Lawn Fawn Intro: Slimline Grassy Hillside Borders, Slimline Hillside Stencils, Slimline Simple Hillside Stencils, Slimline Cloudy Stencils

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s March 2021 Inspiration Week! All of our new Spring 2021 products are available at your favorite store and!

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Today is our showcase of Slimline Grassy Hillside Borders, Slimline Hillside Stencils, Slimline Simple Hillside Stencils and Slimline Cloudy Stencils! This extra-long border die set is great for adding grassy layers to your slimline designs. Create cloudy skies, hillsides and rainbows on slimline cards with our new stencil sets!

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a little video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using this new set! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Grace crafted an amazing slimline scene using our new Slimline Grassy Hillside Borders! I love how she used the Slimline Stitched Hillside Borders to create the water’s edge. Our Elphie Selfie Flip-Flop elephant is splashing with her friends from the original Elphie Selfie and Wild for You!

Elise used the Slimline Simple Hillside Stencils to ink an amazing rainbow! She added fluffy clouds with the Slimline Cloudy Stencils to create a magical backdrop for the Unicorn Picnic critters!

Mindy stenciled some hills and clouds to create a landscape for the Critters at the Dog Park to romp and chase some bubbles! She used Shadow Box Card Park Add-On trees to frame her slimline scene!

Tammy‘s super cute meadow scene features Toadally Awesome with a Mushroom House! The new Slimline Grassy Hillside Borders fill in the scene! And I just love those soft purple stenciled clouds!

Latisha‘s adorable Special Delivery design starts with a grassy hillside and pretty clouds! I love the sweet little hearts that she stamped across the card!

Elena‘s cute RAWRSOME scene includes trees from Life is Good and Ahoy Matey. But it’s that amazing stenciled cloudy sky that is the star of this card!

Lynnette combined stenciled clouds and hillside on a Scalloped Slimline card! The longer length means there is plenty of room for all of the images found in Eggstra Amazing Easter!

Those clouds stenciled in blues and purples are the perfect backdrop for Mindy‘s amazing birthday card! I love how she used Holographic cardstock to cut the Oliver’s Stitched ABCs and layered them with black cardstock to create a shadow.

Audrey‘s Hay There scene sends birthday wishes from the whole herd! Her long slimline design makes sure there’s plenty of space for all the farm critters!

Some Bunny‘s and a Chirpy chick (dressed like a bunny) are busy painting Easter eggs on a grassy hillside! I love the pretty pastels that Megan used for this amazing Easter design!

Tammy combined Slimline Cloudy Stencils with Slimline Stitched Hillside Borders and Slimline Grassy Hillside Borders to create the perfect background for a brilliant card! Critters from Bubbles of Joy, Butterfly Kisses and Elphie Selfie Flip-Flop look so adorable blowing and chasing after bubbles together!

It’s all about rainbows on this happy design by Lynnette! The stenciled clouds create just the right backdrop for all the happy and colorful elements! I love how she coordinated the cardstock colors with the Pink Tutu Really Rainbow paper framing the card with pretty scallops!

Mindy‘s adorable Bubbles of Joy scene on a tall slimline design shows that our new slimline stencils and Slimline Grassy Hillside Borders are great for creating a cute scene on any size card!

Now, I have a video to introduce Slimline Grassy Hillside Borders, Slimline Hillside Stencils, Slimline Simple Hillside Stencils and Slimline Cloudy Stencils! Chari and I will show some fun ways to add fun scenes to slimline cards using these new sets. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch it below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thanks so much for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Slimline Grassy Hillside Borders, Slimline Hillside Stencils, Slimline Simple Hillside Stencils and Slimline Cloudy Stencils! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us your favorite way to add scenery to your cards (stamps, dies, stencils, hand-drawn, etc.) by March 24th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Sunday, March 21st for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week, we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


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349 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Slimline Grassy Hillside Borders, Slimline Hillside Stencils, Slimline Simple Hillside Stencils, Slimline Cloudy Stencils

  1. I like to use all the things for scenery building, I love the look of layers and dimension. Beautiful inspiration cards.

