Lawn Fawn Intro: Winter Birds, Winter Birds Add-On

Hello and welcome to September Inspiration Week! Our Fall & Winter 2023 Release is available now at your favorite store and! Woohoo! This week we will continue to introduce and highlight the new sets with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways! Then in October we will introduce the rest of the Fall & Winter 2023 Release!

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Today is our showcase of Winter Birds and Winter Birds Add-On along with their coordinating Lawn Cuts die sets! This family of winter birds will help tweet your greetings to all your loved ones this holiday season. Deck the included branches with pinecones, pine needles and berries, and a dusting of fresh snow. Use with the Winter Birds Add-On for more sentiments, feathered friends, and a home with festive holiday details!

Design Team Inspiration

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways to use these new sets! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details! And leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Elena‘s card is so sweet! I love the combination of red birds, brown branches and green pine boughs against the creamy Favorite Flannel background! The little baby inside the Winter Birds Add-On birdhouse is so adorable!

Tammy‘s slimline card is so amazing! Each little grouping of birds and branches would look great as a card, but filling this tall scene has so much impact! And she used Henry’s ABCs with the sentiment to create an eye catching greeting!

I love Marine‘s brown Winter Birds; they are so sweet! For contrast, she colored the branches in gray, making the pretty pinecones and berries pop. Her cute little vignettes look so great with the stenciled birch trees in the background!

Grace‘s Winter Birds card so special! She made a shaker card using Stitched Hillside Backdrop: Portrait for the window. She also included the Winter Birds Add-On birdhouse and decorations, coloring all the birds holiday red! I love how she used Finley’s ABCs to create a custom look for her greeting!

Audrey‘s wintry scene is so beautiful! I just love the soft lavender and white palette so much. She framed the scene with our Spooky Forest Backdrop, showing its versatility! It looks like the Winter Birds are decorating the Making Frosty Friends snowman with pinecones and berry sprigs!

Latisha‘s Winter Birds design is so happy with all the fun and whimsical colors! I love how she stamped the pine boughs, layering the branches over the top.

I love the pretty teal and red colors that Mindy used for her design! And the gold embossed sentiment makes it so special! This design with Favorite Flannel would so great for making multiples for the holidays!

Elise gave her card a rosy glow to complement her red Winter Birds! Her Happy Fall scene came together easily with an ink-blended background and pretty Fall leaves from Jump for Joy!

Lynnette‘s tall slimline gives lots of room to create a happy Winter Birds and Winter Birds Add-On scene that is so adorable! She added a red Scalloped Slimline to match all the pretty red birds and birdhouse!

In addition to Winter Birds and Winter Birds Add-On, Megan included one of the Flappy Holiday flying birds to make an interactive card with Reveal Wheel! Spin the wheel back and forth to see the bird fly! And that little baby bird peeking out of the birdhouse is so cute!

Bright colors against a winter sky look so pretty on Caly‘s delightful holiday card! I love the colorful lights on the birdhouse from the Winter Birds Add-On set!

Tammy featured Winter Birds in her clever Christmas tree shaped design! She also included a cute bird from Winter Birds Add-On along with the Christmas ornaments!

Intro Video

Now, I have a video to introduce Winter Birds and Winter Birds Add-On! We will share some great ideas for these new sets. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thank you so much for watching!

Giveaway Time

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Winter Birds and Winter Birds Add-On! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us your favorite bird and how you would color it by September 27th at 5:00pm ET. We will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Friday, September 22nd for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week! We love to read your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one of them puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys so much!


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362 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Winter Birds, Winter Birds Add-On

  1. My favourite bird is a robin & I love to copic colour them using ideas from Kelly’s intro videos.
    The design team have done an outstanding job with these samples. I love them all 😍

  2. Not sure if they count as birds but I really love owls! I’d usually color them in browns but they look cute in any color

  3. The ‘winter birds’ set is already one of my new favourite holiday sets! I haven’t considered my favourite bird, but a favourite tropical bird is the kiwi bird, and my favourite native species is probably the great spotted woodpecker. It’s lovely hearing the pecking noise and looking up a tall conifer and seeing them!

  4. My favourite bird is magpie – I like how they look elegant – white and black with long tail.
    I also like peacock – love the green-blue color combo.

