Lawn Fawn Video {5.29.19} Chari’s Double Layer Cake Slice Box

Everyone loved Chari‘s adorable double-decker Cake Slice Box during Inspiration Week so she created a video tutorial to show you how to recreate it! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

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Chari’s yummy looking birthday cake has sweet pastel layers thanks to the Spiffy Speckles papers! With some sparkly accents from Stickles and colorful sprinkles, this design is perfect for party favors or a special way to present a birthday treat!

With two separate treat boxes, fill one with treats and add a sweet note to the other! Who wouldn’t love to receive this thoughtful and super fun gift!

Picture a bunch of these beauties decorating a party table; they will definitely create a festive atmosphere!

Thanks so much, Chari! Your clever Cake Slice Box design and video tutorial are so inspiring!


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