which I greatly appreciate.

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