Lawn Fawn Intro: Fireworks Hot Foil Plates & Stitched Trails Hot Foil Plates

Hello and welcome to Mini May 2023 Inspiration and Release week! On May 18 our 4 new stamp sets and coordinating dies along with 6 new standalone die sets, 2 new hot foil sets, and a new stencil will be for sale at your favorite store and at! Woohoo! Until then we will have fun posts with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways!

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Today is our showcase of Fireworks Hot Foil Plates and its coordinating dies! These plates can be used with most hot foil machines and leave a shiny impression but no cutlines on your cards. These fireworks can be hot foiled directly on to your background or cut with their coordinating lawn cuts to add dimension to your foiled designs. 

And we are also introducing Stitched Trails Hot Foil Plates and its coordinating dies! These stitched trails are great for adding shine to your Just Plane Awesome and Hive Five cards and crafts! They are also perfect for adding shiny motion to all those flying birds, bugs and planes!

Design Team Inspiration

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end to show some fun ideas for using these new hot foil sets! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Ooooh, aaaah! The fireworks display on Audrey‘s gorgeous card is so amazing! She used rainbow hot foil with Fireworks Hot Foil Plates and it looks so awesome on black cardstock! She also used Stitched Cloud Backdrop and Giant Hooray!

The Stitched Trails Hot Foil Plates add fun motion to Mindy‘s sweet Just Plane Awesome design! The shiny gold foil makes them so special!

Our new Fireworks Hot Foil Plates are just the ticket for Independence Day cards and decorations! Marine used silver foil before inking the night sky. Then she added Outside In Stitched Balloon Stackables and a hot foiled greeting using Big Scripty Words Hot Foil Plates and Riley’s ABCs.

Our new Stitched Trails Hot Foil Plates are a perfect companion to these Layered Butterflies! Grace added dreamy color and lots of shiny gold accents and it all looks so gorgeous! Then she layered everything on the Honeycomb Backdrop for lots of pattern and texture!

Elise‘s design is so perfect to send a special congrats card with hot foiled fireworks for a special occasion! She paired the fireworks with Scripty Congrats to create a quick and simple design with so much pizzaz!

Yainea added silver hot foiled Stitched Trails to background of her sweet design! Then she combined Just Plane Awesome with More Magic Messages to send “a little note”!

Caly created a celebration card that is so simple yet dramatic! She inked an amazing night sky before adding the hot foiled fireworks. Then she embossed the sentiment from Simply Celebrate to finish her striking design!

Latisha’s rainbow foiled fireworks look so beautiful with the white background! She finished her clean and simple design by stamping cheers with Henry Jr’s. ABCs! This card is so much fun and perfect for so many occasions!

This sweet card by Elena makes me smile so much! Using Foursquare Backdrop: Portrait she created fun little vignettes with Just Plane Awesome. Then she added more fun with Stitched Trails hot foiled in gold!

These cute little critters are having a Wheely Great Day in Mindy’s adorable scene! The rainbow foiled fireworks light up the sky making this a very memorable card design!

Intro Video

And now, I have a video to introduce Fireworks Hot Foil Plates and Stitched Trails Hot Foil Plates! We will demonstrate how to use the hot foil plates then show you some great ideas for cards! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

Giveaway Time

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Fireworks Hot Foil Plates and Stitched Trails Hot Foil Plates! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us your favorite place/occasion to watch fireworks, by May 17th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Wednesday, May 17th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week, we love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


Mini May Release Products will be available on May 18!
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307 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Fireworks Hot Foil Plates & Stitched Trails Hot Foil Plates

  1. I want to make fireworks with this hotfoil !!!
    So i can make and see fireworks in my home whenever in want 🎆🎆🎆🎆

  2. Anytime! Always fascinating with fireworks!
    I’d love this foil plate, but can’t justify to buy a new machine right now… but who knows? Maybe later down the road.
    It’s so adorable on that black card stock! LOVE!

