Lawn Fawn Intro: Swish ‘n Pop Pull-Tab

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Spring 2021 Inspiration and Release Week! On February 25th our 9 new stamp sets, 14 new die sets, 5 new stencil sets, new paper collection, new cardstock and more new products will be available at your favorite store and! Woohoo! Until then we will have fun posts with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways!

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Today is our showcase of Swish ‘n Pop Pull Tab interactive die set! Use this set to make an interactive card with a fun surprise! When the tab is pushed, the design element swishes in an arc and stops at the top with a pop! This pull tab set works with cards of all sizes!

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a little video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using this new set! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Grace created a fun shooting star design using the Swish ‘n Pop Pull Tab to move the star through her nighttime scene! She layered Puffy Cloud Borders and combined mice from Really High Five, You’re Just My Type and Super Star to create this cute interactive scene card!

Grace’s shooting star “swishing and popping” through the sky!

Elena‘s adorable Smooth Sailing critters are enjoying a fun day on the ocean! The Swish ‘n Pop Pull Tab allows the sun to move across the sky.

Elena’s Swish ‘n Pop Pull Tab card in action!

Marine‘s clever birthday card features the cute space aliens from Beam Me Up! One of the cute guys is searching the skies for space ships using the telescope from Super Star! The Swish ‘n Pop Pull Tab moves the flying saucer into view!

Audrey created an amazing underwater ocean scene with Ocean Wave Stencils. Its the perfect backdrop for the our friendly Duh-Nuh shark to swim through with the help of the Swish ‘n Pop Pull Tab!

Audrey’s cute shark swimming in that amazing ocean she created!

These cute frogs think it’s Toadally Awesome that they can jump into the pond! Mindy‘s fun design activates one of the happy critters to launch himself across the pond!

There’s nothing like seeing a rainbow after the rain! Elise created a fun Swish ‘n Pop Pull Tab design that lets the rainbow appear through the clouds! I love how she used the Puffy Cloud Backdrop: Landscape to hide the rainbow. She added a greeting from Big Scripty Words.

Check out Elise’s rainbow emerging from behind the clouds! So cool!

Megan‘s amazing card features some classic Easter sets, Eggstra Special Easter and Happy Easter. It has interactive fun as the bunny hops across the scene with the help of Swish ‘n Pop Pull Tab!

Megan’s bunny hopping over the Easter basket!

We are so happy to welcome Tiffany back to the Design Team! She used the Swish ‘n Pop Pull Tab set to create a whimsical story book scene using Critters on the Farm and Quinn’s Capital ABCs! This cow is jumping over an awesome watercolor moon! The long tab on the interactive piece allows it to work perfectly on a tall slimline card too!

Lynnette‘s slimline birthday card is so much fun! It features the Really High Five critters! I love how the bunny looks like he’s jumping on the trampoline with the help of the Swish ‘n Pop Pull Tab!

It looks like Kermit is singing Rainbow Connection on Chari‘s delightful design! She created an amazing bayou scene with stencils, Cattails Border, Birch Trees and an interactive Stitched Rainbow! Look for a video tutorial for this card coming soon!

Sunrise to sunset and all through the night, heroes are on the job! Mindy‘s sweet thank you card features Village Heroes and Happy Village with a sun that travels across the scene!

Now, I have a little video to introduce Swish ‘n Pop Pull Tab! I will walk you through the simple steps to put together this fun interactive set. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch it below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thanks so much for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Swish ‘n Pop Pull Tab! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us your crafty ideas for this interactive set by February 24th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Saturday, February 20th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week, we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!

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Swish ‘n Pop Pull Tab

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574 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Swish ‘n Pop Pull-Tab

  1. I would love to make a slimline card with Sean soiree. One of the swans would be gracefully gliding across the water. 🦢

  2. i really love the idea of the critters jumping across the card. i think i’d like to try making the birs fly across a spring scene

  3. This is awesome. The possibilities are endless I think. I would love to make ocean scene with this. Halloween Cards will also be fun. Ghost or other things flying over a dark scene. Very cool.

