Lawn Fawn Intro: Virtual Friends, Tiny Friends, Reveal Wheel Rectangle Window Add-On & Reveal Wheel Templates: Rectangle + Virtual Friends

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Spring 2021 Inspiration and Release Week! On February 25th our 9 new stamp sets, 14 new die sets, 5 new stencil sets, new paper collection, new cardstock and more new products will be available at your favorite store and! Woohoo! Until then we will have fun posts with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways!

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Today is our showcase of Virtual Friends and coordinating dies! These critters have a strong (and cute!) connection! Use this stamp set to make super cute cards for long distance friends, family, and co-workers. Pair Virtual Friends with Tiny Friends for even more “friends” options! You can never have too many friends! These tiny friends are so versatile and pair well with many Lawn Fawn stamp sets. You can create a fun, interactive card with a rotating group of friends with Reveal WheelReveal Wheel Rectangle Window Add-On, and Reveal Wheel Templates: Rectangle + Virtual Friends. So many creative options!

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a little video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using this new set! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Tammy used a Foursquare Backdrop: Landscape to create a sweet gathering of Virtual Friends and Tiny Friends! I love the colorful backgrounds in each window and how she used small speech bubbles to add even more friends!

Kara created a pretty “living room” with coordinating curtains and wallpaper from Perfectly Plaid Kristin Remix paper! She also furnished the room with the Virtual Friends desk and computer along with potted succulents from Simply Celebrate Summer. All of these fun details take her clever Reveal Wheel birthday card right over the top!

Marine‘s adorable Tiny Friends design uses the Reveal Wheel to move the cute people around the world! To create that perfect greeting, Marine combined Oliver’s Stitched ABCs (cut from Really Rainbow paper) and a sentiment from Starry Backdrops.

Tiffany used pretty Perfectly Plaid Remix paper and Virtual Friends to make a special birthday Shutter Card! She added a cute cat from our classic Critters in the ‘Burbs set!

Lynnette‘s cozy scene features the Virtual Friends in the window of the Reveal Wheel! The onscreen friends are celebrating with some forest friends in a cozy den!

Audrey used our new Sunburst Backdrop to anchor an amazing tropical beach scene! The Tiny Friends have taken the Car Critters car for a spin among the palm trees, ocean waves and sandy hills!

The little Snow Much Fun bear has a strong connection with his Virtual Friends! Elena‘s card is so charming and sweet! I love how the bear is standing on a stack of books from Den Sweet Den to join the zoom meeting!

Elise took her Tiny Friends to school to say thank you to all the teachers! She used Village Heroes, Road Border and Big Scripty Words to complete her adorably thoughtful card!

This birthday party might be virtual but Grace made it totally festive! Her Reveal Wheel design uses the new Reveal Wheel Rectangle Window Add-On! To add lots of birthday party fun she used Birthday Before ‘n Afters.

The critters in Virtual Friends come in 2 styles and Latisha used the set with party hats to send cheerful birthday greetings! I love how she added the tiny hearts to the background of her simply adorable design!

Chari created a sweet Reveal Wheel birthday card with a virtual celebration! I love the pretty Perfectly Plaid Remix paper she used for the background!

Kara created a beautiful slimline card using Thinking of You Line Border! This clean design features Kara’s amazing coloring skills to add a cozy backdrop for the onscreen Virtual Friend! The new Perfectly Plaid Remix – Ivy Remix paper coordinates really well with Mermaid and Cilantro cardstock!

Lynnette thought outside of the box…or computer screen to create this brilliant card! She filled all the windows of this Speech Bubble Backdrop with Tiny Friends! This is such a fun idea to send Scripty Congrats “from all of us”!

The bear family is having a glitch-free distance learning day with help from Virtual Friends! Megan combined Den Sweet Den and Snow Much Fun to create a happy school at home scene!

The adorable grandma and grandpa Tiny Friends just make me smile! They are sending heart-felt virtual hugs using Scripty Bubble Sentiments in a charming scene created by Elise! Check out the fun Texture Dot cardstock in the background!

Lynnette borrowed the fox from Upon a Star to share some happy birthday cheer with the Virtual Friends! The Perfectly Plaid Remix paper adds pretty color and the Simply Celebrate Summer cactus adds a fun detail!

Now, we have a little video to introduce Virtual Friends and to show some really fun ways to use this new set! I hope you enjoy it! You can watch it below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thanks for watching!

And now I have a video to introduce Tiny Friends to share some creative ways to use this sweet new set! You can watch it below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thanks so much for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Virtual Friends, Tiny Friends and Reveal Wheel Rectangle Window Add-On and Reveal Wheel Templates: Rectangles + Virtual Friends! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us if you have a fun virtual meeting story by February 24th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Monday, February 22nd for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week, we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!

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536 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Virtual Friends, Tiny Friends, Reveal Wheel Rectangle Window Add-On & Reveal Wheel Templates: Rectangle + Virtual Friends

    1. We start one work virtual meeting with answering a fun question… like what’s your favorite food or what zoo animal would you like as a pet. It lightens thee meeting and you get to know your coworkers better.
      I love this new release. So timely and adorable.

  1. Wow! I’m really loving all the little people in this release.
    We do a Zoom ski-fitness class every Sunday morning, and every week both our cat and our dog are determined to get on camera! The cat likes to sit on the keyboard and the dog usually tries to sit on me! You don’t get that at the gym!!

  2. I work in retail so we’ve been closed for a while and we’re all missing eachother a lot. So we now have virtual quizzes which is so much fun

  3. I’m a teacher. In France we still do class in the middle school building but the teachers-parents meeting happen on zoom. When I was in a meeting, my bunny jumped right next to me and curled to sleep. The parent see her. Now all the middle school know I have a rabbit and during the others sessions of parents-teachers meeting, people try to see my bunny ^^

  4. Gorgeous stamps! My son has been having fancy dress online classes with his teacher and all of his friends. It’s lots of fun!

  5. I was in a zoom call with my Grandma and she managed to accidentally switch the camera around. Spent most of the rest of the hour long zoom call trying to talk her through changing it back to the front facing one 😵

    1. i am extremely thankful for virtual meetings as it allows me to see my coworkers ! we are so blessed to have the technology to do so! 🙂

  6. i am extremely thankful for virtual meetings as it allows me to see my coworkers ! we are so blessed to have the technology to do so! 🙂

  7. I’ve done virtual meeting only once since the pandemic started, believe it or not! lol. But, I think everyone needs this virtual friends set! The cards will make everyone laugh! 🙂

  8. Not really a meeting story, but I have a nephew who will acquire his mom’s iPad and randomly text people her recognizes. I have definitely received some funny pictures from him, especially of his little brother and him getting into mischief while mom is busy!

  9. I moved away from my home state a year and a half ago. Leaving my friends was the hardest part. However, we have kept in touch via Zoom and other video chat methods, which makes me feel less lonely. We’ve even had group sessions to craft together which have been so much fun’

  10. I haven’t had any virtual meetings myself as I work in health care and the clinic has been open as usual. But there was a small local council meeting that went viral here in the UK and it would be quite funny to make cards with these sets inspired by the video (it involved silly arguments and one lady muting people. The reveal wheel would be fun to use to make it look like her muting others)

    The tiny people will have so many other great uses too!

  11. No virtual meetings aside from those at work ㅠㅠ I do try to facetime my friends every now and then, but we definitely keep contact through whatsapp!

    1. Love the communication stamps. My grandkids are communicating this way with all their relatives. What would we do without facetime! I know phone home.

      1. Love, love all the friends and the reveal wheel rectangle! Can’t wait to make crafty zoom crop cards to send to all my old and new virtual zoom crafty friends!

  12. Virtual meetings for work, but FaceTime with Friends and Family which is always fun. Super cute sets and love all the cards!!

