Lawn Fawn Intro: Delightful Daisy, Garden Gnome and Smiley S’more

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Summer 2021 Inspiration and Release week! On June 24th our 7 new stamp sets and coordinating dies, 16 new standalone die sets, 4 new stencil sets and a colorful new paper collection will be for sale at your favorite store and at! Woohoo! Until then we will have fun posts with design team projects, videos, and giveaways!

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Today is our showcase of Delightful DaisyGarden Gnome and Smiley S’more! Create different looks for these new die sets by using cardstock and patterned papers in various colors. Delightful Daisy is perfect for thinking of you projects, birthdays, Mother’s Day, or any occasion that calls for pretty flowers!

This cute Garden Gnome set of dies is great for thinking of you projects, birthdays, get well cards, or any occasions that are like gnome other! Our Smiley S’more is cute and sweet and perfect for pairing with sentiments from S’more the Merrier and Love You S’more!

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using these new sets! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

To create this amazing slimline card, Kara combined Garden Gnome with Delightful Daisy! She used Slimline Tropical Leaves Border to add a leafy border at the bottom. I love the happy Watercolor Wishes Rainbow polka dots in the background!

Grace‘s cute pair of Smiley S’mores are perfectly toasted! She created a “campfire” using Slimline Tropical Leaves Border and cleverly die cut Woodgrain cardstock! She finished this charming design with a fun Plaid Stencils background!

Wow, Elise‘s tall slimline birthday card is amazing! She used Watercolor Wishes Rainbow papers to make the colorful daisies. She cut the outline from Silver Metallic cardstock to give them a stained glass look! Just so beautiful!

Yainea chose some yummy colors for her Smiley S’more design! For the background she created a pretty pattern using Simple Stripes: Diagonal with Sticky Note and Ballet Slippers cardstock. She layered the cute s’more on a Watercolor Wishes Rainbow Outside In Stitched Heart; then she finished this adorable design with a greeting that combines Finley’s ABCs and Happy Hugs!

This card by Audrey is so cool! The bold black and white Simple Stripes: Portrait set off the black outlines of the Delightful Daisy and Layered Butterfly! Even the Fancy Wavy Banner has a dramatic black frame! Audrey filled the daisy and butterfly with Watercolor Wishes Rainbow colors and added some leaves from Slimline Tropical Leaves Border behind the sentiment banner!

Megan‘s Smiley S’more card is so much fun! I love that she used the Forest Backdrop to frame her adorable nighttime scene! The sentiment from Love You S’more adds the perfect greeting!

Mindy created a window into this Garden Gnome‘s charming world! Of course there is a pretty pink sky, a Delightful Daisy and bright red mushrooms! The Woodgrain cardstock adds even more interest as does the Slimline Tropical Leaves Border!

Elena borrowed this sweet sentiment from S’more the Merrier, and it’s perfect for this amazing design! The Sunburst Backdrop cut from the gold-foiled Cream Sprinkle ‘n Shine paper elevates this special design!

Lynnette‘s lovely design features the pretty Delightful Daisy on a fun Watercolor Wishes Rainbow polka dot background! She coordinated the black flower outline with the Long Distance Hugs sentiment!

Kara‘s show-stopping Smiley S’more design has a magnetic secret! She backed the adorable die cut character with a magnet sheet so it can jump off the card and decorate a metallic surface! Such a brilliant idea! Speaking of brilliant ideas, I love the Simple Stripes: Portrait background stamped with all the little images from S’more the Merrier!

Tammy used the height of a tall slimline card to stack her adorable Smiley S’mores 3 high! I love how the Rose Quartz paper from Watercolor Wishes Rainbow give the perfect graduated pink background! It looks awesome! Those Oliver’s Stitched ABCs look amazing with some shading on the bottom, just like a toasted marshmallow!

I love how Mindy got really creative with the Delightful Daisy! She made a colorful Simple Stripes: Landscape background then added just the outline of the daisies over the top! It’s just so stunning!

Lynnette created a sweet little scene for the Smiley S’more using the Forest Backdrop! The sentiment from S’more the Merrier sends a sweet message!

