Lawn Fawn Intro: Candy Hearts, Sending Hugs Line Border, XOXOXO Line Border

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Valentine Inspiration & Release Week! On December 13th our 2 new stamp sets, 8 new die sets, new Cardstock Multipacks and new Ink Pads will be available at your favorite store and! Woohoo! Until then we will have fun posts with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways!

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AND today’s post too!

Today is our showcase of Candy Hearts, Sending Hugs Line Border and XOXOXO Line Border! These candy hearts are perfect for Valentine’s Day cards and crafts! Layer the blank heart behind the conversation hearts to create a finished look. Send lots of hugs and love with our new Line Border sentiment dies!

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using these die sets! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Melissa M created a banner with the colorful Candy Hearts for her adorable Valentine scrapbook page! I love how she layered lots of fun colors of patterned papers to coordinate with the hearts!

Chari used a bright palette of color for her Candy Hearts to match the Really Rainbow paper in the background! The Sending Hugs Line Border is a bold contrast die cut from Black Licorice cardstock!

Yainea die cut her Candy Hearts from Watercolor Wishes papers to create a lovely pastel Valentine card! The soft coloring of the sweet little skunk from Stinkin’ Cute coordinates beautifully with the Gotta Have Gingham paper in the background!

Latisha used a  traditional Valentine’s Day color palette with Chili Pepper red hearts! She used our new Polka Heart Backdrop (to be introduced tomorrow) as a stencil to add even more red and pink hearts to this pretty card!

Elena‘s Critter Concert card is just too cute! She the XOXOXO Line Border along with the sentiment from the set to send a sweet greeting! I love the little white gel pen highlights she added to the hearts and critters!

Ballet Slippers pink, Raspberry and Mermaid cardstock combine to create a sweet color story for Chari‘s lovely Valentine card! The sentiment is from Happy Happy Happy!

This amazing Valentine card by Kay combines the Candy Hearts with the XOXOXO Line Border with some fun non-traditional colors!

Melissa created an adorable card filled with rainbow colors in fun combinations! I love how she used the Peekaboo Backdrop to line up the hearts. The cute little teddy bear from Holiday Helpers fits perfectly on the heart!

Audrey‘s card is just too sweet! I love how she added the cute mice from Elphie Selfie and Wild for You with the Candy Hearts! The Polka Heart Backdrop looks great in red layered over Ballet Slippers pink cardstock!

Melissa S created elegant Heart Treat Boxes by using gold glitter cardstock from the Holiday Sparkle pack! Then she added the Candy Hearts to the heart shaped closure on top of the box, cutting them in half first. Check out the Intro to Heart Treat Box video for a demonstration of how to create this look.

I love how Lynnette created a grid with the Candy Hearts on a white Woodgrain cardstock panel, it really makes those happy colors pop! XOXOXO Line Border is the perfect greeting for this no-stamp card design!

Elise filled the whole front of fabulous card with Candy Hearts in a fun, trendy color combination! I love her custom greeting combining Scripty Sweet with Riley’s ABCs!

Now, I have a little video to introduce Candy Hearts,Sending Hugs Line Border and XOXOXO Line Border and show some fun inspiration. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch it below or click HERE to watch  at our YouTube channel.

Thanks so much for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Candy Hearts, Sending Hugs Line Border and XOXOXO Line Border! Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us if you do anything special for Valentine’s Day by December 12th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Wednesday December 12th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week! Your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages mean so much to us! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!

Valentine Release Products will be available on December 13th!
Candy Hearts
Sending Hugs Line Border
XOXOXO Line Border
Polka Heart Backdrop
Heart Treat Box

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271 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Candy Hearts, Sending Hugs Line Border, XOXOXO Line Border

  1. I do different things every year, but last year, my friend and I went to a Vday concert together! Who knows what this year will bring!

  2. Valentine’s Day usually falls during our school break (I’m a teacher) and as I am single I usually treat myself to a day of something I enjoy (aka crafting) 😊

  3. Oh my! Super cute projects!!!
    For Valentine’s Day I use to baking homemade heart chocolates and a card for my fiancee.

  4. we celebrate friendship at work by sending candygrams! everyone can preorder and a team delivers them to staff on Valentine’s Day.
    i love the little conversation hearts!! so adorable!!