    1. How adorable are those little birds! My favorite right now is the little guy that’s sleeping on my porch every night. I think he’s a Wren and he just sleeps in a corner with his little face buried against the wall. He’s so tiny and sweet!

  5. The Lawn Fawn birds are my favorites because I’m scared of birds. My husband walks in front of me if there are birds on the sidewalk to make them fly away. Don’t know why but they terrify me.

  6. I really think owls are so cute and not too difficult to colour up but they would look cute with glasses and accessories

  7. My favorite birds are the cardinal and the blue bird, the cardinal because it was my mom’s favorite and the blue bird because of its beautiful coloring.

  8. I really like the Rose-breasted Grosbeak, they were one of the first birds we had at our first home. ❤️ I also love little penguins and how they waddle everywhere.

  9. My favourite bird is a robin. When you see a robin where I live, it means spring is here. I would probably colour my robin with watercolours.

  10. I love these new sets! They are so cute!

    I have lots of favorite birds! Love them ALL! Cardinals are my favorite for coloring, because I love red! Blue jays and flamingoes are fun to color, too. Zebra finches are some of my favorite birds, too, but they are complicated to draw and color. The males are so handsome, with pretty bits of different patterns — fine stripes, different polka dotted patterns on their coats and tails, and bright orange bills with colorful cheeks — it’s easy to mess them up. (Hey, wanna make zebra finch stamps? That would certainly make it easier…) Parrots are also a lot of fun to color. So many birds, so little time to color them all…

  11. I love watching all the birds out my crafting room window. We have lots of cardinals. I look at the design team videos on how to color them.

  12. My favorite bird is the cardinal – I love seeing them at the feeders all year long. I color them red with copic combos from Jenn

    1. My favorite bird is the humming bird. You can do so many color combinations, I would go with greens, turquoise and purple

  13. I too love the standing bird with the scarf that’s facing forward, I think he/she is my favourite!
    I’m also loving the look of the colouring of cardinal. I think that would be how I would do it as well… I am not sucking up, honest! Lol.

  14. I tend to select tropical birds a lot to color. I choose bright colors especially for the bill. I like these birds being showcased today! They look so fun and festive.

  15. Penguins are my favourites and pretty easy to colour. To be honest, I have bird terror, except for paper birds – like those you’ve shared here. They’re incredibly sweet!

  16. I love to see eagles and hawks, but for cards I love chickadees. I still haven’t mastered the blending for their wings…

  17. My favorite bird is a hummingbird! They are so small and cute! I could color it any color really! Love these winter birds

  18. My favorite birds are cardinals, hummingbirds, bluebirds, yellow finches, chickadees, bald eagles, and osprey. However, flamingos and penguins are my favorite to color. LOL.

  19. My favorite bird is a robin, because it’s my name. When I color a robin, or a similar bird, I usually use a light brown, with medium brown highlights and a little pinky/red on it’s chest and belly. I love that the same birds in this set can be colored different ways and look like a whole different kind of bird, brilliant!

  20. Adorable cards! My favorite birds are a cardinal and hummingbirds. I used Prismacolors to colors to color almost everything.

  21. We have cardinals in our yard. They build a nest every year and we enjoy watching their family life. Of course, cardinals are my favorite!

  22. My favorite bird is a Carolina wren. But to color would be the cardinal. That bright red on a snowy day wow!! Makes bird tv worth watching.

  23. My favorite bird is the cardinal. It’s my state’s bird, and I have a pair living in my backyard. Their bird calls are really beautiful. I’d color the male red because they are a brilliant shade of red, and the female brown with a bit of red on her head. 🙂

  24. My favorite birds are cardinals and blue jays, birds from my childhood that I don’t see now that I live in California. I would use their true colors (reds, blues) because that’s I how I remember them.

  25. Cardinals are my favorites and so I love this set! I will mostly stick with the traditional red/greys but it is fun to play with other colors.

  26. I enjoy watching the birds out my window. Seeing the cardinals in the winter is the best. you can tell hoe cold it is by looking at how fluffed out their feathers are.

  27. My favorite bird is a hummingbird… I would color it like the Anna’s hummingbird around where I live. Greenish body and beautiful bright pink/fuchsia head.

