Mimi’s Swish ‘n Pop Pull Tab Card Featuring Whoosh, Kites!

Mimi inspires us today with a fun interactive card featuring the cute mice of Whoosh, Kites! With the help of Swish ‘n Pop Pull Tab a kite soars into the sky!

In Mimi’s charming Whoosh, Kites! scene the mouse baby is helping to get a kite airborne as another mouse launches the kite. Mimi created the sunny scene by first stenciling a simple hill. Then she created a grassy border panel by altering Heart Garden Border before white embossing the sentiment on it. This panel will hide the interactive element.

As the tab is pulled, the kite starts to ascend…

…until it is soaring with the other kites! How fun is that?

Here, Mimi shows the set up for the interactive element. The panel with the sentiment will cover all the moving parts. For step-by-step instructions, check out the Intro to Swish ‘n Pop Pull Tab video HERE.

Thank you so much for sharing this clever card design today, Mimi! I’m so inspired!


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6 thoughts on “Mimi’s Swish ‘n Pop Pull Tab Card Featuring Whoosh, Kites!

  1. Gorgeous – love the yellow sky!! The interactive part leaves me flummoxed but what else is new? I just love the basic card and can replicate it to a lesser degree. Great job!
    Lori S in PA

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