  5. What fun new dies. I am a preschool teacher so my Valentine’s plans include tons of paper valentines and lots of heart shaped treats

    No special Valentine’s Day activities for us … we really do need to get out more don’t we?!?!?

  7. The conversation hearts are so cool! I love them! On Valentine’s day I always make a special Valentine card for my hubby and my sons and daughter’s in law, and now my granddaughters. I give them a little treat too.

  8. Valentine’s Day starts with a card for hubby & 10 year old son (my son has gotten a card from me every year), in the evening we sometimes go out for dinner & spend time together.

  9. I’m loving this new release!!! We like to include our daughters in our Valentine’s tradition. We make chocolate fondue and everyone picks a couple of yummy things to dip.

  10. Valentine’s Day is not really big in Australia so I’ve never really done anything. I’m in love with the candy hearts dies!

  11. I make my husband, children, and students cards each year. I also love the many candies that come out for Valentine’s Day such as Reeses Hearts and candy hearts.

  12. It’s just hubby and I and we always go out to dinner at a nice restaurant.
    Works for me since I don’t enjoy cooking nor the clean up. lol
    Love all the candy hearts – looks just like the real thing!

  13. We don’t always do anything for Valentines day (it is not quite as big in Australia as in the US) but we do go out for dinner or even a weekend on our Anniversary.

  14. My husband and I keep it pretty simple. We exchange cards and sometimes I might get flowers.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  15. My girls always get a soft fuzzy cuddle blanket, sometimes in traditional valentines colors, others in a pattern or color they like. I told them when they were little it’s my way of making sure they have a hug all they time, all they need to do is cuddle up in the blanket and imagine I’m there with them. they loved it so much, it’s lasted for 19 years.

  16. We have a romantic dinner at home because all of the restaurants are always so packed. Feel blessed to say it is just another day for us because we are so over the top in love on an everyday basis!!! Together 31 years and still feel like newlyweds – thank you God❤

  17. Oh these little conversation hearts are just so adorable!!! I LOVE them! Usually we don’t do anything super special for Valentine’s day but I love sending out cards to all of my loved ones!

  18. I absolutely love those candy heart dies! Valentine’s Day is the anniversary of my breast cancer surgery, so I just count my blessings that I’m still alive.

  19. Love the candy hearts! For Valentine’s Day, we usually do a nice dinner at home, so that we can involve the dogs too!

  20. Love these new items! Usually make a special dinner at home since restaurants are so busy and it is my biggest frustration to wait to be seated in restaurants 🙂 I always send super cute cards to people too!

  21. Super cute ideas! We do not do a lot for Valentine’s Day. Sometimes I make heart shaped muffins or cookies, but lately it is usually a card. Getting older seems to change holidays like this one.

  22. Pretty much just another day. Making and sending valentines to the grands. Last year I made 60 cards for an Assisted Living Home. That was fun!

  23. Those conversation hearts are pretty cute. We got engaged on Valentines Day so it is more special because of that (and our first date was a couple days after V-Day in 2002!). We typically go out to a nice restaurant but not always on the actual date of Valentines Day because sometimes we’re not together on V-Day due to work schedules. Last year we went to a play and went to a nice dinner the weekend before. On the actual day, I had an obedience class with one of our dogs!

  24. Love these hearts! I want to eat them haha! We don’t have any big Valentine’s traditions but we usually make sure we at least have a date night together, nothing like snuggling on the couch together!

  25. I like to get my kids each some goodies for Valentine’s Day and try to make the kids and my husband homemade cards. Then we all try to do a nice supper together or eat out.

  26. I always make a special valentine for my husband, and usually something cute for my very best friends! My husband and I usually go out for dinner somewhere nice, or I will cook something a little out of the ordinary at home!

  27. I don’t really do anything for Valentine’s Day except exchange small gifts between my family. The conversation hearts are so cute! There is so much you can do with them!

  28. I don’t usually do anything special for valentine’s. My husband and I make a point of doing special little things for each other throughout the year instead 🙂 I will usually make him a card though, just for fun.

  29. Yay! I love the Candy Hearts. Valentine’s Day for me usually consists of relaxing and eating chocolate…just the way I like it!

