Lawn Fawn Intro: Christmas Fishes and Happy Holidays Line Border

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Today is our showcase of Christmas Fishes and its coordinating dies and Happy Holidays Line Border! Merry Christmas from under the sea! This set is perfect for Christmas and holiday cards with a fun ocean theme. This happy sentiment is a simple and cute way to wish someone a happy  holiday season. Its delicate shape gives you lots of flexibility when adding it to cards and crafts.

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We hope to have an intro video for you soon!

Grace created a fantastic Christmas Fishes card and ornament/tag set!

The adorable undersea shaker scene is framed with a Stitched Scalloped Circle Frame with musical Snow Day Remix paper in the background! I love the Cole’s ABCs fa-la-la, I can almost hear the cute critters singing!

Grace remade her fun shaker design as a seriously cute ornament or gift tag!

Elena‘s beautiful card design starts with some ink blending and some splatters to make an interesting watery backdrop!

I love how Elise turned the Foursquare Backdrop: Landscape on its side and filled the tall windows with Christmas Fishes!

Megan’s charming design features a Reveal Wheel interactive element with detail from the Reveal Wheel Arc Frame Add-On. I love how she layered the banner with the staff from Little Music Notes!

Melissa‘s happy Christmas Fishes scene is just right for the Scalloped Box Card Pop-Up interactive card! The gold glitter cardstock creates a sparkly sandy ocean floor!

Yainea‘s card sends “Sea-sons Greetings” with the adorable Christmas Fishes decorating a fun shaker design! She used Reverse Stitched Scalloped Circle for the shaker window!

Lynnette added an Ocean Wave Border to her festive and fun underwater scene! She used lots of ink blending for the watery backdrop!

Elise likes to add fun custom greetings to her cards, and this card is a perfect example! She combined sentiments from Say What? Christmas Critters with Riley’s ABCs!

Latisha‘s almost one-layer card is a perfect design for making multiples! She stamped part of the Christmas Fishes scene on the card and popped up the crab and clams for dimension and extra detail! I love how she added pretty color inside the Just Stitching Double Circles, it’s such a fun way to anchor the cute scene!

Kristin’s sweet and simple design features “caroling” jelly fishes with Scripty Joy and pretty detail with Just Stitching Double Circles!

Yainea added the Happy Holidays Line Border to finish her festive Ho-Ho-Holidays Christmas card! I love how she inked the Snow Day Remix paper

Megan‘s clever card incorporates a fun quilt design! Snow Day Remix papers in the Foursquare Backdrop windows! Santa and Mrs. Claus look so cute with Snow Globe Gift Tag! The Happy Holidays Line Border adds a whimsical greeting!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at Christmas Fishes and its coordinating dies and Happy Holidays Line Border! Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us a favorite holiday memory by September 18 at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this stamp set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Monday September 16 for our next inspiration week post!

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330 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Christmas Fishes and Happy Holidays Line Border

  1. I have so many favorite memories, I remember the first Thanksgiving that my son was born. We adopted him at birth we were so over joyed, we had waited so many years. Lost 3 babies thru several years of infertility treatments. We finally had a baby of our own to cherish and love and each year at the holidays the memories just kept getting better and better. Loved the sentiments in this set and the images are adorable, great cards

  2. I have so many wonderful Christmas memories it’s hard to chose a favourite one. One of my earliest and happiest memories is from when we used to celebrate Christmas at my greatgrandfather’s house in Denmark when I was really going.. I remember playing charades in the evening and how we used to dance around the tree och through the house. It was so much fun!

  3. The ‘Christmas Fishes’ stamp set is great with punny messages. Love them. The cards look gorgeous. Can’t wait to start making mine.

    1. I remember my brother and I would wake up super early to see what SANTA got us
      Love Christmas Day spending time with family

  4. Great product and designs. I am fond of Christmas morning, just watching my child open presents. I do love the Christmas Christmas Eve excitement, I’m usually wrapping presents.

  5. First off, this is such a fun set it makes me giggle just thinking about it.

    My favourite holiday memory is difficult, but I think it has to be the year my younger niece was almost 2 and my older niece was four. It was just such a fun age.

    1. One of my favorite holiday memories is the morning I woke my firstborn up at 2 AM to open gifts because I was soooooo excited to celebrate his first Christmas! 😊

  6. My favourite holiday memory is the time my dad fell asleep during the candle service at the church and his moustache caught fire (he was all good, but it was quite funny 😅)

  7. Favorite holiday memory has to be the annual Christmas party at my Aunt’s home when my uncle dressed up as Santa! So much joy and anticipation!

  8. One of my favorite holiday memories is when all three of my kids could walk and they came down the stairs on Christmas morning holding hands to see what Santa had brought them. The older two were so sweet waiting for their little sister to go down each step.

  9. My favorite christmas memorie is the year my wife dressed up as Santa to surprise the Children. So that they wouldn’t recognice her she wore sunglasses, had a pillow tucked under the Santa outfit and spoke with an accent, she sounded like she came from the caribbean and had a bit of a reggae sway about her. She looked absolutely hilarious!

  10. My favorite Christmas memory was the year I got a play stove from Santa. My parents enacted a whole Santa delivery and it was so magical. I love those Christmas fishes – so cute!

  11. My favorite holiday memory was when my brother and I woke up so early on Christmas morning that we thought we heard Santa’s reindeer on the roof. We didn’t dare get out of bed in case Santa caught us and took our presents back.

  12. I love family Christmas lunches and my favourite memories are of the ones when the lunch goes on through to the late evenings, with various family members dropping round through the afternoon and evening.

  13. Great cards! My favorite holiday memory is when my children were small and Santa brought them bicycles. They were so excited!