  13. The tiny friends set is brilliant. So glad we now have the rectangle reveal wheel window. All these cards are so wonderful- can’t wait for the release😍

  14. We actually had a virtual Christmas. A lovely way to still be together even if we couldn’t be together physically <3

  15. These sets are SO much fun and I love them! You think of everything and delight month after month–thank you! No virtual meetings for me.

  16. Cute set, but the only zoom meetings I had was for work and most of the time my boss was trying to talk a few through getting the sound on so we could hear them and them hear us. It was a little frustrating and then we had to learn to talk 1 at a time or else we could not hear anyone, lol. My boss decided after the 2 zoom to do text meetings we was way easier for her and us! LOL

  17. Communicating with older members of the family virtually at this time is great, and can have some great comedy moments! Recently my mother in law was having problems with an onscreen message she couldn’t get rid of or remove during a call with all the family so, to get help from all of us with her problem, she promptly turned the tablet around or us to be able to see her screen and tell her what to do! She couldn’t understand why we all fell about laughing🤣

  18. We were FaceTiming with my mom while my niece and nephew were visiting (we were babysitting) and my mom isn’t great at FaceTime. My niece was then two and announced “I can’t see Bubbie’s eyes!” (because she was aiming the phone at her forehead 🤦‍♀️) and we all cracked up!

  19. I work in a school district with 6th graders and we are virtual right now. I have many, many, many funny stories about google meets. I would feel guilty sharing those! We have a saying at school: you can’t make this stuff up!

  20. Absolutely fantastic, love it all! No funny stories as such, but thanks God for Zoom, Facetime and Skype, as it’s the only way I have been able to communicate with my whole family for over a year now!

  21. I am thankful for the virtual abilities since we weren’t able to be at my nieces first birthday due to the pandemic…so we watched the party virtually. Wasn’t as good as being there in person to love on her, but being virtual was better than not seeing it at all.

  22. Loving the Virtual Friends stamp set and Reveal Wheel Add-Ons, so fun! These go to the top of my wish list! I have not had a virtual meeting yet!

  23. Most of my virtual meetings are conducted with family in Animal Crossing! It’s fun to celebrate even the little holidays with the ones that I love.

  24. No fun virtual meeting story, but looking forward to creating cute scenes with Virtual Friends, Tiny Friends and Reveal Wheel Rectangle Window Add-On + Templates!

  25. My family has been getting together once a week for a family catch up Zoom call. Thank you for all the amazing inspiration today! It is all super adorable.

  26. My pastor and I used Zoom to make several videos explaining our church’s safe reopening policy. What I didn’t realize at the time was that my dog was visible walking around behind me. People got a kick out of that.
    Love these new sets and all the adorable examples from the DT!

  27. No particular story to tell… we just have boring ones at work haha…! But used to Skype with my daughter when she lived in UK for a year, so thank God it does exists! Nice new sets!

  28. At the beginning of the lock down I was having virtual Art Dates with a group of friends. That failed away in September but it was fun.
    A group of people from an online paper craft group did a virtual craft nigh two weeks ago. Which is cool because it’s not something we would have thought to do before covid and we couldn’t have met in person.

  29. I love the little people! I think I also need a fireman, a police officer, a baker, a teacher… and lots of friends in the bigger size.

  30. I adore this set – so cute! We have fun virtual meetings via Skype or through Messenger with family in Australia (we are in Canada) every so often. It’s great for holidays and birthdays for my kids to see their Nonna and to chat with her!

  31. Many many zooms with middle school students on remote despite being mainly in-person learning have been an adventure. They love seeing my golden retriever, Katie! She’s pretty much on the couch during every meeting! The design team CRUSHED this set. such adorable cards.

  32. So darling! The only Zoom meeting I have done was a happy hour/craft activity with family. We learned needle punch on some cute stamped images!

  33. I am a lawyer so at our zoom meeting after the I am not a cat meeting went viral we all put up cats in our next zoom meeting. By the way, I love this whole release!

  34. My hubby’s 1st & only virtual was a zoom Christmas with our daughter in December. His reactions to the whole process still crack me up. (DD & I zoom regularly)

  35. I work in healthcare so my work has been in person from the beginning. I really don’t have any virtual stories but I think this is a cute stamp set.

  36. I have not had the experience of zoom meetings. As a retired teacher, I salute all the teachers/ school personnel keeping the educational process fun and engaging. Shout out to all the students, parents, caregivers, etc navigating the waves of educational progress.

  37. I have a group of friends that gets together every Memorial Day in the Adirondacks. Well, of course we missed our trip this year so we’ve been having irregular zoom calls to get together for “Wine o’clock and Cheese thirty.” We had one just last night!

  38. I have Telemedicine appointments with my Doctors since, I’m
    Immune compromised and maintain reverse isolation!
    Love the LF new releases and the cards that have been

  39. I had a baby at the end of March, just as the pandemic started. My first zoom virtual call was for my partner’s 40th birthday a week later with her friends!! It was all I could do, post-birth and c-section. We’re planning a trip for it in the post COVID times. ❤️

  40. I have my hula dance classes on zoom now four times a week. One with a Kumu in Hawai’i, one with a teacher in Texas, and two with a teacher in California. They have been keeping me sane and happy during these interesting times. Love everything that’s coming out in this new release.

  41. Such adorable cards by the designers. I FaceTime my son and and grandkids every week. There is no special reason, I just miss seeing them…

  42. Such a cute set! I have a twice-per-week Boot Camp workout with our tight-knit group from the gym before it closed. It’s been going on about a year now! I am surprised how sore I can get!

  43. Eeek, these are so cute! Whenever my son has a virtual meeting with his school class his little sister peeks out from behind him. They all think its cute and give her a little wave.

  44. I’ve never had any virtual meetings, but I’m so thankful for technology and video calls and FaceTime especially with the lockdowns because I can still “see” my friend and a video call is definitely better than texting♥️

  45. I have loved being able to see my mom virtually since she’s been in hospital since before Christmas. Thanks for the chance to win.

  46. We had a cooking class with our online school the other day! It was so much fun! My daughter wears princess dress ups daily, so whenever we zoom for school she is always in costume! Not sure what will happen when she starts going back to regular school. Haha.

  47. love this addition and so excited for the new Nadia perfectly plaid paper. I am obsessed with the perfectly plaid papers.
    The virtual friends and tiny friends are so much fun! Such creative work by all the designer – very inspirational

  48. My co-workers and I compete with who has the best background. We have come up with some fun ones. Lots of lego backgrounds, and of course I use some of my cards as backgrounds.

  49. Last Easter our family set up a Zoom meeting. It was our first–we carefully set up and tested it but when it was live we were upside down. The grandkids thought that was so funny. Our grandson talked us through how to fix the problem.

  50. I have had a handful of Zoom calls and the most important one was for my cousin’s estate. He passed away and made me the executor of his will. That being said, it is a process one learns a lot, in a short amount of time! His estate was large and he was wealthy. It is amazing how many relatives and so called friends, come out of the woodwork when someone passes away. None with sympathy, all with greed.
    Anyhow, this first meeting was to get the will approved and now we are in a holding pattern and I can honestly say, I am not a fan of the legal zoom. Luckily I have had a few crafty zooms and I don’t get much done at those, but it is nice to hear how the other gals are. I know my best zoom has been with some gals that I used to play varsity basketball with in high school. We graduated over 30 yrs ago and it is neat to hear about family’s and husbands. Most of our kids play ball too, so that is kind of neat. The tiny mini peeps stamp you have is great and I am looking forward to getting it. Such enjoyable previews!

  51. Long before the pandemic (about 12 years now) I was video chatting with friends in the US (I live in Sweden) and their two year old wanted to know if I would come visit again. I told her if I had enough money I would come. She ran away and the came back with some coins, declared it forty dollars (all money was forty dollars) and proceeded to “send it” through the computers CD drive. Cutest thing ever.