  2. Since I am still pretty new to cardmaking with stamps, dies, and stencils, I end up doing a lot of experimenting to get the right look. I often find myself challenged to find the right background and frequently use my own artwork to fill in the gaps. I am discovering the benefits of background items, so I have started adding those to my stash. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. I love using the cloud stencil to add scenery to a card – so dreamy and cheerful or create a storm using grey ink; so versatile! But loved Grace’s card – it’s amazing!

  4. I make lots of card, making sceneries. It has changed the way I’ve been making but after “stencil” became very popular, that’s the most way to make a scenery, and those are mainly blue sky with clouds and sunset. I remember old days before the stencils, we stamped clouds, masking some clouds, and sponged the blue, etc. but stencils became so convenient. But believe it or not, my first stencil to make “clouds” in the sky is by Print works, and the package says 1997!! I probably bought it 21 years ago, and it still works beautifully! It still has the price on it, and it says $2.79!! Oh I noticed it said “cloud TEMPLATE”! lol I still use it even I bought a couple of more clouds making stencils cuz I just love making the sky with those stencils!

  5. The cloud stencil is my absolute favourite for creating background, so I’m super excited that there’s now a slimline version too. I also like to use background stencils; I think the Starry Sky one is my favourite! ✨

  6. So many amazing cards and scenes, Grace and Tammy just knocked it out of the park there! Love! I am not too good at creating whole amazing scenes, but usually use my stencils & dies for that purpose, I rarely venture out to making my own backgrounds by hand…

  7. Dies and stencils are my go-to background elements. I love the use of the wavy hillside dies to make the elephants’ watering hole. Very clever! 😁

  8. I love Lawn Fawn’s scenery dies. They make scene building easy and so much fun. I love the stencils too, but find myself reaching for the dies the most.

  9. My fave way to add scenery is with dies! There are so many options available to layer and build scenes with!

  10. To add scenery, I typically use dies, because I own the most dies. However, my stencil collection is growing, so I am starting to use those more

  11. I love to use a cloud stencil or the stitched hillside borders to add scenery to the background of my cards. Thanks for all the great inspiration!

    1. I find that I like stencils a lot, expecaly now I am get better at inking.
      Oh to have unlimited money and be able to just get all the things!!

  12. I find that I like stencils a lot, expecaly now I am get better at inking.
    Oh to have unlimited money and be able to just get all the things!!

  13. I love stencils for quick, subtle backgrounds and dies for dimension! Beautiful, inspiring card designs!

  14. I usually use background dies and patterned scrapbook paper {clouds, grass, etc) to create the backgrounds for my cards. I am definitely interested in adding stencils to my creations.

  15. Every card is different so I’ll use stamps, dies, stencils…whatever inspires me at the time to create scenery. I am definitely inspired by today’s cards and will be recreating quite a few of them myself. Great job design team!!!

  16. I like scenery cards like created here and for me I like to use stamps, dies, stencils and embellishments to create & decorate a scene. Not a very good hand drawing but my daughter is the artist at drawing.
    “Sunshine HoneyBee”

  17. I love to use die cuts and stenciling. When you stencil it is so much fun when you look at your card when after you finish and pick up your stencil.

  18. I love how Grace used the Slimline Stitched Hillside Borders to create the water’s edge. Really inspiring! And I love the reverse image on the elephant and how it was colored! Thank you!

  19. Honestly, I struggle with scenery. The dies help a lot. Heve been wanting to try more stencils cause I like to get inky. 😄

  20. I love scene cards especially with critters. I like to use dies to help me. I’m still learning how to blend ink so that it doesn’t look so blotchy. I enjoyed all the cards from today’s post and now following more of the DT on IG. Thank you.

  21. Love to make scene cards and my go-to scene-building supplies right now are stencils and stamps. Great cards today by the design team! Love the cloudy skies!

  22. I usually layer my scenery with the cloud stencil for the sky and grass or rolling hills die cuts. Slimline cards are so fun for scene building with Lawn Fawn images!