  4. Still having yesterday’s bubbles on my mind, I’d like to make a bath scene where I slowly sink into all the bubbles in my tub

  5. I love this Diecut soo much! I’d love some pun sentiment to kind of “fly in” on a banner, for example a card with the axolotl with the sentiment “i like you” and when you pull a little fish with a banner swims in that says “a lotl” 🙂 Or you could also add speech bubbles! For spring cards I’d like butterflies to fly in, I’d do a hopping bunny card that holds an egg to hide it or place a character on the right side and when you pull an object (like a present, cake, easteregg etc) flying in with a stopper that it looks like the critter holds it in his hands. You could even add hats or (Halloween) costumes like that!! I have to try these ideas, but I have to wait until my birthday because I just moved out and need the money for surviving… Bjt my head is already crafting 😀

  6. Having a critter floating up in a bubble from the washing machine from “loads of fun” comes to my mind first.

  7. I think of a horse jumping above a tree trunk ! Birds flying above the ocean, fish and mermaids swimming under it, and of course bunnies hoping !

  8. Wow, love this swish and pop. So many different ways to use this die I can see a heart moving for a love card or a sympathy card. Going to watch the video now

  9. THIS IS THE COOLEST!! I love it for the shooting star but the possibilities are endless. I’d like to use it to make fall leaves blow off a tree. I love the interactive dies! So clever so fun!!

  10. In addition to the great examples from the design team I think it would be funny if the mouse with the dandelion flies over the card!

  11. All of these are so fun, great job DT! 😃 I think I’d make a card featuring the cute owl from Special Delivery flying through the sky with mail for the recipient 🙂

  12. Love all of the inspiration cards! There are so many cards I would love to make with this fun die set, the first one would be a sunset card.

  13. Love this interactive die. Would love to do a card with moving snowballs. Another idea is to have a bird fly from the nest for graduation. Can’t wait for the release😍

  14. I love all of my interactive dies from Lawn Fawn b/c not only do they make cute cards but they are so easy to use. With this set, I would make lots of lots of birthday cards.

  15. Such a cool interactive die. Flying birds and bats, balls abs snow balls being thrown, dandelion fluff, bubbles and butterflies floating by; so many ideas.

  16. Oh my goodness Lawn Fawn! How ingenious! I would use the Swish & Pop die with the bunnies for sure. . . Maybe it’s because I’m thinking of spring!

  17. Oh my goodness, I can’t wait to use this on SO many card ideas!! I love how the sun flies through the sky in some of the examples! 🙂

  18. I’d like to make a Christmas card with Santa in his sleigh flying across the night sky! It would also be cute with the kitties from Meow You Doin’.

  19. This set is amazeballs! Love the dt samples so much! I am thinking a beach ball soaring through the sky or something with clouds and a silver lining!

  20. Love this die and can’t wait to get it!!! I do Rally Obedience with my dog – I would do a card with a dog jumping over a
    jump! Would be a great card to give to our trainer!

    1. This would be great for Christmas. I can imagine Santa’s sleigh and reindeer in a starry sky flying over a frosty landscape.

  21. First I just want to say that the rainbow connection card really made my muppet loving heart happy! I’m thinking a flying pterodactyl or two! That would be fun! The possibilities are endless for this new interactive die!

  22. Halloween-ghost….! Spooky – yay! Santa and his deers across the sky! Fish under water! Endless fun… Thanks for this die! You are the best!

  23. First – can I just say Thank You for developing these dies and making me look like a magical being to my grandkids! They love the interactive cards I make them. One of them – before he opens the envelopes – always asks “What’s it do?” So much fun – so thank you! I think one of my first will be a fox trying to catch a butterfly. I am already planning it out.

  24. This is so clever – love it!!! Will definitely be getting this to create scenes with jumping animals and rising suns 🙂

  25. Amazing interactive fun Lawn Fawn! A pot of gold appearing at the end of the 🌈, a bee flying thru a grassy meadow, a bunch of mini trick or treaters walking thru a spooky village, a gnome traveling thru their gnome village… the possibilities are endless. I think I would like to do a scene with the chameleon, but not sure how exactly yet, maybe move from branch to bush. Or maybe a crab walking across the hot sand at the 🌴beach!
    These are great cards showcasing this new die! So enjoyed this post and looking forward to the video!