  30. WE do not do anything ON Valentine’s Day – several years ago the only ‘restaurant’ we could get in to on V Day was Waffle House!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the candy hearts!!!

  31. The line border and candy hearts are such a cute addition to the wonderful items sold by the Lawn Fawn staff. Thank you so much for making this holiday an amazing world! I try to reach out to people in retirement centers on special days such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. It is a way that I can give of my time to many people. (Actually, I reach out more than once-a-month as I have therapy dogs that go with me!)

  32. Oh, those conversation hearts are adorable!!! We don’t usually do anything special, maybe just a fancy set table at home.

  33. For Valentine’s Day, we always celebrate “Heart” day with the hospital staff where my kids had heart surgery. We take treats and visit with the doctors, nurses, and families in the hospital.

  34. Love the candy hearts!! They will be perfect for the cards I always make my kids! I just give them a little treat with the card for Valentines Day.

  35. We just exchange cards for Valentine’s Day – but my husbands superpower is picking the perfect card for all occasions!!! Love all of the dies today ❤️

  36. Very sweet and cute hearts! We do not do anything special for valentine’s day. It is too over priced and would rather save our date night for another less crazy night. Our kids love creating and making their classmates cards though.

  37. I love all these sweet stitched heart die creations! My husband and I do not do anything special for valentines’s day really, we swap cards and usually get candy or something else small for one another and basically just enjoy one another’s company – he is in the military so just having him home for Valentine’s Day is treat enough. I usually like to get our pup a special valentine doggie treat as well. Thanks for the chance to win! 🙂

  38. Love the candy hearts! We typically do a combined celebration, as my birthday is Feb 18. So a date night for sure~

  39. I love the conversation heart dies and the line border one too! I try to bake a sweet treat that my husband enjoys. We try and go out to dinner and just spend time together!

  40. The hearts are so cute, and they’ll pair well with the Valentine’s hearts jar add-on. I don’t do anything special for Valentine’s.

  41. My kids are teenagers now, but I still give them a valentine… it’s the one day where I can gush over them and not get the eye roll… or at least not much of one.

  42. I take myself out for lunch on Valentine’s Day.
    When my husband was alive, he would get me
    flowers and we’d go out. Those days are
    sadly over – have been for 15 years.
    thanks for sharing

  43. Oh I love the new candy hearts dies! These are a must have for me! I usually make a special meal and dessert on valentines.

  44. So many great things in this release! I can’t wait! We don’t do much for Valentines. Every year I make my husband and kids each a special card and we give each other a little gift.

  45. This release looks so exciting! I love how the elements seem so interchangeable – using the line borders with candies and the koalas. It just gives us so many possibilities! Thank you.
    For Valentine’s Day, my wonderful husband and I normally go out for a meal and just enjoy spending time together.

  46. For Valentine’s Day, we give our kids (they’re 5, 3 & 2) one big basket that has jammies in it for everyone, a movie, candy, popcorn, etc., everything we need for a family movie night!

  47. SQUEAL!! LOVING the NEW Products and the AMAZING Inspiration!! Every Year I make a FUN Breakfast for my Kiddos and Husband and surprise them with AT START and lets them ALL know how mush I LOVE THEM!! THANKS for sharing and have a FABULOUS WEEK!!

  48. Cute hearts! My husband and I make cards for each other and either cook dinner together or go out for a nice dinner, depending on what the weather does.

  49. ARE YOU KIDDING! I can’t stand how cute this is! I LOVE these Candy Hearts SOOOO MUCH! I usually cuddly with the love of my life on Valentine’s day… my little maltipoo puppy MADDIE 🙂

  50. Love the Candy Hearts, was hoping you would come out with something like these, they are soooo cute!! Love the Polka Heart background also, guess I just love anything hearts!!!

  51. These candy hearts are just adorable; really, really sweet (no pun intended)! If I’m lucky on Valentine’s Day, I get a date night with the hubby.