  28. I don’t have a favorite bird, but the baby birds on this new stamp set are adorable. I would color them red or blue depending on my mood.

  29. I love all birds! For the last couple of months we’ve had a Black-hooded oriole in our back yard – he’s black and brilliant yellow. I’d love to make some cards with those colours.(PS – I LOVE This set SO much!)

  30. My favorite bird would be the cardinal or the blue jay. I love colouring them with coloured pencils and practicing my blending.

  31. I love birds! We have so many where I live! Cardinals and blue jays like to land on our window sill and peek in at us! 😂 I would try to color them as true to life as possible.

  32. Hmmm – I don’t know that I’ve ever given thought to what my favorite bird is. Living in Illinois – cardinals – their bright red in a winter scene is so cheerful; doves for their beauty and symbolism; and swallows. I was a children’s librarian and loved the book Song of the Swallows about their return to the mission at San Juan Capistrano. Love the new Winter Birds set and look forward to creating with it.

  33. I have a new favorite bird – this summer while I was in New Zealand, I saw several fantail birds. They are so fun! Please check them out, they would be a fabulous addition to the LF line!

  34. Our family took a trip to Belize years ago and we visited a zoo. I got to feed a toucan. Toucans became my favorite bird.

  35. I love the baby birds. What color would i color them?
    That would depend on what else i was creating with them .
    Thank you for the chance to win this adorable set.

  36. The Cardnal and Blue Jay are so striking, but our bird feeder attracks a yellow and black tiny finch that is so fun to watch.

  37. My favorite birds are owls. I love them so much. I’d probably color them in their traditional colors! Browns, whites, etc.

  38. Such pretty cards with these adorable winter birds!
    I have a pet sun conure, so I’d color it to resemble my bird in bright yellow, orange, olive green and dark blue!

  39. My favorite birds are penguins. I usually color them the traditional black and white, but one of these days I’m going to go all whimsy and color a rainbow of penguins. . .

  40. I loved watching the YouTube video last night featuring this cute set and add-on. I thought the bluebird was very adorable and it was my favorite bird that was featured in the video. However, when I use my set, I think I will try my hand at making my birds bluejays to match a winter scene and maybe even add a chickadee and cardinal. Bluejays are a favorite winter bird of mine so I would love to make them with my set if I can figure out the colors for them. I am looking forward to watching more of the new release videos.

  41. I love lots of birds: nuthatches, cedar waxwings, blue and steller’s jays, downy woodpeckers, and so many more. Most of these visit my feeders in the winter and are fun to watch. The cedar waxwings just fly through and spend a couple days in my crabapple tree on their migration. I try to make my birds resemble a particular bird so colors vary each time.

  42. I love flamingoes and roseate spoonbills – maybe it’s the pink! 🙂 You can really use a lot of different shades in both.
    Also the spoonbills have a cool beak!

  43. My favorite is hard to pick cuz so many r just adorable 🥰 it’s hard to choose just one, haha. First choice is the little baby peeking out of the birdhouse. I’d color him a grey/brown color. My 2nd favorite is the penguin w/ cap & scarf on. Oh my goodness, so stinking sweet!! I’d color him like a typical penguin but his hat & scarf would be a deep red/cranberry color w/ plaid written in w/ white gel pen. Love this release!

  44. How adorable are those little birds! My favorite right now is the little guy that’s sleeping on my porch every night. I think he’s a Wren and he just sleeps in a corner with his little face buried against the wall. He’s so tiny and sweet

  45. My favorite bird at the moment is the cardinal. They say that when a cardinal visits…someone in heaven is thinking of you. I lost my mother last year, and now I have a love of cardinals. I would definitely color my bird a bright red. Cheerful, and happy.

  46. You have most of my favorite birds. I like peacocks and flamingos. I like doves, but they are white so not sure how that would work as a stamp. Also, would be nice to get some sea birds to add to the beachy stamps if you don’t have them already.

  47. I just love birds! My favorites (can’t have just one!) are hummingbirds, chickadees, and house finches! Actually, chickadees, cedar wax wings, flickers, and any birds that stay around all year and can survive a Rocky Mountain winter are my favorites!