  3. Favourite place is in town on NYE and all the excitement and anticipation for a new year and what it may bring is always a good way to finish the old year off

  4. I used to live on a hill overlooking a huge area. I loved sitting at the window during bonfire night and NYE as there were multiple displays visible.

    I adore Audrey’s hooray card!!

  5. The fireworks have to be my favorite from this release. I absolutely love them and have so many fun ideas for them.

  6. Everyone’s projects are just magical!!!! Love them all!

    I’ve always wanted to watch fireworks over water – the beach or a lake. I’ll take them wherever though! So pretty!

  7. We love to watch the fireworks at a local ball field not too far from the township building!, they never disappoint!!

  8. Some of my greatest memories were watching fireworks at our local park where I grew up. So that would be my favorite place ever to watch them!

  9. I love to watch them at New Years Eve. Once we stood on a hill with lots of other people we didn’t know. But at midnight everyone toasted with everyone else and wished each other a goog new year. That was kind of magical how strangers suddenly became friends

  10. I love to watch fireworks in various places, as we’ve often vacationed over the 4th of July.

  11. I stay right in my house and watch them out the window. I live in the country, but the neighbors put on a great show.

  12. I love the hot foil fireworks! We were recently traveling in Sydney, Australia and watched a fireworks show right over the Sydney Opera House! It was breathtaking- I got beautiful photos!

  13. I like to watch the Fourth of July Fireworks. They had big displays when I was little. I cannot wait to use these hot foil ones on my crafts.

  14. I love watching fireworks down the shore for 4th of July, at our township park, &
    then on New Years Eve fireworks in NYC at Time Square or at the harbor!
    When we visited Disneyland & Disneyworld their firework show! 🎆🎇🎆

  15. When I was a kid in Pittsburgh, we could watch the fireworks from our front porch. A special treat was going to the top of Mt. Washington to watch, which made it look like the fireworks were at eye level. As for now, our dogs are too afraid of the loud booms for us to go anywhere to watch. We spend the day trying to keep them from hiding under furniture.

  16. I like to watch fireworks anywhere, but the fireworks over the Detroit River for the International Freedom Festival are spectacular.

  17. The beach is a nice place for us to watch fireworks. The best place I have ever seen fireworks was when I was a kid near a place we lived, we would go ocean side and could see multiple firework displays from the various islands and cities up and down the coast from us…It was pretty spectacular to see them all at once from there.

  18. I think I’m the only person in the world who is not a fan of fireworks. At all. So my favorite place to be is in the house with the windows closed and either the TV on or music playing until the show is over.

  19. I love to watch fireworks any time! Our sunsets are really late though, so we don’t often see them.

    1. My daughter has a balcony that overlooks the river where we get an awesome view of fireworks display on Canada Day as well as the international fireworks sound light completion in August with 6 various nights of 1/2hr long fireworks. Pretty awesome to go hang out with her and catch front row views

  20. My favorite place to watch fireworks is anywhere. I love fireworks and Disneyland are great and never disappoint.

  21. We often hear fireworks going off down by the waterfront (which is only half a block away), so we can enjoy fireworks almost from the comfort of our own home!

  22. I love to watch fireworks anytime, anywhere. 4th of July, Pop’s concert, and Disneyland are some of my favorites.

  23. I really love the new fireworks-themed goodies! How adorable! Those are super cute projects from the design team, too!
    re my favorite place + occasion to watch fireworks — One year we had our boat docked in the harbor in Oxnard, California for Fourth of July, and we were able to sit in the cockpit and watch the local fireworks show. That was incredible! So fun! But I’ll take fireworks anywhere, on any occasion I can get ’em, including on a cute Lawn Fawn greeting card with (or without) adorable critters!

  24. We have a beautiful backyard that allows us to watch the fireworks that are being lit by the village I live in. It’s so nice to stay at home considering I have a senior dog who doesn’t love fireworks.