  23. I use stamps and dies for creating scenery, but have just started using stencils. Love the samples today. Such inspiration!

  24. I like to use both dies and stencils to add scenery to my cards and layouts. The stencils are so easy to use and I just love them!

  25. I don’t know that I have a favorite way. It would depend on the card. I do like creating outdoor backgrounds, though. 🙂

  26. I haven’t explored making slimline cards yet, but the design team cards are really making me way too!! I’ve been making a lot of no line cards lately with everything colored in Copics. I’m still learning how, but really love playing!!

  27. I enjoy using a combination of stencils and dies for my backgrounds. Extra depth and dimension!

  28. I like to layer my background, and the different dies and stencils add dimension. I couldn’t do that without your great grass, cloud and hillside dies and stencils. I also use background stencils or embossing folders.

  29. Love the cards! Grace’s idea of using the borders as the waters edge is an awesome idea and I can’t wait to try that! My favourite way to add backgrounds to my cards is worth stencils and dies.

  30. All kinds of things are great for backgrounds – stencils, inks, stamps, dies, colored papers – and I use them all.

  31. I’ve been looking for a fun cloudy stencil, and your design team has me convinced! I’ve been using stencils a lot lately to create backgrounds. Thanks, Lawn Fawn!

  32. I have made few background cards. I usually use patterned paper or stencils with a bit of ink blending. Love the slimline designs today!

  33. I love the Lawn Fawn cloud stencil so much, it is hard to use anything else lately. I need to do more with the hillside stencil. I learn a lot from your videos and DT examples. Thank you!

  34. Wow! Love all the inspiration from the designers! I really need to jump on the slimline bandwagon. I like to build scenes using lots of dies. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  35. I will die cut grasses or use scissors to
    make cuts into the green for grass with
    my scissors. I’m not very good at
    clouds. thanks

  36. My favorite way to add scenery is with stencils because it’s quick and easy. Die cuts and stamps make great backgrounds too!

  37. I love using all except hand-drawn. I don’t draw very well; hence my love of stamps, dies and stencils; hence my love of Lawn Fawn!

  38. I love using your stencils to make those fabulous clouds and other landscape features as well as your incredible dies!

  39. For the ground of my scenery it’s totally dies, I love all the dimension. However, for the sky I’m more into the look stencils give.

  40. I like to add stamped background and die cut ones, equally. These stamps, especially the elephants,,,,,adorable!

  41. Have to admit I don’t have a favorite way …. depends on my mood – if I am in a rush, it is easiest to do with stencils – but love using dies as well! Really appreciate that your inspiration uses your entire line, not just the new items!

  42. I love to use dies and stencils, sometimes both on the same card! But whichever I choose to do I like to add as much detail as possible 🙂 I really am in love with the new stencils and the design team cards!

  43. So cute!!! I think it depends on the card as to how to add scenery…whether it’s dies or stamps, etc. I do like using the stencils, as it adds less bulk to the card for mailing!

  44. I have really started loving using stencils for backgrounds. Also embossing folders. Love the inspiration. Thanks.

  45. I love stencilling clouds – clouds of many colors and then using dies for grass and hillsides.
    So many amazing slimline cards!!

  46. My favorite way to add scenery is with stamps and dies. I like to build them up in layers to add depth and dimension to my scenes.

  47. When making backgrounds I tend to either stencil or use one of Lawn Fawn’s papers. The designs always make great backdrops for any scene I build. I do love how Elise used the hill to make rainbows…so creative!

  48. Using dies and stencils are my favorite way to create scenery on my cards.
    Love all of today’s inspiration, so many cute and fun cards!

  49. My favorite way to add scenery to my cards is with either stencils and ink blending or with dies. Love the new slimline products!

  50. Adorable cards! Love the stencils and dies! It makes building a background scene so easy…
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  51. I’m a big fan of the cloud stencils and the starry sky stencil and die. I like using die cuts, too, especially for individual puffy clouds and hills.

  52. I usually use pattern paper or ink blending for backgrounds. I don’t make a lot of slimline cards, but these stencils might help me give it a try!