  52. So adorable! Where I live Valentine’s Day is celebrated as Friendship’s Day so we usually spend time together with friends 🙂

  53. Before we had kids we would definitely do something special for Valentine’s Day – now we exchange cards.

  54. The Tagged Candy Hearts are so cute! I love how they were stringed up on Melissa’s lay out.
    Right before Valentine’s Day I make cards for all my family and I make them sweet treats. The day of Valentine’s, I deck myself out in red and pink and put their treats and cards on the kitchen table right before they head off to work and school. If possible, we go out to lunch together.

  55. I make lots of cards for friends and family. My husband and I usually go out to dinner, and sometimes we do a spa day!

  56. We don’t usually do anything special on the 14th. We avoid the crowds are go to a special dinner either the 13th or 15th.

  57. Love this set!!! We don’t do anything special for Valentine’s Day. Everything is so much more expensive – we prefer to celebrate our love other days of the year.

  58. So EXCITED about this wonderful new release!!! I always make little goodie bags with cute tags and put them in my coworkers boxes for Valentines Day:)

  59. I ADORE these new heart designs! They will be on my wish list for sure! We don’t do much for Valentine’s Day, it’s nicer to celebrate our relationship on other days!

  60. I’m having a galentines party this year and these would be perfect to make something cute and special for my friends!

  61. We usually do treats for school (students and teachers) and also have special dinner not on Valentine’s but usually a day before to celebrate without the crowds 🙂

  62. Usually never have a date for Valentine’s day, so I have a “me” day, order some good food, and have a fun night hanging out with my pups! You can practice self love on Valentine’s too 🙂

  63. I make gift bags/boxes for each of my kids and grandkids and fill with homemade goodies Hubby and I go out to dinner and movie. One year I had a Galantine party with just my female friends and family where we made cards and enjoyed a dessert buffet.

  64. Honestly, I can’t say that I do. My birthday and my sisters-in-law’s birthday isn’t that long after Valentine’s Day. I can’t tell you how often I have gotten a Valentine’s Day card where it was crossed out to say birthday, so not a big fan of the holiday. I usually am working too. But hey, the little hearts are cute!

  65. We don’t usually celebrate Valentine’s Day because it’s everyday for us, But after seeing these cute cards, I will have to make one in February!

  66. I like to make a special treat for my kids, and my husband and I usually go out to dinner to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Love the candy hearts and sentiment borders!

  67. So cute and clever – those Candy Hearts! Absolutely LOVE them! For Valentines Day, I always send my adult children who all live in other states, a love package with goodies and a special card I make for them.

  68. Love the coversation hearts! My husband and I usually make a nice meal together and spend the evening quiet at home with our daughter.

  69. My husband and 2 boys celebrate together by making heart shaped pizzas for dinner usually followed by board games or a silly movie.

  70. Woo super dulce todo lo que han creado, sin duda soy amante de los layout así que ya sabrán cual me robó el corazón jeje.
    En México es Día del Amor y la Amistad así que damos algún detallito a nuestras amistades y hacemos planes de salir por un café

  71. Oh my gosh these hearts are absolutely adorable! So many awesome possibilities ❤️ I am loving all the amazing and creative cards! Such incredibly talented artist. 😊

  72. WOW ! XOXOXO ! These are absolutely darling & scream love at you. Thank you for so many beautiful, colourful inspiration pieces folks. Hurry up release.

  73. I love how the candy hearts look with the really rainbow papers!! So adorable!! Such a cute idea! I don’t have any usual plans I do for valentine’s day every year but I always let the people in my life that I love and care about know how much they mean to me and how loved they are!

  74. I love all the projects but my favourites are Elena’s Critter Concert card and Melissa’s scrapbook heart banners! Awesome job, ladies! My husband and I don’t have a Valentine’s tradition, it’s usually dependent upon his work schedule when we celebrate and how. I’m good with that, it keeps things interesting!

  75. Such an adorable set! We celebrate by getting our kids something small and ringing the doorbell multiple times with many valentines. Such a fun day!

  76. I like sending Valentine’s cards. My partner and I usually don’t do anything super special for Valentine’s Day other than some small cute gifts. It’s nice that way.

  77. Each card is cuter than the one before. The Candy Hearts are perfect and love the new additions to your line borders. We’re usually still recovering from all of the Christmas and New Year’s hoopla so we don’t do too much for Valentine’s Day.
    My oldest son’s birthday is also the day after Valentine’s Day so we’re usually planning that celebration. I do try to find some type of cute stuffed animal do the grandkids have a new stuffie to love.

