Lawn Fawn Intro: How You Bean? Money Add-On & Money Pocket

Hello and welcome to Lawn Fawn’s Summer 2024 Inspiration and Release week! On May 16 our 11 new stamp sets and coordinating dies along with 21 new standalone die sets, new paper collection, and all of our exciting new products will be for sale at your favorite store and at! Woohoo! Until then we will have fun posts with design team projects, intro videos, and giveaways!

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Today is our showcase of How You Bean? Money Add-On & Money Pocket! These puns are priceless! This add-on set coordinates with How You Bean? to make cards and crafts for graduations, birthdays, or gifts of appreciation! It also works well on its own! The included small images are perfect for making a shaker card using How You Bean? and How You Bean? Shaker Add-On.  

The Money Pocket will help you tuck a special gift of money or a gift card into your cards and projects. Use the included button accessories to put the finishing touch on this pocket die! Use your favorite cardstock or patterned paper for a unique look each time!

Design Team Inspiration

The design team has made the most amazing samples! We also have a video at the end showcasing some fun ways of using these fresh new sets! Remember to click on the person’s name to see all of the details and then leave these wonderful DT girls some comment love!

Elena‘s card is so much fun! She created a shaker card with How You Bean? and the How You Bean? Shaker Add-On. She filled the shaker with the adorable How You Bean? Money Add-On and tiny beads. Then she added totally fun greeting and little speech bubble messages, so cute! The “congrats” sentiment has a coordinating die to make it easy to pop onto your cards!

I love how Megan used a pretty teal color for the money! It looks amazing with the Draped Ribbons stenciled background and the neutral color Fruit Salad gingham! She also combined Scripty Thanks with one of the fun sentiments in How You Bean? Money Add-On to create a custom greeting!

Latisha‘s design shows that the new Money Add-On set is perfect on its own! She colored the money in fanciful colors then framed her design with a Stitched Scalloped Square Frame!

I love Grace‘s creativity adding a fun desert scene to the Money Pocket! She used Critters in the Desert and also Mr. Sun and Cactus Hillside Border! She used Watercolor Wishes Rainbow paper to give her pocket a faded denim look!

And how cool is it that you can tuck a gift card into the pocket! When the gift card is removed, there is still a cute design to make the recipient smile!

And speaking of making someone smile, who wouldn’t smile at this joyful design by Mindy! I love how she added lots of happy mice from You Autumn Know, Sew Very Mice and the yay! mouse from Whoosh, Kites! They are so fun and the perfect addition to this amazing card!

Way to go! Here’s some dough! I love how Elise layered two piles of money together with some extra bills and coins to create “some dough”! The Pint-Size Patterns Summertime yellow and green patterns coordinate so well with how she colored the money! Such a great way to say congrats!

Audrey filled her Money Pocket with lots of the smiling money and also the For You, Deer bear with an adorable speech bubble pun, so cute! The blue canvas pocket looks so great on the blue grid paper from Pint-Sized Patterns Summertime Petite Paper pad. Audrey included special details with a real button on the pocket and a new Diagonal Stripes Border on the edge of the card!

Oh, my goodness, Marine‘s colorful card is so much fun! She combined bears from Den Sweet Den and Snow Much Fun with How You Bean? Money Add-On to create a most memorable card! The cute bear “fishing” in the jar is just so clever and adorable!

Tammy‘s graduation card features happy mice from You Autumn Know with adorable hats and diploma from Fly High! She combined them with Money Add-On then she anchored the scene on a Simple Wavy Banner. The background is a circle stenciled using Draped Ribbons Stencil then framed with Stitched Scalloped Circle Frame.

Rebecca’s card features the Money Pocket with more Pint-Sized Patterns Summertime papers! Her cute pocket has a gold metallic “button” as a special detail!

I love that the Money Pocket is perfect for cash and gift cards! So versatile!

Intro Video

Now, I have a video to introduce How You Bean? Money Add-On & Money Pocket! We will show you some great ideas while creating three cards. I hope you enjoy it! You can watch the video below or click HERE to watch at our YouTube channel.

Thanks so much for watching!

Giveaway Time

I hope you have enjoyed this look at How You Bean? Money Add-On & Money Pocket! Tomorrow we will have another fun set to show you! But for now, it’s giveaway time! Leave us a comment telling us if you will be making cards for graduates soon by May 15th at 5:00pm ET. We will randomly pick one winner for this set! (If you already own this set and win, you can choose another set!) Make sure to come back tomorrow, Wednesday, May 15th for our next inspiration week post!