  53. Oh how I love the way that different sets of stamps and dies can be used to coordinate a huge variety of scenes! Love the new slimline card dies. Looks like a “must have” for me.

  54. I don’t usually add a scene to my card, just use a background die or ink blend some color. I’m too lazy. I love these cards and provide awesome ideas and somewhat inspired me to try making scenes for my cards.

  55. At present I use dies to set the scene. I really want to learn to use the blended ink with stencils but I havent had the time to practice.

  56. I love using dies to make a scene— I’m absolutely in ❤️ With all the amazing work here! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  57. I love a good background stencils for sure! I’ve not yet mastered drawing in anything with copics so stencils are my absolute go-to!

  58. Great inspirational designs. I like to cut scenes from dies. My ink blending is still experimental but I like to practice with stencils

  59. I am not a very experienced card maker yet, so at this point I like to use dies or stamps and dies (I say no to fussy cutting!) to create backgrounds. That let’s me focus my energies on getting my feature elements right.

  60. I have been making more slimline cards since you have more landscape and
    enjoy die cut & stencil my backgrounds!

  61. I’m learning how to use the stencils and color blending, I really like the looks of that and you can build your scene from there.

  62. Mine would be stamping, but I just getting started with the blending brushes in the back ground with stencils. You and your designers are so great showing clever ways to make backgrounds

  63. I like to use die cuts, stamps and sometimes ink to make backgrounds for my cards! I’ve never tried stenciling, so that might be something new and fun for me to try!

    1. i love to add scenery with different stamps and dies from many sets! there is always a little something that we can add to fill up the scene!

  64. Choose one? I use them all to make scenes — stencils are best for clouds although I have a ton of dies for clouds; dies are best for trees and I like dies for grass; I love stamps, they are my favorite for everything though. I’m an old crafter so I started when we only used stamps!

  65. I use stamps and stencils for the scenery, or distress oxides. I just started making slimline cards, and these stencils and dies are so nice to use with the full length of a slimline.

  66. To build a scene, I use a combination of supplies I have in hand. But I definitely favoured LF stencils, because it creates flatter card perfect for mailing.

  67. I have to freehand until I can get some scene building things to cut. So Gosh I dont think I’ve done 5 scenes…, but really want to!! But enjoy the design teams talent to create such A.dor.a.ble landscapes and towns and meadows stories. One day I will get the dies and bet I’ll get hooked.

  68. Absolutely adorable! I absolutely love die cuts for building backgrounds. So happy to see more stencils to use as the card is much lighter and easier to mail!

    Love ,love ,love all of those cards. So adorable and whimsical!

  69. I love the cloud stencils because they give such a beautiful affect and are quite simple to use. I was impressed when the first time I used a cloud stencil it came out well. I had anticipated that I would need to practice. I like using both stencils and dies for building a background.

  70. Oooh, tough question! I usually default to an ink-blended background of some sort, plus dies (grass, hills, etc.) to build a scene.

    1. I use all of the above for my scene creating. I love all of the options you have of stamps, dies, stencils, ink blended backgrounds, border dies, pattern paper, etc.

  71. I use all of the above for my scene creating. I love all of the options you have of stamps, dies, stencils, ink blended backgrounds, border dies, pattern paper, etc.

    1. Slim lines are on my try next list for sure!! And unicorns! Love everything you do lawn Fawn team keep it up!!

  72. I actually don’t often add scenery to my cards — I would like too, but I guess I’ve been intimidated! I have made my own clouds with a scrap of paper, and very simple hand-drawn or inked hillsides/skies. I’d like to try more!

  73. For my scenes – I like to use a little bit of everything – to give it dimension. I have really loved using stencils the last few month.

  74. I love the soft look of cloud stencils but I also like the dimension and depth from dies for grass and hills.

  75. Adorable card’s, my favorite way to add scenery to my cards is either stamps and dies or stamps, dies and stencils it really depends on the kind of card I’m making at that time

  76. I have only made one scene card, which was for my uncle, Tio Lolo. It was a bunny in a fishing boat. I used my stamps for the palm trees and land in the background. It was cute and my uncle loved it.