  25. I love watching fireworks while boating. There is something magical about seeing fireworks reflecting on the water.

  26. I used to go to the HS stadium when I still lived at home w/ my parents. Excellent view of the events with very tall bleachers. In my first serious relationship, I watched fireworks for a few yrs in Atlantic City, NJ from a penthouse hotel room right on the beach. It was amazing. They shoot them off from the harbor and the windows were floor to ceiling. Now I see them from the living room windows if I see them at all…. but they have to be high enough in the sky to be visible over our trees, which is uncommon.
    I still love them but I rarely get to see them.
    Great work from the DT!!
    Lori S in PA

  27. On 4th of July, we enjoy walking around our neighborhood to visit with neighbors and watch the various fireworks.

  28. I love going down to our local beach and watching the Canada Day fireworks every July 1st. The weather is usually beautiful and it’s just such a fun way to spend an evening with family and friends.

  29. I haven’t lived anywhere in decades that allows fire works. But my current city even though its illegal my surrounding neighbors will lite them off till close to midnite and then lite them off again on New Years.

  30. Anywhere fireworks are being displayed. Definitely going to get this die. It’s at the top of my list

  31. I love watching them from my backyard. We are right in the middle of 3 different major fireworks shows so we have an excellent view!

  32. My husband’s family has a place on a lake. There’s nothing like sitting at the end of the dock watching people all around you light up the night sky.

  33. We usually see the fireworks over the lake in the city where we live, but my best firework everywhere was when we were travelling, we happened to be in Victoria for Canada’s 150th birthday and we had rented a condo with a roof top deck and watched the fireworks over the inner harbor from there. It was gorgeous.

  34. Favorite place to watch fireworks is over the Detroit River. Both Detroit and Windsor can enjoy them.

  35. I really love watching the fireworks from my backyard. A lot of neighbors put on a really good show! I don’t have to fight any crowds!

  36. I just love the samples the design team made! I haven’t jumped on the hot foil bandwagon yet, but I might have to now! We love walking to an open park near our house to watch fireworks!

  37. My favorite place to watch fireworks is with my family. Whether we are lighting off our own or watching a professional display, with family is the best!

  38. We are lucky to have a baseball team that light fireworks several times a summer that we can view from our yard. So fun but surprising if we forget and try to go to bed early!!

  39. Loving these Fireworks! Great release! I can’t wait to get some of these new items! Thanks for sharing!

  40. My favorite place ever to watch fireworks was at my grandparents cottage growing up. I loved hanging out with family. I remember finding a four leaf clover once while waiting… great memories.

  41. We used to watch fireworks at my kids’ high school, when they were younger and lived at home!

  42. A nearby town has spectacular fireworks for 4th of July. 30 years ago, having never been ghere, it was hubby and my first date. We said we would meet, but never said where. We never found each other thar night in the million people. To this day we never miss a firework show in Mt Clemens Michigan.

  43. those fireworks look so cool! i don’t enjoy going to watch fireworks…to crowded! but i do love having 4th of july off!

  44. I enjoy watching fireworks with my family for Independence Day and Pioneer Day! I also enjoy watching them at the end of events like Demolition Derbies. So any time really as long as I am with Family!

  45. My fondest 4th of July memories are at the beach, but I love watching fireworks downtown where the sounds echo against the buildings!

  46. We love to watch our local fireworks display on July 4th! It’s always a great show! We have also traveled to Coeur d’Alene Idaho to watch the fireworks over Lake Coeur d’Alene. So pretty over the water. We even like to light out own fireworks on New Years Eve – if it isn’t too cold and snowy!

  47. My favorite place to watch fireworks is over the water! Just beautiful to see the reflections!

  48. My daughter has a balcony that overlooks the river where we get an awesome view of fireworks display on Canada Day as well as the international fireworks sound light completion in August with 6 various nights of 1/2hr long fireworks. Pretty awesome to catch front view seeting for such a nice show

  49. These fireworks seem like the perfect subject for hot foil stamping. The colors are so vibrant, like real fireworks, these cards have me oooing and awhing.

    I love the fireworks at Disneyland. It’s never cold or foggy—the sky is clear, and the weather is warm. And there’s even a nightly parade. It’s like the Fourth of July, only better! Ha ha.