  52. I don’t have a really funny zoom experience. I did call with my entire class a few Fridays in a row and that was always a laugh. We talked and played a fun game, like guess the sound, grab this item or is the answer red or green. They would show me something or ask each other questions. Very cute 😊

  53. We’ve had our share of virtual meetings over the years … in the days of Skype, my husband, who was deployed at the time, watched our oldest grow during his first year. More recently, of course, we’ve had Zoom school, Zoom work and family calls. The funniest stories come out of Zoom school – and usually involve someone not being muted and saying something that everyone hears (once my oldest’s teacher texted me that my son wasn’t muted and she could hear me … ahh!). 🙂

  54. These are the cutest stamps! And I love that there are grandparents! We have been having virtual meetings for a long time because our grandkids live all over the country. The little kids are the funniest – they get right up in front of the camera and want to show us their tonsils, eyeballs, etc. They are hilarious.

  55. We have Face Timed or Skyped since that started with family and friends. So that has always been wonderful! But Zoom meetings are a new thing, all doctors, no fun in that!!🤣 These tiny designs are so cute!!❤️❤️

  56. What great cards!! I am an essential worker, so no zoom meetings for me. Thanks for the give away and all the inspiration.

  57. I am loving these new tiny friends! We had a fun family Christmas over Zoom. We had a cookie decorating contesting and played other virtual games! Loving this release!!

  58. I haven’t had any, but my husband who is a family doctor has had a few. He got to help a mother with potty training and another patient put a body part up to the screen that he really didn’t need to see😂😂😂

  59. I don’t have a fun story, but FaceTime has been great to keep in touch with family. Our little girl loves talking to her grandparents!

  60. just love the tiny friends set. We had a wonderful zoom Christmas. It was a little different but better then nothing.

  61. What fun new products! I’m anxious to check out the newest Reveal Wheel Add-Ons since it is a favorite card for me to make!
    I’m new to Zoom myself and have only used it a couple of times! I wanted to get some practice with using it because my hubby has an upcoming doctor appointment tat will e on Zoom, so I have found a couple of stamping-related Zoom meetings to participate in!

  62. We have been trying to make the best of it. We have 2 couples we are friends with on the east coast, we are West coast and we have a 2-3 zoom calls a month where we drink and chat but we play virtual games – scattergories, code name, whiplash, trivia murder party and more.

    We also attended a virtual Magic for humans show by Justin Willmen and that was a blast.

  63. I usually keep my camera off with the kids in the background, but I have accidentally told the kids “quiet” while not on mute so it sounded like I was telling my virtual work friends to be quiet! 😂

  64. My first Zoom experience was a Zoom baby shower. It was for my next door neighbor who was expecting twins! She delivered a little party packet ahead of time w balloons to blow up and crepe paper to decorate our Zoom space. It was fun! And now the twins are three months old!

  65. So much beautiful inspiration today! I’m loving these new sets and how appropriate they are for the times we are living in today. I’ve had some fun Zoom sessions with my friends. When there are so many of us on a meeting we tend to all talk on top of each other so I devised a system where we would touch our nose and hold it there until it was our turn to speak.

  66. I don’t have a funny zoom story, but I love that we can keep in touch with our family and friends during these hard times. I love these new sets so cute!!!

  67. I usually use FaceTime with family, and it helps us stay in touch. These new sets are a great addition – but the plaid paper is what is catching my eye!

  68. So adorable! So I recently zoomed with my dr and it was new to me…but nice that you can stay home too. No driving, not having to get dressed up either….think I was wearing shorts. Lol

  69. Wow! So amazing inspirations, I love LOVE LOVE them. Marine‘s card is so cute with Tiny Friends around the World, such a lovely idea. Virtual hugs to all designers.

  70. A few weeks ago my husband’s co-workers (with my help) organized a virtual retirement party for him! Complete with surprise guests! That was certainly thinking outside the box!

  71. I don’t have a funny zoom story, but I do with my car. When I was parking my car yesterday my car phone decided to make a phone call to my cousin who lives in Texas. I didn’t even push or touch anything. I guess my car decided I needed to talk to him! LMAO!!

  72. I am doing a virtual card making class this
    Thursday night. It is sponsored by the
    local library and posted from there. I’ve
    provided kits that people can pick up and
    make their own card along with me.
    So far, we have 6 participants.
    Love the preview of the release.
    thanks for sharing

  73. My girlfriends and I used to scrapbook every Thursday together. So when quarantine started we would still scrapbook but on zoom. We don’t do it every week but periodically. Sometimes we all do the same project and other times we just talk and work on our own thing.

  74. I’m on Zoom with kids of all ages. It’s so funny to watch them make faces into the camera. I had one 5 year old who was “pinching” the things in his background as he looked at it through the screen. The high school kids are fun, too. We had Perry the Platypus visit us once on the set of Phinehas and Ferb. 🤷🏻‍♀️😂
    Now that I think of it, I have tons of fun stories to share of virtual meetings. 😊

  75. As a high school teacher on zoom everyday, I have stories! Lol! I teach Spanish for beginners so often I will see parents over on the side learning Spanish too 🤷🏻‍♀️ One funny thing that happened last week is a student was late to class so in the chat he wrote,”sorry I’m late. I had problems with my wife.” He meant WiFi (haha that autocorrect)

  76. We had a family Zoom reunion and went around each family to give updates. When we got to the nieces and nephews, they did a little show and tell of all their Lego sets and toys. It was really cute!

  77. The best virtual meetings are with my grandson. He is only two years old, but virtual visits make my day! Thank you for inspiring us Lawn Fawn.

  78. My sister is the virtual teacher for their school district for 2nd graders! It’s crazy! I was a guest for our birthday (we are twins) and 20x 2nd graders on ZOOM is BANANAS!

  79. I love the speech bubble background! Family zoom meetings are always fun, with the grandkids trying to make their grandparents laugh and smile!

  80. Those tiny people are SO CUTE! I can’t wait until it’s time to buy all this cuteness. I don’t really have a funny virtual meeting story – sorry! Thank you for the chance to win!!

  81. Love all your great scene cards…adorable.
    The only virtual meetings that I have had lately are with Dr.’s… =(

  82. I don’t know if you’d call this a ‘fun’ story, but last spring we taught 3 and 4-year-olds via Zoom. THAT was interesting! We saw a lot of funny stuff.

  83. I zoom once a week with two of my really good friends and it’s great to be able to stay in contact this way. My favorite one did was the time I bought several different caramel apples to try so I decided to take slices from each one, drop it off on their front porches, then we had a virtual taste test that night on zoom to see which one we liked best! So fun! It’s definitely not the same as meeting in person but it’s the best we can do. 💜

  84. I have been on to some different virtual meetings but no funny stories, sorry! Love all the creative ideas with these sets and can’t wait to use them!

  85. We had a meeting and when the break started, the speaker forgot that his camera was on. We saw him being mad at someone who was behind the computer screen. His microphone was off so it was without sound, what made it more funny, I guess. It was funny fur us watching it, but not so for the speaker himself I think.

  86. This is such a cute set! Over Christmas, my family and I zoomed and it was really nice! We played trivial pursuit during the call, that was fun!

  87. The only thing on zoom is I went to my granddaughters house to make a mesh wreath for Christmas, for a virtual 4-H project together. I live out in the country and my internet can’t handle zoom.

  88. I’m a nurse so I don’t really get to be on zoom very much or have any virtual meetings! Other than with family. We have a fun time on zoom with family. I wish we did it more often than we do. Maybe I’ll set up one soon! I love these new sets. I for sure need the tiny friends. Super cute

  89. I LOVE this set!! I FaceTime with my grandchildren every day at lunch time. It’s our time to connect. Although I so miss our in person visits and hugs, I am so grateful for our virtual visits and antics!!!