And now, we have a little video to introduce and share some fun ways to use Delightful Daisy, Garden Gnome and Smiley S’more! You can watch it below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thanks for watching! I hope we inspired you!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Delightful DaisyGarden Gnome and Smiley S’more! Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us your favorite way to make s’mores by June 23rd at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Wednesday, June 23rd for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week, we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!

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412 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Delightful Daisy, Garden Gnome and Smiley S’more

      1. In my backyard, otherwise I like to make them in the microwave – that way I can eat them any time 😂 My husband likes to make them with thin Resses Cups.

  1. Being from the UK, s’mores are a new concept to me! Thanks to your Facebook page, I have been learning all about them, and will definitely be giving them a go 😃

  2. I do not make smores very often anymore as I am allergic to chocolate but remember as a child going on a brownie guide holiday and making them with 20+ other girls, this is one of my favourite memories.

  3. I’m Portuguese, so s’mores are a new concept to me too!
    I love floral die sets like the Delightful Daisy die set 🙂

  4. We don’t really have s’mores in the UK – I think the rain interrupts camp fires too much lol.
    Toasting marshmallows over a fire (or even a bbq!) When camping is fun though!
    I will have to go on a treasure hunt for some graham crackers and veggie marshmallows to toast now! (Or stick to this super cute little s’more guy who is just as sweet!)

  5. My favorite way is toasting a marshmallow over a fire but when that isn’t possible I make microwave s’mores.. warm gooey goodness minus the toasted flavor but still yummy 😋

  6. I like to put a Reese’s peanut butter cup snd stick it near the fire do it’s just melted. Then I add my perfectly browned marshmellow snd it’s a perfect Smore.

  7. I love camping and enjoying the nature surrounded by daisies and campfire. Grilling some smores!!

  8. We don’t do S’Mores here in Germany but roasted marshmallows over the BBQ grill Severin times with my kids. I personally didn’t like the texture and prefer them untoasted, but my kids loved them.

  9. I love layering the perfectly roasted, melty, golden marshmallow between two large sections of Hershey”s chocolate bar. Forgoing the graham crackers and indulging on the good stuff is the way to go. As a caution, the chocolate melts pretty quickly this way, so eat it fast! Finger licking afterwards is always a must.

  10. By a fire and the more chocolate the better!! I am loving this cute smores set and the daisy set is fantastic! The magnet smore is such a great idea

  11. We don’t do s’mores in Slovenia, but I love to roast marshmallows over the fire with my family and friends.

  12. My friend introduced me to these and they are fantastic! Graham crackers, marshmallows, and peanut butter cups–oh so good!

  13. I’m not a sweet lover so I don’t eat s’mores. I did as a child and loved them! I love these new dies!

  14. The best smore is made around the campfire and the marshmallow is a light golden brown. Mine usually burst into flames and are black though. 🤣

  15. i had no idea what s’mores were until i looked them up on the internet because of this release. 😄😄😄

  16. My favorite way to make s’mores is with Lawn Fawn stamps and dies. I consider actual s’mores a very good way to ruin a perfectly good square of chocolate.

  17. Sometimes we make s’mores in the microwave just because it’s fast and easy but they’re never as good as ones over the fire! That’s the only way to do it right. We bought sterno s’mores heat for my son’s lumberjack party and had indoor s’mores! That was the best!
    These dies are simply beautiful! They look like stained glass. Especially when the daisy and gnome are combined. I love all of the samples!

  18. Last time I had them we used Caramilk bars and it was very tasty. I sujests chasing up the chocolate bar for something a bit different.

  19. We like to make s’mores over a campfire while camping (backyard fire pit works in a pinch) or over a beach bonfire. (In Oceanside there are fire pits on the beach and they are first come first serve!)
    We all like our marshmallows pretty crispy; aka burning crispy! Next, we put them atop dark chocolate 🍫 bar pieces, and smush the ghram cracker on both sides and eat the gooey goodness!
    What fun memories … and this die is just amazing. So many s’more moments to document!😍

  20. I make my s’mores over a campfire. I’m looking forward to trying them with caramel chocolate squares or peanut butter cups.

  21. I never have made Smore’s we don’t have that kind of thing in Holland i think. So i have no clue on what is best, i might wanne try it when we visited family in the states!

  22. I just LOVE these paper piece style dies! Super cute! My favorite way to make s’mores and a over a campfire with my kids.

