Lawn Fawn Intro: Lucky Clovers, Good Luck Line Border and Clover Background Stencils

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Spring 2022 Inspiration and Release Week! On February 24th our 14 new stamp sets, 24 new die sets, 4 new stencil sets, new paper collections, new cardstock and more new products will be available at your favorite store and! Woohoo! Until then we will have fun posts with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways!

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Today is our showcase of Lucky Clovers, Good Luck Line Border and Clover Background Stencils! Everyone can use a bit of extra luck! These cute clovers are great for good luck, spring, or St. Patrick’s Day cards! This “good luck” line border is a simple and cute way to add a sentiment to your projects! Create a beautiful, clover-filled background with this set of two stencils.

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video to share some fun ways to use this new set! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Elena‘s dazzling card features all 3 of our new clover sets! She stenciled a gorgeous background with Clover Background Stencils, then she added beautifully inked Lucky Clovers! And then as the perfect greeting, she die-cut the Good Luck Line Border from metallic gold cardstock!

Audrey‘s Lucky Clovers design is so gorgeous! She created the striped background with Simple Stripes: Portrait, then she added the perfectly splattered clovers, so pretty! She included a greeting from Magic Messages and a little extra sparkle with a gold glitter circle frame!

Latisha‘s card design is so sweet and so beautiful! She used Clover Background Stencils for the colorful background, then she added 2 sweet little Lucky Clovers and the embossed sentiment!

Kara‘s card is so gorgeous as it welcomes Spring with lots of clover and shiny gold! She used Stencil Paste in Gold to add shine to the Clover Background Stencils design. Then she used even more gold for some of the Lucky Clovers and the Giant Happy Spring greeting!

Tammy was inspired by Lucky Clovers to create a Care Bears themed card that is just so sweet! She started with Puffy Cloud Backdrop and Stitched Rainbow, then she added some “good-luck bears” from Den Sweet Den!

Yainea made a “charming” card that is so special! Flower Market striped paper looks so pretty in the background with Lucky Clovers arranged on a Stitched Circle Tag! Then she added the greeting that combines glittery Henry’s ABCs with a sentiment from My Lucky Charm!

Elise also created her sentiment using gold glitter cardstock and Henry’s ABCs! Her design looks so sweet with the Lucky Clovers cut from Gotta Have Gingham paper!

Lynnette‘s card is so sweet and simple! She combined Good Luck Line Border, Lucky Clovers and striped Flower Market paper!

Grace used an acetate circle to fill her Platform Pop-Up card with so many pretty Lucky Clovers! The sweet sentiment on the sign is from Garden Before ‘n Afters!

Now, I have a video to introduce Lucky Clovers, Good Luck Line Border and Clover Background Stencils!  We will share some fun ways to use these new sets! I hope you enjoy it! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thanks so much for watching!

Giveaway Time – Last Day to Leave comments by 2:00PM ET

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Lucky Clovers, Good Luck Line Border and Clover Background Stencils! Tomorrow we will announce our Release Week winners, woohoo! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us your favorite good luck charm by TODAY February 23rd at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Thursday, February 24th for our Spring 2022 Release Reveal and the announcement of the giveaway winners!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week, we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one of them puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


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483 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Lucky Clovers, Good Luck Line Border and Clover Background Stencils

      1. The clover 🍀 stencils and clover 🍀 dies are so beautiful combined together. All the shades of green are so refreshing and spring like. This has been a great release! Beautiful things every day!

  1. I loved both the stencil and the lucky clovers! I am so happy finally there is something for St Patrick’s day!
    I hope in summer we get dolphins or some quokkas

    1. How fun!! My good luck charm is a tiny little frog that I got at a Japanese restaurant a gazillion years ago called Kaeru – lucky frog. 🥰

  2. My good luck charm is a little pineapple pendant. <3 I loooooove these clover dies!! And the stencil! Can't wait for tomorrow!

  3. This is a really fun set! Just love the creativity with these cards.
    I have a lucky coin that I always kept in the back of my calculator case at university. I haven’t really used it since, but it’s still in the back of the calculator case.

