Lawn Fawn Intro: Stitched Poinsettia, Season’s Greetings Line Border and So Joyful Line Border

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s November 2020 Inspiration Week! Our Fall & Winter 2020 Release including our 14 new stamp sets and coordinating dies, 25 new standalone die sets, two new paper collections and all of our exciting new products are now available at your favorite store and at! Woohoo!

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Today is our showcase of Stitched Poinsettia, Season’s Greetings Line Border and So Joyful Line Border! Create beautiful holiday flowers with the Stitched Poinsettia set of dies! Layer different colors of cardstock to make a variety of poinsettias. Make the flowers out of felt for a different look!

Season’s Greetings and So Joyful Line Borders are a simple way to add a sentiment to a holiday project! The delicate shape gives you lots of flexibility when adding these borders to cards and crafts.

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using the new Stitched Poinsettia die set!

Elena‘s white Stitched Poinsettia‘s seem to pop off the pretty red background! I love how she added stems of Large Wreath and Spring Sprig to fill in this lovely arrangement! The simple So Joyful Line Border is the perfect sentiment!

Latisha‘s water colored poinsettias are so beautiful! Her clean and simple design borrows images and a sentiment from Joy to the Woods!

Tammy used the poinsettia dies to make these lovely gift tags! She combined the cream Let It Shine stripes with kraft cardstock for the Tag You’re It tags. The gold embossed Winter Wavy Sayings complement the shiny gold poinsettia centers!

Megan created a pretty layered card base by combining Let It Shine papers with cheery green glitter cardstock and a Woodgrain cardstock Stitched Party Banner! It’s the perfect backdrop for her brightly inked Stitched Poinsettia flowers!

Kara‘s slimline card is stunning in cream and shiny gold! The cream with gold foil Let It Shine paper provides a perfect place to build the creamy poinsettias and the gold metallic leaves! The So Joyful Line Border fills the space with more golden glow!

Kara used the gorgeous cream and gold palette to make a Scalloped Circle Gift Tag as well! It is so elegant, you could hang it on the tree!

Elise‘s beautiful card set features the pretty flowers accented with glittery leaves and branches from Large Wreath! She used Bannertastic to add the happy greeting from Offset Sayings: Christmas!

Renata‘s card is so striking with the bold colors of the poinsettias! She layered Chili Pepper with red glitter cardstock to add sparkly texture to the flowers. And then she added leaves in bright Noble Fir and Cilantro! She used a Stitched Rectangle Frame in black as a border then finished with a Winter Big Scripty Words greeting!

Pink and red Stitched Poinsettias looks so amazing with the bright green leaves on Melissa‘s lovely design! She added interest to the background with the Sparkle Backdrop!

Grace crafted a gorgeous card and Tote Bag set featuring our new Stitched Poinsettia die set!

This little square card features the traditional holiday flowers! Grace arranged them on a Stitched Circle that was die cut with the Woodgrain Backdrop for a bit of rustic charm! The Winter Wavy Sayings greeting looks lovely stamped on a vellum Simple Wavy Banner!

Grace used Gold Rush cardstock to create the little Tote Bag. I love how she added the little accent of color with the Large Wreath sprig cut from Sage Leaf cardstock!

Yainea designed a pretty card with watercolor Stitched Poinsettias on a gold splattered backdrop! She added a white embossed sentiment from Offset Sayings: Christmas and framed the panel with some pretty Let It Shine stripes!

With a gorgeous mix of colors from Shimmer cardstock, Ivy‘s poinsettias fill the length of her lovely slimline card! For even more sparkle and shine, she assembled the flowers on a Gold Rush panel and finished the card with a simple Oliver’s Stitched ABCs greeting in gold glitter!

Audrey‘s Stitched Circle Tags are a beautifully homespun way to dress up your holiday gifts! I love how she splattered the poinsettias with black and white paint to give them fun rustic texture! And the flowers look great on the tag stamped with Gingham Backdrops, so beautiful!