  23. Our family has always loved making s’mores! We always figure out a way to make them when we’re all together. We’ve made them over a grill, a campfire, a fire pit and even used our fireplace- lol! We’ve gotten pretty creative!

  24. Oh I love these!! My favorite way to make a s’more is in the microwave. Make your s’more, zap it for about 9 seconds! Yum!

  25. My favourite way to make s’mores is over a campfire. Something about that warmth of the fire, and the golden brown marshmallow goal… yum!

  26. Add bananas to the traditional smore or use reeses peanut butter cup instead of heresy’s. Yeah for summer, now we just need some rain so we can have campfires 🙂

  27. How did I ever survive without inlay dies? Making s’mores with people I love is the best. I’d do it anywhere, but over a wood fire with some fireflies sprinkling us with sparkles would be nice.

  28. Campfire is my favorite way to make Smores. I did see a recipe to make a S’more dip by putting some of the ingredients in an iron skillet and then in the oven. I want to try that sometime. Love the cute cards today!

  29. I love to super slow char that marshmallow. The whole thing needs to be liquid inside. I don’t like them set on fire. Takes a good 5 minutes in the campfire. I love these big outline sets. I got my hands on the gnome when it was a special release. Can’t wait to pick up the Daisy to help fill out the background!

  30. I love a charred marshmallow over the campfire, but the S’mores cake is really great and always a big hit with the kids. Love the daisy die.

  31. Super cute cards! I am not sure I have ever made s’mores, but have roasted marshmallows over a campfire before. Love the daisy and the s’more guy is so cute!

  32. Love making smores by the firepit!
    The smores /campfire set is so cute! thanks for the opportunity to win and for the inspiration.

  33. I love to make smores in the microwave – unfortunately campfires cause coughing fits for me that last for days.

  34. Over the campfire is lots of fun – but I have also made them in the microwave. I have also taken a small piece of chocolate and pushed it into the middle of the marshmallow and then roasted it.
    Love the daisy, gnome, and s’more dies!

  35. S’mores are a super sweet treat on a summer weekend with a back yard bonfire with the kids, we like to use different types of small candy bars and make new flavors.

  36. I don’t like chocolate but for some reason I have always liked smores 🙂 I loved making them on Pentwater Beach Michigan as a child!

  37. These dies are so sweet!
    I love making s’mores over a campfire, and that sounds so amazing right now. Being out in the woods and away from the city would be such a treat.

  38. I loved s’mores when I was a kid as I have gotten older they seem to be a little less necessary part of camping. But as I have a lot of ties to scouts the die seems very necessary.

  39. We love to make s’mores in our backyard firepit! We never actually eat them in one piece, though. Usually, we just set the marshmallows on fire and eat them. 🤣

  40. My favorite way of making s’mores is over the campfire. We also make them in the toaster oven which is not as fun, but pretty tasty 🙂

  41. These dies are so fun and beautiful! I love to use Reece peanut butter cups for my s’mores! One year I found strawberry marshmallows and used those and they were delicious!

  42. We are not big fans of s’mores at our house but we do love roasting marshmallows either in out fireplace or the fire pit outside in the nice weather. Love these dies!

  43. Over the campfire, for sure! Sometimes we use Caramilk, but I usually prefer old fashioned milk chocolate.

  44. Love that Daisy and happy s’more! I love toasting my marshmallows to perfection, making the typical s’more stack, and then trying to exercise patience to wait until the chocolate is mostly melted 🙂 I can’t always wait that long, but when I do it’s amazing!

  45. I think I’m a boring s’more maker. Well browned marshmallow, Hershey’s chocolate and gram cracker. Now that said I have some peeps I’m still waiting to use but we have a fire ban so haven’t made them yet. Usually I only have s’more followed by 2-3 extra marshmallows well browned.

  46. My favorite way is to warm the graham cracker and chocolate on the grate while cooking the marshmallow. Then it all melds together when squished… I LOVE THE GNOMES !

  47. I like to put the marshmallows down by the coals so that it gets melty all the way through than a quick char on the outside. Yum

  48. S’mores aren’t really my thing, but I’ll happily sit and eat good chocolate while everyone else cooks their s’mores 🙂 LOVE love love the daisy! Might be my fave from this release.