  48. I have two favorites – hummingbirds and cardinals. I’d color the hummers in jewel tones and the cardinals in traditional red and browns.

  49. I really like colorful birds. Cardinals, peacocks, parrots, etc. My favorite is a painted bunting. I’ve seen a few here in the south part of TX.

  50. My favorite bird is definitely from Winter Birds, it’s the one with the scarf on that’s sitting forward just cheesing. Like in his/her moment. 🙂 And I have no idea how I would color it because my struggle with coloring birds is real. I love that Latisha’s example was more whimsical.

  51. Oh my gosh I LOVE birds! My son calls them my “mom-imal”. My heart always flutters when I see a hummingbird, but I love something about ALL birds!

  52. I have several favorite birds! Cardinals and bluejays for their colors, and the owl, because of I can use them for my school layouts – and of course Harry Potter. 😉

  53. My favorite bird is a hummingbird because they are so colorful! I love the versatility of this bird stamp set, so many options to color the birds.

  54. My favorite bird is a Cardinal. We do not have them in Orange County, so when we travel and see them, it is special. I would color them in several shades of red, and even pink. I have seen a light red one in Austin.

  55. My favorite bird is the Penguin and yes they are considered a bird even though they can’t fly. Of course I would color them black, gray and white. They are so cute and entertaining!

  56. My favorite birds are the ones in my yard including house sparrows, finches, gold finches, robins, cardinals, downy woodpeckers and more. So much colors to use! For drawing I like to draw birds that have some blue in them! Thanks for sharing! 😊🍁

  57. I love all these cards! Especially Tammy’s with the birds in the shape of a tree. My favorite bird is the hummingbird and I would color it with a red throat and green back and wings.

  58. I love ALL birds they’re flowers in the sky, but i particularly love sparrows because they are chicky, live in large families, quarrel and care for one another💖💖💖

  59. I love a bright hummingbird! I would use the most colorful tropical inks I could find for that super vibrant look!

  60. Love seeing blue birds – a light blue color on the top of the bird and a dab of pink or yellow on the belly is all I need for a cute colored bird. Easy is best for me!

  61. I love cardinals but also goldfinches. A beauty to color is an indigo bunting!
    I’m so happy that I got these birdies earlier but I would still find plenty to buy if I win!
    Lori S in PA

  62. I love robins and little bluebirds. I’m inclined to color them traditionally with colored pencils or alcohol markers. Oh, and little chicks at Easter time, so cute in yellows. These little winter birds are adorable, tho, I’d love to have them, too!

  63. My favourite bird is the rainbow lorikeet. They are bright and colourful and I would try to capture that as I colour them in!

  64. I can’t pick one bird (I volunteered at the World Bird Sanctuary for years) as a favorite but I love bluebirds, eclectus parrots, hawks, and eagles.

  65. kookaburra, and I was able to hear/see one in person when we visited Australia. They have blue glimmer wings, so that would be fun to color and use glitter/sparkle/paste!

  66. I love colouring penguins, they’re so simple but always cute. I love this winter birds set – I would try a whole rainbow of colours on them!

  67. I love chickadees, but also Cardinals – they remind me of my grandfather. Actually, most birds do, he was an avid bird-watcher.

  68. My favorite bird is a quail, I’m not exactly sure how I would color a quail, but I would use Stickles or glitter for some cute, shiny speckles.

  69. I love the cardinals and so did my mother. I would choose the one with the open wings. I would copy your coloring as I’m just learning. When a cardinal appears a loved one is near!

  70. I love cardinals for their vibrant color but I also love watching little sparrows flitting around and splashing in my birdbath

  71. Bluebirds are my absolute favorite bird. I liked how Kelly Marie colored the bluebirds. Whenever I see a bluebird, I always think it is my grandmother thinking of me.

  72. My favorite bird is the cardinal. I love how they mate for life and you always see the male and female close together. I would color one bright red and the other brown wit a hint of red. Love these designs!