      1. I was uncertain about this die set until I saw Kelly Marie’s rainbow. I think of a baby card with a stork flying by or a shooting star.

  26. What a clever idea! I think it would also be fun to have a hidden message or use it with some cute birds flying across the sky.

  27. I have so many ideas! Fairies flying across the sky, bugs, Santa, dragons, the sky’s the limit! (No pun intended 😂)

    1. I forgot to answer the question….lololo
      We had a bridal shower zoom party. Sent gifts to the home ahead of time. All wore hats of some sort. Drank tea in fancy tea cups from china cabinets from the past.

  28. Your design team made such beautiful cards using the swish ‘n pop pull tab! It looks so versatile! I think once I get it, my first card using it would be with the fox bee from the fox costume before and after, flying around on a summer day.

  29. Im loving this new interactive die! The possibilities are endless! I could use it on my adorable let’s go nuts squirrels, my cats, birds, dogs, mice, bunnies, ice skating mice, you name it, this die can be used! I’m thinking of a super cute baker mouse tossing some pizza dough into the air:)

  30. Love the new interactive die! The froggies are so cute! I may have to get that stamps set now too! So many neat ideas!

  31. I am thinking that you could do some fun things with this and the Santa sleigh from winter skys. Ohhh! And add a build a house!

  32. This would be great for Christmas. I can imagine Santa’s sleigh and reindeer in a starry sky flying over a frosty landscape.

  33. I’m so excited about this die and can not wait to use it. One of my ideas would be for having the fairies fly.

  34. I would use the swish and pop interactive die with the ladybug stamps I have from Longthorne to make them sweep over the sky!

  35. OMG HOW FUN!! I would definitely pull out all my sets to decide what I would do. It would be SO fun to do something with the yeti or not set and have them shred some serious slopes 🙂

  36. I’d use an airplane from “Plane and Simple” for this Swish and Pop interactive die. My grandson would love to see a plane moving across his next birthday card.

  37. My nieces love horses so I’m thinking of jumping horses or flying unicorns. This Swish ‘n Pop looks really fun to try. Lawn Fawn comes up with the most amazing interactive devices!

  38. The Swish ‘n Pop pull tab is intriguing. It seems that there are lts of possibilities for this very cool interactive.

  39. Spooky ghosts and bats flying in the air, beautiful butterflies fluttering along, lightning bugs with the glow in the dark embossing powder. So many fun things to make!!

  40. How cute is that! So many ideas! clouds floating by, or birds, Santa, or ghosts ,balloons. Always fun to have an interactive element!
    Love the rainbow one!

    1. Such a fun idea! I love the movement pieces cause they are super versatile! All these cards are so good! I love how unique the frog one is!

  41. Wouldn’t a bridal shower, wedding card, or a “will you be my bride’s maid” card be adorable?! The bouquet being thrown to waiting hands.
    OR, a father’s day card. Kid and dad playing catch.

  42. This is so fun!! Half asleep when I first looked at them earlier this morning and I totally missed it! How cute!! These are so clever! Every set of stamps , this puts in a whole new light! Fun!

  43. These are all so cute! I would love to make a card that has little monster trucks that jump off of a ramp. My little grandson and granddaughter would LOVE for me to make cards for them like that because they LOVE playing with monster trucks, jumping, crashing, jumping, crashing…

  44. Interactive card dies are what first brought my interest to Lawn Fawn, and you never disappoint! Can’t wait to have a play with this awesome die!

  45. Wow, I love Chari’s Rainbow Connection card! I always like to see fish moving under water, so I think I would start there with this set. I also thought the airplane from Plane and Simple would be great moving through the sky.

  46. I would use Really High Five to have the cute critters jumping on the trampoline, or just floating high up in the air.

  47. LF’s interactive dies are the best! So creative and fun! This one is perfect to use with little critters hopping to and fro.

  48. I love all the LF die sets that create interactive cards – they make them so easy! I have a lot of cityscapes so I think it would be cool to have the moon appear in the sky. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  49. So super cute! My first thought was to have the butterfly net swing to catch butterflies with the Butterfly Kisses set.