  90. Love both these sets. I’m a preschool teacher so lots of stories about students turning the cameras so we can watch their parents, watching themselves eat or move on screen and hiding from the camera.

  91. Controlling the mute button during virtual meetings is the biggest challenge 🤣 however, virtual meets made every birthday, occassion and festivals more special during this global pandemic 💕

  92. So appropriate for our current world pandemic. I have zoomed more times with friends and family than I ever did with FaceTime!

  93. Tiny friends are awesome! My friends and I have had some zoom dinner chats, and with nine people talking all at once, you can imagine how fun and chaotic that might be! 😄

  94. My family and I like to get together on video call and have game nights virtually! Especially since I live in a different state from everyone now, it’s very special to me.

  95. I’ve joined several twitch communities since the mid summer and we have regular discord parties. I held a birthday party through discord- I “hosted” a party on my animal crossing island and we all chatted online. It was silly fun.

  96. I don’t have a fun virtual story to tell, but my cat is superb at photobombing any Zoom meeting. And once she even sent a personal message by walking over the keyboard

  97. Ahhhh these cards are so amazing! A fun virtual meeting story…. I had fun teaching a group of kids over Zoom how to make cards during the summer and holiday break! Lots of Lawn Fawn was featured of course 🙂

  98. Love these new sets, and everything I’ve seen so far in the new release!!! When I am on a zoom meeting, whether for work or with friends, my dog can’t seem to figure out where all the voices are coming from! She runs to the front door and starts barking at it! Then I have to put myself on mute and get her to quiet down before I can continue with the meetings!!!

  99. This whole set is so cute! I don’t do virtual meetins as I’m retired, but we do chat with our daughter and granddaughter on our Google Hub Max every Sunday….including today!

  100. I can wait to get the virtual friends stamps and dies set!!! They are too cute! I also want to get the add on for the reveal wheel. These are great additions!!!! I love all the new designs.

  101. There are so many great card examples here. They always make me so excited for a new release (even though I know I’m not even a tenth as artistic as the Lawn Fawn team)– pretty things make me smile!

  102. What cute ideas! These little people are so cute and I love the new desk. Audrey tokach’s card stood out to me. Loved the coloring and everything about it! The new sun ray die is awesome! I loved everyone’s though they are all AMAZING! Okay so I have not had a virtual meeting. I’m just a small town girl😃

  103. These tiny friends are really cute. I don’t have a funny story about zoom meetings. But when I had to give my first teaching per Teamviewer, I remembered the time when my employer bought a fax machine and we all stood around it when the first fax came in 😄. It was so fascinating then.

  104. I’m a nurse working in a hospital so I don’t have virtual meetings, but our youngest son has distance learning with virtual meetings with his teachers and classmates. One morning one of his teachers fell asleep during a virtual meetings, with all the students watching him. To the teachers defense he is a new father, so I can imagine that he doesn’t get much sleep at night.

  105. Love these cute, little tiny friends especially the grandma and grandpa. I am able to do my Yoga and Pilates on Zoom so I can still connect with my gym friends which is great. Just love to see their faces.

  106. My Dad turned 100 last week (!) and we had a family zoom birthday party with his kids, grandkids, and even great grandkids! There were 12 of us and we had fun wearing vests like his favorite one and guessing what his answers would be to questions about his life. Some of us live far from him but it was great to be “together” as a family.

  107. I’m lucky that I don’t have to have any virtual meetings. I really dislike things like that. But I love these cute cards!

  108. I’m so thankful for video chatting capabilities! I don’t have one story in particular, but it’s so nice to be able to see friends and family while everything is so odd. My favorite is visiting with the little ones and seeing the world thru the eyes of a child.

  109. I had to have an online visit with my family physician a few months ago and my computer kept shutting down. I was so frustrated I had to cancel my appointment. The tech repair finally figured out it was doing it when I would say the word “to'” or “be”. Turns out I had a very creative hack on my pc.

  110. Thank goodness for staying connected in these times with virtual gatherings and sending cheery cards (Lawn Fawn based, of course!). No funny stories, but have enjoyed so many laughs and smiles during virtual chats. Thanks for cute designs like these to fuel our card sending creativity!

  111. These virtual friends and tiny people are absolutely adorable. The cards the design team made are great! My BF and I don’t really get to see each other that much right now, but we FaceTime every day.

  112. Such cute new items!! I am a teacher so did virtual meetings in the spring and heard so many funny comments from parents and siblings in the background:)

  113. Not really had many virtual meetings as I can’t work from home. I did love the recent cat filter story though! Loving the worm from the DT!

  114. I don’t have any fun virtual meeting stories to share but I’m grateful to have that method of communication available!

  115. My friend Jeannie and I started Zooming to craft when we were quarantined. We do it most weekends and it has been a great way to stay in touch and have fun crafting. 🙂

  116. Cute sets. The little people looks like it will go good with other sets. I haven’t had any virtual meetings. I still go to work as usual. Family is locate and still meet up. We’re very low tech here.

  117. My friend was having her Zoom Birthday party. So I didn’t know how long it’d be. So I showered, did my hair, light makeup and then ate dinner. I sign on and I’m nearly 2 hours late with a huge crowd of people there!

    Totally embarrassed, I missed the games and only spent half an hour for her birthday. Needless to say I apologized for getting the time mixed up for about 3 days. Then I made her a very pretty, extra special slimline card! It happens.

  118. I help out with the Parent Advisory Council at my kids school. Now that the meetings are done virtually from home I have a glass of wine while we meet. Makes the meetings way more enjoyable, although I keep volunteering to do more stuff haha…so not sure if it’s a good thing or not yet haha.

  119. Love this set! So so cute! We use facetime for my son to talk to his grandparents. One day they used the lion filter to entertain him. Now whenever we talk to them- he asks for the lion and they have to talk using the filter.

  120. No funny story specially, but a teacher in university had to pause a meeting because his dog had a tick and he apparently is the only one that can remove it without the dog going crazy. He then showed us his cute dog 😀
    The stamp sets are so perfect! The kids in my work (i care for children after school hours) would love these! It would mean so much to them to have such sets with children and their situation to stamp with… I have to buy it for them 😮

  121. This is the perfect stamp set and dies! I love these. Everyone is meeting virtually these days…our future generations all communicate via face Time. I love how you can use all these with other little critters and in many other scenes!

  122. No fun virtual stories here, unfortunately. The occasional malfunctioning computer camera and losing wifi connection, but neither of those are fun!

  123. Love these sets! And the virtual greetings are so relevant for today.
    The virtual meeting for me that comes to mind – when my family gathered on a zoom meeting to greet my uncle a happy 90th birthday…I helped my mom and dad get set up in the meeting, but since my dad is hard of hearing and nearsighted, my mom was talking to him, telling him who was present. She was SO loud though…my sister had to text me to mute! Ah, good times “together” 😀 as close as we can be.

  124. Virtual has been super hard lately but we were able to attend my lil sisters wedding via zoom. It actually ended up being really sweet and we loved it!

  125. Gosh, it’s such a sign of the times to be having birthdays virtually, isn’t it!?
    My parents are in Australia and we’re in the UK and so have always had virtual chats every week, even pre Covid.
    Its always fun as to whether my 3 year old joins in though or if it’s quiet enough to actually chat hehe

  126. I don’t have any fun or crazy stories but even before the pandemic spent a lot of time on Zoom for work since my team is remote.

  127. My kids have been so awesome throughout all of this. They are always looking for ways to do things with their best friends virtually- online games, learning dances and bake offs! They are so creative!! I am proud of them and their stick it out attitude. But I sure can’t wait until I can have their friends over for a weekend!

