Lawn Fawn Intro: Get Well Before ‘n Afters

Hello and Welcome to Lawn Fawn’s March Inspiration Week! This week we are showcasing 5 new stamp sets, along with 9 of our new stand alone dies and our Spiffy Speckles paper collection! All of our Spring 2019 Release is available now at and at your favorite craft stores!!

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Today is our showcase of Get Well Before ‘n Afters and its coordinating dies! Have a fast recovery with these cute critters! It’s perfect for wishing someone a speedy recovery from an injury or illness, or for simply offering some “feel better” support when times are tough. Before ’n Afters sets feature a “before” and “after” image that works great on the outside and inside of cards, or with the Magic Picture Changer die! The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using this fun new set!

Nichol created an awesome ocean-theme scene with Stitched Waves Borders and some cute fish and plants from You Are Sublime to accompany Get Well Before ‘n Afters on her adorable Magic Picture Changer design! She used the Fancy Wavy Banners die set for her white heat-embossed sentiment!

Yainea‘s get well card is so sweet! I love how she framed the before and after bird with the Say Cheese, Again photo frame! Our Get Well Soon Border pairs nicely with the sentiment from the Get Well Before ‘n Afters set!

I love Elise‘s clever sentiment that combines Get Well Before ‘n Afters with letters die cut using Finley’s ABCs! The ocean scene is cute with the Stitched Ocean Borders in Spiffy Speckles and vellum layers!

Audrey‘s adorable card makes me smile! This cute scene features a Really Rainbow Scallops background, some Bayou Backdrop vines and lots of fun kraft layers of Stitched Rectangle Frames and an Itsy Bitsy Polka Dot Backdrop! I love how she added the sentiment on the sign from Open Me!

Megan‘s amazing Magic Picture Changer wishes a fast recovery to this poor ailing whale! I love how the diver from You Are Sublime has come the rescue with the bottle of medicine!

This charming card by Elena uses the cute little stamps from Get Well Before ‘n Afters with our RAWRSOME dinosaurs! All the dinosaurs are doing their best to make their friend feel better!

Lynnette‘s little critter is feeling mighty puny, hope he gets “whale” soon! This cheery little scene really pops with the bright colors of the Really Rainbow Scallops in the background!

Latisha packed so much cuteness into this happy, clean and simple card design! I love the how she coordinated the stripes with the Lawn Trimmings cord!

I love how Lizzy added so much fun and interest to her get well card by stamping a custom background! By mounting her turtle on a Stitched Circle of vellum the cute design remains visible!

Kay‘s beautiful card is full of sweet encouragement! I love the cheerful colors and very soft inking she added to the white backdrop!

For her Magic Picture Changer, Megan added the bird to just the frame so that when the picture changes below the cute little nurse stays in place and doesn’t disrupt the interactive mechanism! I just love all of these happy colors!

Now, I have a video for you introducing Get Well Before ‘n Afters and sharing some fun things you can do with this set. I hope you enjoy it! Watch it below or click HERE to watch it at our You Tube channel.

Thank you for watching!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Get Well Before ‘n Afters. Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us your favorite type of card to make by March 20th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this stamp set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Friday March 15th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration and release week! Your comments, tweets, facebook, instagram and YouTube messages mean so much to us! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


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348 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Get Well Before ‘n Afters

  1. I love making Thank you cards because I can personalized the cards depending on what I’m thanking about and whom I’m thanking for. More variety in making cards!

  2. I love making all cards but especially a card for someone who isn’t expecting one. It puts a smile on their face, although my sister cries when she receives one from me! It’s lovely to think it means so much.x

  3. I love making ‘hello’ cards – I’m a Brit living in the US and I send them to friends and family back home all the time.

  4. It will always be interactive ones! Love the reveal wheel the most but the magic picture changer is on its heels :-D! As for the occasion, I love birthday cards and wedding cards, because i can go wild with the designs ^^.

  5. I think my fav cards to make are encouragement cards- like sending something in the mail to brighten someone’s day. Love this stamp set, enjoyed seeing what everyone has done with it!

  6. Lawn Fawn has done it again…these whimsical cards are popping with inspiration. I love making interactive cards because it really captures someone’s attention when they are drawn in by the movement of a card.

  7. This is such a fab set and so many amazing ideas from the designers. I enjoy making encouragement cards the most.

  8. I love making any kind of interactive card- it’s great to have a surprise for the recipient!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  9. I love making birthday cards the most. I also send them the most! I send well over 50 birthday cards a year!