  50. Love to watch the 4th of July fireworks that our park district puts on. They are awesome. Makes me so thankful for our freedom.

  51. We always watch fireworks from our front yard. We can see numerous communities shows, because we live on this hill.

  52. Of course I love to watch fireworks on the 4th. I also love to watch them in December at our town’s Christmas celebration. It’s nice to see them that time of year and it brings the community together

  53. So I’m not actually a fan of fireworks in real life (terrifies dogs, vets, and is a fire hazard… all things that are a concern where I live), so I guess my answer is on cards! I think they can be pretty on cards without all the down sides.

  54. I could enjoy fireworks anywhere!!! Usually I see them for the Fourth of July at our families house up North. I really love the new hot foiling products!!!

  55. Love the fireworks foil plates – and the cards created by the design team are stunning! I enjoy fireworks anytime, anywhere and for any occasion. In Nova Scotia fireworks are often displayed harbourside, which makes them more magical.

  56. I love this Fireworks Hot Foil Plate!!! Gorgeous!!

    My favorite place to watch fireworks is from the lake near us. There are a few houses that put on a heck of a show and it’s pretty to see the fireworks mirrored in the lake.

  57. Love these foil plate designs! Awesome samples!
    My favorite fireworks to watch are the ones at Disneyland! It’s magical to be at the park and to have the experience to see them there! Brings back lots of good memories!

  58. We usually watch from our front yard on the 4th of July while the neighbors set off fireworks.

  59. I used to love to watch fireworks from my Grandma’s porch, but that was long ago when I was a kid. I loved to watch them from my deck, but they quit doing them after the big fires in our area that destroyed hundreds of houses and businesses, even though they did them for years without causing any fires. Now I watch them on TV.

  60. Where I live, I am able to look right out my front bay window at about
    three different firework shows in the area! Very safe! lol

  61. I live above the lake fields in Mission Viejo where the city shoots off fireworks every year. We just go into the backyard to see them,

  62. We would go to the county fairground to watch the fireworks! Did the beach once and it was chaos with everyone setting off their fireworks and having little ones!

  63. As a kid, my parents took us to lots of fireworks. As a grown up, I cannot handle crowds, so I don’t actually go…

  64. I have been trying to celebrate all holidays with my staff at work with gift bags and I have been looking for fireworks and these are PERFECT!! Love, love, love it!!!!

  65. My grandma use to live in Southern Oregon. We would go to Riddle, OR to maybe a high school football field or such. Lots of people with picnic blankets etc to watch. It was nice because it was big but still small town feel compared to trying to watch in Seattle or at the gorge.

  66. There is a little Hallmark-movie tips of town next to us that has the best fireworks every year for the 4th of July. Plus that’s my birthday so we enjoy watching them from multiple places the week of!

  67. We have a parking garage in our small town. And they block off the top just for people to watch fireworks. Easy parking and it is usually a party on top with lots of children having a good time.

  68. *whispers* I am a party pooper. I don’t like fireworks. We had a horse who was very very scared after a rogue firework/some idiot threw a firework in to her stable before we got her. She was hysterical for days around new years. Although I am not afraid myself I feel bad for animals and people who are.

  69. My favorite place to watch fireworks is Seaside Oregon on the beach. Fireworks all around you while sitting next to a campfire eating smores.

  70. We were just in Hawaii and on Friday nights they have an awesome display of fireworks on Waikiki Beach. It was spectacular. Definitely the best place I have every watched foreworks. Disney is #2.

  71. I love to watch fireworks over a lake. The fireworks and reflections in the water together are so beautiful! 😊♥️

  72. We used to be fortunate to live right near SeaWorld. They used to shoot off fireworks every night at 9PM so we would always go up on the roof of our house and watch them. NOW…I’m in AZ and can sit on my back patio and see them all around me with all of the open land where I live and the fact that fireworks are legal here so they are coming out of everyone’s back yards. No fighting traffic to deal with.

  73. We live close to several areas where they do larger firework shows for July 4th so just hanging out in the yard and looking up you can see them from all different directions!