  128. I love all the cute critters watching TV – so fun!!
    No virtual meetings for me. I tried to get on Zoom
    once for a crafty get together, but couldn’t get it to

  129. So many samples and they’re all amazing! I can’t think of any fun virtual meeting stories cuz I don’t need to meet online. Most of my close family members live with me and I just visit my other friends and family outside their door.

  130. I don’t know if I have a fun story, but I am so happy we can use technology to still see each other and have connections. I have played online games with my family up north and that has been fun!

  131. We had a virtual stamping party where we did our cards ahead of time and shared our finished projects. It was fun, but confusing.

  132. I don’t have a particularly fun virtual meeting story. My son’s music lessons are done virtually each week, which is interesting sometimes. I’m thankful for the ability to do things this way, but will definitely be glad to get back to in-person meetings.

  133. While I don’t consider myself a “techie” I have been so grateful for Zoom during these COVID times. Aside from so many work related things that have gone virtual, we Zoom with our grandkids (which usually becomes them watching themselves making funny faces). My quilt guild meetings and workshops, stitching nights and wine club with friends have gone virtual as well. I’ve done holiday Zoom visits with my out of state siblings and recently added in Zoom visits with friends that I’ve had since grade school. So thankful for technology allowing us to connect face to face. I am in love with the Tiny Friends and can’t wait to add these new products to my Lawn Fawn line-up.

  134. We had a virtual Christmas gathering, with in-laws. By BIL lives in Kansas, but my in-laws live just down the block. After being told more than a few times, “don’t touch anything, just watch and talk,” they touched something. Several times. Each time requiring my husband to run down to his parent’s house to reset the video. Luckily, like I said, they live just down the street.

  135. Oh boy, you guys really do know how to put together a great release. The thing I love about Lawn Fawn is how you size your images so that your sets are interchangeable and us crafters can create using all of our stash, thank you for all that you do.

  136. My adult family had a zoom meeting last night, from Pennsylvania, Hawaii, California, and Washington. A sister dressed up with our mother’s old, fun hats. A brother wore his vest from high school. We saw my sister’s huge tomato plants growing in Hawaii. Was such a fun visit.

  137. My daughter has been attending a virtual bible study, Good News Club, that used to meet after school. It has been fun and relatively glitch free. The tiny grandparents are my favorite.

  138. Fun virtual meeting was a family and friends meeting for my nephew and his wife’s baby shower and they showed gifts that they received and people gave advice to the new parents and chatted

  139. So many fun scenes with these Virtual Friends and cute little characters. I rarely have virtual meetings so no sweets stories to share.

  140. Not really, i only use it for work meetings. But i love these card samples, the maker work is stunning on so many of them!

  141. My husband watched the video on this set on YouTube with me yesterday and we were both really impressed! He doesn’t usually watch these crafting videos but he did comment (and I agreed) that the design team is so creative and it’s amazing to see the different designs that can come out of one set! Thank for the wonderful, inspiring videos!

  142. My extended family began zoom meetings during the pandemic and it has been amazing to be able to see all my aunts, uncles cousins and grandmother! Also it is something nice to look forward to!

  143. This is such a timely stamp set! I have only done Zoom meetings with my extended family at Thanksgiving and Christmas and am thankful for technology during these challenging days.

  144. I still have to work in an office so we are on virtual calls all the time. I do get together virtually with my best friend and visit every week – I really look forward to those!

  145. Absolutely love Virtual Friends and Tiny Friends. Definitely need these 2 sets for sure to make cards for my grandkids I don’t get to see. 🥲

  146. My 4-year old son wants to phone people that we have not seen awhile and asks to make a videcall so he can see them. And then he holds the phone in his lap so that the others see only our roof or if they are Lucky, half of his face. And he loves to show things (toys, our dog etc..) during the videocall but I am not sure he really got the thing on the focus so others could see.

  147. Adding to my wishlist RIGHT NOW! 🙂 Fun virtual story? We made a silly lego zoom squares build and animated it with lego that looked like our friends and family to celebrate our friend’s birthday, and shared it via a zoom call. 🙂

  148. I love these so much! We live thousands of miles from family and due to COVID and quarantine restrictions we are stuck on our island and can only see family virtually. Luckily most family have a computer and this is the perfect set for birthday cards this year!

  149. These sets are just way too darling and perfect for the times we’re in! But they’ll be wonderful to have after we’re finally over all this nonsense, too! A fun virtual experience I had was on Christmas Day this (past) year (2020) when we had our family get-together via Zoom, and we all know why. My brother & his wife had some sort of thing set up with their computer that had graphic images showing up on them, and switching all the time, making them look like silly reindeer, or snowmen, or other hilarious winter type images! It was SO, SO funny and we all couldn’t stop laughing at how silly the 2 of them looked! It definitely helped us all feel better.

  150. These little people and critters are adorable! Love them on Zoom. That is a very handy mask to use stamping onto the little screen. Elise’s card made me so sad though. We are grandma & grandpa on the screen. 🧓🏻👴🏻💌

  151. Virtual meetings are not my fave but I do appreciate the technology to communicate during these crazy Covid-19 times. As far as the release is going, today is such a perfect example of how versatile Lawn Fawn stamps and dies are and how there are so many creative ways to use them.

  152. The Tiny Friends are adorable! Every once in a while, dogs and kids go running behind me while I’m on a meeting. On more than 1 occasion, I’ve had to tell someone to stop putting the dog in a headlock; she doesn’t like it. 🤣

  153. Such adorable little friends and pets! I have had lots of virtual meetings. The most fun was at Christmas when everyone worn a fun hat!

  154. I was so loud on a Zoom call doing playing “go, go, Stop!” with a client that my husband thought that I was arguing with someone and telling them to stop. Which would be quite out of character, so he was definitely wondering what was going on.

  155. I have virtual meeting everyday for school. It’s quite tiring though. I have to sit in front of the computer from 7.30a.m. to 1.00p.m. Online class aren’t consider the best but on the bright side, I can still communicate and keep it touch with my friends and teachers. I also learned a lot of new topics online. I’m glad that even though we’re doing things virtually now, my friends still approaches me to ask math questions. So, sometimes we do video calls or virtual study group to revise what we’ve learned. It’s sad that I can’t spend my senior year at school with my friends, but I’m so grateful that I’m going through this experience with them.😁

  156. Loving the tiny critters in the zoom window!
    My parents (in Sweden, I live in the UK) got a kitten this autumn, and once when we were Skyping he got jealous of them paying attention to the laptop instead of him and started walking all over the keyboard until he hung up the call on me. 😛

  157. We had a virtual Christmas. Gifts were dropped off ahead of time, and we watched safely in our homes as everyone opened their gifts.

  158. I’ve only had one virtual meeting but it was a board meeting I had to set up – I made my son and husband practice Zoom meetings with me everyday for a week leading up to the big event so I could make sure it would run smoothly – and to check my appearance! We all zoomed in from different rooms in the house, haha.

  159. I love all the little people, they’re so cute! I am probably one of the last few human beings in this country that has never taken part in a virtual meeting…never needed to, and for that I feel very blessed, but, also grateful for the ability to do so if I ever do need to.

  160. Super cute sets! I have many cousins all over the world and once in a while we do a Whatsapp video chat with everyone to catch up and laugh and it’s been awesome!

  161. I love these cute mini people and critters! One of my most fun and memorable virtual meetings was actually a virtual wedding! We all dressed up and got our bubbly ready to toast the new bride and groom 🙂

  162. I love the Tiny Friends! They’re my favorite from today’s release. Will there be a baby included in other releases this Spring 2021 Week? Todays Design Team cards are so cute!

  163. I don’t really have a fun story about a virtual meeting but we are celebrating all birthdays, holidays and special occasions with our family over the computer. It has really helped us keep in touch. The one good thing is that we used to never include far away family in the occasions, but now we have realized they all could help join in the fun virtually! I love this new release and have so been wanting some Lawn Fawn stamps with people!