  49. I love those daisies! Such beautiful inspiration. We make smores once a year at Christmas time over our fireplace. Not sure it’s the safest way but it gets the job done lol.

  50. My favorite way to make s’mores is to use Reese’s PB cups, then ditch the marshmallow, ditch the graham cracker and just eat the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup!

  51. We always make Smores over a fire pit. We toast the marshmallows and put them immediately onto a Graham Cracker with a Hershey Chocolate Bar on top. The marshmallows melt the Chocolate. Yummy!!!
    I can’t wait to get my hands on that Delightful Daisy!!! Love all the designs and projects. Brilliant magnet idea too!

  52. My favourite way to make S’mores is with a Graham Wafer Cracker, a couple of Jersey Milk squares and a large marshmallow toasted over a campfire. Thank you for the chance to win. Good Luck everyone.

  53. Love that cute little s’more!! I am an avid camper and this release is awesome! My favorite way to do s’mores are with Reese peanutbutter cups, chocolate marshmallows and peanutbutter….yummy!! Do a cinnamon graham cracker even better. Looking forward to this release!

  54. We love using Resse’s peanut butter cups in our s’mores and then placing them on the grate over the fire in our backyard fire pit!

  55. I make S;mores in the microwave.
    Graham cracker, chocolate square, marshmallow
    Nook for a short time and then add top cracker.
    Not as good ass those over the fire but it’s
    hard to make a small fire in the kitchen.
    Love those flowers. thanks for sharing

  56. I haven’t tried this yet but I recently saw someone make smores with sliced strawberries. I thought that looked really yummy!

  57. Such fun stuff!

    S’mores = roasted big marshmallow, dipped in Bailey’s and pressed in between chocolate graham crackers with a dark chocolate bar.

  58. Just when I think Lawn Fawn can’t create anything cuter than what we saw yesterday … And now we have a s’mores die!!! This is so cute. I love all the cards. I love s’mores. My favorite way to eat them is to brown a marshmallow over a camp fire, while I have my graham cracker holding the chocolate near the fire so the chocolate gets melty. Then squish it all together and enjoy! So yummy. Thanks Kelly Marie, Mike, and Erica for these amazing products! I love Lawn Fawn!

  59. my favorite way to make s’mores is to roast a marshmellow over the coals of a burned down campfire until it is light brown on the outside and gooey on the inside. they squish it onto a piece of chocolate between two pieces of graham cracker… yum!

  60. Love this style of dies! I already have the Garden Gnome, so I can’t wait to add the Delivhtful Daisy and the Smiley S’more to my collection! I’ve never actually made s’mores before, so I can’t wait to hang out with friends and try them one night!

  61. I haven’t had a s’more in well over 3 years as I don’t tolerate sugar well anymore. But I love a slightly burnt marshmallow in my s’mores.

  62. so cool! The outlines make these POP!
    Air Fryer, it’s actually the only way I have ever tried smores! :0

  63. My favorite way to make s’mores is to kinda char the marshmallow over an open camp fire and just eat the marshmallows. S’mores are good but definitely once in a great while since they are soooo sweet. Going to do s’mores this weekend with my grandson (3 yo) for the first time! Love the Gnome & Daisy & S’mores!

  64. I like my smore with a really burnt marshmallow over a fire. yummmm This smore with a smile is PERFECT!!

  65. When there’s not a campfire I make s’mores in the toaster oven! I think the S’Mores are adorable!

  66. I like to make smores by first charring my marshmallows over a campfire. Then layer a chocolate bar on graham cracker add marshmallow and top with another graham cracker and you have smore perfection.

  67. Such fun cards! Adorable gnome and daisies!
    Seeing the sample cards makes me really want to make s’mores! Toasted over a fire is my favorite way to make them! I like them with the marshmallows lightly browned!

  68. My favorite way to make s’mores is over and open fire in the backyard with my family. Of course I usually burn a couple marshmallows, but they are so gooey!

  69. I don’t think I’ve ever had smores… I’ve toasted marshmallows over a fire though 🙂 I love the daisy die!

  70. Love making them outside in a campfire. Burn the marshmallow on the outside first to make sure it is gooey in the middle. A cheater way to make them is to used the Keebler Fudge Stripe cookies with a marshmallow. Sometimes it is easier with little kids.