Thank you so much for all of your excitement for our inspiration week! We love your comments, tweets, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube messages! Every one puts a big smile on our faces! We think Lawn Fawn fans are the best in the world. We love you guys!


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340 thoughts on “Lawn Fawn Intro: How You Bean? Money Add-On & Money Pocket

  1. We will have a graduate this year, so this set came in a perfect time! Love the ideas from the design team!

  2. My daughter graduated on the 11th. I did make her a card. I love both the money jar idea and the pocket die!

  3. Original cards when we want to congratulate someone!
    By example for a new job or a graduate. It’s good to have it available

  4. Well I might make myself a grad card when I have passed my current training for my new job… and then one once I have received my qualification next year!

  5. the pocket is the best!!! a few weeks ago i was searching for this type of die and ta-da! here it is! so excited

  6. I made 2 grad cards this year. I enjoy making non-traditional ones with cute Lawn Fawn critters.

  7. I won’t be making graduation cards this year as I don’t know anyone having a graduation this year 😀

  8. I had a few friends who had graduates, so yes, i made a few grad cards. They graduated last week and this week.

  9. I have 6 nephews, 1 graduated last year, another this year. I love this set it will be so cute for the next few, and however many more come along (hopefully a niece someday).

  10. It’s been a few years since I’ve needed any, but this year my next door neighbors have twin sons who are graduating.

  11. I love the new Money Jar add-on. No grads this year, but a hard working grand-daughter that has definitely “earned” a bit of dough. So, cannot wait to make her a card using the new stamps & dies.

    1. I did make a really cute graduation card. For a girl who had red curly hair, so I colored the wavy hair reddish! Came out great! Now kids seem to celebrate every graduation even kindergarten!

  12. I will be making grad cards this year and this stamp set came out just in time. I think this is my favorite How You Bean add-on set! I have teenaged and all they want is money.

  13. I have a niece graduating and haven’t made her card yet. Would love to use some of these new products to create something super special for her!

  14. We have a great-niece graduating from high school this year so I need to get busy making a card for her. Love how the different critters interact with the new How You Bean set.

  15. I love all the How You Bean add-ons. So fun! My granddaughter is finishing Pre-K, so I may make one for her.

  16. I will be making graduation cards this week for two nieces, two nephews, and a couple of people from my church.

  17. This! Is exactly what I need to do my graduation cards!! I will be making graduation cards with the money add on and the money pocket. Perfect! I will be making a graduation card for my nephew who is completing medical school. And I chair the Commencement Committee at the college I work at, so I make Thanks graduation cards for all the committee members.

  18. Such a fun die which allows for great customization! I have 3 graduates in the family so yes…will be making them soon. Thanks for the reminder. 😉

  19. these ideas are so great! I learned I’ve been doing gift pockets wrong all this time! Loved the videos! Now wondering if I can use the how you bean jar itself as a money holder 😉

  20. I have the How You Bean set !!!! BUT the Money Add-on Pocket is a great idea with the money stamp set. So clever !!! I also liked the pocket with flowers…such a good idea for another use!!! Great inspiration!!!!!

  21. My son is graduating in 2 weeks, so definitely making a card for him and a few of his friends.

  22. My grandson is graduating this year and I made his card! Don’t have any plans to make more and right now.

  23. I adore the new pocket die, perfect for money, gift cards and posies! I keep singing that I have a “pocket full of sunshine”. The money add on is a great way to keep using the How You Bean stamp. I have a few graduates this year, very exciting for them!

  24. Love the money and pocket sets. Can also be use for any other occasions not just for graduation…

  25. So fun! Love the money and pocket ideas!
    I don’t have any graduates to make cards for this year, but I can see using these designs for lots of other occasions!

  26. So many graduation cards this year! My daughter is a junior this year, but has friends who are graduating and family friends graduating as well.

  27. No, I do not have any graduation cards to make this year. There will be some in the next couple of years.

  28. My son will be graduating from junior high (grade 9) and heading off to high school. Thanks for the chance to win.

  29. No graduation cards to make! Love all the DT creations today, so clever! Especially like the flowers in the pocket.

  30. I have a few grads this year to make cards for, and I love all of the inspiration for other occasions as well!

  31. No graduates this year…but I love that pocket and all it’s uses!!! Always great to be inspired during these introductions. Thank you.