  50. Love all the awesome cards! I think I would use the swish and pop to make a basketball flying over to the hoop. Oh my kids I have played basketball and I think this would make a neat cards for them

  51. Yay! I have been trying to figure out how to sink a basketball into the hoop for my hubby’s birthday card……. this might be the answer!! Super cute release!

  52. I love how this set can be used with stamps you already have. Can’t wait to try this out with all my lovely Lawn Fawn sets!

  53. I would use it as a vintage birth announcement reveal. It would be a white card filled with baby critters, clouds, and bubbles. The baby’s photo or the name with time, date, and weight would pop up. Could also be a birthday, anniversary, holiday or any other type of a party announcement. Lot of possibilities with this set.

    1. I simply don’t have any words for how much fun this interactive die is going to be to use! So many different options!

  54. I love interactive sets. This one looks lots of fun. I like all the samples that were provided. For Halloween, use ghosts or cute “monster”. I like Janice KC’s idea for announcements.

  55. These cards are all so cute! I think the swish pop and pull tab would be perfect to use on Christmas cards with Santa’s sleigh flying through the air!

  56. I simply don’t have any words for how much fun this interactive die is going to be to use! So many different options!

  57. I think this is #1 on my spring release list! I could see using it for sports like a ball flying away after being hit (think baseball or golf?)

  58. Love the idea of the pull-tab. Have made
    a few of them and the new stamps (especially
    the frog playing the banjo) will be cute.
    The bus and truck will roll along the street
    in my card. thanks for sharing

  59. You always come up with the most inventive interactive card ideas! I think I would have a squirrel jumping from tree to tree.

  60. I love the rainbow, sending big hugs. What a different way to say get well soon, or that you’re thinking of someone!

  61. I would love to use it to have a sentiment in a speech bubble pop up. The monkeys swinging around would be cool too. I would maybe mount it upside down for that one. I would use it with Santa’s sleigh for sure also! This is such a fun die set!!!

  62. Awesome card examples today! Think it might be fun to use the new interactive die with the Dandy Day stamp set or even the Crazy Antics – can just see some of those ants carrying off the picnic food! Christmas or Halloween scenes would be cute, too!

  63. I LOVE making interactive cards! I can’t wait to add this one to my stash. I imagine using this die to make scenes where someone is throwing a snowball or beach ball; also fairies, birds, butterflies flying by; so many possibilities!

  64. I just love this die!! I plan to use it with Critters at the Dog Park..maybe a dog chasing a ball or a stick. Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  65. OMG! I can already tell there are a million things you can do with this interactive and I can’t wait to see them ALL! TFS LOVE LAWN FAWN!!

  66. I can’t wait to try the Swish and Pop Pull Tab…I’d put it on the Tetradactyl in Dinosaur scene.
    Awesome addition to your product line!!!

  67. Yay! Glad you have an interactive set with this release. I made a card with a similar, but self made mechanism, where an ice cream ends up in the hand of a yeti. I’d love to experiment with the possibilities of this set.

  68. Love love everyone’s cards especially Grace’s card is stunning stunning!! ♡♡ Love shooting star! Everything makes me more and more excited!! O(≧▽≦)O

  69. My favorite saying that I say to my daughter is “I love you to the moon and back”. I still say it and she is 30 years old.

  70. This new interactive die is definitely a “must have” for me!! Oh my goodness – so many fabulous ideas for using it by the DT! I love that you can be used in so many ways and in such a variety of scenes!!

  71. I would use the tab to create bubbles from one of my ocean critters as it was rising from the ocean! Thank you so much, Lawn Fawn!

  72. I’m not sure what I would do to be perfectly honest, maybe some animals playing catch? I don’t make many interactive cards, but it is a cute idea!

  73. I’m envisioning a fairy flying across a card, sprinkling fairy dust as she goes, mermaids jumping over ocean waves, and shooting stars flying around the planets in the solar system! What fun!

  74. This is a super creative die and I can’t wait to play with it. I love how even my old Lawn Fawn sets get new life with different dies or mixing and matching different sets. I think this will be fun with my Hay There or Holiday helpers set.