  10. I love this set and have some fun using it – thank you for all the new ideas and inspiration! I love making interactive cards – they just have the “wow” factor that puts them over the top!

  11. I mostly make birthday cards, but my favorite type of card to make is “just because” Trying to brighten someone’s day in an unexpected way is pretty cool!

  12. What an adorable set , I love it! And it’s perfect not only for the magic slider cards! Gorgeous inspiration! 🙂 my favourite cards are baby cards – be that birth, birthdays or just expecting a baby… and I love interactive cards, but sadly don’t have the time to make them very often…

  13. I make more birthday cards than anything, but my favorite is probably a just because card. I like sending cards for no special reason.

  14. I usually do most cards blank of sentiment so that I have lots on hand when I need them. I just quick do the sentiment and drop it in the mail. These are so super cute!

  15. I love making any kind of card, but seem to make mostly birthday cards. These examples are outstanding!

  16. Wow! Everyone’s projects are amazing!! I’m sure glad I picked up this set on a whim, because these would certainly have made me want it!

    My favorite type of card to make is a birthday card. Almost any image or scene can work, depending on the recipient, so I really love the variety I can make

  17. I love to make all cards!! Especially birthday cards – I love to personalize them for the recipient! ❤️

  18. Such adorable cards by everyone!!!! These before and after stamp ideas are so fun and creative!!

    My favorite kinds of cards to make are interactive cards!! I love the idea of delighting someone with something unexpected!!

  19. I love making any kind of pop-up card or a card with moving interactive features. I like to watch the recipient”s expression when they open the card and “play” with it. My favorite right now is the Magic Picture Changer.

  20. Omg I love all the creations. I do y always have a reason to make a card for a special occasions but I just finished a birthday card for my great nephew using the dinos

  21. Too cute! The design team makes some of the cutest cards! Birthday cards are my favorite to make, especially interactive cards, but Halloween cards are a close second.

  22. Fantastic ! This set has thankfully come out at just the right time. My daughter in law is unfortunately very ill currently & I keep making her get well or encouragement cards to cheer her up & I was running out of different images. I enjoy making all my cards, especially as a newer crafter, but my favourite must be children’s birthday cards x

  23. I love making Christmas cards as it’s my favorite time of year. The design team is once again showing beautiful examples. Thanks

  24. Love making birthday cards but after seeing all these wonderful cards with the get well stamps, that my just change.

  25. My favorite cards are birthday and thank you cards. Really, anything with cute stamps like these! I am loving this Picture changer.

  26. Quick and simple is how my cards go these days but I love all your interactive cards. I can’t wait to give those a try.

  27. Favorite types of cards to make is clean and simple, but am open to trying anything.
    Adorable set. Awesome DT samples. x

  28. I love making cards with a scene, especially “thinking of you” cards because I can do anything I want.

  29. I love making birthday cards, yet seeing this post inspired me to make a get well card… even if it to make someone’s day a lot better

  30. I love making birthday cards. This year I’m trying to make more ‘thinking of you’ cards and mail them 🙂
    I love these get well before and after cards. This set is definitely on my wish list.

  31. So cute, love the sweet turtles! My favorite type of card to make is really not a special “type” I just tend to make something that is geared towards the recipient! Sometimes that plays out in different ways. 🙂

  32. My favorite cards to make are any using LF products, your products are the best! I love all of the cute images and interactive dies. Everything goes so well together.

  33. The cards I make the most are birthday cards. I try to always make one for EVERY member of my family and my husband’s family. But lately I’ve been making a few Mother’s Day cards just to be ahead of the season.

  34. I love interactive cards! Lawn Fawn is one of my go to companies. You have so many great ideas and so much inspiration for us!!

  35. I think Christmas cards are my favorite! I just love all these cute little get well cards — If I was sick and got one of these it would brighten my day like nothing else!

  36. My favorite card to make …. wow, this is a tough one … I love making all of my cards, but really love watching someone receive one of my cards. I really enjoy seeing the happiness a home made card can give.

  37. So many cute ideas! I love making Halloween cards the most, as it’s my favorite! But any excuse to make a card is a good one!

  38. It is hard to pick a favorite. I make a lot to donate so I guess my favorites are the ones I make hoping to bring a smile to someone’s face. These would be so cute for kids in the hospital. Great sets!