  74. I don’t have any hot foil tools but the fireworks plate is motivating me to try it. Spectacular cards! As a child we watched the fireworks over a pretty lake in Michigan. Pretty in the sky and beautiful reflections on the water!

  75. When we lived in a different state we could watch the fireworks by walking a short 1/2 a block from our house. We’d enjoy an ice cream treat while watching them.

  76. I love to watch fireworks for the 4th of July over the lake from our pontoon! It’s great to be on the water and see the reflections in the lake!

  77. My little town has a community days, and they always have fireworks to end it! I always grab a dusky selfie with my daughter!

  78. For a long time we went to the same campsite in Italy. They have a major holiday on august 15th and the campsite always organized some amazing fireworks that evening. We were laying on a basektball ground that was still heated from the summer sun and the fireworks were so close, that it felt like not just watching, but being part of it, in it. These were the best fireworks I’ve ever seen. I will try to re-create that memory on a card with those fireworks hotfoil plates!

  79. May 2-4 weekend in Canada has always been the biggest fireworks weekend of the summer and my dearest memories of taking our kids to the park in our neighbourhood for a big fireworks display! Super fun foil plate.

  80. I’m 82 so my favorite place to view fireworks is
    in my lounge chair. I can see them out the
    patio doors when the city has their fireworks
    display every year. As good as being there,
    and much more comfortable. Fun release.
    thanks for sharing

  81. I love watching fireworks at New Years but also after we lit the bonfires at last day of April. We do that here in Sweden to celebrate that spring is on it´s way (even though most of the time we standing there freezing our buts of). My dream is to one day watch the New Year firework at Sydney (and not on the television)

  82. We always go to the park on the 4th of July and watch the fireworks. Years ago we use to go to Land-a-lakes, WI on the 3rd of July. They had awesome fireworks but it’s an 1 and1/2 hour drive and we also never got home before 1-2 in the morning, it just got to be too much. Love the hot foiling

  83. We have changed up locations several times over the years. As kids, we parked along the railroad tracks and looked towards the ballpark. Later, after I married and had kids, we watched from my mother in law’s from yard…. She lived near the train tracks. When the fireworks changed locations, we tried watching from backroads and hillsides, but, they were so far away and trying to get closer is so crowded, it’s not worth it. Now, we but our own and light them in a front yard, maybe ours, my mom’s or one of the kids. We just like being together, no crowds, just fun

  84. Once when we were living in New Hampshire we watched fireworks while on a boat on a lake. That was amazing and by far my favorite way to watch fireworks! I love these cards and can’t wait to get the fireworks foil plates. I haven’t tried foil plates yet. I’m excited to get some.

  85. Unfortunately the place that I used to see the best fireworks shows was closed for redevelopment and hasn’t been opened again. It was called Ontario Place and was downtown Toronto on the waterfront.

  86. We go to a local fairgrounds and park in our cars, and while music plays on our car speakers, fireworks explode around us!

  87. We generally only see fireworks on Guy Fawke’s day & New Year in Scotland (or a concert at Scone Palace) & almost every area has them so we can watch from our windows!

  88. I love to watch fireworks on the 4th of July. This year, we’re in a new town, so we will get to be surprised and find out what kind of fireworks displays will be going on. 🙂

  89. I have been to the beach near the queen mary to watch the fireworks and it was spectacular.

  90. I love watching the fireworks on New Years eve! We don’t do fireworks on the 4th because its too hot and dry here. So we always do a big show on the January 31st! Theres nothing like a snow storm and fireworks

  91. I love the new hot foil plates!! My favorite place used to be at my bedroom window when I was little. The county fairgrounds was only a few miles away and we could see it all in the comfort of my own bedroom.

  92. We always watched the fireworks during coastguard festival from our boat in the middle of the river. Always an outstanding show.

  93. My birthday is July 5th so I always thought as a little girl that all the July 4th fireworks were for me! My favorite place to watch is sitting on the beach at the Jersey Shore watching them on the 4th of July… all for me!