  75. It’s hard to decide since there’s so many possibilities out there. Some ideas I might try is a rocket ship taking off to a planet or an animal jumping towards another animal (like a surprise kiss/hug).

  76. I was thinking of an airplane carrying a sign, Happy Spring! across the sky with spring flowers growing below! I can’t wait to see what crafters make with this die!

  77. I love this interactive mechanism – love the rainbow idea! I think I will also send hugs and hearts flying to friends “from me to you” kind of thing

  78. I’ve always wanted to try a mechanism like this, so I’m super excited by this die! I think the pinata would work great with this.

  79. What an amazing die set, my crafty ideas for this interactive set is to use this set on all of my card’s I just love interactive dies

  80. Wow!! Lawn Fawn knocked it out of the park with this interactive element!! Love it!! I would love to use with flying butterflies on spring cards, beach balls on beach scenes. Unicorns and fairies and dinosaurs!! Oh my!!!

  81. I can see using swish-n-pop-pull-tab with so many stamp sets, my favorite mice floating in the
    air in a bubble or dandy, Easter basket with pop up bunny, dolphins or fish pop up out of the
    ocean cards

  82. This is AWESOME! I LOVE the Swish ‘n Pop Pull Tab!!! Squeeeeeee!! I need to use it to make my Dad a birthday card. His birthday is in March so this is perfect timing. He is an Engineer, so he likes interactive cards and this will blow him away! I am so excited to make him a birthday card with something popping up and swishing across the card. He will love it. THANK YOU for creating this!!

  83. Fabulous interactive design, definitely need to watch a video of it in action. I imagine butterflies floating across a spring scene!

  84. Omg that Kermit and rainbow!!! This is such a fun interactive element and I would love to use it with the dragon over the castle!!

  85. This look like such a fun mechanism! It would be great with fairies and to make a bicycle built for you look like the people are riding on hills 😍
    I’m looking forward to the video of Chari’s card

  86. I have made an interactive card but I would love to try. All the cards are so adorable. Love the frogs…
    Thanks for sharing.

  87. I’ve seen a video on how to make one of those from scratch – SOOOOO HAPPY you added the swish-n-pop because I do not have the time to make from scratch LOL – love it!!!

  88. Love making interactive cards! So this is another fun option. The DT gave so many clever ideas, but really endless options and it can used with any of the lawn fawn stamp sets. Love the Cow jumping over the moon. A sun rise or moon rising would be fun.

  89. I’m so “blown away” by Lawn Fawn’s new Swish ‘n Pop Pull Tab! I know I’ll think of some way to use it in my own creations. For now, I’ll just “fawn” over your design team’s amazing ideas! hee hee

  90. This is one where I’ll get a better sense of how the interactive die is working when I’ll see it used in a video, but right now, I’m thinking flying a kite would work great with it. The little plane with the message on the back might work too. The paper plane… Someone making a magic trick… Lots of ideas!

  91. Your interactive dies are must-haves! I’m always excited to see what new and innovative ones you’ll come out with. Your introduction video is fabulous as are the DT projects! I think that the first cards I’ll make with this fun new die set will feature a sun moving across the sky and then probably a butterfly flying by.

  92. The DT did a wonderful job giving inspiration!
    I think that I it would be fun to make some unicorns jumping from cloud to cloud or ghosts fly in the sky for Halloween!

  93. Oh my goodness, I love this new die!!! I think it would be cute to have your sentiment pop up on it, but I would use it for just about everything. I love the versatility of this new die.

  94. Oh goodness. I don’t know that I could come up with anything off the fly that’d be any better than anyone else’s ideas on here…maybe a lightning bug on a starry night or blowing kisses…? Or maybe some other critter sledding down a hill. All I know is that I can’t wait to play with it! =P

  95. You make the BEST interactive die sets! If I had this set, I would make a crafty card with squirrels. I have a small apple orchard and some other fruit trees, and it’s always a race to get anything before these cute but pesky critters. I would have that squirrel jumping from tree to tree with an apple in its mouth, and send this card to my gardening friends! It would surely bring on a smile.