  73. I am a self-confessed crazy bird lady and I love parrots. I did have a companion rainbow lorikeet named Ziggy, he passed away 2 years ago and I still miss him every day. We were together for almost 15 years and he was a real clown. Tried to steal my breakfast off me every morning, stuck his face between me and the tv because I was concentrating on something that wasn’t him, ‘helping’ me with everything I tried to do, talked constantly and was just a complete pest, lol! Colouring rainbow lorikeets is hard as they are all the colours of the rainbow 🙂

  74. Ok putting this comment on the correct post this time. Visually I like the flying birds best in the set. At my house we have Sat Jays so I’d have to color some blue with black crests.

  75. This stamp set is so fun – and I love al the different ways the DT coloured the birds.
    I love an Australian bird called the rosella which is a member of the parrot family. I would used my Copics to colour them in reds, blues and greens

  76. The first birds I saw as a baby was Cardinals in our backyard.
    My #1 bird is very vibrant pink Flamingoes, Swans, Cardinals, Blue Jays & Blue Birds. 💗

  77. I love the blue jays and cardinals that show up in my back yards. I didn’t order this set and of course niw I regret it after seeing all the cute card idea.

  78. I love hummingbirds, they are so fascinating to watch. I usually color them in shades of green, blue reds and sometimes purple.

  79. My favorite bird is probably a chicken, because they’re so tasty, lol! But I do think they look nice, too; I love the chicken driving the tractor in the new stamp set.

  80. This is hard because I absolutely love birds! My backyard birds are my favorite. I will have to go with the bluebird. They are so brilliantly blue. But I also really like the chickadee & the tufted titmouse because they are so brave. And the Carolina wren & the brown thrasher have the most beautiful rusty red colors too. Ok I can’t pick a favorite. I love them all!

  81. My favorite is a cardinal, which we don’t see as often in Florida. But when I’m coloring with copics, I also enjoy coloring owls and penguins which are my girls’ favorites!

  82. We don’t get a ton of birds in Chicago but a few years back, a Robin family built a nest on our front door transom window. Mr. Robin protected his family, by which I mean our postal carrier wouldn’t go onto our porch because Mr. Robin would fly at her, and and passersby often scattered for the same reason. But my husband set up a camera and we cheered the babies on from egg to fledging. So I know how to color babies, juveniles, and adult robins of both genders!

  83. I love these little birds. They are perfect for all year since they can be colored so many ways. Live all the projects made with them. Thank you for the inspiration.

  84. Those loud woodpeckers are my favorite bird…they usually are a darker color so I would use greys and browns with a red in there somewhere 😉

  85. I love the flying bird and front facing bird with scarf in this set. I would color them like black capped chickadees. They have always captured my heart, and I was lucky enough to see one on vacation once!

  86. I have two favorite birds one being a cardinal and the other an eagle. I would definitely color your adorable stamps as cardinals.

  87. My favourite birds our owls but I also love the equally hard to see hummingbirds. I like to colour hummingbirds Ed’s with all the colours and owls in browns, whites.

  88. My favorite bird is sparrow, cute and dainty. I’m glad in the card making world I don’t need to worry about the real color of the birds. I would color them in blue 💙

  89. Where I live we have a lot of Stellar Jays. In fact, this past Spring we had a nest with 3 babies on our back porch. Obviously I would color them blue.

  90. So hard to pick one bird, but I am always happy to see a robin outside my window..and I would color its tummy orangey red and body a shade of brown

  91. I love birds, but my favorite is a Pileated Redheaded Woodpecker. We have some in our yard that are interesting to watch. I would color them Red White and black and put a red polka dot scarf on him.

  92. I like Cardinals with there bright red colours. There is one who visits my backyard for bird seed. He has a girlfriend, and I think I once saw a baby.

    I also have a very cool falcon who visits my backyard!

  93. I love bull finches, they always come out here in Sweden when it gets really cold. Love the red, grey and black combo against the white snow. I have used a few of your earlier birds and colour theme to look like different birds using a guide book as a referents, it´s always good fun.

  94. I like the birds with the scarves. I would colour them to look like cardinals, or maybe blue jays. My two favourite winter birds!

  95. My favorite birds are Robin’s, cardinals, sparrows, and chickadees. But the color combinations are going to be so much fun to play around with.

  96. The splendd fairy-wren is my favourite bird because of its vibrant purple/blue colour – it’s amazing! I’d use coloured pencils to colour it.