  32. wow are these cool. i have never seen money stamps like these! i did actually make a graduation card for my niece. it turned out great!

  33. No graduates in my circle for a few more years. I sure love the dessert, oops I mean desert set.

  34. I just love this add-on and the pocket! There’s so much you can do with these goodies! I have at least one grad card to make this year!

  35. I love how you keep making add ons to older sets. My youngest is graduating high school next week so I’ll definitely be making cards for her and a bunch of the kids she’s grown up with.

  36. The How You Bean? set has been in my collection since it came out! What a fabulous addition to my collection! All of my grads are so much older now, so I don’t have any this year!

  37. Yes. I am making graduation cards. I also made … you are almost there cards to get to the finish line!
    Now all 3 of my daughters achieved college degrees; 2 with masters degrees! So extremely proud!!!

  38. Yes, I will be making a couple of graduation cards. Love the examples of the new dies and stamps!

  39. YES! We leave June 1st to celebrate my grandson’s HS graduation…..sure hope I can order these new items and have them arrive in time to make a card for him. I love the money add 0n.

  40. Don’t have any graduates coming up for a couple years, but that pocket die will be great for gift card holders for birthdays and holidays!

  41. I don’t have any people celebrating graduations of any kind this year, but it’s still a cute set, i like all the how you bean add ons!

  42. Such cute projects today! I don’t have any graduates to make cards for this year but make lots of birthday cards!

  43. No graduation cards for me since all my kids and nieces and nephews have already graduated. But in a couple of years, I’ll start having grandkids graduating from elementary school

  44. Cute cards! I love the mice incorporated in, so fun! I’m between grads this year, I’ll be creating next year!!

  45. I don’t have any grads this year to make cards for, but the kids in my life are getting close to that age, so it won’t be long before I have to make many.

  46. I just completed 4 graduation cards 🙂 But now it looks like I will have to make some more with these priceless stamps!

  47. No graduation-cards nowadays; all kids are past those times..!
    These money-stamps are so cute!!

  48. I won’t be making graduation cards this year! No one I know is graduating yet haha. The cards are so cute!

  49. This is such a fun set! I love it! Can’t wait to get both of them! I’ve made quite a few graduation cards and this will be a great addition!

  50. I’ll be helping my daughter make kindergarten graduation invitations for her kindergarten class this year. This is the finest year I a long time I don’t have to make any grad cards. I think I’m getting old! Lol

  51. Yes, I need to make 3…2 for high school grads, and one for my granddaughter who is “graduating” from 5th grade.

  52. No grad cards this year, but this new add on and the pocket are so versatile to make gift cards I’ll be needing for other occasions.

  53. I don’t have anyone graduating this year but niece will graduate next year and my nephew the following year. Love this idea of using this add-on as a shaker!

  54. I don’t have any graduates to make it for but definitely a ton of congrats cards to go around

  55. OMG! How can you not love ALL of these sets!! So many great options for all of these. Kudos!!💗🫶

  56. My daughter is graduating from college this year and she loves plants so I’m using the build-a-greenhouse to create her card.

  57. Yes I will be making some more graduation cards. I do have a couple I made last month but this set would be fun!

  58. I don’t have any a grass in my life at the moment but I will find plenty of use for both of these with gifts throughout the year!

  59. HI, LF –
    I usually have SO many graduation cards to make (I teach HS) that I cannot make them all. I buy multi-packs and then I decorate the envelopes w/ graduation stamps.

    I love the many examples you have shown here! GREAT work, DT!!
    Lori S in PA

  60. Making graduation cards isn’t a thing here in Germany – allthough I definately will make cards for my daughters when they finish University sometime next year – but giving money as a gift definately is and it will be much cuter with these How You Bean? Add-On!

  61. I have a stash of generic cards that I’ve used for my graduates, but that pocket would have been handy.

  62. I have way too many cards to make for graduates this year as my son will be graduating high school.

  63. Don’t have any graduates this year, but money add-on stamp set and pocket die can be used for so many other occasions! ❤️

  64. Really liking the money pocket, so clever
    No grad cards for me to make as no one I know is graduating this year

  65. I love the versatility of the How You Bean Add-On set and how you can add critters from other sets to go with it. It is so adorable.