  4. My favorite good luck charms are the cereal- love the marshmallows in Lucky Charms. I was so excited to find some hot chocolate with those marshmallows this year. Love the clovers in today’s release!

  5. My favorite lucky charm is all the shamrocks I’ve found over the years. I dry them and put them away to give them away🤩🤗🍀

  6. My good luck charm is a little stuffed animal that’s attached to a key chain. My girls gave it to me as a mother’s day gift many years ago – it’s wearing a shirt with “mommy” written on it.

    Love this whole new release and am once again amazed at the inspiration and great ideas the DT came up with. Thanks to everyone for that! Now it’s just one more night’s sleep and the postman stalking can start again! 😉

  7. When I was in high school I got my first credit card all on my own…it was a Star Wars rewards card. I used my rewards points and got this little metal R2-D2 keychain. That was back in 2004. I’ve had it on my keyring ever since and it brings me luck everyday haha!!

    Can’t wait to get the stencil! I love those backgrounds made in the video!!!

  8. AAAAAAAALLLLLLLL my LF-stuff are my lucky charms hahaha.. couldn’t do without them And whats even better; after this release I will have even MOOOOORE lucky charms… YAY!

  9. This release has me so ready for spring! We are supposed to get snow here in Indiana on Thursday! 😆 My kids are my good luck charms!

  10. My lucky charm is a special $2 coin that was released here in Canada. It has the Northern Lights as it’s image and the image glows in the dark!! Thank you for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  11. Hmmm….I don’t think I have a specific lucky charm! I do, however, like to wear a special piece of jewelry for different situations to have a little piece of the gift giver with me. 😀🍀

  12. So excited for St Patrick’s day this year, for both the local parades and to make some darling cards to send to loved ones🤗

  13. I love these! Clovers will be so fun to decorate a card or layout with! I don’t have a good luck charm but I still feel really lucky every day to have my family and friends!

  14. I have enjoyed seeing all the new items with this release. There are so many adorable possibilities. You and your design team are fantastic.

  15. I do not have a good luck charm, but for all the sports I play, I like to always have #5 for my shirts/jerseys, etc. That is my lucky number. Love all the cards!!!

  16. I don’t really have a good luck charm but I do love clovers and so I do believe I will be making good luck charms after this release!

  17. I really enjoyed the other stamp sets and dies in this release. It has been fun to come back each day this week to see what surprises there would be from lawn fawn. Thank you.

  18. I don’t actually have a good luck charm but I am living these adorable clovers! Once again, the DT did a fantastic job showcasing everything.

  19. I have a Jacket that I used to always where to interviews because it was my only nice black jacket. There is a Ladybug broach I pined on it in high school, I have always thought of it as a luck charm, and by extension Ladybugs.

  20. Even though I consider myself a very lucky person, I don’t have a specific lucky charm. Super excited for midnight tonight!!! Woo hoo!!! Love it all!

  21. When I started studying for my CPA exams I started collecting “lucky pennies.” I was amazed how many I found! I have a collection of 20 or so I put in my boot for luck in my exams. Since I passed all 4 exams I believe they worked 😉

  22. i used to carry an actual rabbits foot (in the late 70s) since it was considered lucky, but wasn’t so lucky for the rabbit i suppose so why would it be lucky now!!!! Anyway, I love the clover and the stencils and the awesome colors in this post!

  23. My family is my good luck charm – I am very blessed by all of them. Thank you for the shamrock and 4 leaf clover dies and for the stencil! We celebrate St Patricks Day and these will come in handy. And I love that you can use all of them in wishing someone Good Luck!

  24. I love the clover stencil! So many uses beyond St. Patrick’s Day! I carry a tiny ceramic frog in my purse for good luck. A friend gave it to me a very long time ago.

  25. I have a rose quartz crystal that is my lucky charm! It’s beautiful and it works. LOL! I can’t wait for this awesome release!!!!!

  26. These lucky clovers are sooooo fun!!! I can’t wait to find some of these clovers. One of my favorite lucky charms is a rainbow. I always know it will be a good day when I see a rainbow. They are pure magic!