Latisha mixed and matched cheery papers from Let It Shine to create this simply beautiful holiday design!

Lynnette‘s gorgeous design features Stitched Poinsettia‘s cut from Let It Shine paper! She added more shiny gold using Metallic Gold cardstock for the Merry Christmas Line Border and the poinsettia centers!

Renata create a simply lovely card with the pretty Stitched Poinsettia flowers and Season’s Greetings Line Border! So simple, but so beautiful; it’s great for making multiple cards for the holidays!

Now, we have a video to introduce Stitched Poinsettia and share some fun ways to use this versatile new die set. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thanks so much for watching!

Big thanks to Chari for inspiring us with today’s video!

I hope you have enjoyed this look at  Stitched Poinsettia, Season’s Greetings Line Border and So Joyful Line Border!

Tomorrow we have another fun set to show you! For now, though, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us your favorite winter flower by November 4th at 5:00pm ET, and we will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Wednesday November 4th for our next inspiration week post!


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314 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: Stitched Poinsettia, Season’s Greetings Line Border and So Joyful Line Border

  1. Poinsettia is my favourite flower in general. It’s sad that it’s only a winter flower. I am overjoyed that you have created a die cut for this stunning flower. I have already created a stunning garland using these flowers. So pretty. 🌸

  2. i love all flowers, so delicate and artistic, they make the world a beautiful place to live in. thank you LF for celebrating that 😀

  3. My favourite Australian Winter flower is the Snowdrop. So, so pretty. But this brand new Poinsettia die is absolutely stunning! My mind is running away with me with all the creative ideas I have for this die. Love It! Awesome designs from the design team. Thanks so much for the inspiration 🙂

  4. My fav are helleborus outside and amaryllis for inside the house, preferably both white. I am all for white flowers behind a snowy background, with just their greens as contrast.

    Love the poinsettia creations – you don’t always have to use stamps to make beautiful cards!

  5. Christmas Cactus and the Poinsettia, my parents always bought us girls 1 of them for Christmas each year. They are both gone now so I have to buy them for myself. Loved all the cards today and tags too

  6. Poinsettias, for sure. They’re elegant, classic and a staple of the Christmas season. My old office used to always decorate around the office with potted poinsettias and it was a sign that the Holidays were coming up when the plants came out!

  7. I am blown away by the creativity of the DT and the color combos are scrumptious! My favorite holiday flower is the poinsettia.

  8. My favorite winter flower is the amaryllis. I received a bulb one year for Christmas and the bloom was so beautiful.

  9. Such beautiful designs. I’m going to say a pansy, just because it always amazes me that they’re still going and going and going … I like their determination! 🙂

  10. I am partial to a deep red amaryllis. We used to have potted ones that would bloom indoors for Christmas. My favorite project pictured above is the little circle tag set with the black gingham background. The simple red, black, and white colors are striking.

  11. The card designs are very pretty. Poinsettias are my favorite, but with cats, we never had them in the house.

  12. Poinsettias are my favorite flowers overall – I have them planted all over my yard! I was drawn to this set immediately and have already been using it – it will definitely get a lot of use!!! Thank you for sharing all of the great ideas on this blog; everything is lovely!
    Lawn Fawn has the cutest and best products by far 🙂

  13. The poinsettia is definitely my fave winter flower. I try to get a red, pink & white one every year, but it’s not always possible. The white ones are hard to find sometimes. All of the cards are so elegant!

  14. Poinsettias always make me think of Christmas, so they are my favorite winter flower. DT did a marvelous job showcasing the new die.

  15. This has been my favorite post so far. I started taking screenshots of the cards to recreate them and then decided I better just save the entire post. Beautiful!

  16. During winter I love having some Poinsettias – since they remind me of Christmas! So that is my favorite. Cards are so cute!

  17. I can’t believe I used to think poinsettias were ugly! Lol. I love how many ideas you have shared and this traditional Christmas flower is now one of my favorites.

  18. Beautiful creations! I’m not really familiar with other winter flowers, but I can’t imaging there are any flowers that I would say I didn’t like!