  39. I whale-y love these! 😛
    My favorite cards to make are thinking of you cards. I can send them any time of year!

  40. I LOVE making interactive cards! That’s how I found Lawn Fawn. I make cards for #cardsforhospitalizedkids and when I asked Google how to make interactive cards, it led me to Lawn Fawn. I’ve been hooked ever since. I also like to design and create paper piecings, so I combine the Lawn Fawn interactive elements with my electronic cutting to make lots of fun cards. Yay!

  41. “Get well” stamps have been lacking.
    These are darling – good way to cheer
    up someone under the weather.
    thanks for the peek.

  42. There are a lot of cute cards here! My favorite type of card to make is birthday, congrats and hello cards. They are just fun cards to make because they are usually for happy reasons.

  43. I like making interactive cards. Whether it’s a pop up card or double slider they are so unique the recipient loves to get them!

  44. I think my favorite kind of card to make is probably a cute scene card with coloring! Coloring is something that I enjoy doing as well as putting together scens!! These products are perfect for that! 🙂

  45. My favorite cards to make are birthday cards. I’ve only recently made some interactive cards. They’ve always been a little intimidating for me, but I’m seeing they are fun to make.

  46. What cute sets! And the designers did a great job with them – very cute. My favorite cards to make are shaker cards “just because.” I love sending unexpected cards. Thank you for the chance to win!

  47. Wonderfully sweet new products and fantastic inspiration projects. I love making CAS or clean and layered cards.

  48. Birthday cards. I try to match my cards to the individual and their interest. Makes cards challenging sometimes.

  49. Making birthday cards is my favorite, but after seeing all these get well soon cards, I may have to start making those. So adorable!

  50. I started making Birthday cards for my family and friends about two years ago. It is a relaxing and addictive hobby for me now. The get well set is so cute, it’s on my shopping list!

  51. I am looking forward to this set, sadly, I make more and more ‘get well soon’ cards these days. But my favorite kinds of cards to make are (1) holiday cards and (2) dog themed cards, so a dog-themed holiday card definitely tops my list! Thanks for the beautiful inspiration, and the chance to win! 🙂

  52. I love all the creative inspiration for the Get Well Before ‘n Afters stamp and dies. So excited to start creating!

  53. Oh, for gosh sakes….these showcases are cute beyond belief! Enabling happening! Favourite cards are the abundant numbers of mini cards/tags/bookmarks I make for my niece, nephew, their classmates, teachers, coaches and…anyone else who touches their lives in a positive way! LF products are perfect x awesome for my mass-producing escapades – made all the more fun that I don’t ever get bored because designs can be easily varied!

  54. I loved all of today’s samples, but the card with the photo frame, before and after chicks, and get well border is my favorite for today.

  55. The majority of cards I make are for hospitalized kids for all seasons, holidays, encouragement, etc. Interactive cards or cards with mobile or tactile elements are my favorites for this purpose. This set is really adorable and, although not appropriate for my kid cards, it would be great for friends and family.

  56. I feel good just looking at these cards. My favorite card to make I think would be hard to say as I always like a challenge and do new things with different techniques.

  57. I love making Halloween cards. I also like to make larger cards because I donate them to a charity that distributes them to Seniors and people who are basically shut ins. I really hope you consider making a 5×7 version of the reveal wheel card. I love interactive cards. I also hope you consider making some larger size sentiment dies and stamp sets.
    Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  58. I really love to make Christmas cards. How to use this whale stamp in a Christmas card, I will come up with something:)

  59. I love making interactive birthday cards – being able to brighten someone’s birthday with a homemade card and then see the joy they get when they realize it moves makes me so happy!

  60. Great card designs today. I love this stamps set (that turtle is just so cute)
    I like to make birthday and Christmas cards and some of them I like to be interactive.

  61. I enjoy making general “Love” cards because sending someone a random “love” for no reason card is so needed these days.

  62. Adorable cards by the design team!
    I like making all kinds of cards, but “Just because” or “hello” cards to brighten someones day with when they don’t expect it is always extra fun.

  63. So adorable cards! I love making any type of cards with cute critters so that I can give them every now and then to family and friends.

  64. I love making all cards, but honestly I mainly make birthday cards and I am addicted to Lawn Fawn and typically those are the majority of the stamps I use. I have lately started trying watercolor flower cards and just ordered the Flutter By set.