  94. I actually help out on a fireworks crew. Nothing so satisfying as watching a show you helped create. The fireworks hit foil plates are going onto my must-have list!

  95. On our road with friends and family. We have a good high point, no traffic, just mosquitoes, cheering on the fireworks display!

  96. I live in Louisville, KY so for me it’s Thunder Over Louisville – the start of the Kentucky Derby Festival!

  97. I love fireworks anywhere but especially near water. Disneyland is one of my favorite places to see them.

  98. I like to watch fireworks on my mom’s deck. They set them off at the baseball field on Friday nights.

  99. Now, in Central Oregon where I love, I love to watch them in la pine Oregon. They do a great show! Previously a state park near my home town!

  100. Many years ago now I had to work 4pm to midnight on New Year’s Eve. I worked right in the heart of the Melbourne CBD got to watch the fireworks from the 12th floor of our office building, above all the crowds of people below. Best vantage point ever! When I first heard I was working New Year’s Eve I was pretty upset about it, but it turned out to be a great night, and the only time I have seen the city fireworks. These days I live a long way from the CBD and enjoy watching them released over water.

  101. I’m crazy about the foiled fireworks! I love to watch fireworks at the lake! It’s so pretty to see them over the water.

  102. I don’t usually watch the fireworks anymore, but we can see them from our cabin if we are outside.

  103. When our boys were little, our local fireworks were shot off at a park that was walking distance from our home. I have many fond memories of loading up the wagon with kiddos, blankets and snacks. When the fireworks were over, it was a quick walk home. In addition to the fireworks for the 4th, they often had an end of summer fireworks display too. Love the new hot foil plates!

  104. I had an apartment with clear view of our firework display and loved to sit on the balcony and watch from there.

  105. I LOVE to watch Fireworks in our Town at the Fairgrounds with our Family and Friends!! Fireworks are one of my FAVORITE Summer Events!! I know it sounds weird, but I want Fireworks at my Celebration of Life Party when I die too!!

  106. We watch fireworks every long weekend on the beach at our summer cabin. The kids love being able to stay up for them.

  107. When my kids were growing up we would go camping at the beach on the bay front every year for the Fourth of July
    Holiday. We had a front row seat to the fireworks over the bay! It was amazing and a memory my family cherishes!!

  108. My father’s birthday is the 4th of July, and going to see fireworks every year is a fond childhood memory 🙂

  109. My favorite place to watch fireworks is my backyard where my husband and son have a great time designing fireworks that will go off like the fancy ones by combining them together and doing sophisticated maneuvers to make them spectacular.

  110. Our neighbor puts on a great firework show every 4th of July! We get to stay at home and enjoy!

  111. I lo e to watch fireworks with my family and friends anytime of the year! I especially enjoy watching them on July 1st Canada Day 🇨🇦

  112. My favourite place is on the lake. We set up a blanket on the grass and just layback and watch the magic.

  113. My favourite place to see the fireworks where I live is in Kings Park. It’s a park elevated by the city and you can see the fireworks over the river.

  114. I actually don’t like fireworks since they terrify my sweet little dog so much. We used to watch them on the 4th of July. I like the Lawn Fawn fireworks a lot bettrt. Much cuter and quieter!! Thanks. Take care ❤️

  115. I love watching Fireworks no matter how big or small. My favourite place to date in watching them would have to be at Disney World. They’re just so magical there with the show and the music and Tinkerbell flying through the air. It’s just so fun. I absolutely love the foil fireworks!! Such incredible designs!

  116. Just outside of my town, there is a little field where you can see everything. I was there when there were some fireworks I didn’t expect, and it was fabulous! My fav spot now!

  117. These fireworks hot foil plates are fun! My favorite place to watch fireworks is as close as possible. I like to be close to hear and feel all the booms and see all the sparkles.

  118. I love watching Fireworks on the Fourth of July with my dance friends. BBQ, Music, and Fun all around!

  119. Here in the UK we have bonfire night (5th November) we have bonfires, smores and lots of fireworks. Thats the best time to watch fireworks as they give us a reason to see our family and have a party.