  71. These cards are so fun! Great job design team!! I love s’mores! My favorite! My daughter in law introduced us to using a peanut butter cup in place of the Hershey bar. I must say it was delicious!!

  72. I love these new dies. I’m a traditional graham cracker, chocolate bar, toasted marshmallow girl.

  73. I cannot wait to try the STUFFED Marshmellows! I just bought them and we have a really fun camping trip planned for this weekend! No need to bring chocolate! The chocolate is already inside!

  74. Fab summer cards from the designers. I don’t make s’mores as i don’t like marshmallows or chocolate.

  75. Love s’mores! they are great made in the oven the chocolate gets really metly and the marshmallows puff up really big!

  76. Favorite way to make s’mores is roasting a marshmellow over an open fire, adding hersey’s chocholate and trader joes graham crackers.

  77. Making s’mores after a bbq is the most fun! The residual heat is just perfect for roasting the marshmallow for the s’mores

  78. I love the adorable little s’mores guy, and the background paper made with the s’more for you stamps!

  79. My favorite way to make smores is sitting around the campfire. I love to try to toast them, but even if they catch on fire – I love them!

  80. The delightful Daisy’s are beautiful! I love to paperpiece so these will be perfect! Fingers crossed. Now for s’mores….(these guys are soo cute). Need to be on a campfire, outside in crisp air with a hot beverage and most preferably made by someone other than me, tee hee. ♨️ once I had one made with a chocolate chip cookie instead of the Graham,mmmmmmmm !

  81. I have never made smores before (I am from the Netherlands), but marshmallows are always nice as a dessert after a bbq or while camping with a nice campfire!

  82. I love these dies! They’re so cute and fun! My favorite way to make smores is when you use mint chocolate chip oreos instead of graham crackers! 🙂

  83. Smores are the best over an open campfire and making them with the grandboys! Love love these new stamps and dies!

  84. My favorite way to make s’mores is the traditional way, over a campfire. I saw several comments about using peanut butter cups… that sounds delicious!

  85. I was recently introduced to using the fudge striped cookies instead of Graham crackers. Less mess!! Just toast your marshmallow and place between two of those cookies….and voila!

  86. I recently tried the s’mores in a muffin tin option. They worked out pretty good, ALTHOUGH they were missing that “toasted” marshmallow aspect. My favorite part of the s’more is the marshmallow, over the fire.

  87. Our kids have never gone camping so when we make s’mores we do them in our fireplace.
    Hugs from Canada!

  88. These dies are just too much fun!! I’ll take my smores the good old fashioned way – roasting marshmallows on an open fire!

  89. I did make them for the kids when they were much younger but seeing as I don’t eat chocolate I guess a melted marshmallow on a graham cracker works for me 😢

  90. I love making s’mores the ol’ classic way! Over a camp fire or bon fire; marshmallow on a stick, Hershey’s chocolate and graham crackers!
    Really cute cards!

  91. We always have traditional s’mores but I want to try with a peanut butter cup the next time we have them. Super adorable dies.

  92. S’mores are so yummy! Haven’t made them in years but it is always great over a campfire or using a charcoal grill.

  93. Ya know, microwave s’mores are pretty good when you’re craving that sweet, gooey goodness but just don’t have a fire handy, lol!!!

  94. Call me weird but I would rather just toast marshmallows over a fire than make actual s’mores. But I do on rare occasions make s’mores in the microwave using peeps. I love watching the peep grow to an enormous size. It cracks me up every time.

  95. We make S’mores using Celebration cookies (graham cookies with the chocolate already on top!). It’s a lot easier to keep it one piece <3

  96. My favorite way to make s’mores is with the celebration cookies (caramel or mint) instead of Graham crackers and chocolate. Because the chocolate usually gets eaten before we can have a camp fire 😉 my brother and his kids love using fudgeos also.

  97. Love the daisies! Such great projects from the designers. My favorite way to make s’mores is around a campfire. And I like to torch my marshmallows so they’re black on the outside and gooey on the inside. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  98. I don’t like dark marshmallows- a campfire isn’t usually my choice. My favorite s’more memory was while I was still in High School. A group of us went to my friend’s lake house. We didn’t want to start a fire so we made s’mores in the microwave…. The marshmallows grew to about 5x it’s normal size!!! But we had a blast with the mess anyway 🤣

  99. Campfires
    Are the best place to make S’mores!!
    However if you really need one roasting over the stove burner or creating in the microwave works!!!!