  65. I love making cards with movement–shaker, pop-up, slider, reveal wheel. It’s easy to forget about those, which is why I love that Lawn Fawn makes creating them so much easier! (As for event: birthday and thank you are so rewarding, but I always need good inspiration for sympathy cards!)

  66. Scene cards are my favorite to make. That’s why I love Lawn Fawn, you’re stamps are perfect for scene cards!

  67. My favorite type of cards are holiday cards. There’s just a good reason pretty much every month to send somebody a fun and happy note.

  68. my favorite type of card is usually a card with a frame. i really love frames as it keeps everything together.

  69. I love making birthday cards and special for the individual person or couple cards. I don’t have a particular type. I make what moves me. I use a lot of Lawn Fawn too. I will make anything from flat, to shakers, to multi-layer, to mechanical, to pop-up. I do it all.

  70. My Favourite type of card to make would be Christmas cards! I have a lot of cute Christmas themed stamps that work so well together to create gorgeous scenes – I tend to try make them a few months in advance! I especially love to make the pop-up box design!

  71. My favorite cards to make are any type of interactive cards. I love the surprise the recipient receives with these types of cards.

  72. I love making all cards, but i would like to do more interactive ones. I think if I had this magic picture changer die set, they would definitely be my fave. They are so cool. They bring out the little kid in everyone.

  73. My favorite card to make is a “Thinking of You” card with a cute scene and cute critters, but I also love making Christmas cards year around. I do make a lot of birthday cards too.

  74. I like making birthday cards and interactive cards the most because they are fun and cheery to make and to send.

  75. I do love this before and after set; so cute!!! Specially when it is paired with the Magic Picture changer! Such a great product!

  76. I seem to mostly make birthday cards, but Halloween cards are my favorite! I really like how pop-up box cards turn out, but I just recently bought the Magic Picture Changer die and I’m looking forward to playing around with that when I have a decent block of time.

  77. oh my goodness, these are all so very inspiring!
    I generally like to do everyday cards. I should be making more birthday cards because I end up scrambling to get those done the last minute.

  78. i love these interactive cards but don’t tend to make them much since they are so complicated and time consuming but your dies make it so much easier!

  79. That little whale…OMG too cute! I love making all kids of cards but the magic picture changer is my new favorite!

  80. Love the new cards! I like that the Lawn Fawn sets are interchangeable, so I can use my current sets with the new ones!

  81. What fun cards! I’m really loving the samples of the Magic Picture Changer cards!
    I love making birthday cards!

  82. I love this set and the Magic Picture Changer die. My favorite cards to make these days are interactive birthday cards for my 4 grandsons themed to match whatever they’re into these days. They get such a kick out of them

  83. That’s picture changer die is so innovative. It’s also a must have! Can’t wait top,ay with this one. It looks complicated. But the video doesn’t look too hard.

  84. I love this set and all the DT samples so much! My favourite types of cards to make are either birthday or thank you

  85. You have our did yourself again. Love it. My lawn fawn stash gets bigger and bigger. Enjoy simon create. Wish i was joining you.

  86. My favorite type of card to make is interactive! I love the double slider surprise! Cards with movement are unexpected and fun!

  87. One of my favorite types of cards to make are definitely interactive cards! They are so much fun for the recipient 😊

  88. These are the cutest cards! This ‘Magic Picture Changer’ set is a complete game changer! I just made my first one yesterday!

  89. I really love this cute Get Whale set!!!! How cute!!!!
    So my favorite card to make doesn’t go by theme but rather by type. I enjoy anything interactive! I love sliders, shakers, peek-a-boo’s and anything that is fun! 🙂
    Jo in Jersey

  90. I love interactive cards, but hardly ever have the time available to make them. So my favorite type of card to make is a simple layout with a bright distress inked background.

  91. I really like the interactive cards. I have already used the new Magic Picture for my husband’s 50th. So much fun!

  92. Adorable get well cards! I could really use these stamps and diecuts because I work in healthcare and am always hoping people ” get well soon” I do love interactive cards the most and there are so many choices from Lawn Fawn. Thank you!

  93. OMG…I simply love Megan’s card! They are all wonderful but her card is my favorite. 💕Hmm, that’s difficult to say. I’m very new to card making, so I don’t currently have a favorite type of card to make.

  94. I think this is my favorite set this release. I think I “Thanks” and Birthday cards are tied for #1 in my book. I don’t have any “get well” sets, so I’ll have to add this to my wish list! 🙂

  95. Love all those different looks for these stamp sets. It really helps seeing in the different formats. The turtle cards (all of them) as super cute. Love Megan’s magic picture changer. I love how detailed it is. Will need to try that one soon.