  14. My favourite holiday memory is from when I was 10 years old and got my very first oil painting set and easel, it started a love of arts and crafts that will last forever 🙂

  15. Such SWEET Inspiration!! I’d have to say my FAVORITE Holiday memory would be the Year my Husband Proposed!! He waited until Midnight on Christmas Eve and we drove to his Pond in the Pasture to watch the Stars as it started to Snow!! Our FAVORITE song just happened to be on the radio as we got out to enjoy some Spiked Hot Apple Cider on the Tailgate of the Pickup!! As we got all set up and bundled up there was a pack of Coyotes off in the distance howling, (almost as if they were serenading us) when he got down on one knee and popped the question with the most BEAUTIFUL Ring!! I don’t think he could have planned it any more PERFECT!! We’ll be married 14 Years this October!!
    THANKS for sharing and for the chance to WIN!! Have a FABULOUS WEEKEND!!

  16. Such a cute set! My favorite holiday memory is when my daughter was very young and everyone came to our house for Christmas Eve. Such a fun evening!

  17. I love the memories of my childhood Christmases with my family. Opening presents in the morning was always so special. And a few years ago my husband and I spent Christmas in New York, so that was amazing too. No snow unfortunately, because it was one of the warmest Christmases in a very long time. Big bummer, but we still had a blast.

  18. Before they were commercially produced, my Mom saw Xavier Roberts on a morning show with his soft sculpture versions of Cabbage Patch Dolls. She decided to sew my nieces and I Cabbage Patch Dolls of her own! I still have mine, and named her “Kirby” (after the character on Dynasty). Showing my age…and that I sometimes must have stayed up after my bedtime!!

  19. Oh my! I love all the Ocean holiday designs shared! I think my favorite Christmas memory is from when I was a small child and my siblings and I used to sneak to get up and peek at what was around the Christmas tree!

  20. The year when my grandparents and two aunts/uncles with all my cousins came to our house for Christmas is a great memory. It was a big sleep-over and so much fun. We had so many people for the nativity that year that we were able to have sheep, multiple wise men, and an entire chorus of angels.

  21. It’s not exactly a holiday memory, but it was a couple days after Xmas and my brother kept hearing a crying noise, so he gets up and goes outside to look for whatever is crying. Meanwhile I’m still in bed, it was a chilly morning and after a while I feel something when on my face and it was cold and wet and a whimper. I obviously freak out and jump up and my brother is like look what I found outside on the other side of the street !
    It was a cute little tiny black puppy !! He was so cold he was shaking the poor thing, so we got him a blanket and my mom heated up some food for him omg the poor thing was going crazy eating he was crying while he was eating that’s how hungry he was, so we just ended up keeping him and he’s been my dog since 07’-18’ my poor baby .. but yeah overall it was the best memory ever !! Oh wait a few weeks later our neighbors little boy who was like 5-7yrs old was like oh yeah that was my dog but he would cry a lot at night so we just threw him out, it was so sad to hear but it was a good thing for us but still such a sad thing to hear coming from a young child who is supposed to just love a puppy.. anyway that’s my memory lol.

    1. The seaweed Christmas tree is my new favorite!! My favorite Christmas memory is when my husband proposed on Christmas Eve. It was the best day of my life!

  22. My favorite memory is when I got everyone in the family a nerf gun and we had a giant nerf war! (the kids were in college, it got pretty brutal!)

  23. I think one of my fondest Christmas memories is when I was little. My grandparents had found someone to dress up like Santa Claus and an elf. They brought us some presents and then as a final touch had a sled. My cousins and me were little and it being dark, but the adults all played along telling us that Rudolph was outside. That is a memory that I cherish close to my heart. Love the release and enjoy seeing all the outstanding ideas that the team has come up with.

  24. Another day of amazing projects. I can’t wait to play with this set!

    My favourite holiday memory is
    Getting a Cabbage Patch doll the year that they were sold out everywhere!

  25. One of my favourite memories is coming back from a road trip around Christmas time and my siblings and I were singing Christmas carols in the backseat. We kept replacing words with “bacon” (there was a silly dog food commercial at the time that was our inspiration… yeah we are weird) and the three of us were just giggling so much we barely could keep singing

  26. …hmmm, fave holiday memory….no lie, what’s first in my head is the trip to take my dad to the airport on Christmas morning and the car breaking down on the Oakland Bay Bridge. (you do know that’s against the law, right?). The tow, the diner with the waitress doing stand-up, the tow, the flight that took off and blew an engine and the then missed flights to connect to Heathrow….oh yeah, that’s the Christmas memory that will not go away! Love ya Dad! But it was Christmas and everything was so pretty!

  27. One of my favorite Holiday memories is getting up with the kids before the crack of dawn (4:00am) Christmas morning to open gifts before hubby/daddy had to go to work. And then once the kids were adults, and we could do Christmas at another time, they still wanted to get up and come over to do Christmas morning at 4am if their dad had to work. I knew then we had raised tradionalists.

  28. I always enjoy your thought provoking questions…so many great holiday memories to choose from but something that always stands out year after year is that ismokay tomeat cookies for breakfast on Christmas Day! Love the Christmas Fishes set so much!!

  29. One of my favorites is of my kids talking to the Santa at a party and just going on and on about their life and his life like they were old friends.

  30. This is absolutely my favourite set from this release. I have so many beautiful memories, but the best is my son first Christmas morning.

  31. I’ve just received my Christmas Fishes stamps set, so all these beautiful creations are giving me plenty inspiration.

    Many, many years ago, we were preparing the Christmas tree with my mom and my two sisters when suddenly the tree fell on my sister and myself : our 2 cats had decided to jump in the tree exactly at the same time, it was too much for one single tree 🤣🤣🤣. After cleaning all the broken decoration, my sister and I had the privilege to go with my mom to the shop to select some new ornaments as we had both some (small) cuts from the old glass ornaments. That year, the tree was special for me because for the first time I had chosen some of the ornaments.

  32. My favorite Christmas memory is staying up late with my sister, trying to catch Santa. Never did see him. Love all the cute Christmas fishes!