  27. I’m not a super lucky person! I do have gold shamrock charm, cross, blessed mother metal given
    to me as a baby! I also was given a gold Italian Mano Cornuto aka lucky hand & horn charms!
    Love the new good luck dies & stencils and can’t wait to place my order!

  28. After learning St. Patrick’s true story it is now one of my favorite holidays! These are so sweet! No lucky charms for me, unless I’m eating them!

  29. I have to be honest and say that I don’t have a good luck charm. I love the shamrock dies and stencil. Awesome inspiration from the designers!

  30. The shamrocks/clover are so pretty. I love the card using the gnome and the “care bear”—all of the cards are pretty though. I look for 4 leaf clovers. I have even found 7 leaf clovers! Do you suppose they bring even more good luck? Now comes the task of deciding what to order!!!!!

  31. My good luck charm is this large silver coin that my mother gave to me with a new wallet. It says “you are and will always be our miracle. We are proud of you and love you. You deserve all the happiness in the world.”

  32. So excited for the new clovers!!! My oldest daughter has found so many four leaf ones. I can hardly wait to do a card for her. So excited that there is also a four-leafer in the dies! It’s almost like it was designed just for her!!!

  33. I used to have a bunch of good luck charms. I have since realized that all I need is something to fixate on and fidget with 🙂

  34. I don’t have one now, but when I was a Freshman in HS, I wore the same blouse each time I took a test—when I hadn’t studied for it. I guess the first time I did well, and so I hoped it would work each time. I guess it did, because I did well on tests:)

  35. Such great inspiration! Love the clovers! I don’t really have a lucky charm, but in terms of luck symbols, I do love the clover.

  36. I remember having a rabbit foot when I was younger. Once I realized what it was I decided I didn’t need a lucky charm. 😳

  37. I don’t have a lucky charm, but I found out I was part Irish a few years ago so maybe I need to find a four leaf clover🍀 I am counting down the hours until this release!!!

  38. EEK! I love all of these fantastic projects!!!
    I don’t have any lucky charms, but I sure do LOVE clovers!!

  39. Love all the green and 4 leaf clover samples today! Looking forward to the release tomorrow. Don’t have a good luck charm but hoping I’ll be lucky to win one of these fabulous giveaways!!

  40. That new green ink is so pretty! My good luck charm is a little clay pencil pot my nephew made for me when he was 5. It doesn’t actually fit any pencils in it🤣 but he wrote so many x’s on the bottom of it and attempted to write my name. He was so proud of himself when he gave it to me and told me it was my trophy for being the best auntie🥺

  41. Do not really have a good luck charm per say, but I am superstitious about how I put on my socks and shoes & tie them before I run in a race. I think it is a habit I formed back in high school when I was racing every weekend and it still sticks with me to this day; 40 years later. 🙂 I put on my right sock first, then the left sock, then I put on my left sneaker, then my right one. Then I tie my right foot shoe and then my left. I know it does not really have anything to do with my performance (because training matters); it is just my ritual!
    These lucky clovers are so fab! I really am happy that you added these to the Lawn Fawn family! St. Patrick’s Day is one of our family’s favorite holidays, being that we are Irish and this will be fun to add to the cards I create! Beannachtaí don tsláinte!

  42. I don’t actually have a good luck charm. I have really enjoyed watching all of the release videos while I have been sick in bed. So much amazing inspiration!

  43. Hmmm…….I have not had a lucky charm since I was a kid. But I still pick up Pennie’s and put them in my pocket for good luck 💚💚💚💚

  44. These cards are outstanding. I have a friend with a St. Patty’s birthday, so I got lots of inspiration for her card this year. Hoping, but doubtful of getting the new products delivered in time to make it, but fingers crossed. I don’t have a good luck charm.