  19. Poinsettias are my favorite holiday flower, and this die will go a long way to help me create my own. The examples are amazing!

  20. Wow. The design team knocked it out of the park with these samples today!

    My favourite winter flower is the Amaryllis. Such a pretty one! I also like Christmas Cactus and Orchids!

  21. Since the release came out; No, I don’t want the Poinsettia. I’m not going to buy the Poinsettia. The Poinsettia is not for me. I have no need of a Poinsettia. What shall I do with that Poinsettia?
    Today; I want the Poinsettia. I’m going to buy the Poinsettia. (or maybe even win it hahaha) That Poinsettia is for me. I need a Poinsettia. I could make great cards with that Poinsettia.
    Although… I must admit. My favorite Christmas-flower is Amaryllis! 😀 *nudge, nudge*

  22. Such gorgeous cards! I love orchids. They’re not winter flowers but they can do well indoors so I can enjoy mine in the winter!

  23. Love all the inspiration today! The poinsettia’s are incredible. My fave winter flower is the poinsettia but I really like to enjoy them outside.

  24. My favourite winter flower has to be the poinsettia as every time I see them I just think about Christmas! So beautiful. I also love the Christmas cactus though.

  25. I love all the beautiful shades of pink and red and white that poinsettias come in but I think my favorite winter flower is amaryllis. They are just so stunning. But I also love the dainty snow drops that show up in my garden in the middle of winter, they are a little sign of hope. I do look forward to making some pretty poinsettias with this new set.

  26. These projects are so beautiful!! One of my favorite winter traditions is to force paper whites to bloom in a shallow glass vase. Sometimes the smell is too much but they’re so gorgeous and the kids and I love how we get to watch them grow and bloom. Fun stuff!

  27. Gasp-a-licious! That poinsettia is stunning! Love how each designer highlighted it so differently and they’re all gorgeous. I love to see a Christmas Cactus in bloom.

  28. I live in North East Ohio…my fave winter flower is indoors: my Christmas cactus, outdoors: red flowering cabbage looks awesome against the snow.

  29. I think the only winter flower I could name is a pointsetta… It’s definitely a prity flower but I don’t get them because of cats… I don’t really ever have in the house flowers because cats… I like to make paper ones though!

  30. OMG! What a gorgeous die! My favorite is a Poinsettia but that might be because I didn’t know there was any other winter flower?

  31. I love Amaryllis… They are always such an interesting flower, but I also love Hellebore and all the different amazing colors it comes in.

  32. The poinsettia. I didn’t realize the flower came from Mexico and when I lived in Florida, I planted a small, I mean small poinsettia outside and within 3 years, it was almost 6 feet tall with beautiful blooms. Love all the samples today!

  33. Pointsettias are stunning but I also like white carnations at Christmas. This is one of the most beautiful dies I think Lawn Fawn has done – so elegant!

  34. I like the amaryllis I can remember my mom-in-law use to plant them every year they had such big and beautiful flowers.
    Liking all the inspiration

  35. Absolutely stunning projects, so creative! I love the look of Poinsettias in all the different colours, however can never have them in the house as I have cats and they are poisonous to cats.

  36. Poinsettia are a favorite winter flower here. Just something magical about the flower being a star and blooming during winter months.

  37. The Design Team is amazing! Such beautiful cards. In southern California, a lot of things are still blooming. My favorite is the pansy because of its happy face.

  38. Great cards and tags! I can’t think of a flower that I don’t like, but I’m partial to whatever comes up first in the spring! Love to see signs of life after a long, cold, and dark winter!

  39. Poinsettia is my favorite winter flower. I always have red ones on my kitchen window sill for Christmas.

    Love, Love, Love today’s inspiration!

  40. Wowzers, again! I just LOVE all the different color combinations. Spectacular!!!
    I LOVE the Christmas Cactus!!! They are so gorgeous when they bloom!