  100. Love the traditional way to make smores over a camp fire! My husband currently will
    making them on our gas stove! We also enjoy a toasted marshmallow! 😋😊

  101. I’m in the minority I think but I’m not a s’mores fan. Too sweet. But I’ll take the chocolate any day!

  102. Love making s’mores over an open campfire. It’s the only way to get the best taste! Have so many wonderful memories of my family s’moring while we camped.

  103. We have them regularly out back at our campfire circle. I prefer mine with Reese cups! We have tried Snickers and Milky Way ones too!!

  104. I like the old-school, traditional s’mores. 🙂
    Love all the sets today and the amazing DT inspiration!

  105. Best way is, of course, over a campfire but one year my husband I during winter used tea light candles and made s’mores in our apartment. Not quite the same flavour but it was still delicious and a lot of fun as a “date night”.

  106. My favorite way to make a s’more is over a campfire while camping or hanging out in the backyard. Around here we like our marshmallows to catch fire and have a nice burnt layer. We used cinnamon gram crackers with either peanut butter or chocolate.

  107. My favorite way is roasting marshmallows over a campfire, then Hershey’s chocolate square is placed on a graham cracker and the hot marshmallow is placed over the chocolate and then another graham cracker completes the sandwich. Unfortunately you can’t go anywhere anymore to have a campfire in the summer because most everywhere is high or extreme fire danger. Boo! Hiss!

  108. Take a sugar cone (ice cream cone) put in mini marshmallows & chocolate chips, wrap in foil and put it over the campfire or in oven for just a few minutes. Yummy, and usually a little less messy…usually.

  109. love how bold these new dies are!
    my favorite way to eat a smore is with girl scout cookies. thanks-a-lots (no longer a cookie 😭😭) are shortbread with chocolate fudge and they were prefect to put a roasted marshmallow inside.

  110. Never had one as it’s not a thing here in Sweden! But I like marshmallows as they are! 🙂
    That Daisy is really Delightful!

  111. I love to make S’mores while camping but would not refuse them anytime. I like my marshmallow cooked to a perfect golden brown.

  112. I love a golden brown on the marshmallow and squeezing it between the chocolate and the grahams…YUM!

  113. Probably the easiest way with 2 graham crackers with marshmallow and chocolate in-between, but I’ve made several other versions including a cookie that was yummy!

  114. use dark chocolate! i also like toasted marshmallow and try and make sure the graham cracker covers the entire mallow! 🙂

  115. Can I admit that I’m 48years old & I’ve never ever tried a s’more. I feel like I should be going to try one of the variety of ideas crafters have put on here x

  116. My family loves to make s’mores over our charcoal grill for dessert after we’ve grilled our dinner!

  117. I love making s’mores in our backyard on our little patio fire pit. The best way to s’mores is with caramel!! Either drizzle caramel sauce onto a regular s’more or make your s’more with a ghiradelli caramel square (either milk or dark…both work!). Yummm!

  118. These cards are all just superior!! The s’mores design and punny sentiments are so cute! Love the flowers, too!
    Lori S in PA

  119. I love making s’mores around the campfire with a perfectly browned and toasted marshmallow! Yum! These are wonderfully happy cards:)

  120. I love to make smores over a campfire and use some kind of chocolate bar like caramilk instead of plain chocolate, so yummy!

  121. The design team has sold me on that smiley s’more! WOW! Great inspiration! My favourite way to have s’mores is by the campfire at the lake in the summertime with family 🙂

  122. we camp lots, so we make smores the old fashion way, graham crackers, chocolate bars and marshmellows yummy

  123. My favorite way to make S’mores is with my girls around a campfire – they are all grown but we still get together to do this from time to time – many happy memories 🙂

  124. our favorite way is to roast the marshmallow on a stick and squish between two soft chocolate chip cookies. When camping the chocolate was always hard and never melted and the graham cracker always breaks. This solved the problem and tastes just as good if not better.

  125. My favorite way to make s’mores is over my gas cooktop. No need to build a fire outside and we can have a treat anytime at a moment’s notice.