  45. OMG I LOVE these clovers!! My lucky charm? I’m not sure I have one, but I do believe in the power of rainbows! xoxo

  46. There’s MY platform again (hope ah hope ah), gosh I love that! I have a wonderful crafty friend who would love this lucky set (🍀sure hope you pull her name for this MK,MK,MK🍀)!!!! I’ll rub my favorite lucky charm for her. I have 2…. my brother in law caught a fish that has “stones in its head” and I have carried those stones to bingo for years!! But my absolute fav is my dad’s little 1′ X.5 rock on which he painted an entire landscape scene for me 40 years ago especially to take to the bingo for luck. It is more than is priceless to me. I miss him. (Daddy, not the BIL, he’s still around tee hee) This was a fun week Thanks! 🍀Happy St. Paddy’s Day!🍀

  47. I don;t really have anything I consider my lucky charm, I suppose my husband tends to have good luck winning various things, so maybe it’s him 🙂

  48. I don’t have any good luck charms that I can think of. Rabbits foot key chains were really popular when I was little but they always mortified me.

  49. OMG! This is the worse question for me to answer. I just realized I don’t have a Lucky Charm… LOL! I never thought of it before until now. I can’t be the only one right? LOL! But…I do love these clovers!

  50. I have a weird one. We don’t go to Pottery Barn a lot but we got absolutely great news twice on the phone while we were there. We call it the LPB, because it was the Lucky Pottery Barn for us!!

  51. I love all the wonderful shamrocks and rainbows! I don’t really have a good luck charm, but I do have an angel visor clip that was given to me by a wonderful friend. It is always with me when I’m out driving.

  52. I’m not sure I have a good luck charm, but I do consider it lucky to see the first robin or turkey vulture in the winter … a sure sign that spring is almost here!

  53. Maybe not a good luck charm but the little heart pendant that my husband gave me reminds me I am loved! How lucky is that?!

  54. LOVE the clovers!
    I actually found a 4-leaf clover many years ago. I pressed it and then made a pendant with it encased in resin. That’s my lucky charm!

  55. I think my lucky charm would be having a good healthy body to be able to serve others and making cards to cheer up those in need. I love the four leaf clovers!

  56. At a good friend’s memorial, a basket of river pebbles was passed around. I keep my pebble in my pocket, and I’m sure he brings me luck. I love the clover dies and stencils, especially paired with rainbows and leprechauns.

  57. I don’t really have a good luck charm, but I’m super lucky to have two beautiful children, so I guess they’re my good luck charms!

  58. My favorite good luck charm is a necklace that I have that has charms given to me by both my grandfathers and my parents.

  59. No good luck charms for me, but I am of Irish heritage and St. Patrick’s Day will soon be upon us which means baking Irish Soda Bread for friends and family! I recently purchased a shortbread pan that has shamrocks in it and a cookie press – also with Shamrocks. I so appreciate that your dies have both 3-leaf and 4-leaf options. I love everything in this release but I think these clovers have pushed me into the “must buy now” category (and I’m trying so hard to be good!)

  60. My good luck charm is a coin by sons “won” for me from an arcade when they were little. It’s always in the bottom of my purse.

  61. My FAVE Good Luck Charm is my Cat, Natasha.
    Oooooooohhh…I’ve been waiting for some St. Pat’s day stamps and dies. I LOVE the Shamrocks.

  62. Fun to see lots of cuteness for St. Patrick’s Day! I don’t really have any good luck charms but I found a few 4 leaf clovers in our grass a few years ago! It’s fun to search for them! And I have a shamrock plant in my kitchen!

  63. I have a pixie pendent that my penpal in Wales sent me when I was a kid. I used to wear it, but it was big and kind of heavy and it phased out. Much later in life I noticed a customer in a store that I worked at that had one and I asked her about it. She told me a funny story about how they’d found it in the mantle of a house they’d had and that she was told to keep it on her keychain to keep her safe. Ever since, I’ve kept mine in the ashtray compartment of my car. I’ve had a few near misses in my 20+ years of driving since, but have always felt protected and safe.

  64. Although I feel pretty lucky, I don’t really have a “charm”. My husband says I’m lucky to have him; does that count? LOL

  65. I don’t have a lucky charm but these cards are so cute! Love the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Great job ladies!

  66. My husband gave me a charm many years ago and it is my good luck charm. Adorable cards really like the lucky clover dies and the clover background stencil.

  67. I don’t really have good luck charm. Although I do have some cute socks with clovers on it that I tend to wear when I am working (and hoping for a relaxed shift).