  78. Love, love, love the candy hearts!! So cute. My husband and I don’t do anything really big for Valentine’s day. We usually just cook dinner together and reminisce. It’s the little things we do together that mean the most.

  79. I don’t do anything special for this holiday except make sure I have plenty of candy hearts on hand! And I always try to make valentine cards for my granddaughters! I love candy hearts and I love this die set!

  80. Oh my gosh!!!!!! I make valentines for my friends kids to exchange at school. These candy heart dies would be so amazing to have to make them this year!!!!!

  81. OMGosh! I’ve just watched your you tube video showcasing these valentines candy hearts – they are super adorable! Your design team are SO creative! My hubby and I are hoping to get out on our own for Valentine’s Day this year – it will be the first time in 16 years!!! Can’t wait. Fingers crossed no major disaster will occur this year x

  82. So many cute cards, I especially love those with the mice ♥

    I think my boyfriend and I will go hiking in the forest or something like that. But even if we just sit on teh couch, I love spending time with him, doesn’t matter what we do 🙂 ♥

  83. Look, are you trying to hurt me?? You don’t ask a single girl about Valentine’s Day. (laughing) I do not do anything except buy myself some chocolate.

  84. The candy hearts are precious! So much fun! No special plans for Valentine’s Day. My husband and I just enjoy and
    quiet evening at home.

  85. I usually spend Valentine’s day with my husband…maybe do dinner…nothing too fancy. I might have to make some cute treat boxes for him this year…love all the new things!

  86. Now that we are empty nesters we don’t do anything for Valentines day. We are boring 🙂 I used to make valentines for my sons but now that they are in their 20s – not so much LOL!

  87. The candy hearts are so cute. We prefer to stay in for Valentine’s and have a nice quiet evening with dinner and a movie.

  88. Another great idea for kids to feel successful at a craft! Valentine’s Day was always spent making cookies for my children to take to school

  89. Gasp-a-licious! I SO LOVE those candy hearts….you’re killin’ me, Lawn Fawn. We don’t really celebrate Valentines Day at home anymore (the hubs and I both agree that it’s a Hallmark holiday), but I have big plans for that heart box for my “little kids”. I teach preschool and we always have a Valentines Day party at school.

  90. Great colours for Valentine’s Day. They just pop!
    Valentine’s Day these years is hearing about the grandchildren’s day

  91. I love the small hearts background, goes so well with the bigger hearts
    I no longer bake all of those deliciously decadent chocolate cookies, except in my mind!

  92. Love these! We typically don’t do anything special for Valentine’s day. We like to stay home and watch a movie since everyone always goes out – it makes everything too crowded!

  93. I can already see so many cards in my mind using this set! We don’t usually do anything special for Valentine’s Day. We might go out to a nicer dinner the week before or something.

  94. The love hearts are amazing! They take me back to younger days 😀 On Valentines we usually cook a nice dinner together and enjoy a quiet evening <3

  95. I love making Valentine’s cards. I give them to friends so they can send them to their grandkids or other loved ones. I’m loving this Candy Hearts die!

  96. I love these new dies! I make Valentine cards for my husband and other family/friends and sometimes make homemade treats. I also always send my daughter a special care package.

  97. We really don’t do much for Valentines. We try and stay home and fix a nice dinner. We figure it’s healthier, cheaper and you don’t have to fight the crowds.

  98. I usually don’t do much for Valentine’s day, because I’m single. Sometimes, my family plays some games, but not much else. 🙂

  99. VDay really isn’t my holiday, but I do generally try to treat myself to some champagne or sparkling wine and some good chocolate. Much better than VDay are the days after when the candy goes to half price or less! The candy heart dies are cute, though!

  100. So many colorful creations
    here! Lots of fun with them.
    My husband and I go out
    to dinner and usually make
    each other a card!
    Carla from Utah

  101. My husband and I don’t make special plans he gets home too late from work as he works in food service but this year I will definitely make him a little heart box with kisses inside because they are TOO CUTE!!!

  102. My husband is so sweet and usually makes me dinner for Valentine’s Day and the next day too since it’s my birthday.

  103. my husband and i every year enjoy a romantic cooked dinner (by me) and a beautifully decorated cake by him and it’s just perfect!