  126. The paper s’more is adorable but give me real thing any day. I love all the new flavored marshmallows you can get and peeps to make really unique s’mores.

  127. Oh my goodness I have a sudden urge for a s’more! Favourite way is a campfire in the backyard–traditional Grahams, milk chocolate and marshmallows toasted over the fire. We tried the Oreo cookie, pretzel s’more last year and it was awesome!

    1. S’mores are always better over a log fire, but I do occasionally use my mini blow torch to make it in the kitchen for a quick fix!
      It’s also super difficult to find Graham crackers in Australia so I like to use thin digestives that are coated in dark chocolate ( 2 in 1!)

  128. S’mores are always better over a log fire, but I do occasionally use my mini blow torch to make it in the kitchen for a quick fix!
    It’s also super difficult to find Graham crackers in Australia so I like to use thin digestives that are coated in dark chocolate ( 2 in 1!)

  129. They best way to make s’mores is at a campfire, when the fire is low and find some good hot coals, turning your marshmallow slowly browning every side!! The perfect toasted marshmallow with a piece of Hershey’s chocolate and graham crackers!!! Yumm

  130. We have a small fire pit in our yard and toast the marshmallows there. Then we add the chocolate and graham crackers. Yum!

  131. Medium brown marshmallows surrounded by ooey, gooey Hershey bars, wrapped in a graham cracker crust! Mmmm.

  132. I like my marshmallows browned to it’s a bit crispy outside and melty inside… and I eat that separately from the chocolate and graham crackers! haha! I guess you can call it “deconstructed s’mores”!

  133. Wow! My favorite way to make S’more’s is also a favorite memory. We were at my mother in laws in the Catskill Mountains in NY. We went to visit an elderly lady, around 80 years old. It was a chilly, fall evening. We made S’mores by roasting
    marshmallows in her wood stove and putting them on CHOCOLATE GRAHAM CRACKERS. That is the only time I’ve
    seen chocolate graham crackers.

  134. Smores are best with a non burnt marshmallow. However, using the slightly burnt are loads of fun too.

  135. My son makes them over the fire table on our patio. He actually stuffs giant marshmallows with chocolate chips.

  136. Over a campfire is the preferred way, but the microwave also does a fantastic job. I like 2 pieces of Hershey bar so that it melts. Occasionally some peanut butter added.

  137. Over the campfire is the best!!! I have done them in the toaster oven in recent years since I havent been camping. But nothing beats a campfire!!

  138. I do t love s’mores, but if I do make them chocolate and marshmallows cooked in a cast iron pan and used as the graham cracker dip.

  139. Ilike to make s’mores in the firepit with my grandkids, it’s so much fun. Loving the dies and inspiration

  140. S’mores are yummy over a campfire. I like to warm my marshmallow over the fire but not burn it.

  141. I have no idea how to make s’mores so my favourite way would be to enlist someone who does know to give me a demonstration!

  142. I’d say my favorite is over an open fire outdoors because I just feel they taste better as part of an outdoor activity with friends and family.

  143. I loved making s’mores over a camp fire when we went camping. Allergies prevent much of that now – guess I’ll have to figure out an allergy free s’more!

  144. Making smores seems more special when there is a camp fire or in front of a fireplace at home. I avoid hershey chocolate bars and normally opt for something else! I also try not to burn my marshmellows.

  145. Best way to make s’mores is over a campfire, but I haven’t been camping in decades, so I usually end up making them in the microwave instead. I love Elise’s idea of using metallic silver cardstock for the outline of the daisies!

  146. Every once in a while in the winter I have a craving for a s’more so i make it in the microwave. Thanks for darling new ideas!

  147. I am embarrassed to say I have never made them. They are too sweet for me, but if I did they would be made with either godiva chocolate or dove chocolate and have yummy burnt marshmallows.

  148. Smore making is an art form. First you need to toast your marshmallow to a golden perfection. Then you slide it off onto a raspberry filled chocolate wafer cookie and top it with the same cookie on top. It is the ultimate delicious treat.

    How is your smore made?

    Fyi – those daisies and Gnome are super duper adorable!