  33. I just love Christmas, can’t pick one single occasion – they are all the best Christmas ever…. And soon we are there again – YAY!

  34. My favorite has to be the Christmas day after a good snow and Santa left his sparkly footsteps on our floor. We don’t have a chimney so we leave a (fake) key outside for him. The snowy prints went from the door to the tree and the plate of cookies and milk. My daughter could not believe Santa left behind such fabulous footprints! The sparkle and wonder in her expression was worth cleaning up those prints!

  35. Somehow I commented under someone else’s comment, so I’m putting it here again…….
    The seaweed Christmas tree is my new favorite!! My favorite Christmas memory is when my husband proposed on Christmas Eve. It was the best day of my life!

  36. Awesome creations, awesome release! I love all the creations, but seriously am in love with anything shaker!!! A fond Christmas memory may seem strange, but we lived in the country in TX and would go “up the creek” and have a big bon-fire and roast hot dogs & marshmallows and sing carols with family that had come to visit from cities.

  37. Favorite holiday memory was when our eldest daughter made up a scavenger hunt for Christmas morning. She had gotten her first job and was so excited that she was able to buy everyone a present from her wages, she turned it into a fun event for her sisters and us as we figured out the clues to find our present.

  38. I love thinking back to spending Christmas Eve at my grandparents, an then coming home and opening up our gifts with my parents. We always opened our gifts Christmas Eve. Then Christmas Day was Church and then a big family dinner.

  39. My favourite Christmas memories are of my children’s excitement on Christmas Eve when they were very young; getting the milk and cookies ready; putting carrots outside for the reindeer, and then waiting anxiously for Santa to arrive. Seeing the wonder in their eyes on Christmas morning when they realized Santa had been there and filled their stockings was simply priceless.

  40. A Favorite holiday memory for me is waking up really early as a kid to wake up our parents – who often sent us back to bed for another hour or so of sleep.

  41. I was not to go into the basement at our home when I was eight years old which was unusual as we played there. However, I went and saw what I thought was a bird house that my father was building, but had an entire side exposed. I found out at Christmas that it was a new doll house for me and father had made all of the furniture for it as well so I did get that as a surprise!

  42. I just have to say – I LOVE the Holiday Fishes Stamp set!!!! Such a cute idea.
    My favorite holiday memory is of going to church on Christmas morning with my family and having to wait to open the presents until we got home later in the morning. My parents would stop to chat with friends and my sister and I were just so desperate to get home to those pressies, lol!

  43. The underwater Christmas is fantastic! so many sweet projects shared by the designers. One Christmas when I was a child my godfather gave me a life sized doll, I’ll never forget that awesomeness.

  44. I have to say my favourite holiday memory would be always waking up, jumping into my Moms bed and just getting ready and excited for Christmas presents.

    1. What wonderful and beautiful projects!!! My favorite holiday memory is when my oldest son was about 5 years old. We were at my mom’s house all of us were up stairs except for my son and my mom who was in the kitchen. My mom sneaks into the room where the Christmas tree was at to see my son quietly opening one of his presents. He heard her so he quickly wrapped it up again. Christmas morning comes we all go down stairs to open gifts and when my son was named the gift that he had already opened the night before put on quiet the performance. He went on on saying it was the best gift in the whole world, it was what he’s always wanted and how did Grandma know that that’s what he really truly wanted. We all laughed for a very long time.

  45. A favorite holiday memory is when my youngest son surprised me at Christmas for a visit. He was in the Navy and had been gone a very long time. I will never forget it.

  46. My favorite holiday memory is definitely seeing the looks of wonder on my kids faces as they come down the stairs Christmas morning!

  47. I have lots of happy Christmas memories, too. I remember my son being fascinated with a particularly beautiful snow globe, and all the magic he saw in everything!

  48. My favorite memory is when my family moved to Colorado from California and we were told that it shows there. Me and my older sister danced around in circles outside singing “we are going to have a white christmas.” <3

  49. Aww, these are all so beautiful! One of my favourite Christmas memories is Christmas Eve, when my daughter was 7 and cried when she got a fancy coat as one of her gifts. She wore that coat everywhere!

  50. My favorite Christmas memory is when I was young and my brother and I would be unable to sleep late. One of us would wake the other to tell the other “Santa came” and then together we’d run into my parents room to get them up so, we could open presents!!

  51. Love those fishes! My favorite holiday memory is when my oldest daughter was little she laid in the blue rocks in the front yard and tried to make a snow angel. We lived in Hawaii so she had never seen

  52. A favorite memory is playing with my youngest brother’s Christmas present on Christmas Eve. He was younger than the rest of us by several years and had gone to bed. The present was a pool table and we played on it for hours. I am sure he heard the clattering of the balls, but could not come out of his room “or Santa would not come”.

  53. Oh my gosh favorite holiday MEMORY! That is tough. Just every time my family all can get together is GREAT! Love christmas!!!!!

  54. Memories of my kids when they were little at the holidays are the best. The magic of the season through the eyes of a child is contagious!

  55. I must have been 3-4 years old. There was a present in the room bigger than our fireplace- and it was for me and my sister! A cute little kitchen set that we played with for years!!

  56. I love all the punny sayings in this set! They’re so funny! My favorite holiday memories are of my kids sneaking out of their rooms in the middle of the night to spy and see what Santa brought them. Thinking about it always makes me smile!

  57. Some of my favorite memories are of the joy and anticipation for Christmas morning. I shared a room with my sister who would wake me super early and sneak into the living room to get the first glimpse.

  58. I just love the sea shell adorned Christmas Tree and the cute images in this set! My favourite memory is when my son was four and had to hospitalized but was released Christmas Eve just in time for Christmas and with his health restored which was the best gift of all!

  59. Love the Santa snowglobe card! All are really cute. Of course my favorite memory is my daughter’s first Christmas at 4 months old. She loved all the lights and shiny baubles.

