A Very Sweet Magic Iris Christmas Card with Grace!

Grace is back today with another gorgeous card design! She has turned the Magic Iris Birdhouse into a charming gingerbread house for this very sweet card!

Grace created a sweet gingerbread house for her Magic Iris interactive card! She die-cut the Magic Iris Birdhouse Add-On from kraft cardstock so it has the look of gingerbread. Then she added pretty white “icing”, candy canes and gumdrops from Build-A-House Gingerbread Add-On. She also used the new Quilted Heart Backdrop to cut the Magic Iris Add-On, giving her design even more sweetness!

When the Magic Iris opens the gingerbread family from Sweet Christmas shares happy smiles! Grace thought of everything, with finishing touches like the lollipops from Woodland Critter Huggers Bat Add-On and the pink bow from Put a Bow on It!

Wow, Grace! I love this totally sweet and inspiring card design! Thank you so much!

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7 thoughts on “A Very Sweet Magic Iris Christmas Card with Grace!

  1. Wow – what a great idea! I love how you thought outside the box and turned the birdhouse into a gingerbread house – so cute!

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