  66. Wow, I would’ve put this to great use this year – two of my nieces, my daughter, and my daughter’s roommates/friends are class of 2024. It’s been a whirlwind of grad ceremonies and parties – the last round is coming up next weekend.
    Still, we often give cash or GC’s to the young people in our family – they always appreciate it, and how CUTE it is if the $ is packaged like these projects! <3

  67. I actually do not make homemade graduation cards, it is such a busy time and usually we know SO many graduates, I would not have enough time to make them all. But the money is ADORABLE!!! My daughter is studying finance so I still feel I could have some great applications for this set in the future!

  68. Yes…my best friend has two sons (twins) who are graduating high school so I will be making them graduation cards soon!

  69. No graduates in my life to make cards for, but I really love how you bean and it’s add ons!

  70. I have already made about 20 graduation cards. Hopefully that will be enough. Thanks to Lawn Fawn they turned out so cute!

  71. Yes! I will be making two graduation cards this month. These stamps for fun way to give money and gift cards are just too cute.

  72. I’ve made and mailed a graduation card. This set will be so fun to use for the next graduation in a few years!

  73. I’m not sure if this counts, but my son will be graduating from preschool and moving onto kindergarten. I plan on making him a graduation card.

  74. I don’t have any grandchildren graduating this year. But I’m sure I’ll find other ways to use it.

  75. Yes! I cannot wait to make a graduation for my only daughter! She just finished university and I am so proud of her!!!!!!

  76. No graduations this year but there’s always birthday cards and I’m getting inspired with all the ideas!

  77. These are so fun! I’m in Australia so it’s not quite our graduation season yet … however my son will graduate from his first degree later this year

  78. No graduation cards planned this year, but there’s celebrations, birthdays and Christmas on my list

  79. I might make a couple of cards for my friends who are graduating high school this year, I graduated last year!

  80. Oh my goodness! This money pocket and How you bean money add-on are my new favs. I absolutely love these sets and can’t wait to get them. I just have one graduation card to make this year. My sweet precious granddaughter, “Savannah” is graduating from kindergarten tomorrow night. Tears will be flowing!

  81. I haven’t thought about making cards for graduates before but my nephew finishes uni this year so I might start a new tradition!

  82. I don’t need any graduation cards this year, but my oldest is graduating next year-where does time go????

  83. OMG so loving the money add-on usage here. So many great projects. I won’t be making any graduation cards this year, but will keep these in mind if I need to next year.

  84. Unfortunately with our eldest graduating high school this year, it has left zero time to make graduation cards. But I am having fun creating displays for his graduation party.

  85. Last year was the big graduation year …now it is waiting time for college graduations in four years

  86. All our graduations are over for now. Be great if a future add on stamp set had blank money so you could write in the currency you needed ❤️

  87. My daughter will graduate college in 3 years, so hopefully I’ll have enough time to make her a card. 🙂

  88. No grads this year, but am going to make some cards for my nieces who are finishing their first year in school.

  89. My older daughter graduated last year, so we made a lot of cards then. We know a few that graduate this year too.

  90. Just made two graduation cards one for me to give to my nephew who is graduating high school May 18th and made one for my mom to give to him.

  91. I will make some graduation cards, but both our money and hats look a bit different from those I seen here, so have to put on my thinking cap.

  92. I have two nieces and a nephew graduating this year so I will definitely be making some graduation cards this year!

  93. We do not have anyone graduating in my family, but my little nephew is turning 2 next month. I can see this set will be so cute and fun to make a card for him

  94. I have two grad parties to attend, and I always make coordinating money holders that match the cards.

  95. I didn’t make any graduation cards but I received a lot since I graduated from College this month.

  96. Yes! I made two grad cards for my athletic training students. I included scissors and a tape roll. I will be making another one for a family friend. She is going to college in Hawaii so I am making her a card using the Lawn Fawn pineapple dies!

  97. I needed 1 college graduation card. I bought it. I’ve been sick with an undiagnosed cough for 6 months! I’ve been to so many doctors, on RX’s. I have no energy now. I started a new RX today. 🙏🏼✝️🙏🏼

  98. Too fun! My daughter graduated last year so it was my heavy grad card year, but do have one I need to get made soon!!

  99. No grad cards needed this year but one required for next year. I really like the money/gift cards your team has created!.

  100. Thanks for the reminder! I do need to make a card for a graduate next week! These money pockets and the add on are so cute.

  101. I make cards for all 6 of my grandkids for every holiday, birthday, special events, etc. The money add-0n and the money pocket will get a lot of use in my craft room.

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