  60. My grandfather was a French chocolatier and I helped him decorate the chocolates he sold with candies, nuts and raisins. He worked in a basement shop and as I walked down those steps the aroma of warm chocolate engulfed me into a magical world. I still have his molds.

  61. It is really hard to narrow it down to one favorite memory, but this is one that I treasure. We were with good friends Christmas Eve several years ago when our kids were little. There was freshly fallen snow and a full moon. We all got to take a sleigh ride in that beautiful sparkly fresh snow. The moon made it look like thousands of diamonds twinkling at us. Then we went back and sat by the fireplace and had hot cocoa. It was a magical night.

  62. The fishes are just adorable! My favorite holiday memory is my granddaughters 1st christmas, she opened the present I had got her & the look on her face was priceless! She loved it & played with it for such a long time, she didn’t care about any other presents she got!!

  63. Who doesn’t love Christmas SEA CREATURES!?!? My favorite Holiday Memory is my 3rd grade Christmas when I got the stuffed Panda bear I wanted and I slept with it every night until it fell apart!

  64. I love this Christmas fishes stamp and die set. The memory that I first thought of was when I was 7 or 8 years old and my uncle gave me a pink powder puff and body powder. It was so grown up to me at the time to receive a gift like that. I was thrilled.

  65. My favorite memory is the year my husband surprised
    me with a new sewing machine. this was back in
    the ’60s so it was a big deal. Loved it (and him).
    Hadn’t thought about the underwater critters
    having Christmas – glad they get to have fun
    too. thanks for sharing

  66. My favorite memories are of the entire family getting in the car, driving around to look at Christmas lights while drinking hot chocolate from a thermos!

  67. I love the sea creatures with Santa hats – so fun and different! My favorite Christmas memory is when all my sisters and brothers were home for the holidays – and even two aunts joined us. We always hang Christmas stockings on the fireplace mantel, and there were 10 stockings that year.

  68. one year we decided to spend Christmas in Florida with my parents – my oldest came down with a very high temperature for days – it did not seem to want to subside – we woke up Christmas morning to a fever free child – it was a wonderful Christmas present!

  69. What fun cards!
    My favorite holiday memory was of spending time at my grandparent’s home in Santa Barbara when I was about 8 years old. We got to stay up to attend midnight mass, and when we returned to the house, Santa had already come and left gifts!

  70. So many great memories! One of my favorites is when I opened all the presents under the tree! Mom and Dad were not too happy with me. But it was worth it.

  71. These are so cute! My favorite holiday memory is probably the whole family sitting by the fire with the Christmas tree lights on.

    1. My favorite holiday memory is my first Christmas with my sweetheart. He bought me a beautiful necklace that was totally unexpected.

  72. I’m reaching way back for a favorite holiday memory. Growing up my Dad’s family took turns hosting Christmas. At some point during the festivities either my Grandpa, uncle or Dad would leave (to run an errand) and a short time later Santa would show up with a bag loaded with goodies. I’m not sure how old we were before we started connecting the dots, but it made for some happy memories. Love the holiday fishes – so much fun!

  73. Every year at Christmas we were allowed to wake our parents at 6am and all the kids would stand at the top of the stairs impatiently waiting for our parents to get up. Dad would then come out and say I better go check downstairs to see if it is safe. He would go downstairs and make some rustling noises and shout… Kids come down here. You have to see this! Which would result at us racing downstairs to find that santa came. 🎅 🌲 ❄️

  74. My first Christmas with our dog is my favorite holiday memory. My husband was deployed that year, it was just Ty and I, and we had a merry little Christmas together, bringing dog themed surprise packages to his doggie friends in the neighborhood, decorating the tree together with holiday music playing, I had so much fun watching him ‘open’ his presents. I am so grateful for him, every single day. Thank you for the chance to win! 🙂

  75. So adorable! Love all the cards the designers made with these cute stamps and dies! My favorite holiday memory is when I was still young enough to believe in Santa Claus and my mother had a co-worker dress up in a beautiful Santa suit and come over to our house on Christmas Eve and bring us some presents. I really believed the real Santa had come to visit! Thank you for the chance to win!!

  76. When my sons were 5 and 2, we went to stay at my parents on Christmas eve. We told them that Santa would not come if they didn’t go to sleep. About an hour after they were put to bed, my older son came running out and said, “Liam’s fooling around and Santa’s not going to come!” It was so cute how earnest he was at that time.

  77. My favorite Christmas memories are waking up to my children’s excitement! We make coffee and open gifts and then have a big breakfast! Just love this ocean themed Christmas set!

    1. But my favorite memory is really just enjoying being a child and believing in all the magic. I don’t have kids yet but I hope to recreate my magic with my future with LF goodies

  78. Super cute inspiration! Favorite holiday memories would have to be when my siblings and I were still young enough to believe in Santa and waking up super early (6ish) for the whole family to open presents. Just had to see what Santa brought! A favorite surprise was my purple banana-seat bicycle!

  79. So cute! I inherited the menorah we used growing up. It’s not in the best shape since it’s over 50 years old but it’s the most special!

  80. Sweet as salt water taffy projects today! One big Christmas surprise was when my husband made me a bookshelf. They distracted me and my family helped sneak it in the house!

  81. One of my favorite Christmas memories is of gathering at my grandparents house Christmas Eve. The whole family would come over. We’d eat and after dinner we’d play Oh Heck. My grandfather would sit quietly bidding zero the whole game and end up winning most of the time.

  82. My favorite Christmas memory as a child was when santa came to visit! Both our parents were there with us so it was a huge shock to see santa.

  83. I always loved spending Christmas Eve at my Grandparents with all our family, getting up on Christmas and opening presents and then my Grand pa would make everyone a big breakfast. Those were the good old days!

  84. These carolling sea critters are simply adorable and fabulous, love them! My best memory is gathering around the Christmas tree and singing Christmas songs and carols in various languages – so much fun!