  77. Loving all the slimlines. I tend to either use stamps or hand drawn(colored) scenes, but occasionally die cuts.

  78. Love that dinosaur card! The colors are so pretty! Also really like the farm and rainbow card! The cloud stencil is very near looking.

  79. I like to add shading with distress inks or with Copics to enhance my scene cards. Grassy hills or just plain hills work too. If I am really thinking, I use the designer paper to cut out my elements; however I often covet the paper and opt to ‘forget’ to do so! Enjoying all the DT is showing!!!😍

  80. I love all the border dies and I also love the new stencils and use them with distress oxide ink. It’s quick and easy.

  81. OMG design team! You guys did awesome! My favorite way to design is using dies but I also love the stencils especially after the inspiration shown here! I enjoy each way you suggested because each one gives the card depth and I love a card that has depth to it 😁❤️Happy crafting!

  82. I prefer die cuts for my scenery because I find them easier to use and make a scene…but that rainbow made from a stencil hillside may change my mind!

  83. I have really enjoyed the stencils a ton! For me it seems to be easier to add those special touches to the scene!

  84. These cards are so cute! I love adding the hillsides to my critter cards! Whether it be grass or snow, they always look great with lawn fawn dies!

  85. I love making scenes with stamps and I’m so happy you are adding more and more stencils to your collection. I hope that one day you will release some scene building stamps as well!

  86. i love to add scenery with different stamps and dies from many sets! there is always a little something that we can add to fill up the scene!

  87. We eat a lot of sushi, and they come with a small decorative green strip of “grass” to separate the wasabi from the other items. I wash and save all those “grass” pieces and use them as scenery on my cards!

  88. Cloudy stencil is a must for so many cards; however, I also like to use dis, and even stamps to make my own pattern paper design.

  89. I love mixing my stencils with my die cuts. My favorite stencil is the cloudy stencil. You can do so much with it. Some days I just get out all my stencils and make backgrounds.

  90. It depends on what look I am going for. Sometimes I use stencils. Sometimes dies. Sometimes stamps. Sometimes draw. Sometimes I use all four at once!

  91. Mix of stamps, dies and stencils. Hand-drawing? No, no… not me. Terrible at it. That’s why all crafting-stuff is so fun when one can’t draw!

    1. I realized I didn’t actually answer the question 🤦🏻‍♀️ lol I’d say for grass or hills- dies are my go-to. I do really love the cloud stencil, too!

  92. I like using dies for creating my backgrounds on cards but i do like seeing how i can use stencils to also create great backgrounds!

  93. I’ve recently loved the use of stencils to add to the background! I must say my cloud stencil is getting a good workout

  94. I’ve never tried stencils to make a background but now I’m lovin this! Normally, I just use patterned paper for a “background”.

  95. these slimline cards are all so adorable!! When I make a scene, I usually used dies or everything except the sky; I always use cloud stencils for that (and maybe add some die cut clouds!).

  96. My favorite way to do a scene is a combo of stamps, dies, and stencils!! Slimline is becoming another addiction!!

  97. My favorite way to add scenery to cards is stamps, dies, and stencils. If I had to choose just one it would be stencils because you can do it quickly, easily, and you get a great result – and also, they are very affordable!

  98. I’m just starting to get into scene cards after doing a class recently and I just love it. I think adding stencils to backgrounds really helps with the scene. I have a greater appreciation for the little bits that make up the scene…it’s so fun..almost like decorating! Your DT projects are amazing and so inspiring!

  99. I am so excited about these new stencils! I absolutely love using stencils for backgrounds and also dies. Especially my favourite combo: cloudy stencil and grassy dies.

  100. These stencils are great! I’m hopeless with scenery and will often ask my husband (he’s an illustrator) to draw something so I don’t just have things floating on my card.

  101. I like using dies to add scenery, and stencils. Love me some Distress Oxide inks!
    I also adore the elephant blowing bubbles of of his trunk – so fricken’ cute!
    Hugs from Canada!