  96. Thinking of you cards! I love letting someone know they are on my mind when I make them a card. Thank you for beautiful samples. I’m using my rainbow paper pad thanks to your ideas.

  97. I love making encouragement cards for friends going through difficult times as well as critter cards for celebrations.

  98. This set is adorable! I love the whale and the cute little upside down turtle! How sweet! I love machining cards for no occasion what-so-ever. I actually love to make a card with something cute and seasonal, and leave it blank so I can write a short letter inside. I would LOVE to see a set where these Lawn fawn cuties are writing letters!
    Crafty Hugs!

  99. I like making Birthday cards… especially for my darling granddaughters!
    Your samples are so darn cute. Makes me want to own all your stamps!!!

  100. I am happy making all kinds of cards, my favourite would be interactive. Really enjoy decorating treat boxes with my granddaughter too.

  101. I LOVE to make scene cards especially with animals. I have such a passion for them.
    I would LOVE to see an Ostrich stamp and die set…Especially with an Ostrich sporting a pair of Sunglasses!!! =)
    Have a FUN, FUN day!

  102. Oh my gosh these are all so cute and super creative! Such wonderful encouragement for someone who is not at the top of their game. I love the overturned 🐢 turtles the best!! Such fantastic inspiring cards!

  103. I just love getting cards and thus tend to send everyone cards for all kinds of occasions. Mostly get-well and birthday cards. I just love the feeling you get when you have mail. If it is an adorable card it’s even better!

  104. I love making interactive cards and Lawn Fawn does an excellent job at simplifying the steps to create beautiful and fun interactive cards! My current favourite is the Reveal Wheel, so I am so thrilled that there are more dies and add-ons to this style! Bravo!

  105. Easter and spring are my favorite to make. After this winter the shadow box spring cards will be fun to send.

  106. I love to make skaker cards. They are not very common and the reaction from people I give them to are so fun!

  107. I love thank-you cards because you can use almost any theme to make them work. I’ve used everything from llamas (my favorite) to space and dinosaurs.

  108. I love interactive cards like shaker cards, pop-up cards, etc. But I wish I had this Magic Picture changer! This is a game-changer for me.

  109. My favorite cards are interactive and humorous! I love these before and afters! I hope this is the start of a before and after series of stamp sets – so clever

  110. So adorable!!! I am LOVING ALL the interactive dies lately. They r so much fun. I think any of them can just make someone smile no matter the occasion. Thanks for all the great ideas. Take care ❤️

  111. I liked to make Thinking of you cards. You can use them for almost any occasion.
    Great release and thanks for sharing…

  112. I send out so many get well and thinking of you cards that it’s refreshing to receive these new ideas to make others feel better. Thank you Lawn Fawn staff and designers.

  113. Aww love these get well sentiments! Such a cute way to send well wishes! I actually love making Christmas cards, and make about 100 each year!

  114. I really love making interactive cards the most! And my Family loves them the most too, so I can make them happiest with intereactive cards and seeing their smile makes me happy too!
    But when I see Yaineas card its so cute with this before and after stamp set without using the die cut and alsokay millers card I love it!

  115. The cards that I make for people are so appreciated and when I observe them opening the Lawn Fawn cards, it always brings a smile to their face. Thank you Lawn Fawn staff and designers.

  116. Get well cards are what I make with the Lawn Fawn products to bring smiles and wishes of returning to good health to others. Thank you, Lawn Fawn staff and designers!

  117. I know the images in this set would help to make me get better if I were sick. They’re cute! My favorite type of card to make is birthday cards. I love being able to personalize them for each person and their interests.

  118. My favorites are Thank you cards for gifts – I try to incorporate what I received as the theme for the card so it’s personalized.

  119. My favorite kinds of cards to make are interactive/3D types, with happy and “random act of kindness” themes! Which of course makes almost any Lawn Fawn product the PERFECT thing! Can’t wait for the new stuff — love it ALL!

  120. My favorite type of cards to make are Thank You cards! I am lucky to have many thoughtful people in my life!

  121. My favorite type of card to make it something that is elegant or elaborate but I also love my cute Lawn Fawn cards.

  122. Birthday cards are my current favorite (probably because I use them the most) 🙂 Loved seeing these creative and fun cards you shared. Thank you!

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