Jenn’s Bubblegum Bubbles Card!

Jenn created an adorable Bubbles of Joy design with a pink bubblegum twist!

When life gives you troubles…blow bubbles with our Sweet Smiles gumball machine! Jenn’s pretty pink design includes Itsy Bitsy Polka Dot Backdrop and Louie’s ABCs. She created the frame using Foursquare Backdrop: Portrait with the inner windows snipped out.

I love the little mice blowing pink bubblegum bubbles, it’s such a clever twist on the Bubbles of Joy set! Jenn added a glossy layer to the gumball machine to give it the look of glass!

Thanks so much for sharing this happy design with us, Jenn!


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6 thoughts on “Jenn’s Bubblegum Bubbles Card!

  1. I love the gumball machine and haven’t seen such a sweet card in a long time. I adore the pink theme with the crisp white. Super cute Jenn. ❤️

  2. This is a clear testament to true creativity. Jenn took “blow bubbles” and used it in an entirely different (non-punny but absolutely legit) way that still makes 100% sense. As another commenter said, the sharp, crisp white looks perfect next to the bright and peppy pink. Love the frame and LOVE LOVE LOVE that itsy bitsy polka background – will have to add that to cart!!! A++++
    Lori S in PA

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