  102. All of the cards in this post are beautiful! I use stencils and stamps to do scenery cards since I love ink blending 🙂

  103. Love all the slimline products! My favorite way to add to my scenery is either with stencils or diecuts, depending on the lool I’m going for.

  104. i like to use stencils and layer with different inks – great for backgrounds for cards AND creating your own papers

  105. I usually use stamps, dies and stencils to create backgrounds. Occasionally (after watching Sandy Allnock) I’ll try my hand at just using Copics.

  106. I’m just learning how to add scenery. I bought the grass stencil and the cloud stencil, but haven’t tried them out yet.

  107. I think a combination of stencils and dies are great for building scenes and love that lawn fawn offers both of these products

  108. My favorite way to add scenery is definitely with dies. I love the idea of stencils and I have been practicing, BUT dies never fail me.

  109. I’m a die-hard die fan when it comes to scene-building. That might change as I learn new skills (Jenn just got me started on Copic coloring, so you never know where that will end up!)

  110. These are all so cute! My favorite way to add scenery to my cards is to use Lawn Fawn images! Depending on what I am creating – I like to create scenes with all sorts of Lawn Fawn images. I also LOVE the cloud stencil. That is so great for the background. I also like to use the Stitched Hillside Borders to make the foreground. All in all – pretty much everything that is Lawn Fawn goodness is my favorite way to add scenery!

  111. My favorite ways to add scenery are stencils and background stamps because they are both quick and allow more time for lots of critter coloring. And the best part about slimline cards, are the extra room for more critters. 💕

  112. I haven’t created yet with slimline products and would love to try these sets out! ❤️
    Following everywhere!

  113. I absolutely LOVE making scenes on Slim Line Cards and you guys really nailed your scenes. Brilliant!!!
    I use stencils. I also use sticky notes as masks and sponge around the masks or use stamps to stamp over the mask and then remove the mask and PRESTO…really cool scenes!!!

  114. I use a variety of things for my backgrounds. It’s sometimes how I figure out what I want to do with my card. I start with a certain type of background and build from there which is backwards for most people.

  115. I love LF stand alone dies and making one of a kind pop-up cards, etc. People think you spend hours making them but they are so simple to do. <3

  116. I will definitely trying using stencil more to create scenes in the future. Might be interesting than just using dies.

  117. I love using a combination of stencils and dies to create backgrounds for my cards. Love all the wonderful ideas!

  118. I was a die-hard die-cut fan for a long time, but y’all have made me fall in love with stencils! I love blending different colors with them.

  119. I definitely love all the ways to add backgrounds but my favorite so far are the background large dies like the snow or sunray!!!

  120. I have found a new love for scenery thanks to Lawn Fawn! I absolutely love using the cloud and grassy stencils! I make up a bunch all at once and then they are all ready when I need to make a quick card?

  121. I love all the fun scenes you can create on the slimline cards. When I make scenes, I use dies most of the time.

  122. I like to use dies to add scenery to my cards. I will occasionally stamp images or use stencils. Thank you for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  123. I love everything lawn fawn has to make cards! Lately I have been using a lot of backdrop dies and find them very useful with designing 🙂

  124. I’m still trying to get into the slimline cards. I like the way they look, but not sure if I’m mentally ready to invest in them, ha.

  125. I like using embossing folders to add interest to my backgrounds but I’m loving the cloudy stencil. It may be my new favorite background

  126. Right now the die cuts are my best friend. Since time is crazy limited, it saves me the step of having to clean stencils 😉 –and LF has so many fun papers to choose from!

  127. I typically create layers with boarders (hillside, grassy, etc) and ink blend a sky. Fantastic cards! I especially love the water bank in the first card. I’ll be recreating that on future cards! Thanks for the inspiration everyone.

  128. I love to make scenery to my projects with many things! Distress ink blending, dies, stencils, stamps, all depends on the look I’m after

  129. There are so many ways I add scenery to a card – layering, stamping, hand drawing – whatever I feel like at the moment!

  130. I love using the stencils to make clouds and the dies are great for adding grass, sand, snow, fields – all things!

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