  85. My favorite Christmas memory is when my youngest daughter was 2 and she got a hugga bunch doll from Santa. She went up to it and just Eskimo kissed it.

  86. Wow, these cards are so amazing! My favorite holiday memories are when our entire family would get together to celebrate, I miss my grandparents.

  87. I really, really love these festive sea creatures; they are so cute!
    A favorite memory of mine is seeing the wonder and excitement on my kids’ faces at seeing the lit Christmas tree in the dark when they were really little.

  88. Every holiday is a wonderful memory for me. My whole family gets together for all the major holidays and I just love it. We’re very close. Love the sea creatures; so cute and adorable inspiration.

  89. My favorite Christmas memory ties in perfectly with the Christmas Fishes set! When I was 6 years old, my parents surprised us with a trip to Puerto Rico for Christmas to visit my favorite Aunt! As I live in Boston, a tropical Xmas was quite a change but all the different celebrations and island traditions made for a magical Christmas. That was nearly 50 years ago and I still remember every detail!

  90. My favorite holiday memory is standing on Main street at Disneyland after the X’mas fireworks. That’s when it starts “snowing” tiny bubbles. Our kids, and now our granddaughter love this.

  91. Thanksgiving and Christmas 1970. My daughter was born in November of that year and what a difference it made to have a little one sharing the holidays with us!!
    Was the greatest!!!

  92. I recall that my brother received a building set for Christmas and I think that I spent more time building things with it than he did! It taught me so many things that I can now apply to home repairs! Thank you for everything you do, Lawn Fawn!

  93. One of my favorite Christmas memories is the first Christmas with my baby cousin! It marked the beginning of my family expanding.

    I love this stamp. Nothing is better than the ocean and Christmas.

  94. My favorite Christmas memory is going to my grandmas and spending the day with all my cousins and eating all of the tasty food.

  95. One of my favorite Christmas holiday memories is when I was a little girl and we came home to find that our dog Misty had opened all the present. From that day forward her presents where always put in a stocking high on the wall. Another favorite is when my dad was catch “peeking” (unwrapping before Christmas) his gift under the tree by my brother and me. Grandma told us he did that as a child too. We have never let him forget it. This was my favorite stamp set from this release.

  96. My favorite memories will always be celebrating Christmas with my grandparents when I was a kid. The music, the presents, the amazing food, and all the friends stopping by to visit. It was the best.

  97. My favorite holiday memories are of Christmas when I was a kid. We always got together with all the relatives on my mom’s side and celebrated in a big way. HUGE Christmas dinner and lots of presents!

  98. Fantastic creations by the design team! A favorite holiday memory is when we were all kids, at our Christmas parties, my Uncle would “go lay down because he was tired”. Soon after Santa Claus arrived to hand out gifts…and he sounded a
    lot like my Uncle! LOL!

  99. All These Samples are so cute. In the Old Days, we had a silver Tinsel Tree and we always love when my dad turned on (not sure what it was called back then…) a little revolving light thingy that shined on the tree and made it turn colors. I’m NOT old, I’m RETRO!

  100. Wow, that’s hard. I think my favorite Christmas memory is any Christmas morning with my boys when they were young. I miss being a “little boy” mom so much. Christmas was always a wonderful time to see their excitement in their faces.

  101. A favorite holiday memory is going to my grandparents on Christmas day and having the while family there! Grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, siblings, cousins.. the WHOLE family! That’s what Christmas means to me more than anything, family! We would open presents while sitting on Grandpa’s lap and then get our picture taken. If I could go back in time just once….

  102. One of my favourite memories was spending Christmas in New York! It was my first ever white Christmas, and everything was so beautifully decorated and the entire city was in the spirit of celebrating Christmas! It was magical.

  103. So many great samples!!! I have lots of great memories so I’ll pick my first favorite memory. One year, when I was very young, I accidentally found out about Santa. But then I got to help with Christmas Eve every year! And keeping the secret with my parents year after year was a memory I will always cherish!!!

  104. Such cute projects!

    One of my favorite holiday memories is when our next neighbor who would dress up as Santa and visit us children.

    Carol B

  105. I just love all this cuteness! I’m thinking the Christmas Fishes is my favorite set for the holidays! So many Christmas memories! My favorite memories are the Christmas lunches and the games we all played afterwards. We had so many cousins around we could get teams together for baseball or football games!

  106. Favorite holiday memory is when my kids were young and they would wake up on Christmas morning so excited to open gifts.

  107. Oh my goodness!!, beautiful set of examples…each one is packed full of cuteness!! I think one of my favorite memories and traditions for Christmas is listening to Christmas/Holiday music all day Christmas Eve and Day…the family sings and hums along with the tunes, always brings me joy listening!

  108. Awesome new products and fantastic sample projects!!! My favorite Christmas memories are snowshoeing with my husband and our lab, Pepper 🙂 There’s something so magical about a quiet Christmas morning in the mountains! It makes my heart so happy!

  109. I think my favorite holiday memory is probably my son’s first Christmas. He was just 22 days old – our first baby and so tiny and sweet. It was a Christmas wish come true. 😍

  110. These sets and designs are so cute! Love them! Best adult memories, when our kids were little, parents were still with us and we all were together driving and looking at Christmas lights, the food, the smells and all the laughter!

  111. Just one favorite memory… oh, I don’t know! It could be the one with my great-grandmother’s slippers, the first Christmas with my husband, or many others with my young children! It’s too hard to pick. I’m loving all the inspiration cards and designs. 🐋🦑🦀

  112. Happy Holiday Fishes! Thanks Lawn Fawn and all your talented
    designers. My shopping list is getting longer by the day….
    Julie OH

  113. These stamp sets &!cards are so cute! My favorite Christmas memory is when my kids were little & seeing their faces on Christmas morning when they realized Santa had come! One of the best was the year that the kids got bikes & they were so excited!!