  68. I sorted all my stamps and dies yesterday, and noticed I don’t have much for the spring season. Bring on these cute new sets!

  69. I don’t know that I have a favorite. But I do remember when I was younger a “rabbit’s foot” was good luck. Why?!? Looking back it seems a little odd that I would carry around the rabbit body part and call it “LUCKY”.. Not lucky for the rabbit that’s for sure.

  70. Love todays fun cards, they’re all so cheerful! I must say I do not have a lucky charm, I guess I’m more hopeful than lucky!

  71. So cute – can’t wait for this release. So many awesome things! Kudos to the designers who came up with all these wonderful ideas! My favorite lucky charm is a 4-leaf clover my husband found, laminted nd gave to me years ago. I always have it in my wallet.

  72. Someone (anonymous) sent me an angel pendant when I was 16 . I wore it everywhere for years. It went missing one day but I wound up finding it again on eBay years later

  73. I don’t really have a good luck charm now, but in college I used to sleep on my class book the night before a test for good luck lol.

  74. i don’t really have a lucky charm 🙁 But some times, I use different things for luck….like little charms, a little figurine, stuff like that. I don’t have much St. Patrick’s day things so these would be great to add to my stash. They can make quick cards, which I like. Awesome release LAWN FAWN!!

  75. No lucky charm here — but the above comment reminded me that I do have a laminated sheet of 4-leaf clovers my daughter picked in our yard years ago when we first moved in. She was about 5 and would probably get a kick out of seeing them again. Time to hunt for that once I finish watching your video. 🙂

  76. I’m not a good luck charm kind of person, but I love St. Patty’s Day as I have an Irish grandfather. Those stencils are so cute. Can’t wait to try those.

  77. Super cute! I especially like the ideas with non-St. Paddy’s Day colors because I don’t send cards for that holiday. I don’t really have a good luck charm. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  78. My partner gave me a Jade ring, part of their family’s Chinese customs, to protect me and for good health. I consider it a good luck thing to keep me safe

  79. believe it or not but I can find 4 leave clovers!! I’m actually pretty good at it!! These clovers are so fun!!!

  80. My lucky “charm” is a religious book I keep with me whenever I travel. I feel safe with it. Looking forward to the new releases.

  81. My good luck charm is actually a person. She’s constantly winning cool stuff! Come to think of it, I should ask her to leave comments here as well on my behalf! 😉

  82. Oh my gosh, I’m in love with all of today’s cards and products! Every time I find a coin on the ground, I consider that my good luck for the day!

  83. I can’t say that I have a lucky charm that I carry with me, but I do have a horseshoe above the door and I do look for four leaf clovers when I am gardening. I love the addition of the clovers. It will go well with the My Lucky Charm set when we can get it. The samples are absolutely adorable today and always.

  84. I can’t thing of a good luck charm. I consider myself pretty lucky in general though – I have a great husband, kids, job, etc. I’m so excited for the release tomorrow!

  85. Hmmm, this is a hard one. I do have a pressed four leaf clover that I found in my grandmas yard as a teen. That is the closest thing I have to one.

  86. Love the clover stamps and dies. I like to wear a necklace my parents bought me years ago when I feel I need a little luck.

  87. I don’t have any good luck charms or superstitions but I do adore these new sets. I am looking forward to have something to craft with for St Patrick’s Day!

  88. The new clover dies and stencils are awesome! I can’t say I really have a good luck charm but if I did, it would be my darling grandchildren!

  89. There is a constant comment from my husband that we have no luck. But I do on occasion, I have this feeling every once in a while then it comes true.

  90. I don’t carry it around with me, but I have a Minneapolis bus token from my first ever solo trip that I sort of think of as a lucky charm. Fun cards from the designers!

  91. My favorite is I’m Lucky to have a friend like you. They are all wonderful really like what you’ve done with them.

  92. So far the best looking 4 leaf clovers I have seen. Super excited for this release!!! My good luck charm as a kid used to be a rabbits foot on a keychain I had but now my goodluck charm is a Two Dollar Bill I received from my eight grade instructor that had a note on it to wishing me luck in all things I do.