  164. Love this set!! Can’t wait for it to come out! This past year I have had virtual date nights, a virtual funeral, virtual birthdays and host weekly virtual game nights for my friends and I. I teach grade 3 virtually, teach coding virtual and tutor virtually, so i definitely need this virtual friends sets in my life!

  165. These are cute! I sometimes have to zoom virtually with students in school. It’s always interesting to see what they are doing INSTEAD of paying attention!

  166. My oldest son fell asleep during a zoom lecture while in his dorm for about 10 minutes He woke up and it was just him and his professor staring at him saying class was over. Got a good laugh when he told us that!

  167. I love how everything works together with old and new lawn fawn products! I’ve attended several virtual zoom happy hours and birthdays and I love that we can make cards to reflect the new normal!

    1. I wanted to attend a virtual gardening class but it was in the afternoon and I had been up several times during the night with a new puppy. I fell asleep and missed about half of the class. I think the little tiny figures are just adorable!

  168. No story because I have a consistent problem being on a camera with a microphone. It’s too much power for me; I revert to a 4 year old getting attention. Not my best look.

  169. The last time I tried a virtual visit with my grandchildren, I could see them, but they couldn’t see me. Bummer!

  170. I have never zoomed, but I loved the video of the attorney with the filter that made him look like a kitty. It was hilarious!

  171. I really have not had any virtual meetings.. I have done FaceTime with my sister, but it is usually pretty uneventful!

  172. My very first time doing a virtual meeting was my daughters kindergarten fall party! It was the first time she played BINGO and it was just too adorable watching all the kids play for the first time! Never thought I’d experience that! Hahaha love that LF has coke out with these stamps!

  173. Love these tiny people and the four box Zoom call! I have been Zooming for almost a year now. I average about 30 Zoom meetings a week. It is always entertaining to have a pet join our call and hang out with us. That is always a highlight! Love these sets so much!

  174. Such cute stamps. I love connecting virtually with my girlfiends for ladies night. Also seeing my 5 and 7 month old is always fun.

  175. We’re in FL, our best friends are in MA for years we met up at least once (sometimes twice) a year at WDW to hang out & catch up. Due to the pandemic started weekly Zoom calls instead & its so much fun no one is quite why never did it before 😁

  176. Sadly technology and I don’t get a long very well. I love to watch videos and would love to zoom with my grandchildren.

  177. This new design is oh so cute!!!! I’m so excited to see this in person. Your designers really rocked these creations!!

  178. I had a zoom call with my doctor only for him to tell me he has to see me in person to look at my jaw! 🙄 Defeats the purpose of a zoom doctor call. LOL I love these sets!

  179. Nothing better than letting my mom who lives in Canada see her grandchildren in Australia on Christmas Day. The look on her face was priceless .

  180. Nope, not a virtual gal. I do however love to send hold on your hand smiles in the mail or a telephone call. This release is soooool precious. Thanks stay safe!!

  181. We had a virtual talent show and we had such a blast we even discovered some hidden singing talents !!
    Then we had dancing learned how to make a drink it was so much fun !!
    Definitely need to do that again

  182. The kids are really cute! Fun story? No. I have done quite a few, but don’t have anything positive to say about them. Sorry 🙂

  183. I have been fortunate to go to work through the pandemic, so the only virtual stories are those from online schooling. 20 kids singing happy birthday was painful more than funny!

  184. Our last office party was held online! We had the ability to move around to different tables to socialize during the dinner portion and then we had a standup comedian do a show for the second part of the party. Not the same as the real thing, but better than having no party at all, for sure.
    These two stamps sets are the ones I’m most excited about for this new release. Definitely a timely subject…

  185. Love these little people!!! We face time with the grandkids all the time! I had one virtual doctor appointment, but hubby does zoom meetings for work. No funny stories other than my grand daughters love to dance for us!!!

  186. So many ADORABLE and CLEVER ideas today. LOVE them all!!! I went on a bit of a pinning frenzy. Thanks ladies for all the inspiration and to Lawn Fawn for another darling set of products.

  187. So many clever ideas in these sets! They are so perfect for any occasion especially in these times when we spend more time apart from our family and friends. Super video showcasing how they all work and wonderful projects from the talented team!! 🙂

  188. The wonders of Zoom. I have been able to reconnect with a college friend in another state. We now “met” monthly. Love the new Virtual Friends stamp set. Very appropriate for the times.

  189. These two stamp sets are so cute!!!!
    Honestly, I don’t like very much virtual meeting ’cause me gets easily dustract during them. I start thinking “look at my face, I look so goofy, and look my hair….I need to go to the hairdresser as soon as I can and my voice is so strange…”

  190. I still go to the Office daily and see my coworkers there. Also have my family close – so no virtual stories from me. Besides maybe the one of my daughter’s prof at University. They have virtual classes and those can be watched whenever the students feel like it. So the profs record the lessons don’t see the students on their screen since they aren’t live. So he felt kind of dumb talking to an empty room. He went and brought in some of his kids’ stuffed animals as ‘students’ and everytime he’s calling the dino to order at the end off class since the dino always comes up with something goofy…

  191. What fun sets!!!

    My story isn’t really funny – but as a classroom assistant working in a school I’m constantly getting our zoom times wrong – luckily I”m usually early not late, but once I got into the room before the teacher and accidentally had control of all the rooms – I felt terrible!

  192. i meet online with my scout kids every other week and last week we had a ‘holiday’ theme and everyone dressed up! one of the kids dressed up as a cocktail glass, complete with straw and fruit hanging off and everything – so creative! xx

  193. I work from home 5 days a week so I have lots of virtual meetings. But my husband’s record store is currently closed due to covid regulations too and all the deliveries are now sent to our home. One day I was in a virtual meeting and in those 60 minutes I had to leave the meeting 5 times to get the door to accept packages. Glad my colleagues had a good laugh about it!

  194. I’ve had plenty of virtual meetings but none as fun or cute as the ones depicted in all these adorable cards! Mine are downright frustrating if they include my elderly parents!

  195. I used to have virtual “visits” with my son when he lived in Spain. I always looked forward to them. Love the little people and can visualize their many uses. Amazing release!

  196. I love listening to my daughter’s zooms when the teacher’s trying to explain something and you can tell half the kids aren’t listening. Funny not funny. Thanks for all of the great ideas and the chance to win.

  197. Love this set! So perfect to send cards with these images to my teacher friends. I can’t imagine distance learning for a while school year! I had enough trouble with only 3 months of last school year before I retired!

  198. The virtual friends stamp is adorable…love the virtual hugs sentiment. Since we live hours away from both our children and grandchildren it has been many zoom/virtual chats. We did a zoom chat Christmas morning while we opened presents. We usually have a pancake and eggs brunch right after opening so my son wondered when the pancakes would be arriving!

  199. I haven’t had too many virtual meetings as I am going to work as usual but it is fun to catch up with family on facetime.

  200. Tiny friends will definitely be on my shopping list! I can’t wait for this set to come out. No fun virtual meeting. There was a kinda awkward silence Easter meeting last year with my in-law family… Ha!

  201. I love the Virtual People. Must have.
    Have been doing a lot of virtual meetings and church groups. It was great to see the virtual weddings.

  202. I don’t really have a fun virtual meeting story – all my meetings either go slowly or go like a Saturday Night Live sketch. I was listening to my husband’s team singing Christmas carols over Zoom – that was hilarious. Looking forward to these sets being available – so cute!!!

  203. Can’t wait to use this stamp set in the car critters car! Everything in this release is so cute and versatile.

  204. My mom is new to anything electronic and since the pandemic began we always do a facetime with the whole family and my mom can never get the camera right. we always see only have her face or the ceiling lol

  205. i know lawn fawn wasn’t planning on making people for a while there, but these little folks are the CUTEST!
    not sure if this is “fun” but our girl scout troop meets every other week virtually and we have been learning so much together!