  114. Decorating the Christmas tree was a really special time in our family. I am one of six girls and I remember lining up with my sisters as mom and dad handed us, one at a time, first the ornaments to put on then a few strands of tinsel. My mom liked the tree to sparkle all over so she would only hand us 3 or 4 strands of tinsel at a time. It didn’t take long for six little girls to have the tree sparkling. My favorite ornament was a little blown glass fish we named Cleo, we would compete to see who got to put that ornament on.

  115. I never thought that jellyfish could be so cute or that you can use sea critters for Christmas. Lawn Fawn, you are ah-maz-ing!

  116. Those singing jellyfish are adorable! Running downstairs to see what Santa brought is one of my favorite holiday memories.

  117. My favourite Christmas memory is taking my nephews ice skating on Christmas Eve with Santa, hot chocolate and the ice rink decorated with real trees. These new Xmas stamps are soooooo cute! I love everything under the sea.

  118. I have so many favorites but idolize the alb7m of photos with Santa. I made my kids go long after they were too old and even then bought a Santa suit so my husband could dress up.

  119. One Halloween, a trick-or-treater was so excited/happy about my costume she asked her parents if she could come back to my house to get a photo with me. My neighborhood still does door to door trick or treating so I love decorating with family friendly Halloween decorations and really making it a holiday where the kids on the block can be whatever they want.

  120. You always have the cutest punny sentiments!
    A favorite holiday memory for me is after going to Christmas Eve mass, we would spread “reindeer food” around our house/driveway for Santa’s reindeer. For my young kids at the time, the magic and wonder of Christmastime was really special. ❤️

  121. My fave holiday memory is as a child receiving a parcel each year from my grandparents in Holland. They would send gifts and food that we couldn’t get here in Australia.

  122. Love this set so much – it’s so good for us in the Southern Hemisphere!!
    My favourite holiday memory is probably the year my son turned one – he looked at the lit up Christmas tree with absolute wonder in his eyes

  123. It is hard to choose just one. I always loved to get our ornaments from the attic and start decorating the tree and the house. We played some favourie tunes and had just fun.

  124. I’m crazy about the Christmas fishes set. Our family draws names at Christmas and one of my favorite memories is when we had to create a tower of gifts and present them to the recipient. It was so much fun seeing everyone’s creations.

  125. Once again you are hitting it out of the…tank! LOVE the Christmas fishes.☺💕
    Please thank whoever creates these wonderful images.

  126. Such a fun holiday set. 2007 Christmas with our complete family and one month old 3rd child. ….thats my favourite Christmas memory.

  127. One happy Christmas memory is having older sisters arrive home from Midnight Mass and waking three tired little hopefuls. Brother is one year older then me and my twin sister. They shook us gently, wiped the sleep away with warn washcloths, slipped us into NEW nightgowns and slippers and led us downstairs to see if Santa had come. Bingo.
    Big haul! Super memory!

  128. Such a super cute release!! One of my favorite holiday memory is when we all of the family would visit Puerto Rico. I am hoping to do that this year with my family.
    Have a wonderful day,
    Migdalia Rodriguez
    Migdalia’s Crafts

  129. Favorite memories is when we were little and my grandparetns were alive and we would go to their house to open Xmas presents at midnight.

  130. My dad would walk down the hall singing “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”. Then, my parents would make us wait until they made sure Santa came to see us. The anticipation was unbearable but I remember it so well. I have done the same with my own children. So much fun!

  131. My favourite holiday memories would include a white Christmas (it’s hit and miss where I live, if we get any snow during the winter…). The snow always made Christmas seem more special!

  132. My favorite Christmas memory was back in 1988 when my husband proposed to me Christmas morning. It was the last gift I opened. It was a small box (but not a ring box) with the cutest stuffed bear in it. On his arm he had the ring displayed. We will be celebrating our 26th anniversary on September 18th believe it or not.

  133. I. Am. SO. Excited. for these fishy Christmas stamps!!!!! They’re JUST the cutest!

    Favorite Christmas memory is hard. Life is long sometimes and there have been lots of great memories. I think the one I’m most emo about at this point was last Christmas. On Thanksgiving, my 14 year old son (13 at the time) was in an ATV accident that left him with 2 broken femurs and a broken foot. It was terrifying. We had to be air lifted to a hospital and my son had emergency surgery to have metal rods put into each femur. He was still receiving physical therapy/in a wheelchair at Christmastime. It was so good to be together though. We all felt so thankful that it wasn’t worse – that he’d eventually recover – and that we were all together on Christmas. Thankfully he’s fully recovered!!

  134. Gorgeous projects, wow!!! My favourite holiday memory was going and picking out a tree with my mom and dad when I was a kid and then putting it up and decorating it together. Although I now have an artificial tree, I really enjoy decorating it with my kids.

  135. One of my favorite memories was getting movies in VHS when I was little. I knew when the package was rectangle shape it was a movie I had asked Santa for. Ah, my heart is bursting!

  136. One year we made marshmallow shooters for the whole family. The wars that broke out all day long were epic! There’s just nothing like seeing you’re grandpa and the youngest grandchild shooting marshmallows at each other, both with the biggest smiles you have ever seen!

  137. Some of my favorite memories were Christmases spent at my Cousin Susie’s home. She had a cozy cabin home in the woods with horses and huskies. And there was always sledding and snow!

  138. These projects are so cute! So much creativity from this team! Some of my favourite holiday memories involve trips to Massachusetts to spend Christmas with my grandparents who I only saw once or twice a year due to us living in Canada. We got extra spoiled because of that. 🙂

  139. My favorite holiday memory is from years of running lights and sound for a local production of the Rocky Horror Show. We would always have a Halloween show and just spending the evening with so many people I loved was such a pleasure!

  140. The paper sack that the men of our church would hand out after the Christmas Pageant each year. It was filled with peanuts in the shell, an orange and unwrapped hard candy(gasp). It would all stick together after a while, but it tasted wonderful!

