Samantha’s Clever Magic Iris Birdhouse “Cuckoo Clock”!

Samantha joins us today to share a super clever Magic Iris Birdhouse card that is very “timely”! She created the most adorable cuckoo clock to “tweet” in a new year!

The Special Delivery bird stands in for the “cuckoo” bird in Samantha’s whimsical clock design! I love how she got really creative and used the vine and bird wings from the birdhouse set to mimic the weights that are characteristic of a classic cuckoo clock!

Samantha used Harold’s ABCs to add Roman numerals to the clock face and to stamp 2021 on the woodgrain clock!

Thanks so much for sharing this brilliant card with us today, Samantha! I love your clever cuckoo clock design!


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8 thoughts on “Samantha’s Clever Magic Iris Birdhouse “Cuckoo Clock”!

  1. Love your card Samantha! I am having trouble fitting the Magic Iris diecut in back of the Birdouse diecut add on. The only thing I did try is adding to the original diecut to hide the magic iris mechanism.

    Please let me know.

    1. Hi Teresa,
      The Magic Iris Birdhouse Add-On is made to go this the original Magic Iris and the Magic Iris Add-On to make it interactive. Samantha’s card simply uses the birdhouse on it’s own. Thanks so much.

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