  93. Oh my budget! Love everything about this collection….all of these designs make me happy! I like passing happy along when I am making cards!

  94. My favorite good luck charm is my cat, because he makes me happy and I’m lucky to have him in my life!

    I adore Tammy’s care bear card, it’s so cute and creative!

  95. I carry a red lucky envelope that I get from my parents with me in my wallet. It gets renewed every year during Lunar New Year.

  96. 4 leaf clover.
    I’m probably too late. Had to get my taxes
    done. Love all of the shamrocks.
    thanks for sharing

  97. The clovers are so cute!! I don’t really believe in luck, so no good luck charm for me. Thanks for all the inspiration this week!

  98. I don’t really have a good luck charm but I find having a positive attitude and seeing the best in bad situations often rewards you with something good!

  99. I think two rings I wear that belonged to my grandmother and great grandmother are my lucky charms; although, I sometimes tend to think my intuition has brought me luck at times as well. I do love clovers and shamrocks!

    As for the sample projects, I love the clover pop-up box and the gingham-patterned clovers!

  100. I am so happy to see these! Being Irish, I am always looking for new ST. Patricks Day stamps. I’m not very lucky, so I don’t think I have a Good Luck charm. LOL!

  101. My favorite lucky charm is a buckeye given to me by my husband. Also, I love the Lucky Clover dies paired with the Simple Stripes background…so many possibilities.

  102. YES! I LOVE the shamrock! Irish through and through!
    My favorite luck charm is a running shirt that I have one many ultras in!

  103. My good luck charm is a little star stone I got from a rock and geode place at the mall. I have a star while my daughter has a heart. We keep them on us, and even use them as a fidget toy.

  104. My favourite good luck charm is a plushie my husband and I bought on one of our first holidays together. Nowadays, we still take it with us on each trip and the plushie gets to sit on the dashboard to join our adventures!

  105. I haven’t got a lucky charm.
    But I believe that I’ve got a lucky star somewhere in the sky that I can give thanks to many times over…

  106. My favourite good luck charm…. Hmmmm. I think making sure the volume on the radio in my car is set to an even number!!!

  107. This release rocks! We live shamrocks and are looking forward to catching the leprechaun next month. I don’t know that l have a lucky charm.

  108. I love all the designs…but, my favorite one is by Audry T. I make a lot of St. Patick’s Day cards and they mostly are for adults. This one is such a perfect color and composition. Love the sentiment and it would be perfect for family and friends. I am so very excited about the platform die. I love to make box cards and this one is definitely on my list of must haves. Great release Lawn Fawn and thanks to all your wonderful design team members.

  109. I bought a little statue of Bastet when I was a child, and it follows me since as a lucky charm, to protect my home and family

  110. sorry my first message was missposted as it was a reply to a comment. so i’ll write it again
    my lucky charm is a little piece of torn paper with a kind written message on it. every time i look at it, it warms my heart so much and i feel less anxious

  111. I have a lucky key chain – always brings me luck! But, just to round out my whole lucky charm repertoire, I need to get the Clover stencils and Clover die-cuts 🙂

  112. I don’t think I have one, but if I had to choose one I would choose a hockey puck. I have enough of them all over the place, even in my car.

  113. Love these sets!
    Don’t really have a lucky charm, but I am very blessed by some special family and friends in my life. Without them I wouldn’t be here, so in a way they are my lucky charms.

  114. I don’t believe I have ever had a particular good luck charm, but, I have a few items that just make me feel good when they are with me.

  115. My favourite good luck charm is my pearl ring. I only wear it on Mother’s Day. It’s my first borns birthstone (I have 3 kids) and I use it as a symbol of hope and peace and thankfulness. (We had to do fertility treatment for all 3 kids).

  116. I don’t have a lucky charm. It might explain the rough years I’ve had.. I think I’ll have to make my own with the new 4 leave clover die 🍀

  117. I love maneki-nekos, I keep them at work and at home always facing the front door of course ;). But white elephants with their trunks up are a close second.

  118. Y’all are just KILLIN’ IT!!! Just TOTALLY CRUSHING IT!! I adore the Clover Background Stencil and the Giant Happy Spring!! Latisha’s, Chari’s, Kara’s and Tammy’s cards are among my top faves but ALL the cards shared are fantastic!!!!!