  104. I like to make lots of handmade crafts for my boyfriend ( cards, coupons, boxes etc.). I also like to take him to a good restaurant because we both are foodie!

  105. These cards/layouts are so pretty! I never do anything for Valentine’s Day. I personally think its overrated, but I do love all the cute decorations for the day.

  106. Love, love the candy hearts dies! Usually help my granddaughter make some valentines or heart art and take valentine themed photos of her…will be going solo this year as she is in school all day.

  107. Oh my gosh I love these heart dies SO much!!!

    I don’t do anything special for VDay besides give treats to by hubby and kids! I love making them cutsie goodies!

  108. We usually exchange cards & the hubs gives me a gift, which is very special. We don’t usually go out for a valentine’s meal. When I have time I send some cutie cards out! These samples are so cute!

  109. OMG, this has to be my favorite set so far. It’s darling and so many memories of candy hearts at Valentine’s Day. I always make my kids sweet card for Valentines and this year I’m using this set for sure.

  110. OMG those hearts are so cute. My husband and I don’t always celebrate Valentines Day however I do hang hearts up in the house.

  111. Unfortunately I just work and than come home to my family. We try to at least go out on The Weekends. By the way these are making me want some chalky heart candies.

  112. LOVE, LOVE and LOVE the Candy Hearts. I can’t wait to give them a go!!! I already have idea’s for my Great Niece and Nephew!!! I’m not just a Good Aunt….I’m a Great Aunt! =)
    No, we normally just stay home and snuggle up!

  113. We spend Valentines Day at home. We usually have a nice dinner and watch movies to avoid crowds, healthier eating, and saving money.

  114. Valentines Day is not a very special day for my family and myself, because it’s just becoming popular in the last couple years. So, we actually never celebrated it. Besides going to work or crafting or watching movie on the sofa, there will be nothing more we do on Valentines Day. We show our love to each other around the year 🙂

  115. This release is unreal, I love absolutely everything! What will I choose, what will I choose?! Oh my, the decision making will be painful – here’s to hoping Santa brings me some crafty gift certificates LOL. Hubby and I usually buy something “useful” for both of us for Valentine’s Day (I know, boring, but this means a gadget that we normally wouldn’t splurge on, so not as boring as you might think!), and if we can – AKA if we find a baby sitter – we go out for a meal to a nice restaurant (that, again, we wouldn’t splurge on on a normal day) – however, we never go for dinner on Valentine’s Day itself, to avoid the massive crowds etc – we usually go a week or two after 😛

  116. Another fabulous release day! So fun. For Valentines Day we do a crazy mixed up dinner as a family. We call it our Crazy Cupid Cafe. Each person gets a menu with items like hugs, kisses etc. Each crazy menu item links to a food or utensil. We serve the meal in 3 courses and you just might end up with dessert first (my kids favorite) or jello and no spoon. We celebrate together as a family a good meal, maybe a movie or reading picture books together.

  117. These are the cutest projects and cards! I love how colorful they are and the conversation hearts are so great. 🙂 I usually make Valentines Day cards for my parents, sister and husband. Sometimes my husband and I will go out for dinner, but not always. 🙂

  118. These hearts are to die for cute! Love!

    My husband and I like to order in something yummy for dinner instead of dealing with all the craziness of going out.

  119. These candy hearts are so cute! We always do something special for Valentine’s Day! Having grown up in Loveland, Colorado, I like to send handmade Valentine’s to a few people, and send them through the Loveland Colorado Valentine’s Re-Mailing Program to get the special stamp from the Sweetheart City! (You should totally google it and join in the fun this year, too!)

  120. The Polka Heart Backdrop is super gorgeous. I do not know how you all come up with the absolute cutest things ever!!

  121. On Valentine’s Day hubby and I usually give each other something small, but it’s nice to get a bit of extra attention. Of course I always make him a cute card! 😂

    I’m thinking next year I also want to send a nice card to my close friends 💕

    I love these dies 😍

  122. I don’t do anything for Valentine’s Day but my parents wedding anniversary is the next day and we usually celebrate that instead with takeaway or eat in.

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