  96. Oh my goodness! This die is so much fun! So many wonderful inspiration samples! How about using it to have a Halloween witch fly through the sky or a bird flying from a birdhouse or … Lots of potential.

  97. Wow you all come up with such craft I’ve ideas – I especially love the alien in the flying saucer! My idea would be Cupid shooting an arrow ❤️

  98. Well, I’ve never made an interactive card; but it’s high time. Lawn Fawn is just the company to help me do it, and all this inspiration is WONDERFUL!!!!

  99. This is so much fun!! I would love to use this interactive die for lots of different things. I definitely love the idea of the shooting star. I also would love to use it for having gnomes pop up or different critters flying through the sky. Maybe for the special delivery set! So fun.

  100. I’d love to make cards with butterflies fluttering across a field of flowers. That would be a lot of fun with this die!

  101. Another amazing interactive die by Lawn Fawn. I love how easy you made it to remember how to use it with the different shaped pieces. The Swish n Pop is a must have die!

  102. My grandkids love interactive cards. I would pick their favorite subject or hobby and make them a card for their birthday.

  103. First thing I thought of was Easter cards! The bunnies would be great on an interactive cards, as well as all the other critters!

  104. Hey there! I think interactive cards are always so exciting!! I’ve never made one. But, I hope I get to try making one soon. It’s hard to make it from scratch without the dies. I’ve tried doing the magic iris one. It definitely didn’t turned out well haha. I love making cards for my friends and family. It makes me so happy seeing their reaction. I’m sure they like my cards. I hope I can make a nicer and more exciting cards for them. Ahhh IM SO EXCITED FOR THE NEW DIES!!

  105. Oh so many ideas! I love the thought of Santa flying through the night sky, birthday or carnival balloons flying away, the little mice blowing the dandelions would be darling too. Oh, so many options! Thanks Lawn Fawn!

  106. Oh my goodness….I LOVE this interactive die!!! I can’t wait to play with it!! I love all of the ideas shown. Maybe I will make one with kids throwing a ball back and forth or throwing for a dog?

  107. Such a fun release!! I was waiting to see what you guys and gals had up your sleeves and you did not disappoint!! Can’t wait to get my hands on them!!

  108. The thank you card that has the sun rising… Actually brought a happy tear!!
    The sun also rises… There’s hope, thank you, we care!!! Beautiful!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  109. So happy that Lawn Fawn come up with this mechanism. This is a fun one. So many possibilities. The first thing that pop up into my mind is flying Dragons with Build A Castle & Tiny Fairy Tales. It will also great used with Dandy Day & the new Bubble of Joy. And these are just for starters.

  110. I have been using the Monster Mash set with googly eyes for fun cards. I think I would make the monsters pop up from different settings to make recipients laugh. Also like the idea of bats flying out from spooky clouds and Halloween sky scene.

  111. These examples are adorable! I need to ask, why do we always eat the chocolate bunnies ears first??? I am guessing so they don’t hear us comming to munch on the rest of them.

  112. What a wonderful idea and the projects are all super cute. I love the idea of the rainbow stretching across the sky or the shooting star just for beginners.

  113. Your interactive dies are so much fun! One of my grandson’s loves everything having to do with space and I think there are so many fun possibilities to explore with this die (like some of the great projects shown today.)

  114. Oh my goodness, my first thought is dolphins jumping out of the water … oooh or a surfer coming up over the waves. So many ideas, thanks for yet another awesome interactive die!

  115. would work on St. Patrick’s Day cards, pot of gold at the end of rainbow appearing, balloons floating by on a birthday card – what fun!

  116. What a fun die and the DT has created so many amazing cards with it. I would use it to make birthday cards for friends and family.

  117. This is a really neat die, I would use this die to customize peoples names that pop up and down behind some clouds or grass

  118. Maybe the cricket from a bug deal jumping over the ground or the aliens in their space ship moving across the sky. I’m sure I will have more before the die arrives but then I will need some spare time to craft too

  119. Such a fun die! Perfect for shooting stars, jumping critters, Santa and reindeers travelling across the night sky, the list goes on!

  120. Interactive cards are so much fun! My grandchildren would love a Christmas card with Santa and his reindeer flying across the sky or a Halloween card with ghosts and witches moving around.