  141. My mother had alzheimer’s disease and lived with me for 8 years. I shall always remember her last Christmas with me… I had put our gifts under the tree the night before. When mom came into the den she saw the tree and all the gifts and put her hands to her cheeks and exclaimed, “Oh, Santa Claus has come!” We sat under the tree and went through all the gifts. She then explained that she was tired and was going back to bed. I folded the clothes and put all the gifts back under the tree. About 15 minutes later mom came in and again put her hands to her cheeks and exclaimed “Oh, Santa Claus has come!” So we went through the gift ritual again. She returned to bed and this ritual was repeated 5 times! I then decided it was time to pack up the gifts and put them away! I shall never forget that Christmas… so very special…

  142. I loved spending Christmas 2017 with my brother’s family in Colorado, and experiencing my sister-in-law’s side of the family! 🙂

  143. I have so many Christmas memories that I love and I look forward to many more new ones. The most cherished memories are the ones that involve my kids when they were younger and now time with my grandsons.

  144. My favorite holiday memory is when we took or newborn son to see Santa Claus at the local mall. He was only 10 days old.

  145. My favorite is giving my sister, who was 5, stiches in her ear two days before Christmas! My mom was MAD, but it’s funny to look back at now

  146. I remember Christmas dinners with my grandparents, uncle and aunt, and parents and brother. The table was full of delicious Polish food and our hearts full of love and joy for time spent together. I vividly recall my grandpa’s laughter over Snoopy’s antics as we watched Charlie Brown’s Christmas after dinner. Those moments mean so much to me.

  147. It’s a long story, but here’s the short version… we were really broke and lived in a tiny place with no room for a tree and no way to get one up the stairs to our place (over 100 stairs) so my Dad tied a large branch to a ceiling beam that was over the tiny kitchen island and decorated just for me. Best tree I ever had!

  148. My favorite Christmas memories are the ones I make with my daughter. She’s 4, and just started really experiencing the Christmas magic last year. It’s so wonderful to see the joy and magic in her eyes.

  149. So many favorite holiday memories – my most favorite memories are when our son was small and my in-laws were still alive!!! Really miss those times, but happy to have made so many wonderful memories to cherish in my heart always!!!!

  150. One of my favorite holiday memories was the year my dad tried to sound like Santa and the reindeer on the roof after I had gone to bed. I was so excited!

  151. My favorite memory is waking up each December morning and saying, Dang it we forgot to move the elf on the shelf, well most december mornings. not all of them we weren’t that much of loser parents. Now I look back and say why did I even get on that band wagon. lol

  152. My favorite holiday memory is when we have large family gatherings. It been a while since that is possible and I miss them.

  153. Absolutely love this set, simply because Christmas is Summer time here. I have such fond memories of every year being altogether with our Grandparents (who lived at the beach) for Christmas holidays. Long summer days, collecting sea shells, (which I still do), swimming, building sand castles and playing on the beach. Such fond memories….

  154. One-off my favorite Christmas memories was when I was 3 years old. My great grandpa threw candy and money on the floor and of course I got candy and my bigger cousins got the money! All of the fun new stamps, dies, and papers are so cool!

  155. I loved watching my mom with my nieces and nephews. Seeing the joy on her face as she watched them. Oh and her wondeful Christmas dinners. Wow, this made me think of so many great memories. Thank you.

  156. Christmas is my favorite holiday so I have so many wonderful memories but I have to say the last year will always stand out because my daughter and son inlaw presented my husband and I with an ultrasound picture and the joyful news that we were to be grandparents for the first time! What makes this extra special is that this was a rainbow baby and quite unexpected so soon! The Christmas before that was our last Christmas with all four of my children together in our family home…so two favorites in a row for me!

  157. An early favorite memory is Christmas Eve at my grandparents house! Church, dinner and then presents! It was so fun to be with the entire family!

  158. My favorite holiday memory was seeing a Christmas tree and presents under it. We just moved and didn’t have our stuff yet but somehow Santa found us.

  159. My favorite Christmas memories are of when my kids were little, just remembering how excited they were that Santa had brought presents.

  160. My favourite holiday memory is the last Christmas my dad was alive!! He was in hospital and it was nice for all the family to be there..all we did was visit as the meal was provided by the hospital. Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck everyone.

  161. I love remembering my childhood Christmases, We didn’t have much and everything seemed more special and exciting, than they do today.

  162. My brother, sister and I would get up super early but couldn’t open anything till the rest of the family got there and had breakfast.

  163. The Christmas fishes are adorable!!! My favorite holiday memory was when I was about 13 and my entire extended family went to visit my Grandparents in Puerto Rico where they lived. There were 18 of us there and it was really special. Our tree was a mini palm tree decorated with lights. So fun!!

  164. A favorite holiday memory is Grandpa setting up the train set that ran around the bottom of my grandparent’s Christmas tree.

  165. When my sister and I were toddlers, my parents would actually put up the tree up on Christmas Eve so that is looked like Santa set it all up. OMG I can’t believe how much work that was and how tired they must have been but the excitement of waking up to that was incredible!

  166. Love all the puns. The time my son rearranged all the presents under the tree to make himself a fort and he had arranged his cars and army men on the presents too. I have a picture of him peeking out of his look out hole!

  167. Well I have to say I know now but didn’t then. My Dad would carefully step in a cookie sheet of flour and make santa foot prints from the fire place to the tree and back. He kept the tradition going for my boys even when they got older. Its so cute to see non-traditional cards. love them!!

  168. Christmas Fish!!! Favorite holiday memory is having Grandpa’s soup on Christmas eve, staying up late with my uncles playing Go Fish, and then breakfast and tearing through our stockings on Christmas morning.

  169. One of my favourite holiday memories is my little girl’s first Christmas, i loved dressing her up in little Christmas outfits and opening her advent calendar every day – it’s her third Christmas this year and I can’t wait!