    I don’t have a good luck charm that I really rely on or am superstitious about, but I have a Snoopy necklace that I got for my 16th birthday and have worn occasionally since. My lucky number is 16.

    I’m excited for tomorrow!! BRING IT ON, FOLKS!!
    Lori S in PA

  119. I don’t have a good luck charm but when I was little, I was excited to get a lucky rabbit’s foot…. years later I realized those are made from real rabbits 😳 not a fan of those anymore. But I’m a fan of Lawn Fawn!!

  120. Wow, beautiful 😍 My favorite good lunch charm is a four leaf silver clover that I wear on a chain everyday from my boyfriend

  121. I love everything about this release! Spring is my favourite season and I can’t wait to make some cute cards with the amazing new stamps and dies. And the paper looks so fun!

  122. Such fun die sets and stencils. I love these cute little four leaf clovers, really cute. I feel like my children are my lucky charms. They always bring happiness and sunshine to my life.

  123. I love all the beautiful clover motifs in this release — reminds me of playing in the grass as a kid. Every once in awhile I
    really would find a four leaf clover, and I would get so excited! Clovers really are special, I think.

    I’m not totally convinced that there is really any such thing as luck. Nowadays I believe in hard work and productivity. There was a time when I thought I had a “lucky shirt”. If there ever really was any luck in it, which I doubt, the luck wore off when I lent the shirt to a most unlucky friend. Now if I absolutely had to choose a favorite good luck charm, I’d go with the four leaf clover.

    I hope everyone who buys these clover-themed supplies ends up with an extra dose of luck, but I have my doubts about that, haha. But at least the supplies are appealing and cute! LOVE the new release, and the DT has really outdone themselves making amazing new projects with it.

  124. My good luck charm is my hubby! One of the luckiest people I know! He has such good karma it comes back to him tenfold I guess 🍀

  125. One of my lucky charms is I carry my grandma‘s casino card when I go to the casino. Silly but it reminds me of her and she was always lucky so I feel like it’s a part of her with me and we always went together.

  126. I don’t know if I have a good luck charm but I do love rainbows
    Gorgeous cards from the DT – these stencils look like fun

    1. I have a couple of good luck charms which are somewhat random gifts from high school friends. I used to carry them with me for competitions but I still have them in a bag. They include an old oboe reed, a “time to buy more stamps” sticker from a book of stamps and a green decorative rock.

  127. Last day for the release! So much great stuff. Favorite “lucky” charms . . . not sure I have one. Perhaps that’s what’s going wrong with my luck lately!

  128. I see I left a reply on accident instead of a comment. So sorry Valerie!
    I have a couple of good luck charms which are somewhat random gifts from high school friends. I used to carry them with me for competitions but I still have them in a bag. They include an old oboe reed, a “time to buy more stamps” sticker from a book of stamps and a green decorative rock.

  129. I don’t have a lucky charm as such. I do have a couple of special clover pendants from my parents and some beautiful clover earrings from my late grandparents when they visited Ireland (unfortunately I lost the matching pendant when I was in school) that I generally bring out for St Patrick’s Day.

  130. My favorite good luck charm is from my daughter when she was doing an internship at Disney in Florida. She wasn’t home for Mother’s Day that year so she sent me an acrylic stone about 1 1/2 in tall that had a little bouquet of flowers and said Mom I Love You. I carry it in my purse all the time.

  131. I don’t know if this counts as a good luck “charm”, but I always stop to pick up a penny on the ground. I can’t help but chant in my head, “Find a penny, pick it up- all day long you’ll have good luck”

  132. I don’t believe in luck. My faith and trust is in the Lord alone. He controls my life. Super cute cards! 💜

  133. I always carry lucky coin in my wallet. This release is awesome. Love the lucky clover stencil set. Its already in my cart. Cam’t wait for the release.

  134. Found a four leaf clover as a teenager, I believe I still have it somewhere. Tiny tarts were my superpower for volleyball in school. Can’t wait for shopping tomorrow. Would love to win, for the wallets sake😊

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