  121. I’m not good at coming up with unique ideas, that’s why I pay close attention to these inspiration weeks, lol. So I would just love to use the Swish ‘n Pop Pull Tab to make the cards shown 🙂

  122. I think it would be great to use this die with little dragon, winter dragon, or any other flying animals. It would be adorable to make a castle and princess themed card and have the dragon moving across the sky.

  123. The possibilities are endless, me a fish jumping out of the water to a bear waiting to catch it. I’d and ant throwing food out of the picnic basket to a waiting ant.

  124. I love this set! 😍 It made me think of sheep jumping over clouds on a starry sky, unicorns over rainbows and all kinds of little creatures jumping, specially rabbits!

  125. This is a super add on to my Lawn Fawn collection.
    I have several people I send cards to on a regular basis, they will love these.

  126. I can not wait to try out this die. I want to use it with critters in the dog park!! I also see using this to make birds fly and possibly Christmas presents being tossed. Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  127. So many cute ideas shown here, and in the comments. One of the squirrels from Let’s Go Nuts flying over a scene would be fun!

  128. I can’t wait to try the swoosh and pop. I have so many ideas for the out of this world stamp set. Very excited to see the rest of the spring release!

  129. So many crafty ideas – could be done – I could see my Coffee floating along the way and –love cards with hearts – Halloween cards with ghost and on the sea with boats

  130. That is such an awesome die – I honestly have no idea what I would make with it – but I would love to have fun trying it out and creating something amazing!

  131. I am not usually into interactive cards, but this gives me so many ideas, and the samples are so cute! The Rainbow Connection is just adorable!

  132. I love all the rainbow ideas with this new die. And the lady big that escapes the jar… if I were using it I would probably do something with a mermaid. I’ll have to keep thinking about that though.

  133. I’m in Love!! What is it about rainbows? I love those rainbow cards and would totally run with that idea in my card making.

  134. Wow! These examples are amazing. My favorite is the rainbow one. I’m not sure what I would make with this set, I’m a little intimidated by the interactive/moving parts cards.

  135. These remind me of pop up books I loved when I was a kid. I would love to make a “retro” pop up book card for an adult who embraces their inner child!

  136. These are amazing ides….I love the moon cut out of a circle die (clever and simple idea) and love how this interactive makes things move. Other idea I loved was the frog sitting by the pond as I am in love with Kermit the frog.

    1. I really love the critters jumping up in the air! I think I would be super cute to have ladybugs flying through the air. Or the little firefly! So many possibilities!

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  138. The Swish and pop interactive die is my all time favourite. It will breathe new life into my old sets and inspire me to use them again!

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  140. I love this new interactive die and my first thought when I saw the vanishing rainbow was a St. Patrick’s Day card — but seeing all the comments and brilliant ideas from everyone else I feel like my idea is so blasé! I love everyone’s ideas!! (But I also like my St. Patrick’s Day idea too. 🙂 )

  141. so many great examples!! i can think of a bunch of ideas already: balloons, jumping critters, all sorts of flying objects and animals… endless options! x

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  145. I’m very new to interactive cards.. I’ve made one. A pop tart popping out of a toaster. I loved it so much I can’t wait to try more interactive cards. This one is so much fun! I love the shooting star! Maybe an astronaut flying through space too!

  146. Wow guys. This set is just amazing. So simple, but soooo amazing!!
    I’m thinking I might have some flying unicorns coming out from the end of the rainbow!! Or maybe a dragon flying over a castle! I just can’t wait to play and see what magic can happen with this die!! 😍

  147. Ooooh the shooting star is so cool – I’d like to try this die with the astronaut or rocket from Out of This World in a space themed card

  148. This die will work with so many existing LF sets, but I think a piece of toast popping out of the toaster onto a plate would be fun to try!

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  152. Absolutely awesome set and inspiration! Love this! I’d use it with birds, butterflies and little bees, plus for sure I’d like to “steal” the idea with shooting stars, moon, planets/rockets, etc… So many great uses for this fun interactive element!