  41. Beautiful projects! The poinsettia is definitely my favourite winter flower – just so beautiful and it’s Christmas!

  42. I’m a traditional person and love red poinsettias in all their glory. The stitching details on these Poinsettia dies are beautiful as are all the card designs!

  43. OMG I love every card on this post! I think my favorite winter flower is the camelia, we have a bush that grows right next to our front door and it’s always such a surprise to see those bright pink blooms in the middle of december.

  44. Poinsettias are one of the perks of the
    holiday season. These are beautiful.
    thanks for sharing

  45. Very pretty cards today! Any flower that actually blooms in the snowy winter is a beautiful flower! I live in a zone 3-4 area so the winters can be pretty challenging to say the least! Think my favorite winter flowers are the Snowdrop, the Crocus and the English Primrose.

  46. My favorite is my Christmas cactus. I’ve had it for over 20 years, and each year it blooms for me at Christmas.

  47. Poinsettia plants are my favorite Christmas plant – and these cards are all so BEAUTIFUL! I love the detailed leaves and all the different color combinations from the various artists. 🙂
    thank you

  48. Poinsettias would have to be my favorite! They definitely remind me of Christmas. I also love fresh greens and a fresh wreath to hang on the door!

  49. Is there any other choice for winter then a poinsettia?! When I moved to Southern California I was surprised that they grow out side year round here. Loved all the poinsettia cards. So many possibilities to use these dies!

  50. My favorite is my Grandma’s Christmas Cactus. My Grandma passed away more than 40 years ago but her cactus is still thriving. I dug my amaryllis bulbs out of the closet today – can’t wait for them to sprout too.

  51. i love all of the non-traditional poinsettias! so pretty.
    my favorite winter flower is the anemone – the white with blue center. so pretty!

  52. I know I sound like a broken record, but the inspiration is so beautiful, love all the projects! Apart from the poinsettias, I really like the Christmas cactus – it’s so sweet!

  53. So many pretty projects using the poinsettia dies! They happen to be my favorite holiday flower, especially now when they come in so many different colors!

  54. More beauty from the designers! We always had a Christmas cactus growing up so that’s probably my favorite winter flower. We would bet on whether it would actually be blooming on Christmas. Thank you for the chance to win!!

  55. So many beautiful designs today, wonderful variety and creativity. I love berries – winter berries and holly berries.

  56. One of my favorite winter flowers is the Christmas Cactus. Mine have been blooming for about a month. Thank you, Lawn Fawn for all that you do!

  57. My favorite are the snow drops. Now some may say they are Spring, but they are a beauty of winter for me as they push through the snow.

  58. Tons of options on the stitched poinsettias — I love the multicolored one! And I love the gold and cream one with the Be Joyful line die!

  59. Not a typical winter flower, but I love red and white roses with baby’s breath as a Christmas arrangement. What is yours?

  60. My Christmas cactus used to bloom right on schedule but it’s now almost 20 years old and blooms at Halloween, lol! I guess over the years, it’s just gotten a little off (kinda like me!!!)

  61. I love poinsettias in all colors. Nothing like going to the local greenhouse before they ship them out to vendors. Pure magic!

  62. Poinsettias are my favorite christmas flower, like there are any others…. but my favorite Winter flower are amaryllis.

  63. At this time of year I really enjoy the poinsettia and holly. I love the look of the stitched poinsettia, with the stitches replacing the veins – perfect!

  64. These card’s are beautiful I really love these Poinsettias they are so pretty love all of the different colors they made them in, my favorite winter flower is Pansy

  65. Not your standard flower, but in Australia we do use native florals such as eucalypts and wattle in our Christmas decor 🙂

  66. I love the poinsettias during the holiday. I usually get one from my friend every year at her annual cookie party. This year I probably won’t get to go bc of my broken foot but I will have to pick one up myself to enjoy. Great examples.

  67. I am sure I am saying the same as everyone else, but poinsettias for the holidays are so beautiful and now with the the other colors, like pink white and marbled, you can have such a gorgeous display of these flowers.