  97. I love the winter birds cards. My favourite is Mindy’s card, simple but beautiful. Cardinals are my winter birds as I see them outside my window all winter.

  98. Wow! What a cute set! I think my favorite birds are woodpeckers – so I would color them with natural body colors and then bright red heads!

  99. In real life, I am wary of birds after being attacked multiple times by red-winged black birds. However, I like LF birds–flamingos, tropical birds, cardinals, blue jays and the cute little birds you make!

  100. Adorable cards shared, Audrey’s light lilac card is so breathtaking! My fave bird is the hummingbird and I’d make a rainbow one!

  101. I love this set…I adore blue jays (also because I am from Toronto- Go Jays!) so I would colour them up in brilliant blues.

  102. My favorite bird(s)– Hummingbirds, I love watching them from the porch. I would color with my Copic markers in green shades. Sea Gulls, I would color them white and grays.

  103. My favorite birds are these green wild parrots that are all over our valley. Someone said they’re actually macaws…but no matter which, they are beautiful. They’re almost a neon, grassy green so I’d have to try to blend to duplicate…would love to try!

  104. I like all the birds. We have five feeders where we can see them while sitting inside the house. My favorite bird is the Hummingbird. A Hummingbird makes me think of my Grandma. I would color it with watercolors.

  105. I love most birds! But my favorite has to be the black capped chickadee. They are just so full of life and vibrant, cheery too.

  106. I love watching and hearing all birds, but if I had to pick just one, I would pick the cardinal. I love seeing their bright red feathers against the cold winter snow. I would color them in my most beautiful red copic markers.

  107. My favorite bird is the hummingbird. I have a variety of colors that come to my feeders. To color one I would either do one that looked like the red neck or white neck hummer.

  108. Lovely cards – especially love the ones with the birdhouses! I’m a bird lover and enjoy most birds – especially song birds. The Black Capped chickadee is high on my list – they are very sociable and will eat from your hand. I would opt to colour them as they appear in nature.

  109. My favorite bird now that’s pretty hard because I seem to like them all but if I have to pick I guess it would be a humming bird because they are so small and so cute 🙂

  110. This is my favorite set of the release! So cute! So hard to pick a favorite bird. Maybe a kiwi? I love their crazy spike feathers that almost look like hair.

  111. How adorable! I love birds so hard to pick one! But summer birds I love hummingbirds and winter season I love cardinals! Love the bright orange / red to color for holiday cards!

  112. These Winter Birds are just the cutest! That little nest with tiny peeps makes me smile!
    I love to color with finely sharpened watercolor pencils and then gently blend the color with a water brush.

  113. My favorite bird is the one looking straight wearing the stocking cap and scarf. I would color him blue and his cap and scarf a light lavender.

  114. Squeeee! These birds! I have two favorite birds … the hummingbird and the Magpie (found in Alaska, I don’t know if they are other places too). Hummingbirds need to be colored super bright and sparkly. Magpies are white, black, with a little bit of blue/black. I love coloring!

  115. Hummingbirds are my favorite birds but i love Cardinals at Christmas – never thought to color them as snowbirds! super cute!

  116. Cardinals!!! I love watching them visit the feeder.. and in the spring they bring their little ones and feed them! I’d color them red and brown!

  117. These are so cute! I love cardinals and their bright red during the winter! They also remind me of my grandpa who passed many years ago.

  118. Love birds, it’s hard to choose a favorite. My back yard is a bird sanctuary and I get so many varieties! Love the many cardinals that visit. I would color my cardinals red and some brown (male and female)

  119. I bought this set & it’s one of my absolute favorite! Will look great for winter cards but I look forward to seeing to too make it work for all seasons.

  120. Since june we have some chicken living in our garden – and they are my favorite bird now. They are so much fun to watch, love the way they move their heads when they walk! Since we have two black and a white one, that’s how I’d color those.

  121. I just love seeing the birds colored in so many ways! I’m terrified of birds, so I’m going to go with Kevin from Up! The only bird I would go near and I’d color her with bright colors.

  122. My favorite bird is the cardinal because the contrast so beautifully with white snow and winter greenery. I like to color them with shades of red with a belly of light olive and yellow. Very subtle but beautiful.

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