Charge Me Up: Light Up Cardmaking Kit Blog Hop Day 2 + Giveaway!

We are so happy to announce our collaboration with our friends at Chibitronics! The response to the Charge Me Up: Light Up Cardmaking Kit has been amazing! Thank you so much! We have sold out at our shop, but you can still find the kit at Chibitronics! With this fun kit you will make 2 complete cards and learn the skills you’ll need to create fun interactive light-up cards! The card making kit includes the exclusive Charge Me Up stamp set, coordinating dies, lights, templates and easy-to-follow instructions! This is Day 2 of our blog hop with Chibitronics! Our Design Teams have made some amazing projects to inspire you! Make sure to make it to bottom of this post to enter for your chance to win one of these exclusive, limited-edition kits!

Audrey used the exclusive Charge Me Up stamp set and coordinating dies that come in the kit to make an adorable card perfect to share with someone special! She combined the cute robots on a Dotted Circle with Stitched Windy Backdrop framed with a Zig Zag Circle Stackable. She used Polka Heart Backdrop to coordinate with the cute red hearts!

Melissa S. added some extra sparkle to her cute robot with some green glitter Grassy Hillside Borders from the Holiday Sparkle pack of cardstock! She kept her card simple to let the light-up robot “shine”!

Elise assembled her “programmed to party” rainbow robots into a fun line up! She white embossed the Riley’s ABCs greeting on Black Licorice cardstock! This robot is cute with and without lights!

Megan got super creative and used the Magic Picture Changer and the phone frame from Selfie Frames to create a fun robot party! She positioned the lights behind the robots on the sides and used the pull tab to not only change the picture but to activate the lights!

Here’s a little peek behind the scenes at the circuit that Megan created using the copper tape, lights and battery that come in the kit!

We have added more Chibitronics products to the shop like colorful LED lights, copper tape and conductive fabric tape! Check them out HERE!

Be sure to visit the Chibitronics blog for more amazing inspiration with their talented Design Team! And head to the Chibitronics shop to find the Charge Me Up: Light Up Cardmaking Kit!

Now it’s giveaway time! It wouldn’t be a blog hop without a giveaway! We would love to hear what you think about our new collaboration Charge Me Up: Light Up Cardmaking Kit ! We will give away one kit each day of the hop, woohoo! Leave one comment on this post to enter the giveaway!


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191 thoughts on “Charge Me Up: Light Up Cardmaking Kit Blog Hop Day 2 + Giveaway!

  1. My daughter competes in Robotics so this would be perfect to make cards for her & their coach. Alas, it appears to have sold on Chibitronics as well :-(. Love seeing all the design team’s projects though!

  2. Beautiful projects!!!! I think this is just entirely too CUTE!!! I wish I’d ordered this yesterday (but had to wait until payday – today – and they’re all sold out DOH!!!). I’d love it if you guys collaborated again – so fun – and I’ve never tired the ChibiTronics – so cool!!

  3. I love this kit! I adore these cards with light very much, but I don’t know if i could create one, because for me it looks a bit difficult 😮 I woul love to win the kit to try this! Oh And i would love to see more kits!

  4. All of these examples are chargetastic! So much Mr. Roboto fun! I really like the heart backdrop with the windy swirls, hillside, robot, and lights! That is wonderful. All are great, really; very creative. I like how you gave us a sneak peek into the inner workings: so we can see how the layout works! What a great kit!

  5. The cards are so cute. What about a Christmas kit with light up features. Your collaboration with Chibitronics is great–I really like the kit idea to get started. Your Design Team is so imaginative!

  6. I love the pairing of Chibitronics with Lawn Fawn – such adorable projects! I tried using them once but it was a fail. I’ll have to try again.

  7. I love this stamp set in this kit. I have other robots stamps, a great addition to that set. will enjoy using the new stamps with the old ones.

  8. Megan’s card is so neat! I’d love to see it in person. These kits are such a great idea, I hope to see more of them in the future!

  9. Some of my first main fawn videos were of light up cards. I’ve been wanting to try one out ever since! I’m so excited that there is a kit to teach me how!!

  10. The kit sold out too quick! 🙁 It’s even sold out at Chibitronics. I think it’s a great idea to make more kits next time.

  11. This is so awesome! It takes away the daunting stress that keeps me away from difficult-seeming cards like these.

  12. Love this little robot! Too bad it’s not available as a stand-alone! Wasn’t quick enough to get a kit at either Lawn Fawn or Chibitronics so hopefully will be randomly selected for the Give-Away!

  13. Oh no! When I finally came across this awesome set, it’s already sold out everywhere. Love you for giving us a chance to win it!

  14. Last week I was just looking at the Chibitronics and how they light up cards and here you go making a kit with them. You guys are the best!! Love the little robot.

  15. This is a great kit, and a great jumping off point in learning to use Chibitronics with other Lawn Fawn stamps and dies.

  16. Very cool cards to make anyone smile.
    I have some of the supplies from Chibitronics , but have not used them.
    These cards and the kit would definitely energize me to use them.

  17. I would love to make one of these cards for my young nephew. He loves interactive cards and I know he’d love this as much as I do! Great collaboration!

  18. Adorable creations! Love these interactive cards. What a great collaboration to introduce us to this products and sharing with us these amazing and inspiring projects that we can do with them!

  19. I’m so happy you did this collaboration. I find making cards with chibi lights a bit challenging so I rarely do it. Hopefully this kit will be good practice!