  68. I’m a big fan of mistletoe, as long as I’m standing with the right person when I’m underneath it! (Poinsettias are toxic to cats and dogs so I avoid them in my home.)

  69. I just love poinsettias (and all the designs here) but my favorite fall flower has to be sunflowers (grown here in Florida and blooming in October!).

  70. Snow Plant (Sarcodes sanguinea). It has a very special meaning to my family and I’ve been fortunate to see them a few times in my life. And hopefully will again. 🙂

  71. Christmas cactus is one of my favourite flowers. I was able to get a cutting from my grandmother’s cactus but unfortunately it didn’t take.. love the new poinsettia dies

  72. My orchids usually bloom in winter, so they are my favorite winter flower. They give me hope that Spring is just around the corner! Thank you for the beautiful inspiring projects!

  73. OF course, Poinsettia!! esp. born in December, I always had Poinsettia at home to celebrate my birthday as well! I love it!! Great inspirations from DTs! <3

  74. Algerian Iris is my favorite winter flower, these cards are so cool and fun I like how they used the stitched poinsettia dies on them

  75. What elegant designs! The poinsettias are so beautiful! One of my favorite winter flowers are the Snowdrops; so simple and delicate, and they remind me of the Secret Garden!

  76. My favorite winter flower is the purple pansy. I live in a very warm climate and hate cold weather. Purple pansies with their yellow faces are a bright spot on the few cold gray days that we have.

  77. The poinsettia is my favorite winter flower. It’s such a classic and so festive how could it not be? I love every single project with this set! Thank you!

  78. That’s a tough question since winter is a major growing/plant season for us (summer is when everything is dead)… I have finally decided on Rosemary. My parents have a rosemary bush that has blue flowers in the winter. It’s older than me. I love the flowers and the smell of the rosemary itself. I have actually asked them to give me a clipping from it this year. Second place would be bougainvillea

  79. Your design team is the best. The poinsettias are so beautiful. And although I dont have them, Each one is so lovely that it inspires one to sit and make a set. So thank you. And yes, now I have added it to my wishlist.

  80. Poinsettias are my favorite flower for the holidays. I love the variety of colors that you can get now, too. I have bought gold-ish colors for Thanksgiving and the traditional red is such a classic.

  81. I really like poinsettias! I think they are classic and timeless. I have enjoyed seeing the wonderful team’s examples of this set and I am on the fence as to whether I need another poinsettia die set… but how can one go wrong with multiples of a classic!!!???!!!
    I think these are all just lovely and I also enjoyed the video that Chari did on her examples and showcase of the dies.
    Merry Christmas to Lawn Fawn and their fawnies!

  82. I’m not a big flower person because I’m allergic to so many of them…. But paper poinsettias are right up my alley. These are gorgeous. I especially love the elegant look of Tammy’s tags.

  83. So funny story, years ago when we moved to this house I planted some iris bulbs in a corner next to my house. This corner gets full sun all year long and gets very hot. So every year in late October or early November the shoots start coming up fooled by the warmth of the sun. When we have a mild winter which is often I get iris blooms in January! So I’ll say iris is my favorite winter flower.

  84. This is the most beautiful flower ever
    I love these projects
    Can’t wait to get this die and make some

  85. AWESOME creations, I especially love the white poinsettias with the gold leaves, so elegant! My favorite winter flower is the poinsettia, especially the white ones with the green centers!

  86. Any flower in the winter is my favorite flower. It so nice to see something green and living when outside is white and cold.

  87. Tammy and Kara tags are stunning! Especially the white and gold one. I don’t have a favorite Christmas flower. In FL we do have blooming flower in winter but I’m not sure what they are. We can’t have Poinsettia because of our “taste everything” cats.

  88. My favourite Christmas flower is the poinsettia- it reminds me of my late Brother in Law who brought me one the Christmas before he passed 💖

  89. The Christmas cactus is my favorite flower and mine are in blossom right now! Thank you for all that you do, Lawn Fawn!

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