  149. My favourite way to have s’mores is over the campfire and with friends and family. I love to put a little bit of peanut butter on them, nice toasted marshmallow, piece of chocolate, and the graham crackers! Super yummy

  150. I just love to eat s’mores just grahams, Hershey bars, and marshmallows. At home, you can toast the marshmallow on a skewer over the stove top burner. Sometime I’d like to try using a chocolate cookie instead of graham crackers.

  151. These die cuts are so much fun!!! I love s’mores but my kids don’t like the smoke from a fire, so we started doing oven s’mores under the broiler. So quick and just as tasty!

  152. We don’t have nice weather often enough for backyard s’mores, so we make them in the microwave whenever we want. Lol!

  153. I’ve never eaten S’mores, they’re not so populare here in Italy, but the s’more die is just so fun! It will surely make everyone happy!

  154. So, 1/3 of my life, I’ve been living in HOT weather, and the best way for me to make is to use electric stove.. lol.. place the big marshmallows into the skewers, and roast them over the hot coil! LOL But being honest, roasting marshmallows over the camp fire makes more tasty… 😉 Love those Delightful Daisy dies! <3

  155. We make s’mores using fudge striped cookies in place of the graham crackers and chocolate bar. Soooo much easier and less messy, plus they aren’t quite as sweet, so you can eat more;)

  156. Although I have done a lot of camping I have never had s’mores. Must try it sometime. Love the cards shown here – those daisy cards are gorgeous! Mindy’s card combines daisies and summer colours – love love love.

  157. We don’t really do s’mores in Scotland, but we do like to cook things over a camp fire! My family especially likes to cook sausages, toast bread and, of course, melt marshmallows.

  158. My favorite way to make smores is over the grill after a yummy dinner, but I think I need to try some of the amazing suggestions in these comments! 🙂

  159. I like eating s’mores with a peanut butter cup inside of it sitting by fireside under the stars.

  160. My grandkids and I had so much fun using leftover Peeps for S’mores and watching them puff up in the microwave oven!

  161. I love making s’mores over a campfire. I like the marshmallow to be burnt on the outside and gooey on the inside!

  162. I have never made smores before… but by seeing all these cute and pretty stuff I might try it this summer!

  163. Oh my goodness! I am in love with the new store and gnome dies!!! My favorite way to ask stores with with reese’s cups 🙂

  164. Love making smores using Celebration cookies, the cookie already has the chocolate built in, so less ingrediants to buy!

  165. I haven’t made S’Mores in so long but I just read a magazine article about using flavored marshmallows, various types of cookies, even chocolate syrup. Fun twists on a classic that I’d love to try! 🙂

  166. I really love traditional campfire s’mores and getting the marshmallow gets extra toasty. I love anything s’mores — I makes s’mores bars, pie, cookies, snack mix!!

  167. Sitting around chit-chatting with family and trying to crisp my marshmallow just shy of flambe.

  168. Love making smores over a fire but instead of using milk chocolate we sometimes use cookies and cream white chocolate bars or kit kats

  169. I love making s’mores at a campfire and I’m one of those people who likes to light the marshmallow on fire and get it nice and crispy on the outside. 😂

  170. Nothing beats s’mores made over the campfire – the marshmallows get all crispy on the outside and soft in the middle. Drooling thinking about it 🙂

  171. My favorite way to make smores is over a campfire but in the winter time in Minnesota, we do them over the fire place or the microwave works great too! The grandkids love seeing the marshmallows puff up in the microwave!

  172. I legit make s’mores over the stove flame and have zero shame doing it! Of course I ❤️ That campfire marshmallow thang, but Mama’s gotta get creative most of the year 😁😁😁

  173. I only had s’mores once in America and it was delicious. I would love to know the best ingredients so I can try to make it again here in the Netherlands!

  174. I would love to roast them on a fire! I haven’t done that in a while. But I usually broil them in a toaster oven.

  175. The flower would look so pretty with the ladybird outline. So many cute ideas are coming to my mind and I don’t even have the dies yet.😁

  176. I love helping the grandkids make s’mores. We usually do marshmallows and chocolate on graham crackers.

  177. in my backyard in a brick built fire pit, use chocolate stuffed marshmallows, hersheys and of course the graham crackers!!!!! lightly toast marshmallow and build with chocolate hershey square on 2 graham cracker squares! double chocolaty goodness!

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