  153. Interactive cards are so much fun and I LOVE them! I was very excited to see this one and I love the shooting star and all the designs the design team came up with and the ideas are endless. Flying, hopping, jumping critters! ❤️❤️❤️

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  158. so difficult to decide, but I would love to use it for a critter skiing, sledding, or ice skating in a winter scene

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  160. Oh I love this! I’m excited to make some Christmas cards (yes, I know I’m early) and have the little silhouette of Santa and his reindeers fly across the sky!

  161. My brain went to sunrise and sunset – but you could do a plane, a snowball, a bird… anything you want to see fly.

  162. Lawn Fawn interactive dies make me both happy and sad. Happy because I like all the possibilities they introduce and sad because I don’t have a die cut machine.

  163. And there it is. The thing I *MUST* buy from this release. I am imagining some really fun Christmas cards with santa and some reindeer flying across the night sky!!

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  167. So adorable and what an amazing idea! Would love to use it with the bird house and have the bird swish in and out.

  168. DT did an amazing job with their creations! So many ideas come to mind but I’m thinking a hedgehog popping out off a pile of leaves as a nice element of surprise for someone! 🤗

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  173. This is so fun! I love the idea of a shooting star going across the sky while star gazers look on. I’d love to put my own spin on that card.

  174. And again, your innovative products blow me away! I’d be all over making rainbow cards with this swish tab; I love the one showcased here!

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  176. Love the above examples!
    So many lovely ideas for this interactive die..
    a plane.. in the clouds
    a hopping, frog, bunny..
    a witch on a broom
    an angel in the clouds?
    Fairy’s on flowers?

  177. I love that Lawn Fawn continues to release items that can be used with my existing supplies! Everything is so integrated! Thank you!

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  181. I definitely see some hopping frogs in my future with this fun die set! And let’s be real…a rainbow or two as well!

  182. I am absolutely going to pair this with the desk set and have my cat jumping over my desk! That is my every day life thanks to Covid and working at home! Love this!

  183. I love this new interactive die. I think I would use it to make a fun baby card, Easter card, Christmas card, the possibilities are endless. I need a little more time to really think about this. Such amazing products and samples you have.

  184. SWOON!! I LOVE ALL of the AMAZING Inspiration with the FUN NEW Swish-n-Pop-Pull Tab Die Set!! I can see making some really FUN Easter Scenes and Spring Thank You Cards using this NEW Set!! THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS Release Week!!

  185. This might be one of my favorite interactive elements yet! I want to use it for all of the adorable sea critters swimming from side to side!

  186. Its definitely going to be Moon and Stars for me….my youngest granddaughter just loves to find the Moon and Stars at night so I know she would love this!!

  187. I love interactive cards (and who doesn’t) and this is so fun!! I definitely see fish/dolphins/whales leaping out of the water!

  188. Such a fun new interactive die! I think one idea so far is I would make a card with one of the cute mice holding a balloon floating through the sky.

  189. What couldn’t you make with this die?! Oh my gosh I love it so much! This is a must have die for me. I can’t wait to get it 😍

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  193. I’m inspired by Megan’s Easter card and now I want to make cards with hopping bunnies! Also, bats flying across the sky!

  194. This interactive piece
    is such a fun idea!
    Love the cards and
    I’d use it for a bunny
    hoping into a basket
    for Easter.
    Carla from Utah

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  196. I think making the sun and/or moon appear and disappear is just the best. And I would also use it for clouds, even if they don’t move like that in reality.

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  200. I think I would use it with the aliens in beam my up to make the little spacecraft fly in to try and take the birthday cake. so fun!

  201. I have all your interactive dies….Waiting to put this one into goo use. Thanks Lawn Fawn for coming up with such fun tools to make cards FUN.

  202. Me: you don’t need a swish and pop, you don’t need a swish and pop
    Also me: dear god-it goes perfectly with Beam Me Up, clearly you need it!!!

  203. What a fun interactive die. This die would be great for Christmas cards with Santa flying through the sky or Halloween cards with ghosts and goblins popping up. So many great ideas.

  204. I love the shooting star idea! Would love to do one with the little mouse riding the star. Or maybe a unicorn leaving a rainbow trail.

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