  206. My only funny zoom meeting is my cat decided that she was just going to scream meow at the top of her lungs in the middle of it (she’s normally a silent cat so it was pretty hilarious)

  207. It was actually fun to do a 40th birthday zoom for my brother, everyone was in different states so we wouldn’t have seen them without zooming! Love all the sets and super love how they all fit with other older sets!

  208. My favorite zoom meeting was a baby shower and they sent us all matching wine glasses and crowns to go with the Where the Wild Things are theme. They also sent us white onesies and fabric markers so we could make customized baby clothes for the little one ❤️

  209. These new sets are sooooo adorable!!! Im a teacher working online now and I need these sets!!! Funny stories? I’ve got a ton of those. I also have a ton of frustrating teaching online stories:( I can’t wait to get to work with my students in person!!!!!

  210. A fun virtual meeting was when our friends showed handmade cards to the trainer during job training that was held over virtual meeting. We were touched.

  211. I love, love, love all things Lawn Fawn, and this is why. So many fabulous things to choose from! I am sorry to say I am going to have to have them all! My shopping list is long and I can hardly wait for the release! Bring them on!!! And keep up the great work with all the wonderful and creative things you offer!

  212. I have monthly video calls with my friend and every time she is in a new place and gives me a tour of her new pad so that’s always fun.

  213. I personally don’t have any virtual meetings I’ve attended, but my daughter has attended a couple virtual birthday parties. Love how appropriate this set is for the times.

  214. Loving the saying “Glitch free” perfect for your right. So many funny moments, but mostly it’s making sure my background looks clean. LOL I would hate for coworkers to see my messy “office” aka bedroom. LOL

  215. Virtual seems to be the world now. I have taught many a elementary school lesson virtually and taken a couple crafting lesson virtually. It is nice to see family far away virtually as well.

  216. I have fun reading stories and singing songs with my grandchildren online. It’s so fun to have them sing with me! I even have read and sung on Marco Polo so they can pull it it anytime they are missing grandma!

  217. Such adorable projects! Love them, and perfect for right now! Lots of virtual meetings, all fun stories in their own ways, bound to have some sort of hiccup every time. Just nice to have this option right now to connect.

  218. I am new to zoom and can’t wait to send some of my (“new” zoom) friends a card with these new products. Love the cards from the design team. So inspirational.

  219. I was watching a virtual medical meeting and while there were technical issues one of the doctors told jokes.. it helped fill in the “dead” space. Lol
    Very cute little people!

  220. Virtual meetings for me. I did, however, gift my elderly mother with a FB Portal last year. Seeing her smiling face on calls makes me happy!

  221. Las their we did a virtual (zoom) birthday cake cutting for my daughter with her Aunty and grandparents. Wasn’t so great for the others not with us as they got to see the cake, but not eat it!!!

  222. Lovely sets! No particular funny stories. My cat usually passes before the camera when I’m on a virtual meeting so people suddenly see a big black fluffy thing hiding my face for a few seconds.

  223. How awesome that you have incorporated the “new way of communicating” into cardmaking! And the little people! squeal!

  224. I am loving the virtual friends and the tiny friends collection. I see endless possibilities with this and the Village sets!

  225. My paper craft space can be outlined with one word – MESSY! Creative people like those at Lawn Fawn can truly relate to this!

  226. My virtual meetings are not that eventful. I do love the lawyer ‘I am not a cat’ video that is flooding the internet. I laugh just thinking about it.

  227. Watching my Daughter trying to coach her grandparents on virtual meetings has been fun. “Papa you are upside down turn the phone round”. ❤🙂
    Need these sets too.

  228. I haven’t had many virtual experiences since the pandemic but staff meetings are always interesting considering there are 40 of us on Zoom together.

  229. This past year I’ve done Groove, Zentangle and a virtual bible retreat online… So fun to still have activities even if they aren’t in person.

  230. My niece was living with us as her new house was being renovated and she had to use our dining table for virtual school which had a view of the kitchen. Every morning I would go make breakfast in my pajama shorts and she would always say, “They can see you!”

  231. My family had a zoom birthday party for my 9 year old niece. We played games, like bingo. The kids loved that party, hope to have another one soon.

  232. A weekly virtual gathering of friends has become a thing since the pandemic started. Some of us live in different states, so I hope it continues to be a thing even when it is safe to see the friends who live locally again. It has been so significant in helping to cope with the isolation. But the most fun virtual conference I had was with my best friend – we crafted together via Zoom!

  233. These new sets are so cute! No funny virtual meeting stories here, except for the people who occasionally get caught with the mute button off!

  234. Well recently my kid was doing virtual school, and I didn’t realize that her mic was not on mute. And I was doing laundry, and I asked her where her underwear were for washing. Lol. Luckily it had been small group time with just a couple girls. No harm done and my kid laughed.

  235. I am a Paraeducator and any time I get to see the kiddos I work with it’s fun. We always have a question of the day and I love to listen to them tell their stories about what they did over the weekend or breaks.

  236. SWOON!! I LOVE ALL of the AMAZING Inspiration and the NEW Products!!
    My boys have FUN Game Night get togethers with their Cousins who live in different States!! It’s FUN to watch them play games virtually and the memories and laughter being created are the BEST part!!
    THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEK!!

  237. My kids are on virtual meetings and sometimes we forget and we walk on the screen behind them at their desk and they go crazy! Don’t walk in the video is all we hear all morning! LOL!

  238. My daughter is currently doing virtual kindergarten and it is amazing to watch. Her teacher is amazing at keeping them engaged.

  239. My friends organized a virtual escape room for my birthday and it was really fun, but actually quite challenging.

  240. One would thing I should have at least one funny video meeting story since we’ve been working from home for nearly a year, but nope. I don’t have a single one. The closest thing to funny I can come up with is hearing the kids and pets of my coworkers in the background. LOL

  241. Hmm, the only virtual meetings I have had are for work. I don’t have a camera set up on my work laptop (the cameras are disabled on the laptop before they are issued) so I don’t have any funny stories of my cat pawing at the screen or anything. I usually call into the meetings on my cell (facetime also disabled) and use it as my way to walk around a bit. One time I did reply to my cat without realizing I wasn’t on mute once. So there was that, but not many people had called in yet so only a couple of people heard me say ‘well meow to you too.’

  242. This set is so cute! We had a virtual mad-hatter tea party and it was so much fun to see all the crazy hat creations everyone came up with!

  243. We haven’t had many virtual meetings, but we are thankful that they are available to have if/when needed.
    Love this set for so many reasons, not just the virtual meeting options.

  244. I enjoy watching the newscasters from home. You can always tell the bachelors with now pictures on the walls. One of the ladies changes her pictures out every week.

  245. Very cute and quite timely for our current situation. Each week, our church hosts a zoom small-group discussion meeting on Wednesday night. The only funny thing that happens is having people forget to put their mics on mute. Luckily, no one has made any faux paus yet.

  246. I had several virtual meetings in this period and even if I miss a lot of being able to meet my friends it was still fun! These stamp sets are too cute, can’t wait to use them! 💕

  247. My family have started virtual Quizzes. As we’re in the UK and the US, it’s a great way for us to keep in touch as we’ve not been able to visit in person for over a year now. I just love this set, it’s going to be so relevant and fun!!

  248. My family has been Zooming every Sunday for almost a year. I’ve never ‘seen’ my family more lol! It’s good tho. Keeping in contact keeps track of everyone. My sister’s cat always makes cameos too and that always puts smiles on everyone’s faces 🙂 He’s so handsome!

  249. Such a cute set! As an educator doing all distance education, there have been quite a few comical situations with Google Meet, especially in the beginning when everyone was just figuring it out.

  250. Another great set! Love that it can be mixed with so many others…definitely working in a virtual environment and I’m sure my co workers could use a card like one of these to make them smile!