  170. One of my favorite Christmas memories is the one when my Dad dressed up as Santa and shocked my little sister when he kissed my mom! Classic! And, I am loving the sentiment “Tis the season to be jelly”!

  171. I love Christmas morning with the kids at our house. So fun to see the joy on their faces, and how excited they are to give and receive gifts!

  172. I love this release ♥
    My favourite holiday memory is like last year, with my grandpa. My Mom baught a present for me (because he was like “I don’t understand young people you buy it daughter!”) and then my grandpa gave it to me (already wrapped) and he was so in joy about what I got as a present from him. I love his joy and I really miss him. This is going to be my all time favourite holiday memory, maybe until I get kids and it’s their first christmas and they believe in Santa (well here ist the “christkind”). I love and miss my Grandpa so much!

  173. Hmm that’s hard I have so many wonderful holiday memories! I would have to say our church’s candlelight Christmas eve service is my favorite Christmas memory

  174. Great projects today. Love the snow globes.
    My favourite holiday memory is the year our daughter and son-in-law gave us a calendar with a special date circled. The expected date of our first grandchild.

  175. My favorite holiday memory is going to Disney World for the first time during the week of Christmas to New Year’s. It is packed but so pretty. Plus I got to see the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights at that time. I love this set!! It is so cute!!

  176. My favorite holiday memory are those with my grandparents. Those were the most special times and I don’t think any other could ever take their place. They were the 2 most AMAZING people ever to be on this earth!!

  177. My favorite Christmas memory is when we went to the Christmas parade and display every year of my childhood with family downtown Minneapolis. Then we ate dinner at the Oak Grill and enjoyed delicious popovers. Yum!

  178. I like the Idea that the fishes have they own seaweed cristmas tree! My favorite christmas memory is about decorating the christmas tree. In my whole childhood we had only twice a chistmas tree and both times it was a real one. I love the smell fir tree. For me the christmas tree is still a favorite part of the holiday.

  179. My favorite holiday memory is when my grandparents and aunts and uncles were alive and we would all sit around talking about their lives and their childhoods!

  180. Love the Christmas fishes so much! My favorite memories are probably of the extended family Xmases at my grandmother’s house with all of my cousins.

  181. I love the time I spent with my family over the years having dinner
    with 4 generations of Italians together and of course everyone
    was loud & spoke with their hands! I love that our family would
    pick a family in need and purchase everything they needed for
    for Christmas holiday & 4 toys for each child & 2 items for the
    parents! My great grands would also give them knitted blankets,
    hats & scarfs! All the gifts went into red sac & was given to the
    family before we went to Christmas eve mass! I continue with this
    tradition even though I’m on reverse isolation that I now donate too
    Salvation Army & then provide Toys for Tots drive!

  182. My favorite Christmas memory was when we went to universal studios. A traditional Christmas in the house is just stressful. We supposed to be having a good time with family and not have the hassle of picking out the right gift. My “American” Christmas days are over; no more buying too many gifts in hopes that I spent the “right” amount of money.

    I do love everyone’s design. Sharing a unique card with some is an ideal Christmas gift.

  183. I think my favorite holiday memory was when I got my first American Girl doll. I had been looking through the catalogue that came in the mail and oohing and aahing over the different dolls and their accessories. I didn’t expect to actually get one of the dolls, and was thrilled when my mom bought me two of the American Girl books to read. I was old enough by then to know that my parents, and not Santa, really brought my Santa gift…so what a huge surprise to find Samantha under the tree on christmas morning! I kept that doll, and several other American Girl dolls that I got over the years…and now my own two girls play with them.

  184. Stunning cards. My favorite is this past Christmas — both sides of our family came in from different areas of the country to meet our newborn son and give me a hand while I healed from surgery. It was so nice to have everyone here for both Christmas and his birth that recovery flew right by. It was an incredibly special holiday.

  185. OmG these projects are so gorgeous and this set is so amazing.♥ It’s on top of my wish list.♥
    My favorite Christmas memories are these Christmas when I was a child and all the magical Christmas spirit was around our house and family.♥ It was such an wonderful time.♥

  186. A favorite holiday memory of mine is when we drove around town with friends in a borrowed van to see all the Christmas lights! We usually have a small holiday party before we go out that night!

  187. I’ve got so many good holiday memories. But I do remember growing up how my dad would always want to video tape my sister and I Christmas morning walking out of our rooms, down the hallway and into the living room to see what Santa brought us. We got so annoyed because the camera wouldn’t always work well right away and delay our present opening!

  188. Christmas Eve, with all 5 of us kids in bed, my parents would always leave the tree lights on all night. I would sneak down after “Santa” came and fall asleep on the sofa, watching the twinkling lights on our tree. Believe it or not, I didn’t peek at presents. I just loved that tree!

  189. My favorite Christmas memory is making cookies with my parents every Christmas Eve since I was little, we still do it now but I have kids now so we all get to make them together!

  190. I remember waking up and going into a large room were there was 2 kindergarten table and chair sets and one of them was mine. I was around 5 years old. The other was for my cousin.

  191. I have fond memories of Christmas Eves at my grandmother’s house as a kid. We’d have lasagna or ham sandwiches and open some of our presents a bit early.

  192. One year, we didn’t have any money, so on Christmas eve, about 7 pm, my 14-year-old brother and I (aged 12) scraped together a bit of money, got into the car to go see what was left in the tree lot. The manager/owner gave us the tree for free. We took it home, decorated it and had a great time!!

  193. My favorite holiday memory was always going to Christmas Eve church service at my grandmother’s church. We’d get all dressed up. If it snowed that night, it just felt so magical.

  194. So adorable! I’d just moved near the sea and I can’t wait to make Christmas cards to my family with this gorgeous stamp set 😍

  195. I have great memories of going out to the tree lot with my Dad and sister to choose and cut down the perfect Christmas tree.

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