Lawn Fawn Video {12.26.20} Kara’s Beautiful Woodland Special Delivery Card

Hello friends! Happy Saturday! Kara is with us today to share another clever card design! This one features our new Special Delivery set with an interactive element! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

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Kara created a cool design with a big full moon in the background! I love how she set the snowy scene with die cuts from Birch Trees, Lift the Flap Meadow and the trees from Shadow Box Card Mountain Add-On. She used Copic markers to add amazing shadows and detail to the trees and snow!

She used Waving Pull-Tab Starter Set to allow the owls wings to flap as he delivers a package from Special Delivery Box Add-On to a special woodland critter!

Thank you so much for this fantastic inspiration, Kara! This snowy scene is so amazing!


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6 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Video {12.26.20} Kara’s Beautiful Woodland Special Delivery Card

  1. Your card is so cool!!! I absolutely LOVE Owls and LOVE how you used the Waving Pull Tab on the Owl. When my Husband and I purchased our property (many years ago), there was an Owl that was caught in a trap on his leg right next to our house. We called the DNR and they came out, threw a BIG net over him and took him to a rehabilitation facility. When the Owl was all better and could fly again, they released him back onto our property. Anyways, the Owl’s BIG yellow eye’s just captured my heart. Thanks so much for showing us your awesome card Kara. It’s just amazing!!!

  2. This is a great card and I really like the coloring that you did upon the birch trees. Reminds me of the Aspen trees in CO! I look forward to seeing more of how you colored them in the video!

  3. I watched the video and You have such a pleasing voice! Makes me wish I could color with you in person to hear your lovely voice tell me what to do. I enjoyed the coloring of the trees and am gonna try it later on. Thanks again for the great card/video!

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