  251. I love the virtual friends and tiny people sets. They are so cute. These cards would be so much fun to send to coworkers.

  252. All my family zoomed for my little girls 4th Birthday in January – we opened presents and sang Happy Birthday so she could blow out the candles – shame we had to keep the cake all to ourselves!!!

  253. I have virtual meetings with my mom and sister and it’s fun to see my sister’s family and when her cute little dog (Kasey/ a Yorkie pops into view with her funny pajamas or sweater, it just makes us laugh and giggle.

  254. This is such a cute set. I don’t really have a fun virtual meeting story, I guess. I facetime with my sister and mom from time to time. Probably should do it more often.

  255. Good to have the ability to meet online for live crafting classes, since a lot of the locations were too far away to attend. Other than that virtual is not the same.

  256. Oh my gosh! I can’t stop smiling at these adorable virtual friends and tiny friends…so sweet!! I have done virtual wine parties with friends because we miss each other!

  257. These are so very cute! I did virtual Shakespeare plays with friends for several months last year over zoom. I played a magical creature in one of them so my daughter did some funky makeup for me. It was a hit!

  258. These tiny people are just too cute to be true 😍😍😍

    I participated in a postnatal exercise class via zoom – it was fun 😂

  259. No specific fun stories. If it’s a friends or family chat, my son likes to run around and be a goof or lick the screen (he’s 2) to embarrass me. If it’s a work meeting, generally my cat likes to be the center of attention and blocks my camera.

  260. We have a very funny family picture that we sneak into the background of my husband’s virtual meetings….it has been a great ice breaker when/if someone notices it.

  261. I’m a teacher and I could tell you so many “fun” meet stories….but it’s better not to know them!! we should be glad this pandemic came in 2020 when we could meet each other virtually. If it arrived earlier, we wouldn’t have seen anyone for months…

  262. I like the tiny friends. So much possibilities for them! I did a video call with my 2-year old niece and all of the sudden she wasn’t on the screen anymore. Turned out she put “me” in the cat’s scratching post,😂

  263. My husband was in a virtual meeting, cat standing behind him on a table an fall of it. Everybody saw it and that made them laugh. looks so funny

  264. I love this stamp set! I am so thankful for the technology we have at this time. It has allowed us to stay connected in ways we never thought we would need.

  265. I am grateful that we have technology to stay in touch with our loved ones during this time but I sure do miss the hugs from my adult children and parents 🙂

  266. fun virtual meeting story — going on virtual vacation when everyone chooses a vacation destination as their background

    this is such a fun set!

  267. We use our virtual meetings to have virtual team lunch or happy hour – things we did often in person and miss greatly! This is a really great release!

  268. I’m in college and I have zoom classes weekly – I don’t know if they count as fun but they’re educational!

  269. We had a fun Virtual Meeting for our Gender Reveal party. We had all our families and friends connected online and we did a few guessing games and at the end finally reveal the gender of our baby. It was sooo much fun!

  270. No fun virtual meeting stories, but I am enjoying being able to “attend” lectures and concerts without ever leaving my house! There’s so many fun virtual events to choose from now!

  271. My friends set up a virtual video to celebrate my 50th birthday during our state lockdown! It was so nice to be able to celebrate my big milestone birthday with friends even if it was virtual! 🤗

  272. I logged into a Zoom call with a towel on my head fresh out of the shower not knowing my camera was on. Needless to say I make sure the camera is disabled before joining work calls 🙁

  273. My kids are the ones with daily virtual meetings for school. Our beagle, Porthos, has to participate so he sits on their laps and looks at all the other kids on the computer screen.

  274. I am sooo excited for this set!!! I don’t do a lot of virtual mtgs but the few I have had I have to hid to participate in since my kids make it a competition to see who can get the most screen time in the background if they find out.

  275. I can’t wait to get this set! Zooming with my family and friends have been wonderful! Now is time to send them cards to remind them of our wonderful on-line visits!!

  276. We were having a video call with our son’s family one day. My granddaughter, who had recently started kindergarten via zoom, and watched her parents have work meetings via zoom, became a little bored after a while. She piped up with “Isn’t it time to end this meeting?”

  277. I just LOVE all things tiny and this doesn’t disappoint! Can’t wait to get all the stuff in new release! Got it written on work calendar!

  278. Virtual meetings happen daily. I am not sure if I can always attach the word fun to them 🙂 I prefer seeing people in person since I have to get dressed and go to work either way. But I am grateful for technology and the ability to keep in touch with family that can’t have visitors.

  279. When the pandemic first started, my youngest kid didn’t have an phone etiquette. So she would hang up on people when she was done. Eventually, it got to the point where when she called one friend, he would start the conversation with asking her not to hang up on him. Sometimes, he would try to hang up on her first.

  280. I’m well rehearsed in virtual meetings since it’s how I met my husband 19 years ago! We lived 5000 miles apart so we virtually dated for a few years before meeting in person. We’re celebrating our 15 year wedding anniversary this year.

  281. Actually, we had a breakfast-meeting this morning and a college had a dog in his lap. It started licking his arm, but you couldn’t see the arm and on my screen, next to him was another college and he was sitting very relaxed with one hand behind his head. It looked exactly like the dog was licking the other guys armpit and I was laughing so hard I couldn’t talk when it was my turn to tell everybody what I was working on today.

  282. Both the tiny friends and virtual friends will be great to use when I make cards for the kids and my life. (And many of the “adult” kids too). And I love the sunburst die… millions of possibilities with that one!

  283. The most fun I’ve ever had was seeing a classmate joining our zoom meeting from the Home Depot parking lot… Apparently she was running errands when she realized class was about to start… 😲

  284. I just love these little guys, this stamp set is so fun and so many wonderful possibilities!! The add on die is great too

  285. Zoom meetings have been interesting with my nosy kitty cats wanting to join the fun. These sets will make the cutest cards!!

  286. I have two sons that are both doing school virtually at home this year. There is almost always some meeting going on most of the day. Luckily, we haven’t had any embarrassing or funny stories. yet. I am looking forward to making up some fun virtual friends cards to give to the teachers.

  287. I’m a mentor and now we do a lunch zoom session with my 4th grader instead of a real lunch meeting. We’ve both learned new things and one was to play with the whiteboard in zoom. So we play tic tac toe and hangman.

  288. I play games with my mom on Zoom every week – we’ve figured out the board games that play well remotely, so it’s kind of like we’re across the zoom table from each other!

  289. My local sorority alumnae chapter has been hosting virtual social meetings throughout the pandemic. This month we have been having Margarita Monday meetings featuring different margarita recipes, which has been really fun! I was also part of a Christmas wreath crafting class over zoom in early December, which was really amazing.

  290. These cards are seriously so cute and I love that they’ll all work for long distance cards after the pandemic! The masked critters are cute but these are more versatile. Nice job LF 💚💚

  291. I discovered playing online escaperooms during this pandemic with friends. So good to keep in touch and having fun with them!

  292. Thanks to Lawn Fawn brand and love to Lawn Fawn stuff I met such awesome girls. We are friends since almost 2 years and we share our crafty life by virtual talks even if we life in such many different places far away from each other like Australia, USA, Europe 🙂

  293. I have been working virtual since I started my new job in October. Seeing my new co workers virtually is the only way I can see them and it’s nice to put a name with a face. I hope one day we will get to meet in person.

  294. I don’t have any fun virtual meeting stories but I must say how much I appreciate Lawn Fawn continually making products that work with their already existing ones.

  295. This is probably my favorite release from you guys! So many items that work with each other, you can easily make dozens of cards/creations with just 2 items mixed together.

  296. We do meetings using Microsoft Teams, sometimes I forget to slide the tab on my camera. so instead of seeing me, my coworkers just see a black screen.

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