  20. I am SO EXCITED about your collaboration with Chibitronics! I missed out on buying a kit! I’m so disappointed! I hope you will have more kits available for sale soon! Or have the stamp/ die sets! The Chibitronics can then be bought separately, Please, please, please!
    I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful release of kits! I can imagine a fantastic kit for 4th of July with lights perhaps flashing for fireworks! How wonderful for Halloween it would be to have pumpkins lit up or cats eyes! Lanterns lit up for Fall and Christmas. Christmas lights for trees. Fairies wings! Can go on and on! My imagination just explodes with ideas!
    The Design Team cards are so pretty!
    Kelly I have an idea for a “stand alone” die. Have you thought about making a “waterfall” die? I love waterfall cards however have no idea how to make them. It would be a big hit with all of us Lawn Fawn Addicts!


  21. WOW! First the little robot set is adorable. I’ve seen these Chibitronics before and have been curious. Now I might have to give them a try!

  22. The ‘bots make a great use for the lights.
    I can’t wait to try these out – any way to
    add interest to my cards is good to have.
    thanks for sharing

  23. My hubby and I both run our schools’ robotics teams, that robot stamp is the cutest! This kit would make some great cards to thank our sponsors. I hope you plan to restock, sold out at both stores!

  24. Bubbling over with ideas on how to use those Chibitronics on other Lawn Fawn stamps!!
    Such a shame it’s not available in the Netherlands…..
    I’ll have to go and find those Little lights somewhere……
    Love the robot stamps!!

  25. I love everything about this collaboration! Can’t wait to get my hands on that cute stamp set and learn how to use Chibitronics! I would love to see a quarterly Lawn Fawn kit, maybe timed between the quarterly releases.

  26. Wow, Megan, that is super impressive. I also really like how Elise made the robots look like they have lights in their cheeks even without the chibitronics elements. I like that this kit gives a good intro to both Lawn Fawn and Chibitronics and preps you to be able to use both companies’ products.

  27. What an amazing kit. The samples are adorable and the video is awesome. I am so disappointed the kits sold out so fast. Hopefully they will be back in stock soon.

  28. Love Chibitronics and had bought some recently. Missed out on this kit – saw the posts too late. Love the stamp set!

  29. I just saw this for the first time and disappointed it was no longer available on either LF or CHIB…websites.
    Hope we get another chance to try this out.

  30. This kit is awesome. Love the interactive light up cards and this stamp set is perfect to use with the Chibitronics!

  31. The little robot is so cute. I‘ll give it a try to win the kit. Otherwise, I hope you will release the stamp set separately. 🙂

  32. I’ve been a little intimidated by the use of lights, but this kit looks like it will be simple to use. I’m very excited that I got my order in- Thank you LF!

  33. I think this collaboration is a fantastic idea! Lawn Fawn has so many cool stamp sets which would work so well with the lights!

  34. I can’t get over the Megan Quinn card, WOW! Can you please do a video showing us how to use the pull tab to be the battery activator?? LOVE that card and all of the examples 🙂

  35. Wow, I seriously Adore this kit! I have always wanted to try light up cards. I am keeping my fingers crossed for more kits to be added to the shop. Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  36. This is indeed incredible and looks like fun! I think that I’ll use these lights on bookmarks! I can hardly wait to give them away! Thanks for this new idea!

  37. I have so many stamps and dies. Now to make time to play with them. Then the next step will be to use the lights. I may never leave my craft room😄

  38. I always wanted to try making a card that lights up, but it seems complicated. With this kit I might give it a try.

  39. This a great product for interactive cards. I had purchased the Chibitronics starter kit as a Christmas gift for my science based niece. Learning and Creativity!

  40. I actually wrote on YouTube agreeing with someone that the international shipping was too high (know u dont set the prices) and i made a comment that other stores in the US (not all) have amazing shipping i have no idea how and i know they dont all use USPS. But what im most excited about with the kit is that this was a experiment to see if people were interested and if so then you would go to wholesale
    I think the kit is a great idea because the original chibitronics kit isnt specific to card making this is
    The only thing i wondered is do you sell the individual items egcopper tape lights etc cos id buy the kit and id want to buy extras or know i could get them cos im assuming theres enough stuff for the 2 cards thats all but im not sure either?
    T would be awesome if it had extras like the roll of ccopper tape the lights batteries im assuming they’re not difficult batteries to find elsewhere but the tape the lights it would be cool if you got extras so u not only hafd the starting point butthen u had more to make more cards! I never used chibitronics before because its quite expensive to buy (after currency conversion and postage) and the original starter made directly by chibitronics was $30US
    I just love how this kit is specific to cards rather than a general thing but im not gonna want two cards im gonna want lots lol! And its like you get paper card templates instructions the copper tape leds and the batteries i think for 2 cards only so its still kinda expensive but at the same time as a once off this will teavh me specific for carf making its kinda cool!
    Once it become wholesale and comes internationally i would love it!

  41. these are so cute i lost all my craft supplies in a basement flood and stuck on bedrest so i have no funds to replace anything so i want to thank you for this giveaway now just hoping to get picked

  42. Cards are a way to show a special someone that you care for them. Thanks to the Lawn Fawn staff and design team, we can share love to many and brighten their days!

  43. These outstanding products from Lawn Fawn do nothing but instill creativity into our minds for paper crafting various things. Thank you!

  44. I’ve seen cards using these lights previously, but these adorable, little robots won my heart. Thanks for all the creative ideas, new inspiration and challenges. You’re the best!

  45. The little robots are the cutest things!! And the fact that you can light them up with the kit makes them extra fun!

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