  120. new years at home…fireworks are illegal on Oahu…but who could tell!!?? residents to nuts dishing out $$$ to light up the skies…each year it gets worse and worse. no need to go to a professional fireworks show…just hang out where you can get a good view of Kalihi and the Ewa Beach skyline and you can watch the entire night for free!

  121. I live in Japan and here we have firework festivals in August. There would be lots of delicious foods and activities. Already so excited for this years firework festival.

  122. I actually don’t like fireworks since they terrify my veteran grandfather. I like the Lawn Fawn fireworks a lot. Much cuter and quieter! Thanks

  123. I LOVE the fireworks hot plate!! It is a perfect match! Foil and fireworks!!
    My favorite place for fireworks is by the Outaouais river on Canada Day. It is HUGE to watch!

  124. Every year we go see the fireworks from this big park for canada day.. We arrive early to find the perfect spot, set up a big blanket and when they start we are all huddled in the blanket ready to watch

  125. I love fireworks everywhere, but my two most favorite places I’ve gotten to watch fireworks at are Mount Rushmore and Disney World. They are just spectacular!

  126. The best place to watch fireworks is at the lake. The best fireworks I have seen were in Sydney by the Opera House.

  127. I live right by the beach of the Atlantic Ocean, so many people shoot them off on the beach (even though they aren’t supposed to) so I can see tons right from my own yard!

  128. When I was a girl, we’d be at the beach in Delaware. The town would float a barge and do a small fireworks show. We loved that because we didn’t even have to leave the cottage. Now, we’ve had a series of pets who can’t be left alone for fireworks; so I watch the Washington DC fireworks on TV (that’s where I grew up)! Love the military bands with that show!

  129. Love fireworks, we have a festival here in Calgary Alberta Canada with all kinds of countries competing. It’s really a neat event. Canada Day fireworks are also awesome

  130. There is a summer celebration in our area called Harborfest. The fireworks are shot up from a barge on Lake Ontario.

  131. I LOVE these hot foil plates!!!!
    I like to watch fireworks on the Boston Esplenade on 4th of July, but out in the middle of nowhere is also quite nice!

  132. We don’t tend to go to the big firework events anymore but I love doing little fireworks in our backyard!

  133. When the kids were little, we would watch from the back of the car due to the noise. Then as they got older, we’d watch at the park with out friends. But the ultimate fireworks display we have ever seen was at Disney World, especially the New Year’s Eve countdown and Christmas show.

  134. We always head out on our boat and watch the fireworks set off by a resort on the lake we live by. Love to get right up close and the sound echoing around the surrounding hills makes it so exciting!

  135. Rico Colorado. Due to fire danger, I don’t think they’ve had a show in years. Most amazing to see a huge fireworks display in the wilds of the San Juan Mountains!

  136. I loved watching fireworks from my grandma and grandpa’s house when I was a kid. I love fireworks!

  137. The hot foil plate is a really cool technique. I have not yet gotten on the ban wagon yet but the fireworks are tempting!

  138. My favorite place for fireworks has always been my hometown display, We sit out in our cars or lawn chairs and swat at mosquitoes between the oohs and ahhs.

  139. The best fireworks show was up in the hills at a friend’s place. It overlooked the entire valley so we saw at least 3 different fireworks shows!

  140. My favorite fireworks spot is Magic Kingdom at Disney World. But I would watch them anywhere. I can’t wait to hot foil some fireworks!

  141. Watching fireworks anywhere is lots of fun. With all the droughts, there are not many places we could watch them these past few years. Hopefully that will change with all the rain.

  142. Those foiled fireworks are fabulous!! 4th of July is definitely my favorite occasion for fireworks. This year, our town is celebrating it’s 300th anniversary, so our fireworks (which are always really good) are going to be amazing!!

  143. It’s amazing to watch fireworks! Watching it from afar is my favorite thing to do. It is especially important during the holiday season. Interesting, thank you for sharing such informative